Spanish MILF gets nude at beach behind the scenes

Spanish MILF gets nude at beach behind the scenes
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A fedora sat on top of a coat hanger, and a black trench coat hung from it. Smoke filled the room; if you looked through the blurred glass panel on the door, you would think it was because of the glass. But when you opened the door, which glass read, "Charlie Mac. Detective" a thick smoke would escape from the room. The room smelled musty; it was either from the hundreds of books lining the shelves or the burning weed from Mac's pipe.

I was sitting at my desk when a young man walked into his office. He was about 25 years of age and was trying to receive his PhD in medicine. This man probably had probably lost a large sum of money; most of my clients usually come to me with this problem. Sure enough, my assumption was correct.

"Why have you come to see me?" I asked. "I don't know how to completely explain it, but . I…I believe that my girlfriend has stolen my money for Medical school. $100,000 was sitting in my account and then one day, bam, it was gone. I looked at my account summary and someone had withdrawn it from my account. I went to the bank and looked through their security tapes and the culprit looks like my girlfriend. Although there isn't sufficient evidence for it and my girlfriend denies it, I have reason to believe that she took it." He said.

"And what is your reasoning?" I asked while I put my pipe to my lips. "Well I read through her mail and it seems that she has been investing large sums of money. Now I'm not entirely sure what is going on, but if anyone has my money, it has got to be her; she has a big debt from her college years and a personal debt too.

So, it seems only logical that she would steal my money to pay it off. Now I know that none of what I said holds water, but that's why I would like you to enlighten me on this. I already talked to Katie, and she denies my accusation, but she has been acting awkward towards me lately as well.

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My accusations could ruin my relationship with Katie, if she didn't steal the money, then I'm in a shitty place with her." The man said. 'There is no reason to believe that Katie did this. Anyone could have done this, but if this man is paying me, then I'll look deeper into the matter.' I thought to myself.

"Okay Mister…?" "Morgan, Joey Morgan." "Okay Mister Morgan, I will look into the matter. Although I have little reason to believe that your girlfriend, Katie, stole your money, I will find the thief whether or not it is Katie." "Thank you!" said Morgan.

"What I need from you is a picture of Katie, so that I may monitor her, and several personal things about her. It will make this investigation go a bit easier." I said. "Yes sir, I will give all that you require first thing in the morning!" Joey got up, shook my hand and left my office as I blew on my pipe.


The next day, Joey came by and dropped off Katie's profile in a closed envelope. It had everything from her address to the keys to her apartment.

Joey had given me much more than I was used to. Her profile said that she was about 5'5, brown hair, hazel eyes, 110 lbs, and was 22 years old; right out of college. She looked like she was a runner; running was one of her hobbies. She was cute…a great body, good face…Man her tits were amaz… Wait I'm supposed to be investigating this information, not fantasizing with it.

I decided to wait outside her apartment and listen in.

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I spent hours listening in her conversations with my audio listening devices. I ran into some conversations about her trying to pay off her creditors; she seemed a bit worried, but nothing that would leave me to believe she stole my client's money. I finally decided that looking into her apartment was the next best idea.

I waited until she went on her daily jog; she was a runner. I timed her jogs at about 40 minutes, so that's how long I had. As soon as she left, I used the key Joey provided to look inside.The apartment was nothing fancy.


It wasn't messy, my client's girlfriend was a clean person. It was a neat little two bedroom apartment. The dining room, kitchen and living room were connected. Her lone couch sat right between the dining table and the television. It seemed like she enjoyed watching television because it was facing the dining table.

The television was side by side by a giant bookshelf and had a coffee table with a tablecloth in the corner. I opted to look through Katie's room first; I believed that this was the best place to look for any type of evidence to help my client. I had to be quick, only 35 minutes to make a thorough search.

Everything was extremely organized, which made looking for any evidence easier. I came across several weird papers and documents, but nothing out of the ordinary. After a thorough search, I could not find anything. I decided to look through the gigantic bookshelf in the living room, believing that this was the next best place to look.

About 15 more minutes left… Just then, *click*. Startled, I quickly turned around and saw the lock turning. I jumped under the coffee table just as the door opened.

Because of the light, I was able to see through the tablecloth and see Katie.

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'Dammit, what in the hell is she doing home so early!?' I thought. The only thing that separated me from Katie was this thin, white tablecloth. I was stuck, at least for the time being… Katie went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Her bright orange tang top was damp from her sweat. Her tiny. white running shorts clung onto her body.

I could hear her heavy breathing as she wiped herself with a towel. She pulled out her cell phone and it seemed that she was talking to my client. 'Dammit, that idiot almost got me caught!' I thought. I mean the only logical reason she came home was to go on a date with my client. She started suggesting dinner reservations; however, I could hear my client pushing to make dinner with her at her apartment.

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She obliged and he was scheduled to come over in 2 or 3 hours (he had school). I immediately pulled out my phone (glad it was on silent…) and told his dumb ass to get her the hell out of the apartment.

Another call went to Katie and she seemed thrilled that he changed plans to go out for dinner.I was thrilled as well; the only problem was that I was stuck under this coffee table. I figured that Katie would go take a shower, which would give me the opportunity to get the hell out of there, so I waited…it was the only thing I could do. I laid under the table for a few more minutes when Katie decided to turn on the television.

'Fuck.' I thought, this may be a while. Katie sat on her couch and made herself comfortable. 'I hope she doesn't notice me under this table.' I thought. She was facing me, but her attention was at the television. Just then the unthinkable happened. No, she didn't see me, but I started hearing loud moans. It wasn't next door, it was the television. Katie had turned on a porno and made herself comfortable. My attention was all on Katie now.

