Clitoris stimulated by toy and vagina fucked by cock

Clitoris stimulated by toy and vagina fucked by cock
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She felt a shiver run down her body as his breath brushed lightly across her neck.

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He was so close to her she could feel his heart beating like mad, and she knew how much he wanted her. Despite this knowledge he moved slowly, his lips only slightly making contact with the most sensitive parts of her neck.

Her hands ran down his back, her fingernails scratching just hard enough for him to feel it through his thin shirt. She just barely heard a growl as his control slipped and he pulled her close.

One hand roughly cupped her ass and another wrapped itself in her black hair. His lips found her collarbone and roughly traced it. She moaned softly as the excitement built and she dug her fingers into his hair. His grip tightened around her and her body molded to his.


With a louder growl he pushed her roughly against the wall of his hallway. Immediately his body was against hers and his teeth scraped her neck. She opened her mouth wide to moan in ecstasy, but before the sound could escape he crushed her lips beneath his. Instead she groaned throatily into his passionate kiss. Their tongues danced together as their hands roamed each other's bodies. She felt his rock hard cock press against her hip and she felt a rush of wetness.

As if reading her mind he pulled her into his room and pushed her down into the bed. He could feel her shaking with excitement. He climbed on top of her and continued to kiss her neck. The sandpaper of his short beard tickled her and she giggled, but it turned into a moan as his hands massaged her chest.

"Did you bring it?" he asked in a deep whisper. "Yes," she moaned into his kiss. She pictured the extra bag of clothes he had asked her to bring and thought she might know what they were for.

Almost like thinking of it made it so, she heard the buttons of her shirt popping off and felt her shirt open. His rough hands brushed her flat stomach. She lifted slightly from the bed so he could slide the remnants of her shirt from her shoulders, and in one smooth snap he had her dark red bra undone. In a heartbeat she was half naked and was tugging at his shirt.

She lifted it easily from his shoulders and pulled him closer so their bare skin was pressing together. He kissed down her neck to her 34B chest, and he took one of her erect nipples in his mouth and gently sucked on it. She cried out loudly as his teeth grazed her sensitive skin.

His hands yanked at her jeans until they found the button and zipper, which were undone with almost superhuman speed. Again she lifted herself from the bed and let him slide her pants off, revealing a tiny red thong. He kissed down her stomach to her hips, tracing the tiny thong with kisses all around it. He could smell her arousal, could feel every shake of her body as his lips made contact. Her fingers entwined in his long dark hair and yanked this way and that, bringing more growls to his lips.

With a seductive smile he bit down on her thigh and she squealed. Moving up her body he grabbed her right arm and pushed it above her head. Butterflies attacked her stomach when she heard the sound of Velcro ripping. With a practiced hand he slipped the soft restraint over her wrist and refastened the Velcro. It only took a minute to fully tie her down, legs and all. The ties were soft but strong, and she couldn't move more than an inch in any direction.

She felt her heart beating so quickly that it felt as if it were going to jump out of her heaving chest. He heard her quickened breath and brought his fingers to bear against her skin. Slowly and torturously he brushed them against her skin, just barely making contact. Sometimes she wasn't even sure his fingers were still touching her, but she could feel the heat radiating from them. She moaned when his hands came back to her tits. Her nipples had never been so hard, but he was sure not to touch them.

She whimpered when his hands moved away to her stomach, and he continued his slow torture by brushing every inch of her skin without touching the areas she wanted touched most. As his hands moved back up the insides of her thighs she tried to open her legs wider, but the restraints wouldn't give way. She was completely under his control, and at that simple thought she was practically dripping wet.

She closed her eyes and succumbed to his power over her. Every few seconds one of her arms or legs would spasm, but they wouldn't go far. She was able to relax a little and calm down, but almost the second she started to he changed tactics.

His fingers brushed her hard nipples, sending shivers of silver through her veins. He carefully touched her skin, only occasionally touching her nipples.

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Each stroke of his expert hands brought a gasp to her lips. Soon his lips joined his fingers, which moved further down her body.

