Anna bell peaks toys hot hookup after a steaming bath

Anna bell peaks toys hot hookup after a steaming bath
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As the sunlight filtered in through half-drawn blinds, the morning was already off to the usual start. Tangled about in her sheets, Delia had her tight-fitting tee shirt pushed up and over her supple breasts, twisting the small, dark buds of her nipples between her fingers.

Her other hand trailed down her smooth stomach, stopping at the waistband of her pajama shorts and slipping under them. She teased herself, feeling how wet she was already through her panties.

Her index finger circled her clit, pressing hard enough to make her gasp before pulling away. She repeated this, pressing against her clit and pulling away just as she began to tremble. Delia glanced quickly at her alarm clock. 6:34 AM. She had enough time to savor this feeling for a little longer.

Sighing, she closed her eyes, letting herself sink into her plush mattress as she slipped her hand under her panties. Spreading her legs apart, she trailed her fingers along her slick pussy.


Her lips parted ever so slightly to let out a soft moan as her every nerve ending seemed to react to her own teasing fingers. Almost overwhelmed with anticipation, Delia squeezed her nipple hard enough to sting slightly.

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She let go briefly to place her hand over her breast, or at least the portion of it that fit into her hand, and squeezed. At the same time, Delia pressed two fingers against the tight opening of her pussy, gently pushing them in. Arching her back and moaning louder, her other hand went from her chest to her clit.

She began circling her clit insistently as she pulled her fingers slowly in and out of her pussy, coating them with her own wetness. Jolts of pleasure coursed up and down her spine, causing her to bite her lip to keep from moaning too loudly, lest she awaken her roommate who was peacefully sleeping mere feet from her.

Finger-fucking herself at a steady pace, Delia varied how she played with her clit. She began slowly circling around it, stopping once in a while to press for a moment before continuing with her circular motions. With every moment that passed, she became increasingly sensitive, unable to keep soft whimpers from leaving her mouth. She began flicking her clit, quickly and insistently.

Her pelvic muscles tensed as she picked up pace. Yet another breathy moan escaped her lips and her mind went blank as she neared her climax. Giving her clit one last flick, she felt her pussy squeeze her own fingers as her orgasm coursed through her in waves. She trembled as she tightened, released, and tightened again around her own fingers. Time seemed to freeze as the delicate intensity of her orgasm came and went. Her tense body completely relaxed as Delia panted softly, savoring the post-climax serenity.

She looked once more at her clock. 6:45 AM. Sighing, Delia stayed in bed for a few more moments before abruptly pushing herself up and climbing out of bed. As much as she wanted to go for another round, she couldn't miss her 8 AM class.

It was organic chemistry, or in other words, a hell-dimension of suffering only made worse by spotty attendance. There was always a certain someone that made concentrating in class quite difficult. He sat directly in front of her in the amphitheater-style lecture hall, and she often found herself stealing glances in his direction.

She didn't know his name, but she often tried to guess what it might be. His wide-set shoulders hinted at a stereotypical masculine character, like a James. But his slender build lent itself to a more suave air, like a Lawrence perhaps.

When he turned around, she saw that his pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and tousled blond hair seemed to indicate Scandinavian origin.

Maybe he was Erik or Tomas. Or Konstantin or Emil or… Her every guess seemed more and more distant from reality. Given what was common among most guys her age, his name was likely Justin or something as generic. And the truth was that even Delia was aware that she was looking at him through the rose-colored lenses of attraction. He had more than a few pimples, and was quite lanky.

The curly mop of hair on his head was always on the messy side. Moreover, his wire-framed glasses would make him appear plain to the general population. But somehow, he was exactly Delia's type. Physically, he was the complete opposite of her. She was barely five feet tall, whereas he loomed a few inches beyond six feet.

Whereas he was limber, she was quite curvy, sometimes in the right places, sometimes not. Whereas he was pale, her skin possessed a caramel warmth. Instead of ringlets of icy blonde, her shoulder-length hair fell about her face in soft waves, fading from black to a light brown where she had dyed it herself.

While she didn't necessarily dislike her body, Delia definitely felt that her face was the better asset. Her big golden-brown eyes sparkled in the light. A little mascara and her naturally long lashes seemed voluminous and doll-like.

Her soft, pink lips, usually coated in a mauve lip stain, were plump and heart-shaped. Snapping out of her trance, Delia turned her attention to the board with a sinking feeling as she the class was about to take an impromptu quiz.

She had been far too interested in the handsome stranger in front of her to pay attention to the day's lesson. When said handsome stranger turned around to pass back the quiz, Delia found herself drawn to his icy eyes. Even in the midst of her mildly panicked state, her heart skipped a beat. Pausing a little, he said offhandedly, "It's on yesterday's lesson." Delia's heart leaped as she took the papers from him, breathing a quiet, "Thanks".

Was he perceptive enough to notice that a stranger like her was nervous? She was impressed. Either way, at least she wouldn't be failing this quiz. As class was ending, the professor attempted to make one last announcement.

"Remember to look online for your assigned partners for the upcoming assignment! It's important that you coordinate—" The majority of the students had already filed out of the room, and Delia followed suit. She pulled her phone out of her pocked as she left and glanced at the screen to see she'd already received an email from her Orgo professor. Thinking that she could never escape this class, she opened the email to see that her assigned partner was someone named "Ashley".

Sliding her phone back into her pocket, she swiftly walked to class, deciding to turn her thoughts elsewhere. "when do you wanna meet" The message read in generic black font across the bright white of her computer screen. Delia pursed her lips "tonight at 8?" she typed back.

It had barely been a few hours since classes had ended but she was still plagued with the burden of Orgo. "Ashley" had messaged her asking to set up a meeting time, and while Delia wasn't too keen on having to think about Orgo so soon, it was better to schedule these things ahead of time.


