MenPOV Big dick suck and fuck with smooth faced stud

MenPOV Big dick suck and fuck with smooth faced stud
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I know for a fact there are married guys out there that would love to bend their wife's sister over and fuck her brains out. Well, as you may have already read in my previous stories, that's exactly what I did. Laura is about 5'7", 125lb, and had a smoking hot body. She worked out a lot and took defense classes so she definitely knew how to use it. Her legs are probably my favorite feature of all.

They were long, smooth, tanned, and muscular. They were the kind of legs that would look great in a short skirt with some high heels. Those legs were topped off by a real nice, round ass. It was the kind of ass that made you want to bend over and fuck both of her holes. Her tits were a perky B cup topped off with some small brown nipples that became nice and erect, perfect for sucking.

Laura and I have been sleeping together for about six months now, even when she had a boyfriend. However, As soon as her boyfriend proposed, I was cut off from her lovely body.

She didn't want to ruin what she had by taking any chances fucking me. I respected her decision and as far as I was concerned we were done with. She would only be a fond memory, a memory I could jack off to every once and awhile. About one week before she was to get married, my phone rang one afternoon.

"Hello." "Hi, it's me…Laura. Uhh, I was wondering if we could get together and talk." "Yeah sure, when?" "How about tomorrow night, my place around eight?" "Okay, is everything alright?" "Yes, I'm fine. We'll talk about it when you come. See you later." "Okay bye," I said and hung up the phone.

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I was a little confused about what she could want to talk about. Maybe she wanted me. No, or maybe she was filled with so much guilt about sleeping with me she was going to tell her fiancé. I was half excited and half nervous but never the less I got ready the next day to meet Laura. On the drive over to meet her, my mind was flooded with thoughts of Laura's body. I couldn't stop thinking about her legs being wrapped around me and how good her pussy tasted.

She was a great fuck. I didn't have my hopes up, but I was wanting to fuck her one last time. I pulled up to her apartment and walked up to the door.

I had dressed up nice and clean.

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I had even put on some cologne. It wasn't two seconds after I had knocked on the door it opened and oh my God! There Laura was standing before me with one of the sexiest lingerie outfits on that I had ever seen on a women. My eyes were immediately drawn to the yellow, thigh-high, stockings covering her toned legs which really stood out against her tanned body.

They were connected by a garter string but she didn't have on a traditional looking garter belt but it was more like the style of a skirt. It was very short, only covering about ¾ of her ass.

The top part of it was sheer and the bottom was a thicker, polka-dot, ruffled material. The lacy bra wrapped over her perky tits matched the rest of the outfit. I was standing there, probably drooling when she said, "Surprise!" "Wow! You look amazing…but where is your fiancé?" "He won't be back till tomorrow night. That's why I wanted you to come over tonight." "Okay, but I need to make sure I'm home by 11:00p so your sister doesn't suspect anything." She motioned with her finger for me to follow her in.

Man she looked fine as I was staring at her ass. "I got to thinking about being married and I started to freak out a little when I realized once I am married, there's no more sex with whoever I want.

I knew I would have to be faithful once the knot was tied, but then I got to thinking about you and how good of a time we used to have with each other." She said "So let me guess. You want one last fling before it's too late." "Yes, I want you to do whatever you want to me tonight," she said as her hand started to rub my leg.


My cock was already stirring in my pants just from looking at her. Laura leaned back on the plush couch placing me at her feet. I began caressing her legs one by one. I unsnapped the garter string and slowly rolled each yellow thigh high off her leg, the whole time kissing and touching them.

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When the stockings were off, I carefully massaged each foot, slipping her pedicured toes in my mouth to suck on. Her toes were so sexy covered in bright red nail polish. While I was caressing her legs I had a clear view of her pussy. I could tell she had just shaved it and her juices were glimmering on her pink slit. She reached down with her hands and pulled on the outside of her vagina, making her lips part open enough for me to see her juicy hole.

I couldn't take any more of that so I leaned forward and began kissing all around her cunt. I pulled her lips apart and let my tongue slide through them and up at her swollen clit. I loved to place her clitoris in my mouth and suck on it making Laura moan and squirm.

"I love it when you eat my pussy," she said as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight. My tongue continued to penetrate her hole and flick over her clit very fast and forceful.

"Mmmm…Don't stop!" she said. I grabbed a hold onto her hips and let her pussy have it, licking and sucking on her fleshy lips until she couldn't take it any more. Over and over my tongue smacked against her clitoris until her back arched and loud moans came from her mouth sending a gush of liquid out of her pussy onto my face.

"Oh baby, you made me cum good," she said. She sat there caressing the bulge in my pants while she was relaxing after her orgasm. I told her to sit up on the couch and so she did.

I took my clothes off and stood up on the couch with my legs straddling her body so my cock was right in front of her face.


