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Sexy Girl Foot Fetish Fucking Hot
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I had been trying all morning to get on the internet, but my computer kept ending the connection. So, I unplugged my computer and went down to Best Buy. I was wearing a low-cut red tank top with tiny straps and denim shorts.

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The shorts were a little too short for my husband and he definitely didn't like me wearing high heel snadals. I was frustrated with the computer and my marriage. It felt like years since I had been fucked right. I walked into the store and headed to the repair shop.

I was seriously considering just throwing my computer in the trash when a young man behind the counter says "I'll be right with you miss" My jaw dropped, he was so handsome. He was tall with Brown hair and brown eyes, exactly what I like. His shoulders were wide and his biceps were stretching the sleeves of his shirt. I couldn't help but watch him. I didn't realize I was staring until he turns and looks straight at me.

He knew in an instant what I was thinking and he smiled and chuckled to himself. I could feel myself blushing. I waited in line and when it was my turn he called me over. I explained the problem, while leaning just a little to far over the counter. I teased him with a peek at my breasts. I wanted to make sure that he noticed me like I had noticed him. He was talking to me about my computer and telling me what he would do, but I was day dreaming and didn't catch what he said.

He looked right into my eyes and asked me again when I wanted to pick my computer up. I told him my husband was leaving to go out of town and I couldn't come back until later in the evening.


He told me to come back just before closing time and it would be ready. The thought of seeing him later sent a rush of heat between my legs. All day I thought about him. I couldn't stop fantasizing about what it would feel like to be pressed against him and I would give anything to see him with his shirt off.

But, the more I thought about him, the wetter I got, and the more frustrated I felt. I had never cheated on my husband before, but tonight seemed like a very good night to start. I started thinking that if I really wanted to fuck this guy then I should make sure I was ready for him. I showered and shaved. I shaved everything, even my cunt, my body was completely smooth and soft.

Just to make sure I did a good job shaving I got down on the floor and put a mirror between my legs. Wow! I did a great job and my lips were full and red. God, I wanted this guy so bad. Just thinking about him made me wet again. I couldn't help stroking my clit and sliding a finger inside. My cunt felt like it was on fire and I knew I would cum fast and hard. Oooooohh, I was so hot and ready, I knew that there was no way that I wasn't going to fuck him tonight.

So, I changed into something sexier. A red halter top with no back and no bra.


I wanted my to tits to really stick out and I knew he would notice my hard nipples. I put on a pair of tight, low-cut hiphuggers that really showed the curve of my hips and a thin gold chain around my waist. MMMMmmm how could he resist. I waited until the store was close to closing and I strutted in. Sure enough he was standing behind the counter and I definitely caught his eye.

I made sure to swing my hips and let my tits bounce with every step. He couldn't take his eyes off me. When I got close to him he said "come here" and grabbed my arm. He pulled me back into his office and shut the door. I wasn't expecting to have him alone so quickly, so I was even more surprised when he locked the door. "You are late" he said sternly looking me into eyes. His gaze was intense and suddenly I wasn't so sure that this was a good idea.

I stammered, "I'm sorry, I came late, I was hoping to talk to you alone." "MMmmm I bet" he said "and do you always dress like a slut?" I was stunned and didn't know what to say. He pushed me hard against the door and held me there. "You're not gonna answer me" he said "fine, have it your way." He turned me around and with one hand pushed me into the door and with the other he started caressing my hips and my shoulders.

"Unbutton your pants" he whispered into my ear. I wanted so bad to say no, but the store was closed by now and I doubted that he would let me leave. I did what he said.

My shorts fell to the floor and I was bare underneath.

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"MMmmmm very nice" and he reached up and untied my halter top and it fell to the ground. I was in way over my head and standing there in my heels, completely naked.

"Spread your legs.Spread them wider" and he reached his hand between my legs.

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Oh god, his hand felt so good I couldn't help but moan. "So wet, I bet you've been thinking all day about fucking me.But you're not going to get any satisfaction until I hear you beg.Mmmmmm my sweet slut. He turned me around and bent me over the desk, so my breasts were pressed against the top and my ass was high in the air. He slipped two fingers inside me and started stroking my cunt. I moaned, much louder than before.

