Girls get a suprise at the beauty shop

Girls get a suprise at the beauty shop
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Sharing Dawn Again Continued from, My first Time Sharing Dawn After Dawn left, Dave and I settled back into our routines. He was making the "perfect mix tape" and I was finishing up an article in a magazine. I kept reading the same paragraph over and over and couldn't comprehend what I was reading. I put the magazine down and sit up on my bed and looked his direction. Without looking up from his mix tape project, he asked if I was pissed at him.

I let him know I wasn't mad, just worried Dawn was going to start digesting everything and freak out later.

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Still without looking up from his cassette tapes he shook his head no and said "I don't want anything to come between us, I appreciate what you guys did for a fat kid tonight. I'll never forget it, but don't want to cause any stress on you guys". I assured him we were good and that I'd call and check on Dawn later.

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An hour later my mind racing got the best of me and I called Dawn's house. This was before everyone had cell phones and we didn't know what we were missing with constant communication yet. Dawn's brother answered the phone and let me know she wasn't home yet, but would leave her a note to call me.

Another hour went by and I heard the phone ringing. My parents were in bed so I hustled to the kitchen to take the call before they woke up. I answered and heard Dawn on the other end. I tried to be smooth and asked if she was OK. She replied she was good, but I could tell her tone was different. I told her I was sorry and didn't mean to upset her. I hoped she would't be freaked out by our crazy night. She wasn't very talkative, but said she was fine. She told me she had to go and would call me tomorrow.

I told her good night and hung up the phone. The next day came and Dave went home in the morning. His dad was in for the day, he was an over the road trucker, and he wanted to hang out with him.

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Dawn called late morning and we talked for about a half hour. Her tone was better, she seemed normal on the phone. We talked about getting together for a movie and pizza. The evening came and I picked up Dawn at her place. She had on a pair of shorts that came down to her knees and tight fitting top.

Once we were about a mile from her house she opened her purse and pulled out a folded up piece of cloth. The closer I looked I saw that it was a mini skirt that she had bought earlier in the summer, but was forbidden to wear.

I laughed and enjoyed the show she put on for me while she changed out of the shorts and pulled the skirt over her hips. She was wearing a tiny little pair of white silky panties. Her tan toned legs were already causing my dick to stir. I reached out and put my hand on her thigh, slowly working my way up under her skirt. She playfully smacked my hand and told me to pay attention the road. All was good and normal once again in my life. I took a detour on the way to the pizza shop and parked at a barn about a mile outside of town.

Dawn knew something was up and asked if we were doing some farming. I had helped a friend of my uncle's bail and stack hay here the year before. I knew it was pretty secluded for me to be with Dawn.


We made out in the front seat of my car for a couple minutes when I reached under her skirt and felt her wet pussy. I made a comment that someone was excited and she chuckled a little before saying "of course". I fingered her and messaged her clit as she took over the tempo in kissing. She was biting my neck and feeling my dick when I unzipped my cargo shorts and pulled them down for her. She immediately swallowed the head of my dick and began giving me a blowjob that I've come to love from her.

She was on her hands and knees in my front seat bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I reached back and pulled her skirt up revealing her tan ass with the skimpy panties. Just the sight of her ass and her mouth on my dick made want to blow my load. I tensed up and told her I was close. She stopped sucking my dick long enough to say "don't cum in my hair, I'll swallow it". We had a mishap a few weeks earlier when she took her mouth off my dick long enough to get sprayed while I was cumming.

She wasn't happy to have cum in her hair for the rest of that evening. I felt myself cumming and heard her starting to make slurping sounds. I was obviously filling up her mouth faster than she wanted to swallow. I finally told her I was done and she lifted herself off my dick slowly. She looked at me with the most serious face and asked "do I have cum in my hair or on my face?" I laughed and told her no.

I asked if she wanted her turn, but she declined and said we should get out of there before some farmer shows up and rapes us both. I laughed as I pulled up my shorts and started the car to pull away. The pizza place was packed and a lot of guys were staring at Dawn's legs in that skirt. She seemed self-conscious about it, but I was proud she was with me. After we had eaten we talked about how we had about an hour to burn before the movie.

We talked about running over to the mall or the music store in the plaza. As I was pulling away from the pizza shop, Dawn asked me how Dave was after she left last night. I told her he was fine and pretty dramatic about not wanting to cause friction between the three of us. She didn't say anything for a minute and asked me what I thought about last night. I wasn't sure how to read her tone and didn't know what she was fishing for. So I just told her I thought it was fun and we were just young adults messing around.

