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Small breasts ladyboy railed in her butt
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PART I -I'll see you guys in a week!- Mom said as they walked into the airport. James and his brother, Ryan, were going to visit childhood friends from back east, making a whirlwind tour of the life they had for nearly 13 years. In contrast to the liberal, open-mindedness of the West Coast, they were entering a church-going, family-oriented community that they had, since leaving, not missed for a minute.

They were staying first with a family that lived pretty close to their old house, and reuniting with them was all too familiar in a strange kind of way. The three Kierney boys were close friends with James and his brother from pre-school on through the end of elementary, in fact Mrs. Kierney watched them after school when their mom had to work. On the way home the father explained that he had 5 tickets to a 3-day Christian music festival in upstate New York starting the next day, but that Mrs.

Kierney had some things to do for work, so if one of the boys wanted to go the seat was open. Ryan, who attended weekly youth group, said he'd be down to check it out, and as he did James thoughts began to swirl. By the time he reached 20, James had come to terms with his most guilty sexual fantasies, and had bottled them up with the rest of things he deemed impossible to ever play out in real life.

Alone in precious privacy he would lust after older women, dreaming of tight yoga pants, lotion smooth hands, and the sexual knowledge and prowess of a mature partner.

Like many guys his age, the idea of being taken care of by an experienced lover coupled with the satisfaction of pleasing someone so much older was very intriguing, yet still there was a great mystery as to how one would facilitate such an encounter. All of these things flew through James' mind when he realized he would be home alone with Mrs.

Kierney for three days, and all of a sudden the trip got a little better. It seemed like the Kierney's were locked in time, consistent since the day they had parted ways, but different than the last time they had reunited. Things seemed more relaxed as a whole, and the level of naivety that used to be preserved in the house was gone.

The boys were tired from the travel, and the concertgoers were headed out first thing in the morning so everyone retired on the earlier side.

In the morning, James rolled over to check the time on his phone and found a post-it stuck to the screen. -Hey you- There should be some coffee, and help yourself to some food. I had to run a few errands.

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Be back around 11ish. Lisa- Pulling it off, he saw the time read 10:30 a.m. Hmmm- He thought to himself, -now about this morning wood.- Understandably, he had woken with a raging hard-on that wouldn't go down no matter how hard he tried to make it disinterested, and Mrs.

Kierney was coming home soon so it had to be quick. Sleepily, he looked for something to aid his cause in attempt to eliminate the need to get out of bed. His phone had no service down in the basement, but he was already sufficiently aroused, and there were just a few sweaty minutes of self-intimacy until he could get the day started properly.

Other than the box of tissues on the end table, he found little within reach, and while in most cases he would be motivated to get up for the desired tools, today was just not one of those days and yet he wasn't desperate enough to just whack it into a tissue.

After years of relying on outside means for sexual gratification, a dry hand with no porn is no way to treat a morning shaft accustomed to a juicy blowing and a primal love making. Flopping back on the pillow with his hands behind his head he began to consider the real reason behind his pickiness. The guiltiest of his fantasies, and most likely the strangest, stemmed from pure curiosity before he even knew that his dick could be used for something besides peeing.

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In those days, him and his brother would periodically go to stay at grandma's house for a few nights during the summer. She had a pool and a big lawn and him and Ryan would play all day long until they couldn't take the bugs outside. One day when James went inside to take a leak, he noticed a drawer left open. Inside was a canister of baby wipes, the older kind that resembled modern day Wet Ones, but were wider around for more volume. All of a sudden he wondered what one of those felt like, but for some reason it seemed like it was wrong.

He dropped his undies and stood naked over the drawer. Hesitating, he popped the top off and pulled the corner of the next wipe. As it came up, the soap glistened and it made noise like popping soap foam.

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He held it for a second, questioning it's presence and feeling it's wet surface stick to his hand, slightly put off by the overwhelmingly gentle aroma, and then knowing no other use for it, he laid down on the ground and began to slide the wipe over his youthful body.

