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Black pantyhose upskirt at market turkish teen
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Jay and Amy My name is Amy and I'm 18 years old with long black hair that's always style in a ponytail. I'm half Asian and half white,(my skin is between yellow and light brown) with brown eyes. And I'm still a virgin. I decided when I was younger that I'll save it for the right moment. Not till marriage, that is way too long to wait. My family and I just moved. Our new home was a 3 story single family home. The middle floor was the living room and kitchen and it was the main entrance.

My parents had the top floor to themselves, it was 4 bedrooms up there. I had the entire basement to myself, it was basically an apartment. 1 huge bedroom and 1 huge bathroom and a kitchen and a huge living room. My mother and father were both successful doctors. I'm an only child unfortunately, my parents only wanted one child to spoil.

But that they didn't turn out too well either, I'm far from spoil. I didn't even like to leave the sink on while brushing my teeth. I didn't spend money unless it was necessary, I didn't buy huge brand names.

My parents make great money, not only because of their jobs but because my mother's family came from old money. I think it has something to do with oil. I'm caring, selfless, and too shy. I like to read more than anything else. I basically live in a book. I still like to purchase the physical book from the store because the fresh book smell always made me smile. My parents didn't mind too much that I wasn't some high class bitch princess.

They were just happy that I wasn't some drug using slut. I had the most ultimate freedom. I had absolutely no rules and they were no limits to what I can and can't do. I had my own car; dad made me drive a white Mercedes M-class suv. I had a black no limit debit card.

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But I never used it. Today is the first day of school for me (1 month after school started for everyone else), I'm a senior this year. I was in the office waiting for my schedule, shaking a little because meeting new people always scares me.

I like to keep to myself, I wasn't necessarily lonely, more independent. I'm wearing faded skinny blue jeans with a light sweater, very casual I know. After receiving my schedule it says history is my first class, not too bad I hope. I turn down the hallway with my eyes down to the school map and I walk right into a wall knocking me down.

I look up and my breath catches, wow he's hot. He has beautiful green eyes. He's a light caramel color skin. He also has black hair that is style in a buzz cut so close to his scalp(it makes me want to rub my hand on it). He's wearing a black t shirt but I can still tell that he must have a well defined stomach that's oozing with muscle, his arms were thick with muscle, he's also wearing low rise jeans with a pair of Nike shoes.

He leans down towards me and I see his lips are moving but I can't concentrate because his handsome face has capture all my attention.

I finally snap out of it and ask "what?" Mr.handsome smiles and replies "I said sorry for knocking you over." And then he grabs my hips and pick me up like I weigh nothing, he keeps his hands on my hips and he holds me close to him with barely any space in between us. I'm 5'2 and he has has to be at least 6", I'm looking up so high that my neck hurts a little.

"Wow, you're tall, my neck hurts looking up at you." I whisper.

He obviously heard me when he leans his head down and reply "Sorry, I guess I owe you a neck massage." "" "I like this, you look all dazed and it's cute, I'm Jay" handsome says.

"I'm Amy." "Amy, let's continue this later, let's go on a date." Is he really asking me on a date? I never been on a date, I've kiss a few boys but that was from spin the bottle. He seems pretty confident that I'll say yes, he must be one of those jocks who try to get into any girls pants. "No thank you".

I replied more confidently. "Why? You feel the spark between us." To prove his point, be grips my hips tighter. And he's right, I do feel the spark and it's freaking me out.

I try to pull back but he doesn't let me. I don't feel scare, I feel nervous and shy and a little turn on. I don't believe love at first sight, but my parents are living proof of it. They got marry after 3 months together, and my mom got pregnant with me 3 months after that. My grandparents on both side tell me the same story of their significant other too.

I guess it's some creepy love at first sight curse on our family. But here i stand with my heart beating a hundred miles an hour staring at this gorgeous guy. You have got to be kidding me! I just wanted to live life easy but I guess not, hot guys always brought trouble and I'm most definitely staying away from that.

"Your thoughts are running wild so lets make it easy, dinner tonight." Jay says. "I don't think that's a good idea, first off, I don't know you, second off; I don't date, third off; who do you think you are to tell me what my plans are?" I snap back.

(I had a mouth on me when I get mad, dad thought it was cute and mom thought it was normal) He smirks and moves in closer replying "You feel this, don't lie.

