Stevie shae gets shagged in various positions

Stevie shae gets shagged in various positions
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Chapter 1: The library It is 2 am and I am tired. I just finished tutoring the star of my universities basketball team, Devon Davis. He is at risk of not being able to play because his grades are so poor so I was hired to tutor him. He is about dumb as doornails in biology but oh my fucking god he is the hottest man I have ever seen. His dark chocolate skin looks so soft. His full set lips look so kissable it is getting harder and harder to focus when I am tutoring him. I am constantly thinking about what I would do to him if I had the chance.

Just thinking about it gets me hot. I finally reach my dorm and take a hot shower. When I get out, I slip into a silk black nightgown and climb into the XL Twin sized bed.

There are no doubts that I'll dream about him tonight. Today is Friday, game day. Devon asked me in our previous tutoring session to come watch him play. I was quick to comply with his request and now I'm here. Sitting middle court, two rows up I watch our team slaughter the opponent with the help of our star player.

As the fourth quarter finishes and people begin to leave, Devon came up to me and ask me to wait for him outside.

I am intrigued with his request; we have never really talked much outside of our tutoring sessions. I waited outside on the corner of the gym for about ten minutes before he came out.

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When he came out he was shirtless and looked like he had just showered. This made me feel wet between my legs and I began to bite my lower lip a little.

"I wanted to thank you Carmen for tutoring me.

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Without you I wouldn't be able to play." He said to me. "Oh, it's no problem, it's pretty much my job." "I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it." He said before he pulled me to the side of the gym and began kissing my light pink lips.

I began to get even wetter.

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I wanted more but he pulled away and said he'll see me Monday for out next tutoring session. I was in utter shock and completely horny. The whole weekend went by and I could not stop thinking about the hot make out session I had experienced and wondered what else would be in store. My Monday morning classes seemed to go by so slow and I couldn't wait to see Devon again. He gets out of practice late so I had some time to go to my room after my classes to change my clothes.

I decided for something a little sexier than usual; a tight fitted dress that rested on my hips in the most flattering way and ended just a couple inches under my ass.

I put on a little make up and I was out the door. Devon was sitting outside the library when I walked up… "I got us a private study room this time so we can really focus on studying for the next exam." He mentioned as we walked through the doors. This was different than usually but I didn't think anything of it. The room ended up being on the top floor in the corner of the library. It was a tiny room, barely comfortable for two.

It was a bit tight but I surly wasn't going to complain. We sat down and started talking about the topic for the next exam. "This is so stupid why do I need to know about cells and shit when it has nothing to do with my major?" he questioned about 20 minutes into reviewing the PowerPoint the professor had posted the night before.

"Yea it's stupid but it's what you have to know to pass the class and get your degree." I told him trying not to stare at his muscular arms. The sleeves on his shirt ended right before the peak of his bicep and I couldn't help but stare.


I start to think about what that would be like to fuck him but I was quickly snapped back to reality when the timer on my phone went off telling us that the session was over.

We began to pack up our notebooks and laptops and before I could reach for the door to leave the tiny room he picked me up and put me on the table. He wrapped my legs around him and started kissing me. We shared a long wet kiss as he slipped his hands up my dress and grabbed my ass. This made me wet and I start to breathe heavier. "You want this?" he muttered before starting to kiss and bite on my neck.

I started to pull him closer to me by his shorts and I could feel his dick getting harder. Devon lifted up my dress and ripped off my panties, he knelt down. He kissed my inner thighs moving slowly to my wet pussy. The suspense was so intense it felt like ages until he reached my clit. He started licking and sucking so slowly and I began to moan. He started licking my clit faster and faster, this caused my body to shaking and my moans got louder; I was so sure someone was going to hear me.

Devon stood up and I pulled down his shorts and boxers. He was hard and ready and I couldn't wait to feel him inside me. He picking me up and slowly lowered me until his tip was right at my pussy. He teased me and kissed on my neck until I was shaking with pleasure. He rocked me lower until the head of his dick was inside me. He was so thick and I felt so tight around him.

He started thrusting into me, pulling me closer to him. I kept moaning as the thrusts started getting harder and faster. I bite into his neck softly and he moaned "fuck" and it turned me on even more. I started sucking on his neck while he kept fucking me.

He started going slower and put me down. I looked at him with such satisfaction but he turned me around and bent me over the table so my bare ass was to him. He was so aggressive and I can't deal it. He spanked my ass before putting himself inside me. He grabbed my hair and pulled. His hips and thighs hit my ass with even thrust and I could feel his balls hitting my clit. This made me so close to cumming. Devon pulled my hair and arched my back with one hand and with the other he put his hand on my ass and pulled me closer with every thrust.

