Jimee and moshi xxx old bf

Jimee and moshi xxx old bf
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Tina wasn't sure when she passed out, but when she regained consciousness it was on her knees in the middle of having her mouth plugged airtight by a thick, throbbing cock.

She felt like a bystander to her own relentless skullfucking while she came to, with whoever was using her mouth as their own personal masturbatory aid content to continue ramming his hips into her face, bucking and rutting away. He was fucking Tina's throat raw, and didn't seem to care whether or not she was conscious or could breathe while he did it.

He twisted his hand over in her hair, redoubling the fistful of curly brunette locks he was using to keep his toy in place. She could feel a few strands of her hair fray and pop while he bared down on her, and that didn't slow him down even a bit.

Each time his crotch bounced off of her mouth and nose, his dick plunged 8 or 9 inches down into her gullet, and she let go of a gurgling "g-lurgh" that came rolling up out of her throat. "I'm about to finish up here. Who wants the next turn at this nasty whore?!" Tina could hear his far-off voice booming overtop of her choking noises and the crowd that she, as she was suddenly and unshakably aware, was standing around them.

While this anonymous frat boy's cock pistoned in and out of her well-used throat, fuzzy details became more clear. She realized she was still in the frat house that she started the evening off by entering. She realized that her knees were sore as fuck, and sunk into the grimy carpet of the Lambda Chi Theta house great room. She also realized that the people gathered around her were cheering, shouting, whistling, and otherwise applauding the debaucherous spectacle.

She was the center of attention there on the floor, and the defacto frat house whore, college freshman Tina Shoemaker. "I'll take her next! I've been waiting all night for my chance with at least one of her fuckholes!" "C'mon, what the fuck, man? I said I had her next!" "Yeah, and you can have her after me!

It's not like she's going anywhere. She's been taking dick after dick for hours." "I've 'gotta cum first, boys!

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This slut has been doing a damn fine job polishing my shaft, and I've got to give her a little tip for her outstanding service!" "What, another one? You've been hogging her the most." "Shut the fuck up. I want to hear her deepthroating, not your bitching." Without any warning, the rowdy jock making use of her uppermost cock-accommodating orifice reached down and wrapped one of his mitts around Tina's throat.

He clenched down with his fingers, intent on choking her while he thrust his pipe right past her tonsils and let a massive rush of spunk flood straight down the back of her throat. With his hand viced around her neck, Tina didn't have much of a choice of whether or not she swallowed his latest deposit into her belly. She looked up, through bleary and tear-stricken eyes, at the frat boy whose face she didn't recognize and chugged down his cum.

It took several glugs, but she managed to keep chugging until he had drained his balls into her stomach. All of the sudden, Tina felt her head rushing backwards and the cock that was lodged in her throat was wrenched out, leaving her hanging for a moment with her mouth agape and splattered with sticky spittle.

She could hear him snicker while he wiped off his cock on Tina's face, smearing a sticky house-made blend of spit and jizz across her cheeks like they were his cum rags.

Seizing the moment, she took a gasping breath and tried to choke down as much air as she could get. "See? She's achin' for another fat cock in her mouth!" she heard a feminine voice cheer from a couple rows back in the crowd. That one got a rise out of the crowd of onlookers, who chimed in with a chorus of laughter. Without another second spared for her to breathe, she felt one hand release her hair and another one snatch it up.

Then, another girthy schlong was stuffed in between her lips before she could even close her mouth. It continued like that for several blurry hours, passing Tina's head from one set of hands to another like a hand-me-down, pass-around fleshlight that just happened to take a big gulp of air every now and then between sessions of guzzling down a helping of cum straight from the tap.

Tina knocked back each shot of sticky glue, horking them down as quickly as they could feed them to her. It wasn't until the 6th load that she began to think back, wondering how she went from putting on a slim, figure-flaunting black dress that showed off her bubbly ass in the comfort of her own dorm rooms hours before - or days before, she conceded to herself that she had no real way of knowing for sure - to slurping down piping-hot loads of jizz like it was her reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

*** "Tina, what the fuck?

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We've 'gotta go!" rang a voice from across the other side of the dorm room. "I'm working on it!" Tina shot back to her dorm roommate. She was in the middle of cramming her jiggling rump down into a dress that was a whole size too small. The stretched-thin silk clung to her curves like saran wrap and the hem at the bottom rode up so obscenely high that it showed off more than a hint of her ass. Tina figured that this dress, albeit kind of gratuitous, she admitted, would show off her flirty side.

