Me cogo a mi ex

Me cogo a mi ex
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This story took place back in the late 70's, when I was 22, out of college and working, but still living at home, which wasn't bad but had to be, until I could save enough to get my own place. Mom and Dad were just working class people, with mom working at the local school near us. Every summer, just before she had to be back to work, she would have a party for her friends that she worked with, which included a few teachers she was friends with.

Now I knew almost all of them who were going to be there, including this one teacher, Nancy, who was 38, single and a gym teacher. Now Nancy was a nice lady and since I was graduated from college she said I could call her by her first name now. Nancy had been always a teaser with me, even when I was in high school, but since then, she'd even tease me about sexual stuff and flirt too. Nancy was an ok looking woman, with 36C breast, nice toned legs, with her thighs that were muscular, and had a great ass.

I've heard my mom and others talk about her and her promiscuous ways, and I will admit, had many a time thought of her as I masturbated.

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The night of the party was the first Saturday in august, so it was hot, and Nancy showed up around 6pm, to help lend a hand to my mom. I wasn't sticking around for this party, since most of the people there were in their 40's and 50's, and just not my type of party to be at.

Nancy came in and started chatting with mom, and then me, asking what I have been up too of late. She was wearing tan shorts that definitely showed off her ass and a blue halter top and no bra. That caught my eye, but I tried not to stare. She asked if I was staying, but i said no.

She laughed and said so what are you doing tonight studly? I told her going down to the boat and hang out with friends. My buddy and I recently purchased a new boat together and used it as much as we could. Nancy asked when I was taking her out on it. I said anytime you want too. I wanted to get going, so I asked if she minded moving her car, since she had me blocked in.

As we got outside, she said that she was serious about the boat ride and I said, so was i. I said well how does Tuesday evening sound? I already knew the weather was going to be hot and sunny the whole next week. She said great, how does 6 sound?

I said cool and that I would pick her up, since the parking where the dock was, was limited. She then said we better not say anything to your mom, and I agreed with that. She asked what she should wear, and being a smartass, I said nothing would be fine. She laughed and said, stud, you couldn't handle me that way.

I laughed and said, shit, once you had me, you'd go back and slap every guy you'd ever been with. To which we both laughed.

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I did go hang out for a few hours down on the river, then decided to come home. It was kind of boring down there and I had plans for the morning to go golfing. When I got home, most everyone was gone, except Nancy and another lady I didn't really know who it was. I was introduced to her and her name was Carol, another teacher friend of my mom's and also Nancy. Nancy was getting ready to leave when I came in and after the small talk with her and Carol and my mom, Nancy needed me to move my car now.

When we were back outside she told me she left her address and phone number on my dresser in my bedroom and to call her Tuesday so she can be ready when I came to get her. I told her no problem and I would, and as I turned around, she squeezed my ass and said I got a nice ass.

I was little stunned by that, but said nothing and chuckled. Nancy was a little on the drunk side, but looked like she was ok to drive. After coming back in I excused myself and went to bed, where I had a hard on within seconds, thinking how I'd like to fuck her once. On Tuesday, I raced home from work, took a shower and threw on some shorts and a polo shirt. My parents just got home from work too, and so I told them I was going fishing out at a lake that was like an hour from us, with buddy's from work and probably will spend the night there.

They said have a good time, and I went and got my fishing stuff and threw it in the trunk. I had already called Nancy to confirm that she still wanted to go. Unlike my mom, Nancy still had two weeks of vacation left.

I arrived at close to six, and went up to her apartment to get her. She opened the door and let me in and said she'd be ready in 5 minutes and for me to have a seat. She was wearing a white halter top and really enhanced her tits and a pair of loose fitting cutoff jeans that were short, and when she turned away I could see her ass cheeks pretty clearly.

I also noticed a smell in the place. Nancy liked to smoke weed, which shocked the hell out of me, but I didn't say anything. We left her place and drove about 20 minutes to the dock, where we kept the boat. I knew my buddy wouldn't be using it tonight, since he worked 2nd shift for his job. On the way there, she asked what happened to me and Leanna, a girl that also works at the school that I took out a couple of times.

I told her that it just didn't click, and that she was still hung up on her ex fiancé. Nancy said that he really screwed her head up, but told me not to worry, a good looking guy like me would fine another woman. She also said to play the field as long as you can and don't get tied down and enjoy all the sex you can get, cause once you marry, that shit ends.

