Zuckerrohr für denise

Zuckerrohr für denise
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The door closes behind Bob and Candi. Candi: Bob I hope you are ready to discuss things! (Said in a calm voice.) Bob: Yea I am ready if you are. Bob and Candi walked throught the living room and into the den where the rest are setting on the couch.

( Amber, Amy, Lynn ) Bob walks over and sets down in the recliner. Candi joins the other females on the couch. Bob: Well go ahead Candi and let us have it.

Candi: I am not going to raise hell because you fucked them. ( motioning toward the other females) Shit I would have done the same thing if I was in their place. Bob: Are you serious?

You aren't mad? ( a total look of confusion on his face ) Candi: ( smiling ) No I'm not. But we are all going to talk about it. (turning to her daughter) Ok Amy explain why you fucked Bob.

And don't try to con me either. Amy: Well after seeing his cock I got turned on and couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to have that cock take my cherry.

I almost chickened out until I saw it the second time. I knew then that I wanted him to take me.

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After we got back from the gymnastic class were I tore my suit I sat across from him with my ass showing while he talked to you. When he hung up I told him I wanted him to be my first. He agreed and honestly mom I am glad he did. Candi: Now what about you Lynn? I knew given the chance you was going to get Bob to fuck you.

So explain your actions. Lynn: Well I walked in on Bob and Amy fucking and got to see him pounding her little pussy which I had been dying to taste for a long time. As I watched I figured out how to get both of them. I let Bob think I was mad as hell at what he had done with Amy, but in fact it opened the door for me to enjoy her pussy and get Bob to fuck me at the same time.

We went to Bob's house and that is exactly what happened. Bob fucked me while I ate Amy's pussy. Yes it was even better then I thought and you know I would do it again. Candi gave Lynn a smile and walked over and huged and Kissed Amy.

She then looked at Amber with a grin from ear to ear on her face.


Candi: Ok Amber fess up, and no bullshit. Amber: Well Aunt Candi I had been at the hospital all night with you and setting in the waiting room. I wanted to check the place out so I went to every floor while you were with granny. I came across a floor where there wasn't anything except files and one office. I came back to the waiting room and when Aunt Lynn, Amy and Bob came in, I had been playing with myself wishing I had a cock in me.

After aunt Lynn and Amy went to see granny I tricked Bob into going to the empty floor and then I talked him into doing me. It was the best Aunt Candi I swear.

candi shook her head and turned to Bob and walked over to him and kissed him as hard as she could. she sucked his tongue halfway down her throat, then released him. She then reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled his semi hard cock out.

with her other hand she grabbed Amy's arm and pulled her on to the floor in front of Bob. Candi: Ok baby suck Bob off while I eat your pussy. (Amy gave her mother a blank look) Suck his cock and Lynn and Amber can join us as they want.

Amy opened her mouth and slid Bob's cock into her warm hungry mouth. Candi pulled Amy's pants down and burried her face in her daughter's pussy. Within a minute Amber and Lynn had joined the others. Lynn spread her legs and invited Bob to enjoy her pussy. Amber joined Amy and licked Bob's balls as Amy sucked his cock. They ate, and sucked each other for several minutes until Candi pulled away. Candi: Ok Bob which one of us do you want to fuck first? ( she stressed the word first) Bob didn't say a word he grabbed Candi threw her to the floor and stabbed her soaking wet pussy with his cock.

The other changed positions until they formed a circle eating each other's pussies. Bob slammed into Candi as hard as he could making her groan with delight at the feeling of his cock ramming into her. The others were also nearing climax and were moaning as each reached their mountain peak and crashed on the other side. Bob came hard at the same time as Candi reached her orgasm.

He continued to pump into her until his cock started to deflate and slid out of her. When it did Amber leaped on it with her mouth and cleaned all the cum and pussy juice from it. No one spoke for several minutes. Amy: Mom! Can Bob do me again please? ( she said it like she was still an innocent little girl asking for candy) Candi: Honey it's up to Bob who he fucks and when. He can have which ever one of us he wants.

We are his for the taking right ladies? (they all agreed with Candi) Bob: What are you saying Candi? You want me to fuck all of you when ever I want? ( he stared at all of them when they laughed and nodded) Holly Shit Baby you are serious aren't you?

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Candi: Yes Bob and there is two more in our little clan that will want you to fuck them also. (bob looked dumbfounded but by now he had felt that way alot lately) Don't worry hon they will be here tomorrow and then you will get to fuck them too. Bob: Do I know them?

( Candi and the others smiled and shook their heads no) What's their names Candi?

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(Candi shook her finger back and forth and said nothing) Lynn: Bob think you handle all six wives? ( Bob got that dumbfounded look again) That's right you will have six of us to fuck. One more you could have a different fuck every day of the week. ( Then she smiled and gave Bob a wink) Amy: Bob do you want me to take care of that for you? (Bob realized his cock was hard again just thinking about two more girls that he hadn't fucked, but who apparently knew he would fuck them.) Amber: Hey Bob Amy is talking to you!

You gonna fuck her or do you want some one else? ( Bob shook his head yes, but was still thinking about these new girls would look like, and were they women or young girls?) Well if you are going to then do it. I get turned off watching you while having my pussy eaten. Bob: Yea! I know. (with that he pulled Amy to the couch and shoved her down on it. She wrapped her legs around him as he entered her) He wasn't about to take it easy on her this time and slammed into her knocking the breath out of her.

