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Jonathan stared into Lana's eyes then did a double take, what the hell was he seeing deep in her eyes? Grabbing him tighter she held him as if her life depended on it, to her it almost did. She'd been ready to end it all unable to take anything without Jonathan ever again, Jonathan was the smartest male she knew but apparently he too was lost when it came to love at least seeing it in a woman's eyes.

"Damn it Jonathan! Don't ever do that again! Do you realize how upset your sister was? Plus Gregor? They refuse to marry 'til you are found! As for me," here she sighed, "I have been the center of attacks, rumors and blame for you disappearing. I need to know Jonathan; I need to know the rest of what happened that night.

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I love you Jonathan but I need to know, I HAVE to know!" Sighing Jonathan reached to her forehead, closed his eyes, then reached in and opened the locks slowly. At first Lana just nodded, then her eyes started to grow large then the tears started, looking at Jonathan she cried even harder.

Finally with a look of horror she threw herself at him hugging him fiercely. "Oh my god, Jonathan! Had I realized that it was as horribly lonesome as it was, I'd never asked you to do this!" "Wait Lana you need to finish," Jonathan said looking away huge tears welling up in his eyes the memories of that night had almost killed him, he was afraid that even with the maturity she'd gained Lana might die in her human form it was more than most humans … hell any entity could take.

Taking Jonathan in her arms again she kissed him deeply passionately. "I love you Jonathan, I have for so long but I understand now why I have denied it for so long. Thank you for the time you gave me." Lana whispered.

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Standing, she began to disrobe. Jonathan could only stare he couldn't move as each piece of clothing fell to the ground. Finally bare Lana moved to Jonathan, "I want you Jonathan I need you within me, if you don't take me now or reject me I may die!" Jonathan tried to open his mouth oh god! She was beautiful!

She was a perfect work of art begging him to caress and hold her naked flesh. Finally able to move Jonathan quickly disrobed.


"I am so glad that you are still alive," Lana said pointing to his hardening shaft. Kissing his way down her body her breath came in gasps with each inch of skin his lips caressed. "This is wonderful Jonathan, please don't stop!" Jonathan had no intention of stopping, the lower he got the more she began to wiggle and squirm, little squeaks and grunts escaping her lips when he finally covered her mound with his mouth tasting all of her as deep as he could.

Finally unable to take any more she moved Jonathan up and whispered in his ear, "Please be gentle my love you are my first and only, if I have anything to say about it." Jonathan's eyes grew wide then he slowly settled on her, trying not to force his shaft he began to work the head into her opening, more gasps let him know she was indeed enjoying it. Leaning down he whispered, "I am sorry my love for this pain but it will pass quickly," having reached her hymen Jonathan knew he now had to force his self deeper.

Gathering his strength he pushed hard forward, kissing Lana, tears in his eyes she screamed into his mouth as he held still trying to let the pain pass. Several minutes later he felt Lana move slightly. "Are you alright," he asked. "Yes, it hurt for a few minutes then a feeling started, a feeling I can't describe, please Jonathan it's growing please move it in me I want to feel it!" Lana almost begged.

Jonathan slowly at first began to move in and out 'til Lana was thrusting up at him with increasing force. "Yes Jonathan YES! I can feel you OH god! Why did I wait? God Jonathan it feels so wonderful! Yes!

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Harder! Harder!" Lana was yelling. Jonathan was pounding into her as she was urging him on more and more, finally she screamed out her first orgasm. Unable to take any more Jonathan felt his balls and scrotum tighten then he felt them empty deep in her.

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How long had he wanted to do this? Feeling his hot liquid pouring into her Lana screamed again as she had a second orgasm. Finally a few minutes later they'd caught their breath, "Is it always like this?" Lana asked. "No," Jonathan answered, "It's different each time, usually it is better and better each time, though there are times it's just sex, having nothing to do with love as this did.