She admired herself in the mirror for a moment, and did some last-minute primping and tossing in her deep brown bob-style haircut and straightened her thick-frame eyeglasses.

She pushed up on her perky B-cup tits, making sure they featured prominently on her chest and what cleavage she had was on display in the dress neckline that plunged down to just above her midriff.

Tonight, she would be that cool girl from the freshman class that was sexy, witty, and always said the right thing - and everyone would want to get her number.

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"You look like a fucking slut," her roommate snorted from somewhere behind her. Tina whirled around on her heel and stuck up her middle finger in the direction of the voice. "Fuck you, Ari." "Look, girl, if you are tryin' to get fucked tonight, you couldn't have possible picked out a better dress for the occasion.

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In fact, you probably wouldn't have to do much." Tina noticed Arielle's voice trail off into nothing, and then felt a pair of hands clamp down onto the paper-thin black material and yank upwards. Tina's ass all but spilled out of the fabric and bounced animatedly for an unbroken 5 or 6 seconds.

"What the fuck, Ari?!" Tina protested, smacking at Arielle's hands while she fought to wrestle the dress back down into place. Defeated, Arielle laughed and turned away, heading for the front door of their shared living space.

"The fact that having your dress pulled up around your waist didn't show me all that much more than what I could see with it down should really tell you something about the message you're sending, honey." Tina looked back at her flatly and seemed to consider her roommate's words for all of a moment. After a beat, she crossed her arms with a huff and rolled her eyes. "Look, I'm just trying to have a good time. If I find someone to fuck, so be it. I'm not exactly going out looking for that to happen, either." "Whatever you say!" Ari returned, already most of the way through the threshold by the time Tina finished defending her wardrobe choices for the evening.

Tina started after her, snatching up her phone on the way out the door as the pair of them strode out into the hallway of the quiet dorm hallway. She didn't realize until she was sliding into the backseat of their party chariot that she had forgot to put any panties on, and by then she couldn't be bothered to go back.

*** Tina swung the car door shut with a loud "whump" and leaned over the door in the open passenger window. "Thanks for the ride! I left a tip on the app." "Suck his fucking dick, too, while you're over there! Come on, let's fucking go!" Arielle called out from behind her, already halfway up the drive in front of the the colonial-style white house emblazoned with the Greek lettering spelling out "Lambda Chi Theta" across the top beam supported by a row of Doric pillars.

For those not in a fraternity, the English spelling of "Lambda Chi Theta" was also written out next to their Greek counterparts, which Tina thought was rather considerate.

She scowled at her roommate and offered her another once-over of her tallest finger before glancing back at the Uber driver and mouthing a silent "I'm sorry." Scampering up the driveway behind her friend, she found herself unable to walk quickly in her cling-wrap dress and 3-inch "fuck me" (or, what she considered to be "notice me") heels. She skipped past a couple people already laying out in the grass in front of the grand old house who were appearing to conduct the age-old and time-honored fraternity tradition of getting shitfaced drunk and passing out with a cup of beer still in hand.

The closer she got to the front of the building, the more she could feel the bass threaded through the dance music emanating from the party thumping her in the chest with every throb. She arrived on the front steps just as Arielle was knocking on the enormous slab of oak that was the front door. "They're not going to hear you knocking. Can you even hear me speaking to you right now?

I can't." "Yes, I can fucking hear you. I guess we should just go in, then?" "After you." Arielle pushed on the door and, with no small amount of effort involved, heaved it open. The soundtrack to the house party was overwhelming now, mixing and mingling with the general uproar of dozens of conversations occurring throughout the party at the same time. People were packed wall-to-wall, shoulder-to-shoulder, all conducting chit-chat at a decibel level apropos that of cheering at a sporting event.

Arielle glanced back with a bemused look on her face and locked her fingers around Tina's wrist just before darting into the melee. Tina jostled passed people while struggling to keep pace with the lope that Arielle shot off into, dispensing "I'm sorry" and "excuse me" as needed.

Somehow, she ended up with a red cup of mystery alcohol along the way through the sardine can of human beings, as was the nature of frat parties.

"Ari, slow down!" Tina protested, pulling her arm back as they crossed through a hallway lined with mounted animal heads and 'Class of 1997' fraternity group photos in opulent, gold-leafed frames.

