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Gay asian cum group The men started to de robe off  Nathan revealing
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when my mom drove me home from school i was sent straight to bed to get some sleep. i found it hard to sleep when my mom kept coming to see if i was okay every 15 minutes.

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i finally managed to sleep for an hour before i was woke up by something hitting my window. i went to my window to see harvey outside throughing little stones at my window. i ran down stairs even though it hurt me so much to run.


i opened the main door walked upto me and i said "you know how to make a entrance aleast" harvey laughed and handed me a small box i asked "whats this" he said to me ""normally people would open it and find out" then smiled at me. i opened the small box and there was a key card in it. i read the card saying a hotels name.

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i went to speak but he said "no pressure. think it over" and he walked away. i shouted "Harvey" he turn round but kept walking i shouted thank you he smiled and i closed the door the next day i didnt go for my 6 am morning run because i couldnt run so i got ready for school and walked down stairs i asked my mom for a ride to school and she said sure.

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when i got to school it felt like everyone was looking at me. i took a bite out of a apple i had in my bag and it dripped down my face. harvey walked upto me and said well aleast not everythink slips out of your mouth.

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he used this finger to get the apple juice down my face and put it in his mouth to taste it. "so leon have u had time to think about this saturday" saturday i repeated "yeah the hotel room i booked for us?" i walked up to harvey and said pick me up at 8 we will go in your car.

harvey had the biggest smile ive ever seen him have. then harvey backed off because all my friend had walked up to me to see if i was okay "im fine girl" i said anyway tear was talking to britney about kyle getting beat up by someone on the football team this morning. i turned around and walked as fast as i could upto harvey and said "did you know?

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did you " i repeated "about kye no i swear" i walked away from harvey and my girl friends and off to class after school had finished i avoided harvey and my friends as much as possible i went to my locker hoping not to see harvey but i did see him about to slip a note into my locker.

i walked upto him and said i will take that he began to walk away and i said "dont go" i read the letter infront of him. it said baby i swear i didnt know that tom had beatten kyle up.

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i walked upto him and said "can i have a ride home" he smiled at me and said sure in the parking lot i seen kyle he had a big black eye and i couldnt help but feel sorry for him. he walked past and called me a skank i told him to fuck off.


i looked at harvey as if to say dont get invovled. i got into harveys car and he said "your cars over there why arnt you driving home your self" "because i want to talk to you about saturday" his faced dropped and i kinda wanted that to happen so i could make him happy again.

i said "i cant wait to spend the weekend with you" he moved over and kissed me on the lips and drove me home. he hugged me good bye but asked if he could come by later i said sure.


i walked into my house excited knowing he wanted to see me tonight about 8 pm my phone rang and it was harvey he said he was on his way and to meet him outside. i went outside my house and was picked up by him he took me to see a film at the pictures hugging me the whole time we was watching it. when the movie was finished we walked back to the car and he took me home i kissed him goodnight but i wanted more than a kiss.

i started rubbing his pants where his crouch is he broke are kiss and smiled "that feels so good you feeling me up" i told him to come inside.

we went upstairs and into my room i told him i need to take a shower and he said he need to take one too following me into my bedroom's bathroom i put my phone and money on on my bed as i walked past it and took my shows off.

when i got into the bathroom i turn the shower on and harvey pushed me into it and got in himself i said "harvey we are going to so wet" he said "you better undress me fast then" i smiled and started pulling off his jacket then his top he kicked his shoes off and i pulled off his pants to see him in a jock strap i undid the jock strap to free his hard cock he was a little more rough (i found this a turn on) with me he ripped open my shirt but i have gave up telling him my clothes are exspensive and through it off me he pinned me to the wall and undid my pants with home hand the other hand was feeling my body.

he took them off and my boxer short i was so hard i thought i was going to faint.

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harvey got to his kneese and started suck me off after about 40 minutes without warning i cummed him his mouth and he swallowed all of my cum.

i went to bend down but harvey noticed the brouses on my ribs and told me not.

so instead i jacked him off and his cum landed on my hand i licked all his come off my hand and swallowed it all after i had finished harvey asked me "should we stay in the shower or go to your bed" to be continued