Cute boy do brother for gay sexy suck and fuck gay sex All in the

Cute boy do brother for gay sexy suck and fuck gay sex All in the
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Well this is my first story and some advice would be appreciated. To give you an idea and I a 19 year old girl from Wales.

I am 5'8 and a good body. I have long brown hair and grey eyes. I have 36DD boobs and a nice perky bum. This is my story. I wake up in a daze and I feel something tight around my neck. My hand goes to reach up to feel what it is and I realise my hands are tied down. I start to panic and I look around and cant find you. I go to pick my head up and figure out that something is holding my head down. I'm led there for what feels like hours. I look over to the clock and it's 10:30.

All of a sudden you walk through the bedroom door and have a dirty grin on your face. I ask you what the fuck have you done to me and you laugh making me more angry that you not answered my question.

You walk over to me and grab my face and tell me I'm going to experience something I have never felt before in my life.

I have a worried look on my face. You walk around me checking all my restraints are tight to the point where I can not move in the slightest possible way. I realise my legs are not tied up so I start kicking in a panicked state! You hold my legs down and separate them with a spreader bar.

You spread them to the point where it hurts. You put your face so close to mine and start to tell me bit by bit what your going to do to me knowing it will turn me on. You can tell its working and you roughly insert two fingers into my tight wet pussy.

I shriek in pleasure with a slight pang of pain from the roughness. You laugh a dirty laugh and tell me you've not started with me yet! You remove your fingers and wipe your fingers along my lips spreading my juices.

You tell me you want to watch me lick it all off and then lick the rest of the juices off your fingers. I tell you to fuck off and untie me. You laugh and say the word 'slave'. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in and give you a forced smile.

You run your fingers down my body, down to my ankles. You start giving me slow sensual kisses up my leg to my groin. You go real close to my clit knowing it would drive me insane. You gradually kiss up my body to my boobs and start sucking my nipple. I start to enjoy it and you suddenly bite down on it hard and it makes me scream.

You look up at me and laugh through your gritted teeth. You loose go and kiss me firmly on the lips. You tell me that your not going to know what's hit you.

You squat over my face and before you lower your self you say to me 'I want you to lick my ass. I cant move any way so you lower your self onto my face and I start licking your ass with all my worth. You hold my nose for a few seconds and you tell me you will keep that for later.

I am still licking your ass and I can see your cock is growing. You slowly start stroking it. I have never seen it so big before.

You get to the point of cuming and you get off and shoot your load all over my face. You look at me and you can tell I don't like it. You use your little finger to scoop all the cum into my mouth. You say your off to get some food and you will be back in a minute. I start to protest and tell you that you can't leave me tied up like this.

You slap me full force in the face and tell me to shut the fuck up and don't argue. You walk out the door and I can feel the bits of cum that you missed drying on my face. You seem to be gone ages. When you walk through the door you have a bag in your hand. You walk over and kiss me as if nothing has happened and I'm not tied up.

You start taking things out of the bag and showing them to me.

You pull out pegs, a huge strap on, the bullet, a double ended dildo, a paddle, an inflatable butt plug, a vibrating egg and a cock ring. You smile at me an innocent smile. I ask you what your planning on doing to me exactly and you walk over to me and pinch my nipples hard and twist them. You tell me that I am not allowed to ask questions only answer them. I say yes as I can't not nod. You put your face close to mine and tell me that from now on you want to be called sir. You pick up two pegs and attach one to each nipple.

I wince and you ignore me but I see a smug look on your face. You pick up a smaller peg and go to put it on my clit and I scream and tell you no. You stop in your tracks shocked by your defiance. You grab my face ad slap me. You see a tear roll down my face from the sting of the slap. You laugh at me, a dirty horrible laugh. You tell me I am going to get punished for that later.

You go back to what you was doing and put the peg on my clit and I moan out. I didn't expect it to feel this good. You feel my slit and it's soaking wet. You take this as the perfect opportunity. You slide two fingers inside me working them in and out rubbing my g-spot. You slide more and more fingers inside me.

I realise that your going to fist me. You now have five fingers inside me up to your knuckles. You add a small blob of lube not to put me in too much pain quite yet. You carry on working your hand into my pussy, trying to get it all the way in. To take my mind off the pain of being stretched to the limits you lick the bottom of my clit. After some time of licking my clit and working your hand in and out of my pussy your hand slides all the way into my up to your wrist.

Your now working your hand in and out of me with ease. After about twenty minutes you see I'm about to cum so you remove your hand and you slide it along my g-spot as you do, but you carry on licking my pussy.

As your hand leaves my pussy I start to orgasm and I squirt every where soaking you. A massive grin appears on your face and I can tell your so pleased with your self. I am spent. You go to wipe your hand on me but you decide not to use a towel.

You sit on the bed next to me and tell me I bet your wondering what is your round your neck. I say yes sir and you get a mirror and show me that I am wearing a black studded collar with a silver hoop on it.

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You tell me its for when you untie me you can still have control over me. You attach a matching lead to the loop and stroke my face.

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You start undoing my restraints. You pull me up and I have a little stretch enjoying the freedom while I can. You stand up cause I'm a little stiff. You kiss me passionately and slowly. You get a wet wipe and wipe the dried cum off my face. I watch you as you do it and notice your still covered in my juices. Once I am all cleaned you hand cuff my hands behind my back. You tell me it's time for your punishment now. You tell me you want a shit but you want to feel my hot mouth around your cock!

I stare at you in disbelief and you just carry on walking to the toilet pulling me with you. You take your trousers and boxers down and sit on the toilet. You push me down onto my knees and you see me lean backwards away from you.