I began overwhelmed with heat and started moaning uncontrollably. I was climaxing so hard and loud that I barely heard him "Oh fuck!" Devon moaned as he pulled out and came on the floor.

My body went limp over the table. That was such a good fuck; my legs were still shaking. Devon leaned over, "You okay?". "I'm good, I'm good." I said. I stand up, grab my bags and reach for the door.

Devon stops me and kisses me. "I'll see you Wednesday." Chapter 2: The Classroom I got a text from Devon Wednesday around 12 pm asking me if we could have our tutoring session a couple hours earlier since his practice was cancelled that day. It did not conflict with my schedule so there was no problem.

We meet up at the library around 7pm and he was just say sexy as the last time I saw him. He walked to the door and held it open for me. As I walked past him he laid a frim smack on my ass. I blushed in embarrassment hoping no one saw that.


We sat down at an empty table on the second floor and cracked open the books. I told him to read the Chapter that correlated with the PowerPoint for the next lecture and we would discuss it when he was done. Every couple of minutes I would look over and notice him staring at me in a lustful way. He would look away each time I caught him. "Hey, would you like to go on a walk with me tonight?" he asked out of nowhere. "Uhh sure, what time?" "Let's say 10pm?

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I like to go on late walks when no one is out." He grinned. "That's weird but sounds good." We finished out tutoring session around 8:30 so I went back to my dorm and eat and shower before this walk. After my chicken salad and shower, I put on some black Nike tights over my lace thong and a Black tank top to match my Nike shoes.

It was 9:45 when I got a text from Devon telling me he was on his way. For some reason I got a little excited.

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A little middle school crush kind of excited. It seems like forever until I get the text that's he's downstairs. I hop into the elevator and go down to the lobby. There he is, dressed in black athletic shorts and a tight white t-shirt. "Hey little shortie" he whispered giving me a tight short hug. "Let's go" "Where are we going?" "It's a surprise" he said as he winked at me and turned to walk out the door.

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We start walking around campus talking about random things, school, sports, family. We got to the College of Education building, one of the emptiest buildings on campus. "What are we doing here?" I asked. "Like I said babygirl, it's a surprise." He walked into the building and motioned for me to follow him.

Hesitantly, I looked around to see if anyone was watching and when I saw no one I followed him in. "I like this building," he said "it is always empty." He grabbed my hand and lead me to the staircase. We walked to the second floor and he lead me into a classroom in the corner of the building.

"I have a writing class in this room. I always look at the window; you can see the basketball courts from here. I always daydream" he said reminiscing.

"Daydream about basketball?" I asked. "Daydream about bending you over this desk and fucking the shit out of you." It took me a second to take in what he had just said. His words turned me on and I began to blush. "Well I'm here now." I managed to muster up. He walked behind me and started to kiss my neck. I started to get wet and excited for what was about to happen. I put his hand on my back and pushed me over the table we were next to.

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I pulled down my pants and thong to reveal my bare ass. He reached around me and slipped two fingers between my pussy. By then I was already dripping with anticipation. Devon then pulled my hips closer to him, he had already pulled down his shorts and began to rub his hard dick on my ass, teasing me.

I pushed my ass into him, encouraging him to fuck me. He began to rub his dick closer and closer to my pussy until he finally entered me. He filled me up and I let out a short moan. He was so thick and I could feel him completely inside me. I griped the table firmly has he started to fuck me from behind.

He was going slow at first but quickly sped up and slapping my ass. The faster he went, the deeper he entered me, the louder I moaned out in complete pleasure. He began to let out quiet moans than turned me on even more. "Fuck!" I moaned between my short quick breaths. He had his hands on my hips pulling himself deeper into me with every thrust. I could feel myself coming closer to orgasm the faster he went. He moved one of his hand and pulled my hair back, arching my back even more, allowing him to reach to back of my pussy.

I started to scream in pleasure. Heat rushed over my body and my orgasm started. My legs were shaking and my moans were ear piercingly loud. He kept going hard on me and slapping my ass until he pulled out and moaned a loud "fuck" letting out his load onto the floor.

We had both just climaxed. The room smelled like hot sex and we were both still breathing heavily. I looked over at him and he was sitting in a chair staring at my still bent over ass. "Can I help you?" I giggled as I started to stand up and pull up my tights.

"Na, you just have a very nice ass" he laughed as he stood up from the chair. "I want this to be something special." "I'll think about it." I said knowing damn well his cock makes me feel amazing and all I do is think about fucking him. We left the Education building and he walked me to my dorm, he kissed my cheek and whispers, "I can't wait to fuck you again." This makes me blush and I turn and walk to into my dorm, not giving him the satisfaction of knowing that he makes me blush.

I go to sleep, pussy swollen and very satisfied.