In the next few minutes he discovered the joys of making your self sexually aroused, while simultaneously starting a fetish that almost ten years later he still couldnt shake. One of the things that James remembered vividly about the Kierney house was that there was always a box wipes close by. His phone read 10:40 a.m. so he hastily sat up and leaned over to the cabinet under the TV, where there had always been a stash spot and sure enough he found a nearly full box of the same kind he expected to find from his youth.

Out of habit, he looked around to double check his surroundings and carefully lifted the lid, as if someone were listening for the soft plastic sliding apart.

Blocked by the angle of the window and the cabinet door, Lisa was struggling to see what he was doing under the TV, as he could merely be playing video games, but she could see him paying quite a bit of attention to his hardened member and there was only one thing in the cabinet that could be used for that.

-OH I wonder&hellip.- She thought back to an incident years ago when she found a used wipe wrapped in a tissue that had unraveled and upon opening it she found what appeared to be clear semen. This was during the time that James and his brother stayed after school with her. Pushing back her groceries, she ducked down and slowly went in to take a second look and as she crouched she felt the damp press of her panties against the inside of her thighs.

As he pulled the first wipe out, Lisa felt relieved, but more immediately had a now burning desire to have a little fun with this game. She watched him wrap it around his uncircumcised head and then slide it down the 8 inches of his shaft.

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The soapy residue squeezed from the thick cloth, and as the first one dried out, he reached a second and his cock began to throb with intensity. He didn't even need a porno right now with the though of Mrs.

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Kearney on his mind, he had everything he needed to get the job done. Her perky C cups complemented her past shoulder length brown hair, with a kind, soft face that wore a smile practiced by years of happy mothering. She had done well since her last child, and her slim waistline flared out to a supple round bottom that held its shape very nice- He neared the peak of his lustful gratification, watched by the very eyes he fantasized about, and when his load finally burst she involuntarily heard a little moan come from her lips.

She watched him clean self up, slightly wished she was doing the deed herself, and then picked up her groceries and walked inside like she had just arrived. PART II -Jamie! Are you still in bed you lazy butt?- Lisa called down the stairs once she got settled, -Come on up, I'll make you some fresh coffee and toast.- Still slightly recovering from his recent orgasm he grunted something close to, -Alright gimme a minute! I'll be right up- He collected himself while he put on some shorts and a t-shirt, and made him self look presentable for Mrs.

Kierney. Meanwhile, Lisa had run off into her closet to put on some nicer underwear and a better pair of capri yoga pants that made her ass look almost perfect, but she kind of assumed he would want her to look like a housewife since he likes the feeling of what is technically a way to change a child. By the time he made it up the stairs, she was sitting at the table with her back to the sink, sipping a coffee.

His coffee and toast were set out along with bacon and some OJ. Clearly satisfied by the morning's activities, he smiled at spread in front of him, and happily ate it while making small talk with Lisa. His empty plate found them now beginning to flirt, until Lisa stood up to put her cup in the sink and he give her beautiful ass a slight smack on her way by as he stood to take a shower. When he came down from the shower, he heard Mrs.

Kierney call his name. -Whats up?- He walked into the living room with just his shorts on and was met by Lisa sitting on the big sofa, legs crossed lounging with her arm draped on the back. -Come sit down, I want to talk to you about something.- Embarrassed by his presentation for the first shot at an intimate one on one, he hesitated but realized he was in the optimal outfit for any situation really, for either comedic value or sexual convenience.

A million things were running through his mind, and she could tell as she started, - I really need to tell you something, and not because Im against anything, but because time is short and the window of opportunity is small.- Reaching around to the end of the couch, she pulled out a box of wipes and set it down on the coffee table. He stared at it, and back at Lisa, blushing and looking all kinds of confused. -You didnt check the storm window stud.

I happened to be curious as to what you were doing under the TV with a raging boner, and ended up pleasantly surprised. As she finished this sentence she unbuttoned his shorts and slowly dragged the zipper down to the bottom. Dropping to her knees she pulled shorts and boxers off with ease and with an experienced motherly touch of 15 years opened the box, pulled one out, and opened it fully all with one hand, closing the top on the way out.

