Blonde Has Cunt Hit From All Angles Barbie Summer

Blonde Has Cunt Hit From All Angles Barbie Summer
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~Chapter 9~ I woke up the next morning, Courtney was already gone for work. I stared at the ceiling fan, unable to move.

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Courtney was due to come home in a few hours. I dreaded seeing him walk through the door. I got back from the restaurant and pulled up the credit card statements. From what I gathered, my husband had been having multiple affairs. I found receipts and credit card statements showing where he had been lying to me for at least a year. When he said he was going to his mother's house, he was really across town. When he claimed he was out of town for work, he was staying with some woman an hour away.

I sat in the office, staring at my computer. I was through. I had been played. I was the woman that people laugh at. I could just imagine Courtney and his women laughing at me behind my back. I had pledged my life to this man and I now see he has been fucking women left and right. I didn't want to do this anymore. I printed off all the statements that he had sent to his email. I printed and highlighted the cell phone records. Even if he tried to lie about the cell phone, there was no way he could lie about the credit card.

I no longer felt bad about my dirt at Debauchery. In fact, I welcomed it. "Hey." I said as Courtney walked in the front door. "Hey, I didn't know you would be home." I nodded, sipped my tea. "Yeah, I called out." "You feeling ok?" "Great." I said. "I got a phone call from the credit card company, offering a limit increase." "Did you take it?" "Yeah, why not? I finally talked to them about the statements." I said while washing my cup and pan. "I told you I get the statements to my email." "I know, they sent them to me." I didn't look up at him.

"Kelly, I thought it was fine for me to handle the credit card statements." "It is fine, I just wanted to know what was on them, so I had them send me a copy." I said turning around, wiping my hand on the dish towel. "What is this? I just get home and already I am dealing with this shit?" he asked. I looked at him, up and down. This man I met and married in ten months. This man that used to send me flowers when we were dating.

This man who I have held in my arms when he cried when his uncle passed away. This man I have put Preparation H on his asshole when he had hemorrhoids. This man I slept next to night after night for six years. I looked at him and watched as he tried to lie his way out of the hole that was dug for him.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" "Courtney&hellip." He sighed heavily, like I was bothering him. "What now?" "I want a divorce." The words were out my mouth before I had a chance to stop myself. I was slightly surprised I just said it. "What?" I cleared my throat. "I want a divorce." I repeated. I was calm, I was not angry, a little hurt, but I wasn't aggressive or in a rage. I was at peace.

"What? Why. What the hell?" he said getting angry. I walked out the kitchen to the office. Courtney followed me. "You weren't in Savannah." I said picking up the binder full of evidence I stayed up all night collecting. "Yes I w&hellip." "No you weren't, you were at the Cheesecake Factory.

I know, because I saw you when I had dinner with Diane." I said. He scratched his head. "You charged the meal for you and the woman you were with on the MasterCard account." I said showing him a copy of the statement where I highlighted the transaction.

"The same woman who was our waitress last night at Sotto Sotto." I said. "Kel&hellip." "You never went to your mom's house to fix the car, I had already talked to her. Plus, you used the card at Sam's Club in Stockbridge.

Now, how the hell were you in Stockbridge using the credit card, when your mother lives in Chattanooga?" I showed him another statement.

"You went to Tiffany's and spent over five hundred dollars&hellip. I didn't get any jewelry and neither did your mom, nor your sisters. Yes, I called and talked to them." I said. Courtney was speechless. "You really didn't think I would find out, did you?

For crying out loud, you took me to the restaurant that woman worked at. She was our fucking waiter. I watched you all night, watching her. You watched her walk, talk to other people. You stared at that ass like you damn near owned it." "Kelly&hellip." "No, do not "Kelly" me, the way I look at it, you have your car, and I have mine. If you want this house and the mortgage with it, you can have it." I said. "Baby…" He started walking towards me. "Do not touch me&hellip.

do NOT FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!!" I yelled.

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"You have been lying to me for months, if not years&hellip. We haven't had sex in a year, so clearly you have been getting it elsewhere and you know what? I am not even mad at you." I said. He shook his head. "No, you got it wrong." He said. "I do? What part do I have wrong Courtney?

The credit card statements are all wrong? Or let me guess&hellip. What I saw at the restaurant was wrong? That wasn't really you, right? You weren't at the Cheesecake Factory wearing the blue and white polo shirt we bought while in Florida? You weren't wearing those blue jeans that have the ripped pockets? Or, let me guess&hellip. You weren't wearing the Prada sunglasses that I got for Christmas? Which part do I have wrong?" He dropped his head in shame.

