Twinks with big heads and hot kissing sexy gay porn romantic

Twinks with big heads and hot kissing sexy gay porn romantic
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My mind was still buzzing after finding out my sister had orchestrated the break-in to our cabin so she could give me a blow job. The fact that it ended in sex was almost overwhelming! I slowly walked up the moonlit path back to our cabin with a plan to have her fulfill her blowjob fantasy again when I heard some talking coming from the road. As I rounded the back of the house I saw my parents walking up the road.

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To top it off, they didn't seem very drunk. I guess my plans would have to wait. I quickly entered the cabin through the back door and went in to my room. My sister was already in bed with her back to me and I thought about waking her up when I heard the door open and heard my parent's voice.

I quickly kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt and ducked under the covers. My mom opened the door as I rolled over. I wasn't really in the mood to try to pretend to be sleeping so I sat up trying to look tired. "Oh, I didn't mean to wake you honey." my mom apologized. "It's OK mom, I wasn't really asleep yet anyway." I replied. "Did you have a good night?" she softly asked.

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What could I say? "Yeah, it was fine." I told her. There were a few other things I wanted to scream about tonight that I chose to refrain from.

We said our goodnights and it sounded like my mom and dad decided to do a little more chatting on the couch. That's the last thing I remember before I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, my mom was waking me up. I looked over and noticed my sister was already out of the room. I guess it was my turn to get up and start getting ready to head home.

As I stood up I noticed my sister's phone sitting on the stand next to her bed. I took a quick look out the door and didn't see my sister anywhere. I quickly moved over and picked up her phone. I entered in the lock code, seeing how it was me that set it for her, and opened her text messages.

I quickly found the one I was looking for, the one from last night. I opened it and saw the last entry. All it said was, "He knows". Hmm, so my sister knows I know about what she did. I relocked the phone and put it back where I left it. I went over to my bed and grabbed my short. As I slid my legs in, my sister came in dressed in shorts and a tank top with a towel around her head. She seemed to avoid eye contact with me as she went over and started to pack up her things.

I thought about saying something and then chose to let it wait until later. I grab an extra set of clothes and went to grab a quick shower. I say a quick shower since the water tank is small at the cabins and I was the last one to take one. The whole time I was in the shower I couldn't help but picture my sister standing in here just a few minutes before, naked, rubbing her body. I started to get a nice rise when I became quickly aware that the hot water was quickly leaving me.

It actually it turned cold very quickly, interrupting my train of thought and depleting the blood flow to my lower regions. I jumped out of the shower and got dried and dressed. When I got back to the room, my sister had already finished packing and had her bags out in the living room.

She was also nowhere to be found. Mom's request for me to hurry up prodded me to pack my bags so we could head home. After a quick cleaning of the cabin we loaded the car and drove down the road.

We drove for about an hour with my sister looking out her window and pretty much ignoring me. When we stopped for gas, my mom decided to go get drinks while my dad filled the car. This was the first time my sister and I were pretty much alone.

We sat there for what seemed like a several minutes, though I know it was only a few seconds staring out our windows when my sister finally broke the silence. "I'm sorry." she said softly. I looked over at her. She was still staring out the window. It almost looked as though she was going to cry or something. I felt a little bad. I mean I was still pretty pissed that she let me believe we might die, but I guess things worked out alright. "I mean, I don't want you to hate me or think I'm some freak." she continued.

"It's cool." I started. "I mean I was pretty pissed when I found out it was all a hoax. I mean, if it hadn't been for the dude with the gun aimed at me, it could have been awesome!

Though I don't know how it would have started." "How did you find out?" she asked quietly. I told her about me needing to clear my head and the walk down to the lake and finding James there. I explained how I read the texts and pretty much stood there in a fog for a bit. "You mean you don't think I'm some weirdo because I wanted to have sex with my brother?" she asked. "Well, to be honest, it took me most of the walk back to the cabin to wrap my head around that.

And there was a part of me that was thinking of getting a little revenge on you too. Maybe even have you thought I would tell mom and dad if you didn't give me another blowjob." My sister looked over at me for the first time since we left the cabin. She even got a small grin on her face. "So, what happened?" she mused. "Mom and dad came home early and I fell asleep." I replied.

Before either one of us could say anything else mom came back with drinks and dad finished filling the car. "What are you two up to?" mom asked. We both looked at each other and then back at mom.

"Nothing." we replied. My sister seemed a little more relaxed as we got back on the highway. Mom and dad tried to talk with us about the week and what things we liked best. My sister and I answered very little, in true teen fashion. As we drove I would catch my sister glancing over at me from time to time. I kept wondering what was going through her head, as I imagine she was wondering the same about mine.