I laughed a little and imitated Dave's voice "fucking hotter than a porn star". She laughed and seemed to relax. She asked me if I liked what we did and would I ever want to do it again. Again I wasn't sure what angle she was coming at me and asked her if she would do it again. She answered after a slight pause "if you wanted me to.

I mean, I would again if you wanted me to". I looked over at her and smiled. I told her she was incredible and that I wouldn't ask her to do anything she didn't want to do and enjoy.

She stunned me with "I enjoyed it. It was weird at first, but I really liked it". She then asked me if I thought less of her for her saying she liked it. I was getting a hard on just thinking about her the night before and thought of Dave again. Before I could say anything else she said "we should invite Dave to the movie, you know he'll set at home alone tonight if we don't invite him".

We finished our pizza and got ready to leave. Dawn visited the restroom and had every eye on her in the place as she walked across the dining room in her mini-skirt. Another proud moment as far as I was concerned. After leaving the pizza shop, we had the time to kill so we stopped by Dave's house.

When we pulled into the drive we could see his dad was still there. I had forgotten that he wanted to spend some time with him and felt bad for coming over. I almost backed out of the drive when Dave opened the front door and waived us down. I pulled up a little further in the drive, parked and got out. Dave walked towards me and kept looking at Dawn in the passenger seat. I apologized for forgetting his dad was home for the weekend and told him we were headed to a movie.

Dave's dad walked out from around the back of the house where the garage was with a big smile on his face. I greeted him and asked him if he was glad to be home for the weekend. He got a sad look on his face and shared that he was, but had gotten a call from his dispatcher that he needed to leave tonight to pick up a load.

I could see the disappointment on Dave's face and as his Dad said hello to Dawn in the front seat of my car. Dawn opened the door and walked around the front of the car to meet us where we were standing.

Her skirt was tight and revealing her tan toned legs. Both Dave and his dad couldn't help but look at her body in that mini skirt. After realizing what he was doing, Dave's dad broke his stare and looked back at me with a nervous look. He said "well, I need to go finish up a couple things before I leave.

I have about 3 hours until I get dropped off to my truck". Dawn and I said our good byes to his dad as he walked away. I told Dave I was sorry his dad had to leave early. Dave was disappointed but said that was the life of a truck driver. Dave said he was going to hang around until his dad left, but wanted to know if we wanted to grab some pizza after the movie.

Dawn and I laughed and before I could say anything, she told him we'd love to. Dave smiled at her and said he was buying then. I told him we'd pick him up after the movie and smacked him on the shoulder. Dawn smiled and gave him a big hug as I was walking back to the car. We were heading down the street from Dave's when Dawn said it before I could "poor Dave". The movie was OK. The theater was packed and I had too many people sitting around us to try anything with Dawn.

I had thought about asking her if she wanted to leave early so we could mess around before picking up Dave, but she seemed to be enjoying the movie. After we left I walked her to the car and noticed several guys checking her out in her skirt. After two guys walked by and were obviously staring, she commented "what the hell?" I laughed and told her she was "fucking hotter than a porn star" and laid a kiss on her.

When we pulled up to Dave's he was already walking out of the house towards the car. Dave walked over to Dawn's side and started to climb in the back seat. Dawn smiled at him and slid in the middle of the bench seat and invited him up front with us. This was back when you could actually seat six people in a car legally. As we drove the pizza place Dave asked how the movie was. Dawn let him know how funny it was and that he should see it. Dave just grinned and I could see him checking out her legs when I glanced over at him.

Dave asked me what I thought about the movie. I told him it was OK, but the highlight of my night was barn yard head. Dawn punched me and said "that's enough out of you". We hung around the pizza place about an hour eating and talking.

Dawn wasn't hungry, but I couldn't let Dave eat pizza by himself. Dave was his usual dramatic self, proclaiming "I don't want to things to change between us ever. If you know what I mean". I looked at Dawn to see how she was going to react now that the subject was coming up.

She told Dave to "shut up and quit being a pussy drama queen". I cracked up laughing as he laid her hand on Dave's hand and told him "Hot porn stars are fine with it". We all had a good laugh and talked about what was next for the evening.

Dave quickly volunteered that we could go back to his place and chill. He said his mom was going with his dad on this load and wouldn't be back until late the next evening. My cock stirred immediately thinking of what tonight might bring as Dawn smiled and said "Dave's place it is". The three of us piled into the front seat of my car again and headed for Dave's place. Dave was on fire cracking his corny jokes that are not really that funny until you hear him laugh at himself with goofy laugh.

