Gey gay sex xxx Eighteen yr old Jeremy Sanders knows a few

Gey gay sex xxx Eighteen yr old Jeremy Sanders knows a few
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First time writer. School and the local restaurant where Anna worked part time as a waitress, had been one hell exhaustive for her. She had been recently promoted to the 11th grade. A baby-blue-eyed, blond, 5' 6" slim girl, with C cup cleavage to accentuate her curvy hips, Anna had no problem giving free boners. However, she was no way a slut or even close to that. Her upbringing in a reserved manner, and her superior conscience despite being just 17 years, had taught her the rights and wrongs of morality.

She had had boyfriends before, but all they ever wanted was to bang her every time they met. Blame it on her innocent eyes, and seductive, full lips. But she preferred a long time commitment, and none of her age was prepared for that. So, with a super-hot figure, her pussy was all cobwebs.

The ad about the new iPhone 5 had her in a trance. She wanted that new toy, but it was way too much her parents would pay, so after pondering, and bickering with her parents, she decided to earn it, and took up a night shift job as a waitress in a restaurant her friend told her about. It paid more than normal. Her owner, Susan, was a big busty woman who would go to all limits for more profits, so had taken up a new route compelling her waitresses to wear tighter & smaller uniforms, without undergarments in exchange for greater pay.

Anna was too desperate to pass up the opportunity, so took up the job. The bad part, it wasn't helping. She was already exhausted by school homework, plus the constant embarrassment she was feeling at restaurant. Hell, she didn't even have time to vent her sexual urges. It had been three weeks, and she was about to suffer from nervous breakdown, when she decided to break this monotony.

She would have to call off a day, which meant forgoing 20 dollars. After enormous debating within her, she reluctantly made up her mind. She had been extra-flirty with Tim and his two hunky friends, Joshua and Andrew. They were on their high school basketball team, and close friends. Tim, 6', slightly lean but muscular, dark black eyes to highlight his pale face and jet black hair, was quick witted than Andy; 5'6" blond and stocky built with a slightly tanned skin that drew attention to his bulgy biceps in his always-sleeveless shirt, or Josh; 5'8", with a stylish goatee to compliment his blond hair and keen, darting blue eyes, also hefty built.

It wasn't that Andy and Josh were typical bullies who preferred using fists to brains, but Tim had an air of smartness about him, that spread an aura of warmth and happiness around him. Anna couldn't help being near them, occasionally dropping a spoon or knife near them, and bending full to pick it. She could feel the heat of the three pairs of eyes glued to her tiny back and further on.

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It was good she didn't wear any panties or her wetness would have been more noticeable. Three weeks and Anna's upbringing was fast fading. Now she wanted to be treated like a slut. Being banged by more than just a single guy had been her long fantasy, and gangbangs were filling her dreams more vividly.

And her dreams were of the trio, repeatedly banging her virgin glory-hole, and slowly, she started formulating a plan for an end to her sexual frustrations that seemed to be piling like forever since the last three weeks. It was Friday night when she finally found the courage to put her plan to action.

She decided to call off on school; to hell with grace marks. She knew her desired trio would be there in the restaurant, for a quick snack after their game; which she had learnt a couple of days back when flirting with Andy. Doing her usual light makeup, tying her blonde hair into a pony tail and the sexy red lipstick that went elegantly with her uniform, she headed to the restaurant.

Sure as a goat, the trio's car was parked down the road near the restaurant. Adding a confident smile to her pretty face, she entered the restaurant from the back door. Changing into her skimpy uniform, she asked Susan when the trio had come in.

'It's been just two minutes. It's your table, go before it's late.' Said Susan, adding a wink, which made Anna blush.

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Tim was looking extra-hot today, with his trimmed goatee which he was stroking while smiling and talking to his two colleagues. The trio was looking around and smiling, which was something they never did.

To hell with those looks, Anna told herself. Steeling herself, she headed to the table. 'The usual fries and a ham sandwich, guys?' 'We want something out of usual today.' Andy said, making his friends smile.

'Oh, there is our special mushroom soup, and then the ' 'It's you we want today.' Andy cut her off in a low voice. What the hell! And I thought I was the only one here who wanted to be fucked!

Anna thought to herself. She thought about playing it sly. 'Well, that's a rare speciality, but can be arranged.' 'Now.' Andy added. She didn't know what to reply to this. 'I. Um. well.' 'You're coming with us.' Tim said, looking directly in her eyes, which made her feel weak-kneed on the spot. The slickness between her legs was growing sickly unendurable.

She could feel the other two pairs of eyes undressing her. She wanted them so bad she couldn't resist the urge to quieten her lust hole with her finger, but Josh caught her hand. 'You'll have plenty of time later.' He said, while the trio were getting to their feet. 'But where will we be going?' She asked. 'My place, slut.' Andy said when they were out of doors. 'The thing is, you've been giving us three something to wank on. All this has been decided between us. We planned to kidnap you tonight, and make sure our baby-making-goo found its home.

