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Part 2 I awoke the next morning to my alarm ringing loudly as I quickly silenced the ringing clock. Checking on whether the two other girls in the room had been disturbed from their sleep, I immediately noticed that Leslie was still in Laura's bed and they were both still out of it. "Boy," I thought, "it's a good thing that I'm headed down stairs because if Momma had come in and seen this pair and Leslie being naked and all, well there would be hell to pay." I silently crept out of the bedroom and slipped downstairs and into the kitchen and was my Momma ever surprised to see me.

I told her "Good morning" and asked her what's for breakfast and she curiously asked why I was up so early. I told her that we had gone to bed early and I was the first one up and I would make sure the others were up as soon as I got something to eat.

Glancing at her watch, she said that she had to get going and rushed out to the garage and on her way. Daddy had long ago left and as the garage door made it way back down, it gave the signal that the coast was clear so I ran back up the stairs to the bedroom.

As I approached the door, I heard them talking in soft voices like last night so I came to a stop right outside the closed door. Listening intently, I heard Leslie say, "No Kristy didn't hear us last night. She was asleep now lay back and enjoy it." I heard the bed squeak and then I heard Laura moan. I got that feeling back in my crotch and as I slowly opened the door a crack, I looked in and saw Leslie's body on the outside of the covers with her hand down on Laura's crotch.

She was rubbing on the outside of Laura's pajamas as my sister's head rested on the pillow with her eyes closed. Her chin was up in the air and she was biting down on her lower lip. Leslie was telling her something in a low voice that I couldn't make out but Laura said, "Uh huh," in response. Her legs widened out as her hips rose slightly. "That's it," Leslie was saying to her, "doesn't that feel good.

Pick up your top and let me see you play with your titties a little." Laura obeyed the instructions as she reached down and pulled up her pajama top and gathered it around her neck line and then with one of her hands, she started caressing her own nipple. It must have felt wonderful because she arched her back as she bit down on her lower lip again and moaned even louder than she had the first time.

Leslie glanced over at the door and noticed it open a bit. She looked hard at who was on the other side and then smiled and told Laura, "Shush, do you want to bring Kristy back up here?" Leslie looked at the slightly opened door again and gave it a big smile and moved her hand up to the waistband of Laura's pajamas. Laura told her, "Oh no Leslie, it's too dangerous to put your hand in there.

What would happen if my sister was to come back up?" Pressing her hand downward until it rested right on her naked crotch under the pajama bottoms, Leslie said, "Don't worry, I'll hear her come up the stairs if she comes but I don't think that she will and besides, it's no big deal if she sees us is it?" Laura was too busy to hear her last statement as she was feeling the sensation of have her bare pussy rubbed and Leslie's finger make it way up her slit.

When it found her clitoris, Laura jerked her body upward and cried out in a muffled scream of ecstasy as she felt Leslie's magic finger do its thing. "Oh my God," Laura exclaimed. "Oh Leslie, it feels so good. Do it some more to me." Leslie complied and Laura arched her back once again as she started to orgasm all over her bed. Leslie's hand was buried inside of her pajamas as the bulge at the crotch was moving like a blur.

Laura was over the top with her release and was twisting her poor nipple with the hand that was fondling it. Her chin was pointing straight up in the air and she was not breathing and then, in a one loud grunt, she exploded into a massive orgasm that rattled the windows.

Leslie glanced over at the door again but she wasn't smiling like she had before. She had a serious look on her face like she was ready to explode also and her hand was feverishly rubbing Laura's crotch. My mouth was wide open and I had the strangest yearning to rub my own crotch standing outside my bedroom. I was starring right at Laura's crotch as Leslie hand was rubbing it and I didn't give a darn who could see me as I opened the door just a little bit more.


Leslie yanked out her hand from between Laura's legs and rushed it to her mouth. I could almost smell Laura's odor from way over at my position but as I looked on, Leslie took it into her mouth and started to clean it off.

I couldn't watch this anymore so turned around and headed back down the stairs. My knees began to shake and I almost fell down the stairwell I was so excited. But when I finally got to the kitchen, I sat down in a chair and continued to catch my breath. I smiled to myself and took a deep breath.

