Babes gaping ass bang cum

Babes gaping ass bang cum
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Do you ever get tired of sucking my dick? Not at all why?

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Because I love it. Look at it.


There's so much to suck on. I'm just trying to finish it. You're too kind. You're hella _big_.

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Stop it, you're giving me a boner. Good, I'll suck that one too. Ever think the balls are going to dry up?

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Those balls? Not in this lifetime.

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They're so full, it would take me _and_ a couple of girlfriends to unload those bad boys. well.? You want to get them so we can all give it a go?

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Only the ones with really nice tits. sure enough. around my size?

uh yeah.what are those? 38?


Let's see.yeah, I think. 36-38.C cups and does nipple size matter? Not at all. In fact titty size doesn't matter either but that cup thing you mentioned should do the trick.

B to D's. No smaller (unless they _really_ suck a mean dick) and no bigger so that my dick doesn't pale in comparison. What? you're dick is _looong_ there's no "making it look smaller" It's thick and sturdy, fat and yummy.

Gimme some more of that stick now! I want you to ram it as far down my throat as you can. Make your balls hit my lip.

Here, I won't even hold the base.


I'll grab your ass and help you.uuuunnnnnnnnggggggg.nnggnggg.hhnnnggg Thanks, I was hoping you would let me do that.