Hot gay hunks blow their sticky loads

Hot gay hunks blow their sticky loads
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Introduction This is the first ten chapters of my "Finding Love Along the Tracks" series. When I started writing this story, I had no idea where I was going to take it. I originally planned to only do a short 4 chapter series in which John, the main character finally gets the girl he had longed for, however, when I started writing, my creative juices started to flow and I just started write what came to me.

The part about the car chase was originally planned when I started, but having Kelsy's friends start to date Scott and Jason, I knew I had something going here. I had no idea how well received the first few chapters would be. I started to get positive comments in my inbox telling me to continue writing. The original four chapters idea flew out the window as more and more ideas of how I wanted to build the characters came to mind. I work during the day as a Truck Driver, and this gives me a-lot of time to think, and this is how I came up with most of the ideas that I have incorporated into my work.

The only controversy has been in Chapter 9, when William's Fiancee passes away from Pneumonia while being treated for Cancer by Bone Marrow Transplant. I do admit that there are very strong similarities between William and Danielle in this series to my True Life based stories with Characters of the same name. But I do want to point out to the reader that even though the resemblances are very strong, the William in this story is purely fictional.

While I did borrow Danielle's death from the real Danielle, this was only to build up the character's personalities in an area that I felt was very weak in the first eight chapters.

One reader asked me why I chose to re-use their names, and to be honest, I couldn't think of any better names on a whim, like I usually do when I am writing and introducing new characters into the story.

I see that I should have picked out different names, but since I am so far along in the story, it would be too much of a pain to go through each chapter and rename them. I guess a little self introduction about is is required. I am known as "Railfan" on here, as I am not comfortable as revealing my real name.

I don't really want my friends and family to see the work I am doing, but my Fiancee is very supportive of the idea that I am writing these kinds of stories, not because they are related to sex, but because it helps me relax and explore my inner thoughts on the subjects of Romance, Sex and Friendship.

I live in the St. Louis, in the northern part of the Metro Area. Every location you read about are real places with in the area. The Kirkwood Amtrak Station, a place that John hangs out at a-lot is one of the area's most visited railroad buff hangouts, and most young railfans getting started in the hobby seem to naturally congregate there, because of the density of train traffic.

Kirkwood usually see's anywhere between 30-50 trains a day, plus 4 Amtrak trains a day, so you can see why I set the story in Kirkwood, Missouri. I think I have said enough, so go on, enjoy the story, and please excuse any misspelled words that you come across.

Chapter 1 - Prom night This is the first part of a new series that I am writing. It is all fictional. The characters depicted in this story are all fictional and any resemblance to a real person is pure coincidence. This story is based on a 18 year old Railroad buff named John. He lives in the St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Kirkwood. In this series, he peruses the girl he has had a huge crush on since the 5th grade.

I plan to make this story a long one, so I am dividing it up into chapters. There will be several chapters where there is no sex at all. I want to go ahead to apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors, as I type pretty fast and some things slip past me.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! I would like to add that the story starts in 2005, and not present day. John was your average, and not so average 18 year old. He was born in Atlanta and when he was 4, his dad accepted a new job with Wells Fargo in St.

Louis. His family bought a home in the outer ring suburb of Kirkwood. It was a nice place, friendly people abound and everyone seemed to know each other. He really enjoyed going to school. He was going to graduate soon, and he does, he will be near the top of his class.

However, the one thing that really captured Johns attention was the railroad. He never wanted to work for a railroad, he just loved watching the trains roll by. His home is only a couple of blocks from the Kirkwood's Amtrak station.

Four times a day, Amtrak comes into town, either heading to St. Louis or out west to Kansas City. He almost always saw the afternoon train heading back to St. Louis, but the the morning and mid-day trains always came by while he was at school. Most of his friends consisted of the people who hung out to watch trains as well.

There was William, a guy from Florissant. He had a beautiful girlfriend named Danielle. Then there was Darrel. He was also from North County, and was one of the few African-American Railfans in the area. He is quite the character. Dan was a real good friend of his. Dan is a retired lawyer from the Union Pacific. The two of them constantly spoke about not only the railroads, but about life in general.

Thanks to Dan, John had decided that he wanted to own his own design firm, designing everything from websites to buildings.

John almost always carried his camera with him. It was not an expensive camera like William's, but for an 18 year old who was about to graduate from High School, he loved it. He mainly photographed trains, but he also loved taking photos of his friends.

There was one friend however, that he not only loved to photographed, but also loved from afar as well. Her name was Kelsy, she was 17 and a Senior like him. He adored her, and they talked constantly.

However, he had a major crush on her, and like any other 18 year old boy, he was very nervous of being rejected by her. He was happy with their relationship so far, but he longed for her. Kelsy had an amazing body. She had B-Cup breasts, an hour glass figure and she weighed no more than 125 soaking wet.

She had beautiful emerald eyes and dark red hair that accented her lightly toned skin. Every time she got a new boyfriend, it would crush John. But for some reason, Kelsy never had a boyfriend longer than a month, and when she broke it off, she never spoke to that guy again. That's where John got scared, he did not want to loose Kelsy as a friend. What he loved most about her was her dimples. Every time she smiled, those dimples showed up and he would just stare at them.

She also had the voice of an angel. Those were the two things that he was most attracted to about her. The two of them were actually best friends. They met in the 6th grade when she joined his class during the middle of the year. She had moved with her mom after she divorced her father when she caught him cheating on her with her cousin.

They moved to St. Louis from Denver suburb of Golden, Colorado. They had hit it off right away, and he showed her where all the good places to go where. Of course he showed her his favorite location, the Amtrak station.

When she found out that he loved trains, she laughed. She found it weird that someone actually liked trains and loved taking pictures. When she laughed at him, it hurt him. But he understood. It was not the first time he met someone who thought he needed to get a life because of his passion for trains. He was bullied most of the time in school because of it.

It got so bad one time that he missed a month of school. It wasn't until the principle of the school started to enforce a new rule that would result in detentions, suspensions and even expulsions of bullies within the school. This put him at ease, and he started to attend classes again, and the bullies started to leave him alone.

What please him the most was that she started hanging out with him. All during middle school, then high school, the two of the were close friends. She accepted the fact that he loved trains, and sometimes even accompanied him to the Station.

This is when John started to fall in love with her. She accepted him for who he was. No one else had ever shown him such compassion. He was protective of her as well, and every new boyfriend she got, he felt like they were not good enough for her. He was usually right, because they either usually ended up cheating on her, or got bored with her because she would not put out. He knew she was virgin. She wanted to save herself for the one that she knew she was going to marry.

Not many girls in the area saved themselves for Mr. right, but she was one of the few. John was also a virgin who has never had a girlfriend. Most girls wouldn't even give him a second look, or they never even noticed him, even in school.

He was quite, and usually kept to him self. The only times he usually came out of his shell was when he was talking to Dan at the Station, or was talking to Kelsy. Both of them listened, and while Dan could provide the advice on how to handle the situation, Kelsy just listened. He knew she could not provide good advice, but she did manage to tell him that he needs to stay calm, and that he may never know it, but his future wife could be closer than he thought.

It was April, and he was looking forward to Prom. The two of them attended Kirkwood High School. He was going to go with Jason and Scott. They were the two friends in High School that he could actually call his friends. They too also shared a passion for trains.

What he really wanted to do was to go with Kelsy, but like last year, she was asked to prom by one of the members of the schools football team, Derek. Derek was one of those jocks, and was one of the ones that had always bullied him before the principle put his foot down.

He secretly wished that she had said no so that he could have asked her to go with him, even if it was only as friends. A few weeks before Prom, John and his two friends decided to spend all day Saturday and do one of their "Marathon Railfanning" days that they did every once in a while.

They would wake up an hour before dawn and they would ride their bikes down the the Amtrak station with their camera gear. They would not leave until after sunset. This gave the three of them time to talk about their latest models that had purchased from one of the area's hobby shops or from a recent model train show.

For them, it was their own little escape from reality. John arrived first at the station. He parked his bike on the east side of that station next to one of the concrete benches. He started to check that his camera had survived the trip. He did not have to worry though as he had made this trip on his bike several times before. He had celebrated his 18th birthday a couple of months before and his father gave him a new camera, a Nikon D40.

He loved the camera camera, mainly because it was the latest Nikon SLR that had come out a couple of weeks before his birthday. The camera only came with a 35-55mm lens that could only zoom in so far, so for a month after his birthday, he saved his money to get another lens, a 55-200 that could zoom in as far as 1/4 mile away from the subject.

He had just bought it the previous weekend and this was the first time he would be able to try it out Scott arrived a few minutes later, followed shortly after by Jason. Light started to break in the sky as they settled down and they all looked forward to a full day of train action. "So John, are you taking Kelsy to prom this year?" Asked Jason "I only wish I could, Derek asked her out the second that they announced the date" John sighed.

He thought about her pretty face when Jason mentioned her name. "I figured one of those assholes would get to her first. You know they only want to get in her pants" Scott chimed in. He also had a crush on Kelsy, but not as bad as John. Scott was more interested in her best friend, Shelby. "I know, right, I just wish she would see that. Sometimes she can be foolish, but going to prom with one of the Varsity players just makes her look better in the eye of the school" I told them.

"Sometimes that can be the worst. I know what you are going through, John, I asked Emily to prom last week, but she turned me down. Seems to me that she is going to Prom with Jeremy" Jason said. "Hey, we are going to go together, not as dates, obviously, but as friends. God, that would not look good if we were going there as each other's date" John said. The thought alone sent a shiver down his spine.

"Ha!" Scott laughed "Who knows, maybe one of the jocks will do something stupid, and we can ride to the rescue to help the lady in distress." "That does happen at every dance, but I don't think that we would even have any luck doing that, as you know, there are plenty of other guys that are better looking than us that would have more luck." Jason commented.

"All we can do is just go there, stay for an hour or two, then we can come here and do some night time photography, or if dad lets me use the car, we can take a little trip over into Illinois and see whats over there" John said. "After all, I would rather be out trackside than go to a so called dance where all they play is Rap." "I agree, I can't see why anyone likes the stuff, all it is to me is just fast talking to a very bad beat" replied Jason. Jason hated rap with a passion, he was a country boy, and if it was not Country or 70's and 80's rock, then it was crap music.

He tolerated the other types of music, but he hated rap with passion Scott looked at a Jason and said "You need to get used to it Jason, after all, its not going to go away just because you hate it." Then the scanner went off, it was the defect detector that was about a mile away. "UP DETECTOR, MILEPOST, ONE TWO POINT TWO, TRACK TWO, NO DEFECTS. REPEAT, NO DEFECTS. TOTAL AXLE, TWO FOUR ZERO, TRAIN SPEED, ONE NINE MILES PER HOUR, TEMPERATURE, SIX EIGHT DEGREES, DETECTOR OUT" emitted the electronic voice "Looks like we have a manifest." John told his friends as he got up to get into position to grab his shots.

John got into position when the crossing activated, ringing its bell and lowering it's gates to prevent any cars from trying to cross in front of the train. The train came into view, and he was very pleased to see a Kansas City Southern locomotive on the point of the train. He snapped about a dozen photos of the train as it rounded the sweeping around the broad curve and past the station. There were some freight cars as well that he photographed as well.

A Maryland and Pennsylvania Boxcar, a Union Pacific company Tank Car, and Flat car that was hauling a beat up, derelict passenger car that looked like it was once used on the famous California Zephyr.

The train passed, and as the last car passed, he saw Kelsy standing on the other side. She was with Shelby. She was not here to hang out with him this time. He knew that the two of them were walking down the street to get some McDonald's. "Hi Kelsy, Shelby" John told them, "lovely day for a walk, isn't it?" "Yes it is, out photographing your trains again" Kelsy replied. She knew that he really enjoyed what he did and it made her happy that her best guy friend did this instead of getting high on drugs or sneaking beers out of his dads fridge to get drunk "You know it, Scott and Jason are with me, they are around here some where" "Tell them I said hi, I can't really stay and talk, Shelby and I are getting some food then her dad is taking us to get our dresses for prom.

Speaking of which, are you going?" She asked "Yeah, but I couldn't work up the nerve to ask anyone, so the boys and I are going by ourselves and just stay for a couple of hours at most" "That's a shame, I am sure if you asked, someone would have said yes." Kelsy grinned as she said this. They said bye and the girls walked down the street as John went to rejoin his friends on the bench.

"Where are they going?" Asked Scott "To McDonald's, where else?" John laughed John and his friends ended up photographing 34 freight trains and all four Amtrak trains that stopped in Kirkwood. The entire time, they were talking about the upcoming prom, and Jason even brought one of his new models that he bought. It was a beautiful HO scale hand crafted brass locomotive from Overland Models of a Union Pacific General Electric model U50 (Look it up!).

Both John and Scott were both amazed that Jason could afford such a model, as the retail price was around $1,200. He told them that he had been saving for two years to get it.

That night, after John had some dinner and had taken a shower, he got onto his computer to start editing his pictures. Some of the shots he deleted right away because they were duplicates, and he only kept the ones that were most appealing to the eye. It was shortly after 11 when the phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw it was Kelsy. "There is only one person I know who would be calling me this late!" giving a chuckle as he said this.

"Well then, who would that be?" She replied, being a smart ass "Oh, I don't know, maybe the President of the United States calling me in to rescue some pretty senators daughter who had been kidnapped by a tribe of natives in Afica?" "Ha, In your dreams!" She laughed "Whats up Kelsy, something the matter?" He asked "Maybe, its my gut, you know how it is when I get gut feelings, John. I am worried that Derek might do something stupid at prom." He could tell that she was very concerned "What do you think he would do?

I am sure by know you had told him that you didn't want to give it up to him" John told her, he knew that when she got a gut feeling, it was usually right. "I over heard some of his friends when Shelby and I were at McDonald's. Apparently from what I heard, they were all going to get hotel rooms and take their dates there, and when they mentioned Derek's name, I knew something was up. I have a feeling me might try to force me into having sex with him" "I would not put it passed him, I don't know if you know this or not, but Varsity Jock's think they can get everything and anything they wanted" He told her.

