Tgirl bitch gets cumshot after sucking

Tgirl bitch gets cumshot after sucking
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It's always the quiet ones.

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Like my long-time boyfriend, Oren. He was the one of the most adorably shy guys I've ever met. In fact, the first time I saw him he reminded me of the feminine guy in a Japanese yaoi. He was slender and quiet, with a cute face, long shaggy blonde hair and big blue eyes hidden behind large thick glasses. His wardrobe was filled with sweaters that were too big for him which consequently caused him to be even more adorable.

It was almost six months before I got to see his hands because they were always hidden in the long, loose sleeves. In contrast, I'm the kind of guy who's always the loudest at the bar and the first to pick a fight.

It's not that I like fighting, it's just that I don't want guys to think they can go screwing with me just because I'm gay. I'm about six two and I work out enough that I'm pretty big so that's usually not much of a problem anyway.

I've got dark hair and green eyes that I've repeatedly been told were good for two things. Seducing and intimidating. Normally I would be the one I'd expect to pull something like this. Not Oren. "Danny?" Oren's soft voice called to me. I was half asleep but I still answered with a, "Yeah, babe?" "Wake up, I've got a surprise for you." I could almost hear him smiling.

Waking up was not something I really wanted to do, but Oren was notorious for his surprises. The last time he work me up this way he was wearing a cat costume that caused me to phone in sick to work.

I blinked my eyes open slowly to find him kneeling beside me, wearing a huge smile.

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And nothing else. My eyes roamed over the expanses of soft milky skin before me. His small little pink nipples stood out, almost teasingly, from his chest. I could imagine perfectly how they would feel against my lips.

I reached out to touch him and that's when I found his 'surprise'. I was cuffed to the bed. "Oren, why am I…" "You told me a while back that you wanted to experiment with BDSM. Well, the last of the toys I've been ordering came in yesterday." "So you cuffed me to the bed while I was sleeping?" He smiled again, "Surprise!" "Well thank you, but no thank you.

Right now I'd rather…" "Shhh." Oren put his slim little finger up against my lips, "Don't talk or I'll have to gag you. That would be a shame because I really would like to hear your moans. They're so sexy, just thinking about it gets my cock nice and hard." I blinked in surprise. I'd never heard him say anything like that, normally Oren wasn't one for the dirty talk. What was going on here? Oren climbed off the bed and walked over to our closet, his sexy ass swaying deliciously with every step.

"Don't worry, I'll start you off easy. Once you get used to it though all bets are off. It's hard for me to control myself once I get going." Get going?

Had he done this kind of thing before? "By the way, the safe word is mushrooms.

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And If I do end up gagging you, just tap your head on the headboard three times." "O-okay." Oren turned around and smacked my belly with a thin cane faster than I could wince. It didn't hurt a lot but it definitely stung enough to make me not want it to happen again.

"Okay, what?" Oren smirked. "Okay, Sir." I rephrased, staring in shock. "Good boy." He purred and turned back to the closet. Almost against my will I could feel my cock hardening.

But the instant it started I sucked in a gasp of pain. It took a little ingenuity but I managed to tilt my head and look down my body. To my utter shock, my cock was in a small metal cage shaped like its flaccid state. The instant I started to harden, the cage bit into me. How had I not noticed that before?

Oren had turned around and noticed my preoccupation. "Oh yeah, that.


That'll stay on until you're begging me to remove it. It won't do any damage but it will probably hurt." He climbed back onto the bed and leaned over to kiss me. He tasted like honey just like usual, and just like usual my cock started to inflate. "Ugh!" I groaned as the cage restricted me. Oren smiled and drew away. It was like he was enjoying my pain. "The first of the many wonderful toys I have for you today is this." He held up what looked like a leather bag with drawstrings.

Not nearly as threatening looking as the cage but I got the feeling I would come to regret that observation. "Let me show you what it does." Oren slipped between my legs and leaned down. He lapped his tongue at my balls, causing me to groan in pleasure and pain as the cage did its work again.

"Mmmm, here we go." I felt him deftly slip the bag over my balls. The inside of it felt incredible, as if were lined in velvet or something. I moaned again. Then he started to tighten it. It wasn't long before the little bag felt unbearably tight. It probably wasn't squeezing that hard, but the way it held me made it feel like my balls were in a vice grip.