I know what it is and you do too, I was told that when I felt it, that I was to fight for it and that's what I'm going to do. You want to do go slow, we'll go slow, you want to go fast then we'll skip and head to my bedroom but no matter how it goes, it'll end with me and you together." Now that was hot. A little scary but very captivating. "" "Don't be scare. We got this, trust me." He says letting go of my hips and holding each side of my face.

"" I stutter due to being so shock to what he Jay said. Jay let's one side of my cheek go and takes my schedule from my hand and reads it. He grabs my hand interlace our fingers and drags me down the hallway. After a couple turns we stop in front of a door, I look up to him still awestruck. Jay smirks and wink and then opens the door. We walk into a thin short African American teacher giving a lecture and she stops to look at us.

"Sorry Ms.Brown for coming in late." Jay says smiling. "It's okay Jay.oh.who is this?" Jay looks down at me smiling so huge and replies "This is Amy, she's new." "Well hello, nice to meet you Amy, go on and take a seat." Ms.Brown says. I smile and try to walk away from the door but Jay pulls me back by my hand with our hand still interlace. Jay just stands there smiling at me not saying anything.

"I think she's fine Jay, you can let her hand go now." Ms.Brown says. "But she's cute, I can't let go. " Jay says, making me blush hard and making the girls in the class awe and giggle and making the guys lean forward smirking in their seats. "Let go of my hand. please." I whisper to him. "Say yes to our date tonight." Jay says loud enough for the class to hear. The class start to chant "say yes".

I look up and Ms.Brown has a grin and she seems to be waiting for me to answer. "Okay yes, now let go." I whisper again. Jay let's my hand go but puts his hand to my back and propel me to the back of class where there's only 1 desk open.

Jay moves me into it and looks to the guy on my left giving him a look that can kill. The kid quickly moves and Jay sits. "That was mean, you took his seat." I hiss to Jay. "My seat" Jay says. That's it. 2 words. "That wasn't nice." "Don't matter, I want to sit next to my girl, I will." His girl?

What? It's been like 20 minutes since I met him. "Are you crazy? Your girl? I don't think so!" I kind of yell. He smirks then he hooks his hand behind my neck and pulls me towards him, "Yeah, my girl. After our date tonight it'll be proven. Stop fighting this, embrace it beautiful." I notice class awfully quiet and I look up and the entire class including Ms.Brown were looking at us with smirks, awe, or shock looks on their faces.

Jay let's go of me and faces the front, acting like he didn't just kind of rock my head. Class continues like nothing ever happen. I didn't hear a word in class, I was busy thinking of Jay the whole time.

I thought about his demeanor, his attitude, his short words and his long words, and his body. At one point I actually started to fantasize about sex with him and I felt my cheeks getting hot. When I peeked up, Jay was staring me with a knowing smile. I ignore him for the rest of class. When class was over, Jay took upon himself to walk me to my next class.

When my class was over he was standing outside class waiting for me. He smiles and hook his arm over my shoulders(if felt too nice to make him move away) and walk me towards the cafeteria.

On our way there, people constantly called out Jay's name, from guys to girls to teachers. Jay didn't stop to talk, he only nodded to them.

We walk straight to the lunch line and he took 2 trays and fill them with everything and paid for them before I can even protest. He held both trays and walk towards an empty table. Jay sat us in the middle with Jay on my left and not 30 seconds past before the entire table was fill with guys. All the guys were staring at me and feeling uncomfortable was an understatement. "Back off, now" Jay growled. The guys all lean back in the chairs and waited.

Jay looked at me then he sigh and looks up and announced weirdly "Yes, we're together. If any of you try anything with Amy, I'll show you first hand my skills, and nothing and nobody will stop me." The guys look shock and amazed.

And then questions exploded from everyone; she good in bed? What about your reputation? Girls gonna like that? She magic? You serious? This real? Jay looked at each of them in the eye, and a silent message was pass because everyone started to eat and left the questions alone. "I'll tell you everything secrets" Jay whispers to me. I nod, I mean what else can I do. I had a lot of time to think and I realize that Jay is an alpha male and no matter what I say, he's still going to do what he wants.

Lunch and my next 2 class went by fast. But I did notice that a lot of girls were looking at me funny, like I held a secret. No one really look me in the eye and at one point, it seemed like people were avoiding me. After the last class, I walk to my locker and Jay was already there waiting for me.

