Mein liebster Freund Kitty ist schneeweiß

Mein liebster Freund Kitty ist schneeweiß
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"Khaheh!" The dust in the back room was so thick, it was choking. I found the box of stuff Mrs. Wong had asked me to get and brought it out to the front desk. "Is this what you wanted?" "Yes, thank you." Her voice creaked out, sounding uncannily like the rusty hinges on the doors of her shop. I work at Mr. Wong's Curios and Antiques. It's an old store that the late Mr. Wong set up in the seventies- I think. When he died a few years back, his widow, Mrs. Wong, took up running the store.

I think it helped her deal with her grief, gave her something to do. When I needed a job over the summer, I noticed this store and even though it didn't have a "Hiring" sign, I asked Mrs. Wong if they had any jobs available. To my surprise, she hired me as an assistant.


I helped stock inventory, dust, and run the cash register. Some evenings I even closed the store. But I had never opened, until now. Mrs.

Wong was visiting her family in China and she was leaving me in charge of the store for three weeks. I glanced at the grandfather clock behind us, it was nearly nine in the morning. "Mrs. Wong, you need to go! You'll be late for your flight." "Okay, okay. Such good boy, watching out for old lady." Before leaving, she asked for the fifth time if I had the keys, knew how to run everything, and would make sure to be on time every morning.

For the fifth time, I told her I did and I would. "Okay, okay. You know I not have extra money to pay you." I smiled at her as she looked slightly embarrassed. "I told you, it's okay, it's not hard and you pay me plenty as is." Mrs.

Wong nodded, then reached in the box I had carried out for her. "This for you. It very old but I think you find like it." She had a necklace in her hands. It was an old, leathery string, wine red. On it was a small black ring, with a golden slit running through it. "This Dragon's Eye amulet." "Thank you, but you don't need to do this." She insisted and I reluctantly accepted the gift. Then I gave Mrs.

Wong a quick hug, since she wasn't very fond of them, and she headed for the door. I slipped the necklace on as she stepped out. "Have fun!" She called. I smiled. She must have been excited, I had never heard Mrs. Wong be that loud before. The rest of the day went pretty quickly.

A few customers came by, no one too troublesome, and for once I got to listen to the radio stations I liked. The store closed at six usually but around five thirty, my phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey, c-can you pick me up? Jake just… he just broke up with me." It was my sister, she sounded upset.

That wasn't unusual for her but this sounded serious. "Where are you?" "Spring Park- by the swings." "Okay, stay where you are. I'll be right there." Mrs. Wong wouldn't have minded me locking up early, especially under the circumstances. I emptied the cash register, placed the money in the safe under the old hour glass I liked, and locked all the doors.

Then I got in my truck, an old Ford Ranger, and drove to Spring Park. I found my sister by the swings, like she'd said. "Hey, Amanda. You okay?" "Sure…" The words sounded devoid of energy, listless. Somehow, I could sense that she wasn't sad- just angry. "What's got you so mad?" I asked, sitting down in a swing. She took the swing next to me and looked into my eyes with her big, brown ones. "It's goddamn Jake. He just breaks up with me again and again and I just go back to him every time.

He lies to me or sleeps with some skank and I just pretend like it didn't even happen." "Amanda, everyone in the family's told you what a jerk he is. I know this is harsh, but maybe the person you're angry at is you. Why do you let him treat you like that?" Her face fell, she just looked down at the sand beneath her feet.

"I guess, I just don't think I'll find anyone else. When he's good, he's pretty good. I haven't dated a lot.

I worry I won't find anybody else. Plus, I think it's my fault since I won't let him…um, you know." "Sleep with you?" I finished, uncomfortable. "Yeah." Amanda looked back down at the sand. She seemed insecure, something in her posture just told me.

I caught her glancing at her chest, then at her lap, lastly, she crossed her legs, as though hiding something she were ashamed of. That was it! She was feeling unattractive, ugly.

"Sis-" I brought my fingers under her chin, raising her head to look at me. "You don't need to worry about him. You're beautiful, you're funny, and you'll find a guy who'll treat you right." "I don't even know what that means." She glanced at me with, what, curiosity?

"You've never been on a good date before? Like dinner and a movie and a kiss goodnight?" I asked dubiously. "Not without the guy making a pass or, you know, glomping my muffins." She smirked.

