Hardcore Sex With My Gf

Hardcore Sex With My Gf
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I grew up with my mom, dad and 2 sisters. My parents were naturists, naturally my sisters and I were to. We grew up being naked all the time and there was never anything sexual about it.

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Whenever we went on holiday we used to always go to the same naturist resort, since we had alot of friends there. I loved going there, I always remember playing with the older girls and trying to squeeze their breasts and feel their bums i didn't really think there was anything sexual about it, I just liked to touch them.

I was 9 when my parents got divorced. I only found why they split up when I was 16 and I can now completely understand why my mom didn't want us to see our dad anymore. It turns out that every year we went to the resort my dad had been having sex with lots of the younger girls between the ages of 14 and 17.

The only reason my mom found out about it was because he had gotten a 15 year old girl pregnant. I'm glad he never done anything to my sisters. we still haven't seen him since then and we don't really want to. Even after my dad left we continued to be naturists which was fine until i was 11.

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When i was 11, I was living with my mom who was 35, my older sister who was 13 and my younger sister who was 8. we were still naturists and everything was fine until we were all watching a movie together and as normal we were all naked. We were watching Leathal Weapon 2 which i picked from the video store, I was really enjoying it and then the scene with mel gibson and patsy kensit came on.

As soon as I saw her breasts my cock shot up to attention. I actually got really scared because it hurt, I tried to push it down which didn't help at all since I just got harder and harder and my cock started to get very sensitive to the touch. After about five minutes of trying to get my cock to go down and also hide it from my mom and my sisters, I had to say to my mom cause it was very sore.

I called to my mom who was on the other sofa with my little sister and said "Mom what's happening to me, it really hurts." My mom with a very shocked look on her face said "OH MY.

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em don't worry about it honey it will go away." My older sister who was sitting next to me looked down and said "EUGH your disgusting" and slapped my throbbing cock hard which was enough and I just started cumming and I shot cum everywhere, even on my face and I just sat there experiencing my first ever orgasm. It was the most amasing thing I had ever felt. when I finally came round again I opened my eyes and my mom and both my sisters were just staring at me.

I felt so good and just said "WOW" and my mom still looking shocked just said "I think you should go for a bath now." which I did. My mom and my sisters never said anything about what happened.


I remember for weeks I was trying to have another orgasm but i couldn't. I actually thought though that all you had to do was hit it which wasn't working and also started to hurt after a while. My mom walked in on me once when i was doing it and just started laughing.

Then she began to explain to me about everything sex, masturbation, contraception and babies. I don't know if it was just the fact that I was young and horny or the fact that she showed me her open pussy and demonstrated where to put my cock when having sex by sliding a finger deep inside her pussy but I stayed hard through the whole talk.

I remember when she pulled her finger out how wet it was. My cock was so hard and covered in precum and asked her how I should masturbate. She demonstrated by stroking her hand up and down in the air.

I tried doing what she was showing me but I couldn't really get what she was meaning. Finally she said "Ok i'll show you how you should do it" I remember seeing the light glisten off the finger she had inside her pussy, it was still so wet. She wrapped her hand with her wet finger around my cock, I got even harder at the thought of her pussy juice providing more lubrication to my rock solid cock.

She stroked her hand up and down like three times and I just exploded. I came so much my stomach was covered and it shot over my moms breast and even got a bit on her face which i thought was so funny and started laughing. I said I was sorry about getting her all messy and she said for me to go get cleaned up. I headed to the bathroom to have a shower and get cleaned up but pretty much as i got out my bedroom I was hard again.

As I was in the shower getting cleaned up I thought I would practise what my mom had just showed me and started stroking my cock up and down slowly. It felt amasing after about a minute i knew i was about to cum and I thought to myself that I could probably try and get my mom to show me again by pretending that I still didn't know what I was doing. I stopped jerking my cock and got washed and dried as quickly as possible.

As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom before I could say anything to her she squeezed passed me into the bathroom "sorry honey i need to get cleaned up too" she said, when she squeezed passed i swear i saw that she had rubbed my cum all over her breast and I also felt her ass rub across my hard cock which made it tingle.

I went back to my bedroom with a raging hard on waiting for her to get out but she always took long showers and I had to cum. I began stroking my pulsating member, i was getting close to cumming again when i heard my mom leave the bathroom. It suddenly dawn on me that if I came I was going to have to have another shower.

So I got up cock in hand and went to the bathroom soon I could try and cum into the toilet, so there was no mess. I started play with myself again and i heard my mom shout "can you bring me my hairbrush honey" "OK" i said. I wiped my cock so she wouldn't see all my precum, grabbed her hairbrush and rushed out the bathroom turned round the corner into my mom's room, I didn't know but she was in the doorway bent over drying her hair.

I turned the corner and full force BANG! my rock hard cock hit the side of her pussy and thigh "OOOOOOWWWWWWWWW". My mom fell over and i fell on top of her, my cock aching. It was the worst pain ever it was like when i staved my finger playing basketball but on my cock the pain was unbearable. My mom moaned in pain as well "what the hell was that", "OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW the pain, that was me mom, my penis, i was hard again, OOOOOOWWWWWW" She got up and looked at my now limp cock which had already swelled to double the thickness.