She sighed in relief when he touched her clit through her thong. The aching had nearly driven her crazy, but now his fingers rubbed her in the way she'd been wanting for so long. His kisses moved down her stomach. He reached her thighs and kissed closer and closer to her clit. As he bit down again on her thigh his hands pushed her thong aside, sliding his first finger easily into her. He heard her groan as he worked his tongue over the bite mark he had left.

He began to slowly pump his finger in and out of her and she moaned louder. His kisses traced the lines around her swollen pussy, barely staying away from actually going down on her. He knew she was uncomfortable with that. She was far from uncomfortable, though.

She tried to raise her body from the bed to get more of his finger inside. Soon she felt a second finger join in. With two fingers pumping inside her she began to moan in earnest, ready to beg for his cock to be inside her. Then she felt his thumb begin to massage her clit in concert with his other fingers, and she felt a strong buildup inside her.

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Too soon his fingers withdrew, and she moaned in frustration. She looked down and saw him pulling a knife from his pocket, which he used to slice her thong from her body. He threw the remnants on the floor next to the bed and quickly finished undressing, revealing his long throbbing hard cock to her.

She squirmed and licked her lips in anticipation. His dark green eyes locked onto her light browns and he moved up her body. She smiled like a vixen as his cock drew nearer to her face. With closed eyes she took him in her mouth, sliding her tongue over his shaft and enveloping as much of him as she could. He saw her continue to strain against the ties as she tried unsuccessfully to add her hands to her mouth. After a few minutes of expert oral service he withdrew, and again she locked eyes with him and smiled.

Moving down her body he locked lips with her again. Her mouth was hot from sucking him and he thought he tasted his own pre-cum on her tongue. His toes felt for her feet and found the Velcro straps, and in seconds he had her legs free.

With a grunt he slid his cockhead into her. She moaned throatily as he slowly pushed inch after inch into her. His teeth latched onto her neck as he finally hit the base of his cock against her.

She loved the wonderful full feeling and the heat of their bodies pressed together. Her legs splayed open and she strained against her remaining restraints. His hands moved up the side of her body, lightly traced the undersides of her arms, and finally locked with her fingers. She bit down on his neck and squeezed his fingers tightly when she felt his balls slap her ass for the first time. After what seemed an eternity he tore at the Velcro around her wrists, finally freeing her hands to tear at his back.

He was encouraged even more by her fingernails digging into his skin. His strong hands grasped her thighs and pulled her legs over his, aligning their bodies perfectly. They moved easily into a rhythm, both moaning with every thrust. Her eyes locked onto him and she smiled at a secret joke.

He squinted in confusion until she moved her legs further up, putting her knees by his head. His eyes closed and he enjoyed the flexibility of his partner. She moaned even louder than before as his cock pressed on whole new areas.

This time it was his turn to smile, and she stared up at him in wonder at what was about to happen. His hands grabbed her legs just behind her knees and pulled, placing her feet against his broad chest. Her thighs closed slightly and he felt even more pressure around his cock. She squealed in delight, which turned into a throaty groan when his teeth scraped the skin of her calf. She quickly noticed that he was now at the perfect angle. Her orgasm built and built, threatening to overtake her.

He could feel the change in her, could easily read the increasing volume in her cries. It soon felt like a vice was gripping him deep inside her. Her moans turned to screams, crying out his name over and over as her nails scratched oozing red tracks down his back. He slowed his pace and brought her down gently.


Both of them were breathing hard, and she pulled her feet from his chest as gingerly as she could. "Oh my God that was amazing!" she panted. He grinned in response. "Give me just a minute," she said, closing her eyes and trying to control her breathing.

He pulled out of her and slid to the side, somehow already in control of his own breathing. She turned and pressed her leg over his, her hand immediately searching for what had brought her so much pleasure. "I don't want this thing to lose its strength while I'm out of commission," she explained with a grin. He simply laid back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her soft hand caressing him.

