Iamporn granny and brunette babe share dildo

Iamporn granny and brunette babe share dildo
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Fbailey story number 223 My Moms Friends I got hit really hard by puberty at the ripe old age of thirteen. I thought that I was a constant embarrassment to my mother. As with most teenage boys I had a constant erection and all of her girlfriends knew it too.

I though that they came over just to stare at me but mom kept trying to assure me that they were just dropping by to see her. My mother was almost thirty-three years old at the time. She really was a very good-looking woman. Some of her girlfriends were just as good looking as she was and some of them were even better looking.

Our house seemed to be the place that they all came to gather. I had known all of her girl friends since I was a little kid. Between my mother and her girlfriends they dated a lot of guys. Sometimes they even marry one of the guys. However a few years later they would always get divorced.

Over the years the number of women grew to be twelve and they started calling themselves the 'dirty dozen.' As I got older I hung around the house a lot more and I got to hear a lot of their conversations too so I pretty much knew what was going on.

Those twelve women loved sex, men, and even other women. They were just as horny as I was if you could believe that. They all had day jobs during the week so that their nights and weekends were usually free to drink to excess, dance their asses off, and to get fucked as much as possible.

I was in school during the day when they worked so I too was free on nights and weekends. A week or two before I turned fourteen I still had constant erections. Not only did I sport a lump in my pants but every one of those women started feeling of it too.

When they started feeling me up I decided that I could then start to feel them up too. At first my mother objected to my feeling them up but after her girl friends convinced her that fair was fair mom said, okay. Within a day or two it became our form of greeting. The women would give me a big hug crushing my face in their tits, then give me a nice kiss right on the lips, and finally they would grab my crotch for a good long feel.

Fair was fair so in exchange I would grab their crotches and feel of their tits too. Then as the evening wore on I would occasionally reach down their tops, into their bras if they were wearing one, and cup their bare breasts too.

Mom didn't seem to like that at all at first but then she even accepted my doing that too. For a horny thirteen-year-old I was only getting more and more excited.

I would have to go to my room and jerk off three or four times every evening. Then one Thursday just before my birthday I was at school and all I could think about was getting home and feeling up the women that would be coming over that night.

I didn't even care about the girls my own age any more even though some of them seemed to really like me. Who would want a little girl when he could have real women? In the last two weeks I had been grabbing a hold of twelve sets of tits and twelve pussies too.

Yes I even felt up my own mother and why not, it was there for the taking. That Thursday evening at home not only did the women give me my normal hug and kiss but they started reaching down into my sweatpants to hold my stiff cock in their hands for a few moments. In return they just smiled when I reached down into their pants or up their miniskirts to slip my fingers into their panties and then right into their moist pussies too.

I was going for all the gusto. Four of mom's girlfriends came over that night and I got to finger their pussies several times each and they made me cum in my sweats twice too.

About halfway through the evening mom finally reached into my sweats to grab a hold of my cock too after her girl friends talked her into it. So like I had been doing I reached into her panties and fingered her pussy too for the very first time. Mom and I just smiled at one another as I finger fucked her and she jerked me off for the third time in my sweats. We both enjoyed it a lot and I really had. In fact I enjoyed finger fucking all five of them that night. I even smelled and tasted my fingers after each woman too.

They laughed when I did it but then they wanted to know witch of them tasted the best. So I did a taste test by fingering them all right in a row. Melody, one of the sexier women in the group was certainly the best smelling woman and the best tasting one too.

Mom was not exactly the best tasting woman there but she wasn't the worst tasting woman either. At bedtime in recent days I had been putting on my pajama bottoms and then kissing them all goodnight while I copped a good feel of their pussies before going to bed. However on that particular night I went out into the living room totally naked to say goodnight.

Mom started to bitch me out but the rest of the women told her to leave me alone. Each woman stood up and gave me a very nice hug as she tucked my cock in between her legs and then I got my kiss. After a while they each held my cock and let me finger their pussy for a while longer.

Mom was the last woman to stand up for her goodnight hug. Like the other women mom grabbed my cock and slipped it under her mini skirt. I was anticipating her slipping it in between her legs like the other women had. However mom slipped my cock inside her panties and just barely into her pussy about an inch.

She had put the head of my cock right at the opening to her love tunnel.

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The other girls didn't know that mom had slipped my cock into her pussy but the two of us sure did. Our hug lasted quite a while longer than my other hugs had.

