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Porno emos gay teens and boy nude Kai Alexander is like some kind of
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All great fiction has some truth. I was just an above average person in what I thought was a below average high school (My name's Lucas by the way). Sure I had great friends, and I was thought to be cool by most of the people, but I just felt like that this school did not challenge me whatsoever.

I started to lose inspiration to even go to school, and I started to hate the people I was around. I just felt like I was surrounded by the sea of stupidity.

Most of you know what I mean, what it feels like to be the only genius, but no one to share it with. But enough of my sad story, I'll tell you a bit more about me. I was 6'1 with dark, dark brown hair and black eyes. On a scale of 1-10, I guess most girls would call me a 7. Not a person they would go after, but definitely somebody to think about. I'm on the football team, which I love, and play safety. I haven't had my run with the girls.

I've had 2 girlfriends, a girlfriend in elementary (your first love is always cute) and another during freshman. Oh ya! I'm a junior too.

I'm still a virgin, as you can probably guess. But little did I know that my "girl experience" was all going to change. So as you know, I am starting to hate school (don't we all) and everybody in it.

And that girlfriend during freshman? We broke up during the summer. I don't want to get into the details, but let's just say she "didn't want to waste her time on me".

I think its cuz I just got boring to her, even though I took her out every week. But, shes in the past now. I had my eyes on this one girl. Her name is Tori. She was perfect in every way to me. But we've been friends for two years.

I don't want to ruin the friendship that we had, but that is every guy's excuse. She is a cheerleader with light brown hair and cute freckles on her cheeks. But what really made me love her is her blue eyes, her amazing blue eyes. Some days I fought with my ex-girlfriend, she always made me feel better, just by giving me a hug and staring me right in the eyes.

And those piercing, sea-blue eyes, I could never resist their beckoning. I always melted when she was in my arms. One time, we were walking home from school in the light snow when a runaway dog with his owner behind him ran into Tori and pushed her into the nearby lake. Obviously I jumped in after her, with the owner just panicking about what to do, but when he saw that I went after Tori, he kept running for his dog.

Tori was shivering so much, so I threw my jacket over her and walked with my arm around her the rest of the way home.


During the walk, she just kept smiling and looking at me with those bright, blue eyes that I always get lost in. She just kept smiling at me and cuddling up to my chest. At first I thought something was up, but I just nodded it off, since I had a girlfriend already at the time. But she just kept staring at me and when I asked if she was ok, she replied she was, and so I just laughed it off with her.

I just couldn't help but notice those piercing blue eyes staring at me the whole time. When we got to her home, she just said thanks and gave me a peck on the cheek while hugging me as tight as she could and went inside, leaving me with my mouth open.

But I shrugged it all off. This all happened a year ago, last winter.

So now I have a crush on her, and have had a crush ever since that day. I was just too scared to move forward with it. I always thought "better a friend than not", but that's what they all think. She was just about the best thing that happened in my life, and I was too blind to see this before.

I just don't know what might happen if she is gone. I might become depressed, go into a nervous wreck, who knows. I just hoped that she will still be part of my life. So Tori is a cheerleader, I think I've said that before. One day after our football game, we all headed back to Josh's place, the quarterback of our team. And before you start getting ideas, it wasn't a party with a crapload of beer (although, I will be honest, there was some), it didn't turn out to be an orgy, no drugs, no shitloads of sex, just a party with some pizza and a couple movies.

Now, Josh's parents were cool. They let us have some beer, provided we stay in their house for the night so we won't get arrested for drunk driving.

There were only about 10 people, 6 guys and 4 girls. There was Ryan, Josh, me, Mike, Kyle, and Jack, and Sally, Jessica, Leilani, and Tori. The couples there were Sally and Jack, and Josh and Jessica. When the party was all over, we all got pretty drunk except for Tori, so everybody else are the ones who stayed home.

Tori was my neighbor, so I thought it was alright if I went to her house for the night as I don't have a car and because Josh's house only had 2 rooms. Plus, I think my parents would be appalled if I came home hammered and drunk, so Tori's house seemed like the best option. We went to her house at around 1 AM, so I don't think her parents were up, but her parents were pretty cool too, and they know who I am, so I think it would be fine if I stayed there for one night.