We were about 4 hours from home when the car started to smoke. My dad pulled over and discovered a hole near the bottom of the radiator.

Our trip home was pretty much halted. Mom quickly pulled out her phone and called triple A for a tow. For the next 2 hours we sat and waited. Dad tried to engage us in some of the travel games we used to play when we were younger, but it didn't seem to make the time pass any quicker. Finally the tow truck arrived and we all piled the truck while he drove us to a repair station.

As luck would have it, it was closed until morning. Dad said he spotted a hotel down the road, so we each grabbed a small bag with a change of clothes and toiletries.

I also decided to throw in a swim suit, just in case they had a pool. My sister commented on that being a good idea and brought one of her own. After securing the car, we all hiked about a half mile down the road to a small hotel. My dad went up to the desk got us a room. The room had two queen beds but dad said he would have them bring up a roll-away for one of us to sleep on. There was a brief moment when I thought of telling them we didn't need it, but let it slide instead.

I did make a note of the sign for the pool though. Once we dropped off our bags in the room, mom and dad decided it was time to head to dinner. After dinner we asked mom if we could go for a swim. Mom and dad thought that would be a great idea and said they would come down to and enjoy the evening while we swam. There was a part of me that sunk when I heard they were coming along.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with me sister in the pool, but I knew it wouldn't happen with the parents watching. My sister and I quickly changed in to our suits. My sister had chosen one of her little bikinis for the evening. I must say I was looking at her a little different now.

I swear she was even swaying her hips a little more then usualy as she walked in front of me. By the time we reached the pool, I was starting to have a slight reaction that I hoped wouldn't be noticed. I decided the best way to hide it would be to be in the water and quickly jumped in the pool. Hiding wouldn't be a problem as I hit the cold water! The pool wasn't cool, it was cold! I think everything shrunk instantly.

My sister was just lowering herself in to the shallow end and made some great expressions as she held her hands up above the water that was just above her navel. I stood there shivering against the side of the pool as I watched her. Then I noticed her nipples pressing hard against the fabric of her bikini top. There was a slight sign of life from my frigid nether regions as my mind imagined what they would look like without the thin cloth covering them.

We lasted about 2 more minutes before both of us were out of the pool for good. I decided it would be best if we just watched TV or something before heading to bed. Dad looked at his watch and decided it wasn't really time for bed yet. When we got back to our room, dad asked if we had any problem if he and mom went next door for a couple of drinks.

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Quickly we answered that it would be fine and it almost seemed as though we rushed them out the door. I decided to close the security latch on the door, so they couldn't just walk in, if something were to happen. When I turned around, my sister was sitting on one of the beds with the remote in hand.

I walked over as she flipped through the channels. "What are we watching?" I asked. "I dunno." she replied. "Just thought I would see what was on." Karen flipped through a few more channels then turned off the TV.

"So you really aren't mad at me?" "Not really. Just makes me wonder though." I replied. "Wonder what?" I took a deep breath and replied, "What other fantasies are roaming around in there." I made a pointing motion to her head. I watched Karen get a sly grin on her face. Then she sat up and leaned forward, giving me a great view of her cleavage.

She leaned close to me and whispered, "I have been wondering what it would be like to have you go down on me." There was a rush of blood through my body culminating at my groin. I must have heard that wrong.


Though given the previous nights events, nothing is impossible anymore. I just sat there eyeing her body, still clad in her small bikini. My sister just leaned back on the pillow and looked at me. "It was just a thought." "A good thought." I added. "I might be willing to help you with that thought." My sister sat up with a very alluring smile.

I watched as she reached her hands behind her head and untied her top. I was transfixed on her firm breasts. The cool brick had maintained the hardness of her nipples and I knew what I wanted to do. I moved over across the bed and lowered my mouth on to one of those cool, rigid nibs. As I sucked in and flicked my tongue along it, my ears were greeted with a gasp and moan from my sister.

My suckling only lasted a moment when my sister pulled me off. Then she pushed me over on to the bed and moved over my legs. I watched as she untied my bathing suit and started to tug. "I think you were telling me something about ransoming my silence for a blow job?" she murmured as she pulled my suit off and dropped it do the ground. Then she lowered herself and kissed along my inner thigh.

Her breath was warm as she worked her way up to my nearly fully erect member. I let out a loud gasp as her warm, moist mouth lowered on to my shaft. My sister looked up at me with a grin on her face, then returned her attention my aching member. Her talent was even better than in the cabin! My body felt many little shudders of pleasure as her lips slid up and down.

