Naughty tranny shemale gives rimjob

Naughty tranny shemale gives rimjob
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I know it's wrong, you're my teacher, but for the entire year I have secretly had a crush on you. So far I have been passing the course but I'm not really sure how.

You've worn low cut blouses and short, tight skirts almost every day and it's been driving me crazy. Now it's the last week of the semester of my senior year of high school. I thought I'd really be looking forward to graduation but now I'm not so sure. The thought of not seeing your sexy body every day is kind of depressing. We have finished our final exams and there's nothing left to do, so you have given us some quiet reading time.

Most of the other people in class are quietly talking to each other but all I can do is stare at you. You're leaning back in your chair reading. It's a very warm June and you have unbuttoned your blouse just down low enough that I can see a little cleavage. Your feet are up on your desk giving me a wonderful view of your legs. You're concentrating on your book and you have no idea that I'm watching you, so I have plenty of time.

I start to fantasize about us. I imagine us alone in the classroom, I slowly walk up to you as you take off your glasses and look up at me. I kneel down in front of you and slowly start to unbutton your blouse. I slip your blouse off your shoulders running my hands down your arms as it slides off of you. I admire your creamy white skin for a few moments before I reach behind you to unclasp your bra.

You move forward allowing my hands to slip behind you as you look deep into my eyes with a lustful look. I unclasp your bra and slip it off your shoulders, revealing the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. I massage one of your breasts as I take a nipple into my mouth. Suddenly I'm snapped out of my fantasy. I've been so busy staring at your breasts that I don't realize that you're staring at me.

I also realize that all this time I have been stroking my hard cock through my jeans and I think you can see under my desk. You just look at me with absolutely no expression. I quickly pull my hand away from my crotch and look around.

It doesn't seem like any one else has noticed what I've been doing so I look back at you. You are still staring at me with the same strange look and I'm not sure if I am in trouble or not. Just then the bell rings and everyone stands up to leave. I still have an erection and I'm really not sure what to do. We've turned in our books so I can't even hold them in front of me to hide it.

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I figure my best bet is to leave in the middle of the crowd so you won't be able to see my bulge. I stand up and start to head for the door when I hear you call my name. I stop dead, just a few feet from the doorway. I sigh and turn, then walk toward your desk. You're looking me right in the eye, then for a split second you look down at my crotch.

You look me in the eye, and then tell me very sternly that you would like to see me after school so that we can discuss what happened here. I tell you ok and then quickly leave the room. I'm incredible frightened and embarrassed. I'm sure you saw me touching myself while I was staring at you and you did not seem very pleased about it.

I didn't really do anything that could get me in trouble but how am I going to be able to face you again. There's only two more days left of school, maybe I could just skip. Oh well, one good thing, my erection has finally gone away. The only thing I can think of for the rest of the day is what you are going to say. I start to think maybe I should just leave after my last class and say I forgot that you wanted to see me. But if I did that I'm sure you would just call my parents and I definitely don't want that to happen.

So I guess I'll just have to go through with it. The rest of the day goes by way too quickly and the final bell rings. I walk slowly to your classroom and stand outside for a few minutes to summon my courage up. I slowly walk into the class with my eyes looking down at the floor. No matter how hard I try I can't look up at you. I hear you tell me in a very angry voice, "Sit down!" I sit at a desk in the front row and I hear you get up and walk over to the door. You shut and lock the door.

I'm confused as to why you have locked the door but before I can think about it too much you look at me and say, "Not there, up at my desk!" I look up and see that you have placed a second chair up next your desk. I get up and go over to your desk and sit down.

You sit back down in your chair directly in front of me. "Look at me!" you command. I force myself to look up and I notice you have unbuttoned a few more buttons on your blouse. I begin to think maybe I'm not in as much trouble as I thought.

I'm snapped back to reality as you say, "We need to speak about what happened here today. You cannot just stare at women like you did today. We are not pieces of meat. And I will not even go into what you were doing under your desk! Do you know how that made me feel?" "No Ma'am," I say meekly. You sigh softly as you begin to calm down a little. "I don't know what to do about this.

You obviously didn't mean any harm, and no one was hurt. Actually, I guess I should be flattered that a young man would find me attractive. But you do need to be punished for what you did so that you will learn your lesson.

I almost wish spanking was still allowed in schools." I'm not sure why but as you mention the spanking my cock hardens immediately. The problem is it's pointing in a strange direction as it hardens and it presses hard against my jeans making a very noticeable bulge.

"I see your little friend likes the idea," you say as you place your hand on my thigh.

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You start to gently rub my thigh as my cock grows even harder. You laugh and tell me to stand up. I get up and you tell me to bend over your desk. I hesitate for a moment trying to decide what to do. You grab my shoulder and push me over the desk forcefully. You lean over and say into my ear, "Do as I tell you!" I've never had a woman take control like this.