I was panting and squirming in no time. Oren glanced up at me, "I like that face. It's very nice, so flustered yet still you look so turned on. So sexy, Danny. It just makes me want to give you more." He somehow tightened the bag further and I whimpered a little. "S-stop." I breathed.

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"Tighter you said?" Oren grinned mischievously. "If you say so." The bag drew tighter and I thought my sack might explode. The whimpers got louder but to my surprise my cock was still straining to harden. After ten more seconds Oren loosened the hellish bag. It still gripped me tight, but now it felt more caressing and less crushing.

I let out a long shaky breath and Oren gave a soft chuckle. He left me relax for a few moments before he spoke, "This next one is a toy I already had. I personally like it, but I wonder how you'll feel about it." I couldn't muster up the energy to lift my head up and watch him. So it came as a bit of a shock when I felt the cold lube on my ass hole.

He slipped a finger then two up into me, wiggling them around and loosening me a little. I couldn't help but moan and wince as he fingered me quickly, biting my lower lip as I tried to stay soft.

Then all at once his fingers were gone and something much bigger was at my entrance. My heart dropped as I realized what it was. I'd seen Oren play with himself with it a couple of times.

I remember being astonished as well as utterly aroused that he could fit something like that inside himself. "N-no!" I objected, "No way! There's no way that's gonna…" But when I'd opened my mouth to yell, Oren had quickly picked up a ball gag and forced it into my mouth.

He sighed, "You were doing so well too. I was even thinking of taking off the cage. Oh well." He began pushing the jumbo sized butt plug up into my ass. Little by little he somehow managed to work it into me until it went in with a soft pop noise. I don't really know how to describe that kind of sexual agony. It hurt like hell, my ass felt like it was on fire and my muscles were all so tense I might've been having a seizure. But at the same time it felt so unbelievably good to be stretched so far.

When it was finally inside I would have been cumming if were possible in my current predicament. The way it fit inside me made it press on everything all at once. "You look like such a slut right now." Oren's soft voice was full of unconcealed lust, "With that thing stretching you like that. I can see inside you.

And then your face is so lustful. With all these toys on and that face, you look like something out of a porno." I might've tried to mutter something through the gag then if he hadn't wiggled the plug inside me. My back arched up off the bed and my poor cock evened out the score by shooting a wave of pain through my body.

That thing had to come off. When my body hit the bed again I tried to grunt with all the force in my body. But Oren only cradled a hand around his ear and cocked his head in a 'I can't hear you gesture'. "What's that? I'm sorry, I can understand you with all that slutty moaning." He started to wiggle the toy again, but instead of just once this time he began fucking me with it.

I had one foot in heaven and the other planted firmly in hell. I screamed into the gag as the pleasure and pain fought for dominance. Just when I was sure I couldn't take any more, Oren stopped and pulled the gag from my mouth. "Please take off the cage! Oh God, Oren, Sir, please I'll do anything.

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Anything! Just please take it off me! Choke me with your cock, fuck my ass until I scream, anything! Please just take it off!" Oren smiled triumphantly, "Anything?" "Anything, I swear! Please, I can't stand it anymore!" He danced his fingers over my nipple, one of the most sensitive parts of my body, making me squeal like a woman. "But what if I like seeing you like this?" "Torture me some other way!

Anything else but this! It hurts so bad, Sir, MASTER PLEASE!" Oren licked his lips and reached down. Three seconds later the cage was off and my cock stood at full mast. Not ten seconds later I blew the largest load I've ever blown without being touched.

I was panting and giddy with pleasure. I'd completely lost control of myself and it had felt utterly amazing. However Oren did not look anywhere near as thrilled as I did. "You came without permission. And not to mention I didn't even get to tell you the terms of your release." "I'm…sorry…master…" "No. Not yet you're not." My heart did a nervous two step as Oren once again abandoned the bed for the closet.

Whatever he had in mind, it couldn't be good for me. Yet somehow the anticipation of the probable pain only served to stir my cock. "This was something I was going to have you use on me, as a sort of payback for doing this without warning. But since you decided to be such a bad boy, I'll use it on you." He turned and I saw a machine in his arms that was instantly-horribly-familiar.

I'd seen it in many a BDSM flick. I'd always felt bad for its victims yet curious as to what it might feel like. I guess now I would find out. My mind went into panic mode as Oren set the machine up. The clamps bit into my nipples in a way that was equal parts unpleasant and thrilling.