I fixed bowl of cereal for myself was in the process of eating it when the pair of lovers came down the stairs to join me. Laura was still wearing her pajamas and Leslie had on a terry cloth robe. Both looked at me rather peculiar but Laura's face was red and flushed. "About time you two got down here," I said. "Yeah, we just now woke up," offered Laura. I glanced at Leslie but she was looking the other way and would not meet my gaze.

After awhile I caught her eye and gave her a wink and she just smiled a little. I put my bowl in the dishwasher and told them that I was going up to take a shower and get dressed and that I would see them in awhile.

As I walked back up the stairs, I heard Laura whisper to Leslie, "I don't think she knows anything, do you?" "Naw," Leslie responded. I went into the bathroom carrying a change of clothing and a towel and closed the door behind me.

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I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered when my breasts would get bigger and start feeling like a woman instead of a skinny 12 year old. I removed my night gown and was looking at my tiny boobies when the door opened a crack and then fully and in walked Leslie. I instinctively covered my chest with my arms and looked at her through the mirror. She walked up behind me and placed her hands on my bare shoulders, looking into my eyes all the way.

She lightly caressed my skin with her hands and then slowly moved them down to the tie that kept her robe around her. Pulling on it gently, it opened up and fell apart exposing her naked body to my gaze. She scooted up close behind me and I could feel the heat from her bare body rubbing up against me.

As I stood there is just my panties with my arm over my young chest, I could feel my own heat start to grow. She traced her touch down each of my arms from the shoulders to my wrists, barely touching my skin and then, taking my arm in one hand, she pulled it off of its place over my chest and guided it down to my side.

I watched in horror as I saw my own bare chest make it presence known. My cheeks turned a little red but I did not move my arm back up for cover.


Her hands went up my tummy to just below where my two little mounds were forming and then she touched my nipples with the back of her knuckles.

The sensation was mind blowing as they each stiffened up like pebbles. My face became flush as I fought for my breath and my eyes started to water. I took in a deep inhale as I alternated my gaze between Leslie's hands and her face.

She was smiling a seductive smile and it made me shiver with dread and anticipation. I knew it was wrong but it felt so good. She turned her hand over and rubbed each of my nipples with the palm of her hand. Ever so lightly I felt her hand touch and stimulate my pebbles. In a moment, her touch became a squeeze and my eyes closed involuntarily to the sensation to only reopen when the sensation changed and I felt her touch go back down to my tummy again. As it reached down to my cotton briefs, I felt a strange jolt emanate out of my crotch as my knees began to buckle and a sight moan escaped my lips.

My face became flushed and my eyes grew wider as I watched her hand go down over my panties and I felt a pressured touch on my private area.

My knees again started to give way as my mind began to blur. I watched as her finger went down between my legs and I could feel it as it entered my junction. It felt so amazingly stimulating that I wanted to pee right then and there.

I bowed my hips backward as her finger continued to press forward and another moan came out of my open mouth. I looked up into Leslie's eyes and I saw the confidence of someone who knew what she was doing plus she gave me a quick smile and a nod of her head.

I relented to her touch and closed my eyes to enjoy it. I felt her finger drag along my slit and I jumped and squealed when it touched my node.


I felt for the first time the wonderful sensation of having my clitoris touched by someone and I knew why everyone craved the contact. It felt so absolutely great that I cried out and bent down at the waist only to straighten back up and press my hips forward for another caress. My eyes were still closed and my mind was anticipating her next move. But when I felt her hand go up to the top of my panties and insert itself down the front, they sprang back open and a look of horror came over my entire face.

As her hand made its way down as far as it would reach, I knew that she had felt my poor little growth of fuzz that I like to call my pubic hair and my face turned an instant color of red.

I glanced up to her eyes and they gave me a reassuring look that told me that it was alright. She wasn't making any judgment and this was to be just for me so I once again closed my eyes and enjoyed her fingering touch. As it made its way up my slit, I had the uncontrollable desire to return the favor to the aggressor so I slid my hand back to find her hairy crotch and when I did, started duplicating her every move.

She moaned in my ear as she opened up her stance and started moving her finger in rhythm with my own. We were both starting to get heated when there came a knock at the door and a voice asking what was going on. Withdrawing her hand in a flash as I pulled my touch away from her slit, she quickly took a step backward to allow some air to get between our two sweaty bodies.