Mom even held our crotches together while we kissed too. I got my first French kiss from my own mother. Wow! Then she reached back down to hold my cock in her hand as I slipped two fingers up into her moist pussy. I was sure that some of that moisture was my pre-cum. The other women just watched as my mother jerked me off and as I shot cum all over her leg. They even cheered us on. I then watched as mom licked her fingers clean, announced that my cum tasted delicious, and then as she wiped up the gobs that I had left on her legs and swallowed them too.

Her girlfriends were jealous that she didn't share any of my cum with them. Then mom slapped my bare ass and sent me to bed. I was asleep by the time the other women had left. Mom just went to bed but in the morning mom came in and woke me up early so that we could talk. She was wearing a small baby doll nightie and climbed in bed with me to stay warm. She wished me a "Happy Fourteenth Birthday." Then we discussed what we had done the night before.

Mom held my cock so I fingered her pussy. Mom had not worn panties so I had easy access to her. She had me move my finger up a little so that I could rub her clit for her. She really liked that and even had an orgasm from my finger. Right after that, mom had me get on top of her between her legs and then she slipped my cock right into her pussy.

That was when I realized that the previous night had just been a tease for both of us. I fucked my mother and filled her pussy with my cum as I collapsed on her breasts. Mom thanked me and said that she had really needed it that morning. Once again she said "Happy Birthday" to me. Surprisingly mom suggested that I start bringing her girlfriends back to my bed for a quick romp each night.

She even told me that if I spaced them out about an hour apart that I should be able to fuck three or four of them every night pretty easily. Then she told me that she wanted me to fuck her every morning like we had just done. All right! Mom had taken my virginity and I was then a man. That Friday at school I couldn't concentrate on anything at all. No one at school even knew that it was my birthday except one girl named Lisa that I had known since kindergarten. Her birthday was the day right after mine.

Between classes Lisa gave me a kiss on the lips and I accidentally slipped my hand in between her legs and cupped her panty-covered pussy under her miniskirt. It was moist and warm and she immediately pushed me away. I caught up with Lisa after school and offered to walk her home.

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She was still mad at me but not for the reason that I thought. Lisa said that she had just been caught off guard and that I had done it in the busy hallway next to our lockers.

She wasn't sure if anyone had seen what I had done to her or not. By the end of school that day though she was pretty sure that no one had seen anything. At least no one had teased her about it anyway. As we walked we held hands. Lisa told me that her mother was going to allow her to go out on dates for turning fourteen but that her dates would be limited to just the boys that she knew.

Then Lisa asked me if I would like to take her out on a date the following night. As I hesitated she told me that I could feel of her pussy some more if I wanted too. Actually I had hesitated in answering her because I knew that I would be feeling up some grown women real soon and possibly fucking some of them too.

However Lisa was offering to let me feel her up too and I really shouldn't pass that up. Lisa was almost a sure thing. When we got to her porch Lisa opened the door and shouted in to let her mother know that she was home then she closed the door. We sat on the railing with our backs to the street and hugged.

When we kissed Lisa opened her knees up for me so that I could cup her panties in my palm like I had in school. It was way of saying that it was all right. She was radiating heat like crazy. As my tongue entered her mouth for the first time my finger entered her pussy for the first time.

About a minute later Lisa's mother tapped on the window and motioned her to come inside. Oh shit! I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. Lisa kissed me goodbye, sent me on my way, and went inside. I just lumbered along home at a slow pace wondering how much trouble I had gotten Lisa in. Mom wasn't home from work yet but two of her girlfriends were there to greet me. Everyone knew where the key to the front door was kept and they were always welcome anyway.

I was greeted at the door by both of them singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Then I was kissed, hugged, and felt up as I had been before. They told me that my mother had told all of the 'dirty dozen' what she had given me for my birthday that morning. No way! Yes way! They told me that now that I was fourteen that mom had given them permission to finally let me fuck them. The past couple of weeks had just been a build up for my birthday.

The two women took me up to my bedroom. I watched as they both undressed for me in a very sexy way. Melody and Melissa were absolutely beautiful and even more so naked. Melody had won my smell and taste competition the night before. They both had very nice dark tan lines from going to a tanning saloon. Their nipples were hard and their pussies were partially shaved. They both had some hair on the mound above their slit.

Melody got on my bed and told me to hurry up. I undress as I watched her and Melissa message their clits. I climbed up on the bed between Melody's legs and bent over to suck on her hard nipples. She told me that I didn't really have to worry about any foreplay because she had been thinking about me fucking her ever since she had talked to my mother that morning.