"Agh! You couldn't have phrased that any differently?" We laughed. "Tell you what, I'll just show you. I'll take you on a good date, then you'll know." I smiled at her. "What? You're my brother! That's too weird!" She was fibbing, I could see she was excited. I called the house. I told our Mom that Jake had broken up with Amanda and I was going to take her out, get her mind off of things. She told me that was just like me, being sweet or whatever, and to be home by ten thirty.

I told her we would. "Follow me, Mademoiselle." I said, taking my sister by the hand and helping her up. She giggled and I led the way back to my truck. I threw some junk out of the passenger seat and got the door for her. Then I got in, started the engine, and drove. I already knew exactly where our destination would be. "Where are we going?" Amanda asked, pushing my shoulder playfully. "Duh- surprise." I responded, rolling my eyes at her. I got another push on the shoulder for that and had to check my direction to keep from swerving into oncoming traffic.

Soon, we were at the best restaurant in the city. "Oh my God, La Calombe! Wait, no! It's too expensive! You can't!" Amanda tried to protest but I could still see the excitement etched in every line of her body. I got out of the truck and got the door for her.

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"I'm not dressed nice enough! I look horrible." My sister ran her hands along a tress of her hair, something she only does when she's nervous. I helped her out and shut the door behind her, locking the truck with the push of a button. "Amanda," I said, resting my hand on her cheek. "You look beautiful. You deserve this. Now come on, I want some of those thin, little breadsticks." I took my sister by the hand and led her to the door. A doorman let us in.

I asked the maitre de' for as nice a table as he had available, and gave him twenty dollars. I realized afterwards that that was probably the silliest, cheapest attempt at a bribe he'd ever received, but he seemed to understand the situation and brought us to a table at the center of the restaurant, directly beneath their massive, crystal chandelier. Dinner was delicious, even if I couldn't identify every dish. The string quartet sounded beautiful and Amanda and I were able to have one of the best conversations I'd ever had with my sister.

She told me about how college entrance exams were worrying her, about how she didn't want to be like everyone at school but didn't want to be left out either, and how she would've rather been an artist than a journalist, but art majors didn't make any money making actual art.

Throughout every moment, Amanda was smiling and the crystal chandelier lit up her eyes with a thousand starry points. When we left, I checked my phone, it said it was only eight twenty. "We still have two more hours. But, if you'd rather, I can take us home." I was only playing, I knew she'd never agree to go home, but I needed to show her what a considerate, good guy would do. "No! I don't want to go home yet. I want to stay with you. This has been the best night I've had in… well, a long time." "Alright, I know what we can do." We weren't far from Lake Brinnegan.

I knew a spot by the shore that would look great on a clear night like the one we had. I opened the door for Amanda and helped her in. As I leaned forward to make sure she was in all the way, I was surprised. I felt something warm and soft and wet on my cheek.

Then it was gone. My fingers went to my cheek and my eyes to my sister. She'd kissed me. "That's your reward for dinner." She smiled and after I recovered, I shut the door for her. It had been really expensive but I didn't care, every dollar was well spent. I got in the truck and started the engine. We drove to the Lake in silence. Amanda knew the way, so it wasn't a surprise, and I was too in shock over the kiss to pay attention to anything but the road.

Amanda had never been the type of sister who kissed you, not even as a little kid. I was always a "yuck-o boy." The kiss she'd given me had been quick, but not a peck.

It had lingered for a moment. Did that mean anything? And more importantly, why did it matter to me? Nervous, I couldn't even look at Amanda. By the time we got to Lake Brinnegan, and pulled up to the shore in reverse, I had recovered mostly. I grabbed a slightly musty blanket from behind the passenger seat and we hopped out of the car. Amanda was already in the bed of the truck by the time I shut my door, there was no way I could've gotten to it in time to get it for her.

I hopped up as well and spread out the blanket. The stars were all out and the moon was a silvery curve above the trees. I had chosen a spot for from the houses that dotted the lake, so we could see the sky perfectly and its flawless reflection on the water. We laid down and looked up the stars.

I clasped my hands behind my head and splayed my elbows out, relaxing at best as I was able. I wished I had kept pillows but that might have sent the wrong message to people who saw them.