"Where are you even going?" "Going to get laid, stupid!" "What the fuck? Why do I have to come?" Tina stammered, suddenly abrim with questions about her first and only college friend. "Yeah, I'm going to go hook up with this guy I met in class. He told me to meet him in one of these back bedrooms." Arielle giggled. ". and I knew I needed to get you buried in this party before I snuck off.

Go have some fun!" "You're a real bitch, you know that? And who's the whore, again?" Arielle responded through a shrug, then spun on a heel and continued down the hallway towards one of the many bedrooms with closed doors, no doubt occupied by similar casual hookups.

"Don't get into too much trouble, roomie!" Tina pursed her lips and sighed. She was totally alone now, but at least she had her beer. She peered down into it for a moment, noticed it's slightly strange color, but elected to down it anyway.

She polished off the drink and let the cup fall from her hand to the floor to join the other handful of trampled empties, and then she headed in the opposite direction of Arielle. *** After a solid half-hour of milling about the castle-esque frat house, avoiding conversation, and minding the hem of her dress to keep it from riding up too high and exposing her forgotten panties, she found herself as an onlooker of a pair of frat boys playing beer pong on either sides of a rickety card table.

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By this time, she had accepted too many drinks that seemed much stronger than your average fresh-from-the-keg brew, but they tasted sweet and they went down like water, so she kept on drinking them as fast as they were handed to her. When she felt words tumbling out of her mouth while she stood beside the ongoing game, she was a passenger in the operation of her own inebriated pair of loose lips. "Whoever wins this next round gets my phone number!" Meanwhile, the sober Tina, planted in the back seat, internally nodded her approval at drunk Tina's bravery.

The one with the ping-pong ball in his hand halted mid-throw and smirked, glancing over at the girl who had just put herself up as a trophy for their casual game. "That so, huh? What's your name, cutie?" "It's." Tina paused, placed a hand over her mouth and hiccuped loudly before tumbling ass-over-end into a fit of giggling at her own drunkenness. ". Tina, duh," she finished. "Tina. Cute. Okay, Tina," the backwards-hat wearing jock repeated as he flashed a look over to his opponent.

"You good with this, Tim?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm good with that. I just hope we get to raise the stakes. A phone number doesn't necessarily mean anything, does it?" Tim replied in turn. "I don't know, Pat, we might have to have her up the ante on round two to something I couldn't find on her Facebook profile." Tim glanced over at Tina, arching his eyebrows as if to prompt a response.

"We'll see, boys!" Tina responds, with sober Tina still incredulously watching on from the back seat as whatever was spiked in that keg continued to goad drunk Tina further and further down whatever rabbit hole she has embedded herself in. At the beer pong table, her words of encouragement spurned an energetic game of sink-the-ball-in-the-cup.

Moments later, Tina was scrawling her phone number into the outstretched palm of the victor of the match. "Alright, Tina. How about something new?" Pat asked, striding over towards the even-more-drunk-than-before Tina. Her sober self watched nervously while he slid his hand around her waist and smacked right down onto her jiggling posterior. With his free hand, he plucked the cup of mystery hooch out of her occupied hand and set it down on the floor beside the makeshift beer pong table.

"Get under the table, Tina." "Uh, what does this have to do with the game?" "Just do it, sexy. You said we could up the ante, didn't you?" Tina shrugged and decided to go along with this next round of the game. The night was going well. She gave out her number, she's been flirting with a couple of hot frat boys, and she has had a lot of booze. As she pulled away from Patrick's loose grasp, she felt him swat her ass and spurn her forward.

She shrieked playfully, tip-toeing toward the card table. When she dropped to her knees on the hardwood floor, a dozen partygoers got an all-access pass to the viewing party of Tina's tight, pink pussy and puckered asshole.

Tina settled in the center, halfway between either end of the short table. "Alright, drop 'em!" Each pair of legs on either side of the table wriggled slightly, and then both frat boys dropped their pants down to the ankles and exposed their throbbing, veiny cocks that dangled down in between their legs.

Tina's eyes went wide, and she quickly snatched up the red plastic cup of alcohol from the floor beside her for a solid 5 seconds of chugging.

"Tina!" she could hear Patrick call from up on the topside of the table. "When you hear someone score on one end of the the table, you go to the opposite side and get to work.

