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Hey friends! This is my first story on this website and my first consensual one too. I have majorly interested in non con but I thought to try a romantic one too. So here it is. I hope you enjoy and please let me know about this in the comments. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glancing at my wrist watch which shows 20:03 I make my way to the Union train station, Washington in order to reach New York.

Of course I could take a cab but that would cost way too much and I don't have much money. Just the about $250 plus $535 courtesy of my dad and some cents. I am alone so I need to save money. It is 21:53; I am in the train and will reach New York by 3 am in the morning. The first thing upon getting there I will do is to call Rebecca. I didn't get my cell phone with me. I don't know why but I feel bad. But I know what I am doing is right. I couldn't live there forever.

My thoughts shift to my mother and that if she would have been alive I would have been happy. My mother was such a beautiful and joyful person. She was a respected professor in the Pennsylvania University. Whatever she accomplished in her life it was on her own. I really wanna be like her and this is gonna be the first step of it. I remember my mother. She was really… beautiful.

Blue eyes like mine and beautiful blonde hair. But I am a brunette. My hair is dark brown like my father.

Father… if he would have been a little supportive, my life could have been different. Thinking about all those things I drift off. I wake up with a jolt when I hear a scream. Oh, that was just a child crying about I don't know what. I look down to my watch and find it's a quarter to three. I feel peckish and then I realize that I have eaten nothing since yesterday's breakfast.

I start to eat the chips and then I have some coke. I try to eat more but I don't wanna eat chips. I want to have a proper meal. But for now I compromise with that and finish my coke. I am traveling alone in a train from Washington to New York.

I have escaped from my drunkard dad and heartless step mom. I am almost 19 and have passed my school with a great result last year but my step mom won't let me study further even though my mother did set up funds for my education before she died. My hen-pecked father didn't object as always. I don't have my cell phone and don't remember Rebecca's phone number or address but I have a slip which has her info.

She is my cousin and I am going to her place but she has no idea of my arrival. I fled in a hurry but I know she will help me as she was the one who asked me to, when she saw my poor state last year. I have reached my destination at last. It's cold here in New York. I pull out my grey sweatshirt from my bag and wear it over the green and white camisole I am wearing.

My skinny jeans won't protect me from the wind. The station looks deserted but to my far right I find a man, in his early forties maybe, looking at me as if he is eyeing his prey. He is not too tall five ten but he is too broad and looks wicked as if he is going to do some crime or maybe kidnap me? No I should stay positive, he can't kidnap me here.

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I am in a public place. I don't look at him any longer but I can feel his gaze all over my body below my face. He looks dangerous. I zip my bag and start moving in the opposite direction to him. I risk another glance to him just to see if he is still looking at me. I turn my head over my shoulder and find he is not only looking at me but also walking towards me.

I quickly look forward and head towards the ladies washroom. I get inside it quickly and find it empty. Gosh! I am safe. After I pee, I wash my hands and look at my reflection in the mirror.

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My face is tear-stained and looks small, too small. And my hair, it is a mess, so tangled and that's because I didn't brush it after washing it yesterday. I pull out the hair tie and try to tame it by my fingers. I don't have a hair brush. When it is some what untangled I tie it up in a bun to look a bit older and confident. Then I wash my face. I peek out of the wash room and to my relief I find that the man is gone.

Good. Now I just need to find a phone booth. Getting out of the station I find it's still dark. After walking for ten minutes I find a phone booth. I get inside it. Now I need to call Rebecca. Hope I don't trouble her much.

But she was so concerned about me. Last time we met she told me that she would consider herself fortunate if she could help me and that's because my mother helped her when she needed to be helped the most. I reach to the side pocket of my bag to fish out the paper on which I had written her phone number and address but I don't find the pocket.

I take the bag off my shoulders and then it hits me like a wrecking ball that this bag is my old one. I had the paper in my new bag. I feel like all the blood has been drained from my body.

No! This cannot be happening to me. God, no, please! I try to remember her number. It was 6032…60325… god it ends with 99.

Oh god! Please help me remember. Oh god! I am such an idiot. A total idiot. Coming out of the booth I ask myself, what now? What do I do now? Should I live on the streets? Hell no! Should I go back home? Yes! I don't have another choice. If my step mom won't let me in at least she would give me back my new bag or the cell phone and then I would get back here.