We both laughed at that. Like I said, she has a real nice body, but just an ordinary look, not some stunner. After arriving, we got the boat uncovered, and then I started it up.

It was a 22 footer, with a 150 hp inboard/outboard motor, with a cuddy cabin. It didn't take long for us to navigate the river and out into the lake and so we drove around, going fast and then slowing down so the waves wouldn't beat us up. But I did enjoy her standing next to me and watching her tits bounce all around.

I know one time she caught me looking at her tits and just smiled. I even let her drive for a bit, but she said to stand close to her, incase I needed to take over. As she moved in front of me to take over driving, her ass rubbed right onto my cock and she stayed there a second. I was thinking, damn, I wish we were naked when she did that. She was having a good time, and so I slowed us down to just sit out there and take in the sights of the shoreline. She said this was her first time on a boat and out in the lake.

As we sat out in the lake, she got up and opened the doors to the cabin and went down. As she was going down, I could see her ass very nicely at the bottom of her shorts. She was starting back up and asked how many women have visited that area?

I told her not many and laughed. She said what a shame, it would be a great place to have some fun and winked at me. As she came back up on the deck, she slipped because a boat went by and ours was caught in the wake, which made the boat rock. She ended up in my lap, and my arms and hands held on to her, so she wouldn't fall to the deck.

My one handed rested right on her boob and I could feel a twitching in my pants. I was getting a little excited down there and she had to have felt it. After the boat stopped rocking she gracefully got up and moved over to be next to me and kissed me on the cheek.

Not a word was said about my hand being on her boob. She then got her purse and brought out a baggie and asked if it was alright if she smoked this. I told her to go ahead, but I couldn't right now, since you never know when the coast guard could be around and the driver has to be sober. She lit it up and smoke some it and then said she'll share some later with me.

I said cool, I could go for some. She asked what I told my mom I was doing tonight? I told her I was going fishing with friends from work and I'd be out late or may just stay at the guys cabin and that I wasn't sure what I was going to do there. I told her I probably would come back down to the boat and sleep on it, like I have many times. But I told mom it depended on how much I drank when fishing.

Nancy laughed and said yeah, your mom would worry if you were drunk and I bet she doesn't have a clue you smoke weed, I said no way does she know that. It was starting to get late, about 8pm and I wanted to head back in, plus it was so muggy out, we were sweating just sitting there. She asked if I had eaten yet, and I said no. She said lets get a pizza and go back to her apartment, where we could eat and then use the apartment pool. I said ok, lets do that.

As we headed back in, she was right next to me with her arm around mine, stating she needed to keep her balance.

I didn't mind because her bob was also resting on my arm and her nipples were sticking way out. I wanted to reach over and pull her top down and bite one of those nipples. Once we got back in, I tied us up and said I could come back later and cover the boat. She went over to the pay phone and order a pizza from the shop near her place. On the drive back we were laughing and talking about the people she works with and how most of them are so stuck on themselves.

She even dropped a few F bombs about some of them. She said that my mom was so old fashion and she always gets a kicked out of talking about sex around her, just to see mom's face turn red. I said oh I know, I am surprised that I was even born. Though I did tell her I a few x rated VCR tapes and one day I found one in the player, so I really don't know how straight laced my parents are and definitely did not want to know.

Nancy was laughing hard and saying she couldn't even imagine my mom giving dad a BJ or dad going down on my mom. I kept going ewwwwww, please stop and laughed. We picked up the pizza then and headed up to her place. Nancy got each of us a beer and plates for the pizza and we enjoyed our little dinner, with some more banter about her work associates.

Then she lit up another joint but this time I also partook in it. After we finished, she said lets go swimming. I asked if it was still open. She said to residents, its always open as long as you have the key. I said I don't have a suit. She said just wear your shorts you have and when we are done, I'll throw them in the dryer. She told me to go change in her room, which did. As I finished up, Nancy came in and said she was going to change now and went off to her bathroom.

I went back out into the living room and waited. She came out in this black two piece and she did look fine. She said she got it just before her and her friend Carol, and her boyfriend went to myrtle beach a few weeks back. She even twirled around and all I could say is wow. She just smiled and said lets go. We grabbed some towels and she put on flip flops and I boat on my boat shoes and we went. The pool is an indoor one and is in her building.

