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Vintage milf seduce anal and sunshine Krissy Lynn in The Sinful
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Naci and I emerged from the Teepee that Pops and I had shared. Making our way out of the village towards the bubble, we entered seeing Pops, Merlin, Mordaf (aka Tall Bear) and my mother. "Before I go Pops I thought I might do something to help these people." I told all of them. Concentrating I stretched out feeling the bubble then I felt it as it started to expand toward the village. Within moments I felt it start to spread over the entire village then beyond to the other side.

Pops shook his head as he felt that the bubble was as strong as before. "Well done Toman!

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This should help to hide all four of us." Merlin was nodding also, "remember Toman the third eye you possess is a great help. Though as I told you it also takes a great amount of energy the stronger spells you learn." I nodded to him as my mother came up to hug both me and Naci.


"Just don't forget about us here Toman. One day soon I want your father back as I am sure you do." Turning to Naci she quietly said. "Watch him well Naci, there are many enemies out there after him and now you." Smiling slyly then blushing Naci nodded.

"I just hope that one day we have the time to start a family. Neither of us knows how yet, so this will also be an adventure of discovery." Drenna smiled larger at this, "you mean neither of you." Here her smile grew. "You are correct Naci it will be an adventure of discovery!" I wasn't sure what both of the females were talking about as I blushed also. What in the hell was going on?

I nodded to all of them then waved a hand as a portal opened. Stepping through both of us vanished. Appearing a good decade further back I looked around and nodded. "This is as good a place as any to start and camp for now." Naci looked around also not recognizing the place they were. "Where are we? I do not recognize this place." She said. "That's the thing it's not just where but also when. We are still in the human dimension, still on the same continent. Though I have moved us to the other side of it and about ten years earlier.

I wanted a little time to start working on you Naci.

I did after all make a promise." A sweet smile broke out on her face, "yes you did Toman. It's wonderful that you remembered." "You're now my partner, how the hell could I forget?" I said then passed his hand over an area before us.

Smiling a small equipped camp appeared. Naci looked then turned to smirk a bit at me as she waved a hand making a few things that I had forgotten appear. "There that's a lot better I think." I looked at the new items that had been added a look of shock, then appreciation on my face.

"I do believe you're right. Thanks Naci." Concentrating I felt the bubble form then start to grow at least two hundred yards beyond the edge of their camp. Nodding to my self I went into our mage tent.

Naci watched me as I went, wondering what I was going to do. Upon entering she saw me staring at a spot on a table set in the middle of the room. "Toman?" Naci started quickly quieting when I held up a hand. A moment later a small sphere appeared on the table. Breathing a sigh of relief I nodded to her. "You made a mage's eye! I just started to learn that!" "I thought with all we have to do it might be prudent to have one." Waving my hand gently over it I smiled.

"There it's now keyed to the both of us only." Turning to the sphere I asked. "Show me the weakest of those that knew of and approved the plan to eliminate my family!" For a moment nothing happened then the sphere started to react. Growing milky a moment then a small mousey like man appeared.

"Who is that? I don't recall anyone like him on the council." Naci asked. "Like the one that I erased he too is a sub council member. I'm afraid that they are only about sub-mage level forty to mage level two. They are a kind of shield to the actual council members. If I remember right there are also thirty six of them. Three for each council member." I told Naci. Naci was nodding as she watched, wait!

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There were forty eight of them out there? "Toman I admit we both are strong though even together we aren't THAT strong!" Nodding I agreed then continued. "I, in no way intend to go against all of them at the same time. No, I, we are going to whittle them away." "Toman if we could get maybe two or three at a time it might speed things along." Naci suddenly said.

"After all I am here to help you. I have no qualms about ending those that wish to harm you or OUR family!" Naci said with a fierce determination that made Toman smile, then nod his head.

"This may take a while to do Naci. As long as the leadership of the council is in the hands of a power monger, I won't stop. I am also hoping to gain a few allies from the other families that have been victimized." I told Naci with a sudden serious face. Placing her hands on her hips Naci stared straight into my eyes. "I told you Toman, where you go so do I! Are you thinking of sending me back to father?" Here her hands started to glow brighter. "I don't suggest that you try! I'm not as strong as you but I can still hurt you pretty damn good!

Do you doubt it?" I whirled to face Naci feeling the huge spike in her power. Shit! She was serious! Remembering the punches I had received I had to diffuse this quickly. "No why do you think I want to send you back to your father?" "Hmph! I have seen that look before Toman!

I am not so weak willed female that you can fool with a few kind and pretty words! I warn you! I will hurt you if I have to prove to you that I am strong enough." Naci growled out at me. Sighing I raised my hands in defeat, it was damn unlikely I was going to get her to go home or play it safe.

Bowing my head I said defeated, "on my oath as a mage I will not send you back. Unless it is the only way to save you." I said under my breath" "What was that?" Naci growled at me.

