Hot Emo Teen Fondles in Bubble bath

Hot Emo Teen Fondles in Bubble bath
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It was cold. I stood on the street corner in the freezing rain. I still couldnt believe this. I was a whore. I was a slut. I used to do this for money for myself, but now i did it for My Children. I was having Twins.

I Was 8 months pregnant and i Needed money to get a dingy apartment. So now i stood on the street corner with my Big, Plump, and Round belly waiting for the next Guy who would make me his Victim.

Thats when he pulled in front of me, opened the door, and said, You Avery? I nodded.

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Get in the truck. He Said.

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I got in and pulled the door shut. He quickly sped away. So whats the plan? He asked. I shrugged. How much is it gonna cost for a blowjob? He asked. Uhh, 30 dollars. I said. Ok, i'll eat you out, how much? 20 bucks.

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I said. Ok, so were up to fifty im going to 100. and fucking you is.? 50 bucks. If i let you get a shower and feed you dinner and let you stay the night can you even it out and make it 100? I guess so. I said. K, then we have a deal. We arrived at his apartment and went inside. It was warm but i still would rather be out in the cold. He motioned me to follow him with his hand and we walked back to his room. He motioned to my belly and said, you sure you wanna do this?

Shouldnt be in the hospital ready to deliver?

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He snickered. Im sure i said unable to look him in the eye.

K. He pushed me onto the bed and pulled down my pants. As usual i Blocked my mind out and thought of how Beautiful and amazing My babies were gonna be and how i was gonna be able to take care of them and put a roof over there head.


I blocked out everything and ignored his raving tongue inside my Cunt. He pried my mouth open and i sucked his dick, taking it deep throat. He throat fucked me for several minutes until finally he pulled out, pushed me down again and climbed on top of me.

I blocked out his penis entering me and just like always, and thought of my beautiful twin babies. Would they be two boys?

Woukd they be two girls? Would they be a boy and a girl? What would be there favorite food? Spaghetti or pizza? Would they like bubblegum when they got older? Fruity or mint? Would there favorite color be orange, green, blue, purple, or red? Would they look like me? Or.there father.which i most likely never knew the name of or so much as what his Favorite pastime was. He was just another man. Another creep that payed me. My babies didnt need him.

Didnt need a dad. I could love them plenty enough. But, deep down, it saddened me that my children would never know there daddy, never get to meet him. What would i say when they came home from pre-k and asked me why did the other children have Daddy's when they didnt?

How would i begin to tell them about my life right now? Would they understand? Or would they hate me and resent me for giving them this life. Ok im done, he broke me out of my trance. The bathrooms over there.

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I got up, went to the bathroom, and started to shut the door. No, let me watch. He said, running his hands over my body.


I nodded and turned around, reaching in and turning the water on. I stepped in and felt the water on my back. Seconds later he stepped in beside me. Honey, you let me do you good.

He said. He put his arms around me. I didnt know what the hell to think. Im gonna put in an extra two hundred bucks for those children of yours, and if you need a place to stay i have an extra room. I looked up at him.

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Are you serious? I asked him. Yeah, your mighty beautiful, i would love to have you and your children stay at my house. I thought about it, and didnt know if it was safe for my Babies, but right about now i didnt see any other choice.

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Ok. I said and he squeezed me tighter. By the way. My name is Chuck Carlton. That night, lying in bed with this random guy, my contractions started.

I sat up in bed and held my stomach, screaming. Whats wrong Little lady? He asked me, clearly worried. Its time. I said. Oh Jesus god. He walked around to my side of the bed and helped me up. He led me to his truck and helped me inside. The contractions were coming fast. We were almost to the hospital when my water broke in his truck. Dammit girl. He said. Im s-sorry i stammered. No no, dont apoligize its not your fault.

When we got to the hospital i was dialated all the way, honey were gonna need you to push now. She said. I was laying in the bed squeezng chuck's hand. 123, push! She screeched. Ahhhh, i yelled. I see the head. She said. I pushed as hard as i could and felt something slippery between my legs.

Then i heard crying. My baby! Its a Bouncng baby boy! She smiled at me. Let me hold him. I reached out. Honey your still in labor you! Give him to me now! I screamed at her.

She handed him to me and in that moment my whole world, which had been nothing, became something. This little boy in my arms now was half of my world. Push! I pushed as hard as i could. Its a beautiful babygirl! She grinned up at me and tucked the baby in the crease of my arm. I held my whole world in my hands at that moment. Tears streamed down my face. They both had my red hair. My babies had my red hair!


I was so happy. I named the girl Passion Angel, for my loving passion for her and my hateful passion for her loser father. I named the boy Patrick Allen. Patrick after my father, and Allen after my Father's father. These babies were my world. Patrick and Passion.