"I hope I am wrong, but you know how I am when I get these feelings. Do you think I should tell him I changed my mind and that I no longer want to go with him? She asked him "That is up to you, Kelsy, You are one of the most attractive girls in school. You going with him to prom will only help you up the social ladder in school, besides, who else would you want to go, surely not some geek like me!" There was a slight pause before she responded to that comment "You are right John, it does help me.

But could you do me a big favor? Would you go to the hotel as well? I know you and your friends will want to go watch some trains after you leave the dance, but I really might need you there if he really is going to do what they are planning" "You don't have to ask me twice, you know that I would do anything for you." He told her "Thanks John, you are the best, I have to go now, I have to finish studying for this history test we are having tomorrow, Tell you mom I said hi" she said "No problem Kelsy.

Hope you do well on your test, See you tomorrow" He hung up the phone and saved his work. He couldn't concentrate anymore because of what she told him. He had mixed emotions, ranging from happiness that she wanted him there to rescue her, to rage, knowing that Derek would do something as stupid as trying to force her into giving up her virginity.

The next day at school, he sat down to have lunch with Scott and Jason. He told them what Kelsy had said last night and the two of them also became upset. After all, both Emily and Shelby were also going with some of the jocks.

"When you talk to Kelsy again, tell her that we will be there too. Screw the trains, they will always be there, I would rather help someone that needs it." Jason said, with a hint of anger in his voice "I am right there with you. Jason, you already have a car, but I will ask my dad if I can borrow his car as well so we can all make a fast getaway in separate directions in case they chase the girls when they try to flee." Jason said.

He was clearly upset as well "Right, I will tell Kelsy this, we will be there for them. Even if it does not lead to anything, at least we will know that we helped them out when they really needed it. John went through the rest of the day distracted. He could not think, all he could think about was how to teach those guys a lesson. It pissed him off to no end that they thought of girls as a commodity, and not as a human. They use them for their pussy, then they get tossed away like throwing a cigarette butt out the car window when all the tobacco has burnt up.

That evening after dinner, he called Kelsy. He told her what both Jason and Scott had said. She knew that they both really liked Emily and Shelby. She agreed to the plan. The three of them would be waiting in the parking lot of the hotel. If the girls do not come out by midnight, we were free to leave, but not one minute before. She thanked him again, and that she really appreciated what he was doing for her and her friends.

"If you do end up saving us, I will make sure that you get the proper thank you. I think I just might treat you to a steak" She told him. "Trying to get to my heart with a Rib eye, huh?" John chuckled "You already have a place in my heart, as one of my best friends" she replied. This made John blush. Just hearing the part the he had a place in her heart meant the world to him. She already had a place in his heart, but the place she occupied has been unanswered for the longest time now. The weeks passed by, and John, Scott and Jason we busy making final plans for the get away's in case they had to rescue the girls when they run out of the hotel.

It was agreed that Scott would take Shelby. He would head south on US 67 and hit Interstate 44 east towards downtown St. Louis and if he was being followed, would us his knowledge of the roads in Illinois to get away from him, namely the roads that go into the rail yards. Jason would also head south, but instead of heading towards downtown St.

Louis, he would get onto I-44 west and then get onto Interstate 270. If he was followed, he would get off I-270 onto Page and head west into St. Charles county. If he losses them by then, we would follow the road until it turned in MO-94 and take that back to I-64 east back to Kirkwood. As for John. He had the most difficult route, but his dad agreed to let him use his new Dodge Charger for the night. He would head north on US-67, take that to Interstate 64 then head east towards downtown.

If he was being chased after, He would have to take I-64 all the way into Illinois and almost to Edwardsville before he could get off. Luckily for him, he had a friend who was a deputy for the Illinois State Highway Patrol. His name was Aaron, and he would be on duty that night. He told him that if he was being chased, to call him when they crossed into Illinois, give a description of the car that was chasing them and he would be waiting to pull over the chasing car.

With the final plans in place. The three of them went to go get their suits for prom. John had an all white suit that looked like it was from the late 80's.

Scott got a grey suit with a navy blue vest. He told his friends the colors reminded him of the Civil War. Only Scott could do something like that.

Jason on the other hand got a full Tux. Both John and Scott wondered why the hell he would do such a thing. John had to admit, even though the two of them were his best friends, they were both pretty weird, even though he was weird himself The night of prom arrived. John and the boys arrived about 30 minutes into the event. They walked in and he kept an eye out for the Kelsy and the girls. About 5 minutes later, John spotted Kelsy. She was dancing with Derek, and it looked like she was not really having a great time.

He kept putting his hand on her ass and she kept pushing it away. He knew right then and there that he would have to be rescuing her later. He took his phone out and put Aaron's number on speed dial, just in case. He went to go look for Jason and Scott. He saw them over by the refreshments table.

As he walked up, he saw a look of concern on their faces. "You guys find Emily and Shelby?" He asked "Yeah we did, and we both did not like what he saw" Jason said, "Emily was dancing with Jeremy, and the entire time I watched them, he kept trying to suck on her neck. She kept trying to get away from him, but he kept pushing. I didn't watch long, but from what I saw, I will have to get her away from the hotel quickly." "What about you, Scott?" "I saw Shelby. She was not acting her self.

Her date had his arm around her and kept trying to pull her onto his lap. She was not having any of it, but as I was watching, she reluctantly got onto his lap.

I could tell from on the look on her face that it was not going to end well for him tonight" She replied "You remember the plan, right?" John asked. His two friends shook their head yes "Lets enjoy this party for a while, then we will sneak out and go wait at the hotel The three of them enjoyed prom.

They managed to get to know a few more people, mostly sophomore's, and they actually made a couple of new friends. They didn't dare try the punch. They had all seen movies where some clever guy in a slick suit pours vodka or some other clear liqueur into the punch bowl to get everyone drunk off their ass's. About 10, the three of them walked out. They got into their respective cars. John was in an Orange with black racing stripes 2005 Dodge Charger, Scott was in a 2004 Chevrolet Impala, and Jason was in his own car, a 2003 Volvo.

They pulled out and went to the hotel, parking next to each other. They killed the lights on bot the outside and all interior lights as well. They had a clear view of the hotel rooms, and they made sure that they could get out of the parking lot as fast as possible. Around 10:30, the jocks and their dates started to arrive. One of the first to arrive was Jeremy and Emily. It looked like she was having a better time, but this might have happened because he somehow got her drunk during prom.

Next was Derek and Kelsy. Kelsy still looked a bit worried as they walked to their room. Shortly there after, Shelby and her date arrived. Pretty soon, everyone was there and there were jocks everywhere. It looked like that the Varsity guys got some of the freshmen to do lookout duty, probably in exchange for a case of beer or something else like that. Around 11, Emily came out bolting the room she and Jeremy were in. It looked like she was in tears.

She knew which car she had to go to and ran straight for Scott's Impala. As she was opening the door to get in, Jeremy ran out as well. He said some words and a couple of the freshman dashed towards the car. It was for nothing though, because as soon as she got in, Scott started his car, put it into drive, and peeled out of the parking lot, getting Emily out of there as fast as possible.

Jeremy looked like he was not happy at all and John could here him swearing like no tomorrow. He pushed on of the two freshmen on the ground out of anger, and then went back into his room, slamming the door shut. It was a few minutes later when Shelby ran out as well. However, John noticed that her dress was torn and it was exposing on her breasts. She tried in vain to hide it. He was amazed when no one came chasing after her. She made a beeline for Jason's Volvo and got in.

I didn't know if he noticed that no one was chasing after her, but I could tell that he was going to make sure that no one was, and he pulled out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell.

Now it was just John. The minutes were ticking by. He wanted to pass the time by listening to the radio, but he knew that this would give him away and the jocks would force him to leave. It was almost midnight and there was no sign of Kelsy. Maybe he was wrong about Derek and he was being a gentleman towards her.

At 11:50, his thoughts were proven wrong. Dashing through the parking lot, basically completely nude was Kelsy. She was running as fast as her legs could carry her, and Derek was right on her heals. She was screaming at him to start the car. John turned the key and the Hemi roared to life. She just barely managed to get into the car before Derek caught up, but before he could reach for the door handle, John put his foot to the floor on the pedal and raced out of the lot.

As he was peeling out onto US 67, He could see Derek getting into his own car. A few seconds later, Derek also peeled out, right behind him. He was in a 1989 Camaro. "Hold on Kelsy" John yelled, "I am going to have to break some traffic laws!" Kelsy didn't say anything, and he could sense the fear she had.

Derek must have done something very bad to her to put her into this kind of state, because he had never seen her this way before He sped up, driving north on US 67, passed the train station and through historic down town Kirkwood.

The speed limit here was only 30, but he was doing 55 to get away from Derek, who was sticking to his tail. A minute later, they raced through the intersection with Manchester Road.

He ran the red light, hoping that cross traffic would stop he pursuer, but at this time of night, it was almost empty. They were now on a divided part of US 67 and he floored it, taking his speed up to almost 90, and to his surprise, Derek's old Camaro managed to keep the pace. A few minutes later, he got to Interstate 64. He made a hard right doing 40, making the car fish tail as he turned and roared up the on ramp.

Derek had to slow down to 20 to make the turn and even then he almost lost control of the car. He quickly managed to catch up and kept on his tail. John tried to shake him by slamming on his breaks then speeding up.

He weaved in and out of the light traffic. He thought to himself as they raced underneath Kingshighway of why head had not yet seen any police. John was reaching of speeds up to 105, 50 miles over the posted 55 MPH speed limit.

He was slowly getting away from Derek, but the distance that was between them was still too close for comfort. He looked over to see Kelsy holding on for dear life and he could tell she was also crying at the same time. John reached into cup holder and grabbed his phone. He was approaching Poplar Street Bridge that would take them into Illinois.

He pressed speed dial button 3 and put the phone on speaker. "Deputy Reynolds" Aaron Answered "Aaron, its John, Kelsy and I are headed your way, let your partners know whats going on, I am in an orange Dodge Charger with black racing stripes, we are being chased by Kelsy's date in a dark colored 1989 Camaro. It looks like he tried to rape Kelsy" John yelled into the phone "OK, thanks John, I am in position, I will be waiting at the I-55/I-64 split." "Thanks, please let your dispatcher know" "Already have" He said before hanging up." John raced across the Poplar Street Bridge over the Mississippi River and into Illinois.

It was only a couple of miles to the split, and the distance was covered in no time. Derek was still on his tail when they came to the split. He could see Aaron in his patrol car waiting for us. There was also another patrol car there as well. Aaron most likely had expected it to be a high speed chase between Derek and himself and wanted to make it look like that they were not notified well in advance. John raced past the patrol cars doing 104, with Derek following him closely.

The instant that Derek passed, the two cruisers went into action, turning their lights on and started chasing after the Camaro. John looked back into the rear view mirror and saw the Derek had chickened out.

He pulled over and one of the cruisers pulled over behind him. He knew that Aaron would be in the other cruiser and he pulled over a 1/2 mile later. John got out of his car as Aaron stepped out of his unit.

"Thanks for the help, Aaron, I am surprised that old junker of his managed to keep up with me" he said, reaching his hand out to shake his hand. "No problem, I told you I would have your back" he replied shaking Johns hand. "What exactly happened to cause him to chase you like that?" "I don't know, Kelsy didn't say a word the entire time during the chase. She was busy crying almost the entire time" "Lets go talk to her, maybe we can get more charges on her date other then speeding.

At the speed he was going, its for sure that his license will be suspended." The two of them walked over to the car and opened the passenger door. Kelsy had stopped crying and and was just sniffing at this point "Ma'am, I am Deputy Aaron Reynolds of the Illinois State Highway Patrol, would you mind telling me why that car was chasing the two of you?" He asked her "Y.yeah, He was my date to prom, "she replied, trying to hold back more tears.

"A.after prom, we went back to the hotel room he for the night. H.he was being a g.gentlman until, until he shoved me onto the bed. H.he called me a prude because I am still a virgin. H.he ripped off my dress and held me down, saying that he was going to fuck me as much as he wanted to, and then he tried to rape me.

I had John waiting for me in case he tried to do something. Oh god, why did I agree to even go to prom with him" She said, as she broke down crying again. Aaron was shocked about what he had just heard, and so was John. Rage filled his eyes and if Aaron was not standing there, he would have walked the 1/2 mile down the road and beat the living shit out of Derek. "Would you mind if I took the two of you down there so you can ID the suspect?" He asked "Yeah, that will be fine" John told him.

John helped Kelsy out of the car, and Aaron wrapped her in a blanket as she was basically completely naked. They got into his patrol car and he drove his down to where the other deputy had Derek pulled over. "Hey Mark, hold your suspect. I was informed by the occupants of the other care that your suspected had tried to rape the girl that was in the passenger seat. I am bringing them down there to ID the suspect. "10-4" John heard. A few minutes later, they pulled up to the other deputy.

By this time, several other units were on the scene, and they had one lane closed for the investigation. One of the officers pulled Derek out of the back seat of the cruiser that he was in and Aaron turned on his spotlight to blind him from seeing us in his unit.

"Yeah, that's him," Kelsy said, "That's the asshole who tried to rape me" Aaron got on his radio and informed the other officers that they had a positive ID. Since Kelsy was only 17 at the time and he was 18, not only would he be charged with speeding and reckless drivng, but also with attempted rape of a minor. All the chances he had for a full ride to collage was destroyed in the matter of hours.

"Thanks you two. Normally I would have to charge you with speeding and reckless driving as well, but considering the circumstances, I won't be charging you with anything." Aaron said as he drove us back to the car. When we pulled up, John helped Kelsy of the Aaron's cruiser and and back into his car.

Aaron wished them a safe trip back home and John pulled away, getting back on the interstate to the next interchange to turn around. During the trip home, he could see how shaken up she was. John could see how frightened she still was. Being the friend he was, he wanted to comfort her in any way possible. She really needed a friend right now, and since he was sitting right next to her, he knew it had to be him. He took his hand and held hers.

He was surprised at how she responded, instantly grabbing his hand. He noticed right away this made her feel better. The trip back home was much longer than it was to Illinois. Mainly because he was now doing the speed limit instead of 100+ miles per hour. It was only when they were coming up on Manchester that she said something. "John, can I please stay with you tonight?" She asked John was taken back at the question, she had never asked that before.

But he knew that she really needed someone she could trust right now. "Yeah, you can, I will sleep on the couch and you can sleep in my bed." He told her "No, John, please, I really need someone I can trust.

