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Unable to cope with Jessica's revelation, Shelly lies comatose as the Orange Bubble moves to Washington D.C. to protect the president.

How will everyone else deal with knowing Jessica is the Pillar of Fire's daughter? = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Chapter 13 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Two Loves Lost, Two Forced Eldon stood rooted to the spot, stunned. He couldn't believe what he'd just heard or witnessed. He didn't want to believe it. Why? More importantly, how?

"We need to get out of here," Becky spoke up above the churning wind, which was only now starting to die down as though even it couldn't handle Jessica's revelation before she'd jumped off the roof. She jumped, Eldon thought, and even his thoughts sounded stunned.

Why did she jump? "Snap out of it, Mister Lance!" Sonia gripped the front of his shirt and glared into his eyes. "We've got bigger problems than who that girl's mother is. I've lost contact with the president and your father. We need to get back to that car of yours, now!" Shelly is going to be hurt by this, he continued to think, ignoring the android woman.

He glanced at his sister, and saw her staring at the spot Jessica had leapt from. She really cared for Jessica.

This is going to devastate her. How could any of us know that she was our sister? "It's no use," Gloria yelled. "He's in too much shock. Both of them are. Their minds are stuck in a loop. What's the best way out of here? What does your digital map say, Sonia?" "My siblings and I can carry you out of here," Mei spoke up. "We'll cut back on the wind also. Mom, you got the ugly one?" She turned to the big blue dragon with her paw on the Grand Meister.

Blue growled something in response, and Mei shook her head. "The one gasping for air under your claws is the ugly one, Mom." Blue dropped her head closer to the Paladonic Knights' leader and blew smoke in his face, making him gasp and choke. He still looked groggy from when he was initially taken down by the large dragon. "No, Mom. You can't eat him.

At least let him go to trial for his crimes… Yes, Mom. We have to do things the human way in this world… Because if we don't, Dad will be mad… Yes, I know, Dad is the only good looking human. You've told us all that many times before.

We need to get to him." Eldon ignored his half-dragon half-sister and walked over to where Shelly still stood looking at where Jessica jumped. "She's… she's…" he heard Shelly mutter as she continued to stare off into the darkness. Before he got the chance to say anything, a large claw wrapped around his waist, and another gripped his sister.

He recognized the brown claw as belonging to Mei. Even if he hadn't, he was too numb to feel fear. The wind battered him and the ground sped past below. His mind continued over the last few words Jessica said before killing herself. 'Angela, the Pillar of Fire, is my mother.' What did that mean?


He understood the words, but struggled to come to terms with their full import. Why did she jump? She didn't have to jump. We could have talked it out. "Maybe she's not your sister," Gloria yelled as she flew below them.

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She had massive black bat-like wings that easily carried her slight weight. She flapped once for every two of Mei's wingbeats. Eldon thought that succubae were supposed to have smaller wings, until he recalled that she hadn't started as a succubus.

Or was Lilith considered the first succubus? He didn't know, and couldn't bring himself to care enough right then. "She only mentioned the Pillar of Fire. She didn't say anything about your dad. You might not be related." He could hear pain in his girlfriend's voice.

He didn't know if it was because she was concerned for him, or because he was so hung up about another girl, but it was enough to bring him back to himself, at least a little.

"Thank you," he told her, letting his emotion out in his voice. Even if she didn't love him, he still loved her and appreciated all she did for him. He saw her open her mouth to say something, but a booming growl from Blue ahead cut her short. Gloria glanced to where Mandy was riding on the back of another dragon, this one with green scales.

Eldon recognized Gokan, one of Mei's brothers, as that dragon. His dad didn't talk about it much, but only five of the seven born to Blue were allowed to live. Eldon suspected that his other three half-dragon siblings were carrying the rest of their group. Lyden also didn't talk about how he and Blue had mated, but Eldon knew that a dragon's mating habits tended to be violent based on comments Mei had made in the past.

"She's spotted the Orange Bubble," Gloria told him. She either understood dragon, or was reading Blue's mind. Eldon wasn't surprised that Blue saw the vehicle first, having eyesight almost as good as an eagle or hawk. "It looks like the car is untouched. I hope your dad's not hurt." "My dad!?" Eldon sputtered.

Hadn't Sonia mentioned something about my dad earlier? He glanced at his sister, but she didn't seem to notice. "Why would he be hurt? He wasn't supposed to be part of the fighting." "You were out of it, worried about… Jessica," Gloria chided him softly, flying a little closer to him. "Sonia lost contact with him and the president. We don't know what's going on." "We've got to get to him!" he yelled.

"That's what we're doing!" Gloria shook her head. "Look, Eldon, I know you're pretty distraught over what happened with… Jessica, so maybe you should—" "I'm fine," he lied. Mandy must be far enough away so as not to force him to speak the truth. Of course, his girlfriend could read his mind and knew he wasn't being honest. Why was Gloria hesitating every time she mentioned her name? Was she afraid he'd go back into shock? "I understand," Gloria told him with a solemn face.

"But in your current state, you could end up being in the way." Ouch! he thought, but knew she was right. He might be nearly invulnerable, but that didn't mean he couldn't get in the way of others if he weren't thinking clearly. It was a good thing one of them was.

Despite everything, he once again felt a great deal of respect for his girlfriend. She was the perfect woman for him in every respect. And he knew for a fact she wasn't related to him. Lilith, or Aphrodite, or whatever other names Gloria had gone by, she wasn't his sister. Mei dropped them lightly on the ground, then landed next to Shelly and him, changing back into her mostly human form, while Gloria and Sonia approached the old car with caution.

Eldon went to his sister to check that she was okay, but she just lay on the ground, staring up at the starry sky. Her lips were moving, but no sound issued from her throat. "You're back!" Eldon heard his father exclaim. "I got worried when I lost the feed.

What happened?" "We were hoping you could tell us," Sonia stated. "I thought something might have happened to you when we lost contact, but I guess it's not on this end.

Something must have happened at the White House." "Where's… Becky! Thank goodness you're all right. And our…" Lyden pulled his short wife into a powerful hug before pulling away and laying his hand on her stomach. He looked around before shouting, "Shelly!

What happened to her?" He let go of his wife and ran to his daughter. "What happened to her? Shelly? Shelly, can you hear me? Shelly, what's wrong?" Eldon opened his mouth to tell him, but Gloria's hand on his shoulder stopped him.

He saw Becky shaking her head also. Now wasn't the time, but would it ever be the right time to tell their father that he'd had a daughter he never knew about?

Not only that, but two of his other children had had sexual relations with that girl. Oh, and by the way, she committed suicide, rather than face us after she was forced to reveal her parentage. Yeah… That conversation can stand to wait awhile. Mandy walked over and knelt next to them as Sonia spoke. "She's in shock. Jessica committed suicide right before we got out of there. How much were you able to see?" Or we can start that conversation right now.

Eldon didn't know if the news would come out better from the robot, or from one of his loved ones. "The feed cut out right after the Grand Meister was taken down," Lyden said without looking away from his daughter. "She's not hurt? Physically, I mean?" He paused and finally looked up at the android. "Wait. Jessica committed suicide? Why?" "We need to get inside your car and get to Washington.

I don't like being cut off from my feeds, and we need to know what's going on. I fear the president is in danger. Ambassador Snow, if you'll carry your daughter in, we can talk in there." "Huh?" Lyden asked as though he didn't understand.

"It's okay, Dad," Eldon told him. "We'll explain inside. She's right though. The president could be in danger. I'll carry Shelly. You should see to Becky." "Becky. Right," Lyden agreed, then shook himself. "I expect to be told everything.

I know you're holding something back, and you have to be trying really hard with Mandy right here." Eldon nodded before bending down and lifting his sister into his arms. His strength remained with him, despite their harried rush into the Paladonic Knights' compound, all the fighting, and everything else since then.

He wasn't even winded, and his sister seemed to weigh no more than a sheaf of papers in his arms. He realized he wasn't the only one fighting Mandy's influence. The truth would come out, but so far, no one had lied. It just meant that no one had any desire to lie right then.

