Wilde Familie Seite von Juwelen Jade und Jenna Ross

Wilde Familie Seite von Juwelen Jade und Jenna Ross
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*** It would really be a good idea to read the other chapters before this one so you know what is happening. They can be found by clicking the authors link above: JadeM Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been sending Pms, commenting, and basically taking time out of their busy lives to let me know they like what I do.

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Goodsex, WetLust, Darethmortuus, Elaken-Palmer, leed's 13th Child (Go Rhino's!!), and Sprout69. Please remember that English is not my first language but I am trying to be better!*** All for Mr. Redman Chapter 10 My life has been blessed in many ways. Each day I find a new reason to be grateful for many things that have happened and the people I have shared those experiences with. Like any other adult I have had people enter my life who have since moved slowly back out of it apart, our feelings diminished for each other as time flows around us.

That is simply the nature of things. karma is karma. When we are lucky enough to encounter a person who we share a powerful connection with, one that transcends simple friendship or physical contact, that is a wondrous moment and a joy for both spirits.

You will recall that in the last Chapter Peter and I, and of course Jessica, had to come to grip with a massive life change.

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That change came in the form of Peter's 12 year old son, Matthew. Matthew's advent had been a shock for everyone, including Matthew. His mother, Jessica, had not been entirely truthful about where Matthew's father was when he was growing up. Just eight months ago he had learned from his Mother that he did have a father, who was alive and well, and lived less than three hours away from them. Matthew also learned that his father had not contact with him for one simple reason.

Peter had no idea that Matthew existed. Poor Matthew also had to contend with his Mother's lies about where his father was when he was growing up, the fact she was terminally ill, and that basically everything was changing for him as well. That first Sunday evening, Peter and Jessica sat down with Matthew for a real conversation about what was happening.

We were still at Peter's parents home. I knew that they probably needed some alone time to talk and simply walked outside into the yard. I sat on their porch swing and started to think about how my life with Peter was going to change.

I did not focus on any one particular aspect, I simply sat and waited and calmed myself. I find that when I release all the swirling thoughts and calm fills me that answers seem to emerge all on their own. So, simply put, I looked at the garden. I saw a lovely quartz stone that had been carefully placed at the edge as part of the boundary for the flower bed.

I sat and watched the stone and waited for it to grow, focusing all my attention on the rock growing. I hope you understand why I was doing this as an exercise in meditation. I assure you that there was nothing funny in the brownies served by Mrs. Redman. I'm not sure how long I was there but I felt a hand come to rest on my shoulder.

I drew a deep breath and turned to look at who was touching me. Matthew was standing there smiling in a shy way. "Sorry Sachiko, I said your name a few times but I don't think you heard me. Mom and. Dad want you to come and join us.

They asked me to get you." I smiled at him and said "I am so sorry Matthew, I was thinking." "What about?" He asked with interest. "Oh many things and nothing. I can tell you though that I know something with absolute certainty." I said.

He smiled at me and said "What do you know?" "That you are very lucky to have a father like Peter. That he will always be there for you and you will never ever have to worry. Things will be hard at first, new beginnings of any kind in life can be hard. But all things can be overcome if we all want them to be. and we are honest and try." I said looking at him with a calm expression. "Dad keep saying you are going to be around.

Are you going to be? Or are you like one of Mom's boyfriends and just kind of come and go?" Matthew asked. I regarded him silently for a moment and said "That was a very direct question. I hope you will understand if I give you an answer that may not be as direct as you would like, but is the best I can offer at this time.

I love your father very very much. I am not going to lie and say that the sudden appearance of a 12 year old son in his life is not a situation deserving careful consideration." Realizing I was about to get long winded I invited Matthew to sit with me on the swing.

He did so watching me carefully. I could see he had very bright eyes and was gifted with a keen mind. He was still young but I knew he needed nothing but honesty from me if this was to work. Smiling I said "Matthew, until today the road I saw myself travelling with your father was a long one. We have discussed longer term matters and over time we find our decisions concerning anything are becoming more entwined with our faith in each other and the belief this is not a simple love.

but an enduring one. In a way I have to thank you for making it so clear to us both, you and your Mother. I cannot picture in my head another surprise that will test us like finding out he has a son and that it is not about just Peter and I. but now you Matthew are part of our life's equation." Matthew was nodding and watching me like a hawk.

I knew the fact his mother had lied to him for so long really had upset him. I know that only honesty would ever allow us to start in a way that would last. "You father and I could have ended our relationship over this. We almost did through no fault of our own and due to. well, you heard what was said. right?" Matthew nodded "Yeah, I heard it all and heard what Mom called you. Sorry about that." "That's very sweet Matthew but it is not your place to apologize for that, and your mother already has, so that is in the past.

I am going to tell you something Matthew. and I ant you to understand I am being totally honest with you. I always will be as I think that is best way for us to get along well. Once you entered the equation that is a big change as I said. I have given this careful thought and your father did basically tell me I could leave and he would not hold it against me.

