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Throw back fucking my girl upstairs during drug party
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Babysitting the Twins Again - Part 3 - Jenny's Halloween Sleepover This is part 3 of the Story of Debbie, Jenny, and the twins. This story introduces Jenny's friends.

Please read "Babysitting the Twins Again" and "Babysitting the Twins Again - Part 2 - Sweet Sixteen" for the precursory stories. Cast of Characters: Billy and Bobby -- 15 year old identical twins. Smart, handsome, tall, athletic, horny. Willing to break a few rules… well actually, all the rules. Debbie - 22 year old "star" of part 1, Tall norse goddess. Had a little trouble babysitting the twins… Now the twin's step-mother.

Very pregnant by one of them. Jenny - 16 year old "star" of part 2, Debbie's blond little sister.… Overwhelmed by attention at her sweet 16 party. Now the twins' best fuck buddy. Edward -- Father of the Twins, now husband of Debbie.

Tall, handsome, nice. Utterly faithful to his new wife except when he catches Jenny. D&J's mother - Strict, prudish, totally clueless. Alice - 16 year old - Jenny's childhood friend. Very hot curvy blond with large tits and knows it all too well. Vain, stuck up, spoiled, dishonest, becoming a mean girl. Sally and Lucy - 15 year olds - Jenny's newer library helper friends. Tall, thin, innocent, friendly, clever, studious (Lucy), fun loving (Sally), and both very very smart.

The setting here is late October, one month later. This story is rather long and starts slowly, but it is hoped that the determined reader will find it suitably salacious. ------------------------------------- PLANNING A PARTY "Mom?" "Mom?" "<sigh>, Yes Jenny." "My friends and I are little old for trick-or-treating, so we want to have a sleepover party.

Can we have it here?" "Really dear. Aren't you a little old for that too?" "Would you rather we partied out on the town in racy costumes and get drunk like other girls at our school?" "Well, that's certainly not going to be happening." "Well, what CAN I do then?" "Maybe you'd like to hand out candy this year." "MOM!!" Enter Debbie. "Hey all. What's cooking?" "Debbie. Mom won't let me have a Halloween party or even go to one." "Mom, Aren't you being a little strict?" "Well.

We want Jenny to be safe and our house here is nice and neat." "Then why don't you let her have her party at my house?" "Well, that would be OK, I guess, but I insist that no boys come.

That's a recipe for trouble." "How many girls did you want to have come Jenny?" "Just 3 or 4. Not a huge thing." "OK. OK. I'll send the Twins off with their friends and we can have a nice party. They're never at home on Halloween anyway.

Edward should be home to chaperone before I need to leave." "Well Debbie, aren't you getting a bit too large to keep working like that and at night?" "Mother. Stop fussing. I'll be fine for a few more months. My baby isn't due until March." "So what about my party?" Jenny wants resolution. "Well, I just don't know." "They'll be fine. It will be good clean fun. I can even make costumes for them." "Oh Debbie. Can you really?" Jenny seems eager.

"What kind of costumes?" "Why don't you come up with a basic theme, like 'Wizard of Oz', or something like that." "OK. Cool!

I'll check with my friends. This is great!!" "I didn't say yes yet." "Oh Mother… Really." Jenny is clicking away on her phone sending and receiving texts. "Can we do a 'Cat in the Hat' party?" "I guess so. That doesn't sound too hard." "It will only be pajamas. I'll be the Cat in the Hat, Alice will be little cat A, since she's the shortest and her name starts with 'A', and Lucy and Sally can be Thing 1 and Thing 2, since they look so much alike." "Yea. OK. For the cats, I can start with gray pajamas, and for the Things, I can get red ones." "Great!

Get furry ones with feet." "OK, I'll try. Get me heights and weights." Jenny is clicking again. "Can we get some scary movies? My friends want to see the old original Halloween movies." "Yea. We can get those for you. Let's make a complete party list of all the stuff we need." "Great!" That evening when the twins get home, they see Debbie working on making lists. "Hey Deb. How's it going?" "Hi Mom. Look at you," Billy kisses Jenny on the lips and puts his hands on her swelling abdomen.

"Are you having twins?" "Not a chance." Bobby comes for an inappropriate kiss too, but his hands are each lifting a swelling breast. "I really like these twins." "Bobby! No!" she's pushing the boy away.

The twins continue to try Debbie, but she has put herself off limits to them. "What are you doing here?" Billy is looking at all of the stuff. "Jenny is going to have a Halloween party here and you two are NOT invited." "Why wont she invite us??" The boys look hurt. "It's a sleepover party." "Aw. We love Halloween… and parties. We're still trying to decide what to do this year." "Well, it's not going to be here in this house." The boys are rather curious and look at Jenny's papers: Jenny 5'9" 130 lbs - Cat in the Hat Alice 5'5" 120 lbs - Little Cat A Lucy 5'8" 120 lbs - Thing 1 Sally 5'8" 120 lbs - Thing 2 "Cat in the Hat?

What's all this?" "I'm making costumes for the girls, now scoot." "Alice, Lucy and Sally? Jenny's friend Alice?" "Yea. the REALLY good looking one?" remembers Billy.

"Yea. The one with big tits, slim waist, and curvy ass, and really cute face surrounded by long blonde hair." "Yes. THAT Alice." "That ass is to die for in her cheerleader outfit." "Well forget it. That ain't happening." "Why not?" "Well… She's got a hunk of a boyfriend, she's a popular Junior, and she's way out of our league." "Is that all?" "No.

I hear that she is also not a very nice person… really stuck up and spoiled… becoming a mean girl. She would spit on you and crush your social life." "But I have such a thing for that girl," confesses Bobby.

"Do you think that Jenny might become a mean girl too?" "I doubt it. I'm surprised they're still friends at all." "But Alice has been Jenny's friend since 3rd grade." "Is Alice really coming here?" Debbie is rather amused by this entire conversation.

"Debbie… It's just not fair. Why can't we come to the party??" "Because you two are not trusted." "What? Why? Why aren't we trusted?" Debbie pats her stretching belly. "One of these around here is enough." "Oh… Umm… Well&hellip. but Halloween!" "Sorry. It's a firm no." "Who are Sally and Lucy?" "Looks like some skinny girls.

Never heard of them." "Let's find out and go look at them." "Great idea. But how? Jenny keeps her friends at bay." "I wonder why?" Both boys are laughing.

The next day, Jenny comes to visit Debbie to work on party planning. Debbie is busy so Jenny goes to see the twins. "Hi guys. How they hanging?" "Always ready for you, Jen." Jenny is removing her clothing. The boys are ignoring her. "Awww. come on." Jenny puts on her cutest pouting face. Both boys grab at Jenny, throw her on the bed and finish the job of clothing removal. Bobby is pulling off her panties, and Billy is removing her bra.

"That's more like it." Jenny is horny and naked. The boys shed their pants quickly and Jenny finds Billy's penis near her mouth and sees Bobby's near her pussy. Each boy is fondling one breast. "You're making me so wet. Put them in." "So Jenny. Tell us about this party of yours." "No.

There's nothing to tell. Now fuck me." "Is Alice coming?" "Yes. Now give up." "Why do you still hang around with her. Isn't she a selfish stuck up bitch?" "She's just misunderstood." "Aren't you afraid that you might become like her." "If only you knew her better&hellip. Squash that thought. Moving on… Come on!

Shove it in already!" "Aw. Come on Jenny… Who are Sally and Lucy?" "I'm not telling." "Why not?" "Because they're too good for you." "Oh really?

And you're not?" "Oh please… Just fuck me. I'm dripping." "We looked through your entire class roster and they're not there." "Ha. You'll never find them." "Are they at your school?" Bobby is sliding his very erect penis up and down on Jenny's entrance, driving her wild." "Oh. God. Put it in already. I can't stand it." Jenny is panting "Just one hint and then we'll do you well." "Ohhh.

Oh… OK. They're…They're… They're your age." Bobby shoves forward and gives her pussy the stuffing it so badly wants. He shoves it in deep and mashes her clit. "Ohhh. That's what I wanted. Fuck me." Billy gives her a mouthful. The boys work up a pleasant rhythm. "MMMMMmmm. Ohhh. Ohhhh!! It's coming. I'm cumming! Ohhhh!!! Ohhhh!!!" Jenny has her first major orgasm of the day.

The boys soon have theirs. Jenny expertly swallows all from Billy, but Bobby's full load will dribble out of her for hours. The boys want to know more about Sally and Lucy, but Jenny is no longer subject to pressure. She's been well fucked. "Look. You cannot come to our party. That's it." "Can we stay in the treehouse out back?" "Ummm… Yea OK.

The treehouse is OK, but no coming into the house." "Will you come and visit us there?" "Visit you? For what?" "To make us happy. We'll be soooo lonesome." "But I'll have guests." "We'll make you happy too." She gives them a dirty look. "Yea? OK. I'll sneak out for a quickie and make you both very very happy with all my body parts. OK?" "OK." CHECKING OUT THE LIBRARIANS That night, the twins go about fixing up the old treehouse giving it a good cleaning, installing a fresh queen size mattress and sheets, and adding restraint hooks all over the place and also putting together an assortment bag of things with naughty intent (ropes, wrist straps, ankle straps, vibrator, dildo, duct tape, shears, blindfolds, candles, flashlights, camera,…).

"Oh yea. Jenny will keep us very happy up here." The boys are laughing. "What about Sally and Lucy?" "If they're our age, maybe they're in 10th grade at Jenny's school." "Let's call Adrian. He's in 10th grade and goes to that school. Maybe he has a roster or something." "Maybe he even knows them." "Yea… I'll call him." "He does know them.

They're unpopular skinny girls who hang out at the library. He says that they're all work and no fun." "What else did he say?" "He says that they have brown hair and small tits… they wear no bras or maybe A-cups.

They look like twins, sort of." "Twins? Twins for twins? That could be fun. Is that all?" "He says to watch out. They are the smartest people he has ever met." "Now that DOES sound interesting." "He also said that they are shy and have no use for stupid boys, maybe even lesbians." "Lets go see them tomorrow." "Where?" "At the library, of course… a place where you won't find stupid boys." "Are you sure about that?" The next afternoon the twins head to the large library near Jenny's school.

They prefer their smaller local library, but this one must do. "What are we looking for again?" "Two skinny girls 5'8" tall and both with brown hair… and really smart." "What does 'smart' look like?" The boys wander around quietly. The library is pretty empty today.

Apparently it's not the popular high school hangout spot. When they get to the rear stacks they do see two girls in jeans working at re-shelving books. The boys move to a dimly light nearby vantage point where they are unlikely to be noticed. They can watch and hear all. The girls seem to be enjoying their work.

They are surprisingly physical and playful and they make either astute or snide comments about the books people borrow as they prance about. They seem to know all about nearly every book. "THAT is what smart looks like, Bobby," whispers Billy.

Lucy has really good ears and picks up the whisper. She looks at the boys out of the corner of her eyes. She sees that they are being observed, but doesn't tell Sally right away. Sally and Lucy continue to get work done as they play and prance around elegantly, and continue to talk about the better books like they were old friends and the inferior books with suitable scorn.

Lucy does get close to Sally and whispers "Boys watching." Sally doesn't appear to respond in any way at all. The boys have no idea that they're being studied too. They are not the most beautiful girls, and they still have some growing to do, but the boys really like what they see. Maybe they wouldn't be the best fuck buddies, but these girls would make great girlfriends you could do fun things with. Anyway, Jenny is already their best fuck buddy, but they yearn for something more.

something deeper. "Let's go talk to them," urges Billy. "About what?" "Books, dummy." "They might see we're not as smart as them." "We've read a lot of books, and we have other assets." The boys back off then then enter in a normal way like they hadn't been there.

The girls stop working and look at them, sizing them up for a second time. They already know that the twins are curious and patient and sneaky. Both girls are on their guard. "This library is so much larger than ours." Billy says to Bobby. "We've pretty much read everything worth reading in ours." "I'm sure we can find some fresh good stuff here." "Hi girls. What are nice girls like you doing in a dump like this?" "Hi. We're the library helpers," offers Sally.

She wants to be friendly and maybe flirt a tiny bit. "Yes. We come here after school to help the librarians and to study and read and stuff," Lucy is more down to business. "And our library isn't a dump. It's just old and large. It has character," corrects Sally. "What's your library?" Lucy wants to know. "Ours is the little village library to the East near where we live." "You don't go to our school, do you?" "No.

If we did, we would certainly know who you two were." "But it's a big school." "You two are far more noticeable than you think you are." Both girls are blushing.

"What grade are you?" Sally is friendly and curious too. "10th." "We are too." Sally offers up information freely. Lucy is wishing she would stop. "What kind of books are you looking for?" Lucy changes the subject and gets back to business.

"Well, since Halloween is coming, I was hoping to get some classic books that go back a bit for either Halloween or All Saint's day." "Well… Right here is 'Berenstains Bears Trick or Treat'. It's a Halloween classic you might have missed," offers up Lucy in an insulting manner, waiving the cute kids book. Billy takes a hard look at her.

Yep. She's the one he wants. Bobby can have the other, and Bobby is already off with Sally flirting shamelessly. "What is your name?" he asks her quietly.

"Lucy." "Mine is Billy and I am very pleased to meet you." He offers her his hand and she shakes it with a bit of reluctance.

"I've just insulted you and you're pleased to meet me?" "What insult? That book IS a classic and I hope to read it to my daughter someday. In fact, I have a copy in my library just for that purpose." Lucy looks shocked. This was the last answer she was expecting&hellip. the very last. She wants to read this book to her daughter someday too.

Now it's her turn to give Billy a hard look. A bright vision of this boy before her grown to manhood reading that book to their daughter with herself sitting close at his side flashes across her mind. She's confused and there's a tear in her eye, but she soon regains her footing.

"OK then. Classic. There's the original Dracula, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. And there's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…" Lucy pauses waiting for his response. "Yea. Those are classics, but I read them all. Surely you know something more obscure." Lucy looks surprised. "Well then, I have the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe back here. Would you like that?" "Yes Lucy.