As he carried his sister, Brock came running up to them with his mechanical legs, smiling from ear to ear. "Hey, Brother! It looks like we won! I guess you guys really kicked their…" Brock trailed off as he noticed Shelly in Eldon's arms. "What happened to Shelly? Do we need to get her to a healer or a hospital?" He ignored his half-brother with his mechanical legs. He wasn't in the mood for a celebration. Even though Shelly was feather light in his arms, he dragged his feet as he headed for the Orange Bubble.

There was one conversation he didn't want to have with his father, and he couldn't see any way clear of avoiding it with Mandy around. They could only avoid it for so long. * * * * Lyden stared at them all as the Orange Bubble sped to the nation's capital. Eldon felt like that gaze bore into him more than the others, but he knew it must be his imagination. The interior of the car was overly crowded with nine people plus Areth's statue, but he felt as though his father's eyes kept finding him.

Blue, Gokan, and the others were flying outside, hopefully keeping up with the magical car. "That can't be right," Lyden told them. "She has to be wrong.

I didn't have any children with Angela. She couldn't have been my daughter." To Eldon, it sounded as though he was trying to convince himself, more than them. "She said it with me close by," Mandy stated. Her two upper arms were crossed below her breasts, and the lower two hands rested on her hips. Eldon recalled her using that stance with him whenever she was trying to get her point across and couldn't believe that he had the audacity to disagree with her.

It seemed to work on his father as well as it had on him. "She really does believe her mom is the Pillar of Fire. Maybe Angela found her and raised her as her own?" Lyden shook his head before speaking. He'd done that a lot while they brought him up to speed. "Maybe, but why would she keep that a secret from me? Angela knows that my children have a special dispensation. They're not killed immediately. I know she always wanted to have kids.

I guess I could see her taking in a stray, but again, why hide it from me?" "Jessica didn't act as though she'd been a stray, dear," Brooke broke in.

"Of all your wives, Angela has had the rockiest history with you." "None of us doubts that she loves you," Becky interjected as anger flashed in Lyden's gray eyes. "That's not what we're trying to say, but even you have to admit that she hasn't always been completely open and honest with us. After your death, none of us saw her. She hid away for quite a while. It's not too hard to believe that—" "Most of that rockiness was before the Chaos War," Lyden argued.

"After you all brought me back to life, she hasn't kept any secrets from me. But this? I-I just can't believe it." "No secrets that you know of," Mandy said, and then grimaced. "Sorry, that came out a lot harsher than I meant it. The point is, we won't know anything for sure until you ask her, with me there." "She's always treated Mom and my siblings well," Mei spoke up. "She even lets us play with some of her kobold guards." The way Mei smiled, showing slightly longer than human fangs, made Eldon wonder what kind of play she meant.

"She's not a bad person." "I'm afraid going to see the Pillar of Fire will have to wait," Sonia stated. She stood next to the bed where Shelly still lay insensate. Eldon worried about his sister, but Sonia had stated that physically she was healthy. Gloria let him know that her mind was what was suffering, and she needed time. "Whoever hijacked my video feed, then cut me off from President Louise is still in the White House.

We also need to get Mr. Maztaim dropped off with some proper authorities." The man in question, the previous Grand Meister, was tied up and gagged at Lyden's feet, by the fountain. "It would be a lot easier if he told us who his mole is," Shlee said with a hungry smile. "Give him a couple minutes with me, and I'll get the answer out of him." For a brief moment her jaw elongated into a wolf's muzzle, before retracting back into her pretty face.

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to feel my bite. Give it up, old man! All your base are belong to us!" Eldon didn't understand why Shlee seemed to have forgotten proper grammar, but Maztaim thrashed in his bonds as he shook his head. It was obvious to everyone that he wouldn't give up his agent without a fight.

"Good idea, Shlee, but that won't be necessary," Gloria stated with a broad smile of her own as she walked up and faced Maztaim. "Yes. Your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for him are strong. Especially for your… son." "Oh, my god!" Shlee just about squeaked.

Can werewolves squeak? "Did you just quote Star Wars?" "I may be ancient, but that doesn't mean I haven't paid attention to the times," Gloria said and winked at the excited woman. "I find your lack of faith disturbing." If Eldon didn't know better, he'd suspect Shlee was going to have a geek-gasm. "While I enjoy a Star Wars quote from time to time," Lyden stood up from his seat on the edge of the fountain, "can we be serious for a moment?" He had Areth's statue clasped tightly in his hands as he glared at the werewolf and goddess.

As if any of them needed a reminder about how serious their situation was, he waved the statue before them like a king pointing his scepter at disobedient vassals. "What the fucking hell!? Is that Arethusa?" a high pitched, but unmistakably male voice boomed.

Shlee dropped to the floor and covered her ears and Mei joined her a moment later. Everyone else just winced at the volume of the shout. "I thought better of you, Ambassador Snow. How could you let this fucking happen?" Everyone but the two downed women and Shelly looked around for the owner of the vulgar voice. It seemed to come from everywhere at once, and didn't sound happy. "Who are you?" Lyden called out.

"And what makes you think you can come in here and talk like that?" "Do you think I give a shit about how I talk to you, asshole?" the voice responded. "Especially after you let one of my precious fairies end up like that? I never approved of you and Arethusa, but even I thought you were above this! I should curse you where you stand.

How would you feel if I turned you into an ass? I've done it before, you know. I could give you the head of a donkey and make all your women love you that way." "All my women love me anyway," Lyden responded with a bit of confusion.

The voice was silent for a moment, as though thinking that over. "But… But they would be embarrassed," the person said as though trying to convince everyone. "I will never be embarrassed to love Lyden Snow," Brooke spoke up. Considering she was a world renowned supermodel, that was saying quite a lot. "Nor I," Becky spoke on Brooke's heels.

"We don't love him because of his looks, and neither did Areth. We all love him for his heart." "I know that voice," Gloria muttered nearby. "Where is that pipsqueak?" "Areth chose this for herself," Lyden spoke to the open air. "Had we known what she planned…" he trailed off with a remorseful look at his son.

Eldon understood his father's feelings, and felt all the more guilty for it. Lyden gave up a wife to heal his son. He hadn't known it would happen at the time, but that didn't change the results.

"It was Areth's choice to make the sacrifice," Eldon mirrored his father's words. "We didn't know what she was going to do until it was too late. If I could go back and change it, I would. I would gladly give up my new abilities to have Areth back among us. Don't hold my dad accountable for something he had no choice in." "How dare you speak to me in such a tone!" the voice boomed and everyone cringed at its volume and anger.

"Do you know who the fuck I am? I am Oberon! King of the Fairies, Keeper of the Cup, Lover of ladies, and—" "And a tiny loudmouth who thinks he's better than he is!" Gloria trumpeted as she reached out and grabbed something from the air. It seemed to fight her for a few moments, though Eldon couldn't see their antagonist. Sparks flew from Gloria's hand, and for a moment Eldon thought his girlfriend was attacking the hidden speaker. When one struck her in the chest, he realized that Oberon was fighting her.

He rushed forward to protect his girlfriend, trying to dodge around all the bodies in the car. As he reached her, he saw her shirt burn away, leaving her golden girdle protecting her body and leaving her unharmed. "Let go, you oversized slut!" Oberon cried as he faded into view, Gloria pinching his wings between her fingers. "You can't lay hands on me, bitch! Let—oof!" Eldon cut him short by flicking him in the stomach.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Eldon shouted at the tiny male fairy. He flicked the man again with his middle finger. "Gloria is a woman above reproach, unlike you!" "Of course I'm not a lady above reproach, you dolt!" Oberon squinted and lightning struck out at Eldon, striking his outstretched fist. He felt it course through his body, pain filling his veins as the electricity used his body as a conduit.

The agony was short lived. His body recovered immediately, repairing all the damage the bolt caused. He reached for the struggling fairy, but Gloria pulled him away before he could grip the little irritant. "Knock it off, Oberon," she commanded. Eldon felt her use a bit of her goddess power, and even though it wasn't directed at him, he stopped trying to beat the little guy.

He saw Oberon obey instantly. "If you try to hurt him again, I swear I'll turn you into a love-sick fool, drooling over a toad.