Matthew. I am not leaving, I have chosen to stay. your father has my heart and it soars with with. You are so important and so integral to his life now. so I choose you two. Matthew if I was going to leave it would have been today, earlier. Don't tell your Dad but I plan to be here. with him and with you.

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for a very long time. You can count on that. I swear it to you." Matthew looked kinda stunned and smiled brightly "Wow. Your nothing like Mom's boyfriends." "Well, if I was I think your father would not be comfortable dating me.

he isn't into guys." I said smiling. Matthew laughed and settled down and said "So. um, I call Dad. well Dad. What should I call you? Mom feels kind of weird and." "I understand your situation. Since you said my first name is fun to say.

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why don't you just call me Sachiko." I said smiling. "Okay." he said smiling. I took his hand and said "Many tings will happen over the next year or so. Don't worry. it will get confusing, their will be hard times of loss and confusion. but no matter what happens just remember that your father is a rock you can put your back against.

He is a wonderful man and I am happy you have him as you should. I will be there as well. I am not perfect, but I will always do my best. okay?" He smiled and said "Yeah. thanks Sachiko" Leaning in I hugged him. He didn't hesitate and when we parted he smiled and said "This is so weird. but kind of cool. I have grandparents I didn't know about. I have my father. a real father. My mother is actually calming down. and my Dad is dating a super nice lady." I smiled and said "Why thank you Matthew." He looked around and said "I am supposed to be bringing you to Mom and Dad.

but can I ask you some really dumb questions?" Laughing I said "Okay. sure, why not." Matthew nodded and said "You're Japanese right?" "Yes. That was not a dumb question Matthew." I replied smiling. "Oh, the stupid part has not started yet. believe me" he laughed. "So. do you know Martial Arts?" I started laughing and said "Yes.

I have studied Martial Arts. Also not a dumb question." "That is so cool. Okay. so you speak Japanese right?" he asked. "Actually I speak Italian and English." I said keeping a straight face. "Italian? But I thought Dad said." he began. "Don't I look Italian to you Matthew? Is it a problem I speak Italian?" I said with some seriousness. "Okay. you are playing with me.

Dad said you speak Japanese. By the way. you don't look Italian at all. you look, well, Japanese!" he said and started laughing again when I put on a pout face. "I want to speak Italian, it would be cool." I said "Wait. you said you wanted to ask dumb questions. Matthew these are good questions, not dumb ones. We are getting to know each other and these are fine." "Okay. here is a dumb question. will you teach me?" he asked. "Teach you what? To speak Japanese?" I asked. "Yeah. and maybe Martial Arts too?" he added shyly.

"hmmmmmmmm." I turned and looked out over the garden for a moment, then turned back toward Matthew and said "Those are not dumb questions. The only dumb question is the one you fail to ask that prevents you from learning. But before I would agree to teach you anything I would be speaking to your father.

and your mother. I also want to know that you are serious when you ask to learn something. By that I mean, do you commit to it and not just waled away the moment things become a challenge or difficult. I am sorry but I have to ask.

are you a quitter?" Matthew shrugged and said "I don't know. I play hockey and like that a lot. Mom never really lets me do things like.

well what I asked. She thinks studying Martial Arts is kind of stupid and makes fun of it when I ask. If I said I wanted to learn Japanese she would make fun of that too. I go to a French language school, but French is pretty easy." "So you can play hockey and speak french as well?" I said. "That's good to hear. My French is terrible." I added laughing. "Yes, but I. Japanese is so cool.

I really want to learn it." he said. "Well, we will see but we better go see you parents." I said and we got up to join them. That was the first conversation Matthew and I ever had. It set a tone for our relationship with each other that has endured to this day.

Matthew is very much like his father, a thoughtful and intelligent young man with a compassionate spirit and a gentle heart. When we walked in the house Peter was standing in the kitchen at the counter with Jessica. They had been watching us talk. I knew it had to be hard on her, given the situation. We sat together again, with Matthew at first, and basically just found out more about him to help us understand his motivations and his needs. When we were done speaking Matthew went with his Mother to help her get upstairs and settle in for the night.

Peter was simply exhausted. I went with him to his old bedroom and he got onto the bed. I helped him to undress and he fell asleep in the middle of a sentence. I should have been as tired as he was, but needed to think for awhile about all I had heard and ensure I was prepared myself. I wandered downstairs and made tea. Once I had a cup, I went back into the yard and sat down at the patio table. This was going to be different, but it also offered opportunity and was going to be possibly the most rewarding thing I had ever done.

I was not a mother, but I was confident that I could be a help to Peter and at least a good mentor and friend to Matthew. Finally, my mind stopped and I went to Peter's room and undressed and crawled into bed with him.

I awoke to two things, the sun shining in the window and the most delicious feeling of pleasure radiating from my pussy. I reached down and found Peter's head nestled between my thighs, his tongue gently exploring me.

I moaned and he brought his head up and smiled at me, wrapped his arms tighter around my thighs, lifting me back to his mouth. Now that I was awake his efforts became more urgent and his probing tongue and sweet mouth sucking and licking my pussy sent me into sweet orgasm.

