Heißen Ebenholz Babe von zwei Whiteboys Retro Stil schlug

Heißen Ebenholz Babe von zwei Whiteboys Retro Stil schlug
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Walking back to my car in the high school parking lot, I was finally out of tutoring. I was one of the last to leave the parking lot, and my car was off in the dimly lit corner. I pulled my keys form my pocket, and go to insert my keys and suddenly I am pushed, hard, up against my car and a hand is placed over my mouth. Everything I had falls to the ground.

I close my eyes, as tears roll out of them.

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I am so scared. A voice says, "Scream and you die," and that was enough so that I would not speak. The hand moved down from my mouth down my body. I try to think of other things, as though I am not here. I can feel the hand against my throat, holding my throat. The hand continues down my body to my arms, which are quickly pulled behind me and tied together with rope.

Suddenly every thing goes dark, as a blind fold is placed over my eyes.

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He pulls me away form the car, and he pushes me forward. I hear a door open, and I am pushed forward quite violently. It is hard and cold. I believe I am in the back of a van. The noises that follow are doors closing, then another opening and slamming shut. I can hear the car start and we are moving. He turns on the radio, but not loud enough so I can understand, only loud enough so that I know it on. He drives, and drives.

I eventually fall asleep. I wake when the car stops. Scared out of my mind I start breathing heavy. I hear the back door opens, I can tell that it is light out as light shines through the blindfold. He pulls my ankle so that I slide down to the edge of the car. "On your feet!" I reach my feet down slowly, trying to find the ground.

Once on my feet, I am pushed forward. "Move it!" I can feel his hand holding my bond wrist as he leads me forward. We walk along to some stairs, which if it wasn't for him holding my wrist I would have fallen. Up the stairs we went, and through a door. We walk around, I believe within a house, and then he tells me, "Down stairs," as he led me down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs I am led left, to a door. I am pushed through the door, and then another one. "On your knees slut!" and then he pushes me upon the ground.

Still to scare to talk, on my knees I feel his hands move along my body. He takes off my blindfold. His hand grabs my neck and holds my head to his face. "Open your eyes!" I do as he tells me. He stares into my eyes, and tells me "You are a naughty slut.


You are here to serve me. You will address me as Master. You will do as I tell you, when I tell you, how I tell you. Is this understood?" I nod my head up and down. "Speak up slut!" Sacred to talk, but scared not to, "Yes Master I understand," slips from my mouth.

Master smiles, pins me down. I smile. I am unsure why. I do not like it, or maybe, maybe I do. Master, already having me pinned to the ground, takes a two pairs of cuffs off a table near him. Master shackles my ankles together, then lifting my torso up, Master undoes the ropes and attaches the cuffs to my wrist.

Next he graves a chain, and attaches the ankle cuffs to he handcuffs. Master gets up and looks at me lying helpless upon the floor.

Master looks at me with hunger in his eye, like he wants to take me. I am scared but yet at the same time I want it. I want Master to take me. He walks towards the door, but before he leaves he tells me "You must be broken before I can rebuild you. You must have no will to go on, except the will to serve and please me.

I am leaving now, and I am not sure when I will be back." He leaves. I hear him locking the door and walking up the stairs. In this little room, there is not much; a mattress on the floor, a table with hand and foot restraints on it, some chains on the walls and a hock on the ceiling.

There are no windows, a dim a light on the ceiling, and only the one door out. I am trapped by the walls, held in restraints, scared out of my mind, and yet all I want is for Master to return.

The man who encaged me is the only one I want. The day turns in to night and day and night again. The hours I spend locked away, with no contact to anyone, or anything.

He is breaking me. Trapped, alone and scared, the only one to know where I am is Master. All I want is him. I crawled to the mattress and I now lay there helpless.

Wanting, thinking, dreaming only of Master. At the brink of tears, on what I believe is my fourth night locked away. I hear footsteps, and someone at the door. I stare at the door, desperate to see anyone. The door opens and I see him, it is Master. I get upon my knees and crawl towards him. Once at his feet, I beg. I beg for everything that my broken sprit, my broken mind wants.

Bowing my head I begin.

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"Master, I am yours. All I need s your touch, all I want is for you to control me, use me as you please, abuse me if you want. Master I am yours." He lifts my head up gently, and smiles. "I am glad to hear this. But you are very dirty slut. You must be cleaned." He pulls me to my feet, and walks me out the door.

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There in front of me is a shower, a large open shower. He pulls a knife form his pocket and cuts the clothes from my body. He puts me in the shower, and attaches my chains to a rope in the shower. "This is so you can not get away slut." "Yes Master," comes from my lips. He undresses and walks into the shower with me. He stands behind me, and turns on the water slowly. "Tell me when it is warm enough you dirty slut." I feel the cold water falls against my naked body.

It is so cold that I jump. It slowly heats and up and I tell Master, "It is warm enough Master." Master graves the soap and begins lathering my body. One of his hands wrap around my throat, as the other caresses my breast lathering them.

His hand moves down my body, and his touch feels so good. His hand stops at my cunt, when Master starts fingering me.

My breathing heavies and his grip around my throat tightens. He does not want me to enjoy it, but I like being choked and having his fingers in my cunt. After a few minutes he moves his hand from my cunt and down my legs. After I am cleaned, he releases me from the shower and pushes me back into the room and on to the mattress.

He goes back to lock the door, and returns to find me waiting there for him, wanting him. He undoes the ankle cuffs and the chain attached to them. He pulls my hands above my head. His hands glide down my body, from my neck to my breast to my cunt, where he starts rubbing. Master uses his other hand to rub his cock, making himself hard, as he sees me squirm.

Once he is hard, it inserts into me. That look on my face is of pain and happiness. Pain because it hurts so much, and happiness because I wanted it so bad.

Straddling over me, Master starts to ride me hard, playing with my breast. My breathing increases and he rides me harder. I begin biting my lower lip and start moaning. With every reaction that I like it, Master goes harder. My moaning increases more and more as Master goes harder in to me. Seeing my face, he tells me "No cumming Slut!" Telling me this made me hornier, made me want to take him more.

He rides me harder and harder, playing with my breast.

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I fell controlled by him completely, and yet all I want to do is cum form the pleasure. He ride me harder and harder, then I can feel it, as I moan louder. I feel him cumming into me, and I love it. I never thought I could, but I do, I love it. He pulls out after cumming and brings his cock to my mouth. "Lick it clean slut." Master then jams his cock in my mouth and I start sucking and licking, cleaning off his wonderful cock. Once down he pulls out, and he move down to lick my cunt.


He tells me "Cum quickly while I am down here slut!" He begins licking, and I do quickly cum. Once I cum, Master laps it up and then holding my cum within his mouth, bring my cum to my mouth. He spits my cum into my mouth and tell me to swallow. I do as I am told and love it.

Master gets up and leaves. He leaves me felling dirty, and wanting more, still cuffed to the wall. Right before he leaves, he tells me "I will back as I please, and you are for my pleasure." I reply "Yes Master." A smile comes over his face, as how I said yes Master, told him that I was broken to his power and I wanted more.

He leaves and I am broken, only wanting more.