Black in a Pregnant Pussy

Black in a Pregnant Pussy
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This is the third story in Swim Buddies, enjoy. And sorry for the delay and the shortness of this one I have been going through a lot of things lately and completely forgot about writing these. Even though it's shorter than my others hopefully it's still good to you guys.

We all woke up to the sound of my alarm at 5:30 in the morning, sadly after last night's fun I forgot to turn it off and now I was regretting it. But not for long because when I got up to go shut it off someone grabbed my arm. I turned around and it was Jeremy just lying there staring at me, "Morning Ryan." He said with a smile. "Well well well what are you doing in my bed Jeremy?" I said to him.

"I just wanted to sleep with one of the most amazing people I've ever met." he said. "Oh is that so? Well you weren't that bad yourself last night." I said to him.

"I was wondering do you wanna have some fun just the two of us?" he asked shyly.


I smiled with delight at his sudden push towards sex. "Ok Jeremy, come on." I said as I got up and started to head towards the bathroom.

I turned around for a split second to see Jeremy sitting on the edge of the bed with his cock sticking up making a tent in my pajama pants. I smiled and turned around and started to walk towards the bathroom again with Jeremy not far behind. I got to the bathroom and waited for Jeremy to come in too and I quickly and quietly shut the door. Jeremy almost instantly had his clothes off and had thrown them to the floor.


"I guess you're ready then Jeremy?" I said smiling. He nodded his head in approval and walked towards me; he grabbed the bottom of my shirt and flung it right over my head and onto the ground.

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He looked at me with his lustful eyes and we just stared at each other for a minute before I moved in to kiss him. He saw this and he pulled me right in and started, very passionately, making out with me.

With our bodies so close together I could feel his dick growing to its full 6 inches next to mine. This made my dick grow to its full 10 inches in my pajama pants. Jeremy pulled away from kissing me and smiled while moving down to kneel on the ground. He then proceeded to pull down my pants and start to rub my dick through my boxers.

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Then he pulled down my boxers and started to give me a handjob while sucking on my head. This felt so good that I had to sit down and while I was sitting Jeremy never stopped on my dick. While he was sucking and jacking my dick with one hand I saw that he was jacking himself with the other hand. I told him smiling "Dude you don't need to jack yourself!" and so he got down next to me and we both laid down on our sides.

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With Jeremy still sucking on my dick the entire time I was in heaven and so I decided to return the favor by giving him a well deserved blowjob. We continued to 69 for maybe 10 minutes before Jeremy took my dick out of his mouth and said the best words I have heard in a long time, "I want you to fuck my asshole." Now at first I was all for it but then I remembered I didn't have a condom on which I told him and he said, "Dude it doesn't matter to me if you have one on or not I just want you to fuck me." And with that I said ok and stood up.

I then used Jeremy's saliva as lube to plunge into his waiting asshole. His asshole was still pretty loose from the actions of last night but it was still a little tight but he and I both loved it. As soon as I stuck my dick into his asshole he moaned with pleasure.

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As I slowly fucked with more intensity with each pump he grew more and more aroused. In seeing that I grabbed his dick with my left hand and jacked it while I pumped my dick in his asshole. He seemed to love this that he moaned quite loudly which I quickly had to shut up.

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I kept at this procedure for a good 10 minutes before I felt his asshole tighten and I saw that Jeremy came on the floor. He then asked me to let him lie down on the floor so that he could lick it up. I agreed with him and slowly started to kneel down to the floor with my dick still in him. He layed down on the floor and started to lap up his fresh cum.

While doing this I started to fuck him again but with more force this time. I did this for some time and I felt the urge that I needed to cum.


"Where do you want me to cum? I'm about to explode!" I said with haste trying to get a quick response. "I want you to cum inside me Ryan. I want your cum all inside my ass." And those words set me over the top. I had one of the best orgasms of my life. After I shot about 6 loads into his ass I took my dick out and rolled onto the floor with my cum covered dick on top of me.

Jeremy looked over at my dick, with his ass in the air and the cum draining from his asshole, and just proceeded to get all of the cum off my dick.


After he had drained it dry and completely cleaned all of it off we decided to take a shower together. We had fun in the shower and jacked each other off for a bit and then got our clothes back on to go back to sleep. We both got into my bed and I looked over at my clock which read 6:30. "Wow man, we had such a great time I didn't even know we spent an hour in there!" I said with excitement as I turned to face him. When I faced him he gave me a very lustful kiss and we both went to sleep.

To Be Continued&hellip.

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