Get back to Rebecca. Yes I should go back. With this in my mind I start walking back to the station but why do feel like someone's watching me? I turn back but I see no one there. It's just darkness then I look down at my watch. Guh! It's just 4:30 in the morning. As I turn around to make my way to the station, a strong pair of masculine arms turns me again in the opposite direction and before I have any chance to scream a hand shuts my mouth tightly.

I start panicking and try to get my limbs free but the hold is too strong. "Shhh baby. I am not going to hurt you. Never." says the man. He says it as if he is promising someone. His voice is soft and soothing. But it doesn't help me. I try again but I can barely move. When the man starts moving me into the dark part of the place away from the streets I bite his hand with all the power I have. But to my surprise he doesn't move his hand. "Ouch! Please don't hurt me", he says as if he is amused and then chuckles softly.

"Cassidy, I don't want to do this, but I also don't want you to hurt yourself or me, so." As his words starts to sink in, the hold of his other hand which was holding my waist becomes loose but before I can do anything his hands switch positions.

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I feel a fabric on the lower half of my face and I know it's soaked with chloroform. In just some moments I go unconscious. I wake up in a strange king size bed lying on my back.

I am in someone's bedroom. My ears are kind of ringing. I immediately sit up but due to the sudden movement I feel my head pounding a little. It feels like my first hangover. Wait! I am not in my clothes.

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I am in silk night shift and I am not wearing a bra only panties but these are not mine. Oh god! Where am I? I scan the room. There are three doors and no windows in this blue room. I walk up on my wobbly legs to the first one and pull the handle. It is a bathroom. I walk to the next door and there I find clothes. Men's clothes. No. I try not to cry out loud but spill hot tears all over my cheeks. I see there are some women's clothes too. I walk towards the third door but it is locked.

There is a key pad on the door. What the fuck! This one is password locked. Surely this is the one which is the exit or leads to it. I pound on the door till my fists hurt and cry hard. Not knowing what to do I go and sit on the edge of the bed and cover my face and cry again. Wait a second, the man called me Cassidy. He knew my name. But how? He knows me.

But how? He kidnapped me. But why? What is he gonna do with me? What would happen to me? I cry a new set of hot tears. "Oh please don't cry love. Everything is fine now. One minute." I see my kidnapper near the door. He enters the room and shuts the door before entering password on the keypad. During all this I do a thorough analysis of his profile. He is about six feet four inches, well built, very well built. He must be in his early or mid twenties. He could be model or he is maybe.

His shirt dark is royal blue. He wears it with a black jacket and black jeans. His hair is ink black which contrasts his skin. His skin, it is pale, so pale. To me it appears as if he is palest human on this planet.

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But he looks familiar. After locking the door he gives me a smile revealing his perfect teeth. His canine teeth are long, slightly longer than the others and sharp. Pale skin and long canines. Also he is too strong and chuckled when I bit him hard which was supposed to draw blood from his hand but it didn't. Maybe he has no blood. He could be a v-vampire. No! He comes closer and I stand up. "No, please, please, oh god." I say while walking backwards away from him. "Don't worry, come here Cassidy" he says walking swiftly towards me.

"I beg you, beg you p-please leave me alone" I try to stifle my sobs and not to cry hard but I fail miserably. I don't wanna die so young.

I am not even 19. "I tried baby, I can't do that. I have a need of you" he says stepping further closer to me. "Plea-- d-don't kill me please… I want to l-live" I choke on my words and cough hard.

My body hits the corner of the room. And he is in front of me blocking me. I know this is my end. The end. He comes closer to me but his body doesn't touch me although I can feel his breath on my forehead. With his palm he cups my face and I feel that his hand is so cool on my hot cheek. I try to beg him again last time for my life but I can't. Struggling to breathe I look up in his aqua green eyes. Taking a long ragged breath I try to speak.


"Don-- kill…" and before I complete my sentence he tugs my body to his. "Oh no love. I won't even hurt you, forget about killing. I am not a murderer baby" And before I know he lifts me and we are on his bed. He is sitting on the bed and I am in his lap. He is rubbing my back, kissing my hair and cradling me like I am his child and he is my mother.