He didn't stop until his balls slapped against her young ass. Amy: Yeeessss! Bob give it to meeee! ( she was trying to breath as she moaned the words. Bob was slamming her so hard everytime he hit bottom her whole body shook, and she was in heaven but knew neither of them would last very long at this pace.

Bob didn't let her down she climaxed at the same time he came deep in her belly.) Candi, Amber, and Lynn: (all together were cheering him on ) Yes fuck her hard!

Give it to her good! Ram that cock into her! (then they chanted) Fuck her faster! Harder! Faster! Harder! Faster! ( Then when Amy and him reached an orgasm together.) Candi: (Yelled) Yea Bob fill her with your cum! That's it Give her all of it. ( Bob was exhausted and rolled off Amy as his limp cock slid out of her.) Lynn: I bet he knocked her ass up with that load, any takers?

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(she laughed) Well Candi What do you say? Did he get her or not? My money is on her being pregnant. Candi: What if she is?

With him fucking all of us, we will all be sooner or later. (Bob froze and held his breath for as long as he could. Was he hearing that they all plan on getting pregnant by him? Why the hell hadn't he thought more about protection. Hell he bet Amy never took the pill either.

His mind was brought back to the present quickly by Lynn) Lynn: (She grabbed & started pumping his limp cock) As soon as this gets up I am going to ride him to death. ( Bob knew he was done for awhile and knew his cock wasn't getting up again til he rested some) Lynn: (after several more attempts ) Shit it is worn out! Oh sorry baby (referring to Bob) I should have said you are worn out!

Guess you need some rest. But after you rest I want that cock of your's inside me filling me to the brim with your love juice. ( Bob fell asleep thinking about what had been said about getting pregnant. He could hear the females talking but couldn't understand them) Amber: Bob wake up!

I want you bad baby! (she had Bob's cock in her hand and it was half hard.He opened his eyes and she smiled and bent and licked his half hard cock. It sprang to life becoming as hard as a rock.

She stood over him and guided his cock into her pussy) The rest are upstairs taking a nap but I needed you before I can sleep. (she then started riding his rock hard cock and moaning each time she hit bottom. It took a while before Bob could feel his balls tighten and knew by Amber's body movement she was starting her climax which set him off. He filled her young pussy with his hot seed) Bob: Are all of you really trying to get pregnant?


(Amber just smiled and rubbed her stomach.) Bob: Amber tell me what is going on please. ( he was trying to get this young girl to open up. but she wasn't buying it.) Amber please! I need to know what is going on. I took care of you so now help me understand what is happening here. ( she closed her eyes and shook her head ) Amber: Bob you were told what you need to know. We are your wives and you get to fuck each of us whenever you want.

Then you were told the other two wives will be here tomorow. I can tell you that you won't be disapointed in them. I am going to bed while I can fall asleep. You can come up whenever you want and sleep with any one of us you want. ( she kissed Bob and ran up the stairs. Bob sat there thinking about things for over a half hour, then decided he better get to bed himself. But who was were. He really wanted to sleep with Candi. He found her and joined her in bed.

No sooner did he lay down then he fell asleep.) Bob didn't sleep very well, he would toss and turn and dream he was marring one of the ladies, and then he would wake up, and fall back to sleep.

He woke up about 6:00 and decided to go shower. After His shower he called his office and left the message that he would be unavailable for the next week but would check in from time to time. he put on some coffee, poured a cup, and sat at the table and tried to think. Lynn: Well Mr. Turner glad to see you are up so early. ( She gave him a wet kiss.smiling and looking at Bob's semi hard cock) Can I have a cup? Today is going to be a busy day.

Your surprise will be here in a couple hours, and I want you before they arrive. Bob: Lynn can you fill me in on what is going on, what you all are planning? ( Was Lynn in a talkitive mood this morning? Would she tell him everything or even a little of what was happening?

) Lynn: Bob what I can tell you is that you have six of us that you get to fuck whenever you want and you don't have to worry about any of us looking for cock anywhere else.

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We are yours and you are ours. We will allbe at your service 24 hours a day. We are your wives Bob. Now finish your coffee so you can satisfy me with that big hunk of man meat. (Bob smiled and then refilled his coffee cup getting a look of disapointment from Lynn.) Candi: Good morning!

Getting an early start Lynn? (she kissed Bob hard and rubbed his cock) The rest will be down soon they are showering.How about some breakfast? Lynn: Morning Sis! Bob wants an explaination!

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Do you want to fill him in? (she smiled and blew her sister a kiss) Candi: Yea I guess we owe him that much. Bob I'll explain as soon as the others all get here is that ok? Bob: Thanks Hon.

Good morning I Love you. Yea that will be ok, Thanks. ( just then the others came down stairs, and each gave Bob a deep kiss and started helping fix breakfast) Can you tell me what time the other will arrive at least? Amy: Can I tell him mom? Please mom he still won't know who til they are here? Well mom can I? Candi: My god girl slow down!

Yes you can tell him when they will get here. Amy: They are on their way! ( she giggled) Should be here anytime right mom? (another giggle) They are anxious to meet you too. I wish they were here aleady don't the rest of you? This is going to be wonderful.

Just then Bob heard a car pull into his driveway and stop. He started to get up out of habit but Candi pushed him back down. Candi: I'll get it Hon, finish your coffee. Candi went to the front door and the rest were right behind her.

They were her Bob thought so now I get some answers. Like this format or don't let me know either way please. chapter 6 Guess who Bob's new play things are. Well be sure to watch for it to find out. coming soon!