But since you've spoiled it, well. That puts things in a lot new perspective.' 'But Susan's going to fire me if I'm not here tonight.' Anna said with concern in her voice. 'Shut up slut. No one gives a fuck.' Andy said.

If Josh hadn't been holding her hands behind her, Anna would've cum twice down the way from restaurant to Andy's car. She expected to sit in the rear, but Tim opened the front door for her. When she looked at him inquiringly, Tim said, 'We don't want you wasted during the way. We will be doing it the proper way once we get to Andy's.' All the tension was driving her crazy.

'Let's see what we've got for our slutty waitress for tonight.' Said Tim thoughtfully once en-route. 'Three dicks, six balls full of cum, and alcohol to go wild.' Josh said while Tim and Andy erupted in laughter.

'Oh yes, we'll see how good our slutty waitress is at taking orders. Three dicks, and three holes, to be precise.' Josh continued. Violent fear gripped Anna as she realised what the trio had in mind. She had fantasised about her mouth and pussy being fucked, but she had definitely not given one thought to anal. She knew it was painful, and a very small portion of her friends had gone down that path, with a large faction of them being forced by their boyfriends.

Well, she was about to join their league. 'You guys are kidding, right? You don't want my bum?' she asked fearfully. 'As a matter of fact, we want the bum. That's the fun, isn't it?' Andy said, while jeers erupted from the back seat. As she contemplated the fact, Josh's hand came up from the behind, and cupped her left breast, making her moan. His hand left her body.

When it didn't return, she looked back at him, enquiringly. 'Well, that was to make sure you're awake and horny.' She turned to Tim pleadingly, but he merely grinned back, with a bulge deforming his jeans in front. All this was making her horny by the moment. It was hard to walk out of this situation, since these guys had officially "kidnapped" her. Upon reaching Andy's house, Josh poured out three glasses of wine. 'So, which one of you isn't getting a drink?' She asked noticing the three glasses.

'You won't.' Replied Josh. 'No way-' 'Oh yes.

You won't.' Josh cut in. 'We want you to remember each and every moment of tonight. There'll be no mercy, and you'll remember this the next time you choose to work at Susan's.' 'We guys like to get a little wild with girls.

Specially slutty waitresses.' Tim said in a dreamy fashion. After their drinks, during which Anna only had a glass of water to quench her thirst, the trio dragged her down to the basement.

When Any switched on the lights, Anna's eyes widened with fear. There was a four-poster king-size bed, covered in white sheets. To the posts were attached chains. There were also various equipments and stands here and there, with chains, dildos, and ropes attached to them, which Anna was seeing for the first time. 'We find it necessary to discipline girls from time to time.

Some even come back for multiples doses of our special treatments.' Tim said enthusiastically. 'But don't worry, this is your first time, so you won't be sampling each of our machine, though we would more than love you to do that.' Anna was constantly dripping.

Suddenly, Josh seized her by her throat, constricting her windpipe, and dragged her to the bed, while Tim and Andy swiftly chained her wrists to the bedposts, forcing her on her stomach. Next, Tim ripped her uniform in one fluid motion from her body. 'No, please ' She was cut off by Andy's slap on her face.

' Shut up bitch. We lay down rules here and we don't take a no for an answer.' Growled Andy. Tears welled in Anna's eyes. 'Just so you may know, you've been one helluva tease for us the last four days. So we thought for some nice punishment, and we agreed to nothing but some good old fashioned ass-slapping that works every time.' 'Yeah!' Tim and Josh agreed in unison. 'Two slaps per day seems right, so its eight slaps. And two for spoiling our time. Two for wetting my car's seat.

And two for fun.' Tim said while Andy and Josh exploded in laughter. 'That makes fourteen slaps on your but, doesn't it?' 'Please - ' started Anna but was cut off by another slap from Andy on her face. 'You will be counting each slap you receive. If you miss, we'll start again.' Tim finished. And before any warning, he slapped Anna's right ass cheek just above her ass-hole with a nice thwack.

'Aaaaaahhh.!' Anna cried. 'I said, count.' 'One-' A second slap on her left ass cheek cut her off. 'Two!' And before she could draw in her breath, a third slap resounded in the basement.

Her previously pale butt was now turning a cute rosy colour. The pain on her butt slowly started fading to pleasure, sweet pleasure. Her screams now were of lust and ecstasy. Desire and longing filled her screams now and it was turning all four of them on. While Tim was busy slapping her ass, Andy and Josh had removed their clothes. Anna was enjoying her slaps with closed eyes. 'Twelve!!!' 'Thirteen!!!!!' 'Fourteeeeennn!!!!! Aaaaahhh!!!' With the last slap, she had cum the hugest and most pleasurable of orgasms in her life.

