Sexy Latina with Big Booty Cums by Twerk

Sexy Latina with Big Booty Cums by Twerk
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Black and yellow I met Naoki while we were in college. She was a tiny, shy little Japanese girl whose parents had moved to the United States only a couple of years before.

I, my name is Jamal, on the other hand was a pretty aggressive black guy who grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood in Phoenix and hung out with some pretty tough friends.

It was in my junior year and I was taking part in freshman introductions when we met. The assignments were random and I just happened to end up showing Naoki around the school to help her get off to a smooth start. We spent two days together and she hardly ever said a word except as a short answer to a direct question.


About a week later I saw her sitting alone in the school coffee shop. I walked up to her and said "Hi." Naoki gave me a cute little smile and a little bow and said, Hello, Mr. Jamal." I asked if I could join her and she gave me another little bow.

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For a week we did the same thing every day at the same time. She started telling me more about herself and asking things about me. I had been with a lot of girls and women in my life and had never gone so slowly when getting to know any of them. Many had been just sexual hook ups. Finally I asked her out on an actual date. She giggled, bowed and said that she would like that.

I took her out to dinner. It was just fast food. She said that she was still having a hard time getting used to like many of the US food but did like hamburgers. We were a funny couple to look at. She was 5'0" and weighed less than 100 pounds, with A-cup breasts. Her hair was short and black and her skin was a pale yellowish and her eyes had the stereotypical slant.

I on the other hand was 5'11" and weighed 185. My skin was a dark chocolate and my hair was not an Afro but was short and somewhat curly. We dated for three weeks before I put the move on her. That was unusual for me to wait till more than the second date to get laid. Often the girls and women that I had been with wanted sex on the first date as much as I did and we got right to it. Many of my hook-ups should not even been called dates.

At first Naoki said no to having sex but she did start letting me touch her private parts and things progressed slowly for three more weeks. She always giggled when I sucked on her nipples. For some reason I did not mind taking it slow with Naoki. That did not mean that during this time I did not get my share of fucking with several other girls.

When the night finally came that I got Naoki so hot licking her pretty little cunt that she said yes when I told her that I wanted to put my cock in her, she asked me if it would hurt the first time. I had not even thought about her being a virgin. I was big and she was small and tight and a virgin so I said, "yes but soon it will feel really nice and you will enjoy it and look forward to doing it often." We finished undressing and I kissed all over her body before I got between her legs.

I'm not huge. My erection is about eight inches and fairly thick. I made sure I had placed plenty of spit on her pussy for lube but I still had a hard time entering her. I hated condoms and neither one of us ever mentioned wearing one.

I had gotten my high school English teacher pregnant when I was a sophomore but nothing was ever said about it.

I slowly worked my cock into Naoki till I met the resistance of her hymen. "It will hurt now for a second." I shoved another inch and felt the membrane split. Naoki gasped but did not say a word. I could see a tear in her eye. Naoki lay there quietly while I slowly worked my man meat inside of her to almost its full depth. I loved the sight of my thick black cock sticking out of her with her pale yellow tinted skin and her hairy snatch. I was used to slamming my cock full depth into whatever cunt I was fucking so this was a new experience.

Finally I was sliding in and out of Naoki's fuck tunnel. I had never felt anything so tight around my cock. Even blowjobs where the girl was sucking hard on my dick did not feel this tight. The closest thing to it was ass fucking. For several minutes she just lay there with her eyes closed while I gently pumped into her. Finally she started making little sounds that were somewhere between a squeak and a moan.

Some five minutes later I was starting to pound her pretty hard and to my full depth when she grabbed me, lifted her bottom up to match my thrusts, moaned loudly saying something in Japanese and had her first orgasm. This brought me over the edge. My ball sack tightened and my cock swelled a little larger and I blasted a load into Naoki's cunt.

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She moaned loudly again as she felt my jiz fill her womb. I slowly pumped for another half minute or so and then pulled out. There was a small amount of blood mixed with our cum on my cock and on the outside of her pussy. I hugged and kissed her and then told her that sex was never ended till the girl put the man's cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

I don't think Naoki believed me but she did it. I took her back to her dorm. We kept dating and having sex for about seven months before Naoki told me that she was pregnant. I knew that we were in love so I did not hesitate in asking her to marry me. She said yes but I needed her father's permission. For the first time, I went to meet her family. Although he never said anything, I could tell her father was not happy about his daughter being with any other than a Japanese boy.

Her parents were very polite and quiet. I thought about how much Naoki and her mother looked alike. We ate and talked. I told Naoki's parents that I wanted to marry her and when they asked her, she said that she felt the same.

Her father gave the OK. He did not yet know that she was pregnant. Three weeks later we were quietly married. Only her parents and my mother were there at the wedding.

I think her parents would have planned a big wedding if Naoki were marrying a Japanese man but that was OK with me.

We moved into a small apartment off campus and settled into married life which went well for both of us. About a month after the wedding I met this beautiful black girl, took her out in my car and fucked the shit out of her cunt and her throat, hard and fast.