You got that?" Tina, still stunned that she has found herself under the table between a pair of frat boy cocks. "Y-yeah. ! I can do that!" she squeaked out from the business side of the table. Tina, at this point, was committed.

She set out tonight to have fun, and to make her introduction to college life. The line between drunk Tina and sober Tina had been getting thinner all night, and drunk Tina was the one coming out on top. Drunk Tina wanted to suck some cock. Seconds later, she had one an inch away from her face. "Get to suckin', Tina!" she heard from the current points leader, Tim. She decided to try and her best to do as she was told. She had only sucked one cock before, and that was her high school boyfriend.

It didn't go well. Determined to do better this time, she decided to try and take a page out of porn video she had seen and hocked a load of spit right onto the head of the fuckstick bouncing in front of her face. She could hear a catcalling whistle ring out from the topside of the table, which only encouraged her. Tina gingerly leant in and popped her luscious fuckpillow lips around the head of the cock she was obligated to suck, and that's when she heard the ball bouncing across the table again.

Faint, slick, slurping noises started to regularly intermingle with the other sounds of the party while Tina eagerly sucked down inch after inch of the Patrick's bitchbreaker.

Her lips rode down his shaft as far as she could cram into her mouth, then back up the way she came. She could feel his girthy pole resting on her tongue while she toiled away.

"This girl is a fuckin' pro, Tim!" she could hear from up above her. "Make one, or I'm going to keep her for myself!" "Yeah, that worked so well with the last one, didn't it?" A muffled, plastic-on-plastic crack marked Tim nailing a shot into the cups on the other side of the table, and Tina immediately pulled her mouth off from Patrick's slobber-coated throat clogger with a "pop!" before turning about and crawling on her hands and knees over to the other side of the table.

She was greeted by another hard frat boy cock, except this time there was a thin white line of powder running down from the base to the head. She hesitated. "Come on, Tina, it's just a little something for all your hard work.

It's just something to make you feel good. Just make sure you get me all the way down to the base like a good girl." She continued to sit and consider this. She was drunk, which opened her up to the idea of sucking some random frat cock, but the confrontation of being face-to-face with the option of stretching her lips around another slab of meat and a side order of hard drugs brought sober Tina back into the decision-making process.

But Tina had seen people railing lines of coke off of coffee tables, countertops, and bare asscheeks all throughout the party, so she figured that if she didn't do this, her night of fun was probably going to end. It would be a party foul, and she wasn't about to have that on her college reputation before she so much as finished her first year.

Tina opened her mouth, and lurched forward. Within a blink, and accompanied by a healthy, throat gurgle, Tina was making out with the base of Tim's cock. She spluttered hard on his cock, blowing bubbles of spit that turned into dripping trails of goo that dribbled down her chin and onto his balls. Tina wasn't so concerned with what was coming out of her mouth compared to what had just went into it. The euphoric rush of the high sent her into the stratosphere. Everything else melted away; the crowd was gone, the table was gone, and the music quieted down to a whisper.

The only thing left in her mind was her, and the addictive cock she was charged with deep throating. *** "Did she do it?" Patrick asked, having stopped trying to score at beer pong a few minutes ago. "Yeah, she did it, and she's going fuckin' crazy on my dick down here." "Looks like we've got us a new frat house cumdump!" Patrick deftly overturned the table onto its side which sent the cups and ping-pong balls clattering down to the floor.

What was left in its place, situated between the pair of them and on full display for anybody interested in seeing some freshman party slut go to town on a dick, was Tina Shoemaker, who was high out of her mind and eagerly bobbing her head back and forth on Tim's 8-inch shaft. Patrick knelt down and met no resistance whatsoever from their cock-addicted dicksucker when he pushed up her dress up over her ass and to her waist.

He crouched over Tina's pasty, pale-white fat ass, lined up his cock with her pussy and rubbed his bellend back and forth in her warm entrance. "This dirty bitch is wet!" Patrick laughed right before he dropped his hips and impaled Tina on his cock. He started hammering away at her cunt, and clapped one of his hands down firmly onto her rhythmically jiggling ass cheek while he mounted her. Onlookers had started crowding around as soon as Patrick announced ".

frat house cumdump," phone cameras trained on the depraved show of which the cock-crazed Tina was the star. As people drank, filmed, and enjoyed their entertainment for the evening, they muttered to themselves. "What a whore." "She went out without any fucking panties. She had to have wanted this from the start." "Did you see her dress?" Tina was flying too high to have any shame for what she was doing.

