Cute Asian babe gets tied up to be boob teased

Cute Asian babe gets tied up to be boob teased
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He laid across the bed. No. He sat on the edge, it was more welcoming. No. He stood next to it, he didn't want to seem TOO relaxed.

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No. He got under the covers.

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-- She fixed her hair in the mirror. She gave her self a small pep talk. She turned off the bathroom light and opened the door.


-- He admired the different hair she wore for the occasion. They called it "porn-star curls" He nervously looked her up and down and watched her curves as she stayed backed against the door with her hands clamped together.

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-- They were still children.but would leave that room as young adults, and that scared them. They were still children.but would leave that room as young adults, and that excited them.

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-- She quietly said."Please shut off the light" He reached over with his shaking hand and clicked off the lamp. -- She slowly walked over to the bed and crawled into it, under the covers.

on top of her high school sweet heart, giving awkward kisses, touching awkward places. -- They both slowly relaxed, and movements became less awkward.

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Kisses became lustful, and clothes became a thing of the past. -- Sitting on top of her high school sweet heart's naked lap, private places touching, adding new sensation.

-- They reach for protection in unison and quickly take care of the "small nuisance" before the "big show" -- "You should be on top." she says and weakly smiles, he agrees. Slowly entering his high school sweetheart's "forbidden tunnel" the breathing becomes deeper.


-- "Are you I hurting you?" her high school sweetheart asks. His worries comfort her, she knew she was making the right choice -- "I'm fine, you can go deeper" she whispers in his ear, hugging him closely He quietly smiles, but takes his time with her gentle body, -- Smothering her own whimpers of pain, biting her lip, she feels him in the pit of her stomach -- High school sweethearts.expressing their love, truly for the first time.

Learning the true meaning of intimacy, for the first time, knowing they would never feel as close or connected to another human being as they do now.


-- Minds racing all over the place but always landing back to each other's extacy filled faces -- They'd heard rumors about making sounds while having sex, but they never knew it was involuntary. -- She'd move her hips a certain way [a tip that a "not so virginal" friend gave her] and he'd groan He'd massage one of her breasts [a tip that a "not so virginal" buddy gave him] and she'd moan -- Your first time is supposed to be weird, clumsy, uncomfortable, and quick.

-- Two hours of de-virginizing, hot, smooth, intimate, romantic, loving, caring, passionate high school sweet heart sex, and they had reached the point of to return. -- Bodies tensing up, throbbing in weird places, fingers lacing together, squeezing tight, and names being screamed.they'd put the icing on the cake that forever expressed their high school sweet heart love.for the first time.