She placed fluttering kisses down his chest, then moved to his smooth stomach. Slowly, torturously, she moved to kissing his hips, sometimes letting just the tip of her tongue peak through her lips.

She got closer and closer to his manhood, which was still being attended to by her hand. Her eyes briefly looked up his body to see his head thrown back and his hands balled into fists. She smiled to herself and pulled his cock into her mouth, taking him deeper than she had before. There was a distinct taste that she recognized as herself, and the realization made her even wetter than she had been before. Something about the moment drove her on, and for the first time she dipped her head further down and licked his balls.

His thighs tensed briefly, and she continued her explorations and moved back up his cock, enveloping him completely again.

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She felt the sheets around her move and opened her eyes to see what was happening. His hands had grasped the dark red sheets and were yanking at them in the attempt not to grab her head. She smiled, her mouth still full.

Putting as much pressure into her cheeks as she could, she pulled her mouth from him. There was a loud popping sound as his cock came free and he moaned loudly.

Again she traced kisses around his hips, this time moving up his stomach and chest. Finally she reached his neck and lightly nibbled, bringing her legs over his body to straddle him. He finally lost control and grasped her hips tightly. She gasped as she felt him push roughly inside her. Her hands scratched at his chest and grabbed his shoulders for balance as he pummeled in and out of her from below. He quickly sat up and took one of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling lightly and sucking hard.

She threw her head back and opened her mouth wide to moan, but the sound never escaped her lips. She had trouble sucking in breath as he continued his assault on her pussy. Soon one of his hands moved to her clit and began to massage it, sending slivers of pleasure coursing through her body. Her whole body shook and she finally let out a gasp, allowing some air to finally reach her lungs. He finally released her nipple and lay back, continuing to finger her clit but slowing his movements.

She closed her eyes and dropped her upper body onto his- he was only just able to move his hand to keep it from being crushed.


"My God how do you do this to me?" she asked. Her long black hair had fallen into his face and he grinned into it, taking a deep breath of her coconut scent. She moaned as he continued to pull in and out of her slowly. His strong arms wrapped around her thin frame and held onto her. He was surprised when she squeezed her inner muscles, nearly stopping him from thrusting. "When did you learn that?" he asked huskily.

She merely grinned and did it again, eliciting a moan from him. She began to move herself up and down on his shaft and timed her squeezes to coincide with the thrusts. Without warning she began to turn her body until she was facing away from him.

His hands immediately went to her ass and began to fondle her cheeks, spreading them wide so he could see every thick inch of him sliding into her. She continued to squeeze as she thrust herself down, moaning each time he was all the way in. He brought one of his hands back and slammed it down on her shapely behind, watching in fascination as it jiggled around the base of his cock. She let out a sharp yelp as he did it again, then again, and again.

Over and over he spanked her, until both cheeks were red with hand prints. She stopped trying to squeeze him and just concentrated on slamming down as hard as she could. In a blink he grabbed her hips and tore her from him, slamming her facedown on the bed.


She immediately put her ass in the air, not even attempting to move any other part of her body. She knew what he wanted to do. He grasped her hips again and thrust himself as deep as he could. Her head came up from the pillow and she cried out at the sudden rough invasion. He began to slam into her, loving the sight of her bare back arching in front of him. She got an extra tingle of pleasure every time his balls slapped her clit. "Oh my God fuck me!" she cried.

He growled loudly and grabbed her hair, making her back arch even more. She began to scream each time his cock slammed into her, more turned on by this rough treatment than she'd ever been before. With his right hand wrapped in her hair, his left hand moved to her ass. He squeezed briefly before moving his thumb to her asshole, putting just enough pressure for her to feel him there.

The dirtiness of the act pushed her over the edge. He could feel her squeezing uncontrollably around his cock, which pushed him over as well.

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His ass clenched tight as he exploded into her, continuing her orgasm until she was nearly ready to pass out. They both collapsed on the bed, panting. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, and her fingers found his.

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As they both fell asleep he couldn't help but wonder what was in store for him tomorrow.