That is a good choice. And many of those stories are worth reading multiple times. I will take it." "What is your favorite story from Poe," Lucy is curious and also wants to know if the boy is on the level. Is he just pretending to be well read?

She doesn't know any boy that is well read… certainly not in her school. "I would say that it is 'The Masque of the Red Death'." "Why?" "It's a story that points out the futility of arrogantly trying to shut out death. Life finds a way and death finds a way. Live it, don't run from it." Lucy is astounded.

"And what is your favorite story from Poe?" "Ummm." Lucy is at a loss. She is suddenly afraid of looking stupid.

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How is it possible that a handsome tall boy could make her feel this way? "Have you read these stories?" "Yes. All of them." "Then you must have a favorite?" "The Tell Tale Heart." "Interesting… Why?" "It's a story that shows that scoundrels often undo themselves by making rash assumptions." "Hmmm. I see that more as a story that pits imagination against science. The old man is science and the narrator is the imaginative. You should reread that one." Lucy sees that she has met her match, but instead of being shamed, the pangs of her first crush are upon her.

She knows that she could love this boy and fears that he is out of her league, not from sports or looks or popularity, but from what she values most. Lucy stands tall and stares into Billy's eyes, and he is staring back. They are silent for two whole minutes. She looks down at her feet. "Thank you for the book, Lucy." "you're welcome." "Will you be here tomorrow?" "Yes." "May I come for another book?" "yes," she answers quietly while still looking down.

"Please find one that you think will please me. I am not easily pleased, but I am very pleased today." Billy says with meaning. Lucy's heart is beating. She knows his meaning, for she is well pleased too. "I will try." Bobby is pulling Billy away, "Time to go." "Bye." "bye." "Who were those boys?" asks Sally.

"Amazing. Amazing boy. Was yours amazing?" "I'd say. And really smart too. Was your's smart." "Oh. Sally… Why aren't there any boys like that at our school?" "Well, maybe we'll see them when they return that book." "They're coming back tomorrow… to see us." "To see us? Oh wow. I'm in love." "Me too." "So, was yours named Sally?" "Yea. And your's was Lucy?" "Yep… Sally and Lucy" "Did you like Lucy?" "Yes.

Very much." "Yea. I like Sally too. She's great. We should go back." "We will. Tomorrow…" "Cool." "Home?" "No let's go to the practice field at Jenny's school.

It's close by." "Why?" "Cheerleader practice." suggests Bobby. "Oh yea… Alice." The boys do find the cheerleaders practicing. They see that of other boys find this interesting too. "Oh yea… There… There's Alice." "Where?" "There… just left of center… the one with blonde hair." "God… What a body!" "Just look at her move!" "We need a plan." "Jenny is going to kill us." Billy and Bobby do go back to the library the next day.

They pair off as they did the preceding day and the library helpers provide precious little help to the library. There is light hearted flirting and serious discussion. They exchange phone numbers.

They spend three hours there until the girls need to go home. The boys walk them to the parking lot. "Bye Billy," waves Lucy with a nice smile. "Bye Bobby," smirks Sally with a playful smile as she climb into her mother's car.

"You girls look rather happy today," notices Sally's mother. "Yea. We had a really great day." "Do those boys there have anything to do with that?" "Just maybe, Mother." Billy and Bobby go back to the library on the 3rd day and spend many more hours there.

They have been really enjoying their time spent with Lucy and Sally. There are crushes all about that are slowly changing to love. Lucy is most affected. She had no idea that her heart and the cravings of her body could be so turned by the presence of a boy who simply likes her for who she is. She tries to retain a strong measure of control, but she fears that she may be a pushover when the time comes.

Will the boy be a constant star in her life? Or will her heart be broken at such a young age? Sally, too, wants to have love, but she also wants to have fun.

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What's changing in Sally's mind is that 'fun' may start to include kissing and other limited sexual activities. Simply put, these innocent girls are ready for more, much more, and they know it… and that truly scares them.

The boys go back to the library on the 4th day too. "Hi Lucy!" Billy enthuses. Lucy's heart skips a beat. Her crush already runs deep. "Billy! Hi. I'm glad to see you." "We're really glad to find you here. I want to invite you to a Halloween party tomorrow. Bobby is over there inviting Sally." "Oh. We'd really like to go with you, but…" "But what?" "Well, we're already going to a party and… well… my parents think I'm too young for dating, and I wish I knew you better.

My parents aren't fools." "Well then… there's three things we need to do." "What?" "One is we need to invite you later on a date after your parents give you permission." "That could take a while… and what else?" "You need to introduce me to your parents so I can make the case for the former." "What case would you make?" "Well, since we go to different schools, dating really is the best way we can get to know each other better." "Wow.

Yes. I'll invite you for dinner." "I look forward to that." "They wont believe this," Lucy is laughing. "What?" "That a boy who likes me actually wants to meet them." "Will you be here tomorrow?" "No. Tomorrow is Halloween. I've got a party to get ready for. And what's the third thing?" "To spend more time with you so you'd know me better.

Can we please come see you here next week?" She shakes her head in a happy manner. That night, the boys snoop though all the material and plans that Debbie and Jenny have for the sleepover. "Look at this old movie, 'Halloween' 1978. Have you seen this? "No." The twins sneak off with it and watch the movie. "…you thinking what I'm thinking?" "We gotta get identical costumes… and get some better knives and stuff." "We can both be Michael." "Exactly!" "And if we can't be seen at the same time.

It's will look like he moves really fast past locked doors." "Do you think they will lock the house?" "Are you kidding? They might even install more deadbolts." "Let's hide the ladder near your window on the far side of the house. No one will notice." HALLOWEEN PARTY TIME The evening of the party arrives.

The weather is beautiful and rather warm for late October. Debbie and Jenny have worked hard in getting everything perfect. The twins have been working hard too, but secretly. Now they observe as much as they can from their treehouse vantage. Everyone is hoping to have the best Halloween ever. Soon, Lucy and Sally are dropped off by some parent. "Look. It's Lucy and Sally." "They're soooo cute." Alice arrives in her open-top red convertible and parks in the driveway like she owns the place.

She's dressed in a matching red outfit that really shows off her assets. "Christ! Look at that!" "The car or the woman." "Both. But. just look at her!" "Yea. And we're stuck up here." "And we don't have a car either." "<sigh>" "You girls go on up. I'll man the door with candy for any late kids." urges Debbie.

It seems that the party is centered in the master bedroom. The four girls settle in and smile at each other. "We're going to have the most fun." Jenny enthuses. "I've got an old scary movie and we have the costumes we made to get comfortable in." Jenny shows them the 'Cat in the Hat' theme pajamas.

Lucy and Sally look really happy, but Alice does not. "I can't wear that." "Why not?" "Well. I'm going to sneak off and see my boyfriend." "But our party." "Your party is boring, and I want sex.

This was a great opportunity to have some but you forgot to invite any boys, Jenny." Jenny looks shocked, "But you can have sex anytime, can't you?" "But not for hours and hours. My boyfriend is SO GOOD and gives me so much pleasure." Now it's Sally and Lucy's turn to looked shocked.

These girls haven't done anything… not even with each other. You can see it on their faces. "What's the matter? Don't you know what sex is?" Alice isn't being nice. "Sure we do. It's just that…" "…that no boy wants you. Right?" "Oh Alice. That's not nice," complains Jenny. "Well these little innocents don't seem to know anything." "Weren't you innocent at their age?? Maybe you could tell them your favorite way to get an orgasm?" urges Jenny.

Jenny certainly has her favorite ways, but doesn't want to let on that she's had lots of sex and in nearly every possible position. "Favorite way? What do you mean?" Poor Alice has never had an orgasm that didn't involve her own fingers. Her boyfriend is whipped and totally inept. In fact, he's never even been in her panties.

She has no idea what Jenny is talking about. "Oh never mind, Alice." The conversation pauses awkwardly. Jenny is wondering if her friend Alice is a lying poser. Alice is wondering if she got caught. Lucy and Sally are wondering if their friend Jenny has done stuff. They think she has, and maybe a lot. She has a certain sexual confidence that only comes with experience. "Shall we change into costumes and see the movie?" "OK." "OK." Lucy and Sally start to get into the pajama costumes.

The costumes are complete with red with little feet and blue wigs. They only wear their plain white panties beneath the costumes. Neither A-cup girl has nor really needs a bra. "I'm out of here," announces Alice in a flat voice.

"That's too bad." "I'll be back before morning. Just don't let my parents know I skipped your crappy party." "Yea. OK Alice. Be good." Alice leaves. "Well?" "Put on your costume Jenny." It seems that Sally and Lucy are ready with theirs.

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The both look rather cute. Jenny is worried that the twins might see them like this. Jenny soon looks good in hers too. "Come on, naughty Thing 1 and Thing 2. The movie is downstairs in the theatre." "Cool." Jenny starts chasing them trying to whack their butts. They all run downstairs. "Well it looks like that does it for trick-or-treat," Debbie tells them.

"You girls be good. I have to go to the hospital and I'll be back late. No crazy stuff. Please!" "Don't worry Debbie. I've got everything under control here," assures Jenny. The other two girls smile innocently. "And Edward will be home soon. He knows he's sleeping elsewhere, so enjoy the master bedroom." "Well, I hope he doesn't forget," Jenny remembers last month all too well and Debbie does too.

Debbie laughs. Exit Debbie while the girls are making popcorn. All the lights are turned off and the movie starts with the famous glowing scary pumpkin. The two girls snuggle up to Jenny, one on each side under a large soft blanket.

Jenny puts her arms around both of them. "Ooooh." "Ooooh." Alice is in the backyard walking about. It looks like she's trying to decide what to do.

She's sending texts. "Look!" whispers Bobby to Billy. Twilight is nearly over and they can just make her out by her figure. Nothing looks red any more, but no one else has a figure like Alice.

"oh my. Alice." They both retreat silently into the utter darkness of the treehouse. Alice spots the treehouse. "That might be OK." She walks over to the treehouse and examines it. It looks large and sturdy. She climbs up the steps of the ladder. The twins are making themselves invisible and holding their breaths.

Alice tries to look into the dark place and sees nothing, but she is pleased with what she can feel by reaching in. "It's even got a sheet and mattress. Perfect!" She climbs back down and starts to type on her cellphone. Billy and Bobby hear her typing and creep forward silently and look down. They can see what she is sending and receiving: "large empty treehouse here.

great for making out" "can be there 1 hour." "why not now" "busy wait" "OK hurry." "get horny" "bring something large and stiff" "only for you babe" "Ill be up there" The twins above each have something large and stiff too. Alice puts the phone back into her purse.

She starts to climb the ladder again without looking up. The twins are frantically thinking. She stops, hesitates, climbs back down, drops her purse at the base of the tree and runs off towards her car.

In a flash, the boys are sneaking down the ladder. Bobby reaches into Alice's purse and purloins her cell phone. Billy is stepping quietly into the dark area behind the garage with Bobby close behind.

Bobby texts Alice's boyfriend: "treehouse filthy. no good" "really?" "plan change. your house at midnight" Bobby types. "ok. wait for you by the large tree." "cant wait. bring large blanket" "OK!! LOVE YA BABE!" "love ya 2" He continues to communicate with 4 or 5 more sappy and risque texts each. Bobby shows the text log to Billy. "Oh. You're so clever." Billy is in total awe of his brother. Bobby notes that he calls her 'babe' repeatedly.

He then turns off Alice's phone and puts it in the bag with their naughty things. "Remember to call her Babe." reminds Bobby. Alice is returning from her car with a rolled up sleeping bag and what looks like a pillow.

"This girl really is ready for action," Billy whispers. The twins watch her climb the ladder twice to get everything she has up there. And on the second trip, she disappears too. All is dark and all is silent. "I wonder if she has a light?" "Her cellphone has a light," both are snickering quietly. "Now what?" restarts Billy. "We need to wait an hour, but first, let's play rock-paper-scissors." "For what?" "For the first to be her dumb boyfriend." "She'll know we're not." "Maybe, maybe not.

Just don't talk up there. Only whisper… and call her Babe." "Is there a chance that will work?" "Her reputation doesn't include 'Smart'." "Right. One… two… three…" Billy has 'rock' and Bobby has 'scissors'. "Damn." "Let's go see what Jenny and friends are doing," Billy wants to see Lucy. The boys sneak past the treehouse and hear quiet cursing from above.

"Goddamn it. I cant find anything in the dark. Where is it?" There is a pause. They hear some thumping and rustling of stuff, and then it continues in a subdued voice. "Where the fuck is my phone?!? Goddamn it." The boys are grinning. A SCREAMING DESCENT INTO A DARK POOL The boys climb the other ladder and enter the house via Bobby's window. The sneak downstairs partway and see the three girls watching the movie. It's a really scary part where Michael is on the screen. The girls are squirming about on the couch and making scared noises with an occasional scream.

"I think it's time for Michael to arrive." "For certain." Both boys quickly don identical costumes. Billy climbs back down the ladder and rings the front door bell while holding up a large knife. "Who could THAT be?" asks Jenny. "Maybe a late trick-or-treater?" "I'm scared." "Let's all go see." All three girls get up to open the door.

In their current alert state, none wants to be alone. The door is carefully opened partway. Three girls scream blood curdling screams. The door is slammed shut and is locked in all ways it can be locked. The girls retreat from the door quietly and turn to see the same ghastly figure on the stairway landing with just the light of the movie flickering on him. Three more screams are heard as the girls run to the first floor bathroom and lock the door. "Jenny!!" "Let's go out the window." Soon, the same horrible face is in the bathroom window and is trying to get in!

Three more screams echo as the girls run to the dining room. A figure stands there silently with ready carving knife. More screams as the girls run to the kitchen and out the back door. In their excited state, and due to their unfamiliarity with the house and the exterior darkness, Lucy and Sally run just one step too far. They are both screaming as they fall into a unseen and fearful dark zone.