"Oh well." I sighed, out loud by mistake. "What?" Amanda asked as she wriggled around on the blanket, trying to get comfortable. I figured that now was as good a time as any to act out the clich?f naming stars. "Do you see that star up there?" I asked, unclasping the hand furthest from her and pointing upwards.

"That bright one?" She asked sitting up. "Yep, that's Aurora Borealis." I said. Amanda laughed out loud, losing it for nearly half a minute. "That's the North Star you bone head!" She snickered and laid down again, resting her head on my clasped arm. She snuggled up to me. I didn't like it that it made me a little aroused. I wasn't a total rookie but I hadn't had many attractive girls "snuggle" with me. I managed to stay cool.

"You cold?" I asked nonchalantly. "No." I glimpsed her head turn towards me out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look at her. Our eyes met, each staring deep into the other.

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She was so beautiful and now she felt beautiful. I could see it in her slightly blushing cheeks, the corners of her lips, and especially in her gorgeous brown eyes. Yet there was more than that, something else, what was it? I felt her breath on my face. I leaned towards Amanda. What was I doing? She tilted her head as she came to me.

Our eyes closed. What was it?


Contact. I felt her lips upon mine. They were soft and warm, like pillows after a good night's rest. I gently pressed my own against them. I felt her sigh, felt her warmth breath exhaling. Every inch of my body tingled. I felt my head spinning and I only wanted more. I reached my free arm around and ran my hand through her hair, letting the silky threads cascade through my fingers. We moaned together softly. That snapped me back to reality. I broke the kiss off. "Amanda, we can't do this." I said, as forcefully as I could.

My breath was gone. I could still feel her on my lips. "Why?!" She cried out. Every fiber of her body screamed distress, panic. "You're my sister. This isn't right, it isn't legal." "Tell me you care about that!" She asked me, her beautiful face coming so close to mine again. I could just- No! I turned aside, looking at the trees. "I care about you.

This wasn't supposed to happen. I don't want you thinking this is how all guys act." "That they're sweet to me? That they listen to what I say and treat me right? That they act like they love me? I shouldn't think that?!

Right, of course, I should've known!" Amanda moved to hop out of the truck bed. I moved faster than I knew I could, catching her just above the elbow.

"Don't go." I whispered. I didn't want to admit it, but I couldn't lose her. I couldn't take it. "Why shouldn't I?

You just said you didn't care." Amanda spat back. She was trying to hide her pain behind anger. The pain was from shame.

I thought it was from kissing me, her brother, but it wasn't. She felt empty again, worthless. It was etched in the glint of the moon on her irises. "I do care." I said as loudly as I could.

"Sure, yeah, I'm your sister and all that. You want me to be happy and you love me and all that." "Amanda!" I yelled, surprising even me. I pulled her towards me and moved to her. As she spun, I placed my other hand on her waist and caught her, pulling her against me. Her eyes were wide with surprise, uncertainty, and hope. Hope most of all. "Amanda, I do love you. I love you so much." I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against hers, all the while thanking God that I hadn't missed.

This kiss was different from the first, there was passion. There was fire in the kiss. Our lips melded together and our moans echoed their movement.

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She pulled lightly on my upper lip and I pressed her against me, no longer caring that a certain part of my body had swollen rapidly. She released my lips and I immediately pressed against her, pushing her down onto the blanket. I rested my hands on either side of her and she slipped her fingers through my hair, pulling me down against her. I felt Amanda's lips relax and I pushed my tongue between them.

My sister's moan only excited me more and I pressed further, finding her tongue and inviting it to dance with a flick of my own. We wrestled and twisted our tongues together, moaning louder and louder with each movement. Finally, we broke apart for air and I looked down at my sister, at Amanda. She was breathing heavily, excited and aroused. She smiled at me and indicated for me to come closer with curling of her index finger. I leaned in and she placed her lips beside my ear, just grazing it in the most excruciating way.

"I want to tell you something but it's a secret. I'll only tell you if you make me a promise. You have to swear to do something for me." "Anything you want, Amanda.

I promise." Perhaps I should have given the request more thought but I was so excited, so utterly out of my mind, that I would have said yes to anything she wanted. "Okay, do you want to hear the secret now?" She pulled back and looked at me, her face taking on a serious expression. She was feeling something raw, something that she considered absolutely vital to her identity. I nodded gravely. She moved forward, just slightly, and looked deep into my eyes.