I stifled my pleasure by putting my pillow over my face. As I was coming down from it he lifted the pillow off my face as he crawled up my body and without a word sank his amazing cock deep into the welcoming folds of my tight little flower.

I arched my back, and wrapped my bare thighs around his waist as he began gently but steadily moving his cock in and out, sending waves of pleasure through me. I grabbed his head and pulled him down to me, locking my lips to his and hungrily exploring his mouth with my tongue, his wonderful cock never breaking it's sweet movements.

I felt him tensing up and kept kissing him, moaning and whimpering into his mouth, his thrusting began to become frantic as he started pounding me as his own orgasm approach. His vigorous fucking caused me to fly into heavenly orgasm as he started pumping his hot seed deep into me. He gradually slowed his thrusts and stopped, still kissing me while buried deep inside me. As we stopped kissing and stared into each others eyes he said "I love you Sachiko.

I missed you. and never ever again will I ever doubt you." "I love you and promise you the same my love." I replied. We laid as we were enjoying our intimacy and then realized how much our life would change with a simple knock at the door and a voice saying "Dad?

Sachiko?" We froze and I admit it, I started to giggle. Peter had more on the ball and said "Yeah buddy?" "Um, Grandma says breakfast is ready." Matthew replied. "Okay, we will be right down. Sachiko is just waking up." Peter added lamely. Matthew was silent a second and I could hear the laughter in his voice as he said "Okay Dad." I stared at Peter and said "Oh.

that was embarrassing." as I blushed. Peter started to laugh and said "I think we have some adjusting to do." "He is not stupid, does he know about sex? I think he does." I said stating the obvious. Peter groaned and said "If there is a God he has already had The Talk I hope. Oh I fucking hope so." We cleaned ourselves up and once dressed went downstairs. We ate with the family, but I could tell from looking at Peter's parents and Jessica that Matthew was not the only one who knew what happened.

I realized my first moan probably gave us away. That and the bed making that age old noise. There was a lot of running around I had to do that day as classes were starting in two weeks. Matthew was going to be going home with his Mother today, but would be back to get enrolled in a school here in the City.

After some discussion it was resolved that he would be enrolled in a private school since it was the best educational opportunity for him, and eliminated the worry about where we would live. Peter also announced he would be looking for a house. I looked at him at that point because we had not discussed that, it made perfect sense, but still acted as a point that drove the reality of the situation home to all of us. I saw Jessica seemed to be pleased to hear that.

She did not make a lot of eye contact with me. She had a number of things she needed to do, and Peter volunteered to help them out. Since Jessica had her own car he would travel with them. He asked me to take his car and use it. They said they would be back by Thursday, three days hence. Nodding I offered to help them as my errands could wait.

Jessica smiled and said "It's okay, but I appreciate the offer. If you can get your errands done over the next few days it will definitely make things easier when we come back. Matthew will need help getting settled and maybe you and I can spend some time together." I smiled and agreed with her. Shortly after breakfast Peter and Matthew loaded the car.

When they were ready they headed out to the car after saying their goodbyes to Mr. and Mrs. Redman, Jessica said good bye to me and gave me a hug. As we hugged she whispered quietly "I owe you a big apology. You were wonderful with Matthew last night." I smiled and quietly said "Thank you, but it is easy.

You raised him well." She ended the hug and gave me a smile, before turning and heading to the car. Matthew stood there and said "I guess I will see you later." and looked a bit at a loss as to whether to shake my hand or hug or what.

I made the decision for him and embraced him in a hug. He hugged me back and I said "I think hugs are a good." He was smiling as it ended and I added "We can talk about the language lessons and Martial Arts later.

Now is not the best time." "I know. Small steps" he said. They drove off as we waved them on their way. Mr and Mrs. Redman came over to me and each hugged me. "Well I guess you really are diving into the family with both feet" she said smiling. " "Mrs.

Redman. I am going to need your help, and my mother's. I have no idea how to be a mother." I said admitting my fear. She laughed and said "Sweetie, none of us do. It doesn't come with a manual or a licence. You have a good idea from what you experienced growing up. and a good heart and I promise you. you will not be doing this alone. That's what families are for. You can do it.

I think you have everything it takes. You know I always wanted to be a Grandmother." she said laughing. Remembering the first time we met and the joke we played on her about being pregnant I joined her and we were soon having a laughing fit.

When I left I promised I finish my errands and be ready for their return. Once I was driving I used my phone (hands free of course) to call Barbara and bring her up to speed. She was openly happy for Peter and worried about Matthew, and said I was a saint for stepping up in a way no one could expect.

I laughed at her and said I was no saint. We joked about some of our sexual exploits and she agreed that maybe that was too strong a word. Barbara said she would bring Amanda up to speed when she got back the next day and that they expected me to meet them for drinks.