"Nothing Naci," I said my head bowed. "I admit defeat to you." "Other than this you are in control," Naci said leaning down to kiss me. It felt as if a huge current was flowing through me. I broke the kiss staring at Naci seeing that she as well as I was panting.

"I am yours Toman do not forget that. When you are ready I will be also. Remember I love you." As she walked out, I could only stand there watching her receding figure. Sitting down I started to plan how to get this puny mage.

A few hours later an almost heavenly aroma floated through the air towards me.

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A moment later my stomach rumbled, a soft giggling sounded behind me. "Soon husband it will be ready." Naci said standing there in the opening of the tent. My mouth must have dropped open as she suddenly was looking all over her body.

"Husband? Is there something on me?" I only shook my head staring at the almost painted on clothes she was wearing. OMG! Her every curve, her chest everything was accented!

Good god! I had only thought she was beautiful before, now! She was nothing but gorgeous! "I.


I." was all I could manage to get out. "Husband? What's wrong? It's only me, your wife, Naci." She said indicating her whole self. "No," I said finally finding my voice. "You have transformed much as I have seen other forms of life.

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Before you were beautiful now you make me speechless with your beauty!" Naci could only stare at me with her mouth open as she blushed a deep red. "Me Toman? Please don't jest with me. I am still the same who fell in love with you. An un-pretty female mage. I was honored that you accepted the union with me. Honored and proud, had you not I would now be a worthless one." Leaning in again she kissed me deeply with far more passion than she had before now. "You don't have to pretend I am pretty I know I'm not." Naci was about to walk away with her head bowed when I grabbed her arm.

"I'm not really sure what I'm going to have to do to convince you that you are. I swear that soon you will!" Pulling her to me roughly I crushed my lips to her as I started to probe at her mouth. With a sigh then a groan she went almost limp in my arms. When we both finally came up for air she blinked unable to move. Touching her lips a small tear came from one eye.

Then a smile lit up her face as she turned to attend to what she was cooking. For the next few days I planned watching every thing the sub-council member did. Finally almost a week later I got Naci who had been practicing a few things I had shown her. I had also worked on her defenses and levels. Though only two higher she was a lot higher than most I had met and seen. "We are going to have to do this quick.

After we take him I'm quite sure the hunters will detect us." I warned Naci. "Yes husband I have been doing all the exercises that you gave me. I can feel the two level increase." She told me. Looking in I saw that she might be ready as I started to increase her defense again.

Another two levels now I felt better with us going into this. Her defense was the one thing that she WAS weak in now she was coming along good. Looking at her power I flicked at another spot I hadn't before.

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A few moments later her mouth opened. "I take it you like what I did?" I asked her. "God yes Toman! Maybe now I can help you heal faster!" She said happily. I nodded then said, "remember the law of power Naci. One can only be healed by one as powerful if not more. Your healing is over half what my power is. You have the wild power yes, though your energy to use all of it is still low." Here I smiled at her, "well it was in the last seven days I have felt that jump from forty to sixty percent.

You are definitely becoming a force to deal with." Bowing her head she said, "I am sorry husband I have had complete control all my life. Perhaps too much? At least now I can protect my self a hell of a lot better." "Oh yes I most definitely agree with that." I told her as she grabbed me with a huge smile drawing me to her for a deep kiss. It was at this time that I felt a tingling feeling in my southern regions again.

As Naci pressed her self to me her eyes went wide then a smile came to her lips. "It is good to see that you are finally starting to awaken husband." Walking away she stared back at me with a shy smile. She came back a moment later a look of fierce determination on her face. Stepping into the portal we appeared on the fringe of the Magic dimension. Feeling around I finally found who I was looking for. Both of us waited then he exited the house he'd been in. Following he suddenly stopped whirling back toward us.

"Don't mess with me ass hole! I am a sub-council member I can have you destroyed with a single word! I." He suddenly stopped then he started to scream as I had just ripped about half his power out.

Falling to the ground his eyes darting he tried to vanish, finding he couldn't! "Who the hell are you, you are. NO! NO!" The small man started to call out when I ripped the rest of his power away.

Looking in I took all I found about the council's plans. Then I took what he knew about the killings of several families and mine. Leaning in I smiled, "as I told the last two, I'll let the council dispense their special brand of mercy.

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You know how they feel about humans." "You wouldn't da." the man started then his face went blank. I was about to open a portal when I felt the enforcers approaching. Crap didn't want to tangle with them. Most them were good though having to follow the orders of the council.

Putting both hands out I quickly made two portals shoving the ex-mage into one. Grabbing Naci we both entered the other as she waved her hand. Even as we were moving away I saw the conduit collapsing behind us right on our tail but never catching up to us.

Coming out inside our bubble I took Naci in my arms. "That was absolutely brilliant! They can't follow a collapsed conduit that closes as we pass through it." Kissing her with passion, I saw her eyes go wide then they closed as she sighed.