Katie bit her lips as her fingers started running up and down her firm titties. I could feel my cock stiffening as Katie took off her shirt.


Her sports bra quickly came off and revealed her gorgeous, grapefruit-sized titties. Her quarter-sized, pink nipples were already erect, and she continued to run her fingers up and down her body.

As Katie continued to watch the porno, she seemed a bit anxious, almost as if she was worried someone might walk in on her. She took a deep breath and start to run her hands up and down her legs. A noise came from outside. She quickly looked back, hoping nobody outside was watching; nobody was, but somebody definitely was watching. She took a breath of relief and continued to enjoy herself. She started to run her hands again up and down her thin thighs and down to her smooth shins while she tried to enjoy the movie.

As the moans and yelps from the television got more intense, Katie stood up and took off her running pants. My eyes widened.

Her white panties were either damp from her sweat or her juices…whatever it was, it was gorgeous as I could see the wet spots. I licked my lips as she moved her hand away from her flat stomach and started running her fingers up and down where her slit would be.

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Her panties darkened as her fingers pressed the cloth into the wet opening. I could see her camel toe as one hand continued to caress her pussy and the other started to massage a tittie. Katie closed her eyes and lifted her head as she stimulated her g-spot.

I instinctively unbuttoned my pants and started to slowly pump my fully erected cock. Finally, Katie stood up and took off her panties. Her pussy looked amazing. It was clean shaven and pink; I could almost smell her aroma from across the room. As the porno went on, Katie started running her fingers up and down her slit. Katie leaned back onto the couch as she continued to tease herself. Katie made a soft whimper when she inserted her middle finger into the slit.

Her chest went out and she closed her eyes as she hit a critical location. She pulled it in and out and started rubbing her hard clit. Her mouth opened and she made a loud moan when she hit a critical spot. "O my God." I whispered as my hand continued to run up and down my cock. Katie lifted her hips as she continued to pull her hand in and out of herself. Her hand was looking at the ceiling and moving left to right as continued to touch herself.

Her jaw was dropped, just like mine. Her sweat was perfectly spread out and made her entire body glisten. She completely leaned her head against the couch now. Her breath started to get shorter, her chest continued to go outwards as her hand started making a circular motion around her entire pussy. Her eyes rolled up as she let out a moan. With her eyes closed, her head once again tilted up to the ceiling, her hand continued to work the pussy and the other hand continued to squeeze her firm titties.

Her head started making involuntary movements; it jerked upwards and her chest came out with every pleasurable pulse that went through her body. Her mouth was wide open, her eyes were shut closed. Her free hand rested on her upper thigh as her middle finger worked her pussy.

Every breath, her chest would come out; it made her titties look like they were getting bigger and smaller as her body went back and forth. Just then, almost out of nowhere, she pulled out a blue 8 inch dildo. She grabbed some lube and started to spread inside her pussy. And then, almost as if she knew someone was watching, she slowly and as sexily as she could, spread the lube onto the dildo; with the excess, she spread onto her titties.

She turned on the blue cock. I could hear it vibrating. Once again, she started teasing herself by putting the vibrating dildo at the entrance of her pussy. Her head tilted up towards the ceiling again as the dildo vibrated against her clit.

"O shit." She whispered as she hit another critical spot. Her hips slowly started moving up and down; her entire body was now in rhythm. She continued moving the shaft of the dildo against her slit; letting the vibration satisfy her clit.

She let out a loud moan and tilted her head up with her mouth open as the dildo went inside of her. Her free hand moved to her upper thigh; she was using it as leverage to push the dildo in easier. Her moans got louder and more frequent as she pushed the dildo in and out. Subsequently, my pumping got a bit quicker too. I had to stop, I couldn't jizz, I had to keep control… Katie's eyes rolled up into her head. Her eyes were shut and she bit her lip. 'O man!' she moaned with the porno.

The dildo came out of her; she guided it on top of her clit. Katie grabbed a couch pillow and threw it onto her head. She let out a muffled scream of pleasure as the dildo kissed her clitoris. She reinserted the dildo into herself. This time her motion was quicker. Her hips started shaking faster.

Her eyes were still closed; I could tell her eyes were in the back of her head still. Her moans got louder; her breaths shortened and got deeper.

Her body was now fully in sync with the motion of the dildo and was speeding up. Katie's mouth was wide open and her frequent moans grew louder and louder. Although her hand did not push the dildo out faster, it seemed that way because of the way her body was moving.

Her voice became higher pitch. She pushed the dildo faster into herself. It went deeper and deeper.

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Faster.and faster. Her hips were elevated over the floor and were in complete rhythm with the dick that was fucking her. Finally I knew she had climaxed. Katie bit her lip, her hips were higher than they ever were before and her leg started flinching. Her motion started slowing down. The dildo's speed slowed down and her body convulsed. She opened her eyes and again rolled them up to the back of her head that showed her pure pleasure. Her breath started to get deeper as she tried catching her breath.

The dildo was still inside of her, but it didn't seem to have the full effect as it did before her climax. Her chest was still coming outward, albeit more slowly. However, this made her titties look like they were growing even more (with each deep breath). She let the dildo have one last circle around her pussy before she set it down. Her face was a bit red, her legs closed and her hands started to pet her pussy as she started recovering.

She lay there on the couch massaging her titties and petting her cunt. She was taking in the ecstasy of her recent fuck when she heard a loud sound from under the coffee table. Startled, she jumped to her feet; her hazel eyes widened as she slowly started to bring her naked body towards the coffee table. Her curious and frightened eyes went to the silhouette that was under the table.

Just then something quickly flew out from under the table. It was too quick for our brunette beauty to evade. It had hit her right on the chest, and 50,000 volts shocked her onto her living room floor…