I went to the University and did what I had to do there. Don't ask me why, maybe I was getting into the role of Pseudo Mom, but I went by the private school they had chosen and arranged for a meeting on Friday. I then texted Peter and told him what I had done. After that I decided to go to Ikea. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I was focused on looking at things for Matthew. In the end I didn't buy anything because I was not sure what he would like.

I decided after some consideration that Matthew and Peter should be there, probably Jessica too, because this was a selfish act to deny them participation. Simply put, I was not sure I had the right to make these decisions. It was not that I had doubts about what was happening, but everything was still sinking in and my role had yet to be defined. I was not sure about my boundaries in this situation and until I understood them I did not want to cause offence to anyone.

I got back into the car and drove to Peter's and went nuts cleaning and settling myself back in. I played music and was dancing as I cleaned. I knew I was home alone and would not, for a change, be interrupted so all I was wearing was panties and a tank top.

When my cell phone rang I dove onto the couch to get it. I hate voice mail! I was a bit breathless when I answered. A male voice I quickly recognized said "Sachiko? Is that you?" "Hello James! How are you?" I asked feeling happy he called but also feeling a twinge of guilt inside. "I'm wonderful, but I think the bigger question is how are you?" he said with a caring tone. "Well I'm fine." and I filled him in on what had happened.

He was really happy I was okay. Then caught me off guard asking what I was doing that night. "I'm. I'm not going to lie to you James. I have no plans and almost have Peter's place ready for a Home and Garden layout. I did tell him what we did together." He was quiet for a second and said "Good. So he must have. well he. what did he say?" "That he almost had sex with Jessica, he slept with her and he would have, but it was not possible because of her health." I said.

"He. he is relaxed about it then?" he said enquiringly. "Well he couldn't get mad at me, but I don't think it is something he would forgive a second time, and with everything that has happened. I don't. look I know you were not looking for sex, and I started it, but we cannot do it again James. I'm sorry but it would not be right." I explained.

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"Hey, that's not a problem. I am really happy that you guys are okay with each other. It. watching you suffer was really hard. I waited as long as I could to call. I was not sure it was even a good idea." he said. "Well, I did tell him and even told him how wonderful you are and that you saved my life. He wants. we talked about having dinner with you." "What? Um, wow that's not what I expected." He replied "Maybe it. well if he is all you said, and I don't doubt that, well then sure why not." "Okay, can I call you when he gets back?" I asked.

"Well, there is something else I think I should tell you" James stated. "You're married?" and I started laughing. James roared laughing and said "No you smart ass, I'm not married. Jesus girl. you and your one liners. No, I was wondering if you could help me out tonight." "Help you? I think given I owe you my life that I can help you." I replied. "Please, you making too big a deal out of that and if you don't want to do this I will understand." he said by way of explaining.

"I need you to come out with me to a work thing. Some people I work with are getting together and to be honest I need a heat deflector. One of the women I work with is. well she is always trying to set me up. and maybe even likes me herself, but it would be a massive mistake.

If you could come out and just accompany me maybe that will back her off. I know it's dumb, and I should just tell her to get lost, but she is related to the boss. Politics." I was quiet for a moment and said "Can I call you back? I need to ask Peter what he thinks and clear it with him." James laughed and said "Yeah, definitely. This is so weird." "I'm thinking that also, but I would feel better and have a better time if Peter gave his consent.

I will call you right back." After getting off the phone I thought about it and knew inside that James would not try anything now that he knew Peter and I were together. I called Peter and filled him in and he chuckled. He agreed to it and told me to have a good time. I thought he would say something about "Not too good a time" but he didn't. I asked if he was sure and he said "Yeah, I'm sure. I trust you and I know that no matter what happens you and I are fine." "Peter, what do you mean no matter what happens?" I asked worried.

"I told you he won't try anything." "Sweetie, if he is under as much pressure as I think you may have to be pretty convincing. He can't tell that girl to fuck off without a problem. If you have to act like a girlfriend to him to make it work I know I don't have to worry.

All I'm saying is well. make sure it works." "Peter, I am not." Peter cut me off and said "Look I have to be blunt because I don't want them to walk in on this conversation. Honey, you have helped me fuck how many women? You never play with guys. you have played with him and trust him. I'm not saying you have to do anything tonight you don't want too. but have fun and make sure this works. I do want to meet him by the way, that was not an idle comment." We got off the phone and I sat there stunned.

Peter had just basically told me that he recognized James as a good guy and wanted him to be treated like a Trusted Fuck Buddy. Up until this point Barbara and Amanda were our only Trusted Fuck Buddies. I wondered what Peter was up to.

I knew we were fine together, we had sex with multiple partners more than just a few times. but never had a man joined the inner circle. I considered that and called James back and told him what was happening and that Peter was cool with everything and had told me to be convincing. James went a bit quiet and said "What exactly does that mean?" I laughed and said "That you can be sure that by the time we leave tonight she will have no doubts that I am not just some smoke and mirrors stunt." "Oh, okay.

