Pawn dude is willing to pay the price of Tylers pussy

Pawn dude is willing to pay the price of Tylers pussy
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Family Vacation Hi my name is Alex and I am 16 years old. I have dirty blonde hair and deep brown eyes that can stare into your soul. I weigh around 60kg and I am 1.8 meters tall. This is the story of me and my family at their beach house and how one of cousins and I "connected". I woke up at 5 am the morning to my alarm. I reached over and fumbled to put it off.

It was still dark out on this early day. I climbed groggily out of bed and put on my clothes I set out; a pair of black baggie jeans and a green button shirt. I threw on so flat shoes and went down the hall to the kitchen. Today was a very special day because my aunt has asked me if I wanted to join them at their beach house for the vacation. My mom and my stepdad were in the kitchen already and we departed for the long drive to the airport.


We arrived at the airport at about 6:30 am and my flight leaves 7:30 am so we still had some time to grab something to munch. I was so excited! Not only was I going to the sea but I was going to see my cousins.

We finished eating saw that it was time to get going. I boarded the plane at sat at the window and looked outside. This was my first time flying so I was pretty excited.

There was an old lady two seats away from me and I watched as the plane started going down the runway. We started taking off and my stomach lurched as the plane left the ground. I slept most of the time through the flight. I dreamed about my one cousin named Ellen. You guys will meet her later. She is about my height, 36C cup boobs and her ass is perky. She is also 20 years old. I must confess that I have been hounding after her since I can remember. I know it is wrong to want your niece and do things to her but a part of me didn't want to accept it.

She has long brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. I dreamed of how it would to see her again. I woke up after a good hour and half of sleeping and the old lady next to me offered a mint to me. I accepted it and thanked her for it. I watched as the plane started descending. We landed safely and started getting off of the plane. My aunt and uncle were waiting for me at the terminal.

My aunt waved over to me and I walked with my suitcase over. "Hi Aunt Ria" I said hugging her. My cousin was the spitting image of her mother except her mother had blonde hair and not brown hair. "Hi uncle Hendri" I said shaking his firm hand.

He always had a firm handshake and you can tell a lot of a man by his handshake. "How was your flight? Did you enjoy it?" Ria asked me and I nodded and we proceeded to the car. The drive back to the beach house was uneventful we just kept talking about the vacation ahead and what we are going to do.


I was pretty much just looking out of the window at the scenery. We drove for another hour to the beach house. We stopped at the house and I got out.

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It was a big house with two floors. We walked to the backdoor and my niece came out greeted us. She was wearing a white tank top with daisy duke jeans.

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I hugged her tightly and felt her perky tits mash into my chest sending electricity through my body. "Hi Alex how are you doing" She said as we hugged. "Very Good and you" I said blushing a little. She welcomed me into the house. On the first floor there was a kitchen which connected to a big open sitting area and there were four bedrooms and two bathrooms. I took one of the bedrooms that had two beds and closet and a dresser. I started unpacking when my nephew came into the room.

"Hi Zander how are you doing" He said giving me a firm handshake. He always used to call me Zander because my full name is Alexander. I have gotten used to it and when he doesn't call me on that name I know something is wrong. He has dirty blonde hair like me and he is the same height as me.

We are practically brothers except for him being five years older than me. His name is Robert. "I am doing very well and you" I answered "Excellent! We are going to go out with the Jet Ski later on if you want to join us" Robert said smiling as he left my room.

We left in the car with the Jet Ski hooked on the back. We drove to the nearby launch platform and launched the Jet Ski and I rode on the back while Robert drove. We drove around a small island and came to the beach and Ellen and her friend Ali were lying on the beach grabbing some sun. Damn they looked gorgeous.

Ali was a little smaller and thinner than Ellen she has black hair and a 36A cup bra and her ass was a bit smaller but still perky. We continued riding around a bit but then we stopped and got off to take a rest. I walked up to Elle and stood in her sunlight.

She moaned and turned onto her stomach to get away from my shade I was throwing. Gosh I nearly came in my pants at the sight of her in her black bikini bottoms and bikini top. I just wanted to reach out and caress her ass in my hands. I sat down next to them and took a soda out of the cooler. It was a pretty hot day outside and the sun was prickling my skin pretty good.