"I am not a threat to you. I won't hurt you. Never. I am not lying to you. I never do." Listening this I feel that the air has become thin and light.

I am at least able to breathe now.


After a minute or two I want to get away from this man who kidnapped and ask him why did he do so? But I don't have the courage. Definitely this man has the potential to destroy me with just a fifth of his power. I try to shift and he loosens his hold on me.

"Would you like to eat something? Breakfast?" he asks wiping my tears. "Why? Why did you kidnap me?" I ask between my sobs. My voice so small. "Yeah, I know that's wrong but I couldn't leave you alone.

I shifted from Washington to New York to avoid you. I tried for a long time but never could get rid of you. I thought to ask you on a date but… I knew what you said to Jason. Do you remember?" My thoughts drift to the past. Yes I remember I said I would never date him because I hate men. I hated my father because he was so careless towards my mother and remarried in just a month after my mother's death. He showed no emotions when she died.

All of the men are same. He never loved my mother truly. I said that because I was overwhelmed with emotions and was naïve. After I met my step mother I realized that women could be heartless too. "I didn't want that to happen to me." I jump and gasp when he starts to speak again. Seeing this he starts rubbing my back again. All I can see is concern in his beautiful green eyes fringed by long black thick lashes.

God! He is beautiful. He smiles his beautiful smile and his other hand goes into my hair and then I realize my hair isn't in a bun. It falls freely in somewhat tangled waves. He pulls my face closer to his.

Oh god! No! First kiss, then that! No! Please stop. I close my eyes shut when I feel his breath on my lips. He places a soft kiss on my forehead. My eyes spring open. I see him smiling happily. He embraces me softly and rests his face on my shoulder. He smells good. Even being scared I immediately love his cologne.

Pulling me closer he starts whispering into my ear. "But then I saw you in my city. You were being chased by someone at the station then you were crying in the booth.

I knew something was wrong. So I brought you here." "Brought me here? But why? What do you want from me?" I ask still being in his chest.

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"I want everything from you. Everything you have." Hearing this I sigh and start speaking, "I have about 750 dollars with me in the bag. You can keep them all." As if I have cracked a joke he starts laughing hysterically after removing his face from my neck. "You think I want your money?" he asks me with his expression amused. "Then what do you want?" I ask seriously. His expression changes from amused to dangerous. I swallow dry.

"You. I want you." I am pinned by his look and I dare not breathe. "Christ, Cassidy! Breathe and stop shaking please. I am not going to hurt you." he says looking concerned again and buries my face in his broad hard chest and strokes my hair. Inhaling his scent I feel strangely safe in his arms god knows why.

Besides my mother, I realize that no one ever has hugged me. So I get hugged after a decade by a kidnapper, thank god not by a vampire. How foolish I was to think of him as a vampire. They are just fictional. But at that moment my mind didn't make any sense and what I thought was nonsense. But I need to make sure. I shift and he loosens his hold and looks down at me and opens his mouth to speak but before he does I ask him my question. "What are you?" "Errr… you mean who am I? Sorry. I didn't introduce myself.

I am Alexander Parker." "And?" I ask softly. "And I am 25. Originally from Boston. And I work in an automobile company." I look uncomfortably not finding the answer I need.

So I just nod and look down at my hands in my lap. With his index finger he tips my head up so that we are eye to eye again. "What did you think I am? Huh? And why did you think I would kill you?" He asks with interest.

"N-nothing… nothing apart from the obvious" "No, you are definitely hiding something. Now don't lie and tell me what you thought because I know you have an interesting answer." After exactly five seconds I start to speak. "You have…um… your skin is so p-pale and, and your canines are a bit longer than the others.

So… um…" "Nooo! You thought I was a vampire, didn't you?", he asks with his eyes wide. I look down again. I don't know if he is angry or surprised or what. So I just nod. After a second I hear his sigh. He takes my small warm hands into his big cold ones and continues. "No, Cassidy I ain't a vampire. I am a human just like you. Vampires are not real baby." I nod and then ask him another question. "Why are you so cold then?" I ask boldly. "Now we are talking.", he dips his face into my neck and places a wet kiss there sending delicious vibrations to my groin and then he whispers in my ear, embracing me.

