Naked puerto rican boys gallery gay Taking a few moments to permit

Naked puerto rican boys gallery gay Taking a few moments to permit
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A MOON LIT NIGHT The fact that a cool breeze was blowing through his bed room didn't do much to encourage Shad to sleep. It just was not a night for sleeping, so he got out of bed, pulled on his Joggins, a sleeveless shirt and sandals.

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In the dark he left the bed room and went downstairs. He took a beer from the fridge and went out the back doors to sit on the porch, from there he had a good view of the lake and the huge orange full moon that was just raising. He thought of the corn field on the other side of the road a short walk from his front door. There was some thing about moonlit nights and corn fields that kept roaming in his mind. He had the strongest desires to go chasing a woman thru the field and ravish her when he caught her.

His fantasy was interrupted by the door opening and Sharon step out unto the porch with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, she was wearing a pair of short, Joggins that was mold to her body, a tank top whose neck line was too low and arms holes too wide. Even by the moonlight he could see that she isn't wearing a bra.

"Can't sleep eh?" She asked. "Nope" He answers and she sits in the chair next to his. "So what are you out here thinking about?" She asks. "Nothing really, it's just that lately I've had this thing about moonlit corn field." He said not wanting to say anymore.

"Yea, go on. What about moonlit corn fields?" She asks eagerly. "I just keep seeing myself running thru it." He answers. "Are you chasing someone?" He could hear the strange tone in her voice but he's not surprise that she seems to know of his fantasy.

"Yea, a woman." He answered. "Why don't we go for a walk?" She states rather than ask. "We'll walk along the road." "Sounds cool." He agrees. Together they finished their beers and got up.

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They left the porch. "It's a nice night for a walk." He said softly as if afraid to make any noise in the quiet of the night. "It's a nice night for many things." She answers as she steps close to brush on him. "It's so nice and peaceful out here in the country. Thanks for letting us come." "No problem, anytime you want to come, just let us know, I'll even give you the keys if ever you and Jesse want to come alone." He said.


"I'll take you up on that, I sometimes wish we could get away from it all for a while, maybe out here just the two of us would loosen him up a bit." She said sadly. "Like I said anytime." He confirms. "So what does this woman you're chasing look like?" She asks to get back to the subject. "I don't know. She's a shadow" He answers. "But you do catch her." She asked excited.

"Oh yes but I can't remember what she looks or feels like, It's just one of those crazy things." He explained. "Yeah I know what you mean." She answered and drifted further out into the street. He stayed on the side that he was on and she went down the slop and into the field. He rushed across the street thinking that she went down in the field to have a pee.


He waited for a short while. "Sharon" He called and was answered by a rustle of corn stalks that couldn't be caused by the wind. He could see the rustle was moving away from him.

"Come and get me." Came her voice. She wants him to chase her. "Here I come." He cried out and laughing he jumped down the embankment and rushed into the field, not yet running but walking very fast. "Want to be my dream girl eh, well that's fine by me" He cried out. Again he was answered by a definite rustle ahead of him, then came the rustle that told him that she was moving fast, he began to jog trying to keep her sounds close.

"You know I'll catch you" He called out and angled to his right. He was fast on his feet he could catch up to her anytime but he was enjoying the excitement of the chase. He didn't catch her too soon, in his fantasy. Visions of her running fills his mind and he enjoy those visions, her rear bouncing a little, her large boobs bouncing wildly, braless as they were, her little pot belly jiggling just right, her large thighs jumping with every landing of her feet.

"You do know what happened in my fantasy?" He asked to be answered by a rustle that was too close so he slowed. She considered it wishful thinking when she thought of him catching her by wrapping a long arm across her breasts and holding her secure by her crotch, and she felt him press up against her back his hard prick pressing against her ass. "I'm gonna bite your neck. I know just where to bite to turn you on.

I know where to suck to provoke you. I know where to lick to spur you on." He called out to her Hearing him gave her a strange feeling of deja vu and she believed that he knew just what to do to get stimulated, for just telling her about it was stimulating enough.