"Nothing," she managed to say as I grabbed up my things and headed towards the opening door, foregoing my desperate need for a shower to get all of the sexual odors out from between my legs. I hurriedly walked out of the bathroom as Laura walked in and she stopped to watch as I went straight to my closet. The only piece of clothing that I had on was my panties and I never walk around in just my underwear.


Laura took one look at me going and then back to Leslie and asked, "What was going on in there anyway?" Leslie told her nonchalantly, "Nothing, I was just getting to know my cousin that's all," and walked over and turned on the shower. "Are you going to join me?" she asked, changing the subject. Laura must had taken her up on the offer because after I got dressed and went back down to the kitchen they were up there for nearly 45 minutes doing whatever they were doing and when they finally came down the stairs, the both seemed rather satisfied with themselves and they were walking and touching each other just like back in school when a boy asks a girl to go steady.

- Right after lunch, the clouds started to build up and Laura and I knew that it meant that it was going to rain by mid-afternoon so we had better make some plans that required the indoors. I suggested that we play a board game but Laura deflected her choice to Leslie. Our cousin thought for a second and then a great big smile crossed her face. "I know," she said all enthusiastically. "Let's stay in the house and play "Follow the Leader".

We looked at each other with a questioning look in our expressions as Leslie's face grew more animated.

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"Haven't you ever played it before?" she asked. We both shook our heads "no" as Leslie continued to explain. "It's simple," she said.

"One person is the leader, I'll start out, and then one of you will have to do exactly what I do and the third one does what the second one does. If you don't then you have to sit out as the other one continues to play. We have to have something to play for, I don't know, having to do something embarrassing in front of the other two. Let's say the first person that doesn't do exactly what the leader does is the loser and has to do whatever the leader tells her.

Okay?" We looked to each other for help but didn't find anything like it in the eyes of the other. After this morning with a session with Leslie, I felt a foreboding deep inside my gut but was too afraid to tell them. Laura must have felt the same but kept her mouth shut so, with no objections, Leslie said, "Good. This will be fun! Okay, starting NOW!" and started running into the living room of the big farm house.

Laura followed and I brought up the rear as we tried to imitate every action that Leslie would make. She trotted along and occasionally would roll over a sofa and skip over a table. Then as she ran down the hallway, she made a detour into our parent's room and into their bathroom. We weren't supposed to be in there and we knew it but neither of us wanted to be the first one out of the game so we continued to follow the lead of our cousin.

Suddenly she stopped at our parent's dirty clothes hamper and, opening the lid and picking through their dirty clothes. She picked out a pair of ladies panties and brought them up to her nose and took a deep breath in, right at the crotch. Then handing them along to Laura, she turned and watched her follow her actions to a tee.

Then it was my turn so I took them into my hands and placed the crotch of Momma underwear right over my nose, inhaling a breath of foul smelling odor that caused me to almost want to gag. I quickly threw them back into the hamper and closed the lid as the leader skipped out of their room and back down the hall. The sensation of smelling my mother's underwear would not leave my mind as I continued to smell the essence of her panties in my nostrils and my mind drifted back to this morning and experience I had with Leslie.

She made the turn up the stairs and took a big heap upward, taking three steps at a time until she reached the landing and hopped on one foot towards our room. When she arrived, she started pulling off the shirt that she was wearing as Laura and I stopped and wondered what to do next.

Laura unfastened the buttons to her overalls and started to duplicate the leader's actions so I did the same. Soon Leslie was unfastening her bra and, letting it fall off of her gorgeous breasts and off of her arms, throwing it with of her fingertips to land on the floor.

Laura followed suit so I, in all of my embarrassment, did likewise. My breasts were so small compared to the other two that I felt like a kid standing there in front of them. Laura at least had something up there to compare with Leslie's but I felt very self-conscious having my sister and my cousin see my tiny little protrusions.

But when Leslie's hands went down to the top of her skirt and opened it up for removal, I began to feel very uncomfortable. Leslie expertly stepped out of her skirt and her fingers went up to the waistband of the thongs that she was wearing.