"I hope you will make me warm", he says sliding one of his cold hand into my night shift, resting it on my waist and then squeezing slightly making me gasp. His hand slides to my waist to my back holding me against him and then he bites me softly on my neck. "Ahhh", I moan not actually realizing what I was doing. I feel his smile in my neck making me realize what was happening.

Then I feel his mouth moving down from my neck to the centre of my chest via my collarbone leaving wet cool kisses in the path.

"No, stop", I say trying to sound clear and somewhat bold. "Shhh baby! I have been waiting for you so long, so long.", he says.

His voice in mere whispers which make the hair on the nape of my neck stand. The next moment he pins me down on his bed, his palms on my shoulders holding me and mine flat on his chest trying to make some distance.

"No, please… don't rape me please for god's sakes", I scream but don't cry. "I am not gonna rape you", he cups my cheek, "I just wanna make sweet love to you." He says and upon hearing this I start to struggle more beneath him. "Please, please don't. I don't wanna do this, please!" I beg and to my fortune he sits up. I attempt to get off the bed but he grabs my arm. "Relax. I am not doing anything to you now. Come let's have breakfast.", he says then stands up and tugs my arm so I am standing.

I dig my heels in the ground so that he doesn't take me wherever he wants. "If you don't wanna walk, I would be only fortunate to carry you madam", with one yank my body collides with his and then in the next moment I am on his shoulder. He does everything with such a grace as if I am weightless. His one arm is behind my knees and the other one rests on my butt. "Stop please. I will walk one my own", I almost scream.

"Will you?", he asks caressing my butt cheeks which resonates between my thighs. "Yes, yes I will. Now please put me down." I beg. "Just a second madam", he replies. I can't see but I know his typing the password on the keypad.

When the door is open, he puts me down. Then he offers his hand to me which I slowly hold. His hand is still so cold.

I wonder why is that. He brings my hand near his lips and gives a chaste kiss and a smile that makes me nervous and blush at the same time. While I am sitting on a chair of the dining table downstairs which can accommodate twelve persons, my eyes roam to the penthouse I am captured in. I would have enjoyed being in this beautiful place but this isn't the time to enjoy. I spot a grand black piano a far behind me opposite to the dining table which brings beautiful memories of my childhood to me.

My mother taught me how to play it. I also used to play in the music group during my school days. I shift my gaze from the piano to my captor and find him gazing at me with interest.

He brings two plates of food and places one of them in front of me on the table while bending. I don't look at my plate but at his torso. The top two buttons are undone and I can see his pale, pale chest.

His chest and collarbone what I can see looks like as if it has been chiseled skillfully. I am interrupted by his husky voice. "You like?" He says and I look up immediately to his face. Fuck! He caught me staring at him. But he isn't angry. His eyes are hooded and filled with …lust? "Do you want to have a closer look? Do you want to touch it?" My face turn scarlet at the thought of that and I lower my eyes to my plate on the table. He tugs my chin up and I swallow dry.

His eyes are conjuring.


"I am talking about the piano, Cassidy", he says chuckling and I really feel all the tension leave my body. Oh! The piano. "I bought it for you. Do you like it?' "For me?", I ask. "Yes, because I love when you play it. And I hope you will teach me too." He knows that I play piano. How? "How do you know I play it? How do you know so much about me?" "I will answer you later.

First you finish your lunch. It's almost 1 pm, a little too late for breakfast. So I made you chicken noodles. I know you love it." Yes. This man knows my favorite food and many other things. The noodles look delicious and I am hungry too. But, I won't eat this. I ain't a stupid. "Eat. Because if you don't I can force you to and I am sure you wont like it and I don't wanna make you uncomfortable." He says flatly.

Don't wanna make me uncomfortable? This man is insane. He has kidnapped me and is keeping me against my will but he doesn't wanna make me uncomfortable. But I should think of escaping this place.

I can't stay here. I look to my right side searching a way out. My thoughts are interrupted by him when he closes his palm on my small fist. I look up to him. "Don't worry about escaping. I won't let you leave me. To your right is the way out of this apartment but the door is locked by two step password which no one but only I can open." "But I don't wanna be here!" I yell at him and for the first time since my abduction I feel anger inside me. He sighs and then speaks.