"Courtney, I will be filing for divorce tomorrow&hellip. I don't want this anymore. You have made me look like a fool and all I ever did was love you." I said feeling the tears form in my eyes. "Kelly, I love you, I swear I do&hellip." "You don't love anyone but yourself." I said pointing my finger at him.

I shook my head. I was disgusted. "I don't want to be married to you anymore. I have known for a while what's been going on and there is a big world out there, and I am wasting my time with a man who doesn't even want me!" I said crying and laughing at the same time.

"I do want you&hellip." "Oh no you don't. You want to convince me you want me so I won't leave your black ass&hellip. But for months, you have ignored my very existence in this home." He reached out to touch me. "I said don't touch me." "Kelly&hellip. I'm sorry, I am not perfect and yes, I made mistakes but I can change." He pleaded. "Courtney…&hellip.

there is no working this out. There are no therapy sessions. I have found the proof of what you have been doing. Hotels, trips, gifts and clothes. Why would my husband be shopping at Lane Bryant? Huh? Can you tell me that? Why would you be at Victoria's Secret Courtney?" I asked looking in his eyes. "Kelly&hellip." He said grabbing my arm. "Let me go, hell&hellip. You've been gone all this time anyway, so go, go be with that woman from the restaurant.

Go be with the woman that you took to Dallas. Oh&hellip. You didn't know I knew about that, did you? " I asked. "Dallas?" "Yes, Dallas&hellip. Six months ago. Yeah&hellip. you thought by reporting the credit card stolen, I wouldn't know?? You stayed at the Rosewood Mansion. You spent over fifteen hundred dollars there.

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And you didn't think I would find out." I said shaking my head. "Kelly, what can I do baby? Please, I will do anything." He said looking me in my eyes. "Courtney, you can sign the papers, uncontested and then&hellip. You and your women can go be happy." I said softly. "I don't want a divorce." "Yeah? Well&hellip. I don't want you." I said walking away. I closed the bedroom door, locked it and sat on the bed, crying in my hands. I collapsed on the floor, in a fetal position, crying like a baby.

My marriage was over. ~Chapter 10~ It had been almost a month since I told Courtney I wanted a divorce. It was as if the man didn't hear a word I said. He acted and pretended as if things were just fine.

He refused to sleep in another room, let alone move out. We had countless arguments over him leaving the house. He flat out refused. He informed me that all the utilities were in my name, the credit cards were based off my credit score, he was just an authorized user. He also told me he would not sign any divorce papers whatsoever. I felt like I was stuck. That was, until one night I went back to Debauchery.

"Good evening." Gabriel said as I sat at the bar in the living room. "Hi." I said hugging him. He looked at me up and down, sensing something was wrong. "I need to talk." I confessed. "Come on, I can tell something is wrong." We walked up to a bedroom, he closed the door and I sat on the couch. "Whats going on?" he asked. I sighed.

"I need to file for a divorce, and Courtney is refusing to give me one." I started. Gabriel arched his eyebrow. "Is that right? So he wants this to be contested?" he asked sitting next to me, crossing his right leg, drinking his Bourbon. I nodded. "He won't move out, everything is in my name" I said starting to cry. "Shhh&hellip. don't cry Kelly." He said moving the hair out of my face.

"I don't know what to do." I cried. He put his arm around me. "Take a deep breath." I kept crying.

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"Look at me, take a deep breath." He ordered. I looked up at him, my eyeliner running.

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"Here is what you do&hellip." he started while looking into my eyes. ~One week later~ I stood in the living room of an empty townhome. A co-worker of mine, Janine, was offering it for rent, since her last tenants moved out.

"It's not much, three bedrooms, but if you like it, I will gladly let you rent it." She said. I did a final walk through. "How much a month?" I asked. "For you? We can do a thousand." She said.

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I nodded. "I will take it, thank you Janine." I smiled. "Good, fill out this paperwork, first months' rent and a five-hundred-dollar deposit and the keys are yours." She said. I nodded. "I will have everything for you tomorrow." "Perfect." She smiled. I spent the next two weeks working midnights, while Courtney worked days.

I would come home, pack my things up and store them in the garage. I reserved movers for that Friday. I knew Courtney was going to see his mother for the weekend and I had a nice surprise in store for him. "What all are we taking?" the movers asked. "All the boxes in the garage, the living room furniture, televisions included. We are also taking the master bedroom furniture." "What about the dining room?" "No, not the dining room, but all the boxes in the kitchen, all of that is going." I said pointing while the six men got to work.