She only knew that she loved this mouth-watering cock that was being thrust into her mouth, and the exact moment when some other massive rod slid deep into her desperate, aching pussy. She could feel him, through the fog of her senses, driving in and out of her dripping wet hole like he owned it. Frankly, he might as well have. Every so often, Patrick would deliver an open-handed palm smack to her bouncing derriere which would make her tense up and twitch as the spank sent an electric shock across her skin and right up her spine.

Her ass felt like it was on fire after about a dozen spanks, and that was when Patrick plunged a wetted thumb into her asshole. Her eyes rolled back behind her fluttering eyelids while she continued to smoke Tim's pole with the messy approach that only a drunk, high frat slut could.

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In her sex, drugs, and dick induced stupor, she was intent on making a name for herself. While Patrick's nutsack slapping pendulously into her belly, Tina set to work on Tim. She slithered her tongue back and forth, massaging the underside of his shaft while he bucked his hips forward into her fuckhole.

She clamped her lips down, sucking mightily until her pufferfish lips formed a vacuum seal around the man-meat in her well-lubricated throat. She flicked her eyes up, tilted her chin back, and batted her long, fake lashes up at Tim to urge him on to treat her like the partyslut that she has embraced being.

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"Here, Tina, have another." She could see Tim's lips moving, but what she heard felt like it was coming from dozens of miles away from her.

The neck of a small tube was slipped up into her nose and she obediently breathed deeply through her nose. Then, she blacked out completely. *** "That's right," Tina thought as she remembered what happened - she had taken that last hit of coke and conked out with her throat still stuffed full of frat dick; Tim's cock, as she recalled, who most certainly was not the one who was skullfucking her at the moment. This time, the one fucking her face was from her 3:00PM Biology class.

She had given Tim the doe-eyed "please fuck me harder" look, and all this college party boy seemed to be concerned with as far as her face is concerned is how to apply another makeup coating of his nutbutter.

On queue, she felt the familiar sensation of having her hair yanked back and her throat becoming suddenly and upsettingly relieved of duty.

She watched, enraptured, as her nameless partner stroked his pulsing member right in front of her face. Without thinking about it, she let her tongue fall out of the front of her face and openly drool down a streak of throatlube down onto the carpet beneath her.

"Ready for another glazing, hoe?!" the over-eager boy from class mocked. All Tina could muster was a nod.

She was ready. She wanted it. She closed her eyes as she felt the first strand of cream splatter onto her features and begin plastering on her skin. As she breathed a soft moan, another rope strung between the tip of her nose and the flat of her well-traveled cockcleaner tongue. A couple of spunk shots landed on her forehead and in her hair, and she took it all just as she had taken every other load that night - without objection. "TINA!?" She may have just woken up from her coke-induced nap, but she recognized her roommate's voice.

The tone of her friend's voice was a mixture of concern and confusion, but the next thing she knew she was being helped up onto her feet in the middle of the crowd. Arielle had pushed through the crowd and was holding Tina by the shoulders with either of her outstretched arms.


Tina was wobbly on her two feet because she hadn't been on them in several hours, so she essentially leaned into the support joists her roommate was offering while she looked dazedly onto her face. "Tina, what the fuck? I told you not to get in trouble.


Your ass is all over Twitter. There are pictures of you everywhere. Are you covered in cum?" Tina felt a smile form on the corners of her cum-stained lips.

"Look, I've got to get you home. You're completely wasted, and you clearly need to get out of here." Arielle was just trying to help, Tina figured. She had come back from her own random hookup to find her shy, socially-inept roommate the center of a pass-around gangbang with anybody at the party with a pulse and a hard cock given a one-way ticket to blowing a load into one of her 3 holes.

However, Tina didn't want to go home. Earlier in the evening, she had put on the skankiest black dress she could find, drank herself stupid, and then willingly blew two frat boys over a game of beer pong. She knew what she wanted to do - and that was to keep partying. "Hey, Ari?" Tina said softly, leaning into her roomie's ear.

"Go home." Leaving a stunned, slack-jaw roommate at her back, Tina turned away and looked back at her crowd of new housemates and licked her lips. "Who wants me next?"