"I know but after sometime, I am sure, you will like this place or we can live our lives in a place of your choice." I take my hand out of his hold after jerking his hand away. "How long do you think you can keep me with you?" I snarl at him. His eyes which were earlier hard become soft when he answers me. "Well I can keep you with me forever but I am sure as hell that you would fall in love me just in a month", he says confidently but it feels more like as if he is challenging me.

Love him? My foot. Never. "You may start eating, love." "No", I snarl, "I am not hungry." "Well I think we can do something which will make you hungry and satiate my hunger. Come to bed. Let's get started and make love." He tugs my hand so that I am on his lap with his arms holding me firmly. I struggle but he is just too strong.

"No please. I will eat", I beg again. I think I have never begged this much in my entire life.

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"But what about my hunger? I want to taste your sweet flesh." Scared too much, I lift my head up and stare at the ceiling hoping that I would be saved by some divine miracle.

I don't want my first time to be with a kidnapper. "Please god!" I pray aloud because I know that I cannot fight with this man. To my surprise he loosens his hold and tugs my chin down. "Relax, love! I will let you eat if you tell me that you would finish your plate.

Okay?" He asks holding me at a distance so that he can look at me. "Yes!" I say nervously after nodding multiple times. He makes me sit me on my seat and I quickly grab my fork and start eating the noodles as fast as I can.

I cough a little when I choke on my food. "Slowly, slowly." He says with concerned eyes and rubs my back a few times. After the lunch he asks me to have a shower which I strongly needed to. In the warm shower I think only about him and what is he going to do to me next. He has made his intention clear.

He wants to fuck me or as he says make love to me. While this should have brought panic to mind, here I stand naked in his bathroom having warm shower a bit calm and composed. Hell! I am kidnapped but his cool and nice attitude has certainly helped me out of my fear.

Now I don't think I fear him, that much. I am not a threat to you. I won't hurt you. Never. I am not lying to you. I never do. It has just been some hours, okay just one and a half hour knowing him but by now I do believe him that he is not gonna hurt me. Well, I can take advantage of this. For now I should plan on escaping.

Wrapping a towel around, I step out of the bathroom into the bedroom where I find him staring at me as I come to his sight. "You. Are. Beautiful." He says emphasizing each word with his voice soft but clear and eyes filled with carnal appreciation.

His words trigger something deep inside me. To distract myself from this feeling which is making me damp between my thighs I ask him about my bag which has my clothes. To which he points his long finger to his wardrobe.

I find that next to his clothes is an array of all types of women's garments, which I have seen earlier. They are all in my size but none of them mine. I neither find my bag.

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But I don't argue. At least I got something to wear while I was expecting that he would keep me naked or underdressed. When I don't find any bra I think of asking him. But before I can he answers my unasked question by telling me that he prefers me without them. I roll me eyes at him to which he first chuckles and then requests me to wear the harlot red dress which is too short and has a deep neckline. It looks quite expensive. I give him my fake yes-of-course-sir-why-not smile and pick up a pale blue shirt which has full sleeves and pj pants.

You wanna look at my body. Most welcome. Look through the fabric if you can. I get into the bathroom and after getting dressed I get back to the bedroom, where I find him working on his laptop. He asks me to sit without looking at me. I think he is angry with me. Good. If I can make him angry and lose his control then… "Cassidy, you look beautiful in anything you wear." He says interrupting my train of thoughts.

Crap! I thought I made him but here he is smiling as always. When I sit down he explains me some rules. First one is that I cannot try to escape. Fine! I know that. Second is that whenever he is not with me I am to stay in this room. Third is that I should not try doing any stupid things. Fourth is that I am to eat properly. Before he tells the last one he clasps both of my small hands in his big and slightly cold ones suddenly and sighs.

"Lastly I want you to be comfortable here and don't think me of as a kidnapper. Though I have kidnapped you, I am no threat to you. I just want you to be happy with me.

If anything ever bothers you then I want you to let me know. I just want to love you and live a happy and long life with you." I swallow dry.

What does this means? This man and his words are beyond my understanding.