After finishing my soda I lay back and onto the hot sand and thought I would get some rays on my white body. I don't remember how long I was lying on my stomach but I heard Ellen call my name.

"Alex you're going to get sunburned" Ellen said and I just ignored her. "Alex!" Ellen shouted and I looked up. "I still want to tan" I said groggily.

"Go wash yourself off and come and sit in the shade" Ellen spoke affirmative. "Yes Mom" I said and I got up and walked out into the sea and washed myself clean and walked up the beach again. Ellen was lying on her back again and her boobs looked so delicious just hanging on her chest. I felt a bulge growing in my swimming trunks. I sat down in the shade looked over at the two girls. "Do you guys want sodas" I asked.

"Yes that would be great" Ali answered and I got two sodas and walked over to them and gave them the sodas. I could swear that Ellen had seen my bulge in my pants because she giggled slightly as she took the soda from me. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful except for Robert and me riding on the Jet Ski again.

I woke up the next day very early and stood up. The sun was just creeping up over the horizon. I walked out into the living room and stood at the front door and opened it quietly not to wake up anyone else. I savoured the smell of the sea in the early morning. I looked out onto the sea and saw it was going to be a windy day.

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I hear soft padding of feet and I turned around and saw Ellen rubbing her eyes still in her pyjamas. Wow she even looked hot when she was waking up. "Why are you up so early Alex" Ellen whispered and I smiled at her. "I couldn't sleep" I answered and she walked closer and gave me a hug. I held her close and I could smell her on me.

We broke off the embrace and she turned around and walked back into her room. "Go back to sleep Alex" Ellen whispered as she was walking away. I looked at her swaying ass as she walked. Damn it was so hot even in her pyjamas.


I managed to climb back into bed and get in another hour of sleep. The family had decided to go to the mall that was an hour's drive away from the beach house but Ellen said that she wanted to ride the Jet Ski today and that she doesn't want to be alone so I volunteered of course and the family decided to quickly go and drop us off with the Jet Ski after breakfast. The water was a bit chilly but I endured it I mean I was going to ride Jet Ski with my hot niece.

We both climbed onto the Jet Ski and I held onto the handle at the back of the seat but Ellen grabbed my hands and put my arms around her.

"Ellen I can hold onto the handle" I said and she shook her head and looked at me. "No you stay right there were you are" Ellen replied and I held onto her. Gosh her stomach was flat and so taut. We rode out onto the sea and Ellen started out slowly and her undersides of her boobs scraped against my hands. I was starting to get horny as her boobs kept on scraping across my hands as we went over the little humps that were created by the wind over the water.

I swear that if she didn't feel my hard-on right there then I am the luckiest man alive but I kind of wanted her to feel to show her what she is doing to me. My urge to reach out and grab her boobs was building up and me. I don't know how much longer I could resist it. We went over a big wave and the Jet Ski shot into the air and we landed but something had changed. My left hand was firmly over Ellen's left breast. "Alex your hand please" Ellen said and I let go and felt my cheeks redden up and she looked around and giggled.

"I am sorry" I replied and I took my hand away from the softest thing I have ever felt. Her boob felt so soft yet so perky in my hand and I could feel the slight trace of a nipple against my palm. We continued riding around and I saw I had a wet spot in the front of swimming trunks.

Probably from pre-cum leaking out when we went over all of those bumps in the water. We finished our ride and headed inside to the house. I quickly slipped into the bathroom and took out my throbbing dick. Man I was hard. So hard I could hammer nails. I quietly stroked myself to an orgasm and I came so hard that it wasn't even funny. I took off my swimming trunks and put on some pants and a new shirt and headed to the living room.

Ellen was lying on the couch with feet hanging over the side. She had changed out of her black bikini and into a blue sports bra and black training pants. "You off to somewhere" I asked and she shook her head. "I am just comfortable in these clothes" Ellen said as she was reading the Cosmopolitan. I lay down on the couch opposite her and took the closest book and started reading in it.