Or were goats more your thing? I always wondered about your relationship with Puck." A sullen glare spread across the man's face, but he didn't fight. "Why don't you let go of my wings, and we'll talk." "Do you really think I'm that dumb?" Gloria chuckled.

"If I let go of your wings, you'll be back to your full power. If you want me to let go, you know what needs to happen." "Like fucking hell I'm going to do that, you uppity whore! You fucking cunt! Ha, a fucking cunt, because you're a—ouch!" Oberon shouted and kicked his feet at the open air while Gloria shook him. "That bastard let one of my fairies become a statue, and you want me to make promises? I'd rather fuck your loose pussy than do that!" "Watch your tongue, little man," Eldon growled at the man's insult to his girlfriend, but she shook her head at him.

Gloria wasn't the type of woman that needed protecting from others, but a part of Eldon still felt the need to defend her.

"Then you can stay pinched between my fingers," Gloria said in a tone that Eldon thought was too smooth. How did she stay that calm with Oberon's belligerent attitude? "Where did this rude man come from?" Lyden asked. "How did he get into my car?" "I'm not sure, but I think he'd make a nice snack," Mei said as she regained her feet and tugged at her ears. She helped Shlee to her feet who was looking a bit dazed from Oberon's shouts. Mei turned to Oberon and licked her lips. She pointed one clawed finger at the small king and asked, "You wouldn't mind that, would you?

I promise to crunch your bones nice and slow." Oberon stared at her in shock and perhaps a bit of fear.

Eldon knew that his half-dragon siblings weren't dangerous in the world altering way, but they were as dangerous as… well, as a dragon, and prone to violence. Mandy walked up and looked him in the face.

"He is pretty good looking," she admitted with complete honesty. "I like his golden locks and blue eyes. He's a bit too foul mouthed for my tastes, though." "You're not too bad either, toots," Oberon grinned. "Care for a romp around the forest? I promise to show you a good time. You could put those four arms to good use, stroking my—" "I'm sure you could try," Mandy smiled back, "but no one has compared to my ex-boyfriend in that department." She grimaced as her cheeks burned red.

She glanced at Eldon and mouthed, Sorry, before turning back to Oberon with a forced grin. "I didn't think fairies could have sex without losing their freedom?

How did you get in here? I thought the car was supposed to protect us from intruders." "Oh, that?" Oberon puffed out his chest as he grinned. "I've been following around that fine piece of ass on the bed ever since her and that other sweet pussy bathed in my pond.

Watching them has been quite entertaining. They both know how to eat pussy, let me tell you!" "That is my daughter you're talking about," Lyden seethed through clenched teeth. "Ha! From what I was hearing, both of them are your daughters," Oberon cackled.

"Too bad the one had to throw herself off the building. Good thing she summoned that wind elemental and landed safely on the ground.

Tell me, Ambassador Snow… Did you ever partake in the delectable fruit of your own loins?" "You sonnuva—" Lyden charged forward, but Brooke's hand held him back. She was only half her husband's size, but she was also a mermaid assassin and much stronger than him. "He's taunting you in the hopes of getting free from Gloria," Brooke told him. "Catch a fairy by the wings and their magic is almost useless. Don't play his game." Eldon didn't think his magical lightning had felt useless when it struck him, but he kept that to himself.

He watched as his dad forced himself to relax. Lyden closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before nodding to his redheaded wife. "Thank you," he whispered, though it carried easily in the nearly silent car. "Well," Oberon's smile remained on his face as he turned to Eldon, "I know that two brothers have tasted from that piece-of-ass-on-the-bed's wellspring of lust, and the mermaid has had her son's cock deep inside her sweet red pussy.

I witnessed the debauchery myself. Took all my self-control not to join into the orgy." "What's he talking about?" Lyden asked his wife. Brooke returned a confused stare, as did Brock and Eldon when he looked to them. The fairy was senile if he thought Eldon would ever touch his sister in an inappropriate way.

For some odd reason, he had no issue seeing Brooke on all fours, taking his cock in her mouth while Brock plowed her from behind. He shook his head to rid himself of that image. It too clear for his tastes. He glanced at Gloria, still holding the Fairy King by his wings, and saw her cheeks burning as she returned the glance. He didn't know what to make of her look, and decided to ignore it for the time being, too embarrassed at having his girlfriend see the disturbing image in his head.

"He's still trying to get under our skin," Eldon stated with a lot more confidence than he felt. "Whatever you have to tell yourself, Mr. Corkscrew." Eldon reflexively covered the bulge in his pants. Even after all the fighting today, his pants were tight in the crotch. He wondered if it would ever go back down, or if he would be stuck with a perma-boner for the rest of his life? It was obvious from Oberon's statement that he had seen Eldon naked, but that didn't mean he'd screwed his sister or step-mom.

That idea was ludicrous! "What are you here for, Oberon?" Gloria demanded. "Simply what I said. It was entertaining watching those two women. They tend to have a lot of fun. Guess I won't be able to watch them anymore, now that the one has run off to the north." His smile dropped as he looked back to Lyden holding Areth's statue. "But seeing one of my fairies reduced to that is enough to fucking piss me off! That's unacceptable, Ambassador Snow.

I never thought highly of you, but I never thought you'd stoop to this!" "I didn't—" Lyden started to protest, but Eldon cut him off. "It wasn't my dad. It was me she did it for.

We already told you that!" Eldon faced the eldritch fairy, feeling the guilt rekindle in his heart, even as news that Jessica was still alive roiled in his stomach. "I was injured, and Areth gave up her life to restore me. I didn't know what she was giving up at the time, and I would have stopped her if I had. Don't blame my father for something he didn't do." Oberon faced Eldon, his eyes angry and full of fury. "You? The stupid bastard with the twisted cock?

Why would she sacrifice what fairies hold most dear, her freedom, for you? I can't believe it. It's honorable for you to try and protect your father, but it won't save him from my damning wrath!" "Ouch!" Gloria said as Oberon did something Eldon couldn't see, and she let him go, shaking her hand, before sticking her fingers in her mouth. Eldon noticed blood before her digits slipped between her fingers.

Before Eldon could respond, Oberon spun in the air and a long silver sword appeared in his hands. The air crackled as the Fairy King gathered magical energy around himself and pointed his blade at Lyden. Eldon didn't know what the tiny creature was about to do, but he couldn't let his father be hurt because of him.

His hand shot out before he could think better of it and gripped the powerful creature. He felt the sword pierce his hand, but he refused to let go. He turned his hand so Oberon was facing him again, and this time it was his turn to be angry. "I told you," Eldon panted as Oberon struggled to break free, "Areth sacrificed herself to heal me. She loved my father so much, that she couldn't stand to see the pain I was causing him." As he spoke, he could feel his hand trying to heal around the thin sparking sword protruding from the back of his hand.

It continued to feel like he was being cut and stabbed and shocked, which was exacerbated by Oberon's struggles to break free. Tears broke from Eldon's eyes, not from the pain, but from the remembered guilt. Areth's death was his fault, and his alone.

"She gave up her life in order to heal me. She gave up everything so that my father wouldn't suffer from having a cripple for a son." "I didn't see you that way," Lyden stated, but Eldon ignored him as he continued to glare at Oberon.

"Gave up her life?" The Fairy King asked as he stopped struggling. "You really are an idiot! Let me go, you big oaf. There's a simple way to know if you're telling the truth." "Of course I'm telling the truth!" Eldon shouted at the little man. In his anger, some spit flew from his lips and hit Oberon in the face, but Eldon didn't care.

He was angry, hurt, and tired of this tiny ruler treating him like a fool. He flung the hand holding Oberon out to face Mandy, but didn't let go. "With Mandy around, I can only speak the truth." "Really?" Oberon asked with genuine interest and surprise on his face. It almost seemed as though he had forgotten his anger as he looked at the four-armed woman. "No one can lie in her company?

That's so funny! I called you a fool, an oaf, and an idiot. That must mean you really are as dense as you look!" "It doesn't work like that," Eldon stated through clenched teeth. "You can only speak what you believe to be the truth. Since I believe you are a stuck up, little, egotistical, son of a—" "Son!" Lyden snapped before Eldon could finish his statement. "I know you're upset with him, but that's no reason to use his poor language." Actually, Eldon thought that was a perfect time to use such language, but he chose not to argue with his father.