It's the swimming pool that has been closed up for the season. The cover over the pool catches them both well enough, but all too soon, bubbling cold water from below sneaks up to envelop them in a chilling darkness.

The girls are still screaming as the cold water saturates their costumes. Jenny is trying to help them out, but they are now heavy with water. They finally emerge and they are dripping wet and shivering. "I want to go home." "Me too." "Is he dangerous?" "Should we run?" "Who was that?" "Did you plan this, Jenny?" The girls are talking very fast. Neither has ever had a greater scare in their 15 years. "No. I didn't plan this.

And we're safe." "Who is it, and how could he move so fast?" "That's just the twins. My nephews. There's two of them." "Oh… Your nephews? Really?" "Yea. They heard about my party and wanted to come. We wouldn't let them." "And so this is their revenge?" "Yea. Should we find them and punish them?" "Can they be dangerous?" "No.

They're harmless. Let's go back and finish the movie." "But what if they come back?" "Well then, we'll just need to scream some more." "OK." The girls are laughing and shivering. "We need to change." "Anyone want to be 'Little Cat A'?" Lucy is suddenly suspicious. "So who, exactly, are these twins, and how old are they?" "My sister is their step-mother." "Do you have pictures?" "Yea.

There on the mantle." Lucy and Sally study the pictures carefully. Sally whispers to Lucy "It's them." "Yea. It really is." she whispers back "This is their house." "Is this a coincidence?" "I'm not sure." Lucy turns to Jenny, "Did you tell them about us?" "No. Nothing really." "How old are they?" "15." "Do they have girlfriends?" "No. For sure no. They would have told me." "Do you think they might be good boyfriend material? Are they smart?" Jenny is wondering where these questions are coming from.

"Yea. They're clever and smart, but you two are too good for them." "ohh." Lucy seems disappointed with Jenny's answer. Sally is too. "Where are these questions coming from?" "Why didn't you tell us about them before?" "Oh I don't know. I never saw you two as ready for boyfriends and I saw them as perhaps too ready for girls like you." "Ohh." "I need a shower." "Me too." A shadow in the hallway is listening to this conversation.

As the talking appears to have come to a close, it retreats silently up the stairs. "They're on to us." announces Bobby. "Who?" "Lucy and Sally." "Do they think we only saw them because of this party?" "Probably." That's too bad. I really like Lucy." "I know what you mean. They're headed to the shower." "Who?" "All them. Let's watch." The boys quickly change into clothing they think Alice's boyfriend might wear and then sneak to the bathroom door, pick the lock quietly, to discretely look in.

The glass door is clear and the hallway dark, so they can see all. The younger girls are standing side-by-side under the large shower and Jenny is in there washing their backs. Jenny playfully spanks them both. They turn on Jenny and tickle her on her side. Tickling becomes a free for all, with much squealing, and soon all three girls fall down into a soapy heap of flesh. Skinny arms and legs stick out in all directions. Laughter ensues and the boys notice erect nipples.

Jenny's breasts are about the size of Lucy's and Sally's combined, but the younger girl's soft flesh and perky nipples look so divine. "Oh my. They are just so cute. I just love their little tits." whispers Bobby "Ohhh God… Me too." Jenny is waiving at the door with a grin.

"Jenny knows," whispers Billy. "Knows what?" "That we're watching." Now Jenny is whispering to the Sally and Lucy. Suddenly they're glaring at the door covering their precious parts with their hands and arms. The boys slip away. "It makes me so horny, but what can we do?" "Awww well. Let's go comfort Alice." "Yea… 'comfort' Alice." ALICE'S ORDEAL BEGINS Both boys are soon climbing down the ladder at Bobby's window. Since Billy is going first, he puts on a thin jacket and puts on a Halloween mask.

He then circles around the house and pretends he's coming up from the street. He suspects that his every step is being closely watched. He approaches as if he doesn't know where the treehouse is in the dark. It is now totally dark in the backyard. "Over here. Brett! Over here." Alice is whispering loudly. Billy somehow "finds" the ladder in the dark and starts to climb.

"I thought you'd never get here." Alice is too loud. "Shhh." Billy urges. "People in yard." he whispers quietly in her ear. "I heard noises and screaming earlier. I thought it was over." Billy puts a finger on her mouth. "We don't need to talk." he whispers. Alice is surprised that the boy is taking charge. She has Brett totally whipped, so this is new. She whispers back "ok." Bobby approaches the tree quietly from another direction without being seen nor heard.

He will listen to the excited noises from the treehouse above, play the role of lookout, and patiently await his turn with anticipation. He is really hoping that Billy doesn't screw it all up. As Billy enters the treehouse, he removes his jacket and his mask. It's utterly dark in there as twilight is over and the waning moon is yet to rise. He reaches out and caresses Alice's long smooth hair. It smells wonderful. She smells wonderful.

"Perfect" he thinks to himself. She tries to touch his face, but he moves her hands lower. He doesn't know what her boyfriend looks like. She isn't freaking out yet, and he really hopes she doesn't, or at least not yet. Billy prods Alice to sit back on the bed. He then pushes her onto her back and moves to kiss her. Soon he feels her tongue upon him and he responds by invading her mouth with his. This girl does have some experience kissing. Billy counters her tongue with his and they start a slippery duel.

"Ohhh. You're&hellip." "Shhh." Billy doesn't want to have any conversation. He goes back to kissing her and this time a hand goes to her chest. Large breasts are heaving underneath a fine material tight top that Billy knows is red. The boy squeezes them and knows that they are soft and real, but also compressed. His mind reels as this soft and sweet smelling girl grabs his back firmly. They kiss three more times. He caresses her face.

"Why don&hellip." "Shhh." He puts a finger on her mouth. She becomes still. Billy then starts to unbutton her blouse. She is letting him. In a few moments the last button is released and he proceeds to remove her tapered red top. She leans up to assist with this.

He then goes back and with his hands he can feel that she's wearing a very frilly and sexy bra that offers firm support. This bra pushes her ample tits together and makes them look larger than they actually are. "Alice in Wonderbra," he's laughing to himself. He wishes he could see it and he is guessing that it is red too. He cups her breasts on the outside of the bra and then tries to go under, but it's difficult.

"No no. Brett. You naugh…" "Shhh." another finger on her mouth. Hasn't her boyfriend played with her nipples? What gives? Billy is surprised. Billy tries to remove her bra. "No Brett…" Billy keeps trying, but with patience. "Well. OK since it's dark, but don't think…" "Shhhh!!" urges Billy. She really does talk too much. Soon the bra is loose and quickly removed and Billy was so wishing he had a light.

He flits his hand across her breasts and slowly explores every square inch of them pressing gently. Swollen nipples protrude from small areolae.

Even without the bra that distorts their appearance, these breasts are soft and ample… everything a young man could want. Billy then tweaks one erect nipple and then the other. "Ohhh my God!" she whispers. He then places his mouth over one pert nipple and gently sucks it. "Ohhh! Stop! It's too much." she's whispering louder.

He moves to the other one showing no intention of stopping. "Brett!! What's gotten into you? Ohhh!" She is squirming and much louder. "Shhh." "Oh man. I need to gag this one," Billy thinks to himself.

Alice tries to sit up. Billy lets her. He doesn't know what she's going to do. "I know what will keep you happy." She reaches to Billy's pants and tries to open them. Billy is afraid that he's wearing the wrong kind of pants, so he stops her and then removes his shorts and his underwear quickly. Alice reaches for his very erect member. It's bigger than she remembers.

"Oh. You really are happy to touch my tits. Maybe I should let you kiss my nipples again." Alice seems pleased with herself and with the penis before her. Billy shuts her up by pushing her mouth towards his penis.

"I wonder if she's done this before?" he says to himself. But she doesn't resist and soon has him engulfed in her mouth. She start to slide up and down so expertly and even gets most of him in.

She's done this before. She suddenly stops. "Tell me when you're getting close. I have tissues here," she whispers. "Tissues?? What's that about? Screw that. I'm not telling her anything." thinks Billy to himself. As she continues to suck on his penis, Billy continues to play with her tits.

Soon enough her ministrations are bringing about the desired response. As Billy starts to spew his stuff into her mouth, he holds her head in place until he's done. "Mhhhwww! What the hell&hellip." She is quite loud. "Swallow. Swallow it all!" he commands while still whispering. "Uggh." "Do it.

Just swallow." She tries to. She is shocked, but she does, or at least tries to. She sits there trying to look at him, but it's utterly dark in there. She's become angry and is quickly wiping off her face and neck "You selfish little prick…" "You were really great and this is the best make out place ever." He's whispering to her trying to sooth her. She's now wiping her tissues on her lips and maybe even her tongue.

"You little shit. Do you want to get dumped?" "I just want to love you, Babe. You are so sexy." Billy is now trying to get Alice to lie back on her back. She's resisting. "What are you doing?" "Shhhh. Just relax." Billy then sits on her and reaches for the wrist restraints. Before she understands what he's doing, he has both her wrists secured over her head with straps ending at separated eye bolts.

Her arms will now remain spread above her head despite how she might pull or twist. "What the HELL! Brett??" She is not quiet at all. "Shhh." "What kind of shit are you pulling?" Billy then climbs off of her, lies down beside her and starts to kiss her lips to shut her up. She's kissing him back. Billy is loving the feel and the smell… all of it. "Oh, you bad boy." He then slides down and goes back to work on sucking her nipples as he is hugging her.

She writhes and twist to escape the extreme attention but he has her firmly in her grasp and she cannot escape his tongue on her nipples.

Girls get a suprise at the beauty shop

He presses at her hips and pushes down on her red shorts. They start to slide down but catch on her wide curvy hips. He then reaches around front in an attempt to release her wide attractive belt and open the zipper beneath it.

"NO. You can't do that. No way!!" "Shhh." He continues to work on her belt and pants. She can't understand why Brett is not obeying her commands. He's always been a whipped 'safe' boyfriend, but here he is putting her in an exposed position and she cannot even swat his hands away. "No! Stop!" she whispers as loudly as she can. "Shhh." Soon her belt and her zipper are open. He again lies next to her and pushes at her pants as he sucks on her nipples.

One hand is holding her back so she cannot rotate away from his aggressive mouth. The other hand is slowly working her pants past her panties and her hips. "No. Stop that. Please don't take my shorts off." She is talking and not whispering this time. Billy changes his position again so that he can kiss the girl on her lips. He has her on her left side with both of her nipples pressed against his nipples and starts to kiss her with some passion.

She is returning his kiss. This seems to shut her up for a bit as she is starting to pant a bit. He reaches forward his left foot and catches a toe on her shorts and continues to work it down her legs. She puts up a half hearted resistance but soon she has no pants. Billy then sets out to explore her panties. These seem like exquisite lingerie with frills. "These would make a nice trophy," Billy thinks to himself.

He touches her panties here and there. "What color are your panties?" "Red." she gasps. She squirms to evade his roaming hands. He finally cups her mons Venus. "Stop it Brett. You've gone far enough. You've felt my panties and my pussy, so now release me." "Huh? She thinks I felt her pussy? Or does she think I'm stupid enough to believe I felt her pussy?" Billy is confused.

"Are you listening? Release my wrists." "Shhh." Billy starts to push down on the frill of her panties. She grows quite alarmed. "I'm going to scream, Brett, and Jenny will hear me." "Yes. Jenny would save you. She is such a loyal friend. You don't deserve a friend like Jenny." "Who are you?" All of a sudden Alice has fear.

"Brett? Is it you?' "What? Babe," is Billy's only answer. But fear and wisdom come too late for Alice. Billy is placing tape over Alice's mouth. The tape is secure. "<MWWWNNNNN>" Alice is making as much noise as she can, and it's really too much noise. "You need to be quiet, Babe." He whispers in her ear. "<UNNHHHH UNNHHH NNNNN>" She continues to make too much noise. She's obviously pissed and doesn't care. Billy pinches her nose as he holds her head.

She suddenly discovers that she has no air to breath. He holds it for 30 seconds. She becomes frantic. "Will you be quiet?" She remains frantic and tries to kick and squirm away, but cannot. Billy has her controlled. "Will you be quiet?" He asks her again. This time she shakes her head up and down and he lets her breath. It's been nearly a minute. She continues to breath very hard through her nostrils and she is also trembling, but she is lying there quietly… very quietly.

"Please remain quiet." "<Unnnh Plllleetthhh>" "Yes. I will please you. I promise." "<Unnnh!>" "And I will do it right now." "<NNNN>" Billy goes back to the girl hugging her with one nipple and then another in his mouth. She continues to squirm but silently this time. Billy starts to push downward on her panties.

They start to come off. "<nnnn>" "Yes. I can please you better without them," he whispers. He gets up and removes them completely. The girl is totally naked before him except for the wrist straps and the cute red socks she is wearing. Billy removes her socks and examines her cute feet, tickling them.

He then sets out putting ankle straps on her, but not tightly. She starts to resist this effort but soon realizes that it's pointless with the way he is sitting on her. This cute shorter girl hasn't the strength to prevent this. She's soon stuck on her back with her legs spread apart, but she has plenty of slack to writhe about and lift her knees.

She knows her cunt is wide open and even worse, she knows it is as wet as an inviting cunt can be. Billy then gets a high quality blindfold and secures it on Alice. Alice is wondering why such is needed here in the dark with no lights, but she doesn't complain, but she is still trembling.

Billy kisses her on the forehead and comforts her, "You'll be OK." "Now to see what this girl looks like." Billy thinks to himself. He lights four candles, two on each side of the bed and her soft tanned skin lights up the room as candlelight falls upon her.

A true golden beauty lies before him. She really is like a Venus with thin waist between large swelling hips and natural soft full mammaries. Her cute face is mostly hidden but the golden hair frames her head to make a most exceptional picture. Billy takes a few pictures with the camera. She can hear the clicking of his camera. "<NNN>" Billy sets out to give the girl some pleasure.

