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Porno milf interracial
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MILF on steroids Chapter 1 I glanced out my window, on the chance I would see her car drive up, my dick was hard at the very thought of seeing her, and I could hardly wait.

We always had the most erotic sex, and she was a very willing participant. I loved her beautiful blonde short haircut and her beautiful face. She wore black reading glasses that gave her a sophisticated look, the kind of look that said I'm smart, I'm sophisticated, and I love to fuck. She had long legs, stood five foot seven tall, and had a trim physique. Her breasts were perfectly suited to her body.

The total package was one really sexy woman; she was indeed the proverbial fuck machine. She absolutely adored having sex with me, she was very submissive, but when she wanted, could be a real dominatrix. She was by far the sexiest woman I ever knew and would ever know. She liked everything about sex and would do anything I asked of her. Thoughts of the first time we met clouded my mind. It was many years ago, in the town of Monteux, just outside Geneva by a 45 minute train ride. We were on a junket hosted by our company.

We came from different parts of the country, and consequently didn't know one another. Four of us, started walking up a steep mountain walk, on a warm summer day. Two of the other men, hitched a ride, to the top. We never saw them, until the next day. It took us an hour as Susan and I climbed the road to what we thought, to be the to. I was very impressed at her athletic ability as she climbed the steep hills at full speed.

We came across some beautiful hotels, with hundreds of flowers in the garden. We stopped at two of them, and had a glass of wine.

I enjoyed talking to her; she was intelligent, outgoing and, frank. We climbed higher, and as it was getting late, found an outside restaurant, and stopped in for dinner. Over dinner, I found she was married, but not very happily, and had a good friend named Jane. She talked a lot about Jane, telling me her story. She described Jane as smart and very pretty. It seemed Jane was married to a man that never gave her what she needed.

Susan said Jane needed sex. "She needs a good fuck." She said with a giggle. This caught me by surprise, as I didn't think she, (Susan), would use that kind of language. I was even more surprised, when she suggested I might be the one to 'fuck' her. By this time, we already consumed two bottles of wine and were feeling really good. I said, I didn't want to 'date' her friend, but if this was to happen, I would meet her in a hotel, with only one thing in mind.

I insisted she would have to agree to my terms, before I took any action. Susan said, she thought it would work out okay. I started to look at Susan, in a different light. As I sat across from her, on this soft night, I started to really see her beauty. Her body was tall, and slim, she had beautiful breasts, pointed and high, and a beautiful face. Her eyes were large and gazing, her lips looked very kissable, and her hands very graceful. I thought to myself, why I didn't see this before.

Why didn't I see, this beautiful woman, as she really was?

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Although, the easy victory over Jane was in the bag, I found myself wanting Susan, not Jane. I suggested, perhaps, Susan would like to 'test' me out, to see if I would be okay, for Jane. She laughed at my suggestion, but left the door open. I worked that theme, for the remainder of the evening. It was getting late, and we had a train ride ahead of us, so we started back down towards the train station. We were touching hands and, as we made our way down, came upon a store that sold spirits.

We bought a very large bottle of red wine and drank it on the way down. We didn't come across a soul on our way, but came upon a brook, with a waterfall. I found out years later, I could have had her right there, if I tried. I must have been oblivious. We came upon a landing, overlooking the town below.

There were two benches, one occupied, by an elderly woman, who left shortly after we sat down. This was a moment, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

As we sat there, in the soft summer air, we both, in one motion, turned to each other and kissed. This was the most wonderful, and exciting kiss of my life. The excitement might have masked the fact, that, I had found, the women of my dreams. The kissing became more passionate, and I started to touch her body. She stopped me, as I'm sure, she hadn't decided what she wanted to do. We started out again, but this time we held hands, going down.

We waited for the train, and boarded after 20 minutes. We sat next to each other, and I was excited at the thought of having her, that night. We touched and kissed often, and by the time we reached Geneva, I was almost out of my mind with lust for her. We were both staying at the same hotel, and when we got to Geneva, walked towards it.

We stopped at the lake, with the fountain, lit as it shot hundreds of feet in the air. It was time to come to a decision. I really needed her that night, and if I didn't get her, I would masturbate, alone in my room, thinking of her. We walked parallel to the lake, and talked. "You know I want you, and I know you want me, so tell me what it will be.

Make up your mind; is it yes, or no?" I said. She paused for quite a while and then said "Yes." I couldn't believe my ears.

This exquisite creature, this married woman, was going to give herself to me! I pulled her into a u-shaped dark shop, and kissed her passionately while in seconds, I opened her blouse, and pulled her breasts out in the warm summer air. I sucked her nipples. Some people came by, and she quickly covered up. We headed to the hotel.

I asked her to come to my room, to which she agreed, after she went to her room. I was a little disappointed, as I didn't know if she would go through with it. I didn't know if I would see her again.

I showered and waited. After about 15 minutes, a knock on the door. It was her, and as she entered, we kissed passionately, and loved, and fucked for hours. I had never had sex with a woman quite like her.

This was only a start to our relationship. It was 5 min. after our appointed time, and I knew it would be seeing her at any second. Susan was once divorced, and now married to an older scientist, for the last 15 years.

He was her senior by 12 years, and although she had sex with him, often she would fake her orgasms. She did however like to watch porno films with him; it made her hot, ready to accept his cock. When he did fuck her, she would think of me. She was never shy about rendering what went on in her sex life. When asked she would tell me the last time she had sex with him, what he did, and how she felt.

Susan had left my company years ago, to go to medical school, studying to be an orthopedic nurse. She had been in practice for four years. Just as this thought went through my head I spotted her Mercedes coming around the corner. She passed my house and parked just down the next block.

I anxiously waited for her to get out of the car, knowing I would see her full silhouette in just a few minutes. I waited. I watched her car door open, as she stepped out onto the street.

My cock jerked as I observed her walking towards my house. She was wearing a flowered dress, and medium heel shoes, she was also carrying a large handbag. I knew inside the handbag would be her high heel shoes and perhaps some erotic garb.

Susan and I loved to play dress up. I don't know when it started, or how, but we always enjoyed it. I dressed the way she wanted me to; I had on a pair camel colored slacks, a silky shirt and nothing else, no underwear. I first dressed this way when we met one time, in Las Vegas. When she reached down to my cock she remarked you're not wearing any underwear, I can feel your balls, and it's really sexy.