Laura had just stepped out of her overalls and was looking on in just her cotton panties. I was just a second behind Laura with a look on my face that was full of dread. I knew that I should have objected to playing this game but I had a sense in my gut that allowed, no, demanded it to happen, so as I felt my cheeks start to flush, my own hands went up to the top of my panties and I waited for my sister's next move.

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Leslie slowly started her thong down over her thighs as the wet part got caught up in between her two lips. But when it gave way to the forced gravity and cleared her knees, she stood back up and let them fall to the floor. I watched them come off of her wondrous crotch and I almost choked on my own saliva as I drooled over the sight.

My breaths were coming in a halting fashion as I could not take my eyes off of that beautiful crotch of my cousin, but when I noticed the movement of my sister removing her panties, I too, started my hands down to expose to the others, the dusting of pubic hair that I had grown to this stage.

I could feel my cheeks flush as I felt the scrutiny of four eyes examining my sparse little pubic mound but when I heard Leslie's voice comment, "Not bad Kristy." And "Way to go Laura," I knew that my cheeks turned a bright red. I don't know why it was so embarrassing for me. Leslie had just paid me a complement upon seeing what I had under my overalls and I should have been proud of it. But somehow I longed to have a body like she processed and I wondered if she knew just how lucky that I thought she was.

Leslie walked to the closet that she had hung up her clothes in and pulled out a dress and pulled it over her head. Laura went to her closet and I went to mine and we each followed suit. I picked out my favorite yellow sundress and Laura took out a mini-dress with short sleeves that clung to her body like a glove. Leslie was wearing a strapless little thing that barely covered her bare butt and as soon as she had her chicks behind her, she took big exaggerated steps back down the hall towards the stairs.

I instantly noticed the breeze that came up my dress and felt a sudden sense of freedom and fun that I had been promised. The naughty realization of being totally naked under my sundress made me smile with appreciation as I followed the person that I was beginning to not only understand but respect for her boldness and daring and I think that Laura was feeling the same as I noticed her picking up the front of her dress just a little higher than Leslie and I and twirling around a little faster just to see how far her hem would fight out.

I was beginning to enjoy the sensual thoughts that were creeping into my mind as I wondered what was next from our leader. She sat on the first step and scooted on her butt all the way down the steps on the hardwood flooring and then turned to enjoy the view of Laura as she duplicated her descent. Laura's dress came up around her butt and exposed her crotch to Leslie's hungry eyes and when she had stopped, Leslie was there right in front of Laura and put her arms around her. She pulled Laura close, trapping her skirt in between their bodies.

Laura looked deeply into Leslie eyes as if to ask, "Well, what's next," and then stepped away, allowing her skirt to fall back down. It was then my turn as they both turned to look up at my bumpy ride down the steps. They were looking directly up my sundress as it made it way up my legs to gather at my waist so when I managed to stop on the bottom step, my legs were spread and my dress was up to my tummy and I was panting like a dog.

It felt so exciting to show off your private parts to my sister and my cousin that I almost wanted to run back up the stairs and do it all over again. Laura stepped up to me and pulled me to my feet and pressed her body close to mine, trapping my skirt between our bodies.

A funny look from my sister's eyes gave me an impression that she was enjoying this game and then I felt a hand brush up against my inner hip and a voice whisper into our ears, "Nice skin Kristy," and then Laura slowly released her grip on me. I quit breathing I was so excited and yet embarrassed at the same time. Why did she touch me like that and how should I have handled it.

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"Oh God," I thought to myself, "what's happening to me?" I had no answer to my question but all that I knew was that I wanted it to happen again and soon. Leslie had bounded away again, holding the hem of her dress up to her chest and spinning around. She loved to expose her pussy to us it seemed and I was beginning to enjoy showing off what little I had. Laura eyes were glassed over as she was breathing very heavily through her open mouth. When Leslie had made her way back into the family room, she plopped down on the rug with her legs crossed at the ankles and her knees spread out wide.

She waited for us to join her and when we were settled, she raised the hem of her dress and put her hand right on her pubic mound. Laura's eyes grew wide as did mine as Laura began to object. "Oh no Leslie, not that." Leslie looked into Laura's eyes with a stern warning, a look that meant, "Do you want to be the first one out?" Finally Laura's hand started to move down between her legs as she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes.