He smile and hook my neck and pull me to him, and ask "Lets go to your house." "For?" "Our date" Jay reply.

"Why my house?" I asked. "So my house then?" Jay asked back. "Um.I don't know about this, I don't know you at all" I say shyly back to to him, not being able to look him in the eye. He takes one of his hand and takes his phone out his pocket and dials someone and puts it to his ear.

"Hey mom, I want to take my someone special out on a date but she doesn't trust me, so can you vouch for me.yes it's real.I know," and then he puts the phone to my ear. "Um.hi" I greet. "Hi there, I'm Jay's mother Daisy. I guess I'm here to vouch for him. First off, he's a great kid, very respectful, very caring, and a total gentlemen.

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He does have a temper but you'll probably never see that. Give him a chance and he'll prove to you that he's your special someone," Jay's mom tells me. "OK, I'll take your word for it, I'll give him a chance," Jay smiles even bigger and says bye to his mom and turns me around and walks me outside.

"Bus or walk?" Jay ask. "Car.I have a car" I walk him towards my car and he lifts his eyebrow at me. I shrug it off and get in. Stupid car makes me look like a spoil child. Driving home was weirdly comfortable, the feeling in the car is so intense I can probably get high off of it. I feel my stomach jumping from all the butterflies in it, my hands are sweaty on the steering wheel. Jay's right, I can feel it, but can I really embrace it?

I pull up to the house and park. "Nice house" Jay comments. "Thanks" "No parents?" "They're doctors, they leave at 7am and don't get back till around 7pm, they're very committed to their job. So we have about 4 hour till then." "Do you check in?" "No, they trust me, and because they probably won't answer, they're both emergency room doctors so too busy." I walk towards the side of the house and go down the stairs to my part of the house.

Jay walks in behind me and takes off his shoes at the door like me. "Lets do homework first" Jay suggests. I nod and walk towards my couch. I pull out all my homework and set it on the coffee table, but Jay just sits there staring at me. "Where's your homework?" I ask. "Done in study hall." "You're just going to watch me do homework then?" "Yup." I decide I'll just block him out. I start off with the easy stuff, doing worksheets. I then lean back on the couch with my textbook to read the require 2 chapters.

Jay leans down takes my feet and pulls them so that I'm sideways on the couch. He puts my feet on his lap and smile then looks up to the ceiling. Do I pull my feet away? Do I keep them there? They are comfortable there, it's like they fit there. "Relax, I won't bite" Jay says to me. After reading the 2 chapters, I start to close the book. I see something moving on the cover of the textbook.

It's a huge freaking spider! I scream and kick out my feet and I throw the book over the back of the couch and scramble over to Jay where I climb into his lap and grab his shoulder while still freaking out. I don't care how small spiders can be, they are creepy looking and scare the crap out of me.

After some time, I finally calm down and realize what's going on. I'm straddling Jay with my legs on the outside of his legs.

My hands are still on his shoulders and his hands are gripping my hips tightly and his head is on my collarbone. I'm just about to snap at him for having his head to close to my boobs when I realize he's moaning.not good moaning but more like hurt moaning. "Um&hellip.are you okay?" I ask. ".ah& kicked my dick" he replies with gritted teeth.

"OMG, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to. Are you okay?

Teen facialized by bbc interracial and pornstars your dick okay?" I stammer. "Fuck.that hurt, ahh…" he replies back. He finally picks his head up and looks at me with pain in his eyes. I don't know what possess me to do it but I move my hands to his cheeks and kiss his forehead. My lips feel like they've been shock like the spark went through it.

He smiles widely and strangely comments, "That's what it takes? A hit in the dick to get you to try to embrace this between us?" I try to pull back but he holds my hips tighter.

"I'm hurting your dick right now with my weight on it" I say to him. "Nope, it's making me feel better" he says and smirks at me. "wha…" and then I feel it, he's apparently very happy since I can feel it through my jeans.

I involuntarily grind down on him and I'm immediately scare, he felt omg. And it felt really good, I feel my face getting hot and I can practically smell the hormones in the air. Jay stops smirking and looks serious. "Don't move. We're going slow. You're a virgin. Fuckfuckfuck." ".Ah what? How'd you know?" I question back. "You're too sweet to have given up to anyone who didn't deserve it. The first time will be special. Until then we'll go as slow as you want.