Right now that person is you." She said, trying to hold back more tears "Are you saying that you want me to hold you while you sleep?" He asked "Yes, please. I don't want to go home like this" "Its fine, I will make sure no one else can do any more harm to you, Kelsy" "Thanks, it means a-lot to me" She replied, with a slightly happier tone in her voice They pulled up to his house andhe helped her out of the car.

His parents were already in bed, so he helped her right up the stairs and to his bed room. John gave her a St. Louis Blues shirt that was way to large for him for her to wear that night. He excused himself when as he went into the bathroom to change into Pajama's, something that he never wore. John walked back into the room and he saw Kelsy laying in the bed already.

She was just staring at the ceiling. He crawled into bed next her and put his arm's around her. He was surprised when she cuddled up next to him and rested her head on his shoulder. A few minutes later, she was fast asleep, her head resting on his shoulder. He looked at her while she slept. She looked so peaceful. He thought about the events that had taken place that night, and he started to wonder if Scott and Jason had made it as well.

They did not get chased like John did, but still, he wondered. He also wondered if the girls his friends rescued were also okay. Out of the three of them, it looked like Kelsy had suffered the most. Pretty soon, he too, fell fast asleep. The next morning, John was the first to wake up. Kelsy was still asleep on his shoulder. He had to relieve himself, and he lifted her head ever so gently as not to wake her up.

He managed to do so and he rolled out of bed and across the hall to the bathroom. After taking care of his business, he went downstairs and he saw his parents sitting at the table. There was picture of Derek on the front page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and a shot of the scene where he was arrested. When his dad saw him coming down, John expected him to be pissed of how he drove the car, but instead, he saw delight in his face.

"Seems like you had a busy night last night, John" His dad said "You could say that" John replied "You saved Kelsy from being raped, and now her date is now facing 10 to 15 years in prison because of it.

You have something to be proud of son. I am very proud of you. I am a little irked about my car being driven so fast, but I know that you did the right thing" His dad went on.

John smiled because he knew that he had really done the right thing and he helped out Kelsy, the girl he had always dreamed about being with. "What are you planning to do today, John" his mother asked "I am going to take Kelsy home first, then I am going to meet up with Scott and Jason to go sho." John was interrupted be his father again.

"You mean she stayed HERE last night?" His father asked with a surprised look on his face. "Yeah, she wanted to be held by someone she could trust. After last night, how could I say no?" He told his father "Did you get any?" He asked.

At which point, he mom came over slapped him up-side the head really hard for asking such a question. John just laughed and went back up stairs. When he got to his room, Kelsy was just waking up. "Where did you go? I woke up slightly and saw that you were gone, I had a dream that Derek escaped and came her to kill you" She said with a frightened look on her face, "When I saw you were not in bed, I was scared that it was not a dream!" When she said this, she jumped out of bed and right into his arms.

She started to cry again as John held her trying to comfort her. "It's fine Kelsy. Nothing happened to me, I just used the bathroom and went down stairs." He told her, trying to make her feel better. He felt a little guilty for leaving her alone in bed like that, but he really did have to use the bathroom. He continued to hold her for a few more minutes when he told her that he had better get her home.

She looked at him when she said this. She nodded her head yes and separated from the hug. She gathered what little things she had and dressed in a pair of his sweat pants and a T-shirt, he walked her out to the car. It was a two minute drive, but he could tell that she was feeling better than last night. A minute later, he pulled into her drive way. He got out and helped her to the door.

"Thanks again for saving me last night, John, I knew you would help me" She said when they got to the door. "Again, I said this before and I will say it again, I will always be there when you need help." He told her. "I know, but it really meant a-lot to me and my friends. You are not so much of a geek as you think you are" "You might be right, who knows what will happen when we go back to school tomorrow" "I know one thing, you will be crowned a hero" She said.

Right after she said this, she did something that he had never would expect from her. She put her arms around her, and he thought it was going to be another thank you hug, but instead, she pulled him down and gave him a deep kiss right on the lips. "I will see you tomorrow, John" She said as she opened the door and walked inside.

He was speechless, but at the same time, he was was also very happy. She had just given a train geek his very first kiss. "Who knows, after last night, she might actually want to be with me" he thought as he drove home. Chapter 2 - Proms Aftermath The next day at school, the student body was buzzing with gossip of what had happened to Derek the previous night, how he chased some geek because he had stolen his date from the hotel room and that he had been arrested in Illinois.

What they did not know was that John was the the geek that was involved. By Lunch time, every found out it was John, but there were other people who were skeptical about the role he played. He was too much of a loner to do such a thing. If it was not for Kelsy, no one would have believed the story. At lunch, he usually sat with Jason and Scott and they talked shop, the latest news in the railroad industry, the newest models coming out for their respective scales.

John modeled N scale (1:160 in size), Jason modeled in HO sale (1:87 in size) and Scott preferred Z scale (1:220 in size). But this time, it was different. Kelsy sat with them. She could not keep her eyes off John. This one guy who she always considered a brother had know became the person who saved her from rape, had suddenly became very attractive to her. She saw him in a point of view that she had never experienced before.

As they sat down to their lunch, several of the jocks came over. They looked really pissed. One of them was Jeremy, Shelby's date. "Hey, fucktard!" He yelled "The fuck where you thinking of when you got Derek arrested!?" John just ignored him.

That made him even more pissed off. Jeremy stormed over to the table, and stood over John. He glanced over at Kelsy. This really made his face turn red with anger. "Hey, fucktard, I am talking to you, boy!' He scowled John at this point decided it was best to face him, because the longer he ignored him, the more persistent he would be.

He knew Derek was his best friend, like a brother to him, and thanks to him, he would be sent to prison. "I'm sorry, are you talking to me?" John asked as he turned around to face him "Bet your scrawny ass I am, I am goint to fuck you up for what you did to Derek!" He yelled, throwing a punch from the right.

The punch landed in his right jaw. The punch hurt like hell, but John was not going to show this. The punch was hard enough to hurt, but was not powerful enough to knock him down, all it did was just push his head to the side.

"Is that the best you got?" John smirked "I am sure the starting Defensive Back would be much stronger than that" Jeremy growled and threw another punch, this time from the left. John saw it coming and managed to duck.

The punch that was thrown looked like it was going to be more powerful, and when he ducked, it caused Jeremy to spin around like a top. By this time, the commotion at his table drew the attention of everyone in the lunch room. They all laughed when Jeremy missed his punch. Even the Teacher, Mr. Smith, who had heard the commotion and walked in to investigate had to hold back a chuckle. Mr. Smith walked up to the table, and grabbed Jeremy by the collar of his shirt.

Jeremy, thinking it was one of his friends trying to stop him from further embarrassment, threw his arm back and elbowed him the in the gut. Mr. Smith was an athletic guy and it did not affect him.

It was only after he grunted in slight pain that Jeremy knew that he had fucked up. "Oh, ummm, Mr. Smith.I am so sorry.but." He stammered "I think this has gone far enough, Jeremy.

John, are you okay? Mr. Smith asked John nodded that he was, the punch left a mark on his cheek, but he would survive "Come with me, Jeremy. I think Mr. Bogel will want to hear about your unprovoked attack on John, and then how you attacked a teacher. I think the Student Resource Office would love to hear about it as well." Mr. Smith explained.

"John, I think you should go to the nurse to have that bruise checked out. Mr. Smith led Jeremy out of the room and towards the School office. Everyone could see the fear in his eyes. He knew that he was in deep shit. If he had not elbowed his English teacher in the gut, he may have only gotten off with a 180 day suspension, but since he did, he was now looking at an arrest and possible Jail time, along with the loss of any full ride football scholarship to any school he wanted.

After the two walked out of the room, everyone cheered. The train loving geek that no one knew existed until just a few hours ago had just stood up to one of the Jocks, took a punch to the face without flinching, and managed to keep his cool. "Come on, John, let me take you to the nurse, that bruise seems to be getting worse." Kelsy said. "Thanks, He does throw a mean right hook." He replied Kelsy got up from her seat and started to walk out of the cafeteria. John was about to follow her when Jason started to say something.

"Hey John, we will see you after school, right? Remember, The UP 1989 Rio Grande Heritage Unit is supposed to be on tonight's Dupo to LA train!" Jason said John looked over to his friends and gave him a thumbs up.

Even though he was badly bruised, he did not want to miss the UP 1989, it was the only Union Pacific Heritage unit he had not yet seen. Kelsy and John walked out of the lunch room, and everyone erupted in both applause and cheers for him.

The past few hours, he thought, he had become from invisible, to one of the most admired guys in the school. "John, why did you take that punch? You knew it would hurt" Kelsy said as they walked towards the nurses office "I wanted to give him a slight boost to his ego before I made him look like a fool, You saw how his next punch made him spin around like a top, right? John asked "That was funny.

You do know now that you are becoming one of the most popular guys in school, right?" "It's not going to change who I am. Even if the captain of the cheer-leading squad wanted to hook up with me, I would not. I don't even like her!" He explained "Why not? She is one of the prettiest girls in here" "She may be, but I don't like her attitude, she has always been rude to me.

Beside, there is someone else who I think who is even prettier." John said, he was going to be brave. "Who would that be?

I don't think there is anyone who is more attractive than her!" She was surprised by his answer. "I know she has been rude to you, but then again, she has not gotten to know you. She is actually a very sweet person" she continued "Kelsy, I have to tell you something." John started to get very nervous because he was finally going to tell her. "The girl who I think is prettier than Brenda is you." Kelsy looked at him and blushed. She had never expected to hear him say this. "Why, Thank You John, that means a-lot to me, I think you are very good looking myself" She said after a moments pause.

"I don't think you understand what I am saying, Kelsy. You are more than pretty, I think you are beautiful, I have thought that for a very long time. I have kept it to myself because I know what happens when you breakup with a boyfriend, you never speak to them again, and I don't want to loose you as a friend, I mean, I would love to be more than friends, but I don't want to loose one of my best friends" He rambled Kelsy blushed and looked at him.

The guy who was so brave the night before and just a few minutes ago, was now rambling on like a school girl. She could tell he was nervous when he said that, but after he finished, she could tell the weight had been lifted. She stopped in the middle of the hallway and John looked at her.

"I hope I did not really fuck up our friendship, Kelsy" John was very worried that he may have just lost the only girl who had been kind to him. He was wrong. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. John was caught off guard by the sudden kiss and the weight of her body being thrown at him. It took about a second for his mind to comprehend what was happening, but when it finally kicked n, he put his arms around her and returned the kiss.

Kelsy broke off the kiss and looked him. "After last night and a few minutes ago, I have started to see you in a new light. I did not realize how much you actually cared for me, and that is my biggest turn on. Yeah, I never do talk to the guys I have dated before, but that was because they were such jerks and only wanted in my pants." She explained.

"I want you to know, that if we do enter into a relationship, and we end up breaking up, I will never stop talking to you, you have done so much for me" John was very happy to hear these words coming from her mouth. After 6 long years of having unreturned love for her, she was finally admitting that she too really liked him.

He took her hand in is and they started down to the nurses office. As they approached, the passed the main office. He could see inside and there was Mr. Smith, Mr. Bogel and the SRO, Officer Robertson, and of course, Jeremy. Jeremy was in handcuffs, and it looked like he was going to be out of their hair, at least for a while.

He smiled when he saw this, but then he looked over to Kelsy, and he smiled even more. She looked even happier than she had earlier. The reached the nurses's office and when they both walked in, the nurse turned from her chair and saw the bruise on his cheek. She instantly got up and walked over to them. "What in the hell happened to you, John?" She asked.

"Jeremy is what happened, Mrs. Weaver. He punched me in the face because I put his best friend in jail last night after he tried to rape Kelsy here" He explained "So you are the young man who did that. I read the paper this morning, and I was surprised to see that Derek had been arrested. It seems like that you two had a pretty long chase as well" "Something like that, but could you please do something about this bruise, its starting to hurt even more" John said.

"Yeah, sure, go sit over there, Kelsy, you may go on to class, I will make sure that he gets the proper medical attention" She said "Yeah, I really do need to go, John, please call me after school." She responded, John looked over to her and gave her his thumbs up As she walked out of the office, Mrs.

Weaver came back over to him with a bag of ice and looked over the bruise. "That was one hell of a punch he threw, I am surprised it did not knock you out. You will be black and blue for about a week, but the swelling will go down after a couple of days." She said.

She gave him the ice bag and when he put it on his face, he flinched. The sharp edges of the ice cubes, along with the coldness caused some pain that he was not expecting.

Mrs. Weaver went over to her medicine cabinet and took out some Advil. When she gave it to him, he took the two pills with out water. After another look at the damage done to his face, and examining Johns mouth for any loose or missing teeth, she sent him on to class. The 4th period had just started, and with an excuse note in hand, he walked down the hall towards his Social Studies class.

The class was just about to start when he walked in. As he closed the door to the room, all eyes where on him. The news about the fight had spread like wildfire, and everyone just stared at him amazed. He calmly walked over to his teacher and handed him the note, and went to his seat. He sat down, and there was Brenda, the cheer-leading captain.

She looked over towards him. She normally sat in the back of the class with her friends, but after hearing about the events from the past 24 hours, she wanted to get to know him better, she wanted to persue him, and make him hers.

She had no idea about Kelsy, other than the two were good friends. "Hey, John, I heard what happened, are you okay?" She asked "Yeah, Doc says I will live, but I may have to have my cheek amputated" He replied, being a smart ass "Oh really, that would be terrible!" "I could get use to it." He noticed that she was not being rude. Maybe Kelsy was right, that she would try to make him hers. "Look, I was wondering if I could hang out with you this weekend, I was hoping we could grab dinner and catch a movie" She told him Not wanting to hurt her feelings, he replied "I would have to think about it, I mean, your very pretty and all and I think you are out of my league." "Well think about it hard, I will make it worth your while" She said, winking an eye at him.

Class started and it was going to be a good class today, This was the first day learning more about a country he loved, and had always wanted to visit. Japan. Not many people knew about his other hobby, and he even hid it from Scott and Jason.

