Glam pornstars assfucking before facials

Glam pornstars assfucking before facials
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When i was 17 i went on holiday with my parents and our aunt and uncle and their two daughters. My cousin (emma) who had just turned 16 the day before was always flirting with me and i was enjoying it alot.


Well one day everyone had gone out and left me and emma at the camp site. emma was wearing a short grey skirt and was lying on a sun lounger.

When i sat down i could see up her skirt and i saw her white knickers. she noticed me looking and never made an attempt to cover herself up. Instead she opened her legs up a little more and i could see the shape of her hairy cunt through her knickers. early in the week we had gone to the beach and we had a bit of a play fight trying to get the ball and she had rubbed my cock with the back of her hand and my shoulders rubbed against her tits and she had made me feel horny and she knew it and i was thinking sexual thoughts of her all the time.

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anyway as i looked at her i could feel my self getting hard. Then she got up and went into the caravan and i followed she loked at me then laughed and i said what are you laughing at she said that i kept looking at her and i agreed i liked her and thought she was sexy.

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She grabbed me and kissed me on the lips hard. for about a week we kept on kissing when ever no one was looking. then we got the chance to be alone again one afternoon it was in the park when we were playing tennis.

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we decided find somewhere quiet and we found a little bank just beside a river out the way of the public eye. we layed on the grass and kissed, she put her hand down my shorts and i put my hand up her tshirt. she had really small firm tits and i had waited forever to feel them.

i rolled her onto her back and lifted up her skirt and put my cock in her and pumped her hard. She was bucking her hips fast and breathing heavy and i started to suck her nipples.

then i turned her on her knees and took her from behind. I pulled my cock out just before i came and she layed down and wanked me off on her tits.

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when we had finished i put her knickers in my pocket and we walked back to the camp site to be greeted by everyone. i think my parents suspected we were up to something but they never said anything.

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When ever we got the chance we would sneak of or kiss when peoples backs were turned. we had sex in the swimming pool while her sister who was 14 was swimming around us she couldnt see i had my cock up emma and every time she swam the other direction i kissed emma.

When the holiday had finished i would visit emma and we would continue our affair.

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she even went on the pill. when she got married i went to her wedding and in the evening i danced with her and touched her bum. We talked about the holiday alot and we sneaked of for a quick kiss and cuddle in the car park and fucked up againt a car.


I came up inside her and we went back to the party. Her sister who was 23 now started to dance with me in a sexy way and we found we got on really well. but thats another story and i will write in about that soon.