"I love you." I smiled and she followed my lead. I leaned down and with abandon kissed her again. I was surprised when she drove her tongue past my lips and deep into me. I moaned and brushed my hands down her sides as I rested on my knees. Amanda let out a long, throaty sigh and, grabbing my by the neck, pulled me on top of her and off my knees. Our lips met again but I quickly broke away and found the nape of her neck. I flicked my tongue against her milky, flawless skin and elicited a noise from my sister.

I repeated the action again and again, running my mouth up and down her neck, until my sister had dug her nails deep into my jeans and was grinding her hips against my member as hard as she could. "Y-your promise!" Amanda choked out between moans. "Mhmmm." I murmured as I sucked on a particularly sensitive spot. "AHH, y-you, I mean, AAH! I want you to do something NOW!" She cried out at the end as I flicked my tongue against the spot I had trapped between my lips.

I grudgingly let go and looked at Amanda again. "Anything you want." She turned to face me, the same look of seriousness on her face once more. She pressed her hand against my chest, then slid it down, lower and lower, till she clutched my erect member. Amanda smiled again and her eyes took on the sexiest look I had ever seen. "Make love to me." She crooned and squeezed me. I grunted, it felt so good. I was done arguing but I wanted to make certain that it was what Amanda really wanted. "You haven't done this before, right?

I mean, you're a virgin?" She nodded, slightly bashful. "And you want me to be your-" Amanda cut me off with a kiss. I sighed and leaned into it. She began to rub up and down on me. I shuddered and allowed her to continue. I brought my hands to the edge of her shirt and, after a nod from Amanda, lifted it up.

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She arched her back for me, allowing me to raise it all the way to below her shoulders. She had beautiful breasts, enclosed within a pink, pushup bra. I felt myself shaking as I reached towards her chest for the first time. Amanda lay back, allowing me total access to her body. I slipped her right cup down, then held her breast. It was so soft, but firm and it filled my hand completely.

I pinched her nipple and Amanda moaned for me while I slipped her other bra cup down. Soon, I was squeezing and twisting her areolas until Amanda was almost screaming.

Wanting to drive her over the edge, I placed a knee between her legs, forcing her to grind against me. Next, I bent my lips down to her right breast and took her nipple in my mouth, flicking my tongue against the tip. "AHHH! God, YES!" She screamed. I sucked harder, taking more of her breast into my mouth until I couldn't take anymore.

My tongue thrashed around, caressing every part of the breast. Once I felt her nipple completely stiffen, I switched. I repeated the process on her left breast and all the while, I felt the warmth of my sister frantically grinding against my knee. At last, I switched back to her right breast and took as much of it as I could into my mouth, all at once. I flicked my tongue against her again and again, squeezing her other nipple with my left hand, and lastly, I reached between her legs with my right and rubbed my finger tips against her at a blinding speed.

"AH, DON'T STOP!" Amanda yelled. I sucked down, squeezed and rubbed as hard as I could, all at once. She was so close, then she tipped over the edge. "I'm CUMMING!!!" She screamed. Her back arched off the truck bed, and she held my head to her chest as her body convulsed and shook for nearly thirty seconds. As the orgasm passed, she fell against the blanket, exhausted. I lay down with her, and took her in my arms. She was glistening with sweat.

"That was- that was… oh my god, thank you so much. That was the best orgasm I've ever had. Did Leah teach you how to do that?" Leah was my ex-girlfriend. I shook my head, I had always just known. That, and porn was quite an education if one looked in the right places. "I love you." She whispered in my ear. "I love you too, Amanda." I whispered back.

I felt a hand rubbing at my crotch. "What are you doing?" I smiled at my mischievous sibling. "I have to return the favor don't I? Just, don't be too disappointed if I'm not as good as you." "You'll do great." I smiled and lay down. Amanda undid my jeans and slid her fingers beneath the waist band. I lifted my hips and she slid the pants off, with a little wriggling and the removal of my shoes. Next, she yanked my boxers down impatiently, exposing my throbbing dick.