Fuckfuckfuck was because it feels fucking great with you grinding on me like that. Now that homework's done, spider's somewhere else, virgin talking first time done, we're going to eat pizza and talk. You order, I'll pay. Get whatever you want I'll eat it." And with that Jay picks me up and puts me on the seat next to him, he reaches in his pocket dials a number and passes me the phone.


I stare at his bulge in his jeans since it looks like it going to break through his zipper sometime soon. I mean how did it fit into his jean? "Thanks for calling Mario's pizza, how can I help you?" the phone says into my ear. "Stop staring or we'll go fast.very fast. No pizza, no talk, just the bedroom" Jay says into my other ear.

I close my eyes and order a pizza with 2x pepperoni. Jay smiles when I open my eyes and he cover his bulge with my throw pillow.

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Pizza gets here 30 minutes later and Jay pays for it. I did try to pay for it, but Jay gave me a look that can kill so I backed away. Now we're eating at the couch with both us sideways on it to look at each other. I'm on my 2nd slice and he's on his 4th slice.Jay wipes his mouth and starts to talk.

"I'm 18 years old, half Asian and half black, don't smoke, don't really drink. My chest has ink, you'll see for yourself. Never been in a relationship.

I fucked and move on. Didn't lie to the girls, they knew and they wanted that. Always wore a condom, I get check up every month so I'm clean. Last time I fuck was 1 week ago. I'm a mma fighter. I fight in a gym that's legal. But that don't make good money so I fight underground too. That makes fucking great money but it's illegal. My 2 big twin brothers Mike and Luke fight underground too.

Mom's a nurse and dad's a cop, they know about but don't mind. Fighting helps me get rid of anger. Underground is a secret, but whole school knows. I have a reputation, but I also get a lot of respect.

No one said anything to you today cause I threaten them all. I wanted to tell you myself. My family got that first love at first sight thing going on. I saw you and I knew, I ain't stepping back from that no matter how scare I might be. We going to be great together.

You're shy but got an attitude, I like that. You're small and cute but got body, I like that too. We're doing this." "Tattoo, fucking, condoms, clean check, mma fighter, twin brothers, mom's a nurse, dad's a cop, no tempter, school knows secret, respect, first love at first sight, shy with attitude, small and cute with body and we're doing this. Um. I think I got it all. And you talk like a caveman. I guess I don't have anything to say but What.The Hell!!!" I say but yell at the end.

"I can lie but I didn't, you're special so you know everything. I'll never lie to you, straight up is how I like it.

You have my word on that babe." Awe he called me babe, now that was hot, and it made me melt a little in the inside. "Okay" I reply. Jay smiles widely and leans in and kiss my cheek. The spark hits instantly and my face reddens. He said slow, but right now, I could care less. I'm not go gonna jump his bones but a little feel wouldn't hurt. But since he's looking at me like I'm his prey right now, I'll wait till another time.

"Good girl. Now that's settle, you tell me about you." And with that we talk for hours. From talking about my parents to talking about past encounters. "Spin the bottle?" Jay asks. "Yea…" "That's no kiss.


I'll give you one." Jay leans in and places both hands on the my cheeks and kisses me. It's no peck, it's more of a holy shit kiss. No tongue but lots of lips and then he stops suddenly. "Amy, do you hear me?" Mom yells. "Yeah mom, I'm here. What's up?" I yell back. Jay leans in again and starts to kiss down my jaw.

"Are you hungry yet?" Mom yells again. ".ah.yes! I'll be right up" I yell back trying to concentrate on my words. And with that, the door closes up the stairs. Jay stops kissing my jaw but grins in my face and kiss my lips one last time. "My ride is down the streets. I'll see you tomorrow at school, my number is in your phone if you need anything." Jay gets up, puts on his shoes, walks back, caress my face softly and smiles and walks out the doors.


While I'm still sitting in place from the burn kiss I feel on my lips and jaw. And I'm also thinking how the hell did he program his number in my phone when I've been with him the whole time and I didn't see him no such thing.

I guess I'll just go eat dinner and think about that later. After dinner was done, and the questions from parents about my first day, I take a shower and head to bed. I was so beat after spending all day thinking about a hot guy name Jay I need some sleep.


Just as I settle into bed my phone dings with a message. Jay: Goodnight babe and sweet dreams Omg! That babe thing is really growing on me now. Amy: Goodnight to you too Jay and don't let the bedbugs bite End of Part 1, comment for more.