Lyden Snow was set in his ways. "Well, like I said, Big Dolt," Oberon grinned at Eldon as he let out the insult, "there is an easy way to know if you're telling the truth." Eldon opened his mouth to state that he'd already proved he was, but Oberon pressed on.

"Who in this car is glowing?" "You can't see it?" Becky asked. "Of course I can't," Oberon snapped, some of his anger returning. "I don't care two figs for anyone in this car. Only those who care about the person can see the glow after a fairy has given everything they are to a mortal. The more they care, the stronger the glow." Eldon looked around wide-eyed at that statement. Only those that cared for him could see his glow? Did that mean he didn't care about himself, because he couldn't see it?

He didn't like that train of thought. "I can see it around my son," Lyden stated in a firm tone. "It's pretty bright." "I can see it too," Brooke stepped forward and stated.

"Eldon has a golden glow around him that can't be missed." Eldon knew his step-mothers cared about him, but to hear Brooke state that warmed his heart. "I don't know about him being that bright," Mandy said as she folded both sets of arms below her breasts.

She blushed as she realized how her words could be taken. "I meant his glow. Not his… Oh, never mind. I can see him glowing. It's like a fluorescent light in an already lit room. He stands out." Others then spoke at once, the crowded car becoming noisy as people either exclaimed how much he glowed, or in the case of Sonia, that she didn't see any glow at all.

Even Brock and Shlee claimed to see a glow around him, though it wasn't very strong to Shlee. Only Gloria didn't speak up. Eldon looked at his girlfriend and saw fear in her eyes.

Understanding crashed into him. She couldn't tell him she loved him, because she didn't care for him at all. It was the only thing that made sense. She'd never said how she felt about him in Mandy's presence. Why should she care for him? She was an all-powerful goddess. He was just some mortal man. He couldn't be strong and protect her. Hell, she'd protected and saved him more than anything else. What did he have to offer her to have her love?

Tears poured from her eyes as she shook her head and he looked at her. Tears that Eldon was certain meant he was right. It all made so much sense now. He cursed himself for a fool for ever thinking she could— "Will you stop it!" Gloria snapped at him, cutting off his thoughts. She shook her head but didn't look away from him except to wipe at her wet eyes. Everyone else looked at them with confusion, none of them having read his mind.

"Just stop it, Sheldon Lance. You have no idea how wrong you are. You have no idea…" She took a deep breath and stared into his eyes with such intensity that he wondered if he'd survive if not for Areth's healing gift. He couldn't tell if she was angry, hurt, or what was behind her fierce gaze. Her pupils were smaller than pinpricks in her beautiful blue eyes. Eldon felt himself get captivated by them, and knew he could die a happy man if all he ever did was stare into their bottomless depths for the rest of his life.

"You are brighter than the sun to me, Eldon," Gloria spoke with sadness still in her voice. Eldon heard her words, but they didn't penetrate his love-soaked mind for a moment. "When I look at you, I can't see anything else. Your mere presence blinds me to the world, but I don't care. When I'm with you, all I care about is being with you. You don't think you have anything to offer me? You're wrong! In all my centuries and millennia of life, I've never met another mortal like you.

You care so much for those around you, willing to sacrifice yourself to protect the innocent. You know what I am, what I've done, but you love me anyway. You know what I was, but none of that matters to you. I know you love me, Eldon. I can see it every time you look at me. I don't have to be the Goddess of Love to feel how much you care about me.

It rolls off you in powerful waves. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were the God of Love. Yes, dammit. I love you, Eldon. I love you like I've never loved any other mortal or other being in history." Silence hung in the air as those words echoed around inside his skull. She loved him.

There could be no doubt about it. The Goddess of Love Aphrodite, or Lilith, the beautiful woman who was the first temptress of Adam, and the other portion of his heart, loved him back! He couldn't understand why she was crying. This was great news.

He saw that they weren't tears of joy, but it didn't make sense. "Well, I guess that answers that," Oberon stated, but no one paid him any mind. "Now then, if we can get back to more important—" Eldon opened his mouth to speak, ignoring Oberon, but she cut them off with a wave of her hand. "No! Don't. I know what you're going to say. I don't even need to read your mind. I can see it in your eyes. Dammit, Eldon! I can feel your love pouring off of you in a torrent of emotion, but it can't be!" Gloria paused to take a breath and bang her fists against her thighs.

The power of her personal blow was enough to make the sound echo inside the car. Considering what she'd just revealed to him, Eldon was shocked at the intensity of her glare. "Why can't you understand? It's dangerous for a love goddess to fall in love. It never ends well. Never." Eldon opened his mouth to speak, but his throat was dry and he couldn't get any words out. Gloria knew what he was going to ask, anyway. "Why?

Because it's my curse. I help engender love in others.

I make it grow and flourish in the world, but when I love someone, it only causes pain and torment. No, you don't understand," she cut him off again before he could try to argue. "When a normal couple loves each other, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

I see the love your father has for his wives, and know that it is something I can't have. It's pure. I shouldn't have it. It's too dangerous." "If you're not allowed to fall in love," Eldon asked trying to fight through the pain in his heart, "was I only a plaything to you?" "Yes, but… no!" Gloried cried.

"I knew your reputation, so I knew you could be a great man. The ancient Gods were always drawn to great potential. That's not the way I meant it, Eldon. You weren't supposed to be a plaything.

A diversion, maybe, but not a plaything." "A succubus loves me and it's no problem," Lyden interrupted. He seemed to have forgotten the drama that was causing Shelly to be insensate on the bed, or even Oberon holding still in Eldon's bleeding hand. Eldon realized his dad didn't know Gloria's full credentials, but now wasn't the time to bring it up. "There is a world of difference between the current Pillar of Fire and me," Gloria stated without looking away from Eldon.

"She is powerful. There is no denying that, but her power lies in her strength as a Pillar, and her power is lust, not love. I am the first succubus. I am the first temptress.

I have been known by many names. My power is not infinite, but only the Firsts and the Pillars can outclass me in raw strength. Their power doesn't come from and control love." She paused again and shook her head.

"But that's not the problem." "What is?" Brock asked as his mechanical legs carried him forward. "You love him. He loves you. Eldon is one of the bravest and strongest people I know. I've never seen him treat a woman with anything other than respect. You mentioned our father, and the love he's blessed with.

My father is the single greatest man I know, but if I had to choose a second, I'd choose Eldon. So I have to ask again, what is the problem?" Eldon never suspected his half-brother had that much respect for him.

"He is everything you claim, and so much more. Eldon Lance is amongst the greatest either world has ever shown, and if you could see into his heart the way I could…" Gloria said. Her voice sounded resigned as she spoke, as though she understood a great truth and was attempting to explain it to children. Eldon realized as that thought struck him, that to her they were children.

Even Brooke who was well over 200 years old, was nothing in age compared to Gloria. The ancient temptress turned away from Eldon as she started speaking again. "Love will drive a person farther than lust…" Gloria's voice was soft as she tried to explain. "Anger, joy, hatred… All of the other emotions are weak compared to what love can do, or drive a person to do. Back in my darker days, I once made a man leap to his death, just because he was annoying me.

I made him love me, and then sent him to his doom." "You wouldn't do that to me," Eldon said. His voice was choked as he tried to talk. "No, I wouldn't, because I love you," she agreed. "But what might I do to others, because I love you? I've seen the way you look at Shlee. I could make her yours, you know. I know you regret breaking up with Mandy. Your dad has multiple wives, and I don't mind sharing, if it makes you happy. Anyone you want… I could even make a Pillar love you, if it would make you happy." "Forcing them wouldn't—" he tried to argue, but she held up her hand.

"You will listen to me, Sheldon Lance," she commanded him with her power. Listening to her was the only thing that mattered to him. He would listen to her until he died of starvation, if she requested it. Even in death, he would find a way to continue listening to her. Anything for her. "Damn it! I didn't mean to do that!" Fresh tears stained her cheeks.