"Maybe if she orgasms, she will be more pliable." he thinks to himself. He starts to touch her here and there and everywhere gently rubbing and sometimes firmly pressing. The boy is in no hurry. Enjoying such a beauty would be a crime to rush. He suspect she's a virgin even though Jenny implied she was not. Soon enough Billy's attention goes to her smooth tanned legs. He touches them on the outside and then the inside and then he touches her repeatedly inching upwards each time to the treasure that lies between her legs.

"Oh, and you've shaved it so nicely for me." he whispers to her, caressing her mound.


Soon enough he reaches the top of her thighs and teases the skin on each side of her vagina. She squirms a bit. "<NNNNMMM>" is her mld protest. "Tell me later if you like this." Billy start to kiss and nibble on her inner legs on both sides as he approaches her cunt.

He climbs between her legs. She shudders in anticipation and soon she feels his breath on her open pussy. He blows on it to tease her and then flicks her clit with his tongue. "<UNNHHH!!>" The sensation is extreme. He then touches it again and again and start to nibble. Alice is thrashing around, not so much to get away but with natural excitation. Billy holds her hips down and hears her breathing hard through her nostrils.

Billy allows two fingers assist his tongue. The tongue works on her clitoris while he probes and presses into her with his fingers. He soon finds that she really is an inexperienced virgin, but he suspects that she won't go home as one. Billy reaches his free hand up and spreads it to pleasure both of her nipples simultaneously.

"<UNNH UNNH UNNH>" She is grunting repeatedly and Billy feels her tensing up. "<UMNNNHHH!!!!! UMNNNHHH!!!!!>" Her orgasm crashes her brain and her head falls back and her body goes limp. Billy's face gets a little quirt as he feels the virginal cunt before him pulsing on his fingers.

Billy slowly caresses Alice as she comes back from her first real orgasm from something other than her own fingers.

She secretly loved it. Billy puts on shorts and shirt and descends to let Bobby take a turn. They talk quietly out of earshot from the treehouse. "She is exceptional." "What should I do?" "She's still a virgin who just got her first orgasm." "Really?

But Jenny said…" "Never mind what Jenny said. She's an innocent virgin waiting to be fucked. Do it." "Me?" "Yea… I saved that for you. You're the one that has a huge thing for this girl." "I'm so excited…" "Her cherry is all yours." "Thanks so much." "Umm. Can I watch?" "Sure." LINGERIE FOR SKINNY GIRLS Back at the house the girls are trying to get dressed for bed.

"My costume is a mess and my undies are all wet. I can't wear any of that stuff," complains Sally. "I can wash and dry them." offers Jenny "But what can we wear in the mean time?" "I have some extra things. Follow me," urges Jenny. She shows them her set of drawers in the attic.

"OK. Let's see. I keep a stash of clothing in there. You may wear any of that." "Really? Clothing here? But this isn't your house." "You can wear any of these panties," Jenny offers opening the top drawer. Sally and Lucy look in and are shocked. This is drawer full of high quality and very expensive lingerie that most teenage girls don't have.

These girls have never even seen such things except in pictures. Some even have slits in the crotch. LIttle do they know that Edward spares no expense in decorating both Debbie and cute little Jenny. "Look!" whispers Sally to Lucy as they look into the other drawers that contain even more shocking sexual play things and outfits.

Jenny isn't paying attention. She's holding up the only dry costume. "Who wants the 'Little Cat A' costume? Alice won't be needing it, but it might be a little short." enquires Jenny. "Hmmm Jenny. That costume would be more apropos for you." "How come? I don't get it." "Which of us should wear a hat with the letter 'A' on it, Jenny?" "What are you trying to say, Sally?" Jenny pretends to not get the 'Scarlet Letter' reference.

"Are you a virgin?" "Why do you ask?" "Oh. Never mind." "Well, if you must know, I'm not, but I do want to keep a clean reputation, so please don't tell." "We won't tell but we are curious," offers Sally. "…and afraid," add Lucy with abject honesty.

"It's not something to be afraid of. I have no regrets. I started last month when I turned 16. You should do it when you're ready and with someone you love, or at least like a whole lot." "Oh.

Thanks, but I don't think we're ready," Lucy is unsure. "You look ready." "Really?" Lucy chooses light blue panties and a matching blue bra that has an A-cup. It's a perfect fit for her. "Do you wear an A-cup Jenny?" Jenny is obviously a full B. "Sometimes, if I want to spill out a little." "Ohh." Lucy really doesn't have a clue.

Sally finds a similar red set that also has an A-cup. Sally notices with concern that the panties have a large slit in the crotch, but there's nothing better to wear that will fit her.

"Why is there a hole in these panties." "Some men like to fuck women who are still wearing their panties." "Oh." Sally also doesn't have a clue. "It's very erotic for women too." "oh." Sally and Lucy are both blushing.

Lucy and Sally put on Jenny's lingerie. They both look good enough to fuck. "Now this is a party," laughs Lucy.

She is feeling very sexy for the first time, and likes the feeling. She is secretly hoping that the twins return and see her like this. "Look at me!" enthuses Sally in red. She's feeling it too. "Those are party gifts for you to keep." "Really?" "Yea&hellip. The fits are perfect and you girls look great!" "We know…" smiles Lucy. ALICE'S ORDEAL TRANSCENDS THE CARNAL ABYSS Back at the treehouse, Bobby is ascending the ladder and quietly removes all of his clothing before lying next to Alice.

Before starting, he sneaks her phone back into her purse. He looks upon her in wonderment. "You really are beautiful. I've never seen more beauty in a girl," he whispers to her. Billy has also climbed up silently. He wants to watch the scene unfold before him, and he sure hopes the Jenny doesn't come to visit them too soon. Bobby wants to take in this girl with all of his senses and so he also plays the 'touch her everywhere' game and the 'kiss here everywhere game'.

He just can't get enough of her beauty and her smell. His touches and kisses produce numerous small movement from Alice. She is quietly enjoying this gentle attention. Bobby finally touches her pussy and sees for himself that she really is an innocent virgin. "<UNHH>" Hugging her and kissing her breasts takes a toll on the boy and he seeks relief. "Are you ready to become a woman?" he whispers to her ear.

"<NNNN!!!>" She is alarmed. "You seem ready for the real thing. I hope you are." "<NNNMMM!!>" "I am going to make love to you." Alice is curiously silent.

Bobby climbs atop the girl and between her legs and places his very erect penis along the face of her vagina and slides it up and down and wiggles it back and forth wetting it.

He wants her to really feel it. "Never had a penis there before, have you?" "<NN>" Alice is worried. "Here it comes. Kiss me Alice!" and with that Bobby kisses Alice with passion on the tape over her mouth, and when she presses back, he presses firmly forward bursting through Alice's tender membrane.

"<AANNNNN>" announces Alice's entry into womanhood. Bobby then pushes forward as far as he can and presses there for a minute or two. This gives the poor girl a moment to relax her pussy. The pressure on her clit is sending wave after wave of pleasure to her overworked brain. Bobby then removes the tape from the girl's mouth.

"Oh my God. That was is so intense!" She gasps. She has stopped saying Brett, since she doesn't believe that Brett was capable of all of this, but she really isn't sure. "Please remain quiet and you may talk quietly while we make love, Babe." "Oh thank you." He kisses her again as he presses into her, this time without the tape, and the kissing is most passionate from both sides.

Alice is breathing hard. "Are you ready for the grand climax?" "Don't squirt in me." "Are you ready?" "I… I think so…" Bobby then sets about to fuck the girl in earnest. He plunges deeply and presses at her clit before withdrawing almost completely before repeating the process. As this goes on he spends more time mashing her clit and grinding at it with his pubic bone at each stroke driving stream after stream of nerve firings into her overtaxed brain.

"Ohhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! OHhhh!!! It's It's It's coming. I'm cumming. Ohhhh!! Fuck me. Whoever you are, fuck me!" With that she thrashes more violently than Bobby had expected and he even has some difficulty in remaining fully engaged.

But soon she is calming down and Bobby is starting his deepest thrusts as he proceeds to inject her very first reception of sperm. She lies there quietly with her eyes opened behind her blindfold and she takes one strong pulse after another feeling them all. "Ohhh." She falls back, closing her eyes as she turns her head and breathes hard through both nostrils. Billy waits a few minutes before withdrawing and he is whispering sweet nothings into her ears and kissing her neck as she calms down.

They continue to whisper to each other between kisses. Alice feels loved in a way she never has before with her boyfriend… very complete. ALICE'S ORDEAL CONTINUES Billy has greatly enjoyed watching and has already removed his clothing.

Bobby sees that Billy is ready and retreats to the other corner. Now it is his turn to watch. Billy doesn't want to simply repeat what Bobby did to her and is thinking hard about his next step. He looks at those ample tits and decides he wants to play with those as he fucks Alice. He slips under the girl face up, lifting her restrained body to allow him access. He then centers her over him perfectly. Even if she tried, she could not get away from him. Her nice smelling golden hair falls in his face.

So Alice is wonderfully stretched out above Billy with spread legs and both of them are facing upwards. He slips his penis into her sloppy vagina while holding both of her breasts and kissing her arms. Her head falls back onto his shoulder. Billy start to play with her clit with his fingers and Alice starts to move about energetically above him as he slides in and out of her.

"Oh…" "Do you like this, Babe." he whispers. "Maybe." "Let's try something new." "What? What are you going to do?" Billy withdraws from her cunt and pushes her ass up three inches and repositions the aim of his dick as he spreads her ass cheeks. "Stop. Not there." "Why not?" "Wrong hole." "There is no wrong hole." "Not there!!" "Why not there?" "It's disgusting." "Tell me later if you like it." "Unnhh." Billy forces his cum covered dick slowly into her ass working it in, inch by inch.

"Unnnhh!! This can't be happening." Billy's right hand continues to work at her pussy and clit and his left hand is working on both of her nipples. He's working up a sweat with his ribald thrusting deep into Alice's rectum. Helpless Alice throws her face at Billy's neck and alternates between holding her breath and breathing heavily under this sordid assault.

Never has she imagined anything like this. Billy is ready to come, but he waits for Alice as he redoubles his attack on her clitoris and her nipples, mashing them with each deep stroke. "Ohhh! UnnnHH!! <squeal> Oh my God!" Alice's peak is upon her and her body jerks rigidly upon the boy.

"Ohhh!" Billy let's his cannon loose with careless abandon and fills Alice's nether cavity. "What did you just do to me? I'll never be the same." "You are just so perfect, Alice." "Ohhhh." When Billy has escaped from under Alice, he dresses and descends to keep a lookout.

Bobby is already erect and ready again. He quickly takes her into his arms and commences again with hugging and kissing. But hugging her and kissing her breasts takes a toll on the boy and he seeks relief. He climbs atop the girl and quickly refills her still oozing cunt. Another fuck in this position would be very nice, but he too wants to try something different, so instead of continuing there, he sits upon her waist and places his erect penis between her soft tits.

"You've got the perfect tits for tit fucking," he whispers to her. "No. Don't." "Shhh. You'll be fine." And those natural tits really are the best. As her presses her soft breasts together the pressure and tension is just perfect.

He twiddles her nipples with his thumbs as he's doing this. "Unnnhhhh Unhh" She can feel it keenly. Bobby, with his now a well lubricated dick starts to really get into it. "This one is just for me, Babe." After just a few more strokes, he starts to spew all over her face, her tits, her mouth, her neck, and even on her golden hair.

She's swallowing what went into her mouth. "Ewwww." She knows that she's a sticky mess. Bobby decides to give Billy another turn, but he first takes a picture of the mess, laughing to himself. She hears the camera clicking again. "What are you doing? Taking pictures??" "I'll send you some pictures as a memento." "Please don't share them." "Why not?" "My reputation.

Please… I couldn't stand it." she's begging and starting to cry. "OK. I promise. You've been very good." "Thanks." "You'll get the only copy to enjoy. Be careful with it." "Oh." "What did you do?" Billy isn't sure. "Tit fucked her. Her tits are perfect for that." "They sure are…" "Sorry about the mess." The boys silently switch again and soon Billy is naked and eager for more. Alice still has no clue that there is more than one boy. Billy looks at the mess all over Alice's tits and face and decides that she would be better face down.

So without releasing her, Billy moves both wrist restraints to a single hook and both leg restraints a single hook on the opposite wall. This has her stretched out a bit, lying on her side, with both arms and legs together.

He caresses her in this stretched out position. It shows off her hourglass figure very well. Alice is silent and just wondering what might come next. She doesn't have long to wait. Billy is soon reversing the straps and again Alice is spread out loosely in four different directions, but this time she is facing downward with her tits flattened out on the bed.

Billy is touching the soft extended sides of her tits. "What are you doing?" "You'll see." "Please don't hurt me." "I see you brought a sleeping bag for me to use." He takes the bag, lifts up her hips and shoves the bag beneath her groin.

This makes her oh-so-perfect ass stick up into the air so invitingly. He laughs when he sees her pussy and ass dripping stuff onto her sleeping bag.

"You have the nicest ass. Did anyone ever tell you that?" Alice starts to laugh. "Who hasn't told me that?" Billy's erection is ready and he wastes no more time. He's is planning on doing her ass again, but also want to lubricate his member in her pussy first. He quickly slides into Alice's sloppy pussy and starts to plunge deeply into her. It really is an exceptional position for this girl with her curvy ass pushing into his groin, but it's a little too sloppy.

"Squeeze my dick." "Huh? "With your pubococcygeus muscles. Squeeze." "Huh?" "With your cunt muscles." "Oh." and Alice does a surprisingly good job of pleasing Billy. He returns the favor by pressing deeply into her and mashing her clitoris at the end of every deep thrust. Billy starts to spank Alice with his free hand. "Ouch.

That hurts." Billy continues to spank her. "What color is a pink ass in the dark?" Alice doesn't know for sure that it isn't dark because she thinks she can smell the candles. "Stop. Please." she whimpers. "Pain and pleasure go together," as more spanks are delivered. Billy can see her ass is turning pink. "Ohhh! Stop! Ohhh." Billy then starts to caress and sooth the sore ass as his other hand reaches around and his fingers continues to diddle her clit.

