Un mec enculé deux bombe françaises

Un mec enculé deux bombe françaises
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It was around 10pm on a rainy night in 1995 near the town of Glendale Forest. Tim Pedersen just returned from a night out with co-workers when he heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, a woman, 5'5, blue eyes, brown hair, but very soaked and shaken appeared before him.

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"I need to call a tow, my car crashed right down the road; May I use your phone?" said Taylor Bryant, a teacher a Forest Oaks ES, about 25 miles away. "Absolutely, come in.


Let me get a towel, you're soaked," said Tim as he assessed her condition from in the night glow. He came back with his phone and a towel to dry her off.

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As she called, he noticed her shoulder was bruised and her shirt torn slightly, probably from the accident. "Are you OK? Do you need any first aid?" as he noticed a gash above her right eye.

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"I think I'll be OK but the tow truck won't be here till 12:30. Do you think I could stay a while since the rain is a bad as it is?" He accepted without hesitation. He brought her a fresh shirt because the shirt she was wearing was soaked, exposing the plump breasts of the schoolteacher. "You can change in the bathroom on the right, down the hall." "Thank you so much," she said as she made her way down the hall.

Tim never had luck with women; in fact, he left early from the bar with his co-workers because he couldn't catch a snag with the ladies but for someone to fall right into his lap, he knew it was fate. She returned after dabbing the gash above her eye and asked a curious question to the awaiting Tim. "Are you Tim, Tim Pedersen from Hidden Valley HS?" Stunned to know she recognized him so quickly, he had his own double take and said, "Taylor B-Ball Bryant, class of 1988. Long time, no see, how have you been?" They had a big embrace in the living room of the apartment as the old lovers began to catch up.

"What brings you way out here, I thought you were still at Forest Oaks." "I am," she said reluctantly, "but I'm looking to transfer to Harmony Springs HS to coach the girls' team." "I believe you were your own traveling gypsy at a time," she responded. Tim was an legal rep in Glendale Forest, but moved out of town to be near his alma mater as a counselor. "I'm back at the Valley, counseling 10th graders." "That's great; how's Rebecca?" she said.

"We had better days, but chose to call it quits about 6 months ago," he said as he scanned the well endowed former girlfriend of years past. "That's too bad; I broke up with my boyfriend about three months ago myself." The two began talking about the good old days when they would walk home from school, play Zelda and watch MTV. They were serious in HS but when Tim chose Arizona and Taylor chose Arizona State, the duo grew apart. "Do you think we would have stayed together if the schools weren't so far apart?" she said with a regretful sigh.

"I do but we followed our dreams and maybe this was a way to reward us for following those aspirations." They never saw what could be in the physical realm until Taylor said "I always thought you could have been great in bed," as she took of the baggy T-shirt and showed her dazzling white bra, filled with big, bulging tits that burst the bra at the seams.

"I think I have a way to find out," said Tim as he leaned in for the kiss. They locked lips for the first time in eight years, but that first kiss since high school felt light years in the making.


Tim knew it was his time to shine and Taylor knew she had found her lost gem. The two locked lips on the couch for what seemed like an eternity with each acclimating themselves with the other.

Tim leaned her on the armrest of the couch, running his hands up and down the silky skin of Taylor's waist. He ending up at the bra hook, which he unsnapped effortlessly, revealing the great mammaries of Taylor.


She proceeded to lift the shirt from Tim, but struggled because of the bruised shoulder. "Let me help," Tim said as he removed his shirt to reveal his own slender but well fit body.

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His physique was not lost on her hands as she felt his tight chest with her palm and pinched his tush ever so innocently. He returned the favor, pulling her closer and meeting their chest together in hot passion. With the rain coming down outside, the clothes were coming down indoors. Still lip locked in desire, Tim took his hand down the skirt of Taylor, feeling her moist cunt for the first time. It was just as he envisioned when they locked eyes in the hall. Taylor welcomed the advance and unbuttoned the skirt for easier access.

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With the two lovers beginning exploring their new frontiers, the mercury rose even higher. The two made their way back to Tim's bed, where Taylor threw him down and stripped the scantly clad skirt from her supple frame, leaving blue panties the only covering. She pulled the slacks from Tim, unleashing the 8 inch cock from the counselor turned commando.

"Oh, my have you grown up," said the eager Taylor as she plotted the next move. "Just wait teacher, I haven't done my homework.

I think I need extra credit." The tapping of the rain could not dull the groans as Taylor began to slobber on the aching cock of Tim for the first time, producing a grunt for every lash of the tongue on the attentive soldier.

She continued stroking with her mouth as she grasped the swollen balls, alternating between stroking and sucking his hard cock. Tim retuned the favor after he removed her blue panties and saw Taylor's juicy, swollen pussy in the moonlight was ripe for the lickin'.

He started slow, working his down her breast with his hands, teasing the perking nipples and massaging the melons to the tip of ecstasy. He then unleashed a tornado of pleasure upon her willing clit. She pulled his black hair into her lips, wanting more and getting what she asked for.

The torrent of tasty juice seeping from the luscious kitty evoked a rush to his cock he could not refuse. Taylor grabbed his mighty rod and said "give it to me; I've waited a long time for you to be inside me." He went in slow, penetrating the giant head into the eager pussy.

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As he made his way to the access tube, Taylor let out a scream of approval. "Deep, deep, right there, oh yeah, oh," she proclaimed as Tim sunk his dick deeper and deeper into Taylor's soaking wet cunt.

He thrust a mighty thrust before he pulled out and said "stand up; I've got a special surprise for you." He sat down and leaned her back on his cock with her facing away from him. He maneuvered into her vortex of pleasure and used his hands to tremble the clit that made go wild. "Don't stop, oh yeah, don't stop," she said as he got deeper in to the overflowing pussy, forcing a mighty squirt that drenched the bed and caused an orgasm beyond anything she experienced with anyone previous.

"Do that again, hot stuff.

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I want it more," she said as she flipped over and began to ride cowgirl. With each revolution of her hips on his shaft, the moans got louder, pressure on in her cunt got tighter, and expansion of his cocks reach got taller.

Pandemonium was the only thing to describe throbbing of Taylor's clit, as the she powered on his massive rod, he had to take control. He grasped her waist and laid her on the as he got a full court view of B-Ball Bailey's court, and it was wide open.

He threw his hips into her hers and attacked the open lane with his cock, attack her press with his own offense, moving his stiff in and out waiting for the right time to shoot the three. As he put her legs in the air she taps his belly and she released a block of streaming juice all over his package. The stage was set for a buzzer beater.

With one final possession, the two grabbed each others torso and mashed into each other until the overflowing of passion overrode the pain and fatigue. Tim gazed into her eyes and Taylor gazed back. With the final thrusts, the exchanged a deep kiss before a the shot heard about the complex fired from Tim's aching shaft, illuminating Taylor's juicy pussy with his hot cum, and producing a scream of pleasure that shook the bed to the core.

Tim scored the final basket right before the buzzer, when the phone rang for Taylor's tow truck. It was 12:30, time to part ways. "I won't forget this night," said Tim before he kissed Taylor goodbye. She responded, "maybe this is jus the beginning."

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