I'm a little scared but excited.

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I see you reach over onto your desk and grab your ruler. With no hesitation I feel the first crack of the ruler against my ass. It hurts but it kind of feels good. Then before I know what's going you spank me again and again and again.

Over and over you slap the ruler across my ass until I unintentionally start to moan with each strike. You stop and reach around to unbutton and unzip my jeans. I come to my senses and realize you are about to beat my bare ass with the ruler. I start to beg you not to but you start to laugh.

You throw the ruler down on the desk and say, "Don't worry Baby, I'm not going to use the ruler on your bare, sweet little ass." You pull my jeans halfway down my thighs and then start to rub my ass through my shorts.

You hook your fingers into my waistband and pull my boxer shorts down. "That is a beautiful ass you have there," you say as I feel your hand smack my ass hard. I'm already sore from the ruler and now your hand sends chills up through my spine. You spank my ass over and over again until I feel my cock start to throb. I'm moaning uncontrollably as you continue to spank me. When you're sure I've had enough you stop spanking me.

You reach between my legs and grasp my aching cock. "So this has turned you on as much as it's turned me on," you say. "You're turned on?" I ask as I gasp for breath. You laugh and then without saying anything you take my hand and place it between your thighs.

I rub your panties and find them incredibly moist. I stand up and turn to face you. You wrap your arms around me and kiss me deeply. You break our kiss and tell me, "Take off all your clothes, now!" Without even thinking for a second I take off my t-shirt. I sit on the desk to take off my shoes and socks, then my pants and shorts.

I stand back up and you tell me to sit in your chair. I sit down in your chair and the cold leather cools my burning ass cheeks. You lean over and whisper in my ear, telling me that you are going to do a little strip tease for me. You sit down on your desk and slowly, very slowly begin to unbutton the last of the buttons on your blouse. You slide the shirt off revealing a white lace bra. You reach down and unzip your skirt and then let it drop to the floor showing a matching pair of very revealing panties.

You turn around to show me the back and I see it's a g-string. I almost drool when I see your gorgeous ass for the first time. You turn back around, step out of your high heels and lean into me to ask, "Do you like?" I can't even speak, I simply nod.

You kiss me lightly then move back again. You slowly reach behind your back and unclasp your bra. You look at me and smile, teasing me by not letting your bra drop to the floor. Then your smile turns to a look of lust as you slide first one shoulder strap down your shoulder and then the other.

Then you let go of the bra and it falls off of you. Your breasts are more beautiful than I have ever imagined.

I'm overcome with lust and I start to move toward you when you point at the chair and tell me to sit. I obediently sit back down and let you continue your strip tease. You reach down and slide your thumbs into the straps of your g-string.

I finally tear my eyes away from your breast and watch you slowly slide your g-string down. You slowly reveal your small little patch of blonde hair and then you step out of your g-string. I can't wait to touch you, but you lean back against your desk again to tease me. "Do you want me?" you ask.


"Oh, yes.please," is all I can say. "Good, because I want you, Baby," you reply. You slowly saunter over to me, each step you take making me breathe a little harder. You lean over and kiss me deeply. "Do you want to touch me?" you ask. I nod and you say, "Go ahead Baby." I reach up and place my hands around your hips. I slowly slide my hands up your sides and than I cup your breasts and gently massage them.

You close your eyes and moan softly. I gently start squeezing your nipples as I feel them harden under my fingers. I slide my hands back down you sides and around to your firm ass. I squeeze your ass cheeks as you push your body against me. While continuing to fondle your ass with one hand I move one hand around your hip to your mound. I run my hand through your soft pubic hair and down between your legs.

I separate your lips and slide a finger inside you. I wet my finger and slide it over your clitoris. You moan loudly and then say, "Oh, it's been so long Baby." I continue to rub your clitoris as you push yourself hard against me and your breathing starts to quicken.

I rub your clit harder and faster as you lean over to kiss me. You gasp and your body tenses up. I press hard on your clitoris and you cry out. Your body shakes as your first orgasm rocks your body. You collapse on top of me and I hold you tightly against me while your orgasm slowly fades.

You kiss me passionately as you gather your strength. "Thank you, Baby. It's been so long since I've been with anyone. That felt so good, let me repay you," you say with a smile and then start laying kisses all over my chest. You stop to lick and suck on my nipples which makes my cock start to throb. You move down my stomach and pause to look up at me before continuing on.

You stare into my eyes as you cover my cock with tiny kisses and then you lick every inch. Still looking into my eyes you take me into your mouth as deep as you can. I close my eyes and lean my head back, enjoying the feeling of your warm wet mouth engulfing me.