"Ohhh. They're tender." "Don't stop squeezing." he commands. "OK. OK… Oh! Fuck me… OHHH!!! OHHHH!! OOOHHHHH!!!" This is all too much for Alice as she wiggles her ass as her fourth intense orgasm hits her hard. Billy blasts into her cunt with pulse after pulse of live and wriggling sperm that will compete with the sperm from his brother. "OHHH!!! I didn't know I could orgasm so much. I didn't know boys could cum so much. I didn't know." "We're nowhere near done yet, my dear." and Billy continues to sooth Alice's sore ass.

"Oooh." Billy comes down, fills in Bobby, and Bobby goes up and stares at the well presented ass with even more dripping from her cunt. This brings back a most solid erection. He can see a gooey mess dripping down from her cunt.

In a flash his clothing is removed. He slathers the gooey mess between her ass cheeks and on her anus. "What are you doing now?" She doesn't have a clue. He also slides his dick deep into her pussy once to get it totally slippery and pulls out repositioning.

He doesn't wait for permission as he shoves it into her ass. "Stop. Not there again!!" "Why not there?" "It's disgusting." "I'll bet you like it." "Unnhh." Bobby commences to plunge repeatedly in her ass.

To give her pleasure, his fingers also reach around and play with her clit. This causes her to thrash about bringing even more pleasure to Bobby. Since this is Bobby's third orgasm coming he has the discipline to hold it off and wait for his partner. She soon catches up with him and he can feel her tense up.

They cum together once again. "Oh my God. That was so intense. I really had no idea. Maybe this is what Jenny was talking about." "Jenny? Your friend Jenny?" Bobby would love to talk to her, but wants to avoid trouble and so feigns ignorance. "Oh. Never mind." The boys silently switch again and soon Billy is naked and eager for more. Billy knocks the sleeping bag out from under Alice and she is soon spread out loosely in four different directions still facing downward with her tits on the bed.

"What are you doing?" "You'll see." "Please don't hurt me." Billy first slides beneath the girl while lying on his back, lifting her as he centers her body over him.

He wants to feel her full weight upon him and to hold her more easily. She is comfortable atop the boy and lays her head upon his shoulder. Her tits are firmly pressing into his chest.

He rubs and tickles her back and her sore curvy ass, enjoying this gentle moment as his erection firms up. She is perfectly placed, and so he slips into her sloppy pussy for the final time. She rocks her hips to give herself pleasure.

"Nice." Billy is pleased with Alice. "yes." Alice is not complaining. "Would you like to cum again?" "un huh" Billy lifts his hips and drives into her deeply. He uses his hands to press her wide curvy ass downward to maximize her contact and to increase his depth. It feels wonderful to him but he wants more.

She starts to squeeze him there. "Ohhh. You squeeze so well." The feeling is so exceptional that he decides to cum in her pussy again, and so he does while she has her sixth orgasm. Billy comes down and Bobby is waiting for him. "I'm done. Totally done. You up for a fourth?" "Of course I am. I still have a 'thing' for Alice, you know." Bobby ascends and removes his clothing. "There's one more position for you to enjoy this evening." he whispers to the girl with her ass still in the air. "We're not done yet?" Alice is amazed.

"Soon." Bobby puts out the candles plunging the room into total darkness and proceeds to release the girl, first removing her blindfold and then all of her restraints. Alice sits there naked in the darkness trying to compose herself and take stock of all that's happened. Bobby sits before her with legs crossed and lifts her up onto his lap. Her legs go around him and he holds her firmly. She doesn't resist. Soon his penis is snaking into her moist pussy as he is holding her hips and her waist.

"You have the nicest waist too." "Ohhh." "Hug me and kiss me." They are in a perfect position for hugging and kissing. The girl is the perfect height for this. She wraps her arms around Bobby and they commence to kiss repeatedly.

Well, actually it's more like one really long and passionate kiss. "Do you like this position?" "It's really great." Alice does like it. Alice is rocking up and down on his penis as they kiss. Bobby continues to hold her waist and to stroke her long soft golden hair. The boy is in heaven. Alice starts to rock with more urgency. Both of her hands go to Bobby's ass she's pulling herself downward on to him frantically. "Ohhh. I'm going to cum again." "Kiss me my love." "Who are you?" "I am your lover." "Ohhh.

Ohhh!! Yes. Yes." The kissing is passionate and tongues intertwine sweetly. They orgasm together and the continue to move gently together long after their orgasm has passed. "You were wonderful tonight Alice. I will never forget this Halloween with you." "I will remember it always too," she says hitting the boy on his back. "They say a girl never forgets the night she loses her virginity." "That's for sure!" They kiss. ALICE'S DEPARTURE There's a quiet but definite thump on the floor of the treehouse.

"What's that?" Alice is curious. "That's my foot. I'm getting a leg cramp. I need to walk it off. Please excuse me," Bobby lies. Bobby grabs his clothes and descends the ladder in a flash.

At the bottom, Billy is waiting. "Jenny's coming." he whispers. "Shit." "Let's hide." The boys silently retreat to the darkest corner they can find but still within earshot of the treehouse. Jenny is sneaking across the lawn. She is looking forward to fucking the twins. She wants the boys to be happy and to thank them for scaring the girls but not too badly.

She gets to the bottom of the ladder. "Hey!" She calls up in a quiet friendly voice. "Jenny?" "Who's up there?" "It's just me. Alice." "What are you doing in the treehouse?" "I was here making out with my boyfriend." "Where is he?" Jenny is looking about.

Alice is looking about too but can see no one. "I think he went home." "Do you want to come back to the party?" "Yea.

OK. That would be fine. I'm sorry I ran out like that." "That's OK. We've been friends a long time." "I need to get dressed and cleaned up. I'll be along soon." "Cleaned up? What happened up there?" Jenny is thinking to herself. Jenny returns to the house a little confused. "Where the hell are the twins?" In the darkness Alice finds her clothing and dresses as well as she can. She takes her purse, but leaves her other sticky stuff for later, and makes her way back to the kitchen. The girls happen to be in the kitchen having a snack so an inspection is unavoidable.

Lucy, Sally, and Jenny cannot help but to stare. Simply put, Alice is a mess. Her makeup is a total mess. Her face and hair and neck are covered in what must be cum. Her buttons are buttoned incorrectly. She is holding her panties in her hand, and there's gooey stuff dripping down her right leg. In all, an amazing sight. And she smells like sex. "What happened to you?" Sally is curious. "My boyfriend came over and we made out in the treehouse.

He just went home." "It looks like more than just making out." "Yea. It was. It really was. It was the best night of my life." "Really?" Now Jenny is curious. "Oh Jenny. He did me in so many ways and he kept cumming again and again. It was amazing." "How many times did he cum?" "Let's see.

Once in my mouth, once on my tits, four times in my pussy, and twice in my&hellip. Eight times." Alice is actually bragging. Lucy and Sally are quite shocked. Jenny doesn't think any single boy could do such a thing in such a short time and is suddenly VERY suspicious.

Alice goes to the bathroom to clean up. She washes herself up well enough and cleans up her ass before putting on her panties. As she goes into her purse for her makeup she finds her phone. "So there it is." She turns it on and looks to see if she missed any messages. She is shocked to see the outgoing message that said: "treehouse filthy. no good" "So that wasn't him. Who was it??" She didn't have long to think about that before she read her outgoing message that said: "plans have changed.

your house at midnight" "What time is it, Jenny?" "Almost midnight." She quickly texts to her boyfriend: "omw" "I've got to run." "Are you going to turn into a pumpkin or something?" "Yea. Something like that. Thanks Jenny! See you tomorrow." Alice gives Jenny a strong hug as tears flow down her face. Jenny hears her whimper. Alice drives off in a hurry.

The twins see this from where they are hiding. Alice is most worried about her reputation. She is terrified that someone at school will brag of fucking her. She decides to let her real boyfriend fuck her as well this night and she's curious as to what he can do in bed.

He'll protect her reputation if anything comes up. Or if they are both bragging, only her real boyfriend will be believed. JENNY'S UNSUCCESSFUL ADMONITION Jenny didn't like Alice's tears and sets out to find out what's been going on. She grabs a flashlight and heads for the treehouse. "Are you up there?" There is no response. So she climbs up and in and sees what the boys have done with the place.

She sees it all. The straps, the eye bolts on the wall, the blindfold, the used duct tape, the melted candles. And she sees the twins cum all over the place, and especially on the bed and sleeping bag. It's a total mess. She knows that Alice's boyfriend had nothing to do with this. "Where are those nasty boys?" "Where are you?" she calls out.

The boys approach, "We're here Jenny." The boys start climbing the ladder. Suddenly, Jenny is feeling rather unsafe. This isn't what she came out here for. "I'll come down." "I thought you came out to keep us happy." "Well, I did before, but… Aren't you two already worn out?" "Maybe… But our tongues aren't" "Oh no you don't. I'm coming down." "You'll be cumming alright, but not down." The boys are climbing in and blocking Jenny's exit.

Jenny start to curse at them, but they are quick. She is soon on her back with fresh tape over her mouth and her wrists strapped about her head. The twins take time to relight the candles and then put the blindfold on Jenny. "<MMMNNNN!!!>" She's angry. The boys then set about to remove her clothing. This is quick, but they leave her blouse open since they don't want to bother undoing her wrist straps and they also don't want to destroy Jenny's nice clothes.

Soon her lingerie panties are coming off leaving her totally naked below the waist. The boys then strap her ankles as they did to Alice. "And there she is." "Alice really liked that position." "<UNNHHH!!>" Jenny is pissed. "We took pictures of her like this." Jenny can hear the camera clicking.

She's even more pissed. Jenny is lying there fully exposed ready to be fucked. Even her vagina is all wet. Bobby dives in and starts to eat her pussy. Billy is working on her tits, sucking one and caressing the other. Jenny has been horny this week too, and it doesn't take long before the boys see her familiar orgasm tell tales. "She's cumming." She's making all sorts of noise. They continue to work at her as she calms down.

"Again little girl?" They remove the tape from her mouth. "You bastards. How dare you treat my friends that way?" "That's a yes." The boys switch places and Billy releases his penis and stuffs it deep into Jenny's pussy. Bobby is working on her tits. Billy is working to please her and not himself. "Ohhh. Billy. Stop. Haven't you cum enough tonight?" "No. Jenny. This is just for you. I won't cum in you." "Why not?" "I've got to save some for Lucy." "No!!

You can't! They're so sweet and innocent. How could you!" "We like them. They're going to be our new girlfriends." "You bastards. They're not ready." "Let's text them" Bobby takes Jenny's phone. "Not my phone. They trust me." Billy continues to press into Jenny. Bobby continues to kiss her nipples. Despite her anger, Jenny is thrashing about and feels her second orgasm approach. "Ohhh! Ohhh! You bastard. You bastards. Fuck me!! Ohhhh!!!!" She falls back and closes her eyes.

"Put tape on her mouth." "What? You can't leave me here alone." "You'll be safe enough.


We have some friends here for you." They show her the yellow vibrator and the dildo. They cover them with her goo that dripped from Alice on her sleeping bag and slide them into Jenny's ass and cunt. "<UNNHH"!> Jenny is left tied up with her mouth taped.

They blow out the candles, turn on the vibrator in her ass and leave. It hums. She groans. PURSUING THE INNOCENTS The twins sneak back into the house through Bobby's window and find that Lucy and Sally talking on the master bed wearing their just dried Thing 1 and Thing 2 pajamas.

They stand there eavesdropping for a while. "This is a strange party." "It sure is." "Where did Jenny say she was going?" "I don't know. She looked angry." "When is she coming back?" "Who knows." "Do you think the twins are still around?" "Yea. After all the hours they spent with us in the library… What else do they have to do tonight?" "Yea. Should we hunt for them?" "No.

But lets look at all their stuff. That might bring them out." "Which rooms are theirs?" The twins want to see the girls, but they know that they smell and look a mess too. So upon hearing this, the boys quickly sneak to the basement, take a quick shower there and put on clean wrestling outfits that are down there. Bobby starts sending a texts to Lucy from Jenny's phone: "boys sneaking into house" "hide in attic quickly quietly" Lucy and Sally scamper off to the attic in their pajamas.

They are quiet in the dark. "poor Jenny lost her phone" They hear a distant scream. "all tied up with a vibrator shoved in her ass" They hear a gasp. "dildo in her pussy" "we're coming up the basement stairs" "we know where you're hiding" But the twins are already upstairs and they lock the attic door. The girls are soon trying to sneak out of the attic, but cannot.

The twins can hear quiet confused cursing behind the door as the girls re-climbing the attic stairs to hide better up there. Sally and Lucy are up there hiding as well as they can in a single spot together hugging each other in fear.

The twins go back to the basement to get some flashlights and start to climb the attic stairs slowly but not quietly, for dramatic effect. They shut off the attic lights.

At the top, all is quiet. Not a sound (except two rapidly beating hearts). They turn off their flashlights too. All is quiet and dark. Five minutes pass. Not a sound. "Where are you? You skinny little cuties?" "We know you're up here." "We want to play with you." "Yea. We know a great activity." Still no sound. "Call them on your phone." Billy whispers. Bobby does and they hear a phone vibrating ahead and on the right behind some furniture and boxes.

The also hear a short curse from there. The phone continue to vibrate. The boys get closer. "Hel…Hello?" answers a very scared and timid little voice. "We know where you are hiding." "You are bad boys!" "So call 911." "Is Jenny really tied up?" "Do you want to see her?" "Yes." "And her wet dripping cunt?" "No!

You two are evil.

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FUCKING EVIL!!" "We have somethings for your cunts too." "Go away." "Are they wet?" "What???" "Are your cunts wet yet?" "No. Go away. Please stop this game." Under their exceptional lingerie, the girl's cunts are very wet, both of them. "OK. OK. That was fun. We'll meet you in the kitchen.