Plus you know that you might be pregnant!" Lana smiled a strange smile Jonathan had never seen before, "plus you know our parents are going to jump into this now demanding all kinds of fucking shit.

I might have to go with my earlier thoughts." "Your earlier thoughts," Lana asked. "Yes, I decided that I should have killed your father and mine just to shut them the fuck up, then we'd have our mothers to contend with," Jonathan shook as he thought of it. Lana began to giggle making Jonathan play with her jiggling breasts.

They both washed off then got dressed, "I still want you to open the rest of the memories," Lana said. "I'm not sure Lana there were a lot of horrible things that night, things that you wanted me to remove as in hiding them," Jonathan warned.

When Lana still insisted Jonathan felt uneasy but touched her forehead and asked if she was ready. Lana nodded as more memories started to slowly open, that was when the worst of them entered her mind.


With a look of terror Lana's lips started to tremble, what little color she did have seemed to drain from her. "NO! JONATHAN NO! DON'T let her die NO!!!" As he was afraid Lana collapsed, Damn it! He still only had a little of his powers, the wild magic was too powerful for something like this. Sighing he'd have to risk going back to his mother to heal Lana. For her, he'd do anything including die if need be, now that he knew that she actually loved him for him and not the idea, he was more than ready to die for her.

He felt for his mother huh? What was she doing in the keep just how many years had passed? 3 hours before, Trina had been working on strengthening her magic when she felt a twinge, then a shudder, then a full out earth shattering feeling of power, Jonathan she thought? Rushing to her mother Trina could see that her mother had felt it also.

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They both tried to think of a reason he would reappear now? Then they both looked at each other LANA! She must have finally found him! They both had started to run and tell Tom then stopped short, he'd send out the entire clan after him, that bull shit rule the council had set up had Evelyn's blood boiling, had she the power she'd take every damn one of them down, though, here she smiled there were ways. Both Trina and Evelyn could feel Jonathan, though his power was strange, almost as if., both Trina and Evelyn stared at each other, FINALLY!

It only took 400 years! It was only an hour later they both felt a huge power rolling toward them larger than they'd felt the day Jonathan had brought Trina back. It was so huge in fact that Trina and Evelyn were afraid, though they felt it was Jonathan they were still afraid.

What if he couldn't control it? Would he have to die like his grandfather had? The anger filling her Evelyn was quickly over coming her fear being replaced with an almost abject hatred of the council.

This was HER son not theirs and she'd be damned if they would take his life! With a thunderous booming sound Jonathan appeared in his mother's room, Evelyn immediately recognizing Lana, and could only stare at Jonathan.

"What have you done Jonathan?" Trina whispered, terrified that her brother had hurt Lana. "She asked me to open up the memories I did it as slow as I could, but the worst of the memories were too much. Please Mother help her!" Jonathan begged tears falling freely and unashamedly from his eyes. None of this was lost on his mother or sister, finally he realized that he loved her, "you both will have to leave, I'll do what I can." Nodding Jonathan was about to flash out when his sister grabbed his arm, leading him down the stairs.

Jonathan's eyes were darting around checking every shadow, every corner. Pointing Jonathan froze his Uncle Ben much to Ben's surprise, 'holy shit first time he'd ever been seen!' He'd been right this pup was a mage of uncanny power and insight, had to be to get him. "Sorry Ben I know you're working for the council, but I'm still not quite ready to die just yet," again Ben was surprised hadn't anyone told him yet?

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"I'll take care of you in a bit Uncle Ben," Trina said as an apology. "You have to stop doing that Johnny!" Growling Jonathan replied, "I told you to stop calling me that geez!" "Why?" She asked, "I'm the only one that is allowed and there's nothing you can do about it!