She went to the freezer grabbed so ice and wrapped it in the towel and gve it to me. "go lay down and just keep the ice on it" She said. It took about a month for my cock to heal completely and I hadn't masturbated since when my mother showed me how to do it. I had tried but the pain was so unbearable when i was hard that I couldn't enjoy it. By the Middle of the fourth week since that happened though it wasn't hurting when i got an erection, I was extremely horny but i decided to leave it a few days until I was fully healed before I started jacking off again.

It was Saturday morning, I woke up with a massive hard on and knew I was going to use it. I had been horny for 4 weeks straight and i really needed to cum.

I headed downstairs to get a drink first. I heard someone in the shower. I got downstairs just as my two sisters were leaving to go to the mall.

My older sister looked at my fully erect cock and said "EUGH I guess your fully healed then, Tell mom we're away to the mall", "ok, See you later on". The whole time my cock was healing the only thing that i could think about was if i was just a little bit to the left my cock would have slide deep inside my moms wet little pussy. This thought always got me horny and i turn mad my cock ache in pain but today it just got me harder and harder.

I went into the kitchen and drank some orange juice and headed back to my room. I was so hard and horny that I used my cock to push open my door, it felt good to have strength back in my cock.

I lay down on my bed and started to imagine what it would be like to feel my moms wet pussy grabbing tightly around the shaft of my hard cock and I shoot my cum deep inside her. I was unbelievably hard at this point and started to use what my mom had showed me to good use. I had only had 2 orgasms before but this one felt like it was going to be the best so far. I kept stroking my pulsating cock imagining I was thrusting deep inside my moms wet cunt.

I felt so good yet so dirty. I wanted to fuck her so badly now.

I was wanking furiously and beginning to feel faint, when I heard the bathroom door open. I slowed my strokes down and thought that my mom might be standing in her doorway bent over again drying her hair. I hoped she was. I got off my bed and walked to the door. My moms room was right across from mine. I opened my door and saw that her door was closed. Damn I thought and decided to go to the bathroom so I wouldn't get cum all over myself. I started stroking my cock again thinking about my moms wet pussy again, imagining my balls rubbing against her pubic hair as I ram my cock deep inside her.

I had left the bathroom door open hoping that she would see me and offer to help if she came out of her room. I was so close to cumming at this point, I slowed down to make it last just a bit longer and I heard my moms door open.

I stopped wanking and peeked round the door into my moms room and there she was standing in the doorway again, bent over drying her hair. I nearly came right there and then but I managed to hold it. I stared at her long legs, firm bottom and little pussy and imagined what it would genuinely feel like to drive my cock deep into her warm wet pussy.

It looked so inviting. I contemplated seriously if i should do this, i mean this is my own mother. I finally came to the decision, I had to fuck her. I wanted her to feel my warm cum shoot deep inside her little wet cunt. I wanted my mom to be my first fuck.

I grabbed my cock in my hand and stared at her pussy hoping to aim it just right, i didn't want to go through another month of that pain. I got ready cock in hand ready to move quick. 3. 2. 1. I turned the corner quickly aimed my cock with my hand, grabbed the top of her ass quickly.

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I felt her lips on the tip of my cock and I thrusted as hard as I could. BANG! BULLSEYE!. My cock was deep inside her wet pussy.

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She fell over and I followed trying not to let my cock out of her inviting pussy by keeping a firm grasp of her ass. I landed on top of her cock still fully submerged within her. She felt so tight considering she had 3 children which included me. I was only 11 and my cock was 5 inches but she was unbelievably tight and it felt like the walls of her pussy were firmly grasping the shaft of my solid cock.

She let out a moan of pleasure then said "NO this is so wrong get off me". I put my hands on the floor which made my cock slide out to the head of my cock and pretended to fall as I thrust my cock even deeper into her pussy this time.

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She moaned again in delight. I done it again each time thrusting deeper and deeper with mom enjoying it more and more each time. I knew I just wanted to fuck her hard so I held onto her waist "NO NO we can't do this" she moaned. I knew she wanted this as much as I did since her pussy was dripping wet for me and she was gripping onto my cock as tight as she could each time I slid out of her.

I grabbed her waist and thrust as hard as I could into her and started fucking her faster and faster. "FASTER FASTER UUUUUUUMMMMM" she started moaning.

I was so close to coming. I kept thrusting cock as fast as I could into my mother until finally "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" I started shooting streams of hot thick sticky cum deep into my mom wet cunt. It felt like her pussy was milking me dry.

Jet after jet of cum exploding into her as she moaned in exstacy. I slowed my thrusts down as her pussy kept milking my cock completely. I lay on top of her for a few minutes completely spent.

Finally I pulled my cock out and quickly got up off the floor. I felt disgusting that I had pretty much forced myself onto my own mother. I kept saying "MOM I'M SO SORRY REALLY REALLY SORRY I DON'T KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME, I DIDN'T MEAN IT". She rolled over, her fully naked body in front of me.

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I could see my own cum dripping out of my moms pussy. I kept apologising until she finally spoke "If you really are sorry you can prove it by eating my pussy". "WHAT?" I was so shocked.

"get on your knees and lick mommy's pussy clean".