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Once we were inside, no one was around and we got in. We swam some and then splashed each other. One time she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and flipped me over. After I came back up from the water, she had already swam away and was sitting on the edge. Now mind you, we both had a pretty good buzz on too.

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I swan over to her and got between her outstretched legs. I said I will get you back, and she just laughed and said I doubt it. My head was right in line with her covered pussy and I so badly wanted to start licking her thighs but then thought better of that. She must have been thinking it too, because her legs closed around my head and I heard her giggle some. Then she reached her arms around my neck and told me to catch her. She pushed off and came down.

With her arms still around my neck she splashed in the water and my hands caught her ass, and her legs wrapped around my waist. She said nice catch. I said, nice ass you have. She said thanks and it was about time I noticed it. She then kissed me on the lips. Not a long passionate one, but just a light lingering type, then she let go and started swimming away. Total tease this woman was. I am sure she could feel my hard cock when her legs were around me like that.

I swam slowly so my prick would start to go down. We got to the steps and she said lets go finish the pizza and then you can shower off. We got back up to her room and the air was on, and her nipples were straining to poke through the material.

She showed me where the towels were and I got in the shower. As I was in there she opened and said she was going to dry my shorts.

Good thing she had frosted glass or she would have seen my very hard cock then. I stood under the water for a few minutes then turned the water to get colder, so my hard on would go down. I was drying off and wondering what the hell I was going to wear while waiting for my shorts. Nancy called from the hall that she put a robe on the counter for me to wear. I saw it, and started putting it on.

It was black, and satin, and I was thinking to myself, shit, I get a hard on now, no way would this hide it, but it was better than walking out nude.

Once I was out, she said make myself comfy while she showered. She said check out what was on any of the movie channels. She had HBO and Cinemax, which was a new thing for all of us in the area. HBO was playing some dumb movie and Cinemax had Cinemax after dark going. Which was soft porn, but for us back then almost full on porn, except they never showed a guy excited. This one was about 2 couples stranded in a snow storm in a cabin they rented for the weekend.

As I heard the water shut off, I turned that movie off, seeing I didn tneed anything to get me going like that. Nancy came out of the shower wearing this peach nightgown, that was pretty thin, and if I looked hard enough, I could see her dark areola's through the material. Damn she looked hot in it. It fell just below her knees and when she went into the kitchen to get us beer, it clung nicely to her ass, and she wasn't wearing any panties.

I was thinking that she was going to tease the fuck out of me or, fuck my brains out. She brought back more beers and sat next to me, with her legs curled under her.

I was trying not to look her way and get all horny. We were eating, and watching this lame movie, until she took the remote and said let me find something better than this.

She went through a bunch of channels until she came to Cinemax and turned it on. At this point in the movie, the 2 couples were naked with the girls sitting on the kitchen table, legs spread, and the guys eating them.

Nancy said, mmmmmmm, looks like a good movie here. But ,she said, they never show the guys hard, which is so wrong. She goes to me, it looks like you are enjoying it too. She asked if I ever ate a woman before and I said oh yes and told her about a time 2 years previous that I had sex with a married woman who is also a swinger and she taught me the correct way to eat pussy.

Nancy, gasped a little and said no fucking way, to which I said oh hell yeah. It's one of my favorite things to do. Nancy got up and went to the entertainment stand and got out a VCR tape and loaded it. On came a movie that was already in progress. This one had 3 couples, all naked, one fucking on the floor, one had a guy eating the girl on the couch and the other couple in a 69 and just going at it. She came back and sat right next to me, legs folded under her and said that if we're going to watch porno, it might as well be a good one where she can see some hard cocks.

After a few minutes, people were switching partners and 2 ladies started going at it and got into a 69 position. I could see Nancy liked seeing that, as she let out a slight moan, and really moaned when she saw the guys sucking each other. She asked what I thought of that and I said I was cool with it and had done it before. She giggled and said no way. I said oh yeah, at a party at that couples house.

I asked her if she ever did a woman and she said yes, many times and enjoys it. She asked what wont I do?