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where", Ashley replied back. Delia scoffed. How articulate. "third floor of the library? near the back?" Delia type back, wondering if she was using too many question marks. Within moments the simple response "sure" popped into the chat box. Sighing, Delia closed her laptop, stretching. She only had a couple hours to shower and take some time to herself before meeting this Ashley girl.

She needed to make them last.


Dorm showers were not ideal for masturbation, but they did maximize time. Quickly washing her hair with shampoo and conditioner, Delia turned her attention to her strawberry scented body wash. She took her time lathering her body, watching the myriad of bubbles slide down the curves of her tits and down her torso. She closed her eyes, tossing her head back as she felt the water rinse away the soap, the warmth arousing her.

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Tracing the bud of her nipple with one hand, Delia allowed her other to trail to her increasingly wet pussy. She began by trailing her fingers along her swollen pussy lips, shivering at the sensitivity to her own touch. The hand that was groping her tit fell to her ass, and she gave her cheek a squeeze.

Delia delicately touched the tight opening to her pussy, trailing up to her clit and away from her body, a silvery strand of her wetness pulling away with her finger.


Curious, she brought her wet finger to her tongue, tasting it cautiously. She wrapped her lips around the tip of her finger, sucking and pulling away. She tasted salty but with a twinge of sweetness lurking behind, somewhat reminiscent of cherries.

Unbelievably aroused, Delia squeezed her ass once more, imagining larger, more masculine hands were doing so instead. She began circling her clit with her free hand, keeping a moderate pace. She thought of someone else touching her like this, someone with swift fingers, someone like the guy in front of her in Orgo, whose fingers would flit with insistent delicacy across his keyboard during lecture.

She imagined his fingers playing her clit as if he were typing a love letter, each keystroke a swift, insistent swipe across her sensitive bundle of nerves that left her wanting more. As she steadily increased her pace, Delia reached around the curvature of her ass to press her index and middle finger to the entrance of her pussy, gasping softly at the sensation.

Taking a deep breath and paying attention to the streams of water that flowed over her tits and onto the shower floor, Delia pushed her fingers inside of her, immediately coating them in her own juices. She exhaled, realizing she'd been holding her breath in anticipation. Fucking herself slowly, she gave her clit rapid, feather-light strokes. Feeling breathless and unbearably sensitive, she pressed hard into her clit as she paced her movements faster and faster.

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Before she knew it, every time her fingers hit her g-spot, Delia felt herself seconds closer to cumming. What started out as small whimpers of pleasure were gradually growing louder until she had to bite down on her lip to avoid drawing attention to herself. Circling her clit one last time, she rammed her fingers into her g-spot from behind, triggering her release as waves of pleasure coursed through the entirety of her smooth, supple body.

She stayed in that position, breathless and panting, fingers at her clit and pussy for who knew how long. After she regained her breath, she slowly pulled her fingers from herself. They were absolutely glistening with her cum. Smiling to herself, Delia began pressing her cum-covered fingers into her asshole. She reached into her shower tote and quickly pulled out a small silver object.

It was a shiny little butt plug, the end of which shone with a pink heart-shaped jewel.


Drawing cum from her pussy into her tight as, Delia began loosening herself up, enjoying the incredibly naughty feeling of her asshole opening up. Within minutes, Delia was pressing the plug into herself, paying attention to the mild pain and intense satisfaction of her ass filling up.

Satisfied for the moment, Delia finished washing and drying herself off before proceeding to get dressed. She kept her little plug in, mildly aroused by the thought of her little secret. Ashley was already 15 minutes late when Delia began impatiently leafing through the textbook. She had messaged Ashley twice already asking where she was but had gotten no response. Sighing, she picked up her phone to send a third text when she got a notification. "im here".

She looked up, looking around. This specific section of the library tended to be relatively empty and didn't see anyone who could be Ashley anywhere.

"where?" she texted. "to your right." She turned to her right, freezing with a jolt when she saw who was walking towards her. It was the guy who sat in front of her. Her pulse raced as she met his eyes and didn't slow as he pulled out a chair next to her. Quickly overcoming her loss for words, Delia blurted out, "You're Ashley?" Her face must have illustrated exactly what kind of shock and incredulity she felt because the boy across from her began laughing softly, a wide grin dashing across his handsome features.

"Yeah, yeah. It's technically an old-fashioned guy's name. My parents are kinda weird." "Oh." She breathed feeling breathless. Looking down, Delia bit her lip. Her ass had tightened around her plug considerably. It was somewhat uncomfortable but, with her crush mere inches from her and the knowledge that she'd been fantasizing about him earlier, was still arousing.

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She felt her panties stick to her and realized she was wet. Shifting in her seat, Delia glanced at Ashley again, "Um, nice to meet you. I'm Delia." "Nice to meet you too," Ashley answered, sounding nonchalant, "Did you bring your textbook? I forgot mine." Delia looked away once more, feeling somewhat flushed, "Uh, yeah, I did…" Unsure of what to say, Delia shifted uncomfortably in her chair as a beat of awkward silence passed. "So, the assignment…" Ashley said after what felt like forever.

He pulled Delia's textbook closer to him, his hands grazing her's momentarily. She felt a jolt through her spine as their knuckles touched. Ashley began leafing through the textbook, tilting his face at such an angle that the overhead lighting caught on his angular jawline. Delia watched his blue eyes scan the page, glinting slightly from under his thick, fair lashes and wire-framed glasses.

He looked to her and she blushed, realizing that she had been staring and quickly looking away. "Uh, you look like you want to say something." "Oh!

Well, actually, I…" biting her lower lip, Delia met his eyes yet again and before she realized it, she found herself speaking. "I was wondering if you'd wanna go out sometime."