Unfortunately for me it was the FHM magazine and they were busy talking about sex and various spaces and places you can do it in. I started reading the stories and I felt the too familiar stirring in my pants.

I tried moving the magazine down to cover myself but Ellen looked over from her magazine and smiled. Was I busted or not? "Alex can I ask you something" Ellen asked sounding serious and I froze up. "Yes. you can" I managed to get out. "How has your experience with girls gone so far" Ellen said looking at me. "Well I have had some experience so far but not a lot, why" I asked back and I turned to her.

"Are you still a virgin" Ellen asked and I almost fell off of the couch at that question. "Yes.I am" I said. She sat up straight and sternly looked at me.

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"What have you done with a girl" Ellen asked and I also sat up and cleared my throat. "I have played with her boobs" I gingerly said. "Did you enjoy it" Ellen said now looking deep into my eyes with her deep blue eyes. I nodded in response and she walked over and sat down next to me and took my hand.

"You can't tell anyone about this okay" She said as she placed my hand on her boob. I held my hand there a moment before I started squeezing her boob lightly.

She closed her eyes and I got bolder and placed my other hand on her other boob and started massaging them in my hands. They felt so perfect in my hands. Not too big and not too small. "There you go that it keep doing that" Ellen whispered and I continued playing. She suddenly opened her eyes and I was worried I did something wrong and she pulled up her sports bra to reveal the most perfect boobs I have ever seen. They were so soft and yet so perky. Her nipples were already hard and I leaned closer and clasped my mouth over one of her nipples and Ellen gasped at that.

I took that as a signal to continue. I suckled on the nipple like a baby and flicked my tongue over it and she moaned and held my head close to her chest. My hand was rubbing her stomach and going up to cup her other boob.

I was getting harder and harder by the second. The next thing surprised me even further. Ellen put her hand on my pants and squeezed my dick through my pants.

I jumped at the sensation and she unbuttoned my pants and reached into my boxer and grasped my rod. She slowly started jacking me up and down. Up and down she went and I continued sucking on her nipples. She awarded me with her moans into my ears. Ellen pulled my head away and looked deep into my eyes and kissed me.

I kissed her back and my tongue started exploring her mouth. She put her hands around my neck and we kissed deeper. This was so unreal I couldn't believe this was happening. This was so wrong but I couldn't stop myself anymore.

I wanted this to happen. She broke off the kiss and looked at me. "Have you ever had a blowjob before" She asked and I shook my hand. Ellen went onto her knees in front of me and took my dick in her hand started jacking me off slowly then she did something I didn't expect.

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She took me into her mouth and started sucking on my dick. I let out a moan and she sucked me in deeper until she couldn't take more of me. The warm feeling of her mouth over my cock was just too much and I couldn't take anymore of this. "Ellen I am going to cum soon" I said and she continued and opened her eyes and looked at me. Damn she looked so innocent and yet so devious. I blew my load there immediately and she gulped it all down and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show that she had swallowed it all.

I pulled her up and kissed her deeply on the lips. Her lips were so soft and tasted so sweet. "Alex I am so horny now. Would you please eat me out" Ellen said looking through those deep blue eyes and she looked so cute I couldn't say no. I got onto my knees and she got onto the couch and pulled down her sports pants and I saw in front of me the treasure of a lady.

She was completely shaved clean and her pussy was dripping that is how horny she was. I leaned closer and smelled her sweet sense and stuck my tongue out and licked her slit from the bottom until the top.

Wow she tasted good. It was intoxicating. I started lapping at her pussy and she played with my hair and moaned in response to my treatment. She spread her legs and I opened her lips and saw her hole and stuck my tongue into it. "Ahh yes that it is lick me good" Ellen cried and I continued my oral assault on this hot vixen. I took my tongue out and sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it.

"Oh my gosh I am going to cum" Ellen screamed clenching my head shut between her legs. She started writhing in place and I could feel her juices leaking onto my face. She panted like a wild dog and let go of my head.

I thought I was never going to see the light of day again. I looked up at her and licked my face clean. We heard the door of a car close shut outside To be continued.