"Wow, it's big." She said, slightly awestruck. "It's not that big." I smiled. I was a little above average but nothing freakish. "It's bigger than Jake's." Amanda added with a frown. Then she leaned down and licked up along my shaft. I grunted loudly, it felt amazing. I couldn't believe I was doing this with my sister. "Mm, tastes better too." She smiled. She rubbed her hands together quickly, and breathed on them, to warm them up. The she slid her fingers around my shaft, one by one, and pulled my cock up.

I moaned at her touch. "Now, tell me what you want me to do." She grinned down at me. "You do whatever you're comfortable with." I smiled back at her.

"No! If you want me to do something, you tell me exactly what it is… and don't hold back." "Amanda, I can't-" "Do it! You earned it and I know you want to or…" Amanda pursed her lips just above my head and let a small thread of drool fall onto it, like syrup. "Do you not want to see your sister swallow?" That pushed me over the edge. "Amanda, suck my cock." Amanda bent down and kissed my head, then moved up and down the shaft, licking every inch of my dick.

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She pursed her lips as tightly as she could and pressed them against my tip. Slowly, she pushed down harder and harder, it felt so tight, so incredible. I was amazed I hadn't come yet. As the pressure became almost uncomfortable, I lost control and my hips bucked, thrusting my dick deep into sister's mouth. Her eyes went wide with surprise but we were both moaning at the sensation. Amanda paused, unmoving. I took the unspoken hint.


"Suck it, Amanda. Bob up and down on your brother's big cock." She obeyed immediately. I watched her lips travel all the way up to the base of my head and then back down to an inch from the bottom of my shaft, as far as she could go. She lifted her lips and then took my cock again, going faster and faster each time, then wrapping her hand around the bottom of my shaft.

She began pumping as her lips sucked down on me and her tongue coiled around my shaft like a snake. It was so good, I began pumping with her head, thrusting my dick deeper into my sister's mouth with each dip. When I felt her start to moan, I knew I was close to cumming. "A- Amanda, I'm close to- AH!" I moaned as my sister dove all the way to nearly the base of my dick. Just then, my phone started ringing. I managed to fish it out of my pocket but before I could answer, Amanda snatched it out of my hand and threw it to the far corner of the truck bed.

"Amanda, it's Mom-AH- AHH!" She bobbed her head up and down again and again, her nose brushing against my crotch each time. She cupped my balls with her free hand and kneaded them.

"FUCK, AMANDA! YES!" At the verbal excitement, Amanda decided it was time to make me come. She squeezed my balls, pumped up and down on my shaft with her other hand and sucked hard with her mouth, as far down as she could be. "I'm CUMMING!!" I screamed to my sister and I felt myself begin to orgasm. Each rope of cum shot out like nothing I'd ever felt before. My hands were clenched in my sister's hair and my vision swam.

I fired cum deep into my sister's mouth again and again. Nine, ten, and the shots just kept coming. By fifteen, they had died down slightly. I was done by the seventeenth. I collapsed against the truck bed, only barely noticing the ping of the voicemail alert. I looked up and saw my sister with her cheeks full, looking down at me.

"You don't have to-" I began but before I could finish, my sister had tilted her head back and swallowed my entire load. She showed me her empty mouth with pride and I took her in my arms.

"Was that good?" She asked. "The best orgasm of my life." I said awestruck, echoing what she'd said. Smiling, Amanda laid down beside me and for a minute we just held each other. Her eyes were so beautiful.

I saw nothing but happiness in them. She was content, full of love, and with the desire to love. She was perfect. We were perfect. After a few minutes, I grabbed the phone, which was just within arm's reach. "Crap!" I exclaimed. "What time is it?" Amanda asked as she kissed a trail down my neck. "It's nearly midnight!"I listened to the voice mail from Mom.

She was not happy at all. She sounded upset and asked where we were, why we hadn't come back, and to call or come home as soon as I got the message. I called her back and said that I had been helping Amanda feel better, which was true, had lost track of time, which was also true, and that it was completely my fault, which Amanda frowned at but which I felt was true. Mom was still angry when we hung up, but I had defused the situation for the most part. I kissed Amanda softly.

"Sorry, we'll have to finish this another night. If you want to." "Of course I do. I love you and I can't wait." Amanda kissed my nose and giggled. "Same here." I whispered, and kissed her forehead lightly. Then we dressed, got in the truck, and drove home.