She really was wet too when I slipped my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her rather quickly. After feeling up Lisa that day I was ready to pop. All too soon I was filling Melody with my cum just like I had filled my mother that morning. Before I knew it Melissa was sucking on my cock and licking Melody's juice off from it. It was really something to watch and I was hard in no time at all. Soon I was fucking her just as quickly as I had fucked Melody. I lasted a little longer that time but not as long as I had with mom that morning.

I wondered why the difference but who really cared. After all I had now fucked three different women and mom was a sure thing every morning. I had it made. Before we could get dressed Mom and Delilah entered my room shouting out Happy Birthday.

Delilah got undressed and climbed in bed with me. She wanted to be next. I tried to tell her that I had just fucked Melody and Melissa but she insisted that she could get me hard again. So I just lay back and watched her as she sucked on my limp dick.

Mom sat on the foot of my bed and just watched. The other two women hugged one another, kissed deeply, and played with the other's nipples and clits while I watched them. Before I knew it I was hard again and between Delilah's legs fucking her. Watching those two women make out was the greatest thing I had ever seen. When I finished cumming in Delilah two more of mom's friends came in singing Happy Birthday to me. The three naked women each put on one of mom's baby doll nighties.

I slipped on a pair of loose shorts to go back out to the living room. Soon the other eight women had arrived and the pizza was delivered.

Several bottles of wine had been opened and we were having a Birthday Party. Later the doorbell rang and mom answered it. She ushered Lisa in and started to make the introductions. Lisa looked shocked to see three of the women in baby doll nighties, others in just their bras and panties, and the rest of the women still dressed in their very sexy work clothes.

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They told Lisa that it was my fourteenth birthday and that they were playing truth or dare. Then one of them asked Lisa if she wanted to play. Lisa smiled at me as she said, "Yes. I would love to play." Melody then asked Lisa if she wanted a truth or a dare.

Lisa again smiled at me and said dare.


Melody could see the sexual tension between us and just smiled as she formed her index finger and her thumb on one hand into a circle. She poked the other index finger in and out of the circle in the International Symbol for fucking. Then Melody dared Lisa to take me back to my bedroom and give me a proper birthday present. To my delight Lisa took my hand and led me right back to my bedroom. Once we were inside I locked my bedroom door so that no one could just walk in on us this time.

I took her in my arms and kissed Lisa very passionately. She moved my hand down to her pussy so that we could kiss like we had on the porch. Lisa said that her mother had only scolded her for letting me feel her up in public. She had told her daughter that intimate things like that should take place in private. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Her mother wasn't mad about me feeling her daughter up at all. Wow! As long as my hand was on her panty-covered pussy I slipped a finger inside her leg opening and brushed her pubic hair.

Then I slowly slipped my middle finger into her wet slit and then up to her clit. I massaged her clit until her knees buckled. I had given her an orgasm and she loved it. Lisa told me that we could loose our virginities together for my birthday present.


I didn't want to disappoint her so I didn't tell her that I had already fucked three of the women in the other room plus my mother already that day.

I helped Lisa get her top off and then I reached behind her back to unhook her bra. As I removed it Lisa blushed and her nipples perked up stiff.

I kissed each of her nipples and then I kissed her as I cupped her crotch again. I dropped to my knees in front of Lisa and lowered her miniskirt to her ankles. She stepped out of it and then I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her panties. I looked up at her smiling face as I lowered her panties to her ankles too.

As she lifted one foot up out of them I kissed her fuzzy pussy. Then as she lifted the other foot up I kissed her fuzzy pussy again. Then I stood up and undressed for her.

As my cock came into view it was rock hard like it was supposed to be. Lisa said that it was the first cock that she had ever seen. I figured that because I knew that she didn't have any brothers or sisters. I decided to tell Lisa that I had seen another pussy before but that only seemed to upset her. So I told her that it had been my mother's pussy, that it had just been the one time when she was totally drunk, and that she hadn't had her panties on after a date.

Lisa didn't seem to mind that nearly as much. I sat Lisa on the edge of my bed and pushed her until she lay back flat. Then I put her feet up on the very edge of my bed and pushed my face between them. I licked her pussy like Tracy had showed me just an hour ago. I was happy that I had a chance to use my newfound knowledge on Lisa. I quickly found her clit and went to work on it. Soon Lisa was holding the back of my head and forcing my tongue into her tighter as she moaned and groaned.