I like to see her wearing slutty outfits. In one of our sex sessions she wore a full loosely knit bodysuit, which covered nothing. I remember fucking her through the suit while she was propped up against a desk. She especially liked to wear stockings with a garter belt, and high heels. She always had a surprise for me. I had asked her to bring a sexy dress with her I hoped it was in her handbag.

I couldn't wait to touch her; she was walking fast towards the door. I rushed downstairs in order to get the door for her. As she got close I open the door standing discretely behind it, and let her in. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils. It was a hot day, and she smelled oh, so good. I closed the door and embraced her. As our lips met, as she melted into my arms. Her tongue met mine as we kissed with a passion shared by few.

My hand found its way to her breasts and I could feel her nipples under her see thru bra. She knew I liked to see nipples under a bra so she bought this bra especially for me. With our tongue still swirling, I reached down to her dress, and lifted it above her knees. My hand found the inside of her thigh as I reached up and cupped her vagina.

She let out a gentle sigh as I felt her pussy lips. She was not wearing any stockings her skin was warm to the touch. I distance myself slightly from her and started to feel her mound. I started working my hand into her pussy. She was getting wet. I had spent days planning a thousand things I wanted to do to her. I wanted this to be special and very slow. I knew how I wanted her to dress, what I would do to her body, and how I would make her cum.

I said in the quick whisper, "give me your tongue", and with that, she stuck her tongue into my mouth. I put my fingers around her pussy, not quite inside yet, wanting to prolong that moment for a bit. I could feel the fabric of her panties getting wet. She was always such a slut for me. She let out a sigh, as I touched her vagina, this affirmed the fact that she was here to fuck, and was mine for the asking. I didn't think there was anything she wouldn't do.

She was indeed, a dream fucking machine.

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We were still in the hall, and she was ready and willing. "What underwear are you wearing?" I asked? "A bra and panties, my bra is see-through type that you love so much, my panties are thong type that just covers my pussy.

I shaved my pussy lips two days ago, and my husband didn't even notice. I know you like a nice shaved pussy, and I just love the way you suck my cunt. Many people think that cunt is a nasty, dirty word, but I think it's very erotic.

I got this from you, you know. I love it when you use it, it makes me really hot." She replied. "I see the zipper is in the back of your dress Susan, why don't you just turn around". She did as I asked. I stooped down and ran my hands up her body, starting at her feet, up her legs, around her hips, past her breasts, upper neck, past her mouth, into her blond hair.

The only words from her were Mummum. I put my hands on her breasts, and squeezed them. They were very firm and very athletic. On almost every occasion that we met, we would go through this ritual, we both loved this time. I reached behind her neck, and found a zipper. It went down to the small of her back. I slowly unzipped it, and could see her tan colored bra.

I started to slip her dress down past her shoulders, and as I did, Susan put her hands behind her head. She then ran her hands through her beautiful blonde, short hair. I stripped the dress, off her body, and let it fall to her feet. She didn't move or try to step out of the dress. She loved the fact that I was running the show.

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I guided her feet out of the garment, and picked it up and put it aside. "Turn around Susan." She turned and stood there in her bra and panties. "You look so good, standing there, in just your underwear, are you mine for today?" "Yes, she replied, I'll do anything you want, I'm here for you, anything." She put her hands on her hips, and slowly turned around, so I could see her body."I really love when you tell me what to do, I like doing it for you, it makes me very, very, hot, and gives me juicy pants." She turned around slowly, I watched as her muscles tensed, her breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall, she was quite a sight, now facing me, with her hands on her hips; I was so hot for her.

"Keep your hands on your hips; I want to strip you right where you stand." I took a step towards her, and put my hands on each side of her panties, and slowly pulled them down. When I got them down to her knees, I released them, and let them fall to her feet.

I noted her pussy was mostly shaved, and there was a small wet spot on the panties that now lay at her feet. She stood there for me, in her 3 inch heels, and see-through bra, her panties at her feet. Her pussy was exposed and vulnerable. I reached behind her and unclipped her bra, and pulled it off her body. She was quite a sight, nude, except for her shoes, and her panties at her feet. "Susan, step out of your panties." She did as I asked; stepping back, out of her panties. I walked up to her, and with my index finger, put it in her mouth.

"Suck it and make it really wet, because I'm going to put it right up your cunt." She sucked on my finger and I took it out of her mouth, and put it right up her hole. She had a warm and very wet, slippery pussy, I could see by the expression on her face, that she loved having my fingers up her pussy. I put a second finger up her, and started to move them in and out, to make her even hotter than she was.

She started bending her knees slightly to my rhythm. I let her enjoy this for a few minutes, and then took my fingers out of her, now, dripping cunt.

I held them up to her face, at which point, she opened her mouth, knowing that I was going to have her suck them off. I slipped my fingers dripping with her cunt juices right into her mouth, and she sucked her juices off each of my fingers. My dick was so hard it was straining against my pants, I wanted to fuck her, right then and there, but I also wanted to make this last.

"Susan, did you bring some sexy things to wear?" "I knew you're going to ask me that, and you know I always try to please you, so I brought some really sexy lingerie with me." "Susan, step out of your shoes, I want you completely nude, as you tell me what you brought." Susan slipped out of her shoes, first the left, and then the right.

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She gracefully pushed them aside with her left foot, and stood there in the nude. She described the clothes that she brought, the clothes that she would wear when I fucked her.

She took a half a step back, and then let her left hand, wandered to her left nipple. Next her right hand wandered towards her clitoris. She started to rub it as well. She now stood there, before me, nude, massaging her nipples, and her clitoris. "You know, it's very exciting, for me to shop for lingerie that you like to see me in.

I get very hot, as I shop for stockings, high heeled shoes, garters, panties, and bras. I think of you making me put these things on, and performing for you. It gives me juicy pants every time. To answer your question, I brought a pair of 4 1/2 inch black high heels. They are very elegant closed toed as you like. I wore them the other night, when I went out with my husband, it made him very hot, I could see him looking at them, every now and then.

But, as you know, I was thinking of you". "My husband wanted to fuck me last night, but I wouldn't let him. I was saving myself for you. I brought two pairs of stockings, one black with dark black upper, and one nude, with darker nude tops. You could dress me in either one. I want to make your cock really hard.