Eldon wanted to go to her, and comfort her, but she'd commanded him to listen, and he would obey. "I didn't use my power on you to make you fall in love with me, I swear it, though after this you might doubt it. I can't stay with you, Eldon. It's too dangerous… For both of us. I can feel my inner darkness trying to come back out, and I can't let that happen.

You're too much of a temptation. I love you, Eldon, more than I can ever say, but I can't have you." Eldon's heart shattered in his chest, even as he knew he was doing as she asked of him. He was obeying her, so why was she so sad? Was it something he'd done? Was it something he hadn't done? He would do anything for her, if she would just tell him what she wanted.

She walked over to the bed with Shelly lying comatose on it. Sonia watched her warily, but didn't say anything. "I know Jessica loved her. And despite the pain Shelly is suffering right now, I can still sense her love for Jessica. Look at the pain that love has caused." Gloria's voice barely rose above a whisper, but the rest of the car was silent, too silent, and Eldon heard her, was able to follow her orders to listen.

"You wouldn't hurt me, though." He didn't know where the words came from, since they went against her wishes to listen, but he knew them for the truth. Just saying them out loud made his heart thrum and his toes curl. "You would never do anything to hurt me." He felt her grip on him loosen, but not let go.

"No," she agreed. "Not on purpose. But you have to understand the bigger picture, Eldon. Who might I hurt for you? What wouldn't I do, just to make you smile? Who might I damage or destroy, simply because I want to please you without reservation?" Eldon shook his head, not understanding what she meant.

Gloria was a wonderful person. She was the most wonderful person in existence as far as he was concerned. Why would she hurt anyone, unless it was to protect him? "You still don't understand," Gloria said again, shaking her golden locks and taking a deep breath.

"I'll have to show you. I hope that one day you can forgive me. Or perhaps not. That might be for the best." Eldon's stomach sank while his heart summersaulted in his chest. He sensed her compulsion leave him, but didn't move. He felt like a tightrope walker traversing a space thirty stories up, but without a pole for balance, while wearing a blindfold, and uncertain if there was even a rope under him.

Gloria looked around at everyone in the car. He'd almost forgotten about Oberon as he hovered near the ceiling. When had Eldon let him go? The Fairy King grinned from ear to ear, enjoying the drama playing out before him.

Mei had joined Sonia, leaning over his sister, pretending to ignore the rest of the car as they cared for Shelly. Brooke and Becky stood on either side of his father by the fountain, with Mihale tied up at their feet. None of them met his eyes, as though they were trying to give him some space.

Unfortunately, even as big as the interior of the Orange Bubble was, it was too crowded to offer any real privacy for Eldon's current tragedy. Lyden held Areth's statue as though it were a lifeline to his lost wife.

Mandy sat in the passenger seat at the front of the vehicle, her back facing them, though he had no doubt his ex-girlfriend was paying close attention to this argument. Did she feel gratified for the situation he was in? She'd been a great girlfriend until the accident. He'd left her. Now it felt as though he were being left by the woman he loved.

Perhaps he was being unfair to her, but his heart ached too much to worry right then about his past decisions. Shlee stood near the driver's seat, but she was paying close attention to the debate taking place. With a start, Eldon realized that Shlee and Gloria had their eyes locked. Were they communicating in the secret way all women seemed to have? Eldon's sinking feeling grew stronger as he watched the two.

"I know how much you're attracted to Shlee," Gloria stated in a solemn tone. "Goodness knows, she's made it clear she's attracted to you.

She's only stopped staring at that perpetual bulge in your pants when you glance in her direction. Because of my love for you, I want you to be happy, Eldon. I want to do anything in my power to satisfy you. I can't help it. You need to see what I really am, though I fear you'll hate me for it. I will give you parting gifts. Take care of them." "No," Eldon whispered as his throat ran dry.

He cleared his throat and tried again. "No. Not like that." Gloria didn't seem to be listening to him as she kept her eyes locked on Shlee. He stepped in front of her, forcing her to look him in the eyes. "I'm—I… Yes, I want to see what she has under her clothes, but not like this. I'm a man, but I have principles. This won't make me—" He turned to glare at Mandy's back as he was forced to tell the complete truth. "You need to understand," Gloria said. "My love is dangerous.

Not just for you, but for anyone around. You need to understand." Her hand came up and touched his face. "Now move, my love. You deserve to know. You need to understand." As her hand touched his cheek, he felt her power coerce him. He wanted to make her happy and do as she asked, but some stubborn part of his mind rebelled. He locked his knees and held his ground, even as he felt the remains of his heart crumbling to pieces. "No, Gloria. You claim to want to make me happy. This—" he cut off as she raised an eyebrow at his resistance.

He felt her power increase, nudging him to move out of her way. His left foot stepped to the side. He wanted to make her happy. He wanted to please her. Would it really be so bad to step aside?

She was doing this for him, anyway. What was the harm in doing as she wanted? "This will make you happy. You'll enjoy it. I know you want this." Her voice seeped into the cracks in his mind, enticing him to step aside. "No," he growled and forced his rebellious foot to move back. "Please don't do this. Not like this." He had to force the words out. Even as he fought her influence, he wanted to step aside.

He wanted to make her smile. It tore him up inside to see the tears forming in her eyes. His mind was in a fog, making it hard to concentrate, but there was something he wanted… "I'm sorry, Eldon, but I have to make you see what I really am. I won't pretend to be something I'm not. I love you too much to be false with you any longer.

You are a great man, Eldon Lance. You deserve better than me. You deserve a love that won't hurt you or those around you. I know I'm hurting you now, but you have to understand what I am. You'll understand afterwards." A tremulous smile touched her lips for the briefest moment before it slipped and more tears slipped from her eyes. "I need you to forget me for a bit. I should erase myself from your mind, but I don't think I could survive that.

I love you Eldon, but there are reasons we can never be. I need you to move now. It would make me so happy if you did as I asked." He couldn't take it anymore. Her tears ripped apart his resolve. He couldn't stand to see her unhappy, and would do anything to see her smile again. Her coercive power coursed through his essence unchecked, forcing him to obey her simplest whim.

He stepped away from her view, allowing her to concentrate on Shlee once again. No one else moved, except for Sonia as she tended to Shelly and Oberon as he fluttered near the roof. Shelly groaned as the android checked her pulse and temperature, but Eldon's world centered on Gloria. Because Gloria was focused on Shlee, he was aware of her as well. Shlee's breathing deepened as Gloria stepped up to her. "No…" Shlee whispered in a hoarse voice.

"I… But—Oh! I have… to… um… have a… he…" her voice trailed off as her cheeks grew flushed. A small moan escaped her lips as Gloria stepped up to her and placed her hand on the werewolf's back. "I believe there is something you want to tell Eldon," Gloria said in a voice that seemed to crack. She placed Shlee in front of Eldon and for a moment, the strawberry-blonde werewolf was all he could see. "I… I think I love you," Shlee said with a slight hitch.

"You're so bright…" She looked confused for a moment and shook her head, but Gloria pushed her forward a step until their faces were inches apart. Eldon could feel her warm breath on his chin as she looked up to him. She smelled warm and sweet, even though he knew she'd sweat while they were rescuing his sister. He wondered what her lips would feel like pressed against his.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, than he had his answer. Her lips were soft and warm as her hands snaked to the back of his head and pulled them together. Her hands were powerful, refusing to let him go, not that he was trying. Her scent was intoxicating, fuzzing his mind even further.

Her mouth was hungry for him, demanding his attention. Her body molded itself to his. His arms had a mind of their own as they snaked around her waist and pulled her even closer. His heart thundered in his chest, matching time with hers. Wasn't he supposed to be upset about something? He thought there was something he was forgetting, but as Shlee's tongue forced its way past his lips, he lost that train of thought. She knew how to kiss! "I love you, Eldon," a sad voice he thought he should know said, but his mind was thick with hunger, and desire for the woman pressed against him.

"I truly hope that one day you'll forgive me for this, but you had to know. This is who I am. This is what I am. I can't fight my nature. Because I love you so much, I will do things, anything, to make you happy. Even if it's not what you want right then. I can make you want it. She loves you now. Love her back. Love her the way you love…" the voice choked off for a moment before it continued.