Dawn loved it and was laughing along with him. I noticed that as she'd laugh she'd lean towards him each time. After a while she was no longer sitting straight up and was actually leaning against Dave with her head on his shoulder. It was dark outside and I enjoyed seeing her legs, where her skirt had ridden up, whenever we passed under a street light.

I reached over and put my hand on her left thigh and just held it there. Dawn kept her head on Dave's shoulder and spread her legs far enough that both Dave and I had a leg leaning against each of us now. The next street light revealed that spreading her legs caused her skirt to ride up even higher and I could now see her white panties.

I quickly looked up to see Dave had noticed too as he was checking out her legs again. Dawn not being a dummy said in a low whisper "I see you guys peeking at my undies" which caused Dave and I both to chuckle. She then sat straight up startling Dave and reached under her skirt and took off her panties in one quick motion. I just about wrecked the car and put my eyes back on the road. Dawn then through her panties up on the dash and said "there, now you both can get a better view of my undies".

I immediately put my hand on her now naked pussy and could feel her excitement. Dawn surprised me again when she stated "you need to share" and placed Dave's hand, along with mine, between her legs. I moved my hand away giving Dave free access to her pussy. Dave never said a word and I could only imagine he was exploring Dawn pretty well by now. Dawn surprised me again when she turned and straddled Dave, facing him, and began kissing him. The next street light lit up the front seat of the car and I could see her skirt had ridden high up to her waist and Dave had both of his hands on her naked ass while making out with her.

I said you two better straighten up or we are going to get pulled over. Neither one responded to me and they continued making out all the way until I pulled on Dave's street. I could see Dave's left hand was on her ass and he had dropped his right hand between the two of them so he could access her twat. Another good look and I could see Dave had his chubby middle finger inside Dawn's pussy. As I pulled into the Dave's driveway I announced we were here.

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Dawn spun around off Dave's lap and set back between us. She pulled her skirt down over her hips and tried to arrange herself.

Dave was the first out of the car and he actually looked intoxicated. He looked at me and gave the funniest looking grin as he used his key to open the door. I could sense Dawn was waiting for Dave to leave us alone for a minute.

She reached in the back seat and grabbed her purse. She then grabbed her lacy underwear off the dash and paused before putting them in her purse. She asked "will I be needing these back on?" I chuckled and said that's up to you. She smiled, jumped out of the car and headed for Dave's front door.

I closed the car door and knew I was in for a crazy night again. Once inside I could see Dave was straightening up the living room for us to come in and sit. Like a guy on a flight crew, Dave was moving footstools out of the way, putting magazines in a rack, closing blinds and dimming lights. Dawn had excused herself and ran to the restroom.

Dave looked at me when she closed the bathroom door and asked if I was cool with everything.

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I let him know that I was good and anything he did with Dawn was up to her now. I told him she was a big girl and could make her own decisions.

Dave cracked me up when he said "Dude, she is so fucking hot!" When Dawn came out of the bathroom I was sitting on the couch flipping through TV channels. Dave said he needed to take a leak and had went back to his mom and dad's bathroom, so Dawn and I were alone for a minute to talk.

She set down, looked at me with a worried look and asked if I thought she was a slut? "No, not at all" I told her. We're just having fun and being generous to Dave. I reminded her not to do anything she wasn't cool with and thought she would regret later. She said she enjoyed what we've done so far and didn't want to screw things up between us if she continued to mess around with Dave. I promised her I didn't have any issues with her playing with Dave and to have fun.

She looked like she was trying to find the words to say and asked "how far is too far?" I asked her what she meant. She asked "Is there a line you don't want me crossing?" Now understanding what she was asking about, I told her Dave was a virgin and she had done more with him than any other girl. She admitted that she suspected that and looked like she was trying to ask me something else, when I said she could go as far she wanted, but to be sure she could handle it.

She kissed me and said "we'll just have to see how it goes". Dave came back into the room wearing a pair of sweat pants. It was obvious he had changed his pants and was sporting a hard on. I wondered if maybe the make out session in the car with Dawn made him cum in his jeans. Dave was offering us drinks when Dawn went walked over to a wall displaying photos and started looking at pictures.

I asked for a pop and Dawn said she was fine for now. Dave grabbed a couple cans of pop and headed in and set down on a big over -sized chair with a foot stool in front of it.