Well. that would really help. I like my job, but she is making saying no harder. Thanks a lot Sachiko, I appreciate your help." Once we were off the phone, and details were arranged for me to meet him at the wine bar, I thought about what to wear. What would a woman wear to a classy bar that would also send a sexy and man claiming signal.

With my tan and dark hair I decided that a red cocktail dress with a scoop neck, and tasteful eye makeup and lipstick that was a seductive shade of red would be in order. Nylons and heels were going to be a must.

I finished cleaning and then went and showered. To put it frankly I did the whole "Big Date" preparation. I had my long black tresses curled and wore them in an up style, with diamond earrings and a matching three strand white gold braided rope necklace and a diamond pendant that sat nicely at the top of my cleavage.

With black nylons with a hint of shimmering silver and my 3'' stilettos I found my overall look to be exactly what I wanted. James was going to have his mind blown. I had a glass of wine and listened to music as I waited until it was time to leave, and then took a cab to the wine bar they had chosen. When I walked in I saw the group almost immediately, thanks to spotting James. He was dressed in black dress pants and shoes, and his gold coloured dress shirt looked amazing under his black blazer.

I don't know who picked his shimmering gold solid tie, but it looked spectacular, kudos to them. When James saw me I saw my look hit him like a thunderbolt, exactly what I hoped. He separated himself from the group and I noticed two women watched him closely as he walked over to me. When he reached me I slid my arms around his neck sensuously and gave him a kiss on the mouth. He ran his hands up my back and when the kiss ended he looked at me and said "Holy shit!

If that didn't convince them maybe the fact you are the most amazingly beautiful woman in the bar will." he said smiling. I put my arm through his and walked over to the group. He introduced everyone and it was not hard to figure out that the two women had somehow had a wrench thrown into their plan. Gee. who could have done that? We actually had a good time and I never left his side, always hand a hand touching him on his arm or hand and basically acted like a devoted girlfriend who was happy to be out with such a handsome man.

I knew questions would come. I handled them all easily. When I went to the bathroom the two women who had been trying to capture James accompanied me. Of course I got questioned and told them how wonderful he was, and all the fun I had with him on Saturday and gave them a wink without giving details about the evening.

When we got back to the table I kissed James again and basically picked up where I left off. Around midnight we said our goodbyes and headed out the door arm in arm. Once outside James turned to me and started to laugh. "I think we can class that as a problem solved." I smiled at him and kissed him lightly. James said "I thought we were finished convincing them." "James, I confessed to you the other day about the other women that Peter and I have been with." I said as I was running my hands up and down his arms.

"Yeah, you mentioned that rather hard on inducing fact. lucky bastard." He added with a smile. "Well James, he feels he has been kinda selfish.

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that maybe we need a man to join us. to help us be a bit more fair. to help make sure I am satisfied" I said as I leaned in and kissed his neck. "He gave me permission to do what I want tonight. but only with you." James chuckled and said "Do I get a say in this?" Smiling at him I said "You don't have to say anything. just do." "Holy shit Sachiko you're serious." He said like he just realized I was not lying. "You actually did talk to him and you really did get permission." He went quiet and added "Let me ask you something." "Okay" I said gazing up at him.

"If I asked you to call him right now, and give me the phone, and let me talk to him. would you?" I took out my cell phone and called Peter.

When he answered I said "Peter, I'm with James, we just left the restaurant. He is asking to talk to you, he wants to be sure you are aware of what I am trying to do." "Okay, put him on Sweetie." Peter said. I handed the phone to James and he got on. I only heard his side of the conversation and Peter did most of the talking.

James was surprised at first, then he seemed to accept it. He finished and handed me the phone. "Hello my love." I said "Honey, he sounds like the right guy for you to have for a playmate. You were right, I think I would actually like him.

So tonight, you do whatever you want. I love you and I'm not worried." Peter stated. "I love you, come home soon." When we hung up I looked at James and said "Satisfied?" playfully.

"Oh hell yeah I'm satisfied about that." he smiled. "Come on" and I walked him to a cab. Maybe I am a bit perverse, but I took James to Peter's. Once we were inside I didn't wait. I walked ahead of James, unzipping my dress as made my war toward the bar. James stopped walking and just watched. I poured him a Jack Daniel's and added Coke to it. I glanced over at him and let my dress fell off my shoulders to the floor.

I looked over my shoulder at James and saw his eyes sliding up along the curves of my body. I could tell he liked the nylons, heels, and red thong I was wearing.

Smiling, I moved to the stereo and turned on my Ipod, selecting my Sexy play list. Once the music of Enigma started to play, that hot beat filling the room, I turned around and smiled at James.

I began walking back over to him, noting he had not really moved from the entry. I swayed my hips and stopped part way there, running my hands up my body, caressing my self as I danced in place. I did this while keeping eye contact with James. Using a gentle pelvic thrust and slow sensuous hip rotations I gradually rotated myself until my back was to him.