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Oh God it felt so good. I could feel myself getting close to cumming when he stopped, I was breathless, "Why did you stop?" CRACK he smacked ass so hard I yelled. CRACK. "No, no I don't want to do this. Let me up," but he was so strong and held me in place easily with one hand. He said "I'll stop when I like the color of your ass." I started to struggle, but he held me in place and kneeled down behind me.

I was expecting another smack, but instead he pushed his tongue inside me. "OOhh Oooh " I kept moaning, this time I was going to cum, but he stopped again. "Don't stop!" I pleaded. He laughed and said "That doesn't sound like begging to me. Come on, beg for me" He stroked my lips back and forth, making sure not to brush my clit. By this time every muscle in my body was clenched and I was starting to tremble.

"Please! Please!

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Please don't stop," I pleaded. He said "That's better" and with that he started to lick me. He licked his way up to my clit and flicked his tongue in circles around it. I moaned so loud you could hear me in the parking lot and came with a gush.

He kept stroking me and it felt like my whole body was between my legs and I knew I was close to cumming again, but he stopped and said "I think I need to work your ass a little more. It's not quite as red as I like it. I could hear him unbuckling his pants and for a moment I thought he was going to fuck me, but I turned my head and saw him taking off his belt.

This time I struggled I like crazy. He said "Shhh, do you wanna cum again?" Yes, I did want to cum, I wanted to cum so badly. "So just relax, I promise to make you cum many times tonight." I didn't know if he would keep his promise or if he was telling me to relax so I would stop fighting, but I didn't have time to think. Snap! Oh god it hurts too much. Snap!

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Ohhhhh I could feel welts raising on my ass. Snap!

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He said "Mmmmmm your ass looks so good, I wish you could see it." I could only imagine what I looked like bent over the desk, naked, my ass scorching red. I started whimpering, my body trembled. He said "Maybe I've been too rough with you. Is this the first time you have been spanked?" I nodded.

"Well then, let me kiss it and make it better." I could feel his lips lightly brushing my ass and it sent shivers through my whole body. He kissed me so sweetly, his lips gliding wet over my burning ass, his tongue caressing me.

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"I'm so sorry, my sweet slut, I could have made your first time easier, if only I had known." I whimpered as he helped me to stand. "Now be a good slut and take off my clothes." I did as I was told, he was pleased with me and I would do anything to keep him that way. He told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked him in.

Now, I knew I could keep him happy, I loved to suck cock and I was very good at it.

I pushed him all the way in and down my throat. He was loving every second of it and so was I. He grabbed the back of my head and held me in place while he fucked my mouth. I squeezed my lips around him and dragged my teeth over the tip. Then, he stopped and told me to get up and lay on the desk. I laid on my back and he spread my legs wide open. He ran his hands over the inside of my thighs and said "I'm so tempted to turn your creamy skin bright red, but that will have to wait for another time." Then he kissed my tummy so sweetly and licked my nipples until they were perfectly hard.

Then he kissed me and his kiss sent shockwaves of pleasure through my whole body. Oh, his touch was so tender, I would have let him kiss me forever. His hard cock was pressed against me and I couldn't help but rock my hips up and down his shaft. "I think you have waited long enough" and with that he spread my lips wide and plunged his cock in all the way.

I moaned uncontrollably as he pulled completely out and plunged in again. My thighs were shaking and his strokes were getting longer.

I was in ecstasy and came so hard my thighs bucked uncontrollably. He said "Mmmm I love hearing you cum." His strokes were shorter and I was climaxing over and over. I squeezed his cock and raised my hips to meet his every thrust.

He was starting to moan and I could tell he was getting close. He bent down and whispered in my ear. He said, "You have been such a sweet slut. I will give you a choice. Do you want me to cum in your mouth or your cunt?" I thought for a second and said "Please cum in my mouth.


I want to watch you when you cum." He pushed me down on my knees and slid his cock down my throat. He was pushing in me so hard, I was starting to gag.

Then, I looked up, just as he pulled out of my mouth, and watched him cum so hard he shook. I loved his hot cum dripping from my lips and chin.

When he was done he held my chin and said "You have been very good tonight and I know that you will be even better next time." I looked puzzled at the thought of doing this again. I loved it, but it was so hard, I didn't think that I could do this again. Thats when he said "Oh yes, we will do this many times.

You forget that I have your address on the invoice. You just make sure to call me the next time your husband goes out of town."