Oriental hot legal age teenager enjoys sucking cock

Oriental hot legal age teenager enjoys sucking cock
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This story is about slavery and non consensual sex, if you feel offended by any of those stuff stop reading now. I myself condemn any such practice and do not encourage anyone to have non consensual sex with anyone. This part contains no sex it is rather a build up to more sex and a plot line that I have planned. English is not my first language so I apologise for any errors and would welcome constructive criticism.

Enjoy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The year is 2050 there is freedom everywhere even the North Korean dictatorship have fallen.

There is freedom of speech in China. People around the globe are celebrating the fact that KIM JONG WUND has been defeated in the elections in North Korea. Amidst all these happiness a group of scientist are planning the biggest human behaviour analysis. All the leaders around the world have agreed to this in a secret meeting and the preparation has begun. What is the research you ask? It's about freedom. The leaders fear that if again there would be a time when people would be oppressed then what is it that drives all humans to fight for freedom, to fear not even death.

Such information can be really helpful to motivate people for freedom. All the leaders around the world have agreed to the fact that the first war of freedom was by the black people against the white people.

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So they have secretly kidnapped some black babies and some white babies and have been shipped to an island that not many people know about or let's say no one knows about. As the babies grow they would be taught how to farm and build homes by a person who will say he is god. It will be job of this man to instil in white babies that they are superior because they are white and encourage them to treat black babies according to their whim. The black babies will be forced to accept the white supremacy and would allow white people to treat them as the white people want to.

Of course no need to mention that they have not been provided with technology to see that does technology play a key in freedom movements.

The life of these children would be scarred forever but it's a small price to pay for larger achievements. 37 days has passed since the disappearance of "GOD", black children were glad that he is gone as they were beaten mercilessly by him for even minor mistakes and the white children's remember him as he used to always treat them like prince and princess.

The population of the island was same 5 boys and 5 girls of each colour, this was done on intention to note the effect of fear that makes someone so oppressed that they are even ready to lose their dignity.

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JAMES 4. MORTAZA 5. SAMUEL WHITE 1. CLIVE 2. ALEX 3. ETHAN 4. ANDREW 5. LOGAN GIRLS NAMES BLACK 1. EMILY 2. ABIGAIL 3. EMMA 4. ASHLEY 5. SOPHIA WHITE 1. JESSICA 2. SCARLET 3. VICTORIA 4. SYDNEY 5. CATHERINE The houses that were built by the "god" were where the white children stayed whereas the black children stayed in the stable with the rest of the animals.

Logan has been chosen leader by the children and as I say children I mean white children the black children had no right to vote, hell they didn't even knew that an election was going on. It was unanimously decided that Logan would be the leader he was the strongest and the cruelest of all, as a matter of fact to celebrate and show everyone what he is capable of doing he dragged Samuel on the floor and kept on beating him till he was unconscious all because he dared to look in Logan's eye.

The children right now are just shy of turning 17 Logan and Catherine although are 17 and needless to say that all of them have developed sexual feelings towards the opposite sex. The sex talk was done by the "god" with both the races of children, except the fact the black boys were taught they can use their penis only with consent of white and a white girl was always out of their domain, and the black girls were taught they will have to sex with anyone their masters ask them to even if it is an animal.

The job of black children was mainly physical labour, like looking after the farm, cleaning the house, feeding the animals and the job of white children was mainly over viewing the black children job and beat them if they think the black are lazy in the house the white girls used to over view the slave work and outside in the fields it was boys job to over view.

Now the introduction has come to an end so let's begin with the story. 2 years have passed since the disappearance of "god". Logan was waiting near the stage for all the slaves to arrive it was not 6 in the morning yet but he wanted to punish someone, because of all the sexual frustration inside him he was always angry.

He deliberately arrived half hour early and decided to punish the slave who comes last in the daily gathering.

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The white people may come and may not come according to their wish and on this particular day none of the white other than Logan was present. First Emily came; she is meek and always tries to avoid punishment. Then Samuel, Mortaza, James came together Jack and John arrived after that. Abigail, Emma, Sophia came soon afterwards, Logan was smiling he knew now he can beat Ashley and also can fondle her breast which was a good 36C she had a really curvy body and Logan always fantasized about her.