Are you thirsty?" "No! You two are evil." "FUCKING EVILl!" "OK. Then stay up here and party on. Bye." The boys descend, turn on the attic light, and head for the kitchen. There's a long pause.

"OK. We'll come to kitchen." is heard over the phone. "See you there… bye." Girls arrive in kitchen. They look like they've been put through the wringer.

What little makeup they had on is a mess. Boys are sitting there grinning at them. Girls are glaring. Girls take fruit drinks. All four are sitting at the counter. No one is talking. Glaring turns to glum. "We do like you," asserts Bobby "Yea. We really do," confirms Billy.

The girls are still a little glum. "You really scared us." Edward arrives home. "How's the party going? I see you have cute costumes?" Edward doesn't know what's on under them.

"We're having some nice Halloween fun." Bobby is telling his father. "Your boys are horrible. They scared us so badly, twice." "Boys. Boys. Be nice to the girls and they will love you forever." Boys look like innocent angels. "I thought you boys weren't invited to this party," Edward looks at them crossly. "Oh. We invited them. They asked us for dates tonight." Sally is trying to save them.

"Did they really? When?" "At the library, yesterday afternoon." "That's right Dad. We did. We didn't know they were the ones coming to the party." "Didn't know? Really?" "Well… maybe we had a small inkling." Girls gasp. "So that's why you've been hanging around the library lately? Just checking us out?" "Only for the 1st day. The 2nd and 3rd day was because we liked you. Really." "Truly." The boys are pleading quietly with gestures.

The girls are glaring at them, suddenly unsure of themselves and their feelings. "Dad. We really need the house tonight." "What? Yea. That's what Debbie told me. Well, what do you expect me to do?" "We setup the old treehouse for you, a decent mattress and sheets, and left a nice surprise there for you." "Really?" "One of your favorites." "What? It better be a bottle of 18 year old McCallan" "Sorry Dad.

It's only 16 years old." "Yea? OK. OK. Just let me clean up and go to the bathroom and get a few things." "Thanks Dad! See you in the morning." "Thanks for not calling 911 on us." "It would have served you right if we had." "I really like your outfits." "We really liked your scary outfits too. We really were totally terrified," confesses Sally.

"This is the best Halloween ever," adds Lucy. "Yes it is. And it will be even better," offers Billy. He pulls his chair closer to Lucy.

She doesn't run away. Bobby is moving around the table to be close to Sally. Billy reaches out and puts Lucy's shoulder length brown hair behind her left ear. She is looking into his eyes watching where he is looking. He gently touches her face and then caresses her smooth pearly neck. Lucy closes her eyes. Billy leans in and whispers into her ear, "May I kiss you?" Lucy opens her eyes and sees Billy's loving face before her.

She also sees Sally kissing Bobby on the other side of the table. Bobby didn't bother to ask for permission. Her arms are around his neck and his hands are around her hips.

This IS what Lucy wants. Lucy looks again into Billy's eyes. She doesn't know it, but the look of love is all over her face. Billy learns something important at this very moment.

The cute face before him is not the most beautiful that he has seen. In fact, all the girls he has fucked have been more beautiful. Alice, Jenny and Debbie all have exceptional looks, but they never looked upon him with love… the kind of love that wants to be forever. Billy learns that beauty doesn't hold a candle to true love. It's that loving look that makes a girl truly sexy and truly desirable.

They continue to look into each other's eyes. Billy sees no reason to rush this special moment and no reason to pressure the girl.

"ok." whispers Lucy at long length. "Will this be your first kiss?" "yes," Lucy is blushing. Billy moves in close, his mouth two inches from hers and waits. The final two inches will be hers to give, and she gives them so sweetly pressing her lips to his.

Her arms go around his neck and his go around her torso holding her most gently. A most exquisite and memorable kiss commences. Lucy will fondly remember this moment as the moment she first gave her love to another. Sally and Bobby are watching them. The kiss is perfect. "Ah-Hem." Edward is standing in the door pretending to clear his throat.

The kissing stops. Lucy and Sally are both blushing. Edward is guessing that kissing is new for these two, and maybe that should be enough for tonight. "Oh. Hi Dad." "Should we bring this party to a close? It's late." "It's not over yet," adds Billy. "Bobby and I are going wrestling in the basement.

You can come and watch, or even wrestle if you want to." "Oh. No thanks. I just came for a quick snack. Why don't you two go fight off your energy." He is hoping that the boys go and the girls stay. He is looking at them both. He thinks he sees a familiar blue strap on Lucy's shoulder under her costume causing him to stare.

The boys head off, as instructed, leaving the girls alone with Edward. The girls look at Edward suspiciously. They don't like to be stared at, and he is staring.

Now he sees a familiar red strap on Sally's shoulder. "Are you wearing Jenny's things?" The girls look shocked. It suddenly dawns on them both who Jenny might be fucking… who has the resources and the interest in buying such expensive erotic lingerie.

But instead of being disgusted, they are secretly relieved. They most feared it was the twins buying stuff for Jenny and that maybe Jenny was their competition for the boys' love.

Lucy wants to escape this conversation as quickly as possible, but to her exasperation, Sally starts talking. "You bought some very nice things for Jenny," offers Sally as she guesses all. "Do you like them? They were a little small for her." He just assumes that Jenny told them all about him and what he does to her, and that they were cool with it.

"Yes. They are very nice, and now they are ours. Perfect fits," Sally flirts it up a bit with a little body gesture. "And you're wearing those crotchless red panties too?" Lucy looks shocked, but Sally wants to tease the rude man. "Yes I am," she answers saucily in his ear. "Oh my." he says taking a deep breath.

"Does… does it make you feel sexy?" ".and it's making me all wet too," she confesses in a whisper. "Those are my favorite. I'd really love to see them on you. May I?" Both girls are shocked at how forward this 39 year old old man is. "I'm sure you would, but these will be our costume for next Halloween." "Not until next year?" "If we have a party here, we will show them to you then." Lucy teases.

What she really wants an excuse to shut up and escape from this man who she sees as dangerous. Doesn't Sally see any danger? Lucy also sees no real likelihood of having another party here next year.

"And can I touch them too?" "Sure, but only at that party." offers Sally. She's playing along making teasing promises she won't have to keep. "And can I do other stuff to you too?" "Only if you catch us alone," Lucy now continues to tease with a sly grin. "Are you all wet too?" he asks of Lucy. "What do you think?" Lucy whispers. Edward is standing between them as they rise to slip away. They both had fun teasing the large man and now want to say goodbye properly and expect to shake his hand or something, but Edward leans forward and grabs the asses of both girls and lifts them up onto his hips as he stands there.

Lucy on his left and Sally on his right. The girls fly up and wrap their legs around him and grab his neck to prevent from falling badly. Edward is holding both of them as if they weigh nothing at all.

His hip bone is pressing into a pussy and clitoris on each side and he knows it. And he knows that they know it in a big way. "Ohh. Mister." Lucy protests. "Mister. Stop," Begs Sally. They both struggle. Edward just holds them there and he knows that their struggles are providing them much carnal pleasure.

He knows that as they squirm about, their clits are being mashed against his hip bone, so he lets them do it hoping to get them to orgasm. The girls become frantic as sexual pleasure increases and increases again. "A kiss to escape?" He faces Lucy. She shakes her head 'no'. He faces Sally. Sally kisses him longer then she had planned to do. Edward lets her go and she lands on her feet.

Now Edward is holding only Lucy and with two arms, one at her ass keeping her pussy pressed at his hip and one behind her shoulders pressing her small breasts to his large muscular upper arm. "A kiss to escape?" he offers her again. She shakes her head 'no' again. Edward slowly rotates Lucy from his hip to his front. Lucy is struggling but he has great strength. Soon Lucy finds her legs wrapped around the large man and her arms around his neck in a full frontal position.

The pressing hip against her pussy has been replaced by a large and rigid pressing dick. Lucy is most alarmed. She can feel its length and its girth through her fluffy costume. "Let her go! Let her go!" Sally is beating on Edwards back with her fists which he doesn't seem to notice. "No.

Stop. Unnnh," Lucy begs. "A kiss to escape?" "Just kiss him," urges Sally. Lucy still doesn't want to. But the pressure on her pussy is sending thrilling pleasures to her brain and she finds that she needs to kiss. Edward is pulling down the zipper on Lucy's back. Lucy becomes even more alarmed as a large hand slips in and feels her smooth narrow waist and another slides downward and into her blue panties at her ass.

Now she wants to escape and she wants to kiss. And if this keeps up, the 15 year old girl knows that she will be cumming, and very soon. She leans in and kisses the strong older man on his lips and he is kissing her back with passion as he fondles her ass. Even though she's desperately clinging to him and is wiggling about on his dick as the kiss continues, he suddenly lets her go. She lands on her feet and proceeds to look down with embarrassment.

She almost came. She wanted to cum and for that, she's quite ashamed. "Why is my body such a slut?" She thinks to herself. She so much wants to be pure and faithful to Billy.

"You're a naughty man." Lucy and Sally learn that it is better to not tease a large grown man on matters sexual. Edward is all smiles as the girls slip away and Sally is zipping up Lucy.

DEBASEMENT IN THE BASEMENT In the basement, the boys start to wrestle lazily on their mat and soon enough they notice the girls watching them, and each girl is secretly rooting for the boy she likes. The wresting becomes more urgent. Bobby gets the upper hand and defeats Billy. "Ha." says Sally in a gloating manner at Lucy. Lucy glares at her.

"It's your turn. We will watch you two now." "I don't think so." "Come on Lucy, darling. Revenge my loss," begs Billy. "Yea. OK." Lucy was annoyed at Sally reaction.

Sally steps forward and tries to hurry Lucy to the mat, but she is ready for that. The two grab each other and then fall to the mat together. Neither has any real experience wrestling, and they are quite evenly matched, so neither seems to have the ability to defeat the other. But neither seems to want to give up, either. The boys really enjoy seeing them try.

After several minutes of solid effort, there is a sudden change. "Oh. Too hot. Too hot!" "Me too. Oh God! Stop!" The girls both stop and both have red faces.

The boys look at them. "God! I'm so hot," complains Sally again. "These thick pajamas were never meant for wrestling." "Heat stroke!! We need to save them!" shouts Bobby. "Wait," Lucy is unsure. But Billy grabs Lucy and Bobby grabs Sally. Both girls are easily flipped over on their fronts.

Neither has the energy to resist. Both zippers come all the way down and the red costumes become loose.

The girls are then flipped over again and the red pajamas are both completely removed despite the squealing efforts by the girls to keep themselves partially covered. This all takes less than 30 seconds. "Oh!

Billy!" exclaims Lucy "Bobby!!" exclaims Sally. "Just lie there and cool off." "But&hellip." "Please." "ok." The girls are lying there with their hands and arms trying to cover their private parts. The boys notice Jenny's fine lingerie and are both rather surprised and titillated. The boys are staring and the girls are blushing. They've never worn clothing like this and now the boys they like are staring at them. They are breathing hard, and it's not all from the exercising.

"Does Jenny know you're wearing her things?" "How do you know these are Jenny's?" "We snoop a lot." The boys don't really want these girls to know their true relationship with Jenny. "She gave these to us when you chased us into the pool and our own things got wet." "You look exceptionally nice in those things." "Yes. Very elegant." "thank you." Out near the treehouse, Edward is stumbling about in the dark.

He hears some noises coming from above. "Is someone there?" "<MmmNN>" He climbs up and reaches and find Jenny's leg. "Who is here?" "<MMMM>" Edward moves up and removes the tape from her mouth. "Oh Edward.

Release me." "Hi Jenny. The boys said there was a 16 year old surprise up here. I thought they we talking about scotch, but this is even better." "Get those damn things out of me." "Oh, Yea…" Edward pulls out the dildo and the vibrator. Its battery died. Jenny can wear out anything. "We've got to go rescue Sally and Lucy." "Huh?" "From the twins." "They seemed to be having a great time when I came home." "No. We need to save them." "Oh.

Come on. Let those four have their fun. I've got what I want right here." "Well, I'm leaving." "Really? How?" "Untie me." "I think I like you better this way.

My twins are so clever." "Oh Edward." Edward lights the candles and sets about to enjoy Jenny to the fullest. He really enjoys the tied up open blouse look and goes crazy fucking her. So they fuck and fuck and fuck until the sun comes up. Cute little Jenny is very orgasmic and very helpless. Back in the basement Billy and Bobby are closing in on the girls. "Can we make out with you?" "I'm not sure. What are you going to do?" Lucy is worried, but does want to kiss again.

"We haven't decided yet." "Maybe," adds Sally, "I'd like to make out with Bobby, but I'm afraid." The boys appreciate her honesty. The room is quiet and soon kissing commences. The girls are on their backs and the boys are holding them down. The girls find this very erotic and very exciting.

"Oh! Billy." "I love kissing you Lucy." The kissing becomes more intense and more passionate. The girls soon figure out what french kissing is all about and are near their limit. "Oh. Enough." "Oh. Lucy. There is so much more I want to do with you. You're a dream come true for me." "Yes. For me too, but enough. Enough. We can do more later." Billy stops as requested. Lucy breathes a sigh of relief.

Lucy turns her head to the left and sees her best friend also lying on her back and looking at her. Bobby's hand is under her red bra and playing with a nipple. "Unnh." "Sally??" Lucy utters looking concerned. "It's nice. Try it." Lucy just lies back and closes her eyes. Billy has been watching this exchange with interest and commences to copy Bobby's actions. He places his palm on Lucy's belly and slowly moves it upwards and under the lacy blue bra that is containing Lucy's cute A-cup breasts so nicely.

His hand slides about giving special attention to her very erect little nipples. He commences kissing Lucy as he does this. She is kissing him back with gusto and passion. "I thought you had enough?" "Ohhh! Just kiss me." The kissing continues on both sides of the wrestling mat.

