Bigtits that can make your world sway are here some other time

Bigtits that can make your world sway are here some other time
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Prior The Rapper and the Sportscaster: The Rapper and the Sportscaster Down In the Dumps The Sportscaster in the Urban Jungle The Boys were not bums but lived in this backwater as homeless since they could not find a legal place to live that was not too near an exempted place.

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Others had moved here after they were run out of their places when neighbors found out about their records. The warehouse was old and dirty. There were heavy beams and old pieces of equipment strewn around as well as junk everywhere. The Boys had cots and beds around a makeshift fireplace they had made against a wall.

Being night there was little light except that from the fire. It was this hell that Karin had been brought to.

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She knelt on the cold dirty floor with the weight of the beam on her neck. Shivering, trembling, helpless she knelt waiting her fate. ===========================. Look what we got here. Nice blonde Bitch. What you doing down in the dumps.

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I was abducted, get me out of here, I'll get you a reward. Please help me. We got ourselves our reward right here. Please you don't understand who I am, I am a sportcaster on TV. Karin had fallen into a SEX-OFFENDER HELL.

This poor woman was where no woman would want to be. Deep in the bowels of the old factory district she was surrounded by evil-doers who had found comfort living together. They were all repeat offenders, psychopath's who looked at women for only perverted reasons. While she begged they laughed and mocked her. They made fun of her pleas --- ---Let me go Please. I am a sportscaster. Help me please. HAAAAAAA Haha yea, right, well you gonna be the show.

Were gonna FUCK the shit outa that cunt of yours. You are going to wish you stayed out of this hood, that's for sure. BITCH SLUT WHORE CUNT Wait what are you doing.

Karin was pulled off her knees pushed laying backwards. Two of the guys put their foot on the beam on her shoulders.


AHHHHH no, Karin cries as a stream of piss began to shower her. Ha look at the sportscaster now. Ya, piss faced. Karin's legs were thrashing but she could not move with her shoulders tied to the beam Straddling her chest another of the Boys grabbed her face, holding her mouth open pissed in her mouth.

Karin choked, spitting up the piss as it poured down her throat.

FUCKING PISS GANGBANG PISS ON THE BITCH The boys yelled. Karin twisted but there was little she could do as two streams poured down. Another guy kneeled down on the other side of her head facing her. He grabbed her hair, shook her head and then slapped her face.

Piss on that bitch face and slap it red. SLAP SLAP AHHHHH, Karin tried to avoid the slaps. He held her mouth open and both men spit in her mouth and closed it up.

Swallow that.


Sportscaster, how about some water sports. Fuck Ya, that's it, slap that stupid mouth. Karin's head jerked back with the force of another slap.

Aghhh. Karin felt her legs pulled up, her shoulders pinned, and a cock enter her cunt. THUMP THUMP THUMP she was being hard pussy fucked while yet another of the boys pissed on her face. Fuck that pussy. Yea. the guy straddling her chest grabbed her tits.

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He sqeezed and slapped them. The piss stopped and then Karin looked up to a cock being jacked over her and the cum splattering over her head. The cock in her pussy dug deep throbbing shooting a load inside her. Another took his place A man kneeling at her head grabbed her head and pushed his cock in her mouth.

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The man squeezing her breasts pushed his dick between her tits. Even as the cocks were shooting their loads Karin screamed bloody murder. Everywhere she looked, from every direction she was being fucked, cummed on and pissed on. The Psycho's were everywhere until everyone stepped back. They let her lay there, wondering what was next, whimpering, begging.

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OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO Chains were wrapped around her ankles and she was yanked into the air, spread eagled. with arms still spread tied to the board. Wait, what are you doing let me down. The chains creaked as she was very slowly pulled up to the high ceiling.

What are you doing. Please let me down. Hey, how you doing up there. The men stood around watching Karin twist above them. Stupid Bitch, we got a little surprise for you.

WHOOOSH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Karin screamed in agony as the chains were released for a 10 foot drop and then a sudden stop just over the floor. AHH AHHH. Karin was in extreme agony as every joint, muscle and tendon seared with pain. Shoulders, hips, knees felt like there were ready to pop out of their sockets.

The men laughed and raised her up this time so her breasts were about waist heights off the ground. Upside down her ample tits flopped downward. A mean looking biker type grabbed her breasts and pushed his cock between them. He started to tittie fuck the upside down bitch. On the other side two guys slapped her ass and her thighs.


Cum shot down her face as the tittie fucker shot his load down onto her face. BAMMMM. Karin hit the ground. Quickly a chain was wrapped around her neck and she was pulled over by the fire place.

She was bent over at a slant over the fire place with The chain hooked on the fire place top ledge. Her legs were out of the fire but fire was near and hot. The bitch was in a terrible position. He neck was chained to the fire place. She stood at angle to say way for the fire. Her arms were still bound to the wooden beam across her neck. One of the boys grabbed her waist and penetrated her ass. She braced herself not to be pushed into the fire yet the brute was fucking her ass hard from behind pushing toward the fire.

Karin was choking while she was being ass fucked, the chain biting into her neck. Choke and ass raped, yet the only thing she thought of was keeping out of the fire. The cum ran down her leg after he was finished.

She stood there, the fire starting to sear her skin. There was nothing she could do. They left her there, terrified, the heat unbearable unable to move. Karin was yelling screaming. Another guy straddled her ass. The others were yelling, Fuck that ASS. Fuck her.

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Karin was in a terrible position, the chain was choking her and the heat was unbearable. The Psycho fingered her pussy, slapped her ass, slapped her pussy.

He grabbed her ass, tormenting her.

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She knew what was coming. She was struggling to stay conscious, to stay alive. She felt the cock pushing into her. I CAN'T AKE ANOTHER FUCKING LIKE THIS. To Be Continued