-Ive been doing this a long time baby, so it might feel a little different than your used to, ok?- In content submission, he explained that he didn't have an adult baby fetish or anything weird, more that he just really enjoyed the feeling of wipes, and was attracted to the women who tended to use them the most.

She started slow, making every inch of contact count, maximizing slide and distributing pressure evenly so the didn't bunch up from the friction. -Does that feel good on your big cock baby? Cuz it feels juicy in my hand.- Reaching for another with her other arm, she proved her ambidextrous expertise by showing just as much delicacy with the other hand, and seamlessly changed to a new wipe when the old was getting dry. Noticing the surprise on my face she explained herself. -If you have to wrestle a squirming baby all over the place, you get good at using whichever arm for whichever task, but now that you're here by choice, and theres no mess its an entirely different feeling.- The next hand was refilled again and slowly his cock began to throb again, shiny and magnificent in the petite hands of Mrs.


Kierney. She looked up at him, hands tightly wrapped around his pulsing cock and whispered, -Now you've gotta convince me not to say anything about this.- And with that the tide changed.


He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the arm of the couch, firmly massaging her buttocks, his hands sliding smoothly on the spandex pants. His fingers slipped into the waistband, and slowly he peeled them down just far enough to reveal the gorgeous bottom he'd fantasized about. Standing back to appreciate the view, she gently swayed her rear back and forth in wide, slow circles.

Her wavy hair draped across her back led hungry eyes down the curves of her waist until they once again fixated on the obvious centerpiece.

A glance at the wipes sitting on coffee table reminded him to seize the opportunity. Grabbing the tub and placing it on the couch beneath her arched stomach, he pulled one out with much more brute force than his seasoned caregiver, upsetting a few more beneath.

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With a giggle she teased him, -That was suuuper smooth Mr. Bond.- Before she even finished her body shuttered with the recoil of a sharp spanking, He got a little more direct with her -Does that hurt a little?

Cuz if you like it just keep it up.- The upset wipes came out and were laid on her back, while he took one at a time and polished the voluptuous mound to glossy perfection. Now her pants were around her ankles and with a smirk she got really serious and told him he spanks like a girl.


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This time she let out a little shriek when he made contact, but moaned in submissive pleasure. 5 whacks later and her ass was starting show redness, and she kept the trash talk coming. After over 20 she lay limp over his lap, she climaxed twice and to suppress the burn he wiped her down again.

While he rubbed the last wipe in rhythmic circles around her rosebud, she looked back and begged, -You better fuck me soon or Im gona get impatient.- Up for the game he threw on her back and pressed his tip the outside of her pussy, spreading the lube that was flowing out of her tight hole around and with a smooth thrust he slammed balls deep into her cunt. She moaned with the impact and pulled her leg back further, staring deep into his and groaning a silky smooth -Fuuuuuuucckk thats big- As he pumped faster, her breath sped up, but with little warning he flipped her around so she was kneeling on the couch with her ass facing the front and gave her a few solid whacks before he inched up to her puffy lips and slowly burried his dick in her up to his balls.

Backing it out, he moved her to the floor and put a stack of pillows under her hips so her ass was propped up to be fucked at the best angle. -You want me to bust this load all over your sexy ass Mrs. Kierney?- She nodded in silent approval of his plan, now feeling limp from multiple orgasms, and to show it she polished up her ass for him while he sat back and watched.

She jiggled her ass in preparation for him. When the desire became to great he moved his tip into position and slowly bottomed out, giving way to short, fast thrusts. -FUuffuckffuckk meee- She spreads her ass cheeks, and then lets go and begins spanking both cheeks playfully, begging for his load.


Getting towards the climax, he thrust hard and deep until he couldnt take it any more and blew his load all over her reddened ass. Taking the last wipe in the box he cleaned up the mess he made and rub her down. 4 hours later James woke up to a new box of wipes open next to his head, and when he looked down she was gripping his shiny, throbbing dick with one, just as excited as the first time.