He loved Anime. His favorite series were oldies, like Mobile Suite Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Ruroni Kenshin and Cowboy Bebop. Last Halloween, he even dressed up as Zechs Marquise, the Lightning Count from Gundam Wing. Class was over before he knew it, and as he was leaving, Brenda gave him her phone number, and told him to really think him over about it. He knew she was trying to use her body to get to him, and he did not think she was that attractive.

He looked for what was on the inside, and not the outside, and Kelsy was the most beautiful girl to him. After being tortured in the 6th period, the final class of the day, he was anxious to meet up with Jason and Scott.

He raced home to grab his camera. He also grabbed his video camera that his mom bought him back in 2000. He wanted both pictures and video of the UP 1989. He got there as fast as he could. Jason and Scott where already there.

"We are in for a little bit of a wait. The train is getting ready to depart Dupo now." Scott said as he walked up to them "Anything else coming worthy of my attention?" John replied "My dad got a lineup from a friend of his this morning. If anything, it would be this M-ASKC" (Authors note: This is a Union Pacific train that runs from the Alton and Southern yard in East St.

Louis to Neff yard in Kansas City) Scott said "Whats the power?" "It has a Montana Rail Link SDP40 on the point (Look it up), the 290" "Awesome!" John exclaimed.

John loved the Montana Rail Link. It was one of his favorite railroads. He loved the white, dark blue and black colors they applied to their locomotives, it was for sure one of the most attractive paint schemes to him.

"So we get a Heritage unit and a rare SDP40 today, its going to be a good day for train watching." John said, and his friends shook their heads in agreement. They were talking about the progress on Johns N scale model railroad he was building. It was a 10x3 L-Shaped layout and he was doing a freelance version of the Southern Railway on a fictional route between St. Louis and Memphis. They were discussing plans on how to convert the layout to Digital Command Control when Kelsy, with Shelby and Emily came walking up.

The three friends looked up, and while they knew that Kelsy came to sit with them every once in a while, the two other girls never came with his. It shocked them when they saw them. "Hey Kelsy, I am surprised that Emily and Shelby came with you, whats up?" John asked "I told them that I was going to come down and see what you were doing since you did not call me after school like I asked.

When I told them that I was coming her because I knew this is where you would be, they wanted know if Jason and Scott would be here as well" She explained "I told them that they more than likely would be, and they wanted to come along" Kelsy sat down next to John as she was saying this. He looked over at Jason and Scott and they were confused as to why the girls wanted to come down because they were there.

What surprised them even more is when Emily sat down next to Jason, and Shelby sat down next to Scott. "The reason why we came down here with her is because we never got to thank you, you guys did a-lot to get us out of there, and we both really appreciate it" Emily said.

Shelby agreed with the comment "We did it because we did not want to see you girls get hurt, but Kelsy here was affected the worst" John explained "It was the most intense driving I have ever done in my life" "Shelby, why did your date not chase after you?" Scott asked "Its because when he tore my dress, I kicked him where it hurts then smashed him over the head with a lamp and knocked him out.

I had a feeling he was going to try something" She replied "When I realized that he was knocked out, that's when I ran." "Did you have to do your full getaway route?" John asked "No, when she told me that he was knocked out, we drove South to Watson Road than took Geyer Road back north to her house." Jason replied "It was the same with me, no one came after us, To make sure that no one was following us, we crisscrossed the town while I took her home, not as eventful as you though" "Ha, you guys got off easy!" "Jason, I want to thank you, I really did like how worried you are and even put trains aside to make sure I would be okay" Emily replied.

She then suprised him when she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek "I feel the same way, Scott, thank you, I really mean it" Shelby said, also giving Scott a Kiss, but on the lips and not on the cheek as Emily The two of them turned red.

They had never been kissed in their life, and here where these two beauty's giving them a kiss. The girls cuddled up to them and this turned them an even brighter shade of red. They did not expect them to do this, as they thought they were just helping them out like they would help any other person who was in Danger. Kelsy looked at her friends and smiled when she saw them cuddling up to the boys. She then looked over at John, and cuddled up to him.

"John, I would really love it if I could be your girlfriend." She told him "Really? Kelsy, are you sure you can put up with a train loving geek like me? It would damage your reputation in school." he replied "I don't think that would be a problem, after today, I think you have become on of the popular kids." She said, "And as for the train part, I think I can put up with it, as a matter of fact, I even have bought some N scale trains of my own, but no one knows that" Shelby and Emily looked at her in shock.

They never knew that she had secretly gained a deep interest in trains. "Well then," John said, pulling her face in and giving her a kiss on the lips, "I would love to be considered your boyfriend." She smiled really big hugged him.

"Now I can tell Brenda that I can't go on a date with her this weekend." He continued. "I told you she might come on to you" Kelsy chuckled Their cuddling came to an abrupt end when they heard the defect detector go off. The three boys jumped into action to get into place. They knew it was going to be the M-ASKC as the UP 1989 was still crossing the river into Missouri.

A couple of minutes later, the gates activated. One motorist decided to run the red light in front of the gates and go around them. It was a bad move on the drivers fault because there was a Kirkwood Police car on the other side waiting to turn south when he sped past. The officer lit up his lights and the driver was pulled over right away. The train came around the corner leading up to the station. Sure enough, it was the M-ASKC and right there on the point was the Montana Rail Link 290, one 20 EMD SDP40's built, and one of the 6 that was bought by the Great Northern.

(Authors Note: The other 14 went to the Nacionales De Mexico, the National Railways of Mexico) John snapped his photos, trying to get as many pictures of this rare locomotive as he could. Trailing the 290 were locomotives from BNSF, Norfolk Southern and of course, the Union Pacific. John was not interested in the other four locomotives as they were very common locomotive models. As the train passed, he could see between the cars, and noticed that Kelsy had her phone out.

It looked to him that she was shooting some video of the train as well. After the train had passed, he rejoined the group. Emily and Shelby were cuddled up close to his friends. It was Scott who spoke first. "Shelby and I are going to be going out on a date this Saturday." He announced, he was beaming with Joy. He too had managed to finally get a date with the girl he has crushed on since he met her.

"Speaking of dates, when can we go on our first date?" Kelsy asked "You don't want to consider this our first date?" John asked "Why should I? We have done this before, lets go to the Magic House, it will be fun!" "If that's what you want to do, but I still want to catch this Heritage Unit" John replied She laughed when he said this. She knew that he really loved his trains, and that catching a Heritage unit meant a-lot to him. She knew it made him happy when he was track side, and with the bruise on his face from Jeremy's punch, he had forgotten about the pain.

Over the next hour and a half, the six of them talked, During this time, Emily and Jason also decided that they would go on a date as well. It was working out well for them all.

John could tell his friends where both very happy and very nervous at the same time. They six of them watched a few trains together, but they did not take any pictures. They boys just cuddled up to their respective girls and held them close with their arms over their shoulders as the trains passed. Soon, the defect detector announced another Westbound train, followed by the crew announcing that their train had no defects to the dispatcher, they knew it was the locomotive they were after.

John decided that he would see if Kelsy was also taking pictures of trains and took her across the tracks with him so he could get his photos.

Sure enough, as the train came into view, he could see her using her phone to video the train as it passed. He managed to shoot off about a half dozen photos of the locomotive. The locomotives yellow, grey and black paint looked amazing in the late afternoon sun, but after the locomotives passed, his attention turned back to Kelsy. She was just standing recording the entire train on her phone.

He knew that she was something else. It was getting dark after the train had passed, and they decided to leave. Scott and Shelby decided to grab some Pizza at the Imos down the street, and Jason and Emily decided that they would go and grab some Taco Bell. John, not really wanting fast food decided he would walk Kelsy home. "Can I come over for a few minutes John?

I would like to see how your layout is coming along" She told him "I don't see why not, My parents are out with some friends, so it should be fine" "John walked his bike home and the two of the talked the entire way.

They did not speak of the events that happened earlier, but were talking about how he had feelings for her for so long, and he found out that she felt the same way about him, and that she also did not want to ruin anything that they had between them as well. She explained that she did not want to loose her virginity to just some guy and that he had to be special, and that she compared every guy she had been with to him.

About 10 minutes later, they reached his home. He put his bike in the garage and he led Kelsy to his basement where the layout was. She was amazed at how much he had completed since she last saw it. He had all the track laid down and was just starting the scenery. He noticed that his dad had left a package on the table. As John opened it, he noticed two brand new Kato Locomotives and some Woodland Scenic's tree's. "These will really help out!" John exclaimed "Oh, I really like these models, but I don't think I like them as much as I like you" she told him as she walked up to him and gave him another hug.

"They are nice, and I can't wait to run them, but I will do that later, right now, I am happier to have you in my arms" He told her as he put his arms around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. The kiss they shared started to get passionate. He was getting into it and so was Kelsy. She was amazed at how good a kisser he was.

She began to think of how stupid it was to realize that she not only really liked him, but she had also loved him from afar as well, and that she was too stupid to realize it as well.

She knew that she would do anything to make him happy. As they continued to make out, she did something that surprised him. She reached down between them and undid his paint. He looked at her with a surprised look. "Kelsy, are you sure you want to loose your virginity now?" He asked "I am not going to give it to you now, but I want to make you feel really good right now" She told him as she pulled him back in for another kiss.

As he continued to make out with her, she reached into his pants and put her hand into his boxers. She was amazed at what she felt, he was already rock hard, and from what she could tell, he was really big, at least 8 inches with a wide girth.

John looked at her and was wide-eyed as she started to stroke his cock with her small hands. He pulled his head away and looked into her emerald eyes. She had a smile on her face. He put his hand on her face and she moved her head to kiss it. She moved her hands off his cock and pushed his pants, along with his boxers down to the floor. "I may be a virgin, John, but I want you to know, I love to suck cock, and I want to give you a blow job.

It's my way to thank you for the past couple of days and to how much I care for you and how much I love being your girlfriend" She told him as she got on her knee's. John looked at her and gave her a smile. He never thought that on their first night as a couple, she would be so willing to give him a blow job.

She started out by kissing the head of his cock and worked her way down his shaft, giving it small kisses as she worked her way down to his balls. She grabbed his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. This caused him to give emit a moan. She looked up at him and saw that he was really enjoying what she was doing. She kissed her way back up his cock, and then gave the head a little lick.

She loved the way his cock looked. Being up close to it, she confirmed that he was at least 8 inches. He was also about 2 inches around. She gave the head of his another lick, then opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock in her mouth. John sighed as he felt his cock go into her mouth, he then felt her move her tongue around the head.

She was teasing him, and before long, he could feel her taking more of his cock into her mouth. He loved the feeling he was getting from her. She managed to get about 5 inches of his cock into her mouth. She started to suck him hard, each time she bobbed her head on his cock, she managed to put pressure on the bottom of his cock.

This caused him to let out a loud moan. John placed his hands on her head as she continued to suck on his cock. She took one of her hands started to stroke the 3 inches of cock that she could not yet fit into her mouth. She used her other hand to play with his balls. This attention she was giving him was putting him into a state of ecstasy that he had never before felt in his life. She stopped sucking for a second and asked him if he was enjoying it. He told her that he was loving it and this made her smile.

She went back down and again took his cock back into her mouth. It was bliss for her as well. She loved the way John tasted, and she knew that she was giving him pleasure at the same time. "Oh god, Kelsy, your going to make me cum if you keep doing that!" He told her She again pulled her mouth of his cock.

"That's the point baby, I want you to cum" she replied as she went back to sucking his cock. She redoubled her efforts, sucking even hard then she was before and started to stroke his cock even faster. She wanted to taste his cum really bad. John could soon feelh is orgasm coming. He was panting as she continued to suck his cock harder then she had been.

"Kelsy, I am going to cum!" he yelled Kelsy moan what he thought was okay. He felt his cum racing up his shaft, and he erupted into her mouth. He managed to erupt 5 or 6 times, each time sending millions of his sperm into her mouth.

She managed to catch every bit of it in her mouth, swallowing hard after each eruption from his cock. When he was finished cumming, she looked up at him.

"Did you enjoy that, baby?" She asked "More than you would believe, but you did not have to do that." He replied "I know, but I really wanted to." She told him kissing him again.

He could taste himself, but that did not matter. He knew he had the girl of his dreams in his arms. After pulling his boxers and pants back on, Kelsy said she had to go. He walked her to the door and she pulled him in to kiss him good night.

He made her promise that she would call him to let him know she made it home safely. 10 minutes later, she called to let him know that she was home. "John, I just wanted to say I had fun today. I enjoyed the trains, your layout and I really enjoyed making you feel good tonight." She told him "I enjoyed it as well, and I hope we can spend even more time together" He replied.

"Lets go watch trains again tomorrow." She said "That sounds good to me, I would love that." "Oh, and John?" She said, sounding a bit hesitant "Yes?" "I love you" She told him He was stunned by the comment, but without hesitation he replied with "I love you, too, Kelsy" The two of them said goodnight.

John went and took his shower and ate a small dinner of left overs from the dinner the previous night. He got ready for bed and as he was falling asleep, he kept thinking to himself how lucky he was to have her in his life.

Chapter 3 - Graduation The School year was coming to a close, and everyone was getting excited about the upcoming summer vacation. As for John, Kelsy and thier friends, they were looking forward to graduation. John and Kelsy's relationship had started to blossom. They spent as much time as possible together. Eating lunch together, watching trains, going on dates and even hanging out with their friends. Their fist date was to the Magic House in Kirkwood. They had expected to have a really good time there, but after about half an hour, they grew tired of all the screaming kids.

It was giving Kelsy a headache because the parents seemed like they did not care what their kids did. Scott and Shelby grew closer together as well. While she didn't really understand his fascination with trains, she grew to accept that was who he was, and no matter what, she knew that being track side made him happy.

She saw the photos he had taken. He had photographed trains all over the Midwest, and she was amazed at how stunning a-lot of them were.

Mainly the night shots he had done. Her favorite was of a Wisconsin and Southern locomotive, with downtown Chicago in the background on the Fourth of July. She told him that she would love it if she could have that picture as a poster for her bed room. Jason and Emily hit it off right away. They had their first date a week after the rescue. They went to a St. Louis Cardinals game against the Houston Astro's.

The Cards beat the Astro's with a stunning 12-1 victory. They had a great time at the game, and she ended up getting drunk. He drove her home from the game and spent some time with her. Her parents where not home so they went to her bedroom, where she gave him a blowjob and she let him suck on her perky little boobs.