Hey, she said I could do whatever I wanted to her. "Suck my cock," I told her. One of her hands gripped the base of my shaft and slid my cock into her warm mouth. She didn't waste any time. Her head moved back and forth as her lips held my dick tightly. Every once and awhile she would swirl her tongue around my purple knob making loud slurping sounds. I told her to hold her head still while I moved.

She did and I began to throat fuck her. I slid my cock in and out of her tight lips, sending my balls crashing against her chin as I held onto her head. I pumped faster and faster bringing me closer to blowing my load. After a few more seconds I was on the brink of explosion so I shoved my cock as deep inside her mouth that she could handle without gagging and launched a thick spurt of cum down her throat. I pumped a few more times to get the rest of my jiz out of me and graciously sucked me dry.

Laura swallowed and said, "That was different." "You did say whatever I want." "I know, it was fun." She replied.

She leaned forward and unsnapped her polka-dotted bra sending it flying to the floor. I sat down next to her and began kissing around her nipples and squeezing her tits as she was stroking my cock back to life.

Once my cock was ready for more action, she got up and straddled me, shoving my cock up into her tight, pink hole. "I'm going to do what I want now!" She said as she started to thrust her body on top of my lap sending my thick cock coursing in and out of her wet cunt. I held her tits steady as they were bouncing with every jolt of her voluptuous body. She loved it when I sucked on her nipples really hard.

I reached my hands behind her back and grabbed onto her shoulders. With every thrust she gave I pulled down on her body pounding my cock deep inside of her hole and grinding up against her nubby little clit.

"Let me fuck you doggy style," I said. She pulled my dick out of her and placed her knees on the couch and her arms held onto the back. I stood up behind her, grabbed onto her hips, and slid into her tight pussy once more.

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I love the way a pussy's lips feel as you enter them from behind. It's like they suck your dick in. All you could here was smack, smack, smack, the sound of my body hitting hers as I pounded away at her cunt. Her pussy was so tight and I knew I would be cumming again soon. "Oh baby, fuck me dirty!!!" she kept yelling.


"I'm going to cum inside you." I reached up and grabbed her shoulders to slam her body against mine. My thrusts were as hard as ever when my dick tensed up and spewed out another load of cum inside of her sticky hole. I pulled out of Laura to see my creamy liquid oozing slowly down her pink slit. She got up to go to the bathroom and I rested on the couch as my dick slowly shrank back to normal size.

She came back to sit next to me and had on a pink, terry cloth robe.

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She sat close so she could rub my body and her perky little tits were peaking out at me. "I was kind of hoping you would fuck my ass tonight," She said. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "You want me to fuck your ass?" "Yeah, no one has ever done it to me before and I don't think my husband is that type." "We'll see," I said smiling at her. Before we knew it, things started to get hot and heavy again.

I pulled open the tie on her rob exposing her full frontal and began rubbing her tits and brushing my hand over her bald pussy lips.

My dick became hard again with every stroke of her soft hands. My finger penetrated her pink, fleshy lips and could feel her juices flowing again.

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I slipped my finger deep inside her hole and pulled it out to rub over her ass. I did this a few times to lube it up and eventually I started pressing my finger inside of her. Slowly but Shirley, I fingered her ass, preparing it for my thick cock to fuck.

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"Bend over!" She did as I said and got into the doggy position. I rubbed my dick over her pussy a few times covering it with her wet juices and then put it up to her tight little asshole. "Ohhhh…God…!" she said as I began to push my dick into her. Her loud moans and swears filled the air as my cock entered her ass farther and farther.

She was so tight. I began thrusting my shaft inside her ass and smacking her cheeks. "Fuck my slutty ass!" Laura yelled out.

She reached down and played with her clit as I was wearing her out. Her ass was so tight; I was about to cum at any second.

Her moaning and cussing were almost deafening. It felt so good sliding my dick in and out of her greasy little hole. I pumped my cock into her as fast as I could and shot any remaining drop of jiz out of me into her ass. I didn't think I could cum any more after that.

I pulled out of her stretched pink asshole and started flicking my finger over her clitoris. I had to make her orgasm one more time before I left. She was still bent over as I reached from behind fingering her.

At this point my cum was leaking out of her ass and making its way toward her sticky cunt. After several quick strokes of my finger to her clit she moaned real loud and squirted all over my hand. I rubbed my cum into her juicy little cunt for a second while she enjoyed the sensations of her orgasm.

"Oh shit!" I saw the time on the clock. It was late and I knew I had to be getting home to her sister, my wife. We both cleaned up in the bathroom and got dressed. Laura walked me to the door and we said our good buys. "You know, sometimes when your married you get the craving for some strange, and if you ever do, you better call me." I told her. "Don't worry, I will," she replied and kissed me good buy.

I drove home thinking about our great experience and knew deep down inside, that wouldn't be the last time I fucked Laura. THE END

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