He slowed down, even turned to circle around her rather than going strait, he was enjoying himself and didn't want it to end too soon, after all this was his turn on, chasing her and anticipating the end was getting him hot, already his rod was half stiff with excitement, he could hold out until it was fully erect before moving in for the kill.

"This is turning me on you know. Hope it's doing the same for you." He said. She remained quiet for she realized that he was very close and she too wanted it to last, it excited her to know that he was being turned on for so was she.

"When I catch you, I'm gonna feel off those big wonderful tities that's bouncing so delightfully as you ran." She bolted paying attention to the way her tits were bouncing, he was right they were bouncing and turning her on as the nipple rubs against her tank top.

"Oh there's a lot I would like to do to those wonderful tits of yours, but not tonight, to night I'll just hold unto them and enjoy them in my hand. Just their warmth in my hands should excite me." The distance had grown between them and he speeds up to close it, he really didn't want to catch her too soon, he wanted her to know what she was in for, well at least some of it.

"While one hand holds your tit, the other will be over that magnificent bulging porky of yours.

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I hope it's hairless. I like my porky shave clean. I'm sure you know how much I want it, there's many splendid things I want to do to it but not tonight." She knew he wanted her, knew by the way he looks at her, mostly at her tits and crotch, and she encourages him by exposing as much as she dared and sitting in ways that gives the best view of her bulge.

It thrilled her to know that he loves shaven porky for she was clean shaven. She got hotter just wondering what he would do to her porky, even the word porky turns her on, it was a new one for her, with a smile she whispered it. It sounded good. "I'm closing in on you, Honey." He said from not too far behind her and she made a sharp left and tried to be as quiet as she could be she walked away.

"What can I say about that voluptuous ass of yours? For tonight I just want to rub my poker against it, slide my poker between the cheeks, tease your little hole. Slide it between your thighs to rub your porky as I hold you tight, tonight Baby is a night of lust, pure lust, hope you're in that frame of mind." She was in that frame of mind, she knew from the start that it would be just a lustful thing.

Hear him saying what he wanted, really turned her on. She was as ready as she could be, she was wet and ready. She was even tempted to just give in and let her catch her, but she couldn't, it just wouldn't be fair. "That's what full moons are for honey, time to be a bitch in heat, a time to vent your lust, I'm ready.

Are you? I've got a massive hard dangling between my thighs and its hurting. Tonight we'll howl like wolves in heat." Suddenly all was quiet, she couldn't hear him, she knew he was behind her, she stops to listen but the wind was against her as it stirred the corn stalks to drown out whatever noise he might make.

She took advantage of it to move a few steps and stopped when the wind did, she waited listening and heard nothing, she moved when the wind rustled the stalks. "Got cha." When he caught her, he came up behind her, his left hand went across her huge breasts, while the right slanted down across her belly to settle at her crotch, for a moment the thought hit him.

What if she was just playing? What if she had no intention of going all the way? Did he make a mistake in thinking that she would live out his fantasy?

Should he be holding her as he was? Should he be enjoying the pleasures of her breasts against his arm or her meaty pubic mount against his palm?

Should he be enjoying the pleasures of her big butt against his groin? Did he feel her push back softly against him? Did he feel her hands on his? Did he feel her push his hands inward against her body? Was that a soft moan he heard?

This is the reality, not the fantasy, as in the fantasy he bends so that he could suck her neck a little behind her ears. He didn't suck her very hard, not enough to leave a mark.

The sensations that it sends through her body make her cry out softly. Again she pressed his hands against her as she pushed herself back into him, she felt his hard on, long and thick and all his questions faded in her respond. She reached behind her, squeezed her hand between their bodies and went to his crotch, she growled when she felt the thickness of his poker, her dildo is large, larger than any man she knows could be, her dream faded for what she held now was half a size larger than her dildo, a growl escapes her when she discovered the cock ring around his poker, she was very pleased.

