Sex stories in ebony dubbing

Sex stories in ebony dubbing
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It was about 2 week later, my door bell went. When I opened it there was Kat looking very sheepish with a woman I didn't know.


"Are you Harry"? She demanded angrily. A bit hesitant I confirmed I was She turned to Kat and said sternly, "Right you get home NOW, I'll deal with you later".

Turning to me she said snappily "I want to talk with you so I suggest we go in" A little taken aback agreed and showed her in to my lounge/dinner. She stood in the middle of the room looking around. "I'm Lisa, Kat's mum as if you couldn't guess" "What's this about"? I asked nervously, unsure what Kat had been telling her. "Corrupting My innocent daughter, you bastard" I protested my innocence, I had no idea where this was going "Don't give me that ball-shit" she replied, I know what you have been up to" "What on earth has Kat been saying" I protested weakly "I hardly know her, I've only met her once and that was to help out with some books my neighbour's kid suggested I could loan her".

I explained with pretended innocence. "What crap she almost yelled, I managed to drag the details of your sordid encounter from her last night" "I can assure you…………" She raised her hand, I thought she was going to hit me, then I notice she was holding a mobile phone "Hardly know her…&hellip.!

Does this look like you hardly know her……"? I stared at the picture now displayed on the phone. It was Kat, naked on her knees with my cock in her mouth. I realised Lizzy must have taken it without me noticing. I stared at the evidence guiltily. "You call this hardly knowing her"?, her mum demanded, then flashed another picture up.

This time it was me kneeling between Kats legs sucking at that delightful pussy. "There's video too you horney little sod" She pressed play and Kat's moans of delight and my slurping on her juices could be clearly heard.

I thought, shit Lizzy what have you got me in to? "So do you enjoy ravaging innocent school girls"? She demanded (not so bloody innocent I thought) "There's bloody loads of them look&hellip." She flicked through 6 or 7 more pictures with us in various positions.

Despite the difficult situation I was in I could feel a positive twitch in the trouser department as I remembered the wonderful encounter. "So what now"? I asked hesitantly "Now!

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Now, I'll tell you what now" She pulled out one of the dining room chairs and sat down. Now you pay"! "What! I exclaimed you're blackmailing me"? "You could say that" "Well I'm afraid regardless of what you may believe, I don't have much money" "Not money stupid" "What then" Swiftly she lifted her skirt, spread her legs a little wider then declared "If you can make me cum in less than 10 minutes I might let you off" "I don't understand" "I want some of what Kat had, now on your knees and get to it" I was completely lost for words, unsure if she was serious or not.

I looked her up and down for the first time. She was about 5'.4", dressed in a cotton halter top, tucked into what had been a knee length skirt. I guess she was in her late thirties. Short fair hair and the same elfin look with the same cupids bow mouth that Kat had. Wearing high heels (at least 4") she looked fabulous perched on the chair with her skirt pulled up high on her thighs.

"Get on with it, she demanded, let's see if your tongue works as well on a woman as well as a slip of a girl". Well what could I do? I got to my knees between her legs, resting my hands on her thighs I edged forwards.

Slipping my hands up to her panties, I grasped the top and she raised her bum so I could slide them off. I was now faced with a trimmed bush leading down to a glistening pink slit. "Get on with it" she demanded With my hands on her hips I lowered my mouth between her legs.

A pleasant aroma of pussy reached my nostrils before my lips made contact with her sex. I licked the length of her already wet slit, tasting the juices that ran freely from her body.

Lapping quickly I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside, then sucked the sap from her body. I worked my tongue and mouth all around her cunt, probing sucking and licking with commitment to the task I had been given. If only she knew, I just love sucking pussy. This was no punishment as far as I was concerned. I reached around her thighs then worked my hands under her bum, pulling her tighter to me. Lisa raised her legs, hooking them over my shoulders as I continued to work on her.

"Oh yes, that's right, suck my fanny, suck it hard" My tongue was performing well, Lisa pulled my head in hard against her cunt, she was clearly aroused, and I looked up to see her rubbing her breasts over her top.

Now I started on her clitoris, flicking and pressing my tongue against it as I stroked her arse.

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"Oh… fuck that's good, she sighed oh, yes just there" as I nibbled on her exposed clitoris. My face was awash with her juice, I could feel it running down my chin. With her legs high, I worked my hands beneath her and using my fingers held her cunt lips wide as I probed again with my tongue.

In no time my fingers were nice and wet so I ran a trail from pussy to arse, back and forth as I kept up the attention her cunt deserved. With a soaking finger, I pushed gently against her ring Lisa was rocking on the chair, breathing heavily now, clearly my efforts were producing the desired effect.

As she rocked back & forth on the chair, my finger slipped in to the first joint and I wriggled it back and forth as my tongue went into overdrive.

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"Oh Fuck, Oh shit. Yes, yes yesssssssssssssssss". Lisa screamed, as her orgasm hit her. I continued to lap gently as her trembling diminished. "That was bloody" fantastic" she gasped as she allowed her legs to slide from my shoulders and my finger slipped from her arse. "And it took less than ten minutes" I grinned licking my lips. " Oh my, you certainly have a good action".