He propped his feet up and asked if anything was on TV. I had stopped on a karate movie and was watching Steven Segal beat a room full of people up. Dawn walked around the front room looking at pictures and asking Dave about people in the photos. Dave walked over to her and pointed out a couple people and explained who they were.

After her tour of the photos Dawn smiled and told him to go sit down in the chair. He said "OK" in a questioning tone and walked back to the chair he was sitting in earlier. Dawn followed him without looking at me and once again straddled Dave and began kissing him.

Within a couple minutes Dave had her skirt pulled over her hips showing her naked ass to me again. Dave was feeling her ass with both hands again and dropped one of his hands back to her front to feel her pussy like he was earlier in the car. I really thought I was going to watch a make out session with these two again when Dawn stood up and grabbed Dave's hand to follow her.

He had a puzzled look on his face and looked over at me for assurance. I just shrugged and smiled at him. Dawn led Dave towards his bedroom and guided him in first. Right before she walked into the room she turned and looked at me to ask if I was coming?

I was both excited and nervous as I followed them. Dave had a pretty boring room. No posters or stereo. Just a bunch of odd looking pictures that you would see hanging in an old farm house. He had a full sized bed with a headboard and furniture to match.

You could tell it was old heavy furniture that his family had for a long time. There was also a chair in the corner facing his bed. You could tell by the shoes around it that was where Dave would sit and put his shoes and socks on. Dawn looked at me, pointed to the chair and told me to have a seat.

Dave was standing next to his bed with a look like he was waiting for his orders from Dawn. She told him to strip out of his clothes. He got a shocked look on his face and didn't move. Dawn said "fine, me first" and slipped off her skirt. She took her shirt off and quickly followed with her bra. She had already taken her shoes off when coming into the house so now she was completely naked. Dave swallowed hard and started taking his clothes off.

After fumbling to get his shirt off Dawn helped him take his pants off followed by his underwear. Dave stood there completely naked with the exception of his socks. Dawn laughed and told him not to spoil the moment with leaving a pair of socks on. Dave set down on the bed and took off his socks. He glanced at me quickly and then I watched Dawn push him back on the bed. She got between his legs and kneeled on the floor in front of him. She started sucking Dave's dick slow at first and then harder.

I could hear her sucking sounds whenever her mouth would come off the head of his dick. She stood up and told Dave to get all the way up on the bed. When he did she straddled him backwards and set her pussy on his face. Dave knew what to do and I could see and hear him licking and sucking her twat. Dawn looked over at me as she grinded her hips onto Dave's face. I couldn't contain myself anymore and walked over to the bed and got closer to Dawn.

I started kissing her and feeling her breasts. She kissed me back for a minute and then playfully bit my lower lip. She pointed to the chair again and said "go enjoy the show". I walked back to the chair feeling it was tough just to watch. Dawn leaned forward and started sucking Dave's dick again. They were in the 69 position pleasuring one another and I could hear Dave's tongue lapping her pussy. I figured what the hell and pulled out my dick and started jacking off to the scene in front of me.

Dawn looked up at me with Dave's dick in her mouth and gave me a smile with her eyes. She continued sucking his dick looking at me every few seconds. Dave said in a loud alarmed tone that he was going to cum. Dawn stopped sucking his dick and sit straight up with her pussy still on Dave's face and said not yet.

Dave's cock twitched and spurted cum twice and stayed straight up at attention. After grinding her pussy on Dave's face for a couple more minutes Dawn got off Dave and stood next to the bed. She told Dave to stand up for a second. Dave stood up and Dawn traded him places. She was now laying on her back in Dave's bed.

Her knees were pointing at the ceiling and her feet were flat on his bed.

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Dawn asked Dave if he was ready to lose his virginity. Dave hesitated a few seconds and asked if he needed a condom. Dawn let him know he was on the pill and it was OK.

Dave responded he knew she was on the pill, but thought that was just for me. She said it was OK and that she wanted his first time to be without one. Dawn told him to go slow and she would help him.

She told him he was in control, but he couldn't move too fast. She told him to get on her in between her legs and put his dick next to her cunt, but not to put it in yet. Dave followed her instructions and got on the bed with Dawn. It was weird seeing my naked girlfriend's legs over Dave's shoulders. Dawn told him to just rub the tip on her clit, but not to put it in yet. I could see Dave was trying to hold his balance and listen to her.

I couldn't see anything but Dave's naked ass and Dawn's legs so I stood up and walked closer. Dawn look up at me and said "Dave's about to lose his virginity. Watch him fuck me". I leaned over kissed her again feeling her tongue in my mouth. I broke the kiss and looked at Dave. He had a look of concentration on his face and seemed to be trembling.