I said no cock in my ass, but otherwise I am good with anything sexual. Sex is for fun and enjoyment, especially if you can get your partner off everytime. She laughed and said she wished more guys thought like that, but most just want to fuck, cum, and roll over and hell with the woman.

She lit up another joint and took a big hit, then pull my head close to her and shotgunned the smoke into my mouth. It was kind of sexy.

Then she did it again, but this time after I sucked in the smoke, she kissed me. The kissed turned into a very passionate one, with our tongues exploring each other, which lasted a few minutes, with both of us moaning into each others mouths. She broke the kiss, took another hit and repeated what we just did. My cock was so hard now and dying for her to touch it.

As we kissed, her one hand reached down and rubbed my cock through the satin material. She broke the kiss and asked if I liked that. I acted cool, so I didn't sound to excited and whispered yes, it felt so good. She put the joint in the ash tray and came back and kissed me again, her tongue deep in my mouth. My hand went up and caressed her one breast, which made her moan now.

Then she untied the sash holding the robe closed and moved both sections away and revealed my hard cock. Her hand started rubbing all over it, then gently grabbed it and started stroking it. She asked me if I ever masturbate, and I said all the time and that I have often thought of you as I do.

She said I was lying, but I said that was the truth. She said oh wow, I never thought of myself that a man would masturbate about. I asked if she did, and she said all the time too, but she said she always thinks back to a particular lover she has been with. She lowered her head to my lap and said lets watch some more of the movie, but then started licking the head of my cock, which twitched as her tongue made contact.

She sat back up and looked at me and said, look, we both know we are going to fuck tonight, but I am not looking for a relationship or love. Just a lover who can spend time with me and fuck when we can. I had my share of fucked up relationships and want no part of them now, and I realize we have a big age gap, but if this goes good tonight and we are compatible in bed, then why not enjoy it as long as we can.

She says I do like you Tim, like a good friend and maybe lover, but don't think this will go anywhere, for it wont. I told her I am not interested in a long term deal right now, but that I do find her extremely sexy and would love the chance to be her lover. Then she just kissed me again and went back down to my lap. This time, she took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking me and licking me.

Fuck it felt great. As she sucked, I tried paying attention to the movie but soon gave up on that and started playing with her tits and rubbing her ass. Her mouth was moving faster up and down my cock now and I was getting close to cumming. I tapped her and said I was going to cum soon, and then felt her mouth tighten around my shaft and she stroked my cock fast until I was shoot big spurts of cum into her mouth.

It felt like minutes I was cumming, but in reality, it was maybe 10 seconds. She then let my slippery cock slip from her mouth and she came up and kissed me hard. Her mouth was full of my cum and as we kissed, I brought her closer to me.

We finally broke the kiss and she said damn baby, you are a kinky thing aren't you. I said uh huh and said I told you, I'll do anything you like to do. She got up and turned off the TV and grabbed my hand and said lets go to the bed where we can play in comfort. Once in the room we embraced and started kissing, her hand went to my semi-hard cock and stroked it and moaned and said damn, you are still alive.

My hands were cupping her ass, and I told her that she really did have a nice ass. I then started pulling up her nightgown and pulled it over her head and threw it on the ground. She pulled the robe off of me and we crawled on the bed. She laid on her back and spread her legs.

Her pussy was glistening from her juices and she had a nicely trimmed brown bush. I laid between her legs and started kissing her. My cock was resting on her pussy and dying to go in, but I wanted to taste her first. So I started kissing down her neck and then to her tits.

I licked and kissed them all over, teasing her nipples as I did. They were hard and sticking out about an inch. I lightly bit one, and she arched her back then and moaned loud. She told me that when someone hits the right buttons on her, she gets real loud and talks dirty and hope it doesn't offend me. I said of course not, this is all about pleasure and fun and hope she doesn't mind me talking dirty. She laughed and said the dirtier the better.


I started concentrating on her nipples and my hand went down and started rubbing her pussy. It was soaked down there and as I did, she was saying oh fuck yeah. I let one finger slip in her as I bit a nipple and then slipped two inside her and slowly finger fucked her. Her moaning was driving me crazy, to where I needed to get down there and lick that pussy. I ran my tongue down her tummy, then across her mound, then to her thighs. Nancy spread her legs real wide then and I started licking her puffed up pussy lips.