Soon Bobby is attaching straps to Sally's wrists and tightening them. "Bobby? What are you doing?" Lucy looks over and tries to get up, but before she can, she finds that her own wrists are getting attached to straps, and it's happening rather quickly.

"Billy? What's going on? This isn't nice." "Lucy, my hands are stuck." "Mine are too." "Help" "Help is near. Kiss me Lucy." Billy continues to kiss Lucy and she is reluctantly kissing him back. Sally is in a similar state and still kissing Bobby. Soon both boys are lying aside a girl and have pulled them up onto their sides while continuing to kiss them. Hands are roaming on their backs and soon both bras are being uncoupled. The girls are nearly naked soon wearing only elegant lingerie style panties.

"Ohh." The girls roll onto their backs again and now both have nipples that are getting sucked and fondled. The boys just love their tiny tits, small areolae, and pert nipples. Those are getting their full attention. Since small tits are generally more sensitive than large tits, so the girls feel all of this so intensely.

They writhe to escape the attack without actually wishing to escape. "Oh. Billy. I can't take much more of this." Lucy is again trying to bring this activity to a close. But instead of releasing the girls, they apply straps to their ankles and secure those to hooks on the other wall. The girls still have on their panties, but are quite at the mercy of these two naughty boys. They cannot close their legs either. The boys can see much. Lucy has an obvious wet spot on her blue panty, but the slit on Sally's is wide open and the pink of her pussy is fully exposed.

Sally feels most vulnerable and is most alarmed. "I'd love to dive into that." "Me too." Sally is blushing and trembling while hearing these words. "What are you going to do to us?" Sally wants to know, breathing hard. Lucy is thinking that she doesn't want to know. "Whatever we want to, dear girls." "We really like you two." "Well if you like us, maybe you can respect us?" Billy and Bobby stand off and look at the two of them.

They are looking back hopefully. "Is your girlfriend nice?" Billy asks Bobby. "Yea. Really nice. Try her." "What???" Sally objects. But Billy sits down next to Sally and puts a hand on her nipple. He then leans in and kisses the other one.


She writhes her torso but cannot stop him. "Stop. Stop!" Lucy is watching and objecting for multiple reasons. "Doesn't Billy belong to me??" she thinks to herself. "This isn't right," she articulates. "Oh. Poor Lucy is left out… Bobby?" "Oh yea. Sorry." "Wait. That's not what." Bobby is shutting up Lucy with a kiss. She is angry and NOT kissing him back. He commences to play with her nipples while kissing the wrong girl. "Your little nipples are just so cute." They remain very erect despite her anger.

Next, Billy is kissing Sally on the lips and she IS kissing him back. Billy is climbing on top of Sally and they are in a classic fucking position. He presses his erection into the open slit of her panties and it excites her greatly as her outer labia are spread. Nothing has ever pressed her clitoris in this manner, nothing. Only the boy's smooth wrestling suit is keeping her virginal but she can certainly feel the length and the girth of his penis as it now spreads her inner pussy lips.

Bobby climbs aboard Lucy and basically starts to do the same thing to her. "Please. I want Billy," begs Lucy "In just a few minutes." Bobby continues to kiss her and to press his body into Lucy's. Lucy is shocked at how the carnal lust of her body is overruling her common sense. This needs to stop. But the feeling is so intense and her hips are involuntarily thrusting upwards in response to Bobby's pushing.

"Hey Billy. I think yours is going to cum soon. She's really horny. Do you want me to do it?" "No. No. I should give her her first orgasm." The boys switch places and the girls are somewhat relieved. Both boys are pressing into their girls and both girls are enjoying major first orgasms.

"Ohhhhh!!!! Shit!! Billy!! Ohhhhh!!" Lucy is over the edge. She revels in the pleasure and is shocked at her body's response. She's a good girl and her body is a total slut. Sally is approaching her own orgasm too. She wants to cling to the boy, but she's totally helpless. Instead, Bobby is clinging to her and pressing repeatedly at her open cunt. She is also thrusting her hips upwards increasing her pleasure. "Oh MY God. Lucy!!! Help! Ohhhhh. Ohhhh&hellip.

Ohhhh&hellip." and Sally's first real orgasm thrills her to the utmost. The boys get up and now see very large wet spot on Lucy's panties. Sally is just dripping onto her crotchless panties. "Looks like they want more." "Can I give yours an orgasm?" asks Bobby.

"I really like the way she moves." "Oh my god. No." Lucy is complaining in fear. But Bobby has her in his arms kissing her again. "I'm going to use my fingers this time," he whispers to her.

"I can't take it. I can't" Bobby slides his left hand into her panties and his fingers find her slit and her clit. She jumps and writhes around at this invasion. "That's not what your body is saying, Lucy. Your body wants more… a lot more." Sally and Billy are watching.

Bobby starts kissing Lucy again as he presses his fingers into her. This time Lucy is kissing him back. He finds a barrier. "Hey Billy. Yours is a virgin." "Oh stop. Please. Ohhhh!! Ohhh!!!" But Bobby is not stopping and Lucy is in the throws of her second orgasm.

She's kissing him with unexpected passion. "OOHHHH!! OOHHHH!! You naughty bastard." She falls back exhausted. "Oh look. Poor Sally wants a turn, and I'm exhausted," teases Bobby. Billy approaches Sally and whispers "Would you like that too?" Sally refuses to answer knowing that it's pointless. Billy starts to kiss her as his hand invades her pussy through the open slit.

"Oh. You're so wet and excitable. Are you a virgin?" "yes." she whispers. "Well, let's see." and Billy also finds a membrane. "Hey Bobby. Your girl is also a virgin." "That's great. Be careful there." "Oh. OK then. I'll use my tongue." Billy slides between her legs and holds her hips down. He starts to nibble at her clit through the opening in her panties. "Ohhh. It's too much. SHIT!! I can't take this. SHIT!! OOhhh!! OOhhh!!" And now Billy is giving Sally the full treatment as Lucy and Bobby watch, and soon, Sally is cumming all over Billy's face.

"Ohhh. Not again&hellip. Ohhh. It's too intense." Sally is trying to close her legs. She's still helpless and she grunts through the final contractions of her pussy on Billy's tongue. Billy goes back to Lucy and Bobby is once again kissing Sally. "Did you enjoy my brother?" "Unnh. Please don't swap me again. It's degrading." "Yea. Degrading. And we've had enough for one night.

Let us up please." echoes Lucy. "Yea. Please. We can do more later." "But now it's time to make us happy." "Yea. We've got something for your wet pussies." The boys produce a pair of pinking sheers and show it to them. "Don't. Not our nice panties.

We just got these today from Jenny." "And we will keep them as mementoes," enthuses Billy. "More like trophies," laughs Bobby. Sally looks sad and Lucy looks angry. "Billy! Wait! I'm not ready," exclaims Lucy in a most serious voice. "We're not ready," echoes Sally. "You two look ready to me." "No. But I'm really not. Is that all you see in me?" tears are in Lucy's eyes. like something important just died.

Billy feels pangs of guilt and a deep longing for more than just sex with a girl. "What do you want of me?" he offers. "Give us some time to find love. If true love is there, we will be all that you could want in a girlfriends and more, much more. Please give us a chance.

Please." "But we really really like you, maybe even love. Can't we demonstrate love through sex?" "Raping is not loving, it's just raping." "Sex doesn't demonstrate love, love is what makes sex truly great." "Love needs to come first. We have strong like for you, but not yet true love." "Just give us a little time and we can be everything to each other." "Please." There are tears in both their eyes.

Soon, the boys have tears too. "Do you really want to spend your life with fuck buddies and never know true love?" "Girls like sex, but we also need love. Why can't we have both together? "Yea. Why can't we have both?" repeats Sally "We believe that you have lots of sexual experience, but little experience with love." continues Lucy.

"Let us teach you about love and you can teach us about sex." adds Sally. "We already know about love." "Do you really? How many times have you fucked Jenny?" The boys sit there looking a bit guilty and a bit surprised. "Is there true love? "We love Jenny." "Not in the way Jenny deserves to be loved. Let her go." The boys are pensive. "But how could you see that?" "If you're so happy with Jenny, then why did you spend four afternoons at the library?

And why isn't Jenny very happy?" "Maybe its the yellow vibrator she can't get away from," whispers Bobby to himself. "Oh," breathes Billy. "Please forgive us. We have been selfish." "And you are right. We do want to have real girlfriends and not just fuck buddies." The boys aren't very horny after four times each with Alice, and so they relent.

Maybe another time would be better. The boys release the girls. "Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you." The girls sit there legs crossed in just their panties looking at each other. REVENGE OF THE INNOCENTS "So what do you want to do now, instead?" asks Bobby. "If you let us tie you up, we'll make out with you some more," offers Lucy. "Really? But why would you want to tie us up?" "Because we don't trust you." "That way, whatever we do, you'll know is not coerced from us." "You'll know it's done willingly and free of pressure." "Our dignity will remain intact and you will feel no guilt." "What about our dignity?" complains Billy.

"You'll have plenty of fun to compensate for that." "OK, then. Tie us up." Bobby is up for an adventure. "I'm not so sure about this, Bobby. Remember Adrian's warning." But as the girls start to climb all over Billy, he soon relents.

Both girls are working on him first before he can change his mind. The expect less trouble from Bobby. The girls work quickly to strap all of their wrists and ankles exactly as they had been forced. They then carefully double check each of the eight straps.

The tables are now turned a full 180 degrees. The boys are totally helpless. Lucy and Sally stand back and both make evil smiles. Truly evil. Billy and Bobby feel pangs of fear. The girls start to circle the boys. Lucy starts chanting: "Round about the cauldron go. Boil thou first i' charmed the pot." Then both girls continue chanting together: "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble." Lucy continues: "Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog." And both again: "Double, double toil and trouble.

Fire burn and caldron bubble." "Now for some Halloween REVENGE!." cackles Lucy rubbing her hands. "REVENGE! REVENGE! REVENGE!" shouts Sally making stabbing like motions. "Huh? What are you going to do??" even Bobby is suddenly terrified.

"We're going to do the blood mix voodoo love ceremony." exclaims Sally with apparent glee. "Then you'll be ours forever. Ha ha HA HA HA!! FOREVER!!" "Wait. What the&hellip.???" Sally finds the tape that they boys have in their naughty bag and put tape over the mouths of both boys. "<MMMHHnnpph!!>" "You've talked quite enough, right Luce?" "Oh Yea. Quite enough." The girls run off to the kitchen for large sharp knives. They find the twins halloween stuff and grab their fake blood.

They paint their faces as blood warriors. They streak warrior blood paint on their exposed tits and upper arms too. They tie their hair back. They look vicious, really vicious. The boys see them coming and are truly terrified. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect something like this. The girls are not smiling at all and each has two large sharp shiny knives. One girl sits on each boy holding a large carving knife. Each proceeds to cut a large hole in the chest of each wrestling outfit and drips fake blood on the sternum of each boy.

"How does the voodoo mixing blood love ceremony go Luce? Where do we get their blood from?" "What did the book say?" Sally is looking at a covered book. It's actually a cookbook from the kitchen. "For the blood love mixing voodoo ceremony? Let's see." "<mmmmnnnn!?!?>" "It supposed to come from a vein on the bottom of their penises." "Oh yea. That's right… cut the penis." "<MMMmmnnnn!?!?>" The boys really are terrified. "Let's get their clothing off." The boys are mumbling and squirming, but can't get away.

The girls hold up the pinking shears showing it to them. "Oh look! We're going to get mementoes," cackles Sally. "More like trophies," laughs Lucy The girls start to cut away their wrestling suits and their underwear.

Soon the boys are totally naked and totally helpless. The girls stash their trophies. "Oh. Look at that! I've never seen a real penis up close before." "Me neither." "Where's the vein?" Lucy is hovering over it with a sharp knife. "Well, we could cut the whole thing off." "<mmmmhhhhnnnnn!!!!>" The boys are truly terrified.

"No. That's too mean, even for these nasty rapists." "Let's just look for a vein." "I don't know. I can't see any." "That's because they're not erect." "How do we get the penises erect." "I read that sucking on them would make them erect." "Really?" "Let's try." The girls each put a penis in their mouth. The boys did clean up after fucking Alice so thoroughly so there's no bad taste. "Oh. This is nice. I could learn to like this." "Mine's getting bigger." "Mine's still small." "Try humming." "Hmm Hmm Hmm…" Lucy is humming.

"Oh my God! Mine is huge." "Mine is too." "Oh goodie. Bulging veins to cut." "Is it possible to put something so large in us?" "I think those things would have killed us." "Is this what you wanted to shove into us? IS IT!!" Sally sounds angry. She starts spanking Bobby. Lucy starts spanking Billy. "THESE WOULD HAVE KILLED US!!!" Lucy is screaming like a raving lunatic Lucy and Sally stand off and look at the two of them.

They are looking back hopefully. "Is your boyfriend fun to spank?" Lucy asks Sally. "Yea. Really nice. Try him." Both girls are laughing. Lucy hovers over Bobby and starts to spank him. "Oh. Poor Billy is left out… Sally?" "Oh yea.

Sorry." Sally copies what Lucy is doing. Lucy sits on Bobby's knees and continues to spank his hips. "That's for kissing me without permission." SMACK! "And THAT's for tying my friend up." She spanks him again. SMACK! "And THAT's for playing with my tits without permission." SMACK! "And THAT's for playing with my vagina without permission." SMACK! "And THAT's for giving my friend an orgasm without permission." SMACK! "And THAT's for giving me an orgasm without permission." SMACK!

Sally is on top of Billy repeating Lucy's lines while spanking Billy. Both boys have rather pink butts. Lucy leans in and whisper "But the orgasm was nice." And she kisses him on his nipple and takes it into her mouth.