So there!" She said as she stuck her tongue out at him. Though he didn't really feel like it he couldn't help but chuckle, "Ah as always you were the only one that could ever get me to laugh when I was down. Thank you but I have to go before I put everyone in danger!" Again, about to flash out again Trina, stopped him by grabbing his arm. "Damn it let me go Trina when they come they'll kill anyone that gets in the way, as will I to kill them!" Jonathan growled.

Ripping his arm loose he flashed out appearing back on the island. Son of a bitch now that they knew he was back he'd have to hide again they'd soon know about this island. Sighing he'd miss this place it had been his home for the last 10 years, the place both he and Lana had finally come to realize that they loved each other. Thinking, he wondered why his sister had tried to stop him from leaving? Had their father gotten her to side with him?

He'd been right he should have killed her father and his then there wouldn't be as much betraying as there was. Touching where he and Lana had made love he knew that now she too would be put under a microscope. Suddenly it hit him, exactly what she'd said. They blamed her for his disappearing. He'd take care of that right now, flashing out he appeared in the front of the keep, with several people ran screaming in terror.

Carefully Jonathan etched on the front wall, <If anyone blames Lana for any of this again they will have me and their death to deal with, hell I might just kill you bastards any way and yes! I know who everyone of you slimy back stabbing assholes ARE!> That ought to do it he smiled, smiled that is 'til he felt his father and Ben heading his waythen he was gone again.

"Son of a bitch he's fast," Ben stated, "I could still use him." Tom Timmins had to get control of this situation, if his son was allowed to run rampant, they all could die!

Ben just shook his head he loved his Nephew but the damn man was as thick as a damn stone wall. His father wasn't this damn rigid why was he? Thinking Ben knew it had to be the fact that his brother had the wild magic and had skipped a generation, Ben wondered if Tom was jealous or really that much of a staunch, rigid, rule sucking asshole?

Damn it, they had to get that boy to hold still for a moment, hell even Ben didn't think as far ahead as Jonathan had, he wondered if he was going to hide his thoughts again then they'd never find him again it had been a lucky chance that Lana had found him.

Scratching his chin Ben began to form a plan yes, it might work, might get a hell of a lot of people killed too. Yes, Lana was the linchpin she was the only one who could bring him in or back or damn whatever. Ben headed upstairs to where Evelyn had finished healing Lana, only moments before.

Looking up she saw Ben in the door way, "You!" She almost screamed, "you could have prevented all of this!" Ben began to back out of the room as Lana tried to launch herself at him.

"I should kill you!" she ranted on, "You should have never brought Jonathan into this!" Damn it Ben thought Jonathan opened all her memories, son of a bitch there would probably be no getting her to cooperate with him even if it was to save Jonathan.

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"I have a plan to save Jonathan but I need your help!" Ben yelled to get above her hysterical voice. It suddenly grew quiet, peeking in Ben saw Lana taking a deep breath to calm herself, "I'm listening, but if I don't like what I hear I'll make damn sure you're dead before the nights done!" Ben outlined everything every detail of the plan what he planned to do everything except what the council had told him that night over 10 years ago.

Evelyn sitting nearby had always had a fine ear and as much as she hated to admit it Ben was telling the truth, though she could tell that he was hiding something. "Ben you can't fool me I can tell you are hiding something from us remember this is the woman Jonathan loves more than life itself, I am his mother, you honestly think we are going to the council or even worse his father? Sighing Ben could clearly see their point, thing is though if any of this got out they were all dead, a fact that he also could not ignore and one he quickly expressed to them.

So he began his long tale of meeting Jonathan, Jonathan saving his life and Ben's subsequent training of Jonathan over the last few centuries to control the wild magic.

The many brushes with it that Jonathan had and finally the council's decision to spare Jonathan's life from what they'd seen so far though they still wanted to test him to finally make sure.

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"As they put it, if Jonathan can control the wild magic as it appears he can then he is far more valuable than he was as a powerful mage. Lana listened her face screwing up into a mask of rage, how dare the council play with Jonathan's life like that!