They would have gone all the way if her parents had not come home. She understood as well about his fascination with trains, and she supported him for it. She even told him that if he kept it up, that she would start to appreciate them more and photograph them as well.

He did not believe the last part, and he wanted to see proof of it. Unfortunately for John, the news about him getting together with Kelsy made him very unpopular with the jocks. They kept telling him that they would fuck him up if he did not break it off with her.

He knew that after the incident with Jeremy and Derek that they would not be as stupid as they were and they all turned out to be idle threats. However, Brenda would not stop bothering him. She really wanted him, bad. "John, when are you going to dump Kelsy and get together with me, I would let you fuck me over and over until I passed out" She said as they were walking out of 4th period "Its a tempting offer, but we don't have the same chemistry together as Kelsy and I, I love her and I will do nothing to hurt her, and I will NOT cheat on her." He replied "Oh, Mr.

Gentlemen over here is willing to be with a virgin instead of being with someone who would let him use her pussy whenever he wanted?" She teased "That's pretty much it.

I don't want to be with a girl who has been with 10 guys the past year. I bet you pussy is so wide from all the cocks you have fucked that I wouldn't be able to feel anything other than being in an open hole" He smirked.

He hated it when she came on to him and he wished that she would give it up "Hmph!" She grunted "Have it your way, but one of these days, I will get your cock in me and when you do, I will make sure I get knocked up so you will HAVE to dump that prude slut" and she walked away with a pissed off look in her face. "Good luck with that!" He yelled at her. He knew how persistent that she could be. He loved Kelsy, and he has for a very long time.

He did not want to do anything as stupid as knocking up another girl. After school, he met up with Kelsy at the Station as usual. Their friends would not be joining them as they had other plans. "Hey Beautiful" he said as he walked up behind her and hugged her.

"Hey Handsome," She replied "How was the last 3 classes of the day for you?" "It went well, until Brenda caught up with me." "Why is that?" she asked "She keeps insisting that I dump you for her, it has gotten to the point where she is offering to let me use her pussy as much as I wanted if I did.

I have no interest in that" "She is a slut, she used to be a very sweet girl towards me until she found out you and I were dating, then she became a total bitch" Kelsy said with an irritated look "I know.

She even called you a prude slut. Not sure how you are seeing as that you are still a virgin" "Ha!" she laughed "I can see her now, living in a trailer park with a drunk husband and 10 kids, all by a different father!" John just laughed when he heard this. He knew with her reputation, that it will probably be true. "Come on, lets get out of here, I don't feel like watching trains." John told her Kelsy was in shock when she heard this.

She felt his forehead with the back of her hand to see if he was okay. He always wanted to spend time at the station. "Where are we going to go then?" She asked "I was thinking we could go back to my place and watch a movie. I just got Batman Begins." "You just want to 'watch' a movie, but I think what you want is another Blowjob" she said with a smile "That would be lovely, but my intention is to just watch the movie with the girl I love" He told her Kelsy blushed when she heard this.

She knew how much he loved her blow jobs, and she usually gives him one about 3 times a week after school when his parents are not home. She almost gave him one time when he joined her and her family for dinner, but it went nothing more than passionate kissing since they were interrupted by her father.

They ended up spending the evening talking about their relationship, and if they really wanted to risk their friendship by dating. They walked towards his house, she had her arm wrapped around his and he could tell that she was very happy. She always was when she was with him. Since they admitted their feelings for each other a month before, their happiness level grew.

They walked into the house and to his room. She laid down on his bed and got comfortable as he put the DVD into the player and turned on his TV. He had just bought the movie the day before and was looking forward to seeing it.

He grabbed the remote control and joined her on the bed, where she cuddled up to him, laying her head on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat, and she swore that it was chanting "I Love You" over and over again. Halfway through the movie, he paused it and told her that he had to use the restroom.

She reluctantly agreed and got off his chest. As he was in the bathroom, his phone went off. It was an unregistered number, but she knew the number. It was Brenda. Her smile turned into a frown when she saw what she had said. "Hey Sexy" the text read "I had a great time last night, I know for a fact that I am pregnant and we are going to have a baby girl!

Forget about that bitch Kelsy, you are mine now!" John walked back into the room and saw her looking at his phone. She had a tear in her eye. "What's that matter baby? He asked " it true?" she asked? "Is what true?" "That you had sex with Brenda and knocked her up?" She told him "What the hell are you going on about, Kelsy, I would never do such a thing." He tried to reassure her that she was the only girl for him "She just sent you a text thanking you for the sex you had with her last night" "What the fuck!

Are you serious!?" John said, both with annoyance and anger towards Brenda. Kelsy showed him the text and he started to see red. "How the fuck did she get my number!" He replied to the text asking her the same. She replied that she had taken his phone and called hers while he was in gym, and saved the number to her phone. He was "My Husband" in her contacts.

She was now starting to really bother him. He told her to delete his number, that there would be no chance in hell for her to get him, and if she continued, that he would block her number.

The only thing she replied was "Wait until Graduation, and you will see ;)" "Oh geez." He sighed "That bitch will never give up, will she?" Kelsy was still very upset. John saw that she was and he pulled her close to him. He held her close to comfort her and pretty soon, she had calmed down. He hated to see her upset, and wanted to do anything to see that smile, or hear her pretty laugh. He decided he wanted both, so he carefully took his hand, and moved it towards her armpit and proceeded to tickle her.

This got her going and within seconds, she was laughing and trying to get away from him. She knew he was doing this to cheer her up, and it worked. Every time he tickled her, she would squirm and beg him to stop. They resumed the movie, but she noticed that he was not really into it anymore, distracted about the text messages from Brenda.

"Are you okay, baby?" She asked "Yeah, sorry, just a little distracted about what Brenda said." he replied "Pause the movie, please? I want to really make sure you are okay, I hate seeing you this distracted" John once again paused the movie and when he did, she got on top of him and gave him a really big kiss. "John, I know she is a bitch and I know she is after to hurt me for being with you. Please, don't let it affect you." She told him "I know Kelsy, but I keep thinking about what she meant when she said 'Wait until Graduation,' I hope she's not planning on getting me to sleep with her" "Baby, I know you, you would do nothing to hurt me, I love you and I know you love me." She told him as she kissed him.

He loved it when she kissed him. Her lips were so soft. Even if he never had sex and die a virgin, he would be content to just being able to kiss her every minute for the rest of his life. As they kissed, their kisses became more and more passionate. She started to dry hump him. She could easily feel him through her thin skirt and his gym shorts. Feeling his cock through their clothes got her really turned on.

Her skirt rode up her legs and she started to gind her panty covered clit over his covered cock, and she let out a moan as she continued to make out him. John could feel the heat radiating from he pussy, even through his thin shorts.

He bucked up into her to grind his cock more against her pussy. This was getting to be a major turn on. She may have given him A-1 blow jobs before, but never done anything like this with her before. He was really enjoying this. Kelsy couldn't stop even if she wanted to. For the first time in her life, she could feel a mans cock pushing against her pussy, even though it was covered by her panties and his cock was still in his shorts, she was getting turned on more and more every time she humped against him.

She never knew how good it would feel. He put her hands on both sides of his face and gave him a kiss that did not feel the same as when they made out. This was a kiss of a lover, and when she kissed him, she felt her love for him pour out of her and into him. A few minutes later, she was in a state of pure passion. She was constantly moaning from the pleasure of his cock grinding against her.

All of sudden she felt a shock wave of pleasure that she had never felt before. She screamed out his name as her first male induced orgasm swept over her. She came really hard and she felt herself get even wetter as she squirted into her panties, soaking them.

She collapsed down onto him out of breath. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed on her neck as she calmed down. "Oh my god, John. That was the best orgasm I have ever had!" She told him as she gave him another kiss. "Anything for you, baby" He told her.

"Did you cum as well?" She asked "No, I did not, but seeing you cum as hard as you did really turned me on." He explained to her "I loved it, baby, but I don't think it's fair that I got off and you did not." "Baby, its fine, as long as you are happy, that's all that matters to me" he said "That's why I love you, John, you are are such a gentlemen, but I want you to get off as well" She replied as she moved down his body. When she got to his shorts, she noticed that when she squirted that it had also made a mess on his shorts where is cock was.

She didn't care though, she wanted to give him the same pleasure that he just gave her. "Baby, I really do want to return the favor, it will make me happy" She told him "I want you to be happy, sweetie" He replied When he said this, she started to kiss his cock through his shorts. She could taste herself on his shorts, and she imagined that day that she could taste herself on his naked cock.

She pulled the waist of his shorts down, his cock popping out. She loved his cock, she loved how big it was, and everytime she saw it, she wanted to just suck his cock until he passed out. Instead of the usual kissing up and down his cock, she right away took his cock as far as she could go into her mouth. During the past month, she has trained her gag reflex's to get more of his cock into her mouth. She can now get 7 of the 8 inches in.

She started to suck on him like she would never see his wonderful cock again. John looked down and saw her looking up at him those emerald eyes. Her eyes sparkeled with happiness as she went down on him. He knew that she loved giving him blow jobs because she loved to please her man. He also knew that she was not ready to give up her virginity and this was the only way that she could please him.

Kelsy was enjoying having his cock in her mouth. Compared to the other guys she had given blow jobs to, she enjoyed his the most. For some reason, he smelled great, and she really enjoyed the taste of his cum. He ate a-lot of fruit, did not drink coffee and also was a non-smoker to ruin the taste.

She loved him, and would do anything to please him. To show him how much she enjoyed having his cock in her mouth, she started to suck on him harder, and she heard him moan.

She loved it when he moaned. She pulled his cock out of his mouth and asked "Are you enjoying your little girlfriends blow job, baby?" "I love it baby, I always have" He responded When she heard this, she smiled and went right back to sucking on his cock. She would very what she would do, she would suck on him with all the suction she could provide with her small mouth, and then she would just suck on the head while stroking his cock.

She would gently massage his balls just to to hear him moan. She knew that he loved that, and that caused him to cum harder. "Baby, I am going to cum soon." He told her. She looked up with her beautiful emerald eyes and he knew with that look she had, that she wanted his cum in her mouth.

He grabbed her hair as he approached his orgasm. He could tell that it was going to be a powerful one and he always let her know that by grabbing her hair. When Kelsy felt him grab her hair, she went back to only sucking on the head of his cock, making sure that his cum had plenty of space in her mouth so none of it would leak out. Of all the times that she gave him a blow job, only once did any leak out.

When that happened, he had cum so fast and hard without warning that she was caught off guard when his cum gushed into her mouth. John groaned as he felt his climax. He could feel his cum racing up the shaft of his cock. He grabbed her hair tighter and started to spray his load into her mouth.

She felt his cum shoot into her mouth and she was ready for it. The second the first shot went into her mouth, she swallowed. She swallowed after every shot of cum. She always did this because he always came a-lot.

When John stopped cumming, he looked down and she had a huge grin on her face. It looked like a cat-got-the-canary type grin. He knew that she loved it when he came in her mouth, and it made him happy because she was always pleased that she gave him the pleasure. "Did you enjoy that, my sexy man?" She asked him "You're the best sweet heart. You know I always love it when you do that." He replied.

The two of them cuddled up together once again and the resumed watching the movie. She once again laid her head on his chest and she could tell by his breathing that he was more relaxed and no longer worried about the text from Brenda. After the movie finished, He walked her home. She only lived a couple of blocks away and it usually took them 10 minutes to get to her house.

Along the way, he would look over to her and admire how beautiful she was. He loved her eyes, her long, waist length dark red hair and the most of all, her heart. All too soon they arrived at her house.

"John, My parents are having a graduation party for me." She told him, "I would really like it if you were there." "I would love to be there," he replied, "I was thinking that maybe we can spend the night together for first time as well." "I would really like that.

I have always imagined what it would be like to wake up next to you." She replied "Would you like to stay at my place or would you like to get a hotel?" He asked. "I would rather stay at your place. I don't want to go near a hotel for a while, after what happened with Derek." "I can totally understand that, I will make sure my parents know.

You know how much they love you" he commented "I know, baby, and my parents feel the same way about you" she said as she gave him a kiss.

"You have a good night, baby, I will see you tomorrow. I love you" he told her "I will try, I love you too sexy" she replied as she turned to walk inside.

John was walking home when is phone rang. It was the same number that had texted him earlier. He knew it was Brenda. "When will she give up?" he thought to himself as he answered his phone "Hello?" he asked "Hello, sexy." She responded "Oh, hi Brenda." He sighed. "Oh, don't be like that, I know you want my body!" She exclaimed "How many times have I told you that I am not interested in you.

I love Kelsy and I will not do anything to ruin her trust" he scolded "We will see about that, John. I always get what I want, and right now, I want you. I want your cock in my pussy!" she told him, she had a hint of anger in her voice.

"Well I am sorry to inform you that I am off limits. No matter what you do, I will not have sex with you." "Oh we will see about that." She said. John hung up the phone on her without saying bye. Her trying get her way was starting to get on his last nerve. He walked up to his house, entered and walked up the stairs to his room. He normally closed his door when leaving, and he knew that it he closed it when he took Kelsy home, but he noticed that it was open slightly.

"Probably mom," he thought to himself, "more than likely bringing my laundry up for me to put away" He walked into his room and he got the biggest shock in his life. Right there on his bed, laying fully naked was Brenda. She was fingering her pussy and moaning his name. She noticed him enter the room and looked at him. "I told you, I always get what I want" she told him as she got out of his bed "What the fuck are you doing in my room, and how the hell did you get in here!" he yelled "I came in through your window.

I hope you don't mind." She replied, giving him her sexiest voice She walked over to him and tried to give him a kiss, but when she tried, he backed away. He was pissed that she came into his room without his permission, and even more pissed that she was laying naked on the bed.

She had crossed the line. "I told you NO!" he yelled at her "Oh, John, come on, one little fuck wont hurt anyone" she told him. She was bound and determined to get his cock into her pussy. She really wanted him bad. It got to the point where she decided to stop taking her birth control so he would knock her up when he fucked her.

He did not know this, and if he did, he would have gone ballistic. "Brenda, you had better get your clothes on and leave, NOW!" He was growing madder by the second. Brenda ignored him. She had backed him into a corner while trying to kiss him. If kissing him to seduce him would not work, then she went to Plan B. Since she had him cornered, she took her left hand and rubbed his cock through his pants. "I told you, I am not going to cheat on Kelsy. If you don't stop now, I will call the cops." She continued to ignore him, and tried to get his pants off.

