Naked cowboys gay porn free The studs kiss before getting their

Naked cowboys gay porn free The studs kiss before getting their
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My name is Brian, I am 17 years old, 6 feet tall, with a decent body, not built but not fat. Anyways this story is about Taylor my little sisters friend.

Taylor is 12years old, she has long brunette hair, she is about 4'7 with a perfect tight little body, attached with a great little butt. She has just started to bud little breast that she proudly displays with her low cut tops, even though she is only sporting a A cup.

The story starts with Taylor coming to spend the night with my sister Megan. I had been attracted to Taylor for awhile now and was excited to know she was coming. She arrived with her stuff and they headed up to the room over the garage to start a night of girl stuff. I spent the beginning of the night thinking of how I could work my way into be around them that night.

My parents finally headed off to bed around 10pm and it was time to get to work. I grabbed my digital camera and went up to the room to put my plan into affect. I asked them if they wanted to play a modeling game which they both agreed to happily.

I told them to head downstairs because I was going to set up a changing room for them. I built two changing rooms with random stuff around the room. Sure they looked like shit but I didn't care, I just needed something for my plan. Then came part two of my plan, I hid my digital camera so it would focus on Taylor's changing room, then I set it on video mode and started it.

I called the girls up and told each of them where their changing room were. Then I headed downstairs just to see how well my plan would work.

I waited downstairs for what seemed like forever(which was only like 2 mins). I kept getting nervous that she found the camera and now I was screwed and would get in so much trouble. Finally they came down all changed and ready for me to take pictures of them.

I told them to wait downstairs cause I had to do something really quick. I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera to see how well it had turned out.

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I turned to review mode and took a deep breath as I hit play. I see myself calling the girls up and showing them their changing rooms, then me heading down stairs. As soon as the door shuts from me leaving the room she starts to get undress. The video was better then I thought it would be. She looks at the camera the whole time like she knows it's there, even though I know she doesn't. She takes off her pants first and she is wearing cute little green panties with a kitty on the front of them.

Then she takes off her shirt and I quickly realize that she is not wearing her little bra that always makes me horny even when I see a strap. There she was in nothing except her little panties, I have a full view of her flat stomach and her skinny little legs and best of all her little budding breast.

Then instead of putting on cloths right away she starts to hold a conversation with my sister. This gave me another 45 seconds of looking at her great little virgin body.

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Finally she puts the new cloths on and her and my sister head downstairs. Next thing on the camera is me grabbing it and turn it off to watch it like I was doing now. At this point my 7 inch cock is standing straight to the sky at full salute. That was the point where all reason had left my brain and my cock was doing all the thinking.

I ran downstairs once my cock settled to at least semi hard, cause it wasn't going all the way down with what I just saw. I asked both of them if they wanted to play a game of house instead of this.


They both agreed again. Taylor and I were the mom and dad as I thought it would go, and Megan is daughter. So we played house for about 15 minutes as I tried to figure out how to get me and Taylor away from Megan. I did not know what I would do with Taylor alone but I figured I had to at least see where it could go. Finally I told them it was bed time, and that me and Taylor had to go to my room because that was the parents room.

It worked, we pretended to put my sister to bed for the night and headed to my room. We got into my room as I locked the door behind me silently and turned to look at her. There was a slight moment of awkward and then I suggested that we should crawl into bed like a real married couple. So we both crawled into my single bed and I rested my arm over her as we lay there for about 30 seconds. My cock was as hard as a rock and my heart was racing at one million miles per hour.

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Finally she spoke up and said something that took me back and knocked me off my feet. It was like God himself had put these words in her mouth for me to hear.

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She said to me, "should we have sex like a married couple?". I couldn't believe what I had just heard and I quickly thought of how to respond to her. I wanted to make sure I heard her right, I asked her if she wanted to have sex as she responded yes.

Now I could tell that she truly didn't know what true sex was, she probably just thought that it was kissing and touching. I knew at that point that I was starting one of my fantasies that I had jacked off to many of times.

I leaned in and started to kiss her on her lips softly, we started to make out, she had no clue what she was doing but she was following me pretty good. I ran my hand up her back and started to rub her bare smooth back. We continued to make out as I ran my hand around to her sides and started to work them up to her tiny breast.

I slowly worked up her side to the point where I was level with her tits and then I did it. I slid my hands over and started to rub her young chest.

It was so great, it wasn't the first set of tits I had ever played with, and you really couldn't even call them tits they were just small bumps on her chest.

Like I said though, they weren't the first tits I had touched but they were the greatest. I think the rush came from me knowing it was so wrong to be playing with my this young girls chest, but I was. Just as I started to rub her chest and get a good feel of the silky smooth skin there was a knock on my door. It made both of us jump as I drew my hand from out of her shirt, she had bitten down on my tongue which was in her mouth at the initial shock.