She told Dave to put just the head of his dick in her, but not to push yet. Dave put just the head in and let out a loud sigh. Dawn asked if he was ready and Dave whispered yes. She said go in slow and stop when you are all the way in me. Dave pushed inside of her slow and I watched his dick disappear into my girlfriend. Dawn had a tremble in her voice and asked if he was all the way in.

He whispered again, yes. She looked at me, smiled and said "Dave, you are no longer a virgin" and told him "be careful and go slow". Dave didn't hesitate and started slowly fucking Dawn. I stood there watching and started jacking off again.

After a minute Dawn told him to speed up if he wanted, but Dave said "I think I'm cumming, should I pull it out?" Dawn shouted "NO, fuck me hard and fast now, Dave". He picked up the tempo and got maybe 3 strokes when he started cumming. Dawn told him not to stop and to keep it up.

Dave kept it up for another 15 second, stopped and said he was sorry that couldn't do it anymore. He got off Dawn, reached down to pick up his clothes and left the room. I looked at Dawn puzzled as she asked "is he OK?" I pulled my pants up real quick and ran out to check on Dave. He was in the bathroom with the door shut. I knocked to check on him and he said he'd be right out. He came out dressed now and I again asked if he was OK.

He looked like a wreck and like he was on the verge of tears. He said he was OK and couldn't believe he had just fucked Dawn. I told him he kind of freaked her out running out of the room and she was worried. He looked surprised and said he didn't mean that and quickly walked back to his bedroom to check on Dawn. I didn't run after him but followed into the room about a minute later and found him lying in the bed next to Dawn with her in his arms. She was still naked and Dave now had his clothes on.

She asked me if I could grab her a towel or something. I headed into the bathroom and found a towel. When I returned they were in the spot talking to each other softly.

I gave Dawn the towel and watched her clean herself up while laying on Dave's bed. She looked at Dave, smiled and said "this is all you inside me." Dave gave a proud smile and didn't say anything. Dawn got up and started getting herself dressed.

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I said "hey, what about me?" She stopped what she was doing and told me to hurry up then. I hurried and dropped my pants. She laid back on Dave's bed and while climbed on top of her. I could smell Dave's cum on her as I entered her cunt and started fucking her. Dawn started meeting my strokes and moaning. Dave took my spot on the chair and watched me fuck Dawn on his bed. I could feel her orgasm and she got louder the more I fucked her.

I told her I was getting close and picked up the pace. I was now fucking her much harder than Dave did and she was getting louder. When I came I let out a loud moan and Dawn started squealing loud not to stop.

I kept it up another two minutes when I felt her orgasm again. I kept pumping into her until I felt her relax and I got off of her. I put my pants back on gave Dawn the towel again. She was out of breath lying on Dave's bed with a towel between her legs. I looked at Dave and gave him a nod. Dawn said "you boys are wearing me out" and set up in the bed. She looked at Dave and asked him if he felt different. Dave shook his head yes and said he did.

I left them in the room together and went to the restroom to clean myself up. After a couple minutes I came out of the bathroom and stepped into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Standing at the sink drinking water, I thought I heard something from Dave's room. I walked into the room and found Dave on top of Dawn again, fucking her much faster this time.

Dawn saw me come in, looked up and said "he wasn't done yet". I chuckled and watched Dave fuck my girlfriend for a couple minutes and then went back to the living room. I turned on the TV and started watching Steven Segal again. After about 15 minutes they both came out of the bedroom.

Dawn went straight to the bathroom while Dave set down in his big chair again. I looked up and asked him if he was good. He looked exhausted and flashed me the OK sign. Dawn went in the kitchen and started looking through the fridge. Dave jumped up to help her out and made her something to eat. I set in the living room while they talked and laughed together.


We hung out with Dave another hour before leaving. Dawn set next to me on the couch and insisted Dave set next to her too. She was sitting between the two of us and holding both of our hands. I looked over at her and smiled holding Dave's hand too. She smiled and said she was enjoying both of her guys, leaned toward me and gave me a peck on the lips.

Dawn then turned and planted the same peck on Dave's lips. Dawn playfully joked about having two boyfriends now and that she expected twice the presents at Christmas and birthdays.

I laughed and told her we'd give her double something. She laughed and said, yeah you guys need to get a schedule. I can't fuck you both in the same night too often. I leaned towards her and said we could work something out.