"The way you loved me. I'm glad I got to know you. I'll leave you. It's for the best. But… but I'll leave you with something to remember me by. Love her, Eldon. She fought me for some reason, but I know you'll treat her right. As for everyone else, it might be better if you enjoyed the fun as well. Nothing any of you will regret, though. Especially you, Oberon. You could use a little more love in your life. You've been far too surely since Titania's death." That voice… What is it about that voice that draws me?

Eldon thought as his heart ached and was filled with bliss at the same time. He thought he heard a sob, but Shlee's hand tightened in his hair and her hips ground against his groin. He moaned into their shared kiss as his already stiff member hardened even more. Some portion of his mind noted that the car had stopped.

He heard the door open and close.

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It felt as though a portion of his soul was leaving, but that part of his mind was not the dominant part. Even as he tried to keep track of these other feelings, Shlee demanded attention from his blood filled second brain. Her lips became more insistent as her tongue explored the confines of his mouth. He brought his into play, working hard to give as well as he got.

Shlee's hands moved from his face, down his neck and to his chest. She massaged his pecks for a few moments as he dropped his hands to her rear. Her ass was strong and firm in his hands. He felt her lips lift into a grin as they remained melded to his. His clothing started to chafe. He felt encumbered in them, but didn't want to pull away from the woman in his arms.

He couldn't put his finger on why, but he loved her. He wanted to make her happy, to care for her, and spend as much time as possible with her. But first, he wanted to make her moan his name in utter bliss. Love and lust were two separate emotions, but he felt them both right then, in overpowering wave.

He was the one to break the kiss, but his lips remained occupied as he worked his way across her cheek and along her jaw. She started panting as his mouth nibbled down her neck and to the collar of her shirt.

Her shirt was in the way. It needed to go, but he was unwilling to pull away long enough to pull it off. Eldon's hands moved to her collar and didn't hesitate before ripping her shirt down the middle.

Shlee's hands flew to Eldon's wrists. For a moment he thought he'd acted too fast. Instead she pressed his palms against her bra covered breasts before her fingers dove for his crotch. Eldon pulled down the cups of her bra and pinched her nipples, eliciting moans from deep in her throat as she worked at his zipper.

Eldon brought his lips back to her throat, and nibbled again. She seemed to really like that, as she let out another throaty moan. "Yes, my love. Bite my neck.

I love feeling your teeth on my skin. Bite me!" By the frantic way Shlee was working at his zipper, she was getting frustrated. His hands refused to let go of her nipples though, so she was going to have to accomplish that task on her own.

He was in no hurry to get it out, even though it felt cramped. His teeth grazed along her collarbone as he moved his way down to her breasts. He dropped his right hand enough to get his first glimpse of her soft, heaving bosom.

Her nipples were hard and poked out from her chest by at least three quarters of an inch and the areolas were about silver dollar sized. They were easily more than a handful, and oh so soft and supple. He couldn't believe how far the rubbery nub stuck out. He couldn't resist latching onto it like a hungry child. Eldon didn't know what to make of the sound that escaped from Shlee as he gnawed on her tasty teat. It sounded like a cross between a wolf's grown and a sultry moan. She wasn't stopping him, so he wasn't about to give up his meal.

"Let me help with that," he heard Mandy say nearby. "My four hands are better than just two." Before he knew what to expect, four arms slipped around his waist and his pants hit the floor less than a second later. Eldon was vaguely aware of others moaning around him, but he didn't want to pull his attention away from the women stroking his corkscrew cock.

His mouth made a loud popping noise as Shlee pulled away and dropped to her knees. Eldon thought she was absolutely beautiful as she stared at his one-eyed snake. There was only one other woman that he thought was ever more beautiful, but for some reason, he couldn't pull up her face. He felt guilt enter him as he looked down at the strawberry blonde. He wasn't sure if the guilt stemmed from thinking about another woman when his love was before him, or if it was because it was Shlee and not the other woman.

Four hands gripped his meat and helped feed it to Shlee, distracting him from his troubled thoughts. Eldon noticed Shlee's claws were extended, but they returned to fingernails as her lips slipped around his knob. She must have been desperate to get his pants off. Her mouth felt hot and warm as she took in his meat. Her hands gripped his thighs as she tried to swallow his thick girth, and failed.

"His cock seems to be large, no matter what form he takes," Mandy stated as she dropped down next to Shlee. "I never had a single complaint. That is, until I see what he was hiding all that time." Mandy's two left hands gripped behind Eldon, one on his lower back, and one on his rear.

Her upper right hand moved to the back of Shlee's head, while her lower right gripped his rod, sliding up and down its length. Mandy started using her grip on his back and Shlee's head, forcing him deeper into her mouth. She really knew how to manage all four of her hands! He'd forgotten how skilled she was. Eldon wasn't entirely sure how he felt about his ex-girlfriend helping Shlee give him head. He still had nightmares about all those deaths that were his fault, but he couldn't deny how good it felt either.

Shlee really knew how to use her mouth! If it weren't for his other concerns, he'd probably be blowing his wad down her throat within seconds. Eldon looked around as movement caught his eye. His dad and Brooke were in a sixty-nine while Becky sat on the edge of the fountain, three fingers buried deep in her coochy.

They were all naked. Eldon didn't like thinking about his dad right there, but he couldn't deny how hot Brooke was as she lay on top of Lyden. Her breasts were small, but they fit her thin frame. It was no wonder she was a world-renowned supermodel. Becky was hot in her own right, though in different ways. Becky appeared older than Brooke, though the opposite was true. Her breasts were bigger, and her nipples almost covered each mound.

Becky was by far the shortest person in the car—with the exception of Oberon—but as she brought herself off, she showed that height was no bar to enjoying powerful orgasms. Eldon realized that that last thought didn't make a lot of sense, but he was having a hard time thinking.

Height had nothing to do with knowing how to please, or be pleased. As long as the person was old enough… There seemed to be more blood powering his massive erection than anywhere else in his body.

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Shlee was a skilled fellatio-ist. Was that even a word? Eldon didn't know, but he didn't much care either. Especially when Mandy's mouth joined her hand, spreading and adding her own saliva to his already glistening cock. The combination of both mouths servicing him was fantastic. Mandy's blonde hair contrasted nicely with Shlee's strawberry locks as the two blue eyed beauties used their mouths to service him.

Eldon's attention returned to the fountain as he heard someone struggling. Mihale was shaking his head as Mei pulled down his pants and Brock—no, he'd changed into Bridgette—grabbed at his freed schlong. The man didn't seem too happy to be receiving the attentions of the two monster women, one a mermaid, the other a half-dragon, but he couldn't fight them off while bound and gagged. Bridgette had pulled herself out of her mechanical legs, and her lower half was in the fountain as she leaned over the edge and fondled their enemy.

Despite the fear and anger in his eyes, his thin but long penis was at full mast. Mei got between his legs with her butt facing Eldon. It didn't take long before the man's muffled protests turned into muffled moans. "Mei really has a nice ass, even if it is covered in scales," Eldon commented, not realizing he'd spoken out loud until the mentioned woman turned to face him with a raised eyebrow. "Pay attention to the women you're with," she told him with a fanged grimace, then went back to sucking on the Grand Meister's not-so-grand prick.

Eldon shook his head, not sure what possessed him to check out his half-sister, or why he'd even spoken out loud. He followed her advice, though, and looked down at the beauties taking care of him. Mandy gripped a handful of Shlee's hair and pulled her head off of him.

His saliva covered phallus felt cold as it was released, but he didn't mind as Mandy's hand continued to stroke him. Mandy pulled Shlee's drooling face to hers, and Shlee returned the passionate, hunger-fuelled kiss.

He could hear them sucking on each other's tongues as Shlee lifted up the half-elf's shirt and fondled her braless tits. He recalled fondling Mandy's sweater fillers on their third date. They were firmer than Shlee's, with sensitive nipples, though they didn't poke out as far as the werewolf's turgid points.