I would lick all around them, then up the slit, but never touch her clit, which was swollen now and begging for attention. I continued to tease her pussy, then lick down to her ass, which I wasn't sure how she would react, but the loud moan told me I was fine. I licked her ass for a bit then came back up and stuck my tongue deep in her slit. Nancy reared up and said about fucking time, damn baby, eat my cunt, make me cum. I sucked her pussy then let my tongue flick across her clit, and with that she moaned real loud, loud enough so the neighbors could hear.

I went back to her ass now and I could tell she was getting frustrated that I hadn't let her cum yet. She moaned out that I had her so close. This time I took two fingers and inserted them and found what I was looking for, her g-spot.

I started rubbing it slowly and would lick her clit, lightly.


She was pulling on my hair, begging me to make her cum. I started to rub faster on her spot and really started to suck her clit, after about a minute, She started to tense up, and I knew she was going to cum hard. I sucked her clit real hard and rubbed her spot really fast and she yelled out fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh, eat me fucker, eat me and started squirting. Her whole body convulsed as she came. I was sucking all of her juices up, that didn't drench my face and neck.

It was totally amazing. It took her a good minute or two to come down from that high. My head rested on her lap and she said damnnnnnnnnn baby, who ever that woman is, she gets an A+++ for teaching you and you get a doctorate for pussy eating. She said only Carol ever gets her to squirt like that. She laid there panting a few minutes and I started eating her again, and she did not resist what I was doing and within minutes she came again. She said for me to get back up to her face and stick that fuck stick in her now, she needs to be fucked.

I wasted no time in plunging it inside her. She let out a gasp as I went in deep and said oh hell yeah, I need that wonderful cock of yours. We fucked slow and then fast and then slow again, just relishing the feeling. After about 10 minutes, I needed to cum and started fucking her faster and as I did, she told me to fuck her harder, pound my pussy you fucker.

I didn't last long and started cumming, but spurts, deep. inside her and as I was finishing she came again. We started kissing and moaning more, my cock was still inside her and she said damn baby, don't you go down?

I said yeah, but it takes a few times. She said well this old broad needs a break and something to drink, so I rolled off of her and she went to the kitchen. Nancy came back a few minutes later with some ice tea and another joint. She held it out and asked if I wanted some more. I said sure, but if you haven't guessed, weed makes me horny but not tired.

She said it does the same for her. We finished the joint and tea and she grabbed my cock again, which was hard. She asked why I was hard and I said because I am with an incredibly sexy woman and I am hoping you want more. She said you are so full of shit on the sexy, and I said no, you really are. She said no matter, and that we're not done yet. She then got on the bed and straddled me and slipped my cock inside her. She leaned down and started kissing me all over my face lips and neck and told me I am the best fuck she has had in a long time.

I asked her when the last time was for her. She said last week with Carol and her boyfriend Dave. I said I bet that was fun. She said yeah, but having her own partner would be better.

It was sometimes to much for Dave to keep up with them at times. I told her that if she ever needed a 4th, let me know. She said we'll see, and asked my last time. I said a few months ago with a girl from work. She asked why I wasn't seeing her. I told her because the girl wanted a commitment and was starting to say I love you and stuff, which I am not ready for.

Nancy said you sound like me. She said I may love you as a friend and I definitely love this cock and your tongue, but I want no commitments, but I think you and I are going to be fuck buddies a lot. I said great, because I really enjoy your sexuality and openness and love how your pussy feels.

She said good, now shut up and enjoy the fuck. And fuck we did. The next 20 minutes we fucked hard, where we had sweat rolling off of us.

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Nancy came two more times and I finally came again. She rolled off to the side and said holy shit, you are wearing me out. I went between her legs and started eating her pussy, licking all the cum from her, which she thought was great and couldn't believe I would do that.

I told her I love eating after fucking. She said I can clean her anytime. I ate her until she came once more and she said oh god, I cant cum anymore tonight. She rolled to her side I moved up to spoon with her.

My cock was half staff now and resting right in her ass crack and my arms around her. She said turn off the light because you're not going home tonight. Around 4:30 in the morning, I felt her get out of bed and go to the bathroom, then she crawled in bed and moved against me.

She reached around herself and started rubbing my cock some and it started to get hard. She whispered, I see you are awake. I just said uh huh.