He desperately tried to keep them up. She only managed to get them down past his waist before he managed to push her down on the floor and he pulled up his pants. "I gave you plenty of warnings, this is your last chance, LEAVE! NOW!" He yelled "Damnit, John!" She yelled. "You are to fucking stubborn. Any guy would have jumped at the chance to fuck a willing girl who was naked on his bed" "I am not just 'any guy', Brenda. Now are you going to leave, or am I going to have to call the police?" he asked "I will fucking leave, but just remember, one way or another, I will get that cock of yours into my pussy, and when you do, I will make sure you pour all of your cum into my pussy" she explained.

She was angry because he did not fuck her. He watched as she got dressed and he walked her down to the front door. "If I ever catch you around my house or IN my house, I will call the police, now GET OUT!" he yelled, basically shoving her out the door and then slamming it shut. We went back up to his room. He slammed the door shut once he went inside. He stripped his bed because she had apparently came while waiting for him. The oder that it left smelled like rotting food, and it was a major turn off.

After he changed his bed, he called Kelsy. "Hey, baby, did you make it home, okay?" She asked when she answered the phone "Yeah, I got home okay, but when I got home, you-know-who was in my bed, naked, fingering herself." he said "What the fuck, you didn't do anything with her, did you?" She asked with concern "Hell no.

She tried to seduce me though, backed me into a corner in the room and then tried to pull my pants down. I managed to push her away and she landed on the floor" He explained. "I basically told her to get out or I would call the police. She left, but she was pissed, but not as pissed as me. I basically shoved her out the door and slammed the door in her face" "I can't believe she would do that.

What are you going to do now?" "If she does try anything like that again, I am going to have her arrested. She has gotten to the point where she is stalking me." He responded. "How did she get in anyway?" She asked "Through my window, She is a cheer leader and apparently, scaling a house is some thing they learn" "That bitch.

I hope she gets the point, your mine and always will be" "I know baby, and you will always be mine, I love you" He told her "I love you too, I hope you sleep well tonight. I wish I could be there to make you happy again" she replied, with a hint of her sexy voice "I am sure I will baby, you do the same, good night" "Good night, honey" John hung up the phone and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Brenda touching him made him feel dirty and he wanted to clean himself to make himself feel better. As he turned on the water, he got 2 text messages. One was from Kelsy, it was a picture of herself naked. Along with it was a message that stated that her body will be his someday and that she want him to be her first when she was ready.

The other was Brenda. It read "Fuck You asshole! I hope you are fucking happy! Just remember what I said, I always get what I want. No. Matter. What!" He deleted her message. He stripped his clothes off and got into the shower. The hot water ran down his body and it felt very relaxing.

As he stood there, he started to think about Kelsy. The picture she sent him was the first time he had seen her completely naked.

Sure, she let him suck on her perky breats, but this was the first time he was able to get a look at her pussy. Even though her legs where closed, she had a gap between her legs and he could see her pussy lips.

He started to get hard. The more he thought about her, the harder his cock got. He reached down and started to stroke his cock, thinking about how wonderful it would be to finally put his cock into her pussy. He imagined how tight she would be. He stroked his cock faster, and closed his hand tighter around his cock as he thought about this.

He thought about her riding him and grinding her clit into his body like she had down earlier that evening. He was getting close and his final thought was cumming in her pussy and watching his cum leak out of her. This thought took him over the edge and he shot his cum onto the shower wall. It was not as powerful as it normally was when Kelsy gave him a blow job, but it satisfied him. After washing himself, he got out of the shower and got ready for bed.

His phone rang again and he looked do to see that Jason was calling. "Whats up dude?" He asked "Hey, just wanted to let you know that Emily and I will be down at the station tomorrow, you think Kelsy and yourself would like to go as well?" He responded "I am sure that she would love to, why, is there anything special coming?" He asked "No, nothing really, just the normal Union Pacific stuff, but she wanted to get out of the house and we both are bored with going out to eat and going to the movies." he explained "Yeah, I will talk to her tomorrow." He told her, then he heard a beep of an incoming call.

He looked down and saw that was William. "Hey dude, I will catch you later, William is calling" he said "Alright, later" he said John switched over to the other call from William "William! What a fucking surprise, whats up, guy!" He exclaimed. William hardly ever called, and when he did, it was usually to see if anything good was coming the next day to make it worth his while to come down to the station. "Hey Jason, nothing much, I just had a question for you" William said "Let me guess, Is anything coming tomorrow?" He guessed "Actually, no, I won't be able to be there tomorrow, Danielle and I are celebrating our 6 year anniversary tomorrow.

My question was if you would be interested in selling at a train show with me next weekend." He told him " I would love to, where is it?" John asked "Its in Wentzville, I will pick you up, Darrel is going with me, so we should have a good time, but remember, its a two day show" "You think I could bring Kelsy along if she wanted?" "I don't see why not, I am setting up on Friday so I will have space in the car, how is she anyway, I heard about you little run in a month ago" "She is great, and get this, she is now my girlfriend!" He told his friend with excitement "Awesome!

You finally snagged her! I am happy for you, John! You two will make a great couple." William was happy for him because he knew that he had longed for her since he had known him "I will ask her about the show tomorrow and will let you know, but I am heading to bed, so I will catch up with you later" John told him "That's fine, just let me know, see ya later, dude" William said as they hung up the phone.

John went to bed that night. He didn't sleep well because he was restless. He was happy about helping Kelsy reach her first orgasm with his cock, even though it was through his shorts and her panties, but then whenever he fell asleep, he had nightmares about Brenda and how she snuck into his room.

His nightmare consisted of her successfully getting him into bed and her riding his cock until he came inside her, and there watching was Kelsy, who was tied up, gagged and tied up, with tears streaming down her face. The next day, John was exhausted. He hardly slept because of his recurring nightmare. He saw Kelsy as he walked up to his class. This was the start of their final week of class before graduation, and the seniors only had to attend the first three days.

He gave her a hug when he saw her and gave her a big kiss. She smiled, and could tell he had a rough night "You can tell me about your night when I see you at lunch, babe" She told him "Thanks, I had it rough last night, constant nightmares, have a good day, sweetie and I will see you at lunch" he replied They went their separate ways.

His first class was miserable. Brenda was in this class, and he could feel her eyes shooting daggers into his back as the class went on. When class ended, he couldn't wait to get out of there. Before he got to the door, Brenda stood in front of him. "Remember, John, I will get my way" She growled at him, and then left the room.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and when he got his lunch, he sat down with Kelsy and their friends. "Whats wrong, babe, didn't you sleep well, something about nightmares?" Kelsy asked "No, I hardly slept at all. After what Brenda did, I kept having nightmares about her" John responded "Wait, what did Brenda do?" Asked Emily.

She was sitting next to Jason, holding his hand as he slowly ate his Nacho's. John told him the story of what had happened last night, how he found her in his room after walking Kelsy home, how she tried to seduce him, and that he pushed her on the floor and basically pushed her out the door and slamming it in her face.

"What a fucking slut!" Shelby blurted out. "I want to kick her ass!" "Calm down, sweetie!" Scott told his girlfriend. "She is a slut, but remember, she will end up with 10 kids before she is 30 and be living in a trailer park with a minimum wage part time job and a lazy, drunk husband!" The six of them laughed at this thought.

They knew that with the way she was, that would more than likely be the truth. "Hey, Kelsy. William called last night. He is selling at a train show with Darrel. I asked if you could come along and he agreed that you can if you wanted to. Its in two weeks in Wentzville." He told his girlfriend "I really want to, but I need to see what my parents are doing.

Giving a show before shes taken to the backroom vision entertainment

If they are not doing anything, then I would love to go" she replied "So William called you and not us!" Jason asked, a bit angry "I didn't think about that, Jason, sorry" He apologized "Jason, did you even check your phone this morning?" Scott asked, "I had a missed call from him, I think he was trying to get one of us to go with him, and he called all three of us, and John happened to be the first one to answer" "No, I have not.

Hold on" Jason replied. He took his phone out of his back pack and turned it on. He had forgotten that he turned it off last night because he was at the movies with Emily.

When it booted up, there was one missed voice mail, and of course, it was from William. "Oh, Jason, you can be such a moron sometimes, but you are my Moron!" Emily told him as she leaned in and gave him a kiss" They finished their meals and went to class. Kelsy's class was along the same route he had to take and they walked together. Kelsy was in deep thought and he could sense she was really thinking hard about something.

"John, I know Brenda, she is not going to give up until she gets what she wants." She told him "I kinda figured that, but I can hold my own ground" He replied "Why not just let her get what she wants?" She asked "Because I am a one girl kind of guy, baby, you know that" "I know that, but I have an idea." "What is that, baby?" He asked "Let her have what she wants, we film it, and then black mail her.

If she does anything like this again, we will put it on the internet, and if she does not for the next year, we erase the video" "Are you sure about this, babe?

I don't want to do anything that will hurt you." He said, worried about their relationship "I am perfectly okay with it. This will be our revenge against her. She will have no choice but to agree." "I am not comfortable with the idea, babe, but if it will get her off my back, then I guess I will have to agree.

However, I will be looking forward to seeing her face when she finds out that we recorded the entire thing" He responded They soon arrived at her class and he kissed her bye, telling her that he will see her at the station that afternoon.

The rest of the went un-eventful and while Brenda was in his 5th period, she was too occupied with her friends to even notice him. School let out and after he went home to get his camera gear, he walked over the the station.

Kelsy, Jason and Emily were already there waiting for him. They were talking among themselves as he walked up to them. "Hey baby," he said as he bent over to give her a kiss, "what are you three talking about?" "Kelsy was telling us about the plan on how to black mail Brenda.

I am totally for it!" Emily said. She was excited because she knew this would be the end of John's torture. "The only thing is, when should we do this?" John asked "I have the perfect plan, bud. Do it on graduation night." Jason chimed in "Huh, I never thought of that, she did text me to 'wait until graduation'" John replied, "I think that would be the best time.

It will give us time to set up the hidden camera." "Leave that that to me," Jason said, "Emily and I will set things up. Emily is very good at hiding things, aren't you babe?" "You know I am, hun, You still can't find your boxers, can you?" She giggled "That is too much information!" Kelsy said, facepalming after she said this The four of them laughed when she facepalmed, because she accidentally hit her nose instead of her forehead.

She laughed along with them. "So, where is Scott and Shelby?" Kelsy asked "They went to the Zoo today. He wanted to give her a nice afternoon." Shelby replied "You should take me to the zoo as well!" Kelsy said, looking over at John "I will, I will, I promise, I will take you after we get this whole revenge thing taken care of" John replied, and that seemed to make her happy.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about their plans after collage. Kelsy and John were going to stay in town to start his design firm. Jason and Emily planned on attending the University of Missouri- St.

Louis. Jason was going to Business Economics and Emily was going for Business and Hospitality Management. They watched few trains go by. It was slow day on the mainline, since track gangs working on the track in Pacific, Missouri had one of the tracks closed. They decided to head home. Jason and Emily were going back to his place to watch Batman Begins, he had borrowed the movie from John. Kelsy and John walked towards his house together.

"Okay, I am more comfortable with the plan now, baby, but I just want to make sure that you won't hold it against me." he told her, worried about what might happen. "John, I love you, and I trust you, I know you would not do anything to hurt me.

I just want to see her stop torturing you." She responded "I love you too baby, and like you said, I would never do anything to betray your trust." He commented as he took her in his arms and gave her a kiss.

John walked her home and said good night to her. He kissed her goodbye. He agreed that he would call Brenda tonight and let her know that "She had won and that he was giving in and would fuck her." He was not looking forward to fucking her, as he was looking more forward to getting her off his back, for good! When John got home, he went to his room. He stored his camera gear next to his computer and pulled his phone from his pocket.

He found Brenda's number and called her. "Hello, Handsome Asshole, what can I do for you tonight?" She asked, with a bit of anger in her voice "Hello to you too, Brenda." He replied "Get it over with, I don't have time for you right now" she was a bit upset that he was calling her after the way he treated her.

"Are you still wanting me to fuck your pussy like you want me to do?" He asked "What? Yes! Oh My God! Yes! I told you that I would get my way!" Her anger quickly dropped and she started to get excited. "Listen, if you want me to fuck you, it will have to be on my terms." "Yes, I will do anything, as long as I get that cock of yours in my pussy." she replied "My house on graduation night, be there at 9 PM.

I will be sure to fuck your brains out and make you scream" he told her. "Oh my, I am looking forward to it, I will see you then, sexy!" She said "Good, so I am, I have to go know, but I will see you later" "Okay, sexy, see you later!" She said as they hung up the phone.

The days went by quickly and before long, it was the day that they graduated from High School. John and Kelsy had been so busy that they did not have a chance to see much of each other, but they still called each other constantly. The day before the ceremony, Jason and Emily came over, along with Scott and Shelby to help John hide the video equipment. They were going to use Scott's new digital camcorder, mainly because it had night vision in case one of them wanted the lights out while he fucked her.

Kelsy constantly told John that she was okay with the plan, and that she was growing excited about it. Brenda had no idea what was in store in for. The plan was that as she was going to leave to head back home, The 5 of them would block her from leaving, and force her to sit down and watch the video they had shot of them having sex, then telling her that if she behaved herself, the video would be erased, otherwise it would be going on the internet.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and the 6 of them went out to dinner with their families. They had a large group, as each of them brought their parents along. They had to get a table for 18 people. They enjoyed a nice steak dinner at The Texas Roadhouse. When it came time to pay the bill, John's dad insisted on paying for the entire meal. Everyone was surprised by his generosity, but John was used to it.

As they left, Johns parents announced that they were going over to play poker with Scott's and Jason's parents, and that they would be home very late. This cleared things up for their plan.

The six of them arrived back at Johns house around 8:30. Everyone but John went into the basement where the recording equipment was set up. They had a nice overview of John's room and a clear shot of the bed.