Four hours later, the last box was moved into my new home. I closed the door behind the last guy and stood in the middle of the living room. I was overwhelmed, I wanted to cry. I wanted to break down. But I didn't. Instead, I turned on my iPod, full blast, and opened a bottle of wine and got to work unpacking my new life.

~Chapter 11~ ~Saturday Night~ "Hello Miss." The valet said. I smiled and gave him my keys. I walked into the mansion, heading straight to the living room. "Well, there you are." I heard Gabriel say. I turned around. "Just who I was looking for." I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck, bringing him in for a kiss. "Miss me?" I asked. "Of course, how are you?" "Your advice worked brilliantly." I whispered. I took his hand and led him downstairs to a bedroom.

"You moved out?" he asked. I nodded. "Yes, I did, I moved yesterday." I told him while taking my black dress off. "How did it go?" he asked.

I took his drink out of his hand and sat it on the night table. I pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it on the floor. "Everything went smoothly. I am all moved in&hellip." I unzipped his pants. "I unpacked everything with the help of a wine bottle&hellip." I pulled his pants down.

"And now, I am all settled in &hellip." I pulled his boxer briefs down. "Nice." he said as I took his dick in my hand. "When does Courtney come back?" he asked as I took him in my mouth. "Tomorrow night." I said looking up at him. "Any other questions? Or can I suck your dick now?" He smiled. "You may." He said, granting me permission.

I took him deep into my mouth, sucking on the tip. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the remnant taste of St. Ives body wash. I licked on the sides, holding his dick up as I kissed and licked underneath. I held him with my right hand, rubbed his balls with my left hand.

I guided him back into my mouth, twirling my tongue all around his hardened dick. I heard a moan escape his lips. He ran his hands through my hair, grabbing a handful and pushing me on it.

I let the spit build up in my mouth, slobbering and drooling on his dick. He loved it. "You like that?" I asked jacking his dick as I awaited his response. "Yeah baby." He said as I pushed him back inside my mouth. I had never really discovered how much I enjoyed sucking dick, until that moment. Maybe it was Gabriel, maybe it was my current situation, but I could suck dick every day and night, if I had the chance.

I pushed him further into my mouth, letting him hit the back of my throat. "Oooo shit baby." He said. I moved my head faster, his hips picking up the pace. "Fuck, I'm about to cum baby." He said. I didn't slow down. "SHIT" he said, his teeth gritting.

Just as his moans increased, I felt the spills of cum oozing down my throat. I happily swallowed and wiped my mouth. "You ok?" I asked. He laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

"You have one hell of a talent." He said. I smiled. "Really? You think so?" I asked. "Yes, and I need to be careful&hellip. your dick sucking skills are superior." He said. I laughed. "Guess I just needed the practice." I said laying down next to him.

"If men here knew you could do that&hellip. They would be lining up to be with you." I shook my head. "Then we should keep it quiet." I said. "Indeed." "Do you like being with black women?" I asked him. He arched an eyebrow.

"Where did that come from?" "I am just curious." "I love being with all women." He clarified. "Do you have a preference?" "Not really, I have been with all shapes and sizes." I looked down.

"I guess I would be the biggest one." I said half laughing. "No, you aren't. To be honest, I love your size. You are proportionate.

I love your breasts, the size of your nipples and areolas. I love your legs, their thickness. I love your thighs. I like how tight they get around my head when I'm eating your pussy. I love your hips. They are perfectly wide.

I love your ass, how round and firm it is. How it jiggles when you walk. I love how it ripples when I smack it." He said turning over, on top of me. "I love how warm and wet you get when you get all excited." He said as he rubbed on my clit. I bucked my back in anticipation.

"Like this&hellip. I love how your body responds when I touch you. How wet you are when I stick&hellip. One&hellip. Two fingers deep inside your pussy." He said in my ear, his fingers inside me. "I love how you start breathing heavy as I rub your clit, especially when&hellip. I take your nipples into my mouth." He said licking my left nipple. I moaned and grabbed the pillow behind my head. "I love hearing you moan…… when I bite your nipples…… I love how you spread your legs wider telling me to go inside you without using any words." He said.

I closed my eyes and started moving my hips. "Tonight, I want you to get on top and ride me." he said. I immediately snapped back to reality. "What?" "You heard me, I want you to ride me.