She lifted her leg and pointed my cock at her slit and I I pushed in. We gently started fucking, but before long, she rolled to her stomach and I was pounding her snatch. She kept saying, god yes baby, fuck me, fuck me good.

We both didn't last long and we both came again, but then snuggled to each other and fell asleep. About 9am I heard the phone ring and noticed Nancy was not in the bed.

I could hear her talking, but being so far away I wasn't catching everything she was saying. I did hear her say that we fucked 4 times last night and he likes to snowball too.

Then I heard her say something about me cleaning up after we'd fuck. I assumed she was talking to Carol. I heard her say that she would find out and see, but not hearing Carol, who knows what they were talking about. Nancy came into the room with coffee. I sat up against the headboard and took my cup from her.

She said good morning sleepyhead. I said damn. Its only 9am and laughed. She was still naked, as I was too. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I came back into the room and sat next to her on the bed. She asked how I slept, and I said great, and asked her the same and she said wonderful. She then kissed me lightly on the lips and said she needed a kiss to start the day, and maybe something else too. She asked if the phone woke me, and I lied and said no, I was half awake when it rang.

She said it was Carol and just checking in to see how our night went. She said that her and Carol were going toy shopping later in the afternoon. I knew what she meant but let it drop, but I was thinking of those two with dildo's and various other toys I'd love to see them play with.

She said that she cant get last night out of her head, and that she hadn't been that thoroughly fucked in ages like that. She said that Carol is jealous because I got a boat ride and she didn't and that we fucked so many times. I said she has Dave, so she is getting fucked a lot. Nancy laughed and said Dave is a good lover but can only go 2 times before he needs at least an hour rest, and by that time, you lode interest, unless it's a 3some, then Carol and I play.

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I asked her if Dave ever just comes and visits her and Nancy was honest and said yes, but she doesn't think Carol knows all of that.

I told her my lips were sealed. She said the 3 of them usually get together on the weekends, and hopefully we'll make it a 4some now. She asked if I could handle that arrangement?

I said yes, but will Carol and Dave be cool with it? She said definitely, especially if we are swapping partners too. She then said that Dave likes to be a Dom at times and that Nancy craves that kind of sex.

I said you don't strike me as the submissive type. She said it really turns her on a lot, but you have to know how and when to do things. I said I am not sure I could be like that to someone. Nancy laughed, and said no worries baby, you just make me squirt and fuck me like you did last night and we'll be fuck buddies for a long time. But, if we continue, and you do date others and fuck them, use a condom with them. Be safe, plus I hate them and I will allow you to go bareback with me and Carol.

She set her cup down and then had me slide down on the bed, she crawled to where I was laying and took hold of my cock, which was quite hard now. She started stroking it and kissed it. Then she straddled my face so I could eat her. She said here's breakfast, lover. We ate eat other for a good 10 minutes and both came about the same time, her first, then me. then she rolled off, and straddled me and guided me cock that was ¾ hard back into her pussy, and leaned down and kissed me with a mouth full of my cum.

It was so hot kissing her. She got my cock hard again and I grabbed her and rolled her over to her back, never leaving her insides. We kissed again and I started slamming it home to her. She broke the kiss and said Wow, that really turned you on didn't it?

I said you have no idea. It is the most erotic thing a couple can do in my book, expect maybe you and I sucking a guy together and sharing his cum. She just moaned and said to get fucking her hard then and wrapped her legs around my waist and we started pounding into each other. The bed was really rocking with how hard I was pounding her. She kept saying oh fuck yeah baby, give me that cock, and pound my cunt you fucker.

After a few minutes, she somehow arched her back and screamed out as she came, and this time she squirted, but I didn't let up and kept fucking her hard. She looked at me and said give me your cum baby, cum for me. I was close and a few more strokes, I could feel it welling up in my balls and just before I let loose, I pulled out and shot it all over her belly and tits.

I then licked it up and brought it to her open mouth and we kissed again. I asked if she liked it like that and she said oh hell yes. We laid there panting and looked at me and said, damn, you are like a machine. She laughed and said we should be in a porn flick. I told her I would do it, if she would. She laughed and said she doesn't think the suits at the board would like that too much.

We then showered and got dressed and as I was leaving she said to call her later today. I was at my parents house doing some work that I had been putting off, for them. The phone rang and I answered it, it was Nancy.

