Hot latina rides a stiff meat pole brunette and cumshot

Hot latina rides a stiff meat pole brunette and cumshot
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Seth smiled as he looked at the red headed girl. Up untill now Barbara had not yet seen him and that was going to stay this way for a while.

The girl looked nervous as she stood in the alleyway. It was nothing like last time, when he had made her undress in a park. Now they were in the middle of the city, behind a adult cinema. She was wearing a green dress and, if she had listened, a black bra and thong.

Walk to the front, get in and make your way to room 7. Seth send the message and watched as Barbara read it a few seconds later. She looked more confused then anything else but followed the directions. As Barabara made her way to the front, Seth took a backdoor, where he was greeted by the manager. 'Is everything set up?' Seth asked. 'Yes.' The manager nodded.

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Altough I am still not sure if it is a good idea.' The man added. Being friends with the manager of a seedy adult cinema had its advantages. One of which, was being able to set up a camera in one of the rooms.

The room that Barabara had just been send to. 'Relax. I pay you for this don't I.' Seth argued.

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'I know but still.' Before the man could continue, Seth held up his hand. 'It is done now and she is on her way. Where can I see the feed?' Seth usually did not have to use such a tone with his friends but he was not about to have this entertaining evening being ruined by a spooked manager.

The room Seth could use was small. It had a chair, a small table for food and drinks and a tv, which was tuned to an empty room. 'Get me a beer please.' Seth asked, trying to be friendly to the manager again.

He preferred to keep his dominating to his subs and slaves.


After the manager left, Barabara popped up on the screen. See these holes on ether side?' Seth typed. He saw how the girl looked around before he got a response. Yes, came the answer. You can do anything you want with the cocks that will appear from them.

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The man then typed. He thought for a second before adding.

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Also I can see you from a camera so keep your phone on. I might want to direct you. Seth could not see the response from Barabara, but he took it that she would be surprised. The first cock appeared through the hole and Barabara slowly walked towards it and inspected it.

She then put her fingers on the penis and slowly started rubbing. Faster and faster. Suck it. came Seth send. The girl looked at her phone and then put the cock between her lips.

The man seemed to like what she was dong as he came rather soon, her mouth filled with sperm. She swallowed and the second cock appeared. Again, Barabara started with rubbing before she sucked the cock untill the man behind the wall came.

Take off your dress, we do not want it to get dirty. Seth send to her phone. Barabara looked at the message and then slowly took off her dress, showing that indeed, she was wearing black lingerie. The next man had clearly peeked through the hole as he shoved his hand through it, wanting to feel her tits.

Barabara came close and the hand started groping her breast, trying to get underneath the bra. She wanted to please her master and undid the bra. As it felt to the ground, the man started groping her tits and playing with her nipples. The hand dissapeared and a cock appeared. Instead of rubbing it, she started to suck the thick cock directly. At first Barbara had been nervous but she found that she enjoyed sucked the cocks of these strangers. It made her feel like a slut and master probably knew that.

She kept on licking and sucking and the man came with a roar. Her mouth got filled with cum again. Seth had seen her enjoying this more and more. He was going to push her a little bit more, curious if she would go that far. Next cock, you are going to fuck. Barabara looked at her phone shock. Sucking was one thing but now master wanted her to fuck a stranger? Can I at least use a condom? Barbara replied back. She waited for what seemed like minutes before she got a reply back.

It was just a short yes. Barbara sighed relieved when her phone buzzed again. This time, was the second reply. Barbara started sucking off the next cock.


She then took a condom and put it on the cock. It was not that big and she thought that she could take it. She leaned backwards and allowed the cock to glide inside her.

It was hotter then Barbara had thought, feeling a stranger deep insde her. The two fucked for a short time, when she felt that he almost came. She turned around, took the condom off and put the cock in her mouth again. She sucked on it untill he came and swallowed all the sperm.

Another penis appeared and she started sucking it before she put the condom on and started fucking again. When her third cock went inside her, Barbara really felt as a cheat slut. She never realised that she could feel that way and was her master grateful that he found that inside her. Another two cocks came. One short while other was thick and long. With her fith cock, Barbara realised that she had more cocks in her today then she had ever before combined.

Her phone buzzed again and Barbara read: The next cock bareback. He managed to push her again. Really? she send back. It is the last one and yes. He responded.

The cock came and Barbara started with rubbing and sucking it.


She really wanted to tease the last one and also tried to extend the time before she had to put it in her. When the girl knew she could not put it off anymore, she opened her lips and pushed the cock inside her. She felt the hardness better then those with condom and soon was thrusting backwards, feeling the cock going deeper.

She groaned as Barbara started rubbing her clit.

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Harder and harder. A liquid oozed in her. The stranger had cum inside her without warning. She turned around to clean it up and the cock left. After that, Barbara looked around. Master had told her that this was the last cock. Could she dress again?

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A message buzzed. Dress and leave.

Will contact you in a while. Then another with: proud of you. Seth saw Barbara dress and leave.

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He had been the last cock that had cum inside her, however he was not about to tell the girl that. She had done good and he was happy. This sub was a keeper and Seth wondered how he could push her further. The young man collected the tape, said goodbye to his friend and left