I brought a black pair of panties, and a black ultra sheer, see-through bra. I hope, these are the things, you wanted me to buy, and wear for you. And oh yes, I brought one more thing, I brought a skirt and jacket, and white pearls. I know sometimes, you like to see me fully dressed, before you fuck me." "You know you're making me so fucking hot. You are going to get, a very hot cock down your throat, and up your cunt. Pick up your bag and go upstairs, I want to watch you." Susan slowly walked over to her bag, bent over, and lifted it.

She turned, and started towards the stairs. She started walking up the stairs, in a very sensual manner, her hips moving with every step.

I caught a glimpse of her ass hole, as she walked. I thought of the two times I fucked her in the ass, once in L.A., and once in Madrid. When she got to the top of the stairs, she turned, and in her nude state, smiled, faced me, and slowly moved her hands down to her pussy, and then spread her cunt lips. "Do you like my wet, pussy?

I'm all yours, I always have been, no one makes me feel like you do." "Susan, go into the bedroom." I said. She turned, once again picked up her bag, and walked into the bedroom. She was quite a sight, nude as she was. In the bedroom there was a full length mirror, and king-size bed. Next to the bed was a sofa and chair, in which I wanted her to sit, when she dressed.

I just watched in amazement, at the beauty of her nude body. I realized how lucky I was to have a mistress the likes of her. I loved her, and have loved her for years. She was a lady and a slut. Who would ever want anything more? She instinctively went over to the chair, and sat down. She was looking me in the eyes as she crossed her legs and put her hands, palms down, on her legs. With a big smile on her face, she was saying, I'm here, what do you want to do to me?

Susan knew exactly what she was doing, she was here for great sex, and she was here for great love. She loved to be naughty, and loved the experience with me. She loved her husband, as I love my wife, but neither of us had anything like this at home. When we had sex it was almost, a religious experience. Susan was the love of my life, I could only enjoy her in short glimpses. I was grateful for the opportunity to see her, when we were together I always wished it was last forever, knowing well, that it could not.

"So, here we were, with hours and hours to spend with each other, the question was where do, we start". As I watched her sitting there crossed legged, nude, and smiling, I knew we were in for a great time.

"Are you going to dress me, or are you just going to fuck me, nude, the way I am?" "You know how much I love to dress you, sometimes I like to watch you do it and, sometimes I like to dress you myself." "So which do you want today?" She asked. "Today, I think I will dress you myself, I think that would be really exciting, do you?" "I would love to just lie back, and have you dress me. You know I'm all wet, every time I see you, I can't think of anything but fucking you.

I think of you every morning and every day." "Well then, why don't you just relax, and I'll dress you the way I like you." I picked up her bag, and spilled the contents on the bed. There was a new pair of black stockings, and nude stockings. Included was a bra and panty set, very sheer, completely see-through. She had also packed a black garter belt. I always loved her in stockings and garter. As she has told me, she also had a gray business skirt and jacket.

And last but not least on the bottom of the bag, was a pair of shiny black 4 1/2 inch stiletto heels. My cock jerked as they took them out of the bag, and placed them on the bed. I was still dressed, and Susan was completely nude sitting in the chair. I couldn't help myself as a reach down to my cock and started to stroke it.

"Why don't you take your cock out and stick it in my mouth?" "Not yet, Susan, I want you to be really hot before my cock goes down your throat." Susans' heart was racing; she was wet, nude, and ready. She wanted to fuck, and she wanted it soon. But, she knew I was going to drag this out, and make her really need it, before she got any cock. I went over to the bed, and unwrapped the nude stockings. "I think I'll put the nude stockings on you first, and after I fuck you, we'll take a rest.

I'll put the black stockings on you, and fuck you again." "You know, you're making me hotter every second, I almost, can't stand it." She said.

"Don't worry, Susan, you'll have cock soon enough, but first we have to play." After I removed the nude stockings from their packaging, I moved towards Susan, and she instinctively uncrossed her legs, affording me a nice view of her pussy. She stretched her left leg out, and pointed her toes, so that I may easily slip the stockings up her leg.

I rolled the stockings, put it over her foot, and slowly rolled it up her leg. Her smile turned to a very lusty look. After the stocking was on her left leg, she put her foot on the floor, and stretched out her right leg so that I may do the same to that leg. I then picked up the garter belt, and again, she instinctively stood up. I could tell she really loved this. I don't know if it was the anticipation, of getting fucked, or the feeling of being dressed in this most erotic manner, made her so hot.

In fact, I really didn't care, I just wanted her hot. After the garter was around her waist, I started attaching the stockings. When I was finished, I was so hot, that my cock was dripping pre-cum. The next thing I did was to put the bra on her.

I wanted to see the finished product soon, so I took the shoes, and one at the time placed them on her feet, as she balanced on one foot and then the other. I decided not to cover her pussy, because it was something special about having her walk around with her beautiful sex organ exposed, and ready to fuck.

So, there she stood, in her see-through bra, her nipples hard and exposed, stockings and garter, and standing in 4 1/2 inch heels, which made her stand almost six feet tall. "Walk across the room, and back." "Whatever you want", she said, as she started to walk across the room.

She was steady in her black heels. The way her body moved when walking, was like a wet dream, come true. She walked across the room twice, and then at the far end, turned, faced me, and started fingering her pussy. "I love it when you finger your pussy." She looked at me, with the devilish grin, and with her left hand spread her pussy lips apart, while her right hand slowly massaged her clitoris.

She really knew how to make me hot. She liked to push my buttons, like I liked to push hers. She started walking towards me while doing this obscene thing to her vagina; she walked cross legged, one heel in front of the other. It was a beautiful sight.

When she came close to me, she stopped, placed her right index finger up her cunt, and fingered herself several times. She then, took it out of her pussy, slowly brought it up to her face, and put, her finger, now dripping with cunt juice, right in her mouth. She kept eye contact with me the entire time. She wanted to show me, she knew exactly what she was doing. I took a step towards her, and kissed her passionately, slowly sliding my tongue, into her mouth.

As I was tonguing her, I stuck my index finger, up her pussy. I worked it up and down a few times, and then released her lips; I then brought my finger up to my mouth, and sucked her juices, while she watched me.