They were in for quite a show. A few minutes before 9, Brenda arrived. John went down to meet her at the door. "I am so sorry for the way I treated you last week Brenda, I should not have done that" He told her "I forgive you, sexy, I told you that I would get my way." She replied "I know, and I was too stupid to realize it." He responded, pulling her in for a kiss. Unlike Kelsy, she did not kiss that well. She forced her tongue into his mouth.

He was not expecting this and his eyes widened with surprise. "Well, are you going to take me to bed?" She asked "Oh yes, I am, Come with me" He told her. As they walked passed the basement door, he grinned knowing that downstairs, his loving girlfriend and their friends where about to start recording. The instant they walked into his bedroom, Brenda attacked him. Kissing him and sucking on his neck.

He joined in and started doing the same. She was not going to waste anytime. She was very horny and from what he could tell, she had not had any sex since the day she actually realized he had existed.

He kissed his way down her neck and took one of his and started to rub one of her tits. This caused her to emit a low moan from his touch. She pushed him back for a second and she removed her blouse, then she turned around so he could unfasten her bra.

Once he got her bra off, she turned back around. From that moment, he realized how small her tits where. She wore a larger bra to make them look bigger.

He thought that was funny, but did not show it or laugh, he just dove right in and started to suck on her nipples. Brenda was enjoying the sensations and her breath started to become more rapid. As much as he disliked what he was doing, he was actually starting to enjoy himself because he was giving her the attention she had wanted for the past month and a half.

He did notice however, that her tits were not as firm as Kelsy's and they even sagged. John pushed her down on the bed and she gave a little yelp. He removed his shirt and crawled on top of her. He want back to sucking on her nipples like a baby would. Meanwhile down in the basement, Kelsy giggled. "He sure does love sucking on nipples!" she exclaimed. She knew that he did and loved it when he sucked on hers.

"He is really a hunk, Kelsy, you are so lucky to have snagged him" Shelby told her Kelsy blushed then said "And he is MY hunk, just remember that, Shelby" The three girls laughed at the comment. They went back to watching the monitor. The two boys where staring at Brenda's exposed tits and Emily could see that Jason was drooling a little bit.

She moved over towards him and slapped him up-side the head. "Hey boy, remember, you are only allowed to suck on my nipples!" She reminded him, and the girls laughed again Back in the bed room, John started to kiss his way down her tight belly. Brenda was enjoying this more and more, moaning every time he kissed her body. When John reached her pants, he hooked his fingers around both them and her panties.

She lifted her hips and he pulled them both down and quickly threw them aside. He got inbetween her legs and to his surprise, she did not smell as bad as she did before. She actually smelled good. She spread her legs open wide for him and he started to kiss around her pussy.

He was a virgin, but was not going to let her know that. He had read many sex stories and watch some of his dad's hidden porn collection, so he knew what to do. Brenda felt him kissing around her pussy and she started to get more and more aroused. When he finally kissed her pussy, she let out a sigh of delight.

They way he was kissing her pussy was turning her on even more because they were light, butterfly type kisses. She was enjoying it, but she wanted more. "Oh please, lick my cunt, I want to feel your tongue!" She was almost begging him as he said this John teased her for another minute or so before he actually licked the opening to her pussy. He thought to himself that she actually tasted like strawberries.

He heard her moan when he did this, and he licked up her pussy to her now exposed clit. He flicked it with his tongue and she yelped at the contact. "Oh god, that feels great, don't stop, please!" She moaned He took her clit between his lips and started to suck on it. She moaned with delight as he she felt the suction on her clit.

In a matter of minutes, his ministrations on her clit and licking her pussy had the desired effect on her as she arched her back and came. When she came, she grabbed his hair and held his face to her pussy. He couldn't breath, and when she came down from her orgasm, he gasped for breath.

"Oh god, John, that was so good!" She sighed. "Wait until I get my cock in you" He replied "Well, don't wait, big boy, let me have it" She said in a sexy, but playful voice. John got up and removed his pants, then his boxers. When his cock came into view, Brenda's eyes opened really wide with how big he was.

She was not expecting him to be this big. Compared to the other guys who she fucked, they seemed miniature than the monster she was now looking at.

Down in the basement, the girls watched John remove his boxers. Both Emily and Shelby let out a surprised gasp when they saw how big he actually was. Jason and Scott had to turned their heads because they did not want to see their friends dick.

"Damn, Kelsy!" Shelby exclaimed, "How do you manage that monster in your pussy!" "I don't know, we hve not had sex yet, I am waiting to see if he really is the one, but I sure do love getting him off in my mouth" she explained. "Why wait so long?" Asked Emily "If I knew my boyfriend had a cock that big, I would have slept with him on the first night!

"Excuse me?" Asked Jason, "Are you saying my dick is too small for you?" He had a worried tone in his voice "Don't worry baby, You fill me up perfectly" She said, hugging him from behind" Scott looked over at Jason, they had let the cat out of the bag. And now everyone knew that the two of them already had sex. He then looked over at Shelby, and she returned his look. "Not just yet, big boy, You will have to wait, remember, Good things come to those who wait" She said.

Back in the bed room, John had crawled back in between Brenda's legs. She pulled him down for a kiss, and he rubbed his cock along her opening. She felt his huge cock rubbing against her and she looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please, put it in me, I need it" She begged.

He straightened up, put her legs onto his shoulders and put the head of his cock at the entrance to her now soaking wet pussy. She looked up at him, and he slowly pushed his cock into her.

Brenda's eyes shot wide open when she felt his cock enter her. He felt huge in her. As he pushed into her deeper, she could feel him stretching her. She didn't think she could take it all in. He then hit her cervix and when he did, she came instantly.

None of the guys she had been with had ever been this big. John felt his cock hit her cervix and felt her pussy spasm on his cock when he did. He pushed his cock deeper into her pussy and before long, he bottomed out. He was stretching her wide open.

He thought to himself that for her, sex will never be enjoyable from any of the jocks at school. "Please, fuck me, use my pussy as your own personal toy" She begged John started thrusting into her, he did not bother to start out gently. He wanted her to know who was the boss. She started to scream as he pounded in to her.

He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy as he pinched her nipples, causing her to scream once again. She started cumming non stop. "YES! YES! DON'T STOP, KEEP FUCKING ME!" She screamed Back in the basement, the boys had walked away.

They had seen enough, but the girls watched in amazement as he mercilessly fucked Brenda. "My god, Kelsy, just wait until he does that to you" Said Emily. Kelsy only blushed. She was getting turned on more and more by watching John. She decided right then and there that she would let him fuck her, but not her pussy. She was going to let him fuck her in the ass, that night if possible.

Back in the bedroom, John had not let up. He was consistently pounding harder and harder into her. She begged him not to stop, as she has now constantly cumming.

She could not tell when one orgasm ended before the next one began. She had never been fucked so hard before, and never had a cock in her as big as John was. She was panting, trying to catch her breath between each of his thrusts. "Who are you?" John asked as he pounded into her "I am yours!" She exclaimed "You are wrong, you are my personal sex slave, your pussy is mine whenever I want!" He barked at her.

He never stopped pounding into her as he told her this. "Now, again, who are you?" "Oh god, I am your slave, my pussy is yours for taking. You are my master, please, fuck your slave senseless!" She cried. "You are going to make a damn good slave, bitch!" He yelled "Yes, Master!" she cried John could feel his own orgasm growing.

Knowing he wouldn't last much longer, he started to pound into her even harder and faster. This brought on her most powerful orgasm yet. It was so powerful, she could feel herself squirt. John felt her warm pussy juice spash against his balls, and this brought him to his own orgasm him. He thrusted himself as deep as he could into her pussy and unleashed his torrent of cum deep into her womb. Brenda's eyes shot open when he felt her cum. She did not expect how hard he would cum, and she could feel it spashing inside of her.

This caused her orgasm to become prolonged, and she grabbed him around his neck and kissed him hard. Once John had finished cumming inside her, he pulled his cock out of her pussy. He could see his cum leaking from her well fucked pussy. "Did you enjoy that, Brenda?" He asked "Did I ever! Don't you wish you had fucked me when I first offered my pussy to you?" She asked "Not really" He replied Brenda gave him a pouty face, He just laughed.

He knew that everything was caught on tape. Now that the first phase was complete, it was now to get her downstairs for his friends to stop her and to start the black mail. "I have to leave now, John, my mom will be worried if I stay out to much longer." She said "That's fine" He replied, "I will help you to the door once you are dressed" "I am not going to clean your cum out of my pussy, sexy, I love the feeling of your cum in me" The two of them both got dressed.

As both of them walked down stairs so he could "Walk her out," he could here his freinds coming up the basement stairs. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Brenda was shocked to find the 5 of them standing in her way. "What the hell is going on here?" She asked John "Oh, well, you know, I figured they should watch you get what you want" he replied "What the fuck do you mean?" She looked over to Scott and saw that he was holding a burnt DVD.

She looked at John with a worried face. "What is that?" Brenda asked "That, you slutty bitch, is a DVD of the two of you fucking." Kelsy said in a matter of fact tone of voice "What the hell!" She was surprised by what Kelsy had just said. "You mean you were recording us the entire time? You are such a fucking ass hole!" "I was not recording us, THEY were, and you are right, I am an asshole, and you are nothing more than slut who tries to force others to do what she wants!" He exclaimed "Do you want to watch it?" Asked Jason, "I will go make some popcorn, then we can enjoy this movie, I heard it was nominated for an Oscar!" This pissed Brenda off even more.

She lunged for Scott who was holding the DVD. He dodge her and she fell onto the floor. Shelby and Emily quickly moved over her and held her down as both John and Kelsy leaned over her.

"Listen her, you slut, I will make sure this video goes on the internet if you do not behave, that means no chasing after other girls boyfriends" Kelsy said, with an evil tone in her voice. "And if you are a good little girl, we may decide to erase it, and then no one will ever see it" John added. "Like hell you will!" Brenda exclaimed, "I will make sure I get that from you and destroy it!" "Go right ahead, you think this is the only copy?" Jason said "The fuck?" Brenda said "You mean there is more than the one copy!" "Oh yeah, we were prepared, we had been planning this for over a week now!

I have to say, we have about 30 to 40 copies of the video. I think that we should not only put it on the internet, but also have porn shops sell it as well, We will become RICH!" Scott said with enthusiasm!

"Fuck You, asshole!" Brenda spat at him "Ha! You only wish!" He replied "So, do you agree to the terms and conditions?" John asked "Do I have a fucking choice?" Brenda responded "I don't think so, but its up to you, either behave or have your image ruined" Kelsy told her "Fine, whatever, you are all a bunch of assholes, including you John, you had planned for this to happen!" She said, with anger in her voice "Well now, I think its time for you to leave, because another out burst like that and we will go ahead and put it online" John retorted "Fine!" She said as she got up.

She went to the door and stormed out, slamming the door shut. After the door closed, the 6 of them broke out into laughter "OH MY GOD! Did you see the look on her face when I told her that we would sell it!" Scott laughed "That was classic!" Replied Jason "I wish I had my camera!" Laughed Shelby "Dammit, I forgot my phone!

I could have snapped a picture for you!" Emily laughed as well "Ha! I don't think she will last a week!" Kelsy told the group "I guess we have just made a new porn star!" Jason said, making everyone laughed even harder.

"Remember, 10 kids and a drunk husband" John reminded the group, and they couldn't compose them selves About an hour later after they had calmed down and their friends left. It was getting late and they wanted to get to their respective houses and get some much deserved sleep "Should I walk you home, Kelsy?" John asked "That won't be necessary, baby, I am staying her with you tonight" She replied "You are, huh?" He asked "Why, do you not want me here tonight?" she asked him He responded to her question with a passionate kiss, and she melted into his arms.

"What does that tell you, sweetie" he told her. She smiled and she took the kiss as a yes/ "You were amazing tonight, baby, and I have a surprise for you when we get to your room" She told him "I love surprises!" he said as they walked up to his room "I think you will love this surprise!" She said with a sexy smile as they reached his door. "Wait here for me until I call you, I know you will love the surprise I have for you." John waited out in the hallway for what seemed like an hour.

In reality it was only 10 minutes. At lest Kelsy called for him, telling him that he could come in. When he walked into his room, he gasped at what he saw. There she was, completely naked on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up into the air "Surprise baby!" She said in her sexiest voice John walked over to the bed.

He looked into her emerald eyes and she smiled "Are you giving me your virginity now?" He asked her "No, I am not ready to give that up to you yet. But I am going to let you slide that beautiful cock of yours into my ass!" She replied. "I even prepared by lubing it up for you!" John kissed her lips and reached his hand down towards her ass.

He stuck his finger into her ass and he could feel how slippery it was. Kelsy moaned when he slid his knuckle into her. "What are you waiting for, my love, I am waiting for you!" "Don't you want to suck my cock first?" John asked "Not tonight" She replied, "I just want you in my ass, you got me so turned on as I watched you fuck Brenda tonight" "I only saw your face as I fucked her" he told her as he stripped off his clothes.

She smiled when he said this. She knew that he only loved her, and he fucked Brenda so she would stop bothering him and to leave them alone. He had quickly discarded his clothes and got behind her. His cock was already rock hard, and he could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy.

He secretly wished that was where his cock was going, but he was satisfied that he was getting her ass. He guided his cock to her asshole and gently pushed the head of his cock into her ass.

Kelsy moaned and flinched in pain as he entered her tight ass. John noticed this and stopped pushing into her. She would not hear of it and she pushed her ass back, shoving more of his cock into her tiny little ass. The deeper he went into her ass, the more pleasure she experienced. The pain was subsiding as the lube was doing its job. Before long, he had his full cock buried into her ass. "Oh John, you feel so big and wonderful in my tight ass" She moaned "Baby, you are so tight, I don't know if I can last too long being in you like this" replied "Make it last, sweetie, I want you to enjoy it" She said as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her ass.

John started to slowly thrust in and out of her tight ass. It seemed to him that with each thrust, she was getting even tighter and tighter, but it was just his imagination.

He soon had her moaning, and he knew that his cock was giving her the desired effect. She started to push her hips back, matching each of his thrusts to give both of them the most pleasure they could get. "Yes, John! Oh God! Please, Don't stop, fuck my ass! It's yours! I need it!" She yelled. John replied to this by slapping her ass. She gasped, then moaned when his hand slapped against her ass cheek. He started thrusting into her faster and faster, each time causing her to moan louder and louder.