I could feel her fingers wrapped around my flesh, tracing after her mouth. I laid there in awe at the feeling my sister was ensuing on me. I could feel her erect nipples touching along my thighs. Both my sister and I let out small moans as she continued to suck. I brought my hands up and cradled her head. I tilted her head slightly which brought on a whole new feeling. Then I felt it. It started in my legs, a quivering of my muscles. That feeling quickly resonated thought my shell. Then it happened!

My legs twitched, my abs tightened! I let out a loud moan as I felt the fluids erupt through shaft and in to my sister's waiting mouth. Expertly my sister milked my slowly deflating member. When my sister was convinced she had gotten all of my liquids she let me fall from her lips.

Seductively she looked up at me. "Well, that takes care of that fantasy." she murmured. It took me a minute to get the feeling back in my body. Then I pulled her up and our lips touched. I could taste myself on her tongue as they started to mingle. I shifted my body and rolled her on to her back. Then I broke our kiss and started to suckle myself down along her body. I paused over each of her firm and wanting breasts. I felt each nipple careening along my tongue. Then I slowly guided my lips southward.

My hands preceded my lips and found the sides of her bikini bottom. Two more kisses and my hands had untied her bottoms and flung them to the floor. I could feel the cool flesh touching my lips, then the first tickles of her pubic hair against my lower lip. I felt my sister's legs open wider, allowing me further access to her heavenly region. It took me mere seconds to slide down and kissed along the fold of her thigh.

My nose took in the wondrous aroma of my sister's moistening slit. I pulled back and took in the sight of my sister.

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Her head lying back on the pillow. Her breasts defying gravity while her hands gripping the sheets. My eyes gazed down along her flat stomach and over her neatly trimmed patch.

I couldn't wait any longer. I lowered my head, opening my lips and extending the tip of my tongue to meet the glistening goo shining from her opening.

The taste was amazing! It electrified my tongue and my ears took in a loud gasp from my sister's lips. I wanted more! More taste, more moans more, more and more! My tongue deftly slid up along her folds. I sucked on her hidden nub as I pulled her closer. I continued my exploration of this wonderful cavern and moved my fingers up along her flesh. Slowly I slipped my finger inside my sister. Her mouth let out another moan and I caught the sight of her fingers gripping the sheets tighter out the corner of my eye.

Slowly I slipped my finger in and out of my sister's velvet vise. Each time my finger curled up as it withdrew bringing louder and louder moans from my sister. A few more rounds and I felt my sister start to twitch. I thought my sister was about to rip the sheets from the bed as her body convulsed. I did my best to keep my tongue pressed on her clit as her body trembled through her orgasm.

When her body subsided I rose with a smirk on my face. I became transfixed on my sister's heaving chest. Her breasts rising and falling as she gasped for air. Then her hands let go of bed and gripped my head. My sister pulled me back up to her lips and we kissed again.

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I soon became aware of a rebirth in my groin. My sister must have felt it too.

Slowly she rolled me over and wrapped her fingers around my growing shaft. Within moments it was fully erect. Karen then straddled me, never removing her hand from my cock.

She hovered over me with my shaft less than an inch from her opening. "If I remembered, this fit very nicely someplace." she said with a glint in her eye.

I once again lay there dumbfounded. Then I let out another moan as she lowered herself on to me. I reached up and gripped her hips, pulling her all the way on to me. We both let out another series of moans as my sister started to slide up and down on me.

I raised my hips up to meet her, propelling me as deep as possible. As much as I was delighting in my sister riding me, I knew I wanted to take charge. I shifted my hips and rolled my sister on to her back. I temporarily fell from her grip. Quickly I repositioned myself and re-entered her body. We both released more moans as I slipped in and out of her. I felt her arms gripping me, her fingers digging in to my back.

Something told me it wouldn't be long for me or my sister. I shifted my thrusts and brought her legs up. My sister's breathing changed and I felt my own orgasm coming on.

Then the trigger floated in to my ears. "Fuck, oh fuck! Yes, fuck. Fuck me. Yes!" radiated from my sister's lips. I couldn't hold back any longer. My brain was on overdrive. I felt my sister's fingers digging in deeper, her legs pressed against my hips. I felt the pressure releasing throughout me body. I trembled as I launched my seed deep within my sister's wanting pussy.

I let out a groan of pleasure and heard my sister scream out in pleasure. My body spasmed again sending more fluids in to my sister's body. Two more thrusts and I knew I had spent the last of me.

I collapsed on to my sister's heaving breasts, panting.


After I regained my breath I rolled off of my sister. My sister sat up slightly and looked down at me. "So, are you still mad at me about the cabin?" she asked. I let out a slight chuckle. "Nope, not mad at all." My sister started to get up and I noticed a gleaming pool of liquid seeping from within her. "Looks like you're leaking a little." I mused. My sister looked down and then used a finger to bring some of the liquid to her mouth. "Mmm, not bad." she smiled back at me.