I think she really got off on watching me do this, I think it really excited her, to see how much I enjoyed, sucking her juices. "Susan, get on the bed". I commanded. Lie down on your back, spread your legs and your arms". She did just as I asked, lying back on the bed, in her erotic garb. I reached behind her, and undid her bra, sliding it off her body. I had prepared some ties for her on the bed. I think she knew I was going to tie her to the bed. I knew this was something she really enjoyed.

I tied her right hand, followed by her left. I then tied her legs, spreading them over the edge of the bed, so as to get a good view of her pussy. When I was finished, I stood back, and looked at her. She was spread eagle, on the bed, vulnerable, to my every whim. "What are you going to do to me"? She asked. "I'm so hot right now you just can't imagine, I can't even think, I'm so hot". "Does your pussy needs a little attention?

Would you like a nice warm tongue, up your cunt?" "Oh yes, please stick your tongue, up my cunt. I love it when you lick, and suck, my clit". I walked over to the bed, and positioned a pillow behind her head and then another, so that she may watch me suck her. I knew she got off on watching me suck her pussy. She thought it very erotic, to say nothing about how it made her feel.

I positioned myself between her legs, and slowly lowered myself, to her pussy, maintaining eye contact with her, the whole time. I spread her cunt lips, lifted her ass, slightly, and placed my tongue, just slightly above her hole.

I slowly licked my way up to her waiting pussy, pausing just a few seconds, and then slowly sinking my tongue, right up her cunt. She let out a moan, as my tongue went inside her. She was warm and juicy, and I just loved her taste.

I let my tongue go as deep in her cunt as it would go, and then took it all the way out, and back in. She was watching this, and I know it excited her, beyond belief. I lifted her ass, and looked her right in the eyes. I then, put my tongue, at the base of her cunt, and slowly licked my way up to her clit, at which point, I sucked her clit into my mouth.

Her eyes began to close, as I ran my tongue around it in circles. She let out a sigh, and I knew she was beginning to experience a mini, orgasm. I though, I would let her have a little fun, so I continued.

Her pelvis starting moving up and down with my sucking, her sighs became louder. I didn't want her that close, so I let her clit out of my mouth, and gave her a lick from top to bottom. I could see she was a bit disappointed, but this would only make her orgasm, that much, greater.

I slid up her body, with her juices covering my face, and kissed her deeply. I then put my tongue in her left ear, and she jumped with delight when I did. I ran my tongue around her ear, for a bit, and then whispered, "Susan, I'm going to suck your clit, and put a finger up your cunt, and in your ass." "Oh, I'm so hot." She said. "I haven't fucked you in the ass, for a long, long time.

I think today may be the day." I stood up and took a long look at her stretched out, spread eagle, on the bed.

I turned and walked downstairs, went into the bathroom, and picked up the tube of lubricant. I walked back upstairs. I wanted to take a picture of her like she was, but I knew she would never allow it. But then again, she was all tied up and couldn't really resist. I would love to have a photograph of her like this, so that I may use it when I fantasize about her, and masturbate.

I got up on the bed, in between her legs, and opened a tube of lubricant. I spread some all over my right index finger, holding it up so she could see it. She knew in a few seconds that it would be up her ass. I slowly brought my finger down to her pussy, and then to her ass hole. I started to work my way in, she didn't resist, but tensed up a little as it was going in. She had a most delightful ass hole, there were many times, when I tongued her ass.

"Susan, does that feel okay up your ass?" "It's okay, it feels good, with you working your finger in and out." I then slid a finger from the same hand, into her pussy.

I could see from the expression on her face, that she was beginning to like this. I kept the thing is going in and out of her pussy, as I lowered my lips to her clitoris. "Oh, suck my clit, it feels so good, to have your lips on it." I did as she asked, and took my lips all around her clitoris, licking and sucking it, as I fingered her pussy and ass. "Oh, OH!, It feels so good, so good, nobody makes me feel like this except you." I reached up with my left hand and put it on her right nipple.

I started to squeeze it ever so lightly at first, and then harder, and harder. Her legs started to move, with the pinching, and the sucking, and the fingering. She was really getting it, and she loved it. "Susan, do you remember when I fucked you in the ass in Madrid? Do you remember how you bent over, and spread your legs for me?

Do you remember how I slid it in and out of your ass? I could still see your long legs apart, you were half up on your toes, as I ass fucked you." I worked my finger a little deeper up her ass.

"I remember, it felt really strange, to be fucked in the ass. I thought about it, uggggg, over the years, I've even unnn fantasized about it once or twice." She said as I fingered her. "Well Susan, maybe you'll let me fuck you in the ass again". "If you want to, but you'll have to use lots of lube.

But I really wanted it in my cunt, could we do that?" "You know you're going to get it in the cunt no matter what." I took the finger out of her pussy, and started working her ass with my index finger. I decided, since she was all tied up, to give her a little treat, and let her come. As a fingered her ass slowly, I lowered my lips to her clitoris, and sucked it in my mouth.

My cock was straining to get out of my pants, but I stayed dressed, to enhance the situation. I started sucking her clit, faster and faster. My finger still up her ass, I kept fingering her ass in a slow manner, in and out, very slowly.

I could see she was getting more and more excited. I turned my finger, slightly, up her ass, and she let out a little moan. I started sucking her clit faster, and I heard her breathing speed up.

I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Did I want to prolong it, or should I let her have her orgasm? I decided to let her have some fun, and so kept on her clit. "Do you like that?" She didn't answer, I doubt if she even heard me, because she was so close to coming. Her breathing got faster and faster, and I knew she would cum, at any second. "OH GOD, I'm cuming." She whispered. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming, oh, ah!

Oh!, ah!, oh!, CUMING! Oh my God, CUMING!" Her body tensed, her legs went straight, her hands closed, as did her eyes. She was having a full adult, orgasm! She jerked up and down several times, as I gave another licking to her clit. She kept going Oh, OH, God! oh, oh! Cumming! Her body jerked several more time, and she said, "stop, stop. Please stop." But I didn't, I kept sucking her clit and fingering her ass. Her gyrations finally started to subside, and I let my finger slide out of her ass, with a pop.

She just laid there, her breasts heaving, up and down, her eyes open, and her lips parted. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash, and when I came back in, she was half asleep. She looked so good, right after an orgasm, lying there in her most erotic state.