Though the more she listened the more that she finally realized that Ben was and had always been on Jonathan's side, with a sigh of relief she sat back on the bed though not fully recovered, she was finally starting to feel better. Ben started to outline the plan to get Jonathan back this time for good but it was . Ben looked around, what was this odd feeling he was feeling? Shrugging his shoulders he finished and walked from the room then the building, Trina and Evelyn would watch over Lana 'til .

his powers had just returned when he began to feel a presence, a . it was hard to describe, an almost innocent presence. Feeling around Ben was baffled 'til he turned toward the building again, yup, it was definitely coming from there but whe . Smiling Ben got an even better idea so, his Nephew had finally gone and done it, good boy it was about time!

Turning Ben hurried to start the plan wouldn't do to have Jonathan vanish again Lana was going to need him. Jonathan had finally destroyed all trace that he'd been on the island, but it was taking too long plus he'd already felt the 2 assassins that had arrived. Damn it! He really wasn't in the mood to start killing a bunch of assholes!

Finally finished he turned to go when a woman appeared at the end of the beach. "Jonathan Timmings!" she shouted, "by order of the council you are sentenced to death for employing the use of the forbidden wild magic!" Jonathan flashed out behind the woman's partner, freezing him the look of surprise on his face was priceless. Leaning close Jonathan whispered, "I did what you are doing for a short time, really you should research your target more." Jonathan could feel the woman searching for him, good god!

Were they that hard up that they'd send amateurs after him? Sliding up behind her Jonathan froze her also, whispering in her ear, "It's amazing you have lasted this long, I felt you coming before you were even on the island, especially when you were searching for me." Concentrating Jonathan sent them both to the council with a message: <I haven't killed anyone yet nor do I intend to, but continue to send amateurs after me and that may change.

'til the death sentence is lifted from me I will continue to hide> The council was to say the least not that happy, they still wanted to test Jonathan's control. There were a great many things that they wanted to ask him. They too with all the resources they had, were finding that as Ben had said Jonathan had planned far into the future and had almost every contingency almost all. As Ben had reported Jonathan hadn't really figured on Lana, though as they had warned Ben this was incredibly dangerous IF Jonathan lost control when he lost his temper the world most certainly was in peril.

Ben swallowed hard, he liked deception, he liked the intrigue but not when he went against someone as smart and quick as Jonathan. Plus the fact that he was family wasn't sitting well with him either. Concentrating Ben began to broadcast the message that he knew would bring Jonathan running back (at least he hoped). <Jonathan, this is Ben.

I have been ordered to take Lana prisoner, she is to be tested by the council since she had been exposed to you for a few hours. Turn yourself in the council wishes to test you once again. You will not be harmed neither will she but that's if you come in on your own.

What say you Nephew?> Ben waited, the taste of disgust in his mouth he hadn't really wanted to do this, using a woman as bait always had never sat good with him. Well a good woman a few he'd met over the centuries, actually deserved to be in this position, but not Lana never Lana. <Uncle Ben, I advise you to release her now, you know I could kill you from where I am though I am sure your cowardly ass is hiding with your arm around Lana.> Ben snapped his fingers just as Jonathan appeared, the enraged look on Jonathan's face almost had the battle hardened vetran Ben ready to piss his pants, that's when the entire council let loose at the same time, screaming Jonathan tried to block but they had caught him off guard, screaming louder Jonathan tried to increase his shield but they were already inside.

With one last push Jonathan sent out a shock wave catching over half the council, with a smile he watched 8 of them fall as he did also welcoming the sweet embrace of Darkness.

Ben limped to Jonathan's side the boy was alive, then he checked the 8 council members they'd live but they'd also limp a while. Securing Jonathan, Ben had to hurry him out of here before his father showed up. Ben was in a lot of pain damn it! It was hard to concentrate finally after a fifth try they were gone. 'I just hope he's out long enough for us to finish' Ben thought as they vanished.