She sounded a little out of breath and asked what was up? She said she just wanted to call and asked what I was doing and so I told her. She said that her and carol were sitting on the bed, facing each other, naked, and they had a new toy they were trying out.

It was a double ended dildo. I said that sounds like fun and I bet looks sexy. She said why don't you come over and see. I said I wish I could but I really need to get this done for mom. Nancy said she understood and then Carol grabbed the phone from her and asked when I was taking her out on the boat. I said how's next week sound? She said great. Nancy got the phone back and asked what I was doing Saturday night? I said I had no plans at all.

She said good, come join us here around 8, so rest up, and I said great, see you then. I was trying to picture them on the bed playing, which got my cock stirring again. Friday morning I was up at 8am, but had to be at work by noon, so I lounged around reading the paper.

It was another gorgeous day out too. About 8:30, the phone rang and it was Nancy. She asked what I was doing. I said just killing time before going to work.

She knew I worked late. She said well come over now and leave when I need to leave for work, and that she wanted some company, and when she said company, she drew out the word to sound like cummm pany. I got to her place alittle past nine and she met me at her door naked. She started stripping me once we got in the living room and once I was naked, led me to the bedroom. She said get on the bed and let me show you some stuff I bought for us.

She produced a cock ring for me. She said she know's I don't really need it yet, but she loves the feels of them when she grinds her clit into one, then she showed me a couple of dildo's for her and Carol, including the double ended one. Then she pulled out this other toy and told me it was a butt plug. She said, I hope you might like to try it, it feels so good and for a guy it will make you shoot so much cum because it massages your prostrate.

Being young and wanting to please her, I said I am cool with it. She put everything away except for the plug and some lotion. We then wasted no time in getting into a 69 position and I ate her real good, making her cum twice, but I did my best not to cum, I was really wanting to save myself for tomorrows fun.

She rolled off of me then grabbed the lotion and the plug. She had me get on all 4's and rubbed lotion all over ass opening. Then inserted her fingers, which at first tried to stop the intrusion but then I relaxed and she started finger fucking me. She kept saying that it should be feeling good now and it was. Then she lubed up the toy and slowly inserted it in me.

She said to relax and go with it, and soon was fucking me with the small toy. She was so turned on by doing that. Then she went to her drawer and pulled out the cock ring and had me lie on my back and slipped down my hard cock. She was so lustful looking then, and she straddled me again and plunged down on my cock until it buried as deep as it could go. She let out a loud moan and said holy fuck, you are so big right now. We fucked for a good 15 minutes and Nancy came 3 times more.

She very loud too, but I don't think any neighbors were home to hear us. I hadn't cum yet, due to the cock ring. It makes your cock very hard but kills off the sensation you need to cum. After her last orgasm, she got off of me and got on all fours and said take her now. I slipped the ring off and lined my cock up with her pussy, then rubbed the head all over it and then up to her puckered hole, which made her moan, then back down to her slit and drove it in.

We started slow at first building up to a nice rhythm, until she said oh Christ fuck me with that gorgeous cock fucker. I started banging her hard now, my balls were slapping her clit and I could feel her hand down there rubbing her clit. I took a finger and licked it and then placed it in her ass. Once I had it in about half way, I started fucking her ass with it, keeping pace with my thrusts into her pussy.

It did not take long for us to reach our peak and we both came. I pulled out and shot ropes of cum all over her back and ass.

I couldn't believe how much and how far I came. One shot hit her neck and hair. She fell to the bed and I just looked down at her heaving body. I leaned down and licked my cum up and when I was done, she rolled over and we shared a long passionate kiss. She said she was so hungry for my cock this morning, she was using a dildo before I got here. We laid for a few minutes, calming down.

I asked what plans she had for tonight and she said Dave was coming over that evening, so she wouldn't be available. I kissed her forehead and told her to fuck him good. She said always lover. She said that she hopes one night just her and me and Dave could play so she could live out another fantasy of sucking a cock with a guy and then do DP.

I said I am game. She said we'll see, Dave is kind of weird when sharing. We kissed and I got dressed and was leaving for work. She said not a bad way to start a work day, and then laughed.

I felt like a train hit me and really did not want to go to work. As I was walking out the door, she said be prepared for a fun night tomorrow and don't even think about going home tomorrow night.