You pull on my lead and force my head down onto your cock and I start sucking and doing the best I can considering the circumstances and smell. Your hand is in my hair making sue I don't pull away from you. You push me away when you have had enough and tell me to go wait in the bedroom.

I struggle to get to my feet and walk to the bedroom and get in the slave position which is on my knees, leant back on my heels with my head down. You walk in and walk over to pick the bullet up. You walk back over to me after applying a bit off lube to the bullet and tell me you want me to put it in your ass and turn it on. You undo my cuffs and I get to my job. Once its in you cuff me back up and grab my hair. You force your cock into my mouth with out a single word.

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You force it straight down my throat and hold my nose. You hold my head there so I can't breath. My eyes are watering, I'm dribbling and I am gagging. Seeing me and hearing me in this state turns you on more. You reach down to pull the pegs of my nipples and I make a muffled moan.

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Your moaning from the bullet and the feeling of my throat tight around your cock. You shoot your hot cum down my throat and slowly pull out of my mouth and I quickly swallow and take a deep breath. I catch my breath and flop onto the floor. You grab the peg on my clit and pull it off fast. I scream in pain as it's so sensitive.

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You grab my lead and pull me to my feet. You take the bullet out and get on your knees. You lube up my ass and insert the strap on into my making me scream out in pain and it turns you on.

Once it's in you pick your leg up over my shoulder and start licking my clit. My legs instantly turn to jelly as your tongue does its magic. I am so close to cumming as my clit is highly sensitive. I am now tarting to orgasm and it's so intense.

I collapse and you catch me and lie me on my back. You keep going until I finish. You get up and pull me up with you. You tell me to go run you a bath and I smile and I say yes sir. I go and run you a nice hot bubble bath.


I call you and tell you its done and you hold my hand as you get in and relax in the bath. You tell me to get in and squat on your cock so I do as you say. I start riding your cock hard and fast. Before long we are both moaning and cumming together. I get out and you empty the bath and you turn the shower on. You stand up, hand me the sponge and tell me to wash you.

I put loads of shower gel on the sponge and wash you slowly. I take extra care to your cock, balls and bum. Once your cleaned you get out and I take my time drying you. You drag me back into the bedroom by my lead. You tell me you want me bent over and start hitting me with the paddle. You tell me after every blow to count. So I do. After twenty five blows to each ass cheek my ass is red raw!

You then spit on my ass hole and slide your rock hard member into my ass.

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You start fucking me hard and fast. It unbelievably sore because of all the blows to my ass. I feel something slide into my pussy and I realize its the egg.

You turn it on and go hard and fast again. You pull my hair so hard it makes me yelp. You laugh, loving how good it feels. I am moaning through pleasure and pain. You tell me not to cum but it's too late. When you finish you pull out of me and push me up against the wall by my throat. You strangle me and I can't stop you cause your too strong. I am starting to go purple and my eyes start to roll.

You let go just before I pass out. You tell me if I disobey you again you wont stop! I apologise and bow my head. You remove the egg from me and push me on the bed.

You insert the on end of the dildo inside my pussy and you lie in front of me and put it in your ass. We both start moving and we are loving it.

You tell me not to cum this time and I use everything in me not to cum. You don't finish yet but you tell me it's not over. You tell me to get in the shower and get clean cause we are going out. You unhook my lead and I go get in the shower.

When I am all clean and dry I walk back into the bedroom and see you have laid an outfit on our bed. It's a black and red corset with a pair of supper skinny jeans and a pair of red daps. You tell me you got the corset to make me look sexy but you don't want me to stand out too much and bring attention to your self. I get dressed and you tell me I look gorgeous and sexy. I ask you if I am allowed to take the collar off and you laugh shaking your head. You make sure I am all ready and you re-attach my lead.

You tell me you want to put these love balls inside my pussy. You slide my jeans down, and insert the balls. Once they are inserted and comfortable you pull my jeans back up. Your dressed in a black polo top, smart jeans and black daps.


We set off and I am embarrassed to start. We get to a secluded place and I realize you have a black back pack with you. You tell me you want me to put on the strap on and fuck you hard and fast in the out doors. I look at you puzzled and you pull out of he bag a different strap on from earlier. It's massive and you can't wait to use it.

I realize it's the ones you squeeze the balls and it cums. Next you pull out the inflatable butt plug. I do ass commanded and slowly start to undo and pull your jeans and boxers down. With some spit I insert the strap on into your tight ass. I can see your ass hole stretching and it's turning me on. I start to fuck you hard and fast and after about twenty five minutes I squeeze the balls and cum in your ass.

I didn't know it would turn me on as mush as it has. I slide out of you and insert the butt plug into you and pump it up to stop it falling out. I pull your jeans up and boxers and you put all your stuff back into your bag. You remember that I have the balls inside of me and make me jump up and down knowing it will turn me on more and more. You tell me that's enough and we carry on walking.

To a bench and you pull on my lead and pull me to sit down. We start chatting like normal and you get me into a rant and you pull me close to you with my lead (which has never left your hand) and kiss me hard and passionate. My heart skips a beat and my stomach has butterflies.

Your hand slides down my body and starts rubbing my clit to the point of climax. I cum hard and your lips never leave mine. We get up and we walk home hand in hand/lead and once we get into the house you drag me upstairs. You tell me to undress you and I do and you undress me. You slowly remove the balls and we kiss and fall onto the bed. You slide your hard member inside me and start to make love to me while giving me slow sensual kisses.

The passion and chemistry is over whelming. We both climax together making it more intimate. You tell me your no longer me slave and I smile and we talk about the day. I tell you I loved EVERY minute of it and would love to do it again. You kiss me and we cwtch in bed and fall asleep.