After her orgasm had subsided she told me that I was a lot better at eating pussy than her girlfriend Tina had been. I had to ask her if she had done Tina in exchange. Lisa blushed and said that they had both done it to one another quite a few times. When I asked her how many times quite a few was she answered that it had probably been more that twenty times.

Wow! Now I was excited even more so I ate Lisa to a second orgasm and then I stood up and slipped my cock into her pussy as I leaned over her naked body. Now that time I was certainly in no hurry at all, so I slowly fucked into her pussy in long strokes.

Lisa had had something in her pussy before because she really enjoyed the feel of my cock in there and I hadn't hurt her. As I fucked into Lisa she told me that she had shared her mother's double-ended dildo with Tina on several occasions and that they had even stimulated the other's clit for them. Wow! Lisa and Tina had jerking each other off too. I told her that I would love to watch her do that with Tina sometime and she just smiled. Soon I was thrusting into Lisa harder and harder and faster and faster until I finally filled her with my thick hot cum.

After we recovered I put my shorts back on. Lisa just put her panties back on and one of my T-shirts from my drawer. Then we went back out to the living room. Lisa looked around at the women and announced that she had given me a birthday present that I would never forget…her virginity.

She then said that I had given my virginity to her too. Everyone just congratulated her and I. It was now Lisa's turn for Truth or Dare. She looked directly at Sharon the prettiest girl there and said truth or dare. Just as soon as Sharon replied dare Lisa smiled. She looked directly at me, then she looked directly at my mother, and then finally she told Sharon that she dared her to put on a sexy lesbian sixty-nine with her so that I could watch. Okay! However in stead of going into my bedroom to do it Sharon wanted to do it right there on the living room rug in front of everyone.

That made Lisa think hard about it. When Lisa looked over at my mother she just smiled and nodded her consent. Lisa stood up, said okay, and removed my T-shirt and her wet panties. Then she got down on the rug. Sharon undressed and got on top of Lisa. After that first lick Sharon lifted her head up, looked over at me, and said that my cum tasted pretty damn good. After a couple of minutes Sharon again lifted her head and said that I had really filled her with cum too.

I just smiled. In a couple more minutes Sharon noticed that I was hard once again. She pulled her tongue out of Lisa long enough to ask her if it would be okay if I fucked her.

Lisa said that she didn't care who I fucked and she buried her face right back into Sharon's pussy. So I got behind Sharon and slipped my cock into her pussy while Lisa licked at her clit. I could feel my balls hitting Lisa's forehead as I fucked into Sharon.

After several minutes of thrusting into her I told her that I was going to cum and I did. When I pulled my cock out Sharon told Lisa that it was her turn to eat my cum.

Lisa told Sharon that it was okay because she had gotten my virginity. The other women smiled and giggled but not one of them told her any different.

Mom got down near Lisa's head and asked her if she minded if perhaps all of her girl friends let me fuck them too. Lisa smiled up at her and said that she wouldn't mind if mom let me fuck her too as long as she had been my first. The women just smiled at me. Mom undressed and got on her back telling Lisa to get on top of her then. Several other girls undressed and paired up too. One woman was left over and she took me.

There was a place right next to mom and Lisa so I put my girl down there and got in a sixty-nine with her. Lisa and I were side by side and head to head. We stopped what we were doing to kiss every now and then. I reached over and played with her tit and then with mom's tit. When we finally settled down and relaxed again the women poured glasses of wine and gave one to Lisa and I to share.

As we sipped the wine lying around naked Lisa said that she had really enjoyed having sex with me, with Sharon, and with my mother very much. She was told of how the group had originally gotten organized and then added too until they became twelve in total.

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Lisa asked mom if there was room for one more. Everyone cheered and said yes. Then the hugs and kisses started all over again.

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This time every woman slipped her fingers up into Lisa's wet pussy as she hugged and kissed her. Lisa returned the favor.

Then Lisa told everyone that her mother was single too. Mom asked Lisa if her mother was open-minded enough too join their group. Lisa said that she was. Lisa then told the group about her mother caching me with my finger in her pussy on the porch that afternoon after school.

After I had left all her mother wanted us to do was to go up to her bedroom to do that so that the curious neighbors would not have anything to gossip about. Then since I had left, her mother told her to come over here and give me a 'real' birthday present…her virginity. It had all been her mother's idea. So my mother called Lisa's mother and they talked for a few minutes.

The next thing we knew Lisa's mother was at the door.