You reach up with one hand to rub my chest and tease my nipples. You use your other hand to gently massage my testicles. I start to push into your mouth and you moan with each thrust encouraging me.

While still massaging my balls you reach back with your middle finger and start to press it against my anus. None of my girlfriends have ever done anything like this to me before but it feels so good and I moan loudly. I start breathing heavier and my cock starts to throb in your mouth.

You pull your hand away from my chest and you grab the base of my cock. You slip your mouth off of my cock and say, "Not yet Baby, we still have a lot to do. I'm not ready to let you cum yet." You grab the chair I'm sitting in and pull it over to the desk.

You sit down on the desk and ask, "Have you ever eaten a woman's pussy before?" I smile, really looking forward to this. I proudly tell you, "Yes, Ma'am" "Good, I want you to really pleasure me Baby.


And, being your teacher, if you don't get it right, I'm going to make you do it over and over again. Do you understand?" you ask.

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I nod and move in to kiss you. I kiss you deeply and then pull away to look for your approval. You smile at me and say, "That's a nice start. You didn't go right for 'the goods', you do have a little experience.

Go on, now." I move in again and I start to kiss your neck. You tilt your head back to give me more room as you moan passionately. I cover your neck with kisses then move down to your shoulders.

Then I move down to your upper chest. Finally I cover your breasts with kisses, avoiding your nipples to tease you. "Yes Baby, that is so nice." you moan. I finally move to your nipples and tease them by just barely flicking them with the tip of my tongue. You squeal with delight as my tongue lightly teases you. Then I start sucking each of your nipples into my mouth and swirling my tongue around them.

You grab my hair and pull me toward you as your body writhes. After a few minutes you start to push my head downwards. I start to kiss my way down your stomach, stopping to swirl my tongue around your navel for a moment. You're too turned on for any more teasing and you push my head down farther. I cover your mound with kisses, then your inner thighs. I lightly trace my tongue along your outer lips before you grab me roughly by the hair.

You push my mouth to your pussy as you almost scream, "Enough! Lick my pussy now!" Your roughness turns me on and I start to suck your clitoris with renewed passion. I suck your clit into my mouth as I tease it with my tongue. I slip two fingers deep inside you. I press down and I find the spongy little piece of flesh and I know I've found the spot. I push down hard on your g-spot and you cry out. I know you're close so I suck harder on your clitoris. I feel your thighs tighten around me and you fall back onto your desk.

You cry out and you raise your butt off of the desk. Your thighs grip my head until it starts to hurt but I keep sucking. I hear your muffled screams as your hips start to buck and you push yourself into me over and over again.

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Finally your body collapses on to the desk and I tenderly lick you clean. I get out of the chair and slowly start to kiss my way up your body. I cover your entire stomach with kisses, then your breasts, your shoulders, your neck and then your cheeks.

You turn your head to kiss me, our mouths open and our tongues start to explore. I know you can taste yourself on my tongue and it turns me on. You pull me down on top of you and you start caressing my back and buttocks. We kiss deeply as you reach between us and grab my cock. You start to squeeze my cock until it's so hard it feels like it's going to burst through the skin.

Then you put my cock at your entrance. I spread my legs a little more to lower myself down so I'm even with your pussy. You pull my cock and it slowly slides into you. You let go and I bury myself into you. You push yourself up a little so you can reach down and grab my ass. I start to thrust into you and you pull me into you with each thrust. We kiss once more and then you break the kiss to whisper in my ear, "Cum for me Baby, cum all over me!" You dig your fingernails into my ass and I feel my cock start to throb.

I start thrusting into you harder and faster, losing control. My breathing starts to quicken and you lay back down on the desk. You look at me with a lustful look as you start to rub your stomach and breasts. "C'mon Baby, cum all over me! I want to feel your hot cum all over my stomach and breasts!" That pushes me over the edge and I pull out of you. I stroke my cock one more time and I explode with a loud groan. The first shot goes farther than I expected and lands on your chin and neck.

The second and third shot cover your breasts and with my last few shots I empty myself on your stomach.

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You giggle as you wipe your chin and say, "I guess you were a little turned on, eh Baby?" I rest my body against you and we kiss as our bodies recover. After a few minutes you push my away and smile. "Sit down Baby, I need to clean myself up," you say. I sit back down in your chair and watch you as you use a few tissues to wipe my cum off of your breasts and stomach. You notice a little bit of cum on the head of my cock and you drop to your knees in front of me.

You take me into your mouth and lick me clean. You let my cock slip out of your mouth as you look up at me and say, "There, now you're all clean too." We get dressed as we each get one last look at each other.

You smile at me and say, "Oh, and by the way, I'll need to see you after class tomorrow too. We have a few things to, uhm, go over." I smile, nod and then leave the room.