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But now, it was time for something else. I stood beside the bed, and started to undo the buttons on my shirt. She looked at me, and started eating my body up, with her eyes. I stood 6 feet tall, and had a slender build. When the buttons to my shirt, were undone, I slipped it off my body. My hand instinctively, went down to my dick. I rubbed my hard-on, and just couldn't wait to see it deep in her ass, and cunt.

I unbuckled my belt, pulled it out of my pants. I unbuttoned my pants, and undid the zipper. I let them fall to the floor, my dick sticking straight out, like a flagpole. I could see the lust in her eyes, as she looked at this cock, right in front of her face.

Susan was a cock sucker, not just any cock sucker, but an experienced, deep throating, I love to suck cock, cock sucker. No one has ever sucked me, like she did.


She was by far, and away, the best cock sucker, I ever knew, or would know. She would take the full cock down her throat, and drink the cum, right down. I started stroking my cock, small, slow strokes. I was already dripping, small drops of pre-cum. I just had to give her a taste of my cock, and so, I lowered it dripping with pre-cum, down to her face, and brought it close to her mouth. She parted her lips, and then opened her mouth, just waiting to taste my cock.

It was a most erotic picture, my cock just outside of her mouth, and her mouth opened and paused, ready to take it in. She was looking me right in the eyes, as I lowered my dick slowly into her mouth. I let it go in, slightly past the head, but Susan, had other ideas. She wanted the whole cock right down her throat. She kept straining against the ties, to get more, and more of my cock down her throat; I leaned forward slightly, so that she may take the whole dick, right down.

She had most of my cock down her throat, and I was enjoying the sensation, that I rarely felt. She was making me very, very hot. I knew if I let her continue, I would come in her mouth.

Although the thought was very enticing, I wanted to have more of an intercourse, with her. I backed off, taking my cock out of her mouth. She let out a slight gasp, as I did. "Susan, I would love to cum in your mouth, but as you know, I'm going to fuck you." "Oh yes, I want your cock inside me, I want to feel your rod, right up my cunt.

You could fuck me in the ass, if you want to. I would never say no to you, but if you want to, fuck me in the ass, you may. You fucked my ass twice before!" "Susan, you know I love you very much, you also know, I would do anything for you." "So, how would you like me?" "Would it be okay, if I fucked you in the ass?

I'll be gentle, I promise." "Yes." She whispered. I untied her arms, and then her legs. "Susan, why don't you stand up, and go over to the chair, and bend over.

You know what I'm going to do." Susan walked over to the chair, and in most erotic fashion. She knew how to show off. When she got to the chair, she put her two hands on the back, leaned over, and spread her legs. It was such a beautiful sight, to behold. There she stood in her heels and stockings, with her legs parted, waiting to take it up the ass. "Do you like me like this?" she said. "You know I do, and I so love to choreograph you." "I like it when you do, and I love the things you do to me.

You know how much I love you, and how much I want you. I think of you every day, and every night, I think of you, when my husband, fucks me. You are the most erotic person I know." I went down on my knees, and put my hands on her butt cheeks.

I spread them, to expose her beautiful ass hole. I just had to taste it. She jumped slightly as my tongue touched her skin.

I started to slide my tongue, around her ass hole, and then slid it right inside. I licked her like this, for a while, and every now and then, I slid a finger up her cunt. After I had her good and wet, I spread some lubricant on my finger, and slid it up her ass.

I then took more lubricant and spread it all over my cock. "You can fuck me anyway you want, anytime you want, I'm yours for the asking." "Get on the bed, and on your knees, and put your ass up high." She did as I asked, spreading her legs slightly, putting her head down, with her ass, and cunt, up in the air. I moved right up to her, and then to her surprise, slipped my cock, up her cunt. She'd let out a gasp, as I worked her pussy, for a bit. "Are you going to give it to me, up the cunt?

I thought you wanted it up my ass hole. You fucked me in the ass before, I can't say I love it, but I can't say I hate it either. I do however; love the fact that it makes you so hot". She said. "I love fucking you in the ass, but I more love fucking you in the cunt.

I'll just fuck your ass for a few minutes, and then it will be time to take it in the cunt. I know you love that word, cunt, and that's why I use it. I know it makes you hot, and I want you real hot when I give it to you in the cunt". "Susan, stand up, and let me see you finger yourself, right where you are." She stood up, stopped in her tracks, slightly opened her legs, and while looking at me, with one hand holding up the lubrication, moved her other hand to her pussy, and then put a finger up her cunt.

What a sight. She stood much higher than her 5'7" frame, in her black pumps, nude stockings, and garter. She stood there in that garb, with a finger up her cunt. She was a far the sexiest woman I ever knew or imagined. And there were many, over 200 that I was intimate with.

I couldn't imagine, any woman, anymore sexy then she. She was the ultimate fantasy. Loving, playful, naughty, sexy, adventurous, the ultimate sex machine. "Do you want me to cum with my fingers, or are you going to fuck me in the ass? You only took me in the ass twice before, but I know you like it, so you could ass fuck me, if you want." With that, she took her finger out of her cunt, and Uncapped the tube of lubricant.

She spread some on her finger, turned around, her ass towards me, held her cheek open with one hand, and stuck the finger with the lubrication up her ass. I had known other the women, who loved it up the ass. One woman, Karen, would rather have it the ass, than anywhere else. Another woman, Andy, while I was fucking her from the back, and accidentally slipped it in her ass, said, "it's okay, I like it there." Karen, on the other hand, preferred it, up the ass.

She particularly liked to lay on her back, holding her legs up and back, so that my dick could slide nicely up her ass. But that's another story.

Susan wasn't like that; I felt that she would take it up the ass, for me, not for her. I don't know which I found more exciting. "Susan, if you finger yourself while I'm up your ass, could you come off?" "I'm sure I could, is that what you want, you want me fingering my clit, while you're fucking my ass? You want me to cum, so that you could feel my ass, closing on your cock?

Is fucking me in the ass, the way you want to humiliate me? It's all right I'm good with anything you do, anything!" I walked over to her, and ushered her to the bed. "Before I fuck you in the ass, I need you to be really hot.