No wonder girls often came back for this. When she finally opened her eyes, she was turned on more by what she saw. The trio was naked to their feet. All three had nice muscular cuts adorning their bodies. Tim, albeit taller, looked quite handsome with his abs and at least 9 inches long and two inch thick manhood in his hand.

Josh was 7 inches, and nearly as thick as her wrist. Andy had a 8 inch slim penis that complimented his stocky build. By morning, all three cocks would have had their fair share of her ass. 'Like what you see, eh? Cuz we do.' Josh said, stroking his cock. Anna sighed in reply. 'Let's begin the show!' Andy said, moving to a drawer and taking out a bottle of KY jelly. He applied a large finger-full to Anna's asshole, and circled his middle finger over her asshole.

It was driving her crazy, and she let out a moan of pleasure. He slowly started inserting his finger in her hole. Reacting naturally, she tightened her sphincter. 'Relax baby. Trust me, you'll enjoy it.


Force my finger out like you do when you shit.' Andy said. As Anna did what Andy said, his finger plunged an inch further in her. 'You're doing it fine. Keep pushing my finger out.' As she started relaxing, Andy slowly started finger-fucking her ass. The pain was receding now and Anna started enjoying what Andy's finger was doing. Josh couldn't take it any longer and sat down in front of Anna on the bed, his cock poking her lips. Anna knew his intentions.

Though she had not given her fair share of blowjobs, she knew the basics. Opening her red luscious lips, she started taking Josh in. She had taken barely 4 inches when his globular head hit her throat wall. Slowly swirling her tongue beneath his head, she touched the sensitive spot, and Josh gave a deep moan.

'Damn! Keep doing that baby!' Andy's finger was pushing deeper and deeper inside her, making her moan on Josh's cock. 'Mmmmmmmmmmm.!!!!!' 'Aaaaaaaaaahh!!! You're a pro at sucking Anna!' Josh was crazy with Anna's sucking and the vibrations on his cock.

Wanting to fulfil one of her fantasies, Anna decided to deep-throat Josh. Slowly, with her head bobbing on his cock, Anna pulled him a further inch inside her velvety mouth. Taking a deep breath through her nose, she tilted her head down, aligning her mouth and her throat in a line. As if on cue, Josh slowly pushed his well lubricated cock further down her throat until he was in her up to his balls. He had never been deep-throated before because most girls couldn't stand the pressure of his two inch thick cock on their throat walls.

But Anna was probably born for deep-throat. Anna didn't know the feeling which was emanating from Josh's warm cock as he was slowly pulling and pushing it in her throat. She licked his balls, driving him further crazy. She could feel the veins in his cock bulging out, and felt something warm flowing down her throat. His precum.

'Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum down your throat!' Josh cried. And he did with a few more thrusts. His cock erupted with his semen which went all down Anna's throat. Anna pushed him out until he was only in her mouth. She wanted to taste his cum. 'Oh you love cum, don't you, slut?' Josh said as he erupted further in her mouth. The string of his cum hit her throat wall, gagging her.

She fought the urge to sough, and enjoyed the warm, pungent liquid in her mouth. 'Damn girl! You've made me crazy! I don't think we should let you go. You are too talented to be let go.' Josh said. 'Tim, you should try her mouth next. She's damned talented at this!' Tim was slowly enjoying the scene in front of him, Anna squirming, cum overflowing out of her mouth.

She was on the verge of cumming a second time with Andy's finger, when Andy pulled out his finger. 'We want you to enjoy this. An orgasm now won't be so enjoyable.' Andy said. 'Tim, she's ready to go.' Tim had already lubed his cock thoroughly. Moving forward, he caressed Anna's inner thigh lightly. 'Please! Fuck me!!!' Anna cried desperately. 'Oh yes! That's the spirit!' Tim said, placing his cock on her anal opening, and pushing in gently. Despite Andy's fingering, Anna was still very tight.

'Relax Anna. Do what Andy told you. Push my cock out.' Tim said, slowly inching in. As Anna relaxed, Tim furthered in.


She was squirming with pleasure, as Tim started thrusting in and out, slowly going deeper with each push. He was barely 4 inches in her when she started moaning. 'Oooohh!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Fuck me! Harder, Tim!!! Fuck me hard!!!!' While she was being penetrated from behind, Andy took his turn to deep-throat her.

As he sat down in front of her Anna took his cock the entire length in her mouth. She shifted on her knees to switch to a rhythm, moving forward and backward, so that she could have at least one cock in her. Moving backward she took Tim inside her as far as her virgin ass allowed almost 6 inches now -then moved forward to facilitate Andy's head to her throat. A few more thrusts and she could hear Andy's deep groans that somehow drove her further crazy.