She replied a little out of breath I stood up and made a move for my zip "What are you doing" she asked as I undid my jeans "I thought that after that you might………&hellip." "Oh no mister! I told youyou were going to pay.

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You need to satisfy me, not the other way around". "Does that mean I'm forgiven" "No bloody way, you're a dirty cheating bastard but that's not going to stop me get something out of you. Just don't imagine you're going to benefit from it. That (she prodded my raging hardness) stays firmly in there" "What ever I get you to do, is for me not for you, just remember that" she said as she reached down for her knickers and slipped them on.

Straighten her skirt she collected her things then as she walked to the door. "I'll see you again soon, and I want more of that, and just remember she said waving the phone, I still have the evidence of you corrupt activities". I just stood bewildered. She was in the house less than half an hour made me eat her out then left as if nothing had happened! She had only been gone 2 minutes, I thought she must have forgotten something, or hopeful that she had changed her mind about helping me out with my raging hard on.

I opened the door and was surprised to see it was Lizzy. She just barged past me. "Do you know what you have done young lady" I asked angrily "Yeah and I'm really sorry, It was all Kat's idea, she wanted some mementoes of the experience".

"Do you know who I've just had round here"?

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"Yeah, Kat rang me to say to say her mum was here, I saw her leave and thought I'd come round to apologise". I can't believe you took all those photos, I continued. And how did her mum find them "Kat thinks she was just snooping.


Was she angry"? "More than Just a bit" "What did she say?" "She accused me of being not much less than a pervert, she was bloody furious" "So what is she going to do now then?" "I don't know, I think she want to use them as a hold over me" "To do what"?

I hesitated "Does she want you to fuck her? Did you fuck her, she's pretty hot isn't she"? "No I didn't, and she didn't want me to either" "Are you sure, I thought I could smell sex when I came in" I came clean, & explained what went on, how Lisa acted the dominant role and what she made me do (not that I was complaining) "You mean she only wanted you to suck her pussy, and you made her cum, is that what I can smell"?

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She leaned into me and sniffed my face "Oh yes, I can smell her on you". She then proceeded to lick my mouth and chin "Oh so fucking sexy. I can taste her pussy juice all over you". "I guess she left you feeling a bit horny then" Lizzy grinned as she rubbed my crotch.

She grabbed my hand and pushed it up her skirt. "It's made me a bit horny tasting Lisa's juice" she pulled down her panties and rubbed my hand against her cunt. She was right, her pussy was nice and wet. How about I help you relieve that discomfort" I was bloody angry with Lizzy, but equally horny. What was I to do. You guessed it. I slipped her knickers down her legs and almost ripped off my jeans and pants. We fell to the floor, then I entered her with a sense of urgency.

I pushed my cock all the way home into her wet willing teen pussy "Oh my, you are horny" Lizzy grunted as my cock bottomed out.


I bet you would have fucked Lisa if she'd let you" Of course I would I thought, but did not think this was the right moment to express what I had wished for earlier "I don't mind, Lizzy continued "she's a very sexy woman don't you think"? "I guess so", I murmured as I started to take my frustration out Lizzy's nubile body with long slow strokes in and out.

"So would you rather fuck Lisa or Kat" Lizzy returned to the subject, or perhaps you'd like 'em both together" she laughed out loud. What a picture that made in my mind.

My cock seems to grow at the thought of it. "Oh you would, you dirty horney sod, you fancy the idea of fucking them both"! "I like the idea of fucking you more" I lied, as I pumped away.

"I'd love to get a proper taste of Lisa" Lizzy sighed, I've seen her in a bikini, she has a fantastic body". It was almost as if we were sitting having teas the way she kept talking rather than having her hot pussy pounded by my hard cock. "Perhaps you like all three of us she" sighed again as she wrapped her legs round mine. "One is enough for now", I reminded her, and started rubbing her tits through her top. "Ok Harry, you just enjoy yourself, you need to release all that pent up frustration" she then laughed.

"Lisa just doesn't know what she missing". We were both worked up now, and I know I wouldn't last much longer, I thrust harder and faster as my orgasm built up. Lizzy was now fully committed to the fucking she was getting. "Oh Yes, hard, just like that". "Oh Fuck Lizzy, your so fucking hot. Are you ready for this"? "Oh come on, fuck me, fill me full of spunk" she cried out "Oh yes, here, here it comes, oh fuck, fuck yesssssssss…&hellip." I almost screamed as I shot load after load inside her teen cunt.

A deep thrust as each jet left my aching balls.

"Ahhhh, ahhhhhhh Lizzy let out a groan as she came too, Oh Fuck that was some horny fuck she declared as we collapsed spent. I rolled off and we lay there catching our breath. We'll have to think of a way to get her back, Lizzy grinned. Now I must go, Mum will be home any minute.