Pretty Teen Blonde With A Perfect Touch

Pretty Teen Blonde With A Perfect Touch
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Introduction to the story I had got a new job and had to relocate and I found a nice house not to far from my new job So I took it.

It was a friday afternoon when I drove the uhaul into the drive-way of my new House when I was stopped by the neighbors they introduced them self's n I nice to meet u All but I got to get this stuff out an in to the house and as I was getting out of the uhaul there Was one person who had caught my eye and that was there daughter she had medium blonde Hair with deep blue eyes she was 5"6 and weighed around 125 lbs she had a nice tan skin n had tits And a nice bubble butt to complete the package now let's continue on with the story.

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It was friday night and I was unpacking stuff still and I decide I was gonna go for a late swim so I went up Stairs and got changed into my swim trunks n I went down stairs n into the backyard I got into the pool and swam from side to side then I just sat the and I looked up and I noticed the curtain moving from the neighbors house so I just let it go I continued on with my swim and I happen to look up and see it was moving again but this time the person didn't move so I signaled for the person to come out so I waited and I got a knock on the fence door so I got out of the pool and went to the gate to open it and there stood the neighbors daughter with a towel wrapped around her then i said come in come in then I asked her what her name was and she said emily then I said nice to meet u emily I'm tom would u like to go for a swim n she didn't waste no time she removed her towel and boy did she look amazing her tight bathing suit that barley cover her ass n tits I stood there in shock by the time I closed the gate back up and turned around I had a bulge in my shorts and I noticed she was looking down at my semi hard cock with a smile on her face to be honest I was kinda embarrassed but I didn't let her stop me from my afternoon swim so I got back in the pool we swam for a little bit then I asked her if she would like to come in for a snack and she said sure why not so we got out of the pool and went into the house I said to her ill be right back I'm gonna go change so I went up to my room and got the wet clothes off then I heard foot steps on the stairs so I peak out my bedroom door and it was emily coming up there stairs in just her bathing suit so I went back to what I was doing then I heard a knock on my door I said yes emily said can I come in I said I'm kinda busy n she said and I still wanna come in n I didn't say anything then my door opened and there stood emily dripping wet with her tight bathing suit then I said can I help u emily and she said maybe then out of no where she said I noticed u had a bulge in your shorts when we was outside was that because of me and I said ya kinda then she did something I was not expecting to happen she went over to my bed and bent over and was shaking her ass then she looked at me while she was bent over and she notice the bulge in my shorts again and she said why don't u let me help you with that little problem of yours so I walked over to her and she reached out and pulled my shorts down and said OMG you r pretty big well I'm only 7inches then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to stroke it and it felt good she continued to stroke my shaft for aleast 5 more mins then she moved her head in slow and put her warm wet mouth around the head of my cock and started to suck she was slurping and moving up and down then I grabbed her head n start to face fuck her then I pushed my shaft in as far as it would go and she was takin it like a pro then I let out then I told her to lay down and spread her legs and she did then I took her bottoms off and I started to play with her clit with my thumb then I took my tounge and fucked her pussy with it while playing with her clit and she went wild she started to moan and as I went fast and deeper with my tounge her moans got louder the she put her hands on my back and dug her nails into my skin and the just put me over the edge so I took my finger and put it in her pussy while I tounged her and I could feel her climax coming on so I went deeper and faster then she said OMFG IM CUMMING SHIT IM CUMMING plz don't stop YES keep going so I did and it happened her juices was all over my face I was licking her pussy clean then I said we aint done yet sweetie then emily was like ok what are we gonna do next I said well turn around and get on all fours so she did and I went into my dresser drawer and pulled out a tube of ky gel she looked at me and said what do u need that for and I said u will see later then I walked back over to her I got behind her and took my cock and started to rub her pussy with my head then I slipped it in her pussy nice n slow I pushed my cock in inch by inch and then I was ball deep in her tight teen pussy so I picked up the pace and went faster and faster she was moaning loud YES FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK ME HARDER FUCK IT FEELS GOOD.