She wondered if he always wore a cock ring since the whole thing seemed rather spontaneous Because his left hand was doing such delightful things to her breasts and his right hand was thrilling her porky so sweetly she didn't want him to stop. So it was with regrets that she let go his magnificent poker. Let go so that she could hook her thumbs in the waistband of his Joggins and push them down as far as she could, which was far enough to totally free his poker.

Then she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her Joggins and pushed them down as far as she could, which was below her knees, tight as they were on her thighs, they were losing enough for gravity to suck them down around her ankles. She couldn't hold the moan that came out of her when she wiggled and jiggled to get his long thick poker between her thighs.

What a thrill it was to look down and see it sticking out from her crotch as if it was her own.

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As if it was hers she began to play with it. What a joy it was to feel the ring vibrating softly between her thighs.

It was she that gave in to the weakness of her knees and let herself drop to the ground and he followed. It was she that leaned forward, supported herself on one hand, while the other guided his stiff hard prick to her hot wet cunt.

It was she that pushed back to secure the vibrating tip against the mouth of her porky.

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She felt his hand abandoned her breasts and crotch, only to resettled across her chest and belly, he held her tight and secure. He now bit rather than suck at her neck, electricity shot through her body and his poker poked into her porky, it stretched her as it slid into her, stretched her more than her three fingers would, stretched her more than her over sized dildo had.

Slowly he pushed into her, steadily he pushed up into her, he delighted himself in the hot tightness of her well-lubricated porky. She enjoyed the bliss of having his hard poker vibrating within her, for it was not her fingers, or her hard lifeless dildo, it was a throbbing live column of hot flesh in her porky. She was not one to dwell on pain but what pain she felt was bearable, like when she first lost her virginity, or when she first used three fingers, or even when she first used her dildo.

Deep into her he pushed his poker until he was at the end, she felt the pressure at the end of her shaft and knew that he was as deep as he could go, she knew that she had taken ten inches of his rod.


Again she experiences new sensations feeling him so deep in her. "Don't move" She said a little louder than she wanted to. She reached back and discovered that there was still a good hand span of his rod that hadn't made it into her, she thought of her shaft being stretched to the size of a pop bottle as her fingers fails to close around it.

With a mixture of delight and regrets she let it go and felt the head withdraw about three inches. He released the hold he had on her neck with his mouth, he tilted his head back, looked up at the huge full moon in the cloudless sky and let out a loud long wolf howl.

Again the feeling of deja vu washed over her and there was something about the sounds that send a gratifying thrill through her body. In respond she let out a long loud growl.

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He continued to howls as he thrust back and forth with short quick jabs and every howl made her shiver with delight that kept her growling. With one hand he fondled her breasts, with the other he fondled her pussy. Faster and faster the short quick jabs became, on and on he jabbed at her and she responded with short quick moves of her own, the dull pain was gone and there was only the pleasure, pleasure that had them howling and growling loud and constantly. Then she felt his mouth on her neck, she felt his left-hand move to her right breast and held the nipple between two fingers, she felt the long middle finger of his right-hand move to the base of her clit.

At the same time he pushed just a little deeper into her than he had been going, he bit on her neck, he squeezed her nipple and pressed at the base of her clit.

She couldn't move, she couldn't utter a sound, as her body became charged with orgasmic euphoria. Caught up as she was in her own orgasm, she was still aware of his hard throbbing poker and the fiery fluid that it was pumping into her. There was no wild thrashing about, no uncontrolled biting or scratching, just the most wonderful orgasm that seems to send delightful tinkling sensation radiating through their body.

For him it was the fulfilment of a fantasy. For her it was a unique experience. For some time he held his position behind her. He still held her securely as his still vibrating poker slowly lost its rigidity in her body. "Wow! Fantastic." He whispered in her ear as he pushed in against her and his limp poker slide into her.

"It was a great pleasure." She answered as she felt his poker sliding out of her. "Now you'll have to help me with my corn field fantasy." "You have a corn field fantasy?" He asked surprised. "Yes I do and when it's time I'll come to you."She said. "I'll be here for you." He said and slowly eased his limp poker completely out of her. "I know you will. Now lets go back I think I'm ready to sleep now." She said. "Same here." He said