So, I think we need a good cunt licking beforehand. Make yourself comfortable on the bed and let me get a good view, of that nice wet pussy of yours. I'm going to give it, a real, good licking." She lowered herself on to her back, with her legs open, and spread wide.

With both hands, she pulled back her cunt lips. She adjusted herself several times, to get in the most comfortable position, and then just waited for my tongue. I lowered myself to her pussy, and could smell her sex. Her head was propped up on a pillow, with the perfect view of my face in her cunt.

"Lick it, would you mind, sliding your tongue, inside?" "I would just love that, and if you don't mind I would love you to tell me exactly what you want. Exactly, how to lick you, and suck that beautiful, clit of yours." "You like that don't you?

Okay, start by lightly flicking around my pussy. Don't touch my clitoris, or stick your tongue inside. I'll tell you when." I did as she asked, and started to lick around, her cunt hole. I licked the left side, down the right, avoiding her clitoris. I licked down to her ass hole, and then back up. I did this for several minutes, increasing speed, and I could see she was getting excited. "Now, you could stick it, in my cunt." It was exciting to hear her talk like that, and so I made one more quick round about her pussy, and then into her cunt, as far as my tongue would go.

As I entered, I loved the delicious odor she was emitting. My tongue was scoping her pussy, as if it was an ice cream cone.

I kept Tonguing her juices in my mouth, and enjoying every morsel. She was delicious. I raised her legs a little higher, so that I may get deeper inside. It was more than apparent, that she loved this. I slipped a finger, up her ass, as I was tonguing her, I pushed it high up her ass. She didn't mind the finger, partly because of my tongue, and partly because it was so erotic. "Put a finger up me, while you tongue me, right up my wet cunt." She said. This excited me even, more.

I put another finger up her cunt, while fingering her ass, all the while tonguing her hole. "Oh, god!" she moaned, as I worked her ass, and cunt.

"Oh, god!, you're going to make me cum. I tongued her cunt, a little faster, while removing my finger. I then took my tongue out of her, leaving only my finger up her ass, which I worked even faster.

"Suck my clit, suck my clit!" she said, with a sense of urgency. "Suck it!" she said. and, I decided to stop, and let my finger slid slowly out of her ass. I knew she was a little disappointed, and wanted to cum right there, but we had a lot of time. "I'm going to wash, why don't you lie down and give yourself, a fingering?" "What a good idea." She said as she walked to the bed. After I washed, I went back in the bedroom, only to find Susan, stretched out on the bed, with her legs spread, and slowly working her clit, with her right hand.

Her clit was clearly visible, as it was a bit swollen, due to the attention it was getting. She lay there, in stocking, garters, and heels, masturbating for me. I loved to watch her, and did so for a few minutes. I watched how she rubbed her clit, sometimes in circles, and sometimes, small up and down motions.

I truly loved this woman. I wish she was mine forever, not just for today. "Susan, eat yourself, let me see you eat your pussy." "Like this?" she took her index finger, and slowly, worked it up her cunt.

She then slid another finger up her dripping hole, and worked it a bit. Then, out came her fingers, dripping with her juices, and she put them right, in her mouth. My dick couldn't get any harder than it was at this moment. "I want to taste you." I said. She stuck her fingers, again, back into her pussy, and took them out, again dripping, and brought them up to my mouth.

She spread her juice, all over, and around my mouth, and then, inside, so I could suck them dry. I always loved her taste, but today I particularly loved it. I needed to kiss her, so I lowered my lips to her, and as our lips touched, we, both, went after each other. She wrapped her arms around me, as I felt her sheer stockings, with one hand, and the other, went for her pussy. Our tongues were intertwined, and we sole kissed to what seemed like hours. Every now and then, she slipped a finger up her pussy up, to feed me more juice.

I loved the feeling of her beautiful tits, against my chest. We rolled over and she got on top of me, we were still locked in a deep tongue sucking kiss. I put my arms around her and held her tightly as I put my tongue, so far up her mouth, she gasped for air. Then, she started something that always drove me wild. She started to grind her cunt onto my cock. She was rubbing it up and down, in long, slow strokes. It felt wonderful. My arms went behind her, as I spread her legs slightly, and then let my two fingers slide into her pussy.

"Oh, I love your fingers inside me, right up my CUNT.," she said in a deep voice, as she tongued me some more. She was again, getting, excited. I knew by the way she was, kissing me. I actually felt her clit rubbing my dick, it was wet, with juice. "You like to don't you, you like rubbing your clit on my leg, don't you?" "I do. It can, make me, a very hot, lady, and I know, you love me, when I'm hot, and wet." " I love you when you're wet, I love your juices, I love to taste them." With that said, she reached down to her cunt, twisted two fingers in, and took them out, dripping with her juice.

She brought them up to our mouths, and we both licked them dry. "Susan, we have to slow down. We have lots of time, and we should make this last, for as long as we can. I know will both be thinking of this tomorrow, you may have to fuck your husband, and I'll bet you anything, with this fantasy in your head, you'll cum off." "You may be right, but, this is like living in a fantasy." I slowly rolled her off of me, and I stood up.

I walked over to where she dropped her underwear, and picked up her panties. "Susan, would you walk over here, please?" She did as I asked, clicking over in her high-heeled shoes. "What are you going to do to me?" "Step little closer." I said. I took the crotch of her panties, and slid them up her juicy cunt. "I want to see you walk, with the panties, hanging out of your pussy.

Susan, walk to the end of the room and back. It was a very erotic sight, to see. "Don't tell me, you don't like to do this, because I know, you get off on it. You like to be watched, and you like to be told what to do." "You know me so well, and yes, I love showing off for you." With that, she started walking, towards the window.

The sight of her in her 41/2 inch heels, her nude stockings, and black garter, was wonderfully enhanced, by her black panties, hanging between her legs. When she got to the window, she stopped, and lifted her right leg up putting it on a bench, so that I can get a good view of what she was doing.

With her legs spread like that, I had a great view of her pussy, with her panties hanging down. She reached down with her right hand, and put her index finger, on her clitoris, it started going around in little circles. "So Susan, tell me more about how you fuck your husband, I love to hear the details.

I also love the fact that you would confide in me, this thing that you would tell no one else. When you tell me these things, I feel much closer to you, I feel like you trust me, and I feel a stronger love for you every time." "You always make me feel so hot, I love the way you talk to me. I've always loved it.