I reluctantly followed my sister's lead and lowered my hand down to rest it on my crotch and as I first felt the sensation of feeling my own fuzzy little lips, a slight moaned involuntarily escaped from my lips. "Now let's see if you were paying attention to yesterday morning's demonstration," she said with a smile on her face. "Can you find your clitoris?" I closed my eyes with shame as I stuck out my middle finger in search for the little button hiding under the light colored hood.

It took but a second to feel the jolt of electricity run through my body as I rested my finger right on top of it. I knew the tingling from my earlier time with my cousin so the second touch felt even more delicious as I started massaging around it with my finger and soon I was rubbing it with enthusiastic strokes.

It felt so good and so naughty to be rubbing myself in front of two other girls, but when I opened my eyes just a second to look at the others, I saw Laura's hand was down between her legs in a blur and Leslie's was pumping her finger into her opening. I closed my eyes once again to enjoy the solitude of the moment when I heard Leslie voice interrupt it just as I was feeling so good down there.

I opened my eyes as did Laura and we saw Leslie lay back on her back, raise her hips into the vertical position with her hands bracing her hips and spread out her legs as wide as she possibly could. Laura reluctantly followed the leader just as I was about to object but thought better of it and watched with anticipation as my sister's skirt fell down to her chest exposing her entire bare crotch to me.

I wondered what to do but then I, disappointedly, followed suit. "Now girls," Leslie instructed us, "bring your legs all the way down over your head and place your knees on the floor." We did as we were told and soon realized that we were in the most awkward position imaginable. Leslie continued by instructing, "Now hold that position and I'll go around you.

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When she had positioned herself right at Laura's butt, she said, "Now I'm going to touch you so don't be surprised." I was in an awkward position to see exactly what went on but I could hear Laura's groans and shrieks as Leslie did whatever she wanted to her with her in that position. My fears continued to grow as I waited for my turn and after what seemed like an eternity, I suddenly felt the touch of a hand go down to my wide open crotch.

I closed my eyes and felt terribly embarrassed at the touch but soon began to feel the sensation that was intended as my legs managed to spread out a little more. She was rubbing her finger deep into my slit and alternating between rubbing on my spot and probing my opening.

Then I felt it go down to my butt hole and I jerked away from its pressing explorations. I was almost ready to object when I felt a wet, smooth object make it way from my butt up to my clitoris and it felt like a tongue. "It was a tongue! It was Laura's tongue! She just licked my entire pussy with her tongue and now I had to do the same to Leslie!" I rolled back down to a sitting position and looked at first into Laura's eyes and then Leslie's. Laura looked like she wasn't even there and Leslie's look was like nothing that I had ever seen before.

It looked like she was crazed with desire, like she had lost al control over her thoughts and motions. I began to fear that I had gotten myself into something that I was regretting already.

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Leslie smiled at me and lay back down and rolled her hips up. Placing her knees down around her head and seperating her legs as far apart as she could, she waited for me to approach her. I slowly did but knew that I could not go through with this.

I placed my hand down on her open pussy and ran my finger up her slit and touched her clitoris. She moaned her enthusiasm as she wiggled her hips just a little. My finger went down to her opening and I stuck it inside of her and then I placed it on her butt hole. I tried to force myself down with my tongue to follow Laura's last procedure but I just couldn't make myself. Try as I might, I couldn't do it.

I stood up as Leslie rolled to a sitting position, panting like a dog in heat and looking very angry and disappointed. "That's not what I did to Laura!" she barked. "I licked her pussy and you didn't lick mine. You will lose if you don't lick mine right now." I looked down at my hands gather in front of my crotch as they smoothed out my best summer dress. Slowly I looked into Leslie's eyes and said, "I just can't Leslie. I'm sorry but I can't. It seems so dirty that I just can't." She got red in the face as she spit out the words, "Then you lose.

Now you will have to do something embarrassing in front of both your sister and me." She got up to her feet and stormed out of the room. I looked over at Laura and she was looking at me. "I'm sorry that I made her mad but I just couldn't make myself lick her down there.

I just couldn't," and broke down into a tension releasing sob. Laura came over and put her arms around my shoulders to comfort me as she whispered, "It's alright now." Continued in Part 3