Andy pulled on her ponytail, forcing her on his cock, almost spluttering her from the sudden surge of meat in her tight oesophagus, and moan loudly, sending waves of pleasure up Andy. When he couldn't hold on any longer, he tightened his grip on her hair, making her scream with him in her mouth. He came in huge spurts. This time it was so intense that Anna spluttered over his sperm, hardly able to breathe.

Andy came in copious strings of thick cum, while it overflowed out of Anna's violated mouth. 'Damn girl that was beyond awesome! You're right Josh! She is talented' Andy said once his orgasm subsided.

With Tim pounding her from behind, Anna's screams of pleasure filled the entire basement. Looking behind, she marvelled at herself for taking all 9 inches of Tim inside her.

He was increasing his pace with every thrust. A sign that he was about to cum. Anna wanted to cum with him. Holding as long as she could, with three horny guys with dicks to more than satisfying her three weeks of suppressed urges, it was a hard job.

But she was doing a good job of holding it back, and finally, Tim announced amidst his deep moans that he was about to cum. 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!' was the cry that reverberated in the basement as Anna and Tim came in unison. Collapsing in a heap of sweat and cum covered sheets, Anna passed out with the intensity of her orgasm. That was even without touching her pussy at all. When she recovered, she could see Tim going to the bathroom for a pee as well as cleaning his shit-covered cock.

'Please unchain me now. My hands and shoulders are going numb with all the. um. activity!' 'Okay, considering that you've been so compliant the whole time, we will unchain you.' Andy said, while moving to a drawer to take out the key and unlock her chains.

When he had unchained her, his cock jumped instantly to life. In front of him, he held the most beautiful sight. Anna lying on her back, with arms on her body to contract her over-stretched muscles, her hair, previously in ponytail, now spread behind her, and her legs spread. Both arms were on her breasts, which perky all the while, now hidden from view, compelling him to move them and suck at her pink areolas.

He knew the trio had baited the right fish for tonight. Anal had been Tim and Josh's idea, Andy preferred pussies. And since it was now his turn, he would not leave the opportunity to have a fresh pussy on his rock-hard dick.

'Okay Anna, let's give your ass some rest. How about your pussy? Think you can take my manhood up your womanhood?' Anna blushed in reply, driving Andy crazy all the while. He moved between Anna's smooth as silk legs.

She had carefully gotten rid of every hair that threatened to hide her pussy, and in the end, had applied some odour-free lotion to smooth her legs. She knew what drove guys crazy a smooth, hairless pussy was on the top of the list.

Andy sat beside her, and touched her breasts lightly. She squirmed with his touch. He needed to taste her C-cups. And he did. Wetting his lips, he moved near her left breast, circling his tongue round her hard, erect nipple. A sharp intake of breath and instantaneously Anna's hands in his hair told him he was doing right. Making sure her nipple was wet with his saliva, he furthered it in his mouth, sucking on it like a child greedy for lollipop.

Lightly nibbling on her nipple tightened Anna's grip on his hair.

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He was driving her crazy. An art Tim and Josh were not up to date with. Josh had always wanted his sex rough, but Andy was one romantic and sensual. Sexually pleasing himself and his partner. And Anna was more than being pleased by his alternate sucking and biting, she was crazy and ready to cum. 'Pleeeeeeeeeeasssse!!!!!!!

Don't stop Andy!!!' as soon as he had drawn his mouth to sample her right breast. Doing the same on her right breast made her cum. 'I think you're wet enough for me.' He said simply. Moving between her legs, he could smell the pungent smell that emanated from a teen pussy. Parting her swollen outer labia with his left hand, he inserted his middle finger in a very tight pussy.

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Something was wrong. He couldn't feel the obstruction, even with his full finger inside her. But the tightness was there. 'Anna, are you virgin? Because if you are, I'll stop here. I don't want to ruin you.' He asked with concern. 'Yes I am. But I lost my hymen when I was a kid in 3rd grade. I was trying to mount a horse, and I fell down. My pussy was bleeding at that time and there was intensive pain too, but I didn't know that I had torn my hymen.

You can continue. I've never had anything thicker than my own finger there.' That explained the tightness. Well, who gets a virgin without a hymen every day?

Andy had secretly thought why God created hymens for? Such useless pain. But here was his chance to please a virgin without causing her pain. Immaculate pleasure. 'Well, you are very fortunate then. No pain, only sweet pleasure! I promise I'll make this enjoyable for you.' He said finally. Anna knew she had turned to the right trio for a gangbang.

It was working.

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She had been pleased anally and orally. Now it was vaginal pleasure she would experience. (To be continued.)