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Now of course I was pretty drunk, so when I tried to get out of the car Tori had to help me out, and since my limbs when flying everywhere, my hand brushed up against her butt, to which she stiffened up.

I didn't pay much attention to it, I was drooling for pete's sake, but she definitely did. She also passed it off and just carried me into the house. She had two beds in her bed room and she just plopped me down onto that one while she went to take a shower. I saw her out of the corner of my eye pull out a pink bra and black satin panties, to which I thought that's a little strange to wear just for sleeping, but I was hella drunk.

The last thing I remember was hearing the water coming out of the shower before I passed out. While I was sleeping I had some crazy wet dreams.

I dreamed that this girl came down from the sky like an angel (I have some messed up dreams ok?). She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was VERY fit. For some reason, she looked extremely familiar to me, but you can never name a person while you are dreaming. I asked her what she was doing and she placed her finger over my mouth with her finger.

She placed her hands at my waistband and slowly pulled it down, stirring a reaction down south. When she breathed her warm, moist breath on my growing dick, I started to grow to full length. Now I wasn't huge as in 9 inches, but I'd say I'm average, a little less than 7. She placed her mouth on my dick, and I let out a moan and my body shivered. Instinctively my hips bucked up.

She moaned and her vibrations sent chills up my spine. Now the most I've gotten with a girl is probably sucking her tits (I had ONE girlfriend in high school!) so this experience was rather amazing for me.

It felt so amazing, her warm, moist tongue, her soft pink lips, her smooth blond hair. What really stood out to me were her blue eyes. I got lost in them. They had a look of pure lust. I was getting close, very close, and the look in her lustful, lewd blue eyes weren't helping. "I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum.Better move." She just kept on sucking with an ever bigger ferociousness. She started to bob up and down even fast. Her tongue, her lips, her eyes especially, were all too much for me.

I could no longer hold back. I felt the warm liquid bubble up from my balls and start to come out, and nobody could foresee the ocean that was to come. "Oh. Oh!!! OHHHH T-TORRIII!!!!!" I don't know why I screamed her name, but I did.

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I came gallons, and she swallowed it all. It was the best wet dream I have ever had. The funny thing is, There was no sign of it. When I woke up the next morning, nothing had changed. Tori was in the bed next to me, wearing a night cloth, and I could see her nipples poking out. Didn't she bring a bra and panties with her into the shower? Whatever, must have changed while I was sleeping. But the weird thing was that I had the most intense orgasm of my life, but I didn't have any sign of cum in my pants.

Not that I was complaining, but still. Rather strange. When I woke up, I had breakfast with Tori's family. Just watching the news, eating some cereal, talking about how school is, small talk.

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"So how was your sleep Lucas?" Tori asked suddenly. I thought nothing of it because that's what people ask normally. "Oh it was pretty nice. I'm still a little drowsy from it hehe" "Did you have any nice dreams?" she said, smiling even bigger. I thought her smile was rather strange, but I always loved that smile, so I didn't complain that much. "I probably did, I just don't remember it all too clear," I lied. Obviously I would remember the best dream of my life. But if I told her, that would be a little weird.

My pants twitched just a little bit in memory of the dream and I returned the equally strange smile. And another thing, why did that bright face look so familiar?


I forgot all of this while looking into her blue eyes, but quickly regained control since her parents were there but she definitely noticed. We went back to school the next day. When I saw Tori, she looked at me strange, like she did during that winter. She also had a hint of red on her face, but I assumed that was because she had gym her previous period. She seemed to want to talk to me a lot, but we always talked so I didn't think of it much.

The whole day was pretty normal. The only thing you could say that was weird is that I got the feeling Tori was watching me a lot, but every time I looked in her direction she was just going through her locker or talking to a friend. I was just being paranoid is all. Then, in math class, she got a TERRIBLE grade on the test. I wouldn't call it terrible, but her parents think that anything that isn't an A is bad. "Woah you got a C?!?" I said, shocked. "Oh my god.

My parents are just going to KILL me!" Tori said. "Do you think I could come over for some tutoring?" Now I thought nothing of this, as I've done some tutoring before and because I'm pretty smart, so of course I said sure.