Bending at the waist I slowly slid my hands down my legs and pressed my palms to the floor by my shoes. I bent at the knees slightly and rotated my ass in time with the beat of music. I slowly stood back up and turned to face James. I smiled at him and said "Your drink is over here." and gestured over my shoulder. " Holy mother of God, you are fucking incredible." James said slowly and deliberately with a voice full of conviction.

I giggled and turned around and walked over and picked up his drink and sexily sauntered back over to him. James took the glass, downed his drink, and said "Right. you are in trouble!" I laughed and then cried out "Oh no.

not Trouble!!" as James picked my up over his should, slapped my ass and carried me to the bedroom. I could not stop laughing and he tossed me onto the bed, making me bounce as I landed. Crawling backwards toward the headboard I was smiling playfully as James stripped off his clothes like it was a time Olympic event.

When he pulled off his boxers his cock sprang free, proudly erect and pointing straight at me. "Is that for me?" I said giggling. "Oh yeah. its all for you. Now come here." he said pointing at the side of the bed he was standing at.

"What if I said NO." I replied to his demand slowly crawling away from him to the opposite side of the bed. "So that's how it is Sachiko?" He said calling me on my playfulness. Smiling at him and preparing to evade him I said "That's how it is James. If you want to fuck my tight little Asian pussy.

or my slutty little ass. you're just going to have to catch me!" James chuckled throatily and said "I think I can catch you. and when I do. I am going to fuck that sweet little ass until you beg me to stop." "Promises promises. get your cock inside me and maybe, just maybe, I will believe you." I said with a challenging smile. "I play rough little girl." he said by way of warning, but I could see this little game was really stoking his fire.

"You don't know what rough is. your Kung Fu is weak." I said adopting a fighting stance that was far too sexy to be practical. "Oh, it is on!" James cried as he dove across the bed to get me. I twisted and evaded his grasping hands, then dove right over him to the opposite side of the bed. I landed and bounced off landing in a crouch on the floor. I have to give James credit, he turned very fast and too late I realized he was a wrestler. The way he spun showed he had talent.

I crawled backwards as he jumped off the bed and landed on the floor close to me grabbing my foot. Laughing the wrong response to his grabbing me as he pulled me backwards toward him.

He flipped onto my stomach and with a strong jerk he was over top of me. "Time to fuck little girl" he said triumphantly as he straddled my legs and pinned me to the floor on my stomach using his weight. He grabbed my thong and ripped it off me, the flimsy lace snapping easily in his powerful hand. He stopped me a moment and admired the view of my lovely ass, its firm and curving cheeks, and soft skin.

Bringing his hand to my ass he, began massaging and kneading, caressing and exploring it. "Sachiko. I don't know how, but I can't help myself with you. I have never seen a woman as wonderfully graceful as you. You are so sensuous and yet so innocent. but seeing you like this. naked. waiting to be fucked hard and deep.

you become the most splendid little whore." Leaning forward he kissed my neck while still massaging my ass. I could feel his tongue sliding over the back of my neck. One of his hands came up and gently wrapped itself in my long hair. Using his grip on my hair, he pulled my head slowly to the side, exposing my neck fully to him. I felt his tongue flick on the side of my neck. then his teeth coming to rest on my skin.

He gently bit my neck causing me to moan. his lips locking on with his teeth and he started sucking hard on my skin. I writhed under him, part of me wanting to break free. the part of my that was giving in to this won out easily. I wanted this so much. James moved back off of me and pulled my to my knees, with him kneeling behind me. He never let go of my hair and reattached himself to my neck, biting and sucking on me. His other hand came around my waist, slid down, and he began to use his fingers to gently massage my pussy and clit with a slow sensuous figure eight motion.

I was panting against him, loving this. James took his mouth off my neck and said quietly into my ear "You called me on, you dared, me. and I said it was time to fuck little girl. I am going to fuck all of you. use all of you. and I hope you can take it.

I didn't realize what a fucking whore you were. and I don't mean that in a bad way. how could any man not want to fuck the shit out of you once they see the heat in your eyes, the way your hips sway when you want to fuck. I love your perfume, your lips, your skin. your hair that is so soft and silky and perfect. I love the way you whimper. and I am going to fuck you tonight.

I am going to use your body. I want to remember this night for the rest of my life." I moaned as he said these things "Please James. use me. take me. own this body tonight.

I want you to do everything you ever wanted. I want to give my body to you. the body you saved." James helped me stand up, and he turned me toward the bed and pushed. I fell onto the bed and James jerked me up onto all fours. He slapped my ass, causing me to whimper, and said "Oh fuck I love how your ass shakes when I smack it" He began raining slaps down on my ass.

I could feel it beginning to burn as my skin was heated and turned red under the spanking I so needed and deserved. I was being a slut, fucking this man with permission from my boyfriend, and loving what he was going to do. I wondered if it made Peter hard or aroused thinking of what would happen to me tonight James stopped spanking me and got behind me, wrapping his arms between my thighs and up, placing his hands on my ass cheeks and spreading them.