_____________________________________________________________ Within the council chambers several of the council members screamed when a body appeared. "It is another primitive human! Get rid of it! The vileness of it is filling the hall!" The leader walked to the body gasping a moment when he saw it was a sub-council member. Looking to an older member the leader said, "isn't this one of yours?" The older man looked over then withdrew, "yes it appears to be.

Please leader rid the chamber of it!" The leader raised his hand when the mouth of the man opened. "looks like you are losing your support asshole! That's three now two of the council." "Enjoy your victory you abomination! Soon the best hunter of the council will have your head to add to my collection." The leader said as he was sneering at the body.

"How about this? After I defeat him, wipe his mind AND remove his magic. I send what's left of him back to you. I know you and the rest of the pitiful mages there would so enjoy showing him mercy!" The body sat up pointing at each of the council members. "I want you to remember what you have said about humans. After I make you one also, then your own special mercy should mean so much to you!" With that the body of the ex sub-council member fell to the floor.

All around the room the other eleven council members eyes were wide. After what they had heard, they were all searching for ways to better protect themselves. Several were shaking as they were afraid they might be next. Suddenly the leader eyes went wide as he started thinking to the enforcer's. ["The abomination wild magic user mage is here! Find it quickly, kill it!] Smiling an evil twisted smile the leader of the council turned back to the body.

"What a weak will pathetic fool! Had I known you were like this I'd have killed you long before now!" With that said the mage let loose a fiery blast incinerating the body in seconds. Nodding his head he motioned and the ashes were swept away. [Rigal? Where are you? That damned abomination was just here. he emptied another sub-council member. You need to get a move on! Kill this bastard!] The council leader thought to his son.

[I'll get him father, though it will be my way! I don't tell you how to run the council. Don't think you know enough to tell me my job!] Came back the angry thoughts of Rigal. [How dare you! I am.] The man started.

[Yes, yes I know you are my father blah, blah! If you prefer father, YOU can hunt him! I'll go home and watch you!] Rigal said as nasty and sarcastically as he could. [I should have you.] The older mage started.

[Do what? Recall me? As if you could you know I am the only one that has a chance against him. Especially after he took out both those hunters. T They were damn good, not as much as me but not far off either. So what's it going to be asshole!] Rigal's shouted to his father. Quickly regaining his composure the older mage thought, [ alright get the bastard. After this I think we need to talk.] [Yeah right! I'll get no where near you. You're strong though I doubt even you could get out of my traps.

Now leave me the hell alone and let me do my job!] Rigal's thought shouted then he disconnected. Flexing his hands a moment the older mage thought that he might have to kill his son after this.

What with the boy getting as cocky as he was he might have no choice. ____________________________________________________________________ I was smiling as the orb went dark. That was interesting, the son of the council leader was a bit more rogue than the older man liked.

This was good to know it just might come in handy later. Leaning back I waved his hand again creating another orb. I'd just started to watch what I'd requested when the ground started to shake. Reaching out my eyes grew wide, the son had tracked us almost to here. At the moment the bubble was doing it's job though that was about to change. Grabbing Naci I quickly created another portal running for it.

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I was making several motions as Naci and I entered it. Rigal could feel that the trail ended here but they were no where to be seen. Thinking a moment he launched several spheres that hit the ground shaking everything. Reaching out he thought he felt something though it was very weak.

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Coming forward he suddenly entered a nullifying field. So that was where they hiding! Sending out several items he smiled as he felt them closing in on a strong power. Suddenly a tall projection of wood and plant shot from the ground piercing his arm. Groaning in pain he fell to the ground. He felt more vine like plants racing toward him. What the hell was going on? Those were hunter items!

Smiling he lifted as fast as he could, this was going to be immensely challenging! It made his heart and blood race thinking of going against not only a wild magic user but one who was obviously no where as stupid. Much, much smarter than the ones he gone after and killed before. Naci and I emerged from the portal further back in time. I immediately turned sending a blast at the portal feeling it destroying the energy as it went forward. Nodding I turned and stumbled a moment.

Naci was there in a moment. "You used all you had without opening the wild magic didn't you?" She asked as she waved her hand creating a mage bed putting me in it. "Yeah, I think I did." I said as I opened the wild magic a bit. Erecting another bubble I felt the fatigue as it was grasping at me with iron fingers. As the bubble started to slowly, very slowly expand Naci made several more things for our camp. "Rest husband, with what you have opened you should regain quickly. I nodded to her as she hugged me tightly to her.

Damn but she felt great. I could swear that she was growing more beautiful with each week we were together. As I sank into the darkness I felt a strange dream start. On a grey open field I was suddenly face to face with the hunter.

Nodding to me he spoke. "You will be the supreme prize you piece of filth. I have always loved a challenge." It was that moment that I felt that he was injured.

"So I take it you don't like getting caught in one of your own type of traps!" A wry smile crossed his lips. "Good challenge accepted! Killing you will raise me to a high status. Struggle please! The more the better!" Suddenly he was pulled away as I was.

Opening my eyes, I saw Naci over me with a worried look in her eyes. There was something else there, though I was unsure of what it was. Guess we needed to talk later.