"Thanks so much Luke!!" She gave me a peck on the check, which was rather unusual. I just blushed and said anytime. I got a few looks, but that's them. Why did she give me a peck on the cheek?

The last time that happened was that winter. For a really smart person, I was pretty stupid. I just went on with my day thinking why she gave me a kiss.

After school Tori came over. For an hour or so we just talked, watched some TV, ate some chips, and then got to some tutoring. I just love the way she looks when she understands something, the way she lights up and smiles at me. And once again, those eyes. I just get lost in them. And there was just something so familiar about them.

"Lucas are you ok?" she said, confused. Dazed, I said "huh? Oh ya. I'm fine. I was just a little distracted is all." "Oh ok. Well I think that's enough tutoring for today. Thanks so much for your help! You are really full of mysterious things you know? I bet there are a lot more things to know about you hmm?" she said, smiling innocently. There is just something about a girl smiling at you. It's that moment you seem to become theirs. Of course, her eyes. I just cannot resist her eyes. Women are strange creatures, they can make you do insane things in their presence that you would never normally do.

I just couldn't resist the look in her eyes and the way they pleaded to me. Just the innocence in them, the gleam and sparkle they had, the temptation of her bright, blue eyes and smooth skin was all too much. I kissed her. Her lips were so soft and moist. My hand went upon her warm, smooth check. It felt so amazing. Immediately, I pulled back. "Oh my god Tori I'm so sorry. I-" My heart was racing. What have I done? "Shhh. Took you long enough." She just pulled me in closer and placed my lips on hers again.

This sent a surge of electricity through my spine. Here I was, making out with my dream girl! Our tongues danced, saliva was exchanged, and I tasted the peppermint I saw her pop when I came back from the bathroom. Every piece of contact between our tongues sent a surge of pleasure between us. I placed my hand on her neck and pulled her closer to me, our bodies pressed against one another. She moaned in my mouth, sending vibrations through my body, arousing me even more.

Did you know the lips are the second most sensitive part of the body" The first you can probably guess. I always thought that was wrong, but I definitely found that to be true that day.

10 minutes passed and I was sporting a hard-on. My hand was on her waist, hers on my chest, and it was clear that this was going to be fun. Unfortunately, I heard the garage open, we both did, and we quickly went back to "tutoring". My mom came in. Parents have the WORST timing ever. ".and you carry the x so that y is equal to-" I said, trying to seem like we were doing something. Well we WERE doing something, but you know what I mean.

"Hey how are you kids doing?" she asked. "Oh not much, just studying really." I lied. The biggest lie ever actually. "Oh Tori!!


How would you like to stay for dinner?" my mom asked. "Oh no its fine! I really should get going anyways." Tori had replied, a little shaky and flustered, but my mom was at the other end of the room, so she couldn't see.

"Oh ok. Nice seeing you here! Have a nice night Tori!" "Sure thing Mrs. Smith (That's my last name). Well, thanks for all your help Luke. It was a real pleasure being here" She said with an innocent look "Oh ya. Anytime. Glad I could help you out." I said with equally innocent look. "You know, I don't think I fully understood tonight's but I need to get going.

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How bout we pick this up tomorrow?" She said with a gleam in her eyes. Did I mention how I get lost in them? I know it sounds cliche, but I really do. "Sure" I said, trying not to sound too excited for my mom. That night, the only thing on my mind was Tori and the way I love her blue eyes. What did this mean for us?

All I know is that I was very excited to see her. But something was really bothering me, quite a lot actually. There was something familiar about Tori's eyes and the girl's eyes in my dream, and I just can't figure out what it was. I just have a thing for eyes, how they control me and their temptation on me, how they can drive me wild. Eyes are the windows to the soul you know? Eventually I fell asleep, the only thing on my mind being, guess what?

Tori's eyes. AUTHOR'S NOTE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys this was my very first story, so tell me how you like it. This took me about 3 days to write, so if you think I should spend more time on it, go ahead and say it.

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Please leave a comment saying how you enjoyed or hated it, but please tell me why. You don't have to, just that it will help me become a better writer and therefore I will be able to pleasure you guys even more.

And this story was just a buildup, there will be more parts. If you want more, be sure to comment. Thanks for reading this and please, drop a comment. =)