Then she got up, grabbed some clothes and retreated to the bathroom. I took a few minutes reminiscing over the events that just transpired. Then I got up and decided to make the roll-away bed while my sister was away.

When my sister returned she was in normal bedtime attire of tank top, no bra and panties. I just stood there with a goofy smile on my face as she walked over and sat at the head of the bed. My gaze was interrupted by a need to take a leak, so I grabbed a pair of shorts and headed to the bathroom. When I returned, my sister was sitting in bed watching something on TV. I went over and sat down next to her. I don't really recall much about what was on TV. It seemed as soon as I sat down there was some accidental touching that happened.

I countered with my own accidents. Before I knew our lips were touching and our tongues playing. I felt her hand gripping and stroking my cock through my shorts. My hand moved from squeezing and fondling her breasts to rubbing on her panty covered slit. Our playing continued when my sister broke our kiss. Her breathing was fast and bothered. One hand grabbed the back of my neck while the other squeezed hard on my cock.

I continued to rub her cover nub as her body started to tremble again, followed by squeaks of joy from her lips. Just as she started to come down from her orgasm there was a noise at the door. Then a loud "Clunk" as the brace bar held the door shut. "What the. " came my dad's voice. "Hang on a second." I hollered back as I got up and moved to the door. As I opened the door I suddenly realized I needed to hide the erection poking from inside my shorts. I started to get concerned about the smell of sex that hung in the hotel room's air.

"I smell." my dad started. "I smell I smell alcohol." It seemed my dad and mother had been having quite a few drinks at the bar. From the secondary odor I would also say there were a few people smoking nearby as well. "See, they didn't kill each other." my mom followed up. With that my mother grabbed her night gown and went in to the bathroom.

My dad just walked over to the bed, took off his shirt and shoes and flopped down. My sister and I just looked at each other with smiles on our faced. Then my sister put her head on the pillow and pulled the covers up. I took that as my cue to head to bed also. My mom came out of the bath room a minute later, turned off the lights and got in to bed. I had drifted off to sleep for about an hour when I woke to my covers being removed.

Through blurry eyes I recognized my sister's form fishing my flaccid member from my shorts. I let out a "Huh?" which was quickly met with a "Shhh" from my sister. Then she lowered her lips next to my ear as her hand started massaging my now growing flesh. In a whisper I heard, "I was feeling bad. I know you didn't get to cum that last time." With that my sister moved her head away from my ear and lowered it on to me manhood. I let out a muffled moan, trying to be as quite as possible but still letting my sister know I was enjoying her delights.

It might have been from our earlier groping we had done, but I soon felt a stiring in my loins. With one hand I reached up and placed it on my sister's head, the other went and gently caressed one of her breasts. Then in a rush, my body shuttered again and I felt the sweet release of pleasure in to my sister's wanting mouth again. Just as before, my sister expertly relieved me of all juices before letting me fall from her mouth.

Then she moved her head over and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Sweet dreams!" she whispered before she returned to her bed. The next thing I knew it was morning again. My dad had just gotten dressed and was heading out the door to check on the service of the car.

My mom went in to the bathroom to take her shower next. That's when my sister came over to me. "Have any good dreams?" she asked with a wicked smile. "Why yes I did." I grinned back. "You'll have to tell me about them sometime." she flirted. Then she moved closer and gave me a kiss. I felt her hand move down and squeeze my cock again. I returned the favor by sliding a finger along her panty covered slit. Our kiss broke when we heard the shower turn off. My sister moved over and gathered her things for the shower.

"So, are all your fantasies fulfilled?" I asked. My sister turned to me, raised her eyebrows with a big smile. "No." she gleaned. "But we can talk about that later." My mom came out of the bathroom and my sister disappeared for her shower. By the time I finished my shower, dad was back and wanting to check out.

I wasn't really sure why, we still had plenty of time. But check out we did. Then we went across the street to the restaurant to have breakfast. Somehow dad made it last 2 hours followed by 2 more hours of waiting at the repair shop. Finally we all piled in to the car and headed home. Once back on the freeway my mom looked back at us and let us know how happy she was at this vacation.

She said it seemed to have helped Karen and I work things out. Karen just smiled at mom and said, "Well once we understood each other, it helped us cum together and be closer." I couldn't help but snicker.

My mom responded pretty cluelessly, "Well, good. I hope you two will continue like this once we get home." "I'm sure we will, mom." I promised. I had no doubt we could continue to get close.