There's nothing about me, that I would say to you, or tell you about." "One time My husband came home from work, in the early afternoon, she said while massaging her clit. When he came in, he did something very out of charter. He walked up to me and reached right between my legs. My thoughts went to you immediately. He quickly pulled my dress off of me, and I was standing there in just my underwear, and shoes. He pulled my bra down, exposing my tits.

Then he pulled my panties down to my ankles, and slipped them off, with my shoes. Then, he unhooked my bra, and I stood before him, completely nude. I didn't have time, to put my fantasy about you together. He was so horny, and so fast, I didn't have time to react. He never said a word." "He pulled me over to a chair, and put one of my legs up on the chair. He then, shoved two fingers, up my vagina. He started working me, and to my surprise, I started to get hot.

All I thought about were the two fingers up my cunt, and nothing else. I guess you could say, that I was having sex. I was wet. Then he did something, that was also out of character for him, he bent me over the chair, unzipped his pants, and shoved his cock right up my pussy. He was stroking me before I can catch my breath, and I knew it wouldn't be long. In about a minute, he started to orgasm. We don't use a condom, I felt him unload in my pussy, up my cunt.

I had an orgasm." "That's quite an erotic story Susan, so you liked it, when he just stripped you down, and fucked you. " "I did like it, it didn't give me time to think about who was fucking me, it was just plain raw sex." "Take the panties out of your cunt, and lick them." I said.

She reached down with her other hand, and slid the panties out of her cunt. She brought them up to her mouth, and she opened the crotch section, that was wet, and gave me a look.

She held the pose for a few seconds and then said; "You love to see me eat myself don't you? You know I like doing it for you, but I want you to know, that I'm going to feed you, some of your own, cum." She started to lick the panties, she kept eye contact with me the whole time, as if to say, look, at what I'm doing, and I like it.

"Susan, why don't you come over here, and bent over the couch". "I want to stick my dick, up your ass". She did as I asked, spread her legs slightly, and bent over the arm of the couch, and then she looked back at me, as if to say `I'm yours `.

I gently slid my lubed up cock slowly up her ass. I worked my cock, in and out of her ass, for the next few minutes. She was moving beautifully with me, giving me what I want, giving me herself unequivocally. She never asked anything of me, nor do I of her. We were in this for each other, to make each other happy, to make ourselves excited, and hot, and sexy, and the fuck our brains out. You were getting what we could never get it home. As I slid my cock in and out of her ass, I thought it would be very erotic, to talk to her, about her sex life with her husband.

I don't know why, but it may be hot, to hear her talk about someone else fucking her. "When was the last time he fucked you?" "My husband fucked me three days ago. He came home and something must've excited him at work, I don't know what.

All I know is that he wanted sex, that night. He asked me if I would watch a porno movie with him. I knew I would be meeting you today, and I thought why not? I'll just fantasize about you, and let him fuck me. And so I did.

He wanted his dick sucked, and so I sucked him, he just wanted to put it inside me, and get himself off. So I let him. I didn't feel anything, I just wanted him to get it over with, but in the meantime, I thought of you." She was making me hot, with her talk. I reached around her front, and lowered my hand to her pussy. I felt for her clit, and when I found it, I started a gentle round and round rubbing action. It was quite a sensation for her, my dick up her ass, and my fingers on her clit.

I reached around with my other hand and stuck a finger, right up her cunt. I was sliding it faster, in and out of her ass. Her tits were swinging in the breeze, as I pumped her ass-hole. Her stiletto, high heel pumps, brought her up to the perfect height for an ass fucking. She started fucking my dick, with her ass. She was going in time with my fingering. "Did your husband, when he fucked you a few days ago, cum off in your pussy?" "Yes, I let him cum up my pussy, my cunt, but all the time I was thinking of you." I started fucking her a little faster.


"Do you cum off when he fucks you?" "Sometimes, but not often. I fake it a lot with him." "Did you ever fake it with me?" "No, but once or twice, I didn't cum off, but that's all right." UGGAHH, she cried as I pushed my shaft a little deeper up her ass. UH, UGG, UG, she was getting it deeper then she wanted it.

I thought if I took it really slow, I could get her to like it. She was getting too hot. "I love the naughty things you make me do. I love the way you make me performed for you.

I love everything you do to me. You could fuck be in the ass, or cunt, you could cum on my face, you could make me masturbate, or you could jerk off all over my tits. Just anything you want. " "Breathlessly she asked our you going to cum up my ass?" "I love your ass Susan, I love how naughty it is, to fuck you in the ass.

I would love to just cum, but that wouldn't be fair to you, would it"? I said. "If you want to cum, just cum, cum right up my ass, I won't mind". She said. "No, I won't cum in your ass, I'm going to take it out, I'm saving a big load to put right up your cunt". I pushed it a little deeper up her ass, and then slowly started to slide it out.

Ever so slowly I slipped it out of her ass hole, until it was out completely. "Thank you, thank you for letting me fuck you up the ass. I know you did it just for me, and I love you for it. As is anything that you need or want me to do for you, I will". I said. She rolled over and sat at the edge of the bed. "So, what's next"? She asked. "I want to do something dirty, I want to see you eat your cunt". She put one leg up on the bed, exposing her wet hole, and fingered herself with one hand, while licking the other clean.

She did this as I watched, stroking my cock, for a few minutes. She then walked towards the bathroom. It was quite a sight, her ass cheeks moving back and forth with her walk, her breasts, moving up and down, with her gait, her high heels clicking as she walked, and her stocking clinging to her slender legs.

She walked back into the room, she looked so naughty. She'd love to do naughty things that I ask it to do. "You like to see me do that don't you"? She asked. "You know how much that turns me on don't you? You love to do things that excite me, I think you get off on it "I said.

"You're right. It does excite me, to excite you, and you're right again I do get off on it. What else are you going to make me do"? "Well I already fucked you in the ass, so I think I'll have you change your stockings and watch you as you do it. Get your black stockings and walk over to that chair." I said.

She walked over to where I had placed her black stockings, she turned and looked at me so that I had a full view of her hard nipples, and wet pussy.

She sashayed over to the chair in a very seductive manner, without me saying a word, set down and slowly started to release both her stockings from her garters. She then very slowly rolled down her left stocking, and pointed her toes, as she slipped it off her leg.