You can do it." He said. "No&hellip. I cannot, I am too big." I said. "Kelly, you are not too big." I shook my head. "I would crush you!

No&hellip. I am not comfortable doing that." I argued. He stopped rubbing and looked at me. I stared at the ceiling. "Look at me Kelly&hellip." I shook my head. "Look at me." he repeated softly.

I looked at him, in his eyes. "You are not too big; you are not too fat. I can handle you, just like you can handle me…… I will make the room dark for you, this one time only.

But tonight, you get to discover something new." He said. I tried to put on a brave face, but I was terrified of being on top. Courtney never had me on top. I don't even think I had ever been on top of any guy in my life. Gabriel bent down and kissed me. "It's ok." He said.

We grabbed robes and went down to the basement. We stopped by the bar and grabbed a drink. I needed all the liquid courage I could get. The large hot tub had one other couple in it. She was a petite blonde hair woman in her late forties, he looked like a tanning bed model, no older than twenty-three. She was having a good ole time jacking his dick and tonguing him down. Clearly, she was intoxicated and clearly, he didn't give a fuck.

"You ok?" Gabriel asked grabbing the remote and snapping me out of my trance. He turned the cameras on, switched over to the iPod and turned on Marsha Ambrosius. I nodded. He took his robe off and stepped into the hot tub. "Oh this feels good." He said. The other couple didn't even look up. "Get in." he said. I slowly untucked my robe, looking around to see if anyone else was coming in. "No one is paying attention, but me." he whispered. I let the robe drop and stepped down into the tub.

I sat down next to Gabriel.

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"Was that bad?" he asked. "I am not used to being naked in front of people." I said. "Come here." He said. I stood in front of him, the water just below my breasts. "Sit on my lap, facing me." he said.

I sat on his lap, my knees on either side of him. "How does that feel?" he asked. "Like I might crush you." I confessed. "You're not crushing me baby." He said. He wrapped his hands around my waist, pulling me closer. "See, it's not so bad." Gabriel used his hands to explore my body.

He softly kissed my chest, around my collar bone. He licked up the side of my neck, licking on my earlobe.

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His hands grabbing my ass and squeezing it. "You feel good?" he asked. I buried my head in his neck, nodding in the affirmative. He grabbed some of my hair, bringing it to his nose, inhaling the Pantene conditioner scent that was left over from that morning wash. His hands ran through my hair, over my scalp, gently massaging. I found myself moving my hips slightly to the song D'Angelo was singing over the speakers.

My arms wrapped around Gabriel's neck, his stubble rubbing against my cheeks. I playfully dug my nails in his back as he began kissing my neck, before turning my mouth to meet his.

Our tongues played a game with each other. His tongue was cold, no doubt from the Scotch on the rocks he had just finished. I could taste the alcohol on his tongue, mixing with the glass of Chardonnay I had just devoured.

I moaned as he kissed me. His lips, they were soft, almost silk like. I kissed on his neck, down the side. It was my turn to lick his earlobes. His hands were now playing a teasing game with my asshole. I could feel his finger gently push into my hole. I moaned, moving my hips, causing a slight wave like motion in the hot tub. "You're so wet." He said moving his fingers inside my pussy.

I jumped. "You like that?" I nodded as he pumped his fingers harder. "I think you're almost ready." He said. I went back to kissing his mouth. I couldn't get enough of his mouth on mine. "Let's go to a room." He whispered. I nodded. I slid off him and exited the hot tub. ~Chapter 12~ We walked down the hallway to the last door that was open. I walked inside to find a black and white theme. The black upholstered king size bed, with the large floor to ceiling size mirror adjacent to it.

The crystal chandelier hanging over the bed. The black iron wall scones on either side of the bed, that held vanilla scented candles, were already lit. The black velvet drapes hung over the bay windows. The black and white paisley area rug laid in front of the white subway tiled fireplace.

Just as Gabriel turned the lights way down, Janet came over the speakers, the opening sounds of 'That's the Way Love Goes' starting to play. Gabriel closed the door and came up behind me, removing my robe slowly. His hands grazed my shoulders and I jumped. I walked over to the bed, turning around just as he dropped his robe. Gabriel climbed onto the bed, his body over mine. He kissed my forehead, kissed my right cheek, over to the left cheek.

He kissed down my jawline, pinning my hands over my head as he worked his way down. He kissed my neck, moving across it slowly.

