Blonde gets hard fuck in the car

Blonde gets hard fuck in the car
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Chapter #1 I stood there in the shower, griping my hard-on tightly in my hand while anxiously waiting for a sign that she had agreed to my proposal. About thirty minutes earlier, after returning from dinner, Jennifer and I had sat in the car, not wanting to go inside to find that the kids had once again ignored our instructions to straighten up the house while we were out. In the midst of that sweet calm I broke the silence to remind her I had "credit in the bank" for helping my in-laws repair their garage door the week before.

"Remember how I'm the best son-in-law in the world?" I inquired with a sly nervous grin. "Yeah." My wife of nearly 17 years had an extremely sexy way of sheepishly answering my innuendos when she knew she was on the hook for some pay back sex. "Why?" "We'll, I know I helped your parents out the other day when their garage door came off the tracks, but I've done something.


not so nice since." Jen already knew where this was going. One of my newly found favorite sexual activities was to have her "punish" me for minor indiscretions. Things like, forgetting to tell her I bought another hunting rifle, or finding out that I never got around to changing the oil in her van like I had promised. Usually, it was little more than a rough hand job while chastising me for my laziness, a slap on my balls while she lectured me about "not getting any" until I finished her honey-do list.

But recently she had taken it to another level when she pulled out one of her own bedroom toys, a purple double ended dildo, and used it to swat me on the ass cheeks while rubbing me off from behind.

I use the dildo on Jen fairly regularly while bringing her to orgasm, as she requires both vaginal and clitoral stimulation to climax.

It's about twelve inches in total length, half of which is smooth, with the other half ribbed. Each end has a dome shaped "head" which mimics the head of an erect cock.

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It is quite weighty for its design and several inches thick. Jennifer was a virgin when we married and would have never believed she would ever use such a device, but her horizons have expanded over the years Having the "purple toy" as we call it, used on me in such a way had me cumming almost immediately.

My wife has known for years that I've had a few bi-sexual experiences in the past, including a college roommate and two or three buddies during my Army days.


It was nothing flaming gay or anything, just a few circle jerks, a hand job here and there and one guy who I met up with every now and then for mutual oral, usually while our wives, who were also friends, were out of town together doing who knows what themselves. There was one time, however, back in college, that my roommate and I got sloppy drunk together and I ended up letting him take me in the ass!

It was such a mind blowing experience that I have secretly longed to do it again, but for one reason or another the opportunity has never come around.


Occasionally, when Jen's on her "week off" in the bedroom, I even masturbate with the purple toy in my ass and dream about finding another bi married guy to share some ass play with. But, my marriage, kids and career dictate that I leave that fantasy alone. I love my wife and family, and have a great job. I could never risk all that for some sordid bi-sexual affair.

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Besides, my sex life with Jen is wonderful, and keeps me more than satisfied. Which brings me back to the shower. I had proposed to my wife earlier that night in the garage that because I had once again made a semi-large purchase without talking it over with her first, I was in need of some.

discipline. This time, I suggested, I had gone too far and may need some extra stimulation to learn my lesson. When she asked what measures should be taken to ensure I "get the point", I played on her choice of words. "I think you should 'point' the purple toy at my ass, honey." I held my breath as soon as the words left my lips.

Over the past few years Jennifer had warmed up to anal sex quite nicely, finally allowing me to fully penetrate her ass, and even trying double penetration with the purple toy bent to accommodate both holes. She's let me cum in her ass a few times since and she now craves my finger in her rear while she masturbates, a method that has quickly become a favorite as of late.

Obviously, I am all too happy to oblige.

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Despite her own back door pleasures, Jen has yet to reciprocate in any way. I have tried to be patient and wait until she offers or makes a move on her own, but my ass is lonely and needs fun too! With the in-law "credit" and a wonderful date night now in the bank, I decide to cash in. "Hmmm." Jen twirls her bright red locks while pondering the suggestion.

"You mean, like fuck you with it?" The question sends shock waves through my extremities, culminating in a slight buzz at the head of my dick. Jennifer pretends to look confused, but she knows I'm serious and is apparently intrigued herself, a good sign. I nod my head and try not to smile but a grin cracks as my excitement builds.

"Do you think you can handle it? It's been awhile hasn't it?" She asks, knowing full well I pleasured myself with the purple toy only a week ago. "I was bad.

I think I deserve it, dear." That particular term of endearment is usually annoying to her in these situations, but the intentional timidness in my voice lets her know I've already started the roll play.

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"Go get cleaned up. I will decide what your punishment should be." The sternness in her command means she has decided to play along as well, at least, for now. She doesn't even look at me again as she gets out of the car.

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As we enter the kitchen I ignore the screams of children fighting over doing the dishes and head straight for the shower. "Did you hear what I said out there?" The edge in her voice brings the commotion in the kitchen to a grinding halt. I wheel around in the doorway to see Jen giving me a hard look from across the room, prompting the kids to stop and gawk.

"Yes, ma'am." I answer back and turn to head up the stairs. "Ooohhh.

daddy's in trouble!" The playful giddiness in the harmonious voices of our children bring an evil smirk to my wife's face. I can hear her reply from halfway up the stairs, the volume of her response to the kids cackles intentionally elevated for my benefit. "Yes, he is." As I begin to soap up beneath the steaming water the entire scenario plays through my mind. My cock stiffens while I imagine what my wife has in store for me and I have to fight the urge to stroke myself.