Now I knew that I was never going to be the faithful husband even if I loved my wife very much. Naoki's parents lived in the same city and we were expected to visit once a week for dinner. Her mother was a good cook but I learned not to ask what was in the makings of the food that she cooked or I would not have eaten much of it. We sat around after the meal and made a small amount of small talk and then called it a night. I the one thing I did notice was that Naoki's mother, Nadori spent a lot of time looking at the bulge in my pants.

About four months later we were at Naoki's parent's home. Her father was in the living room and Naoki and I were in the kitchen with Nadori.

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I was standing behind Nadori when she backed up and my cock pressed briefly against the small of her back. She moved away, turned and apologized but I could see a little smile on her face. Then she went back to cooking. Naoki went to take her father some tea and tell him that dinner would be ready soon. I decided to check something out.

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I moved forward and pressed my cock against Nadori's back again. This time she did not pull away. She rubbed back and forth against my rapidly hardening cock.

We parted when Nadori returned to the kitchen. The next time we went to my wife's parent's home there was a short time when her mother and I were alone. Naoki stood in front of me and looked up into my eyes.

"When Naoki was about three there was a black soldier stationed in our city and I worked with him at my job. He had a big bulge in his pants like you do. We became lovers and had sex many times.

I loved his big member and missed it very much when he got relocated. When I look at you it brings back good memories. I apologies for my crudeness but would you sex me one time so I can stop thinking about the memories?" I was surprised but I told her that I would be happy to be with her. The next time we came over, Nadori told me that she had a sister that also lived there and she had arranged for us to use her apartment.

Three nights later I knocked on the door and Nadori greeted me wearing a thin Japanese gown. After the door closed, she dropped the gown to the floor and stood naked in front of me. Nadori looked very much like Naoki except that she no longer had a small waist.

"May I undress you?" I told her yes and slowly my clothing was removed. "Will you allow me to give you a shower?" In the shower, Naoki spent a lot of effort soaping and washing every part of my body. I found it very erotic and grew a tremendous hard on. She spent a lot of time on my cock and balls. "Maybe you are even bigger that my soldier friend, Jim." After gently drying, we made our way to her sister's bed. "Jim very much like Naoki to sex him with her mouth.

Do you also like that?" I told her that I also very much liked that and almost before I finished saying it she had her lips over the head of my cock, stretching wide to get me in. She sucked and licked while jacking my shaft.

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It did not take her long to get me ready to explode. I warned her so she could pull off but she squeezed my balls and pushed more of me in her mouth and made me come down her throat.

"I missed that very much. Thank you Jamal." I shot a load and soon started to soften but Nadori kept sucking till I hardened again.

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"My Jim's best like was for me to be on top and ride on his penis. May I be on top?" I rolled on my back and helped my mother-in-law straddle me and lower her unshaven pussy onto my cock. When she was fully down onto my pelvis and I was fully in her she moaned. "I am so full.


My husband is less than five inches and no bigger around that a broom handle. You feel so good in me.

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Do I feel good for you also?" "Wonderful." I guess she was still tight because her husband was so small. I put my hands on Nadori's small breasts and pinched her nipples. She started moving up and down the length of my shaft, gaining speed with each movement and I started thrusting up into her to match her movements.

Soon we were fucking at light speed. She orgasmed first with a loud squeal.

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Then without a seconds hesitation she dropped down and finished me with her mouth. She moved up and cuddled and thanked me over and over again. Two days later it was our next time to go to Naoki's parent's house. We were warmly greeted as usual. One time when I was alone with Nadori, I whispered to her that we could do it again if she wanted.

She smiled at me and bowed slightly. Two weeks later she invited me to her sister's apartment again. I gladly accepted. She said that the door would be unlocked and that I should just come in. I knocked on the door and then opened it. Stepping in to where I could see into the living room, I saw an unexpected sight. Sitting naked on the couch were both Nadori and her sister. They were clearly sisters. The biggest difference was that Nadori's sister has full C-cup tits with big dark nipples.

They walked over to me and proceeded to undress me. Then they had me sit on the couch while they got down in front of me and shared my cock. They ran their mouths up and down both sides of my shaft and when one had my cock in her mouth; the other would be sucking my balls.

They made sure that each of them got some of my cum when I unloaded.


When I started to harden again, they both lay side by side with their chests on the couch with their knees on the floor and their asses pointing at me. I spent ten minutes fucking back and forth from one pussy to the other and back again. Finally I pulled out and deposited a large puddle of thick white cum in the middle of the small of Nadori's back and her sister proceeded to lick it all up and Nadori sucked me clean.

They told me that they had also shared Jim the soldier that many years ago. A week later I was playing pool with some of my buds when one of them said that he and met this hot, red headed white slut who loved to be gangbanged by big black cocks and he invited me to join them the next night.

I thought I was getting all the fucking and sucking my cock could handle but just thinking about it made me start to harden. How could I turn down an offer like that. "Sure. Count me in." 615