Ashley arrived last and Logan gave her the death look and she knew instantly that it was going to be a rough day.

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After Logan finished the sermons of "GOD" he called Ashley. "I." Ashley tried to apologize. *smack* *smack* Logan slapped her twice in the face "Talk only when allowed to", he said in a stern voice. For a moment Ashley couldn't feel her cheeks not even her hand she had put to protect herself from the onslaught, then after some time she started coming to her senses and immediately looked down remembering the incident that happened to Samuel when he looked into Logan's eye by mistake.

*smack* "Now apologize bitch for the mistakes you have committed", Logan said to Ashley.

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Tears started to build up in Ashley eyes all the other slaves look down in pity but also in a sense of thankfulness that they are not the one receiving the punishment. "I.am. sorry", Ashley said wiping her tears. "You have disrespected god and you expect to be forgiven just by apologizing." Logan said "No!

I will create example out of you so that nobody even thinks of repeating this mistake". Saying this he reached out to grab her hair but couldn't as her hair was short, she had cut it a day earlier. This made Logan angrier and he grabbed on the cotton clothes that Ashley was wearing and started to drag her to a nearby Oak tree. Ashley was pleading all the while to forgive her she knew that tree meant danger, she remembered the day when john was tied to that tree and was beaten the hell out by Andrew, he was beaten so mercilessly that to end the torment he was ready to lick Andrew's feet.

All the blacks have been punished at that spot except Emily, the tree was nicknamed as the "god's pillar" by the white but the blacks called it the "hell's support". The tree had witnessed many blood and many tears and today was the day it would get more, Ashley fought hard but Logan was much more powerful than her so all her attempts resulted in failure.

*sleek* Her shirt was torn in half due to tug of war it had to endure from both Logan and Ashley pulling in opposite directions. The shirt was torn in half, the bottom half of the shirt still hung on to Ashley body while the top of the shirt was in Logan hand. He looked back and was awestruck and marvelled at the first boobs he ever saw he couldn't take his eyes from it, Logan wanted to reach out and grab her boobs but couldn't, the blood was flowing from his brain to his penis.

Ashley in the meanwhile was just crying and asking for forgiveness, when she looked up she realized the embarrassing situation she was in, she pulled the remaining half of the shirt to cover her breast. Logan was feeling aroused with every passing moment, he saw the sweat near her breast and wanted to lick it he wanted to grab one of them and suck on other, he wanted to twist the nipples, he wanted to pull them, he wanted to bite them, he wanted.

Suddenly his visuals to those magnificent pair were blocked by something he looked up as the little child looks at his mother for a candy. His eyes met Ashley's eyes she immediately looked down out of fear and embarrassment it was then Logan came back to his senses realizing who he was everyone was looking at Logan's feet thinking what he might do including Logan but this situation was something he was not used to and didn't know how to deal with it.

"Go", he murmured "GO", he shouted Ashley started to run away "GO AWAY" he shouted with his full strength and everyone started to run towards the stable.

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He was all alone standing there thinking what he should do his 5 ½ penis was rock hard and was feeling uncomfortable in his pants. He just sat under the shade of the oak tree thinking of what he should do but one thing was certain nothing was going to be same here. He returned to the house and demanded for breakfast Emily brought the breakfast for him and kept it in the table near him as she bent to keep the tray on the table Logan saw her cleavage and immediately his cock rose to its maximum height.

"Do you need anything else master?" Emily asked while looking at Logan's feet and completely unaware of the lustful eyes still staring at her breast.

Emily was a 36C and was a lot sexy than Ashley, Logan just kept staring her completely ignoring the question. "Master", Emily said again which snapped Logan back to his senses and out of his lustful thoughts he looked away and just said "Go", Emily was more than happy when she heard this word because she was really scared of the white and just wanted to stay away from them and wanted to stay out of trouble. "What is happening to me?" Logan asked himself "why cannot I think straight?" His cock was still at its full length and rock hard he removed his pants and started to touch himself it felt good like a relief.

He started to stroke his cock slowly at first and then gradually increasing his speed with each stroke he thought how he wants to pull lick Ashley's nipple and how he wanted to smell the sweat under her boobs, how we wanted to place his dick between Emily boobs and stroke it, how he wanted to touch their boobs and wanted to bite them so hard that they turn red, he imagined how would red boobs looked on black body.