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Eldon was reminded of how strong Mandy was as one of her arms swept his legs out from under him. The other, behind him, supported his weight and lowered him to the floor on his ass, all without breaking her kiss with Shlee. "Oh, yes! Lick my pregnant pussy!" Becky screamed out. Eldon lifted onto his elbows and looked back to them, and saw Brooke on her back, his dad ploughing his length into her while Becky sat on her face.

One of Becky's large nipples was in Lyden's mouth, while the other was being rolled between his fingers. His other hand was kneading one of Brooke's smaller breasts, keeping it from bouncing as he slammed his hips into hers. Becky is pregnant? Eldon thought with wonder. Way to go, Dad! Even as he thought it, he hoped this turned out better for the short brunette.

She deserved to have kids of her own, even if she was in her forties. He hoped they wouldn't turn out dangerous like the last two. "Eyes back over here, lover," Shlee said as she gripped his face and forced him to meet her eyes.

They were blue, just like… someone else's, though a slightly different shade. Thinking of the succubus hurt, but Shlee literally pounced on him, knocking him back against the floor. Her arms wrapped around his head, and pulled him into another powerful kiss. He felt something hot and warm surround his cock, but knew it couldn't be Shlee's cunt as it was grinding against his abs. He could only assume it was Mandy from the long remembered sucking noises he heard. Shlee attacked his mouth with hunger, which doubled when he brought his hand down to her firm rear.

He massaged the globes as their tongues worked against and danced with each other. Mandy released him from her mouth, and he felt her move up his body a couple inches. A split moment later, Shlee released a throaty moan into their kiss, letting him know that Mandy was now pleasing the werewolf.

He still felt two hands working his rod, and felt her other two hands join his on Shlee's bum. "Shit, she knows how to lick pussy," Shlee gasped as she broke the kiss and placed her head next to his. "Mmm, she really knows how to work that tongue. Oh yeah, lick my clit. Oh, oh, oh!" For some reason, she started licking his face as she panted. He supposed it had something to do with her being a werewolf, and he found it strangely erotic.

"You take this first, Mei," Bridgette said. "It's too much hassle to get out of this fountain, and I don't think we can entice him into joining me in here." Maztaim had tears in his eyes, but his moan as Mei faced him and sheathed his meat in her coony was unmistakable. "I hope you don't mind," Mei stated, "but dragons like it rough and a bit violent.

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Normally I wouldn't even consider mating with you, but seeing as all the other men in here are family, and I'm so horny I can't stand it, I'll have to settle for you." "I'll be more than happy to take care of you, pretty lady," Oberon stated as he flew down in front of Bridgette. His cock was out and held firmly in his fist. It looked huge on his small body, but was actually pretty small compared to everyone else's in the car, even Maztaim's long but thin rod.

"What about the prohibition about fairies and sex?" Bridgette asked. "Aren't you worried about losing your soul to me?" "Bitch, I'm the King of the Fairies, Keeper of the Cup, and—" he started but Bridgette cut him off.

"Forget it. I'm not interested in someone who can't treat me with respect. Go take care of that tiny thing somewhere else." She waved her hand as though shooing him away. Oberon stared at her for a few seconds before gathering his wits and stating in a much calmer voice as he grew in size. "Forgive me, dear lady. I forgot myself.

You are so enchanting. What I should have said was, as King of the Fairies, my soul is my own, though I would gladly share it with you, if I could." By the time he was done apologizing, he stood over five feet tall, and his manhood stood about a foot out from his body.

Its veins thrummed out proud and angry, beating with his heartbeat. Eldon noticed Bridgette staring at it with desire. She licked her lips and rubbed where he suspected her pussy was, though it was below the lip of the fountain. Despite her obvious desire, she didn't accept his offer right away.

"Why the change in attitude?" Bridgette demanded. Eldon had never seen his half-sister be so assertive. She was usually more the happy-go-lucky type. "Full of vexation come I, with complaint against my child, Arethusa," he began, breaking into verse. "That man hath bewitched the bosom of my child… but thou… Thou has bewitched my bosom." Bridgette stared at him for a few moments before responding. "Did you just confess your love for me?" "A vision of truer beauty has never been known," Oberon prostrated himself next to the copulating half-dragon and Grand Meister.

"I would speak more plainly if you prefer?" Bridgette shimmered and changed into Brock, his cock standing proud over the lip of the fountain. "What do you think of me now?" his baritone voice asked. Oberon shook his head slowly but never broke eye contact with him. "I will speak plain. The outer shell does not matter.

I've known men and women. My heart yearns for you, no matter what form you choose to take." Brock covered his mouth and shimmered back into Bridgette. Her eyes were large as she stared at the Fairy King. "It doesn't matter to you?" When Oberon shook his head, Bridgette grinned from ear to ear. "Then get behind me and shove that fat beast in. I prefer men in this form, and as long as you respect me, we'll get along just fine." "You do like watching other people, don't you?" Shlee stated, and then gave his nose an extra lick.

Her long stiff nipples poked into his chest as he returned his attention back to her before Oberon was in position. Shlee truly was beautiful, with her strawberry blonde hair tumbling down around her slender face. His heart sang to be this close to her. "I love you," he told her, even as he knew he'd spoken those words to another woman only a short while ago. He still loved that other woman even if he couldn't remember her name at the moment, but thanks to her magic, he now loved Shlee also.

He knew it should bother him that he wasn't given a choice in the matter, but it didn't change how he felt about her. Whether magically induced, or built over time, he really did love Shlee. By the sparkle in her eyes as she grinned down at him, he had no doubt she loved him too. "I think you're ready for this monster," Mandy stated as she guided his tool to Shlee's box. He felt his knob press against her nether lips. She gasped as Mandy pulled her body back and she began to accept him. She was tight.

The pressure on his twisted manhood was exquisite as she took more of him into her. There was a fire burning deep inside her, and it ignited both of their passions as she went back to licking his face. He felt Mandy move away from between their legs. His concentration remained focused on the velvety feeling of Shlee's inner muscles undulating along his shaft.

She swiveled her hips to match the twists in his deformed phallus, and took him even deeper into her sweet canal. "I've got something you can lick," Mandy stated, pulling their attention to her. She was completely naked now, and kneeling above their heads. Her lower set of hands spread her pussy lips apart, leaving no question about what she was referring to, while her upper hands massaged her own breasts.

"I don't think—" Eldon started to say as he recalled what happened last time his mouth had been on that pussy, but Shlee had a different idea. "Yum!" Shlee called as she gripped the other woman's hips and pulled her bald pussy within reach of her mouth.

"Oh, you're good at that too," Mandy purred as Eldon watched Shlee lap up the other woman's copious juices. Mandy's labia were only inches away, and his mouth watered to taste her, but he didn't dare. He was too afraid. "It's not going to bite you, Eldon," Mandy chided him. "But you're more than welcome to bite it. You're not going to change against your will. That—Oh!" She cut off as Eldon realized she was right and joined his tongue to Shlee's in tasting Mandy's tart twat. She tasted the same as he remembered and from the sounds of her moans, she was enjoying the attention.

Shlee wiggled her hips, and Eldon realized he'd become distracted once again. He dropped his hands to her hips, and used the leverage of the floor to lift her up a couple inches. With that gap, he was able to use his abs to drive himself deep into her vagina.

He felt the tip of his spear strike her womb, but he didn't let up, enjoying the moaning sounds echoing inside the Orange Bubble. It didn't take long before it was Shlee's turn to be distracted by a powerful orgasm that shook her whole body. He continued to thrust upwards, not relenting on her quivering form until he shot his load deep inside her. His cannon fired off its volley, splashing hot against her womb. Joy filled his being as he knew they were sharing their orgasm.

She rolled off him into the fetal position, moaning with her hands between her thighs and shuddering in bliss. Mandy pulled away from his face and he saw her grinning at the heaven filled werewolf. "I want you to do that to me," she moaned with desire. She looked down to Eldon, and he noticed concern enter her brown eyes. "Eldon, I'm sorry. I… I wasn't thinking. You broke up with me a long time ago.