He pulled me up, my knees leaving the bed, my face and chest falling onto the mattress. He sat upright, my thighs over his shoulder and his mouth locking onto my pussy, my body draped down the front of him.

James started sucking my pussy, his fingertips teasing my asshole. He tongue fucked me deeply, sucking on my pussy and drinking the juices flowing freely from me. I was so fucking turned on and was moaning and whimpering as he just held me there, helplessly enduring the hot oral loving he was rocking my pussy with.

I felt my orgasm approaching, moaning louder and loader I started yelling "Oh sweet fuck.eat my pussy.oh fuck yes eat me." James captured my clit between his teeth and started rapidly flicking it with his tongue. That was it. I came so hard I almost passed out, screaming out incoherently as I squirted, soaking his face, neck and hair.

He let go of my pussy completely and let me spray all over him. "Oh fuck yeah you fucking slut. soak me in your juices. God I could taste this and breath your sweet scent all fucking night." he yelled as he lifted and tossed my hips forward, making me somersault forward and come to rest on my back. I was still gasping from the powerful orgasm he had given me when he grabbed me under the arms and dragged me back to the edge of the bed.

When my head was over the edge he let go. I was staring up at him, standing over me. His erect cock and balls were hanging over my face as my head hung backwards off the edge of the bed. James stepped back and looking down at me he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up as he leaned down and gave me a hot kiss, out tongues duelling in lust.

He stood up breaking the kiss and said "The first night. I wanted to pin you like this and fuck your throat my own way. I want to see my cock pounding your mouth. I want to cum all over that gorgeous Japanese face. I want to see you covered in my cum." Lowering my head back he presented his cock to my lips.

I licked the tip and then opened wide. James did not hesitate and drove his cock in part way, letting me get it nice and wet, and then he pulled back and slammed it in again driving it into my throat.

James then began fucking my face, using my mouth and throat. it was so fucking hot. He held my hair at the back of my head, keeping it in place, and put his other hand around my throat.

I knew he could feel his cock going in and out of my throat. With his cock pounding my mouth and his balls hitting me in the nose and eyes, slapping me, I could not see if he liked the sight. I was drooling from this mouth fucking and could feel it running down my face, ruining my carefully prepared makeup. I didn't care, I loved his white cock using me like this. I felt his hand leave my throat and suddenly he slapped my tits causing me to scream and gag as he was fucking my throat.

I am a gifted cock sucker, I've been told I am an expert, but getting your tits slapped hard while getting your throat fucked is a challenge I have never quite overcome. "Oh fuck yeah, gag for me your slut. gag all over my cock while I slap your amazing tits. I've always dreamed of this. having a sweet demure Japanese girl to violate." His kinky dirty talk made me even wetter, I felt like I had a river flowing out of my pussy.

When he began slapping my clit hard my body arched and I had a shattering orgasm, gagging on his dick, and squirting all over the bed. James' cock started to throb and I knew he was going to cum. He jammed his fingers in my cunt and curled them up, rapidly finger fucking me and hitting my G spot.

I started to slam into another massive orgasm as he pulled his dick from my mouth. He stroked his cock before my eyes and shot his hot cum all over my face, covering my cheeks, lips, nose and forehead with rope after rope of his hot man seed. As I lay there, my head hanging off the bed, my chest heaving with the force of my breathing and my body quivering, he took his hand and smeared his cum all over my face.

I could feel the heat of his cum and the heat of my cheeks as I flushed in delicious shame with the sick kinkiness of it all. "I didn't think you could look more beautiful, but seeing you cum smeared face, seeing you look like this. it is so fucking amazing." He slapped my cheeks with his cock and then stepped back. He grabbed me by my hair and throat and pulled me right off the bed. He forced me to stand and half walked, half dragged, me to the bathroom.

He stood me up in front of the mirror and whispered into my ear "Look at yourself, look at your face." Staring into the mirror I saw my ruined makeup, his drying cum, and the tears I did not even know I had shed while being face fucked. The mixed fluids had dripped off my face and I could see the drops on my tits, the string of saliva from my chin connecting my breast and face. I was a vision of perversity and slutty degradation.

If I was supposed to be feeling degraded though, why did it look so fucking hot? Smiling I said "Are we going to get to the fucking anytime?" James' eyes went wide and he started to laugh. He pushed me over to the wall by the shower, pinning me there as he turned the water on. Once it was at a temperature he liked he shoved my into the shower ahead of him turning my face into the spray. I loved the feeling of the hot water running down my face and body.

I could feel James' cock hard and needing my pussy pressing into me at the top of my ass.

He pulled me back and grabbed my hair, holding me at at forty five degree angle. I felt his cock nudging my pussy and he shoved it into me, ramming it home into the depths of my hot and hungry little cunt. His hands came to my hips and he started slamming into me, making me scream in pleasure. I put my hands against the wall in front of me and started thrusting back at him.

"Holy shit you slut. you love this don't you?" "Yes. Yes. fuck me James. oh God yes please keep fucking me. keep pounding me with that hard cock." I cried out. He did, fucking me through an orgasm he had to hold my up by my hips, my upper body hanging down in sexual surrender as he kept fucking me.