I knew what was next and I was dreading it. I could always use the safe word, but honestly I really was curious. And this whole scenario had me hotter than Mississippi in July. Oren grabbed my cock, sending burst of pleasure down my shaft as he said, "Don't move.

I don't want to accidentally hurt you." I nodded and quickly shifted so I could watch him do what I knew was coming. He angled the slim metal tube over my piss slit and slowly inserted it in. It hurt like hell and I wanted to wiggle away from it but I knew if I moved that would only make things worse. So instead I screamed as I watched him push the tube down further into me. When the whole thing was inserted he grinned sadistically at me and started to fuck my slit with it a couple times.

It felt horribly wrong yet intense enough that I could almost call it pleasurable. Luckily he stopped and drew back to the machine's control box. "Hmmm, should I draw it out and start you out slow, or should I just cut to the chase?" "Get it over with." "Slow it is." The first shock wasn't too bad.

It stung, especially in my cock, but it was tolerable. The second one was worse but not by much and it was still something I could endure. The third one however was when it started to hurt. It felt like crabs had pinched my cock and nipples. Now the fourth one was significantly worse.

It felt like someone had taken needle nose plier, gripped my cock and nipples and played twister. My muscles tensed and I had to fight off a shout. If I kept screaming like that the neighbors would call the cops on us and that would be very awkward to explain. As if he were reading my mind, Oren said, "Don't worry about the neighbors. I told them all we were trying out a new game and not to be concerned. Scream as much as you like." Then he cranked the device up to five. My cock leapt to attention as the electricity stimulated the muscles in it.

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The shock felt like I'd stuck my dick in a light socket. I screamed and gritted my teeth, pulling at my restraints. "Mmmm, again." I bit back another scream as the same level of electricity surged through me, for longer this time. "One more time." My toes curled and my back arched a little. Oren leaned down and licked my cock as his finger 'slipped' over the button again.

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"Gah!" I cried out as my cock took the last brutal shock. Once again I was panting while Oren removed the equipment. "Well, you took your punishment like a good boy. So there's only one more thing for you to endure. Then it'll be your turn." "W-what is it, master?" I could see him struggle not to grin at that, "Well, I went through your porn collection and found a common theme.

I figured maybe you'd enjoy doing it as much as watching it." I instantly knew exactly what he was talking about. Instead of objecting and acting like I didn't want it, I kept silent. In truth it was one of the greatest fantasies I had, but I'd never pursued it because I didn't think it was possible. "I asked a professional and they said it was perfectly fine as long as you stay relaxed and calm.


After all it's a normal thing, just in reverse. But if it hurts more than you think it should, tell me to stop immediately." I nodded slowly. Just thinking of it had my cock drooling pre-cum. "Good boy." Oren leaned over and gave me a lingering kiss. Then he set to work. I couldn't watch him or think about it, for fear of blowing my load. So instead I tried to make my muscles relax. Of course all that effort was rendered meaningless the instant the lubed up shaft touched my ass.

"Ready?" I nodded. Oren thrust the first few inches is relatively easy. I closed my eyes as the toy rubbed up against my prostate. The next few inches went in pretty easily as well, but it was now touching deeper inside of me than anything else ever had. I moaned loudly as Oren pulled it back and thrust it back up inside me, harder and deeper. You see, I'd read a lot of sex stories in which someone gets fucked by a monster. The monster in the story goes so deep into them that the person can feel it by their stomachs.

That fantasy had always turned me on more than almost any other, and now I was going to experience it.


The deeper Oren fucked me, the higher my moans rose. Strangely it didn't hurt, it only felt better and better. When I felt it touch deep inside me, almost to my belly I thought I would blow my load but somehow I held on. When he got it as deep into me as he could safely go, Oren began to fuck me mercilessly.

The way he had me restrained, I couldn't move a bit up and down. I had to lie there and take the fucking like a bitch. I moaned and shouted as he drove the toy deep into my body with as much force as he could.

I nearly cried when he stopped moving it. Instead he crawled up and kissed me deeper and more passionately than he had since the first night we were together.

"Cum for me, baby." He whispered against my lips. I came harder than I ever have before or since. My whole body lurched as jets of cum blasted out from my cock. Oren was kissing me again, taking my loud moans into his mouth like they would somehow feed him. It was the most incredible orgasm I could ever imagine. My body was still vibrating when he pulled the toy from me and unlocked my cuffs.

He fell down beside me with hardly an audible noise and softly, almost meekly said, "Your turn." To be continued.