Sally sees this and does the same thing. "Oh. Look. They're erect. Your little nipples are just so cute." repeating the exact words the boys uttered earlier. The girls trade places again. "It's a good thing we didn't let them rape us." Says Lucy playing with a sharp knife. She's throwing it in the air and catching right above Billy's bare waist. Billy is holding his breath. "Yea. We were too clever for that." Sally also starts to play with a knife too, juggling it ineptly above Bobby.

The boys look on with wide eyes. "Aren't boys so stupid?" "For sure." "I wonder if there are any smart ones?" "I think that's a mythical creature." The boys are having a rough time. The girls continue to play with the penises alternating holding and sucking on them.

"I suppose we should stop." "Why?" "I heard that if you suck too much, white baby making goo will come out." "Oh really? What does it taste like?" "I don't know, but Alice says she likes to swallow it." Billy remembers Alice swallowing his just three hours ago. "Can I try?" "Sure. I'll watch." Lucy goes to work on Billy. Billy is grunting. Lucy is nibbling and biting him gently. Then Billy is driving his hips forward and this causes him to slide in an out of Lucy's mouth as she holds still.

Billy stops driving and suddenly explodes and Lucy is surprised at the volume of gooey white stuff. She only gets half of it in her mouth as the rest decorates her face and her tits. "Ohh… Lots…" "What does it taste like?" "Have some." Lucy and Sally kiss, pressing painted tits to painted tits spreading the stuff all about. The boys see white stuff slide from one mouth to the other and they're smearing the stuff between them.

All four painted tits are covered in cum. These girls look totally hot together. The boys really want them. They continue to kiss. "Interesting stuff." "Do you think Bobby wants to squirt his gooey stuff too?" "Who cares what he wants?" "Yea. Right." "Oh look see.

Billy's erection is gone. Now we can't see the vein any more." "Darn. How can we cut it?" "But we still have Bobby's vein here. Look at it bulge." Sally sits on his upper legs, and Lucy is leaning over him with some hidden fake blood. "Right, Let's slice that one right open. We'll do Billy later." Bobby is groaning.

Both twins are watching with wide eyes. Sally hovers over Bobby and pretends to cut his dick. Lucy spills some fake blood. Billy is tricked and is utterly terrified to see blood red everywhere, but Bobby catches on and moans while acting injured. Then Sally makes an actual nick with the knife on his erect shaft. Now Bobby gets scared.

He didn't expect that, and he knows he's bleeding. "Now what?" "The book says it needs to be mixed with female blood." "What female blood?" "The blood of a virgin's hymen." "What? How do we get that?" "I'm not sure. Look at this picture." The girls pretend to look at a picture in the book. "Do you think you can do that?" "Well, we do need the blood. How bad could that hurt? Sally climbs aboard Bobby without removing her crotchless red panties. She positions his erection at her opening and then impales herself suddenly.

"Ouch! God that hurts." She pushes all the way down. Bobby rotates his hips so he's all the way in. Sally closes her eyes and embraces the moment. "I mix my blood with yours Bobby. You are mine forever." Lucy rips the tape off of Bobby's mouth. "I pronounce you Dominatrix and Slave.

You may kiss the Slave," pronounces Lucy solemnly. Sally collapses onto the boy and starts kissing him. He is kissing her back. "Wow! Oh Sally." Sally rocks her hips causing Bobby to slide in and out of her deeply. "Oh Luce, I just love raping boys." Despite her inexperience, she starts to fuck Bobby rather well. Sally soon learns what feels really nice and repeats that motion with greater and greater aggression.

Bobby is watching Sally's face and sees that she is crossing into a pre-orgasmic state. He thrusts his hips upwards and slides deeply into her to help her along this path.

Sally has a tear in each eye as the moment also touches her heart. She falls onto the boy hugging him fiercely as she feels the penis within her pulsing. She knows that she is being filled for the first time and this sends her over the edge, grunting through her own intense orgasm. "Wow!" Lucy starts to kiss Billy's penis and it's soon starts to grow. "I've got some virgin hymen blood too." she whispers to him. That gets his penis really stiff and standing at attention.

Lucy pulls off her panties and sits on the boy's penis so it is spreading her pussy lips. She's quite wet and quite excited. She slides back and forth on the dick wetting it well and then moves back to inspect it, knowing where it will soon be. She holds out a clean sharp knife and nicks the boy's erection on the shaft.

He starts to bleed a little. "There's a scar to help you remember me." "<<MMMMwww!!>" Then she impales herself on it quickly bursting through her own hymen. "Ohh. God that does hurt." "Don't worry. It gets better," soothes Sally. "I mix my blood with yours Billy. You are mine forever. FOREVER!! AND FOREVER!! AND FOREVER!!" Lucy screams at the ceiling. This time Sally rips off the tape from Billy's mouth. "I pronounce you Dominatrix and Slave. You may kiss the Slave," pronounces Sally solemnly.

Lucy collapses onto the boy and starts kissing him. He is kissing her back too. "Oh wow. You girls are the greatest." "I love you Billy.

Please… please love me back." states Lucy with earnest simplicity. It's a plea for a perfect life together. "Oh Lucy. I do. I do." Lucy starts to rock back and forth just as she saw her friend doing. She closes her eyes to take in the full measure of the moment and the pleasure she is enjoying as she crosses into womanhood. She likes this Halloween game very much. Soon, she perceives a swelling wave in the distance.

The wave approaches as all of her senses enter as state of high awareness. The wave crashes over her sending pulse after pulse of pleasure to her brain as her squeezing pussy send pulses of pleasure to the attending penis. As the wave passes, she crashes down onto the body beneath her and foam of the wave gently washes over her mind as the hot foam from the penis below spurts deeply into her interior with pulse after pulse of pleasure containing millions of wriggling sperm.

"Oh my God! I will remember that forever." "And I love you Bobby. Please love me back," pleas Sally still riding Bobby. "Oh Sally. I do too. I could be faithful to you for many many years." "Ha. Fickle boy. I'll bet you can't even be faithful to me for a single day." Bobby looks hurt. "Sure I can." "We'll see then. Come on Lucy, let's get cleaned up and get a drink." "Can we come too?" "No slaves.

Just lie there." "But why?" Both girls stand there with hands on their hips looking at the boys. "Well. Just maybe we like raping you guys so much, we'll want to do it again." The boys are a little annoyed, but it's hard to be too annoyed at cute virgins who just fucked you well and are threatening to do it again.

A SUCCESSFUL SUBTERFUGE The girls take another shower washing off their paint. They also rummage through the twins things. Soon, the two girls are returning and each has a mask on and wearing their red and blue sets of matching bra and panties. The boys recognize the masks from their Halloween collection. "You've been into our stuff." "Your stuff is now our stuff, slaves." "Oh yea. Right. We forgot. Just take it all." The girls first release the leg restraints and then drop to the floor next to each boy and start to fondle the penises before them.

Both are soon erect enough. "Hey Luce, if your boyfriend fun to rape?" "He sure is… Want to try?" "Can I?" "If you let me rape yours." "Cool." The girls quickly switch places. The boys are shocked, but there's nothing that they can do. The girl in the red outfit impale herself on Billy's shaft without removing her panties and the girl in the blue set carefully removes her panties and and impales herself on Bobby.

Both girls again start rocking eagerly. They both want to cum again. "Oh you girls are just so naughty." "We release you now." they announce. Both girls undo the wrist restraints on the boys while rocking on them gently as they enjoy a slow fuck. The boys are both playing with small freshly cleaned A-cup breasts above them as the girls continue to rock.

The girls seem to enjoy this. First Bobby, and then Billy flips the girl he is fucking over and into a missionary position. The boys want to dominate and thrust deeply into these girls in their own way.

The girls are grunting. Bobby is fucking the girl in the blue bra. He reaches for her mask and says "Come on Lucy, Kiss me," but Sally's blushing face is beneath the mask. "Oh my." Billy notices and then pulls off the mask of the girl he is fucking and it's Lucy's blushing face.

Lucy is wearing the red lingerie panties and red bra. He presses deeply into her. Sally addresses Bobby "So… You wanted to fuck Lucy, huh? I knew you wouldn't remain faithful for more than a day." "Oh you bad girls. You shouldn't even joke about switching like that." "No boy wants a girlfriend who will fuck other boys." "Yea Lucy.

You really are naughty girls." exclaims Billy surprised by their pretend switch.

Now Billy gets to enjoy fucking a girl in crotchless panties that he loves so well. "From now on, Sally, you are just my girlfriend." continues Bobby as her presses into her. "And you are just mine, Lucy." exclaims Billy. "Oh. OK boyfriend. I like the sound of that.

I always wanted a nice boyfriend." "Yea. OK, boyfriend" Says Sally looking up at Bobby as he's filling her so nicely. "You both promise to be faithful girlfriends?" "Yes.

We're sorry. We promise." The boys look at each other again and grin… "Let's switch!" they shout in unison. "NO!!" "NO!!" Both girls are squealing. The girls try to escape and a wrestling match ensues. Billy soon pulls Sally onto her back. He climbs between her legs and starts plowing into her her pussy. She simply can't stop him despite her struggles. "Ohhh!! Bad boy. Bad boy!" She's hitting Billy's back playfully. Likewise Bobby has Lucy in a firm grip and her ass is sticking up in the air.

He is soon forcing his penis into her velvety folds from behind and through the slit in her red panties. "Naughty boy. Stop. Oh my God!" He is spanking her as he holds her down and repeatedly slides his penis into her. Billy starts to kiss Sally as he is depositing his sperm deep into her pussy.

She grabs his ass and pulls in hard, closes her eyes and cums too. "Ohhhh!! So naughty! So naughty! Ohhh!!!! It's so intense. Oh Billy!!" Lucy has gone limp, so Bobby flips her over and drives deeply into her pressing at her clit. She looks up at him innocently as he starts to thrust deeply into her. She puts her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a long erotic kiss. This is more than any boy can take so he pushes all the way in and holds it there and Lucy can feel Bobby's prick pulsing his stuff into her.

This drives her over the top too. "Oh. Bobby. Ohhhh! This is too much… OHHHH!!" All four are smiling. While still stuffing Lucy's pussy with his waning penis, Bobby leans over and kisses Sally on the lips. "You're still my one and only girlfriend, but you can use my brother as a fuck buddy. OK?" "ok." Billy leans over and kisses Lucy.

"The same goes for you, darling." "ok." The girls continue to rock their pelvises gently beneath the wrong twin. Sally turns to Lucy and kisses her on the lips. "Your boyfriend is growing quite large." "Yours is too." ------------------------------------- EPILOGUE "Mom. I need to go on the pill." "But why so soon? You're way too young dear." "Because I am now sexually active." "Oh my baby.

Did some boy rape you or something?" "No Mother, I strapped him down and raped him repeatedly." "Oh Sally! You better not tell your Father." "Why?

Did you strap him down too?" "Sally!!" Jenny is quite surprised that the twins reject her. She sees that she has been thoroughly replaced by her two best friends. They remain her best friends and she's secretly pleased that Billy and Bobby have such good taste in girlfriends. "Oh. Why do you reject me? I need to fuck you guys." "We reject you because we love you, Jenny. Go find a true and loving boyfriend. Do you need help with that?" "But I just want to fuck." "Dad's home." "See ya…" Jenny runs off grinning.

Alice dumps her boyfriend when she discovers that he can do little more than slide his penis into her and cum quickly. She seeks a boy like the 'great one' who did all to her so well in the treehouse, but none can be found.

She quizzes Jenny, but Jenny offers little solace. As expected, Alice becomes the mean girl (but she's only a little mean) and rules the school's social scene. None have her looks. All the boys worship her as she moves to the center of her cheerleading squad. She tries a few and finds them all lacking. The rest just masturbate with images of Alice before them. "Where is the 'great one'?" "Do I only get one good night of fucking in my entire life???" "Maybe I should go back to the treehouse." Alice does go back to reminisce one evening in early spring and lies there in the early evening looking at the ceiling, remembering all well.

The twins see her little red convertible at the house, but Jenny hasn't seen her. They grab Jenny's cell phone and text to Alice: "stay there until dark" Alice nervously texts back: "ok" Debbie has her baby in March. It's an 9 pound girl she calls Magan, meaning 'power'. This girl will wield power someday. Motherhood keeps Debbie and clueless grandmother very busy.

The twins love their little sister, or daughter, or niece,… whatever she may be. The girl is the center of attention with three who imagine themselves as her true father. The tall baby blond girl is already worshipped, and always will be. Next Halloween, Sally and Lucy, now 16, do come with Jenny for another party at the twins' house.

As foretold, their costumes are indeed the blue and red lingerie sets. Jenny wears a white set… all very patriotic. Edward chases them all around the house. He catches Sally alone in the basement and fucks the squealing girl there on the wrestling mat without removing her panties. His thick dick drives her wild. Edward catches Lucy hiding in the attic (Jenny 'betrayed' her location) and carefully removes her panties despite her vocal struggles. He then pulls her onto his lap with her legs straddling his torso.

"You'd make a great daughter-in-law." "Maybe someday… Oh! Oh Daddy!" she pants as he slips his massive dick between the folds of her vagina and fondles her now B-cup breasts overstuffing her little blue A-cup brassiere.

Jenny, Lucy, and Sally end the night taking turns on Edward in the master bedroom after strapping him down and blindfolding him. Debbie has been staying away from Edward and the twins because the fertile young woman somehow couldn't find her damn birth control pills this month.

But when she returns to the party, the twins manage to get Debbie up into the treehouse somehow. She didn't know they had a mattress and wrist straps up there, but soon experiences both. "Magan told us she wants a little sister." "Did she now?" "Dad! When are you going to stop fucking our girls?" "Yea Dad… They belong to us." "When you two stop getting mine pregnant. OK?" "Ohhh." Sally and Bobby become a great teenage couple.

She shows him off at school and all the other girls are jealous, except for Lucy who shows off Billy. It is rumored with derision that they share the same boyfriend until both show up together at their junior prom, turning all heads.

The boys both return for the girls senior prom and all head off to the same top East Coast university that fall. It seems that all four are nearly straight-A students, and the love that binds them is strong. -------------------------------------