This all thoughts drove him near the edge and soon he was about to cum he grabbed the tea near him and started to spurt its own milk into the tea, he came in huge amount there was a lot of sperm floating in the tea he was shocked for two reasons. First because he didn't knew he could come this much and second why the hell did he come in the tea now it was not suitable for drinking. He thought for a moment and then shouted "Emily". Emily had just took a moments rest when she heard her masters voice, she immediately ran to her master all the while thinking will she be punished.


Emily although have never been punished because she was never late for anything did all her chores on time and always was ready whenever her master or mistress called her. "Did you call me master"? "Yes", Logan said "you know I have never quiet been able to reward you for all the hard work and determination you show at the barn.

If people like you get punished for your mistakes, shouldn't you be rewarded for your loyalty and determination"? Ashley was surprised, she had always thought her owners to be cruel and never actually thought they would reward any of them. "I asked you a question" Logan raised his voice. "As you wish master" Emily replied. "Drink this cup of tea", Logan ordered "drink it as a token of appreciation from your master for all the hard work and loyalty you have shown to us over the years".

Emily was shocked tea was something they would get only on Sundays and that too in a coconuts shell and here her master was giving her tea to drink and too from a cup. Tears started to form in her eyes she started to found new appreciation for her master she looked toward him and saw him as a leader for the first time her heart began to justify all the cruel things Logan did.

"It was all Samuel's fault that day to look in her masters eyes he is above the rest and those lowly creatures did not deserve to look at his eyes", she thought "it was Ashley fault for coming late when she knew about god sermon." "Drink it" Logan shouted. As if her hands moved on her own she grabbed the cup from its base and drank it all at once. Logan was sure it would have burned her tongue if it was hot, maybe he would do it himself one day he chuckled at this thought.

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Emily drank all the tea at once it was then she realized that there was some sort of white sticky fluid in the cup and some in her mouth having never seen sperm in her life she thought it might be some sort of secret ingredient that her master added to make the tea better she felt grateful towards him for being so generous and kind she took her finger and scooped all of the secret ingredient in her mouth.

Some fell in her cleavage so she put a finger in and cleaned the drop of cum of her cleavage with her finger and licked it. It tasted funny she thought but she liked it and looked towards her master and said "Thank you Master".

Logan penis was again erected at its full length after watching this erotic moment that just happened in front of him. He wanted to tear that piece of cloth covering her breast he wanted to rip off the pants from her body and drive his 5 ½ inches penis inside her and fuck her so hard that she remembers for her life, fuck so hard that she wouldn't be able to walk properly for weeks maybe months he thought he wanted to release his seed in her body, on her body, in her mouth and make her stand in the sun the thought of his white cum on her body made him even more horny.

Emily just stared at his feet all this while she knew a lowly creature like her wasn't supposed to look in the master's eye. She thought did she do anything wrong she drank the tea like she was asked to was that cream not supposed to be eaten was she supposed to leave it the cup.

She had no idea what her master was thinking but she tried to guess it was all good, her newfound appreciation for her master didn't allowed to look at her master in a wrong light. She didn't dared to speak a foul creature like her wasn't supposed to speak until her master spoke to her. After a little time she gathered her strength and said "Master do you need anything else".

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Logan snapped out if his erotic thoughts and looked at Emily who was staring his feet and wished to change things a little around here then it suddenly stuck him he was the leader he could make things change according to his wish around here.

Things were certainly going to change around here it was going to change a lot around here. But right now was not the right moment the god has taught him how to handle the slaves and how to treat them and how to make them work according to his whim he needed to strategize before implementing anything and that would need more time. The time needed to unite all the white about the new rules he had planned and not let the black have a unanimous thought for each other, he had to plant a seed of hatred in the heart of black against their kind and a feeling in him said 1 was down 9 more to go.

"No leave". Logan commanded. Emily left the room with a newfound appreciation for her master she thought again and again how she would tell everyone how good the master was unaware of the evil inside her master and the changes he was going to bring in everyone lives.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the end of chap 1 and any suggestion is welcome. I would like to thank you for your time and I will add more chapters soon until then bye :D