She then reached over to her other stocking and unrolled it as well. She looked very sexy sitting there wearing nothing but her garter belt. She purposely had her legs spread enough so that I could see her delicious cunt. She reached down with a single finger, and slowly put it up her pussy. She took her cream laden finger out and slowly placed in her mouth. Then she reached for the black stockings.

She very slowly placed one on her left leg rolling it up, and in a very sensual manner. She did the same to the other. She then stood up and attached the stockings to her garter, and stepped into her pumps. When she was done, she said, "what now? What are you going to make me do now?" I knelt down before her, and with my right index finger slowly worked it up her ass, and put my mouth, right on her clitoris. "Aargh, UH, oh, UH, oh, UH suck me sweetheart, suck my clit"!

I stood up, and guided her to the chair, bent her over, and spread her legs. "Up the ass again"? She inquired. I answered her question, by sliding my cock right up her wet pussy. "Ugg, Uggg, ,ugggg right up my cunt! ugggg, I'd be waiting for this, I need it up my wet pussy. Fuck me right up my wet cunt"! I started sliding my cock in and out of her wet pussy. "Oh, it feels so good to be inside you. You feel so hot on my cock; I love to be inside you".

I said. "Give it to me, give it to me, right up my wet cunt. I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of me. Give it to me in my pussy, give it to me up my wet, wet cunt".

She cried. "I really love it when you talk dirty like that, I love your naughty talk". I said. I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, a little at a time. I pulled it out to the tip of my cock head, and then slid it back in, just a little. I wanted to tantalize her, and make her really want cock.

I would only let it go in, about halfway, and then I would take it out again. Every time I put it in she would grunt, something you ugg, ah, AH, ugg, ah, ah. "You're teasing me. I want to feel it all, I want it all up my cunt. Don't you want to just shove it right up me"? She said. "I do, but if I stick it all the way up you right now I'll cum, and you don't want that yet, do you? Don't you like to be fucked for a long time"? I said, as I worked my cock in and out of her hot slit.

I gave her a few more strokes with my cock, and then took it out of her hole. I turned her around, and as she stood in her high heels, stockings, and garter, I put my arms around her, and kissed her squarely on the lips. Her breasts were heaving against me, her tongue circling my tongue, she was grinding her pussy against my cock.

I guided her towards the bed, our lips still locked together. I lowered her down onto her back, and with my tongue still deep in her mouth, lowered my cock into her waiting cunt. She was so hot.

She's making me hot, and I just wanted to fuck her, fuck her wet cunt. She opened her legs so that I may run my cock all the way up her wet pussy. I took advantage, and started fucking her deeper and deeper.

She was moaning, as I thrust into her. The more she would moan, the deeper I would push it. "Fuck my CUNT, give it to me, give it to me deep. Give me it, in my pussy. Grind on my clit, let me feel it. Let me feel it in my CUNT! My wet CUNT"!! All of her dirty talk was making me very hot. I really wanted to blow my wad, right up her CUNT. As I fucked her, she would kiss me, a breathless kiss.

I started to give it to her faster and faster. I needed to cum. "Susan, close your legs up." I said. She started closing her legs, and I knew this would make her cum.

She love to have her legs closed, so she could clamp her clitoris right on my dick. She closed her legs, I lifted most of my body off of her, but I could still feel her tits rubbing against me. My main point of contact with her was my cock and her CUNT. I stroked her faster and faster, and I could feel my cum getting ready to explode. It was very erotic to feel her stockings up and down her legs.

I could feel her tongue working all around mine. She started to push her clitoris harder and harder against me. I knew at any second she would cum. "Oh, I'm coming. I'm coming. Fuck me, fuck me!!. I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh. Oh!!

Oh. Oh!" She cried. As she came, her body stiffened, her legs stretched out, and she pushed her clitoris up against me, as hard as she could. I was ready to cum. My cock was ready to spew out it's hot load, right up her pussy. I'm coming. Oh. O!!

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Oh. Oh!" She cried. "Kiss me, I need your tongue in my mouth, O, O, OH! Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck my cunt!, Fuck me right up the cunt!" With that, she reached down to her clit and fingered it. "You want it up your cunt? You want my hot cum inside your wet hole?

Does your hot cunt need some hot juice?" I said. She was still coming, her body was stiff, her lips are all over me, her tongue in and out of my mouth. I've never known anyone to cum as long as Susan did. She would just keep coming. I knew I couldn't last any longer, as I felt my balls ready to explode and pump her pussy full. I knew I couldn't resist any longer, I was ready to cum, I felt is starting.

"Gonna cum, I'm going to cum. I'm cummming, I'm cummming right up your cunt". My cock started to explode, I started pumping my hot cum right inside her. I felt my hot cum spewing out of my dick.

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I kept stroking in and out of her delicious cunt. I spewed more and more, I came right inside her. "I'm coming, I'm coming!, I'm coming". I said. She pushed her pussy up to meet my cum. I was pumping inside her and kept pumping. I needed to empty my balls right inside her, right inside her wet juicy succulent cunt. I kept pumping more and more of my hot cum into her. She said "fuck me, fuck my cunt, oh I feel your cum, it's so hot, give me more, fuck be hard".

I felt her cunt opening and closing on my cock. I kept pumping, filling her up, knowing that she loved getting fucked, she loved it right up her juicy pussy.

My thrust started to subside as I became spent. We were both breathing very hard, as our passion slowly subsided. I could hardly speak, I was truly exhausted. We just lay there for a moment, not saying a word, breathing hard, and feeling that wonderful feeling of being completely satisfied.

We lay there for a moment, my cock, still dripping inside of her. After a few minutes, I started to slide my cock out of her. "Oh, that was so hot, I could still feel you, hot, inside of me". I let my cock slip out of her. As I did I opened her legs. "I want to see it dripping out of you.

I want to see it running out of your cunt, and onto your ass hole". I watched as some of my cum dripped out of her. I slid my index finger inside her and heard her moan. I put another finger in and worked it around.

I then took them out, and brought it up to her face, she opened her mouth ready to receive it. She loved the taste of my cum, in her mouth. She licked my fingers dry. "After we take a little rest, I have something more in store for you".

I said. "What are you going to do to me next"? She said, as he both drifted off to a soft sleep.