I don't know how long he fucked me, but when he came the slamming impacts of his cock against my cervix made me scream and jerk upright.

He grabbed my throat from behind and held onto me tightly as he filled me with his cum. My legs were quivering, and he stepped back and let me sink to my knees, my legs folded under me, leaning forward onto my hands as the water poured down onto me. I was soaking wet and filled with cum. I was motionless there.

breathing and feeling the exquisite throbbing in my pussy from the hard fucking he had given me. Just as I began to wonder where James had gone I felt his hands start to caress my back. He glided them over my body and pulled me onto my knees.

I was positioned like a dog waiting for whatever would happen next. I felt his one hand spread my cheeks and his cock head coming to rest against my tight little Asian rosebud. I didn't think I could take anymore pleasure. "Please. please I need a rest." I begged.


"No little girl, there is no rest for you, just a nice deep ass fucking." and James began pushing his cock past my tight ring, and popping into my ass. He grabbed my hips with both hands and buried his lubed cock deep into my ass, his pelvis coming to rest against my cheeks. I cried out with the penetration and he spanked me again. "That's right Sachiko. that's right.

scream for me while I fuck your sweet ass." He fucked me relentlessly and without regard for anything but the feel of my tight ass gripping his hard powerful cock. I was wracked by orgasm as his hand slid down and he began pinching my clit with his fingers. There was nothing I could do but shake and quiver and cry out in pleasure as he used my ass. This was about him, not me, but I was definitely reaping the benefit of his crazed lust. When I felt him shoot his third load of the night into my body and heard his cry of pleasure I was in heaven.

We collapsed together slowly coming to rest on the shower floor, his weight on my back and the hot water raining down around us. I felt his heavy breathing in my ear and slowly he began gently kissing my ear and neck. "You are fucking amazing Sachiko." I laid there recovering and felt him beginning to gently bathe my body. He sat me up and washed all of me with great caring.

He washed my hair and made comments marvelling at it. When he was done I bathed him from head to toe, gently stroking him and kissing his skin as I did so. After showering we towelled each other off and went into the bedroom.

I laid on the bed as James left the room. He returned with two ice cold beers and let me tell you, they tasted really damn good. James kept smiling at me and we just chatted about life. I told him everything about what happened with Jessica and a lot about Matthew. He felt tremendous sympathy for Jessica and Matthew, but he felt especially sorry for the years Peter had missed with Matthew. James has no children and could not imagine how Peter must feel every time he thinks on it.

He said what I felt as well, it would be easier to feel more sympathetic for Jessica if she had not denied Peter those years with Matthew. The beer felt great and the long day and the incredible fucking I had received from James caught up with me.

We were both tired and laid down to sleep, James curling himself around me. I was just nodding off when James said "Are you going to marry Peter?" Snapping to full awareness I said "He has not asked." James said simply "Then that man is an idiot." I rolled over to face James and said "Don't say that about him.

Peter is not an idiot and you know it. If he asked me I would say yes in a heartbeat." James replied "I only mean he is an idiot for not asking." "He will when he is ready." I said less defensively. "Sachiko, I'm sorry. I should not have said that. It's just that. never mind." I poked his chest and said "Don't do that.

you can't start a sentence like that and not finish it. What were you going to say. and don't say nothing important." "Okay, you want me to be honest. If I was in his position I would have already bought the ring and I would be putting it on your hand right now." He said seriously.

"James. oh James." I sat up and turned and stood up next to the bed turning to face him. "You. you cannot say that to me. Your an amazing man, and you make love like a God, but.


we can't be like that. You cannot fall in love with me. This is a friendship with benefits. you can't fall in love with me. Please don't put me in this situation." James sat up and said "Wait. I said if I was in his position, I'm not. You don't love me and I don't love you like that. but if I was him. him. I would have already bought the ring. That's all I'm saying." I understood what he meant and maybe it was because I did feel something for James that I reacted like that.

I smiled and said "Sorry, I just, I've never we have never let a man do this with me. I was always worried about a man getting too attached. Exactly what do you love me as?" "Shit" he started to laugh "You heard that eh? Well, you are like a wonderful breeze, a flower, a light. You came into my life.

I will make you cum if you promise to eat it CEI

literally by accident. and even though the circumstances of that day were not the best you had this light about you. this feeling that I adored. I could have listened to you and spent time around your for days. The fact you decided to make things physical. that was great to. I love the light and life you carry with you, the friend you are, and the way knowing you has really made a mark on my life.

That's how I love you. No way would I marry you. I can't keep up." and he started to laugh. I got back on the bed and grabbed my pillow and smacked him with it. We laid back down together facing each other, our legs and arms entwined. I kissed his lips gently and said "I'm really glad that you are in my life too." We curled up and fell asleep happily. Just before sleep it dawned on me I was going out with Barbara and Amanda that night.

I guess maybe I will have to speak to them about all of this. and I missed those two!