He kissed my chest, kissed my nipples, licking them and blowing softly on them. He was teasing me, and I was loving every moment of it. He kissed down my stomach, licking around my belly button. He kissed down my left thigh, down to my knee. He took my left leg, holding it up as he kissed down my leg. He kissed the top of my foot, before kissing each of my French pedicured toes.

He repeated the same process on my right leg before spreading my legs apart.


He rubbed my sloppy wet clit with his thumb before spreading my pussy open with his middle and index finger like a "V". He licked me up and down. His tongue licking my clit, causing my hips to involuntarily move. He used his free hand to explore my asshole while he ate my pussy.

I ran my hands through his McDreamy thick hair and threw my head back in pleasure. He gripped my thighs and pulled me in closer to his mouth. I couldn't escape as the first of many orgasms took over my body. I could hear him slurping my juices up, almost drinking me. It turned me on like never before. He sat up, laid back on the bed. "Come on." he said. I swung my leg over him, unsure of what to do next. "Ease me into you." He said softly.


I reached behind me, grabbed his dick and directed it to my hole. I leaned forward, trying to balance myself with one hand and direct his dick with the other. I felt like I was clumsy, until finally, I felt the opening. I gently eased down onto it.

It felt bigger in this position than missionary. "There you go baby." He said. I gasped as he went in. "Stay still if you need to." He advised. I froze for a moment, getting used to his dick inside my pussy, in this position. Once I felt a little more comfortable, I started moving. I looked over to my left and saw my reflection in the mirror, in the candle glowing light. I leaned forward and down, moving my hips in a circle motion. Gabriel's hands moved up and down my chest, squeezing my breasts together.

His moans let me know it felt good to him. I moved again, this time leaning back. As I leaned back, he licked his thumb and began massaging my clit. "Oh fuck." I said throwing my head back. I don't know what happened but a switch went off. He rubbed my clit faster, causing my hips to move faster.

I lost all shyness and inhibitions in that moment. I started moving up and down, enjoying the thickness of his dick deep inside me. I lifted my right leg, still bouncing up and down like I did in the hot tub. "Shit baby&hellip. there you go." He moaned. He rubbed my clit and I bounced harder on his dick. I balanced my hands on his bare chest, leaning forward as he took my nipples into his mouth. His mouth felt incredible on my breasts as I held on to the headboard, still bouncing and swaying my hips.

"Mmmmm baby…… yes……oh fuck yes!" I heard myself scream. I had never been on top before. Gabriel wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me in place as he pushed his hips up to meet mine. We were officially fucking now. I forgotten all about my body size. I forgot about my rolls, or even the stretch marks.

I was in throws of ecstasy. "I'm ready to cum baby." I whined. "Cum for me baby…… go ahead and cum&hellip. you earned it." He said. I paused, sitting up, getting off his dick for a moment, while I turned around. I directed his dick back inside me, this time, in a reverse cowgirl position. I leaned on my forearms, exposing my ass to him. "Oh fuck!" he yelled as I began bouncing again. He slapped my ass, making it jiggle. "Yeah baby…" "You like that?" he asked.

"Yeah daddy……I like that." I vibrated my ass cheeks on him, bouncing and going wild on his dick. I didn't know what I was doing, but what I did know was that this position was hitting my G-spot and before I knew it, I was cumming all over his dick. "YYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!" I screamed. Gabriel held on to my waist, thrusting his hips into me. I grabbed onto his legs and kept my balance.

"Oh fuck…… oh fuck…… I'm about to cum……SH……SHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTT" he yelled as he released a cum load inside me. I couldn't move. Sweat was dripping down my body. I laid there, my ass still in the air, out of breath. Gabriel was breathing heavy, his hands still resting on my ass, his dick still inside me when I heard it.

"Is that&hellip." I began as Gabriel started laughing. "Yeah." He said. "Are they applauding?" I asked, turning my neck to look at him. He picked up the TV remote and turned the TV on. On the screen showed the different camera angles. Outside our bedroom, a small group had gathered, pressed to the door.

Outside the bay window, by the pool, another crowd had gathered, all sitting around a TV watching&hellip. they were watching us. "Oh my God." I said jumping up and covering my mouth. "Calm down." "They saw us?" I asked trying to whisper.

"YASSSS HONEY YASSSS…… WE SAW YOU GIR!!!!&hellip. GET IT GIRL!!!!……WHOOO-HOOO…&hellip. THAT SHIT WAS HOT!!. YASSS BITCH, RIDE HIM GIRL!!!" they yelled, laughing and clapping. "A star is born." He said looking at the ceiling, collapsing and smiling.