We both got up and pretended like nothing was going on as I unlocked my door and opened it. Thank God. It was just my little sister wondering where we were cause we had left her alone forever. Which was true, it had been 10 minutes and that probably seemed like forever for her to be alone in the other room. I knew at this point I was in with Taylor and I didn't have to play this stupid game anymore to get some more action.

I told my sister I wasn't going to play anymore and I told her that I had to tell Taylor something really quick. I shut my door on my sister as I could tell by her face that she was mad I was spending more time with her friend then she was. After I closed my door I told Taylor to come to my room later that night as soon as my sister had fallen asleep and me and her could finish. She nodded her head, and before I opened the door to let her out I pulled her close and kissed her giving her a little ass grab.

We finished are kissed and I opened the door to let her out. I was now in my room with the biggest boner that I had ever had in my life, a 12 year old girl who wanted to have sex even if she didn't know what it was, and a few hours to wait for my sister to go to bed. It was about 3am and I was wide awake of course waiting for Taylor to return to my room hoping she had not forgot.

I had watched the video of her changing on my digital camera almost 100 times and was ready for the real thing.

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Finally it came, my door opens slowly and she pokes her head in and smiles at me as she comes in and locks the door behind her like a pro.

She comes in and walks up to my bed slowly with a innocent shy grin that made me want to eat her up and out!!! I signal for her to get into bed with me as I move the covers to allow her to crawl in. I had already stripped down to my boxers in the time that I had been waiting for her to return. She crawled into bed and I put the covers over us as we started to kiss again. This time I wasn't waiting to make my move on her, I knew she wanted it in some form and I was ready to act.

I grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled off as I threw it to the floor I worked my way down and started to suck on her nipples as she laid on her back watching me enjoy the taste of her skin.

I slowly started to work my way down from her chest, down past her belly button and to the top of her tight little pj shorts. I paused for a min knowing that what I was about to uncover was the object of so many of my dreams. Finally I grabbed the top of them and pull them down with her panties also, down over her knee caps and then completely off as I threw them to the floor with her shirt. I sat up and took a full view of her naked virgin body, it was beautiful, everything I had ever imagined.


I looked at her tiny tight cunt as I could see it was already moist, a 12 year old girl getting wet, it was amazing. Her pussy was lightly covered with fresh hair that couldn't have been on it for more then a few months. I looked in aww of this perfect little creation. She looked back at me smiling, waiting to see what my next move on her was going to be.

I slowly lowered my face to her cunt and started to softly lick.

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She squirmed a little at the initial touch of my tongue but she eventually settled down as I continued licking. I start to work her little pussy over with my tongue, it was the first time I had ever eaten a girl out, but I wasn't nervous knowing it was the first time she had ever been eaten out.

I kept licking faster and harder as she started to get more moist and started squirming from the obvious pleasure she was receiving. After about 5 minutes of work her breathing became very heavy and I could tell I was giving her, her first orgasm.

She started to pant and moan as I covered her mouth so she would not to make to much noise. Then she finally came, it was very little but I assumed it wouldn't be much because of her young age. Need less to say I licked every drop of it up and cleaned her pussy to perfection.

When I looked up at her I could see that her eyes had watered up from the pleasure of her first orgasm. I wiped the tears out of her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. Now it is your turn I told her, she looked at me a little confused as I commanded her to sit up. I put my dick in her face and explained that just like how I ate her out, it was her job to suck on my cock like a lollypop to give me the same pleasure.

Once she understood what she was to do she started to suck on my dick. She could only fit about 3 inches of it in her mouth, 4 on a big gulp, but it was still great. She worked it over while moving her tongue around it like it was not the first cock she had ever sucked. She sucked for about 10 minutes when I could tell she was getting tired. I was close to orgasm, but I wanted to see her covered in my cum. I pulled my dick out and laid her on her back again as I started to jack off over her.

She looked up at me with that innocent grin again, that was all it took I was cumming and hard. The first shot came out and hit her square on the face as she went to wipe her face the second shot hit her hands then the third, fourth, and fifth shot cover her little tits.

I looked down at my little goddess who was lying there covered in my cum. She started to clean herself off by scoping it up with her hands and licking it off.

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I grabbed some tissues and help her clean herself as we went back to laying with each other naked. We made out for another 15 minutes, she was getting good at making out really quick. Finally I looked and it was drawing close to 4.30am and I knew we should both get to sleep.

She got up out of my bed and started to put her cloths on. Once she was dressed I got up and kissed her. She asked me if she was good at having sex. I explained to her that wasn't real sex but kind of a different and safer type. She asked me why I didn't want to have real sex with her.

I told her that I thought that she was to young and it would hurt her to much at this point but I promised that I would have real sex with her soon enough. She gave me a big smile and said that she couldn't wait until that day came. I gave her another kiss and open the door to let her out.

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I watched her walk away and down the stairs to go back to the guest room. I closed my door and smiled at what had just happened. The smell of sex was overwhelming in my room but it was like smelling roses at that point, because it reminded me of what had just took place on my bed.

I crawled into bed to go to sleep and I started to think what we would do the next time we were together alone.