My mother greeted her naked and then introduced her around to the rest of the naked women. Mom asked Lisa's mother to forgive her appearance and explained that we had just had an orgy of sorts. Lisa told her mother that we had made love and that we were no longer virgins.

Her mother gave her a big hug and then she hugged me too. After that Lisa's mother needed two glasses of wine to catch up with the rest of the women.

She also felt over dressed and stripped for us. Not bad! The next forty-eight hours turned out to be simply incredible. Lisa and her mother had sex with everyone else in the group including me. I also had sex with everyone else in the group…al fourteen of them. I even fucked my mother and Lisa's mother right in front of everyone.

Lisa slept with me in my bed on Friday night and again on Saturday night too. It was the most incredible orgy that any of them could ever remember.


Lisa's mother and my mother became very close and they slept together that weekend too. The women sure gave several delivery guys a thrill that's for sure when they invited them in. There were fourteen naked women to greet him. Each girl made it a point to go up to him, kiss him, and slip a dollar bill down into his pants for his tip. Then the girl that was up next on the list took him into a bedroom and fucked him silly. Lisa asked not to be on that list.

For now she just wanted me to fuck her even though she didn't mind me fucking the other thirteen women in her group. Of course that Saturday was Lisa's fourteenth birthday. I woke her up with a birthday fuck just like my mother had done to me the day before.

She spent the day in her birthday suite and licked every 'box' that was presented to her. Her girlfriend Tina was invited over to help her celebrate her birthday. Lisa and Tina were treated like queens and they loved it. The other women gave them bubble baths, fixed their hair, and taught them how to apply their makeup. They gave them a manicure, a pedicure, and even gave them a douche and an enema too. Lisa invited Tina to join me for a threesome in my bedroom. Tina was a virgin too but Lisa assured her that it would be okay.

Between Lisa and I, Tina enjoyed herself immensely. Together we nursed on her tiny nipples, we kissed her, and we took turns eating her pussy before I fucked her. I knew that the two girls had shared a dildo before so I just slipped right in easily enough. Tina was just as tight as Lisa had been. After that first threesome together Lisa took Tina out to the other women and they welcomed her into womanhood as they had Lisa.

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Even though Tina did not spend Saturday night with us she was back on Sunday morning to join in again. Lisa's mother called Tina's mother and got her to come over too. Our house was bursting at it's seems with naked women but as they always say there was room for one more. Tina's mother was separated from her husband and headed for a divorce, so she got some pretty good advice from a couple of the other women.

Tina's mother made out with everyone, including her own daughter and then with Lisa and I together. Mom's group had then grown to sixteen women and me so they could not call themselves the dirty dozen any more. Lisa suggested the 'sweet sixteen' and it was an immediate hit, apparently I didn't count.

That Monday at school I had Lisa and Tina to hang out with and to smile at as we changed classes. I got to kiss them both and cop a feel occasionally too. It no longer mattered if someone saw my hand on their pussies in the hall. It might have been their imagination but the girls thought that other people could tell that they were no longer virgins. I just thought that they had a sexy glow about them. After school we went straight to my house first where my mother joined us after she got home from work.

Then we were all invited over to Lisa's house for dinner where Tina's mother joined us. I had had sex with both Lisa and Tina before mom had gotten home so when she came into my room she found the two girls in a very nice sixty-nine.

She made sure to kiss both of them on the lips and on their pussies too. During dinner Lisa's mother told us how much she had enjoyed spending the weekend with us and meeting the rest of the women in the club.

Tina's mother said that she took some of the advice that she had been given and contacted her lawyer. They were both happy to have been included into mom's group. They were also happy that their daughters were included too. They had been having trouble getting their daughters to spend more time with them and realized that sex was the answer.

Both girls had been far too curious about sex lately and neither mother knew what to do about it. They had decided that giving their daughters more time together might be the answer. It seemed to help out a little bit but not as much as they had hoped. Then one day Lisa's mother caught me with my fingers in Lisa's pussy and came up with another idea, that of letting Lisa and I get together and have a great deal more sexual freedom.

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Lisa had been on birth control since she started her periods, as Tina had been too. She decided to let Lisa have sex with me if she really wanted too, besides Lisa's mother had lost her virginity when she was thirteen years old too. However in the case of her mother it was two days after her thirteenth birthday not the day before her fourteenth birthday.

It was also not to a boy that she liked either. In fact Lisa's mother had lost her virginity to a complete stranger while on vacation in Arizona. She had seen a good looking boy hanging around the pool at the motel and had flirted with him.