I shouldn't have forced myself back on you like that." Eldon blinked, trying to switch gears, but he wasn't fast enough. His own orgasm had left his brain fuzzy. She turned to Shlee and apologized to her too. "I didn't mean to get between you two. I don't know what I was thinking." Shlee came out of her daze long enough to pierce Mandy with a wolfish grin. "You should be sorry. That was some of the best sex I've ever had! If you want to make it up to us, let Eldon fuck you while you eat his spunk out of my pussy." "Language, young lady," Lyden chided, before pounding his meat back into Becky from behind, while she had her lips plastered to Brooke's vagina.

The two women were in a sixty-nine, with Becky's fingers pumping into Brooke's ass as the redhead sucked on the brunette's clit.

Eldon realized Mandy was looking at him with an unreadable mixture of emotions on her face. He couldn't decide if she was sad, hopeful, regretted what they'd done, wanted more of it, or what she was feeling.

He recalled Shlee saying it was some of the best sex she'd ever had, and knew it had to be true with Mandy right there, but what did he feel? He looked from Shlee to Mandy and back, and understood why the other woman was so conflicted. Even though he'd just cum, his cock remained at full power. The orgasm had been enough to take off the horny haze Gloria's parting gift had left them all in.

He was shocked that he could remember the ex-goddess's name. His heart still called out to Shlee, and he wanted to make her happy. At the same time, he was torn in two by Gloria's abrupt departure. Add to that that he still cared for Mandy, though he hadn't realized until this moment just how much. He was also a bit uncomfortable now, as he realized his dad and stepmoms were still going at it strong only a few feet away, while one of his half-sisters was raping their mortal enemy, and the other one was getting ploughed by Oberon, the Fairy King, Keeper of the Cup, and so on and so on.

The only people not taking part in the orgy were Sonia, who he guessed was an emotionless android, and Shelly, who was still comatose. "What do you want?" He asked his ex-girlfriend.


Dang, but she was still just as hot and sexy as he remembered her! He wanted to pretend that he was being completely logical about this situation, but having two gorgeous women staring at you, knowing they wanted not only his body, but so much more made the emotional impact undeniable. Mandy bit her lips as she glanced from Shlee, to Eldon, then around the interior of the Orange Bubble, and back to him. Eldon knew her next words would be the blunt truth, whether she wanted to say them or not.

"I want you, Eldon. I want us again." She glanced at Shlee and shook her head. "Hell, I even want all of this. Crazy, or screwed up, I don't care. I want you back. I want to feel the happiness you gave me when we were together.

If that means I have to share… No, that's not right. I don't know if Gloria did something to me, but I want Shlee also. I want us Eldon, and all of this." Eldon would be lying if he claimed he hadn't thought about getting back with her, and lying was something that was impossible right then.

He glanced at Shlee, and saw her hungrily licking her lips as she stared at his rock hard rod. "Eyes up here, lover," he grinned as he used her words back on her. She gave him her wolfish grin, and nodded, already knowing what his eyes were asking.

He turned back to Mandy and nodded. "As I recall, you used to love taking it in the—" he glanced to his dad and away again, "—the rear." There was no mistaking the look that crossed Mandy's face then. Relief, mixed with joy and a touch of desire burst across her features as she moved to him and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you," she whispered to him. "I promise to make you happy. I promise to make you both happy." "Make yourself happy," he told her with a slight groan as he felt his ribs crack. Each of her arms was far stronger than they had any right to be, and when she brought all four into play, she could literally crush a man. "Good thing I heal immediately, or there wouldn't be anything to—" he was cut short as she kissed him.

The kiss was short before she let him go and moved over to Shlee. She gave the werewolf the same treatment, if gentler, kiss included.

Eldon looked at the two women, one on her back with his cum leaking out of her, and the other with her round bum in the air, just begging to be filled. Well, who was he to argue? He moved behind Mandy, and spit on her crack.

It was still pretty wet of her juices, and offered minimal resistance to his penetration. "Yes!" Mandy cried out. "Fuck my ass doggy-style, Eldon. You know how much I love that. Oh, sorry, Shlee. Was that offensive?" Eldon glanced at his dad to see if he had an issue with Mandy's language, but he was too busy snoring in the two women's arms. "What, doggy-style?" Shlee quirked an eyebrow up.

"Why, because I'm a werewolf? If you want to make it up to me, do as I said before. Eldon's cum is starting to get dry. I want to feel that talented tongue making me cream again." "Yum!" Mandy laughed as she also repeated Shlee's earlier statement.

Shlee scooted up on the floor enough for Mandy to plant her lips against the other woman's sex. If it were possible, Eldon grew harder, watching the woman he was screwing eat his cum out of… his girlfriend. Now that he thought about it, he had two official girlfriends. He'd lost one woman, and gained two in the process. His heart still yearned for Gloria, and that pain was sharp in his chest, but it was dulled slightly by these wonderful, caring, and currently sex-crazed women.

He recalled that Mandy enjoyed anal sex nice and slow. He took his time, giving her long, gentle strokes as his cock stretched her sphincter and filled her colon. It also occurred to him that this was the first time he'd been with the half-elf in this form.

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Every other time they'd been together, he'd used a different form, ashamed of his twisted manhood. That shame was far behind him now, and not only because he couldn't change forms. He really was comfortable with his body the way it was. Shlee must have been sensitive from him making her orgasm, for it didn't take long before her fingers were entwined in Mandy's dirty blonde tresses, humping herself against the woman's mouth and screaming, "Suck it!


Eat that cum. Oh, god, your tongue feels so good. Yes, yes, yes! Oh, I'm cumming!" "Language…" Lyden mumbled from his sleep, though her words hadn't been that bad this time. Eldon glanced over to Mei, Bridgette, Oberon, and Mihale Maztaim, in order to distract himself and make himself last. He'd forgotten just how nice it felt to glide between Mandy's firm, tight cheeks.

Mihale's clothes were in shreds from Mei's claws, and there were scratches all over his body. None of them were bleeding, or even looked serious, just red and swollen. The man's thin but long prick was between Bridgette's breasts as she was leaning over the edge of the fountain, Oberon still thrusting into her. Mihale was long enough that she was able to take his knob between her teeth while still ensconced between her soft breasts. Mei lay next to them, a contented look on her face, as cum dripped from her bald cunt.

"Come on, old Knight," Mei teased as she traced her claws along his exposed abdomen. "Bridgette here is hungry for a load of your spunk. All you have to do is give it up and this can all be over." Suddenly the bound and gagged prisoner tensed up, and Bridgette increased her slurping.

Mihale moaned as he unloaded into her mouth, and then collapsed back, spent. "Eh, I've tasted better," Bridgette commented after she swallowed. She glanced at Eldon with an odd look that made him uncomfortable, before turning to the man stuffing her. "Come on, Fairy King. Fill my cup with your jism. Yeah, just like that. Oh! Wow, that's deep! Yeah, yeah, YEAH!" Eldon focused back on the woman he was screwing. He wasn't thrusting hard enough to make her firm rear jiggle, but the site of his meat slipping into her rear, coupled with the sensation of her colon gripping his length, and Shlee's constant growling were enough to bring on his second orgasm.

"I'm cumming," he moaned as his rod fired its next load into Mandy's rear orifice. She moved with lightning speed as she pulled away and spun around. The second shot splattered across her breasts, but everything after that ended up in her mouth. Eldon had been disgusted the very first time she'd done that, but she'd explained that she kept herself extremely clean back there, and loved the taste of his cum. In the end, it was a win-win for both of them. She followed him to the carpeted floor as he crashed back, enjoying the sensations of her tongue bathing his hyper sensitive rim as he blasted his second load of the night into her devouring mouth.

Shlee came up to lie next to him, and cuddled into his side. Mandy finished cleaning him off, then joined them, taking his other side. "Thank you," Mandy purred before she kissed Eldon's cheek. "That was so much better than I remembered." "You're most welcome," Shlee giggled, "and thank you. I just hope my fiancée won't be too pissed about this.

He can't fuck as well as Eldon, or eat pussy as well as you, Mandy. He's kind of the jealous sort though…" Fiancée? Eldon thought, as his heart broke again. ==================== From the Author ==================== Comments below are ALWAYS welcome. Please let me, or Garbonzo607 know how we're doing on this story. Chapters always appear here last, so that means chapter 13 is already up on the blog.