My brother and I masturbated and then fucked

My brother and I masturbated and then fucked
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Adam and Kylie have been best friends since elementary in the fourth grade. Both 18 and born in October, they related to each other both liking football and family guy. Adam liked Kylie ever since middle school when he turned 13. She had nice firm tits with puffy nipples. He knows this from their sleepover when Kylie wasn't wearing a bra. she was skinny, but with hips that stretched wide. Adam was a horny guy, jacking off 3 times a day.

All he can think about when he was jerking was Kylie sitting on his face and moaning. Adam couldn't take this anymore. He was a virgin, he was horny, and he wanted Kylie.

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Adam knew he had to do something. Approach Kylie somehow. He went home that night and formulated a plan.

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He was going to walk the one block that it takes to Kylie's house, and he was going to fuck her while she was sleeping. He walked to kylies house and opened the back door to her room. Kylie didnt move or show any sign of waking up. Adam slowly turned her over. Kylie snorted, but stayed sleeping. He stripped her pants off and stared at her thong for two minutes before moving again. He had the biggest fucking boner ever.

He slowly moved her thong to the side and started lapping at her tight pussy like a dog. It was so tight you couldn't see the clit. It looked just like a lip. Kylie didn't move.


She didn't feel Adam at all. Adam stopped. He couldn't take it. He jerked a few times and came all over kylies sleeping face. This time she woke up with a start. "What the fuck?" Kylie said to herself. Her eyes adjusted to the dark and saw Adam. "Adam?! What the fuck are you doing here? Did you just cum on my fucking face?" Kylie's parents were sleeping so Adam didn't know what to do. "Shhhhh." Adam said. "Let me explain." He didn't have time for small talk. " I loved you since I was a horny teen.

All I ever wanted to do was fuck you." Kylie was still getting over the initial shock of Adam cumming on her face, and even being in her room in the first place. "Fuck you. You could of told me instead of waking me up with cum all over my face" Kylie shouted. Adam heard the the hardwood floor in the hallway creak.

It was Kylie's mom. "Adam?" Laura asked. Laura was kylies mom and we are familiar with each other since we're family friends. "What are you doing here?" Laura turned on the lights at looked at Kylie. "Is that cum on your face? Adam what have you been doing with my daughter?" Adam was shaking. "Kylie had nothing to do with it Laura.

I just walked into her room and came on here face." Laura looked pissed. The next thing she said was the most shocking think and something I never thought I'd hear out of her mouth.

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"Fucking finally." Laura said. "All Kylie can think aboutis you. The feelings mutual." I had the weirdest feeling. Laura liked me? I had fantasized about laura before but never would of thought that she would have mutual feelings. "Laura what do you mean? Adam asked. Kylie was just sitting in shock. "I want a three some" Laura said.

As much as Adam couldn't believe it, he wasn't going to pass this up. Laura was a nice curvy lady. She weighted about 130 pounds and tits that came past half her arm. She was the definition of a sexy milf. I took down my pants without hesitation. I threw Laura on the bed and she let out a squeal of surprise. "Oh Adam you don't waste time do you?" Kylie jumped off the bed and watched in the corner, pulling down her thong so she can rub her sweet pussy. Adam didn't forget about Kylie.

He was saving his best game for her.

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Right now he focused on Lara. He literally ripped off all her clothes and roughly shoved her against the wall. He was going hard core on Laura. His cock was a smooth 8 inches, any girls fantasy size. Laura was divorced, and hasn't had sex in 3 years. Her pussy was as tight as a virgins.

Before he could enter Laura, Adam had to get a handful of her sweet tits. They were gigantic. He cupped on in one hand and sucked on the other one.

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After getting his dose of titties Adam went on to Laura sweet pussy. He entered quickly not worrying about Laura. His cock jammed for a sec since her pussy was so tight. He came out and went back in ramming her pussy fast and as hard as he could within 2 minutes they both game. Adam threw laura to the other side of the room and signaled for Kylie to come on the bed.


"Suck me off." Adam said. Kylie did just that. After Adam felt like his dick was lubricated enough he wasted no time. He put Kylie in doggy position and stuck his cock in her tight asshole.

Kylie gasped. She has never had sex let alone done anal. But it felt so good. Adam kept going. Harder and harder as Laura gasped and moaned. Laura felt left out. She jumped in the bed and started sucking her daughters pussy.

Kylie moaned but didn't feel concerned that she was getting licked by her mom. Adam finally tired but it was all worth it this was the best night of his life. But not only that.


This was the start of a new special relationship between him, Kylie and Laura