The next thing she knew she was in the back seat of a Chevy with the boy between her legs sticking his cock into her pussy. He didn't kiss her, he didn't tell her that he even liked her, all he did was pull her one-piece bathing suit off to the side and thrust his cock into her.

She remembered it hurting when he broke her hymen, her crying, and then him leaving her there feeling used. Looking back on it she had been raped. The boy was much older than she was and was probably over eighteen, the car didn't even belong to his parents, and she never saw him again after that day. The incident had left her scared for years and probably contributed to her failed marriage. So when Lisa told her that she truly loved me, she told her to go for it.

Then when mom's group took her in and started making love to her she realized that she liked women more than she liked men. Mom explained to Lisa's mother that none of the group considered themselves lesbians but that they liked all forms of sex. All forms meant sex with men, women, and even animals. All forms meant oral, vaginal, and anal sex. That all forms meant private, public, and group sex. Mom explained that the group started out just to discuss and explore sex in all aspects and that they would try things and report back to the whole group.

Mom said that usually on Thursday they would gather at their favorite bar, have a few drinks, and spill their guts about their past weekend and their plans for the next weekend.

One of their favorite things to do was to travel in packs of two or three and pick up some guys in a pack too. That way no woman was totally alone and vulnerable. Plus they could trade off if the wanted too, have group sex, or if necessary they could take care of their own needs. Lisa's mother smiled and asked where they met on Thursday.

Tina's mother was interested too. Then I was asked if I would mind having two overnight guests on Thursday nights just in case they got lucky. Hell no, I wouldn't mind. After dinner we kids went up to Lisa's bedroom while her mother took the women to her bedroom.

We fooled around and fell asleep. In the morning we were awakened, served breakfast in bed, and then taken home to get ready for school. The next night the six of us got together again at Tina's house. This time the talk was more serious, more detailed, and we kids stuck around for the conversation. Mom talked about what she had personally done and what some of the women in her group had personally done.

The women protect one another in more ways than one. They will protect the married women from their husbands by lying for them, they will protect the other women by double dating or standing guard for them, and they will protect the other women from gossip too. She talked about one time when Sharon wanted to get fucked on the steps of city hall. She easily found a guy that was willing. After all who wouldn't want to fuck Sharon. She was just beautiful. Even stark raving naked on the steps of city hall at high noon in broad daylight wouldn't discourage him.

At that time the group had eleven members and it took all of them. They got a bunch of walkie-talkies, posted guards around the area, and had several get away cars standing by.

On the signal that everything was in place and that coast was clear Sharon and the guy ran out of a car naked, climbed halfway up the stairs, and started going at it like a pair of bunny rabbits. She laughed as she told us that they guy got stage fright at the time so Sharon just rolled him down a step or two and got on top of him. As she bounced on his cock people gathered around her.

Men and women alike watched her fucking that guy for all she was worth, the crowd was cheering her on, and what seemed like it took forever happened…he came. Sharon got off from him, grabbed his hand, and ran back to the car. It didn't end there though.

Mom took off with the nude couple in the back seat of her car but three other women took off with nude store mannequins in the back seats of their cars. Of course the four cars looked alike and went in different directions. When the police finally arrived a couple of the women from her group gave false descriptions to the police, others incited the crowd to cheer and chant, while others encouraged the crowd to block the police cars so that they could not go after Sharon and mom.

It had been so well planned out that it came off without a hitch. To this very day no one has tried to top that. Both Tina and Lisa said that they would like to try topping it someday. Mom just looked at me and said that I was one lucky guy to have two girlfriends like that.

Two girlfriends! Yes I did have two girlfriends and they didn't mind sharing me either. I was lucky as hell! The next day at school Lisa and Tina started soliciting other girls in our class to form a 'younger girl group' with them. They told of some of the adventures the 'older women's group' had had over the years.

Thursday night there was a sleepover at Lisa's house with Tina, six other girls, and me. Friday was a day off from school for some teacher's conference. The nine of us kids were on our own for three nights. The fourteen women took turns dropping in for an hour or so to talk to us about the pros and cons of forming a life long friendship. They told stories, they answered questions, and they preformed sex with Lisa, Tina, and I like it was a natural thing.

By Sunday afternoon I had made love to each and every one of those members of the 'younger girl group' and they had made love to each other too. Hence the 'eight pack' was formed. Within ten days of turning fourteen I had had sex with fourteen older women and eight younger girls.

I dare anyone to top that. The End My Moms Friends 223