Kelsy reached between her legs and started to massage his balls. This caused him to let out a moan and slightly slow down his thrusts All of a sudden, Kelsy let out a high pitched scream. She was cumming, and cumming hard. For the 2nd time, his cock got her off, and when she came, her pussy gushed her pussy juice onto the bed, soaking it.

"Don't stop! Faster! Harder! YES! YES!" Kelsy screamed. She was enjoying having his cock in her ass. She didn't think that she would ever enjoy having anal sex, but John was proving her otherwise.

She was loving every second of it, and she did not want him to ever stop. "Oh god, Baby, I am going to cum!" John yelled. "Yes! Cum in my ass! I want to feel you cum! Cum for me baby, cum for me!" She begged John grabbed her hips and shoved his cock as deep into her ass he could and he released a torrent of cum deep into her ass. This orgasm was more powerful then the one he had with Brenda. It caused him to see stars as his cum poured into her. He thought the reason why he came harder was because this was Kelsy, not Brenda, that he was fucking.

After he was finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of her ass and watched as his cum started to leak out. He rolled over and laid down next to Kelsy. She looked over at him and she smiled. She rolled onto her side and laid her head on his chest. "Did you like my surprise, baby?" she asked? "I loved it baby." He replied "Best surprise in my life so far!" "I am happy you liked it. If it felt that good in my ass, I can't imagine how better it would feel in my pussy." She told him "I can only imagine" John said as he yawned.

The two of them laid there together, and after a few minutes, they both fell fast asleep, content with their sex and the black mail of Brenda.

Chapter 4 - The Train Show The next morning, John woke up and was surprised to see that Kelsy was not next to him like he expected her to be. As he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, he realized that there was a familiar sensation coming from his cock. He lifted the covers and there was Kelsy, she had his cock in her mouth.

She saw him and looked up at him with her beautiful emerald eyes that he loved so much. "Well good morning to you, beautiful" John said Kelsy pulled his cock out of her mouth. "Good morning, baby, hope you are enjoying your wake up call." "I could get use to this" he replied as she went back to sucking his cock.

John was not sure how long she had been slurping on his cock, but he could feel his cum starting to race up his shaft. He didn't have time to warn her that he was about to cum, mainly because he started to before his mind could register to tell her in time before it was too late. But to his surprise, Kelsy was ready for him. She managed to swallow all the cum he could give her.

He was in heaven. Her was the girl of his dreams, under his sheets swallowing is his cum. Once Kelsy had finished swallowing his cum, she crawled back up next to him. "Good Morning, baby" She told him, giving him a loving kiss. "That was a wonderful wake up call, sweetie, you did not have to do that." He told her "Oh, I wanted to, you know I will always suck your cock, even when you are asleep. I love the look you get on your face when you cum." She explained. "Besides, I woke up and as I was rubbing my finger over your body, I noticed that your cock was rock hard, and I did not want it to go to waste." "Well thank you, baby, I appreciate that.

I hope you never loose interest in my cock." He told her. "Nope, I never will, I love you John, more than anything in the world." She replied, giving him another kiss. The two of them cuddled for about 15 minutes. They could smell bacon coming from the kitchen and their stomachs started to rumble.

Sure, they had a huge steak dinner last night, but after last nights activities, with him fucking Brenda in order to black mail her and then Kelsy giving him her anal virginity, their stomachs where running on empty. The two of them got dressed and headed downstairs. When they walked into the kitchen, his parents looked at him and they were both shocked to see Kelsy there as well.

"Kelsy, did you stay the night last night?" His mom asked "Yeah, I hope it was okay, Mrs. Walker," She responded, "I fell asleep while watching a movie with John." "Must have been some movie then," His dad said "It must have been a scary one because I heard you scream last night." Both John and Kelsy blushed. They both had not realized his parents had came home while he had his cock buried in her ass. They quickly composed themselves and sat down at the table. His mom brought them a plate of Bacon, Sausage, Eggs and Waffles.

They both inhaled the food that was given to them. "You two must have been really hungry" His mom said "We used a-lot of energy last night, we ended up playing some midnight tag football" John lied. He did not want them to know the real reason, that he fucked the cheerleader captain in order to black mail her.

"Who won?" His dad asked "Unfortunately, the girls won." John sighed, keeping up with the lie. "They beat us 43 to 12, I still think they cheated" "We beat you fair and square!" Kelsy said, catching on quickly to the lie. "You guys were making up new rules just so you could win!" "You wish!" Kelsy said with a grin. "Now, now, you two, you guys are already bickering like an old married couple!" His mom said His dad laughed when he heard this, because when he looked over at them, they had turned a very bright shade of red.

"You two can not hide it. I just know that you two are going to end up getting married!" His mom told them. "I can hear the wedding music now!" She laughed and got up to clean the dishes. "Come on Kelsy, lets get out of here before they embarrass us more!" John told her, and she quickly agreed. The two of them went back to his room. He heard his phone going off as he walked in and he answered it just in time.

He was surprised it was Brenda calling. "Hello?" He answered "Hey John." Brenda replied "What can I do for you today?" He asked "I just wanted to apologize for the trouble I caused you.

I was wrong, I put myself before others. I want to make it up to you." She said, she had guilt in her voice "And just how do you expect to make it up to me?

Besides, you should also be apologizing to Kelsy. You treated her like shit!" He exclaimed "I know, and I am really sorry. After last night when you guys had black mailed me, I went to bed and cried until I fell asleep. That's when I realized that I put myself in this situation and that I was being selfish. I was not thinking about your feelings, I was more focused on what I wanted" She exclaimed "Well in that case, if you really do mean it, you should come back over and apologize to the both of us in person." John told her "I can do that, should I come over now?" "Kelsy and I have nothing planned for the day, so yeah, now is fine" "I will be there in 15 minutes, John.

See you then" she said "Sounds good, see you then." He replied, hanging up the phone Kelsy looked at him with a worried expression. "Do you really think that she was sincere?" she asked "She claims to have cried her eyes out and that she finally realized that she put herself in this situation" John replied.

For some reason, he could tell that Brenda was sincere. 15 minutes later, John and Kelsy met Brenda on his front porch. The three of them sat down and talked things out. True to what she had said on the phone, she was really apologetic. Kelsy thought that she was just doing this so they would destroy the video they made. John explained to her that the deal still stands, because he did not want anyone else get hurt, and that if she really was sorry that she would not have to worry about it ever being seen by anyone in the world.

Brenda agreed, and again apologized. They both could tell that she was wanting to cry. Kelsy, being the caring person that she is, actually hugged her to comfort her.

"If you really are sorry, then please, promise me that you will not hit on my boyfriend again, and that you will only hit on single guys?" Kelsy asked "I promise, no, I swear on my life that I will never hurt anyone like that again.

I want to turn my life around." Brenda told her. "Then we have no problem here, but remember, the deal we made last night still stands." John commented "I guess that's okay." Brenda said in a sad, low voice. "I didn't expect to apologize just so you would destroy the video" The three of them talked for a while.

They all got to know her better, and she learned more about John and his hobbies. She asked him if she could join them sometime and they both agreed. She really was sincere, and they grew to accept her as a friend. Brenda left a little while later and the two of them decided that they would head down to the station to see what was happening. After the conversation they had with Brenda, they both needed to get away from the drama.

John realized about 2 weeks into their relationship that Kelsy truly did have an interest for trains. She did buy some N scale trains, just to run on his layout. It was actually good quality models from Atlas. When she showed him the Illinois Terminal EMD GP38-2's that she got, he was impressed. Since she did not want her friends to know about her secret little hobby, she kept them over at his house and they are parked on his layout, ready to be ran whenever she wanted to.

Kelsy's Birthday was next week, and he had thought about some gifts to get her. He wanted to give her two gifts, One for when they celebrated her birthday with her family, and another to give to her when he took her out for her Birthday dinner. He noticed that she had grown to like his Nikon D40. That gave him an idea.

He had about $2,000 in his bank account. He was saving it for a car, but when his dad promised to give him the Dodge Charger he drove when he was trying to get away from Derek, the car money became spending money. The only reason why his dad decided to give him the Charger was because he ordered a new car, built to his specifications. It was going to be a Dodge Avenger. As the two of them sat at the station, he finally decided on what he was going to get her for her birthday.

First, he would go to Creve Coeur Camera and pick her up a Nikon D40 and a spare 55-200 MM lens for her, then he would go to the mall in Chesterfield and get her a promise ring. His love for her was now more than what he could tell her. She had stolen his heart and he was happy it was hers. "John, sweetie? What are you thinking about?" Kelsy asked "Oh, just thinking about what I want to get you for your birthday." He replied "I don't want you to spend too much on me, baby, Just a card would be nice" she told him "What if I want to get you an expensive gift?" "How can you afford it?" She asked "I have my ways" he replied, with a smirk on his face Kelsy got up and sat on his lap and playfully said "You had better tell me before I wipe that smirk off your face!" "I will never tell my secrets!" He replied "And he has plenty of secrets!" A voice said from behind them.

They both looked over to see Dan walking up. "Get a room you two!" Kelsy got up off Johns lap. She knew who Dan was, but she was never formally introduced to him. John took this oportunity to tell him. "Who is this girl, anyway, John? I didn't know you had a girlfriend." Dan said "You know that girl I told you that I had a huge crush on and was too scared to ask out?" He asked him "Yeah, I remember, you never shut up about her!" Kelsy blushed when he said this.

"Well, this is her, Dan. Dan, meet Kelsy Rogers, Kelsy, meet Dan Roth." Kelsy held her hand out to shake his hand, but she was surprised when he took her hand and kissed it. "Very nice to meet you, Kelsy. John would never stop talking about you and how much he was frustrated because he was scared you would reject him." Dan told her "I know the whole story, Dan, and I was the same way. If it was not for what happened after prom, being in that car chase and all, I would not have seen him as anything else than an older brother." She exclaimed "So who was chasing you?" He asked "Her prom date, his name was Derek, he was the captain of the football team.

The chase started down the road and ended in Illinois. He was arrested for speeding, reckless driving and attempted rape of a minor" John explained "So that was YOU guys huh? Have you guys heard about his case?" He asked them "No, we have not. We have been to pre occupied" John admitted "Well I have.

He was charged with those crimes. His lawyer managed to get the driving charges dropped, but the attempted rape of a minor stood. The judge sentence him to 25 years in prison, with parole available after 20 years.

After that, he will become a registered sex offender." Dan explained As he was explaining this, the two of them got huge smiles on their faces. They would never have to deal with Derek again. Even if he did come after them, he would not know where to start looking, and they doubt he would even recognize them if he saw them. "Thanks Dan, that was some really good news!" John exclaimed!

"I thought it would cheer the two of you up." He responded. He was happy to see them both smiling. The three of them chatted for a while, talking about graduation, how John was being tortured by a girl who was desperate to have sex with him, about the fight with Jeremy, and how they finally managed to become a couple.

They were having a great time. As they were talking, William showed up. John was happy to see his friend. William was one of his good friends, and they had met on a video sharing site after William had posted a video of a train derailing in Kansas City. "William! What brings you down here today?" Dan asked "Needed to get out of the house for a while.

Danielle and I had another one of our spats and she kicked me out of the house for the day. I decided to come down here since I had not seen anyone for a while. Whats new John, Kelsy?" William responded. "Oh geez, another spat, that's like the 20 millionth time this year!" John commented William had been dating Danielle for 6 years now.

They both loved each other and had met in High School. He was a Sophomore and she was a freshman. But they were always having their spats, but they always made up in the end. It was just how they were and they admitted that spats kept their love for each other alive. "It's no big deal, John.

I needed to get out of there for a while anyway. I have been too pre-occupied with work that I have not had a chance to watch any trains." He replied "Well today is a great day for it, Will. Come, sit down with us, you are not a stranger!" Dan said. William sat down and they all talked about the latest spat between William and Danielle. They got a laugh out of the reason. William had wanted to make steaks for dinner that night and she wanted to get some Chinese.

They started to argue and it got to the point where she threw him his car keys and told him to get out. Their spats were always about little things, and they usually laughed about it once they realized why they were arguing. It was at this point that Danielle called William. She said it was a stupid reason for an argument and said sorry. True to their form, they over heard William start to laugh out loud.

He told her that he loved her and that he was with some friends watching trains and that he would pick her up some Beef and Broccoli on his way home. "I would really like to meet Danielle some day, William" Kelsy said "I think the two of you will get along really well, you two can trade stories about dating railroad buffs" He replied Kelsy laughed at this comment.

"She seems really nice" "Oh she is, That is why I fell in love with her. She was very sick during her child hood, and she lives live to the fullest." He replied "However, we found out last week that she had cancer in her left arm." Dan and John's jaw dropped when they heard this. They both knew Danielle as she had accompanied him many times down to the station.

They both wished her a speedy recovery and wished that they could do something for her. Kelsy had never meet Danielle, but she fet sorry for her when she heard the news. "When can I meet her, William?" She asked "Well, Darrel is not going to be able to make the train show this weekend, so Danielle is going with me instead, If you are tagging along with John here, then that's when you can meet her.

"John, I have just decided that I will be going to the train show with you!" She exclaimed and leaned over to give him a kiss. When she broke the kiss, she walked over to William and gave him a hug, mainly because she felt sorry for Danielle and himself, because she could see how much they loved each other.

As she broke the hug from William, Scott and Jason came walking up with Shelby and Emily at their sides. "Geez, Am I the only guy here without a girlfriend!" Dan sighed out of frustration. Everyone laughed. "Well Dan, if you want, I know this 18 year old girl who would do anything to have sex with a guy." John said. "If you are talking about that girl who tried to force you into having sex, then I will pass!" he replied "Oh well, your loss, Dan!" All of them were having a great time.

It was a sunny and clear day with a temperature of 77. The train action was hot, every 15 minutes or so, there would be another train. John decided not to bring his camera with him today, as he wanted to concentrate on the company of his friends, and more importantly, Kelsy. He regretted this around 2 PM, when a eastbound Manifest came roaring by, making good time up Kirkwood Hill with a former Seaboard System locomotive trailing.

It was the final unit on CSX's roster that was still in Seaboard Paint, it looked like the paint was in good condition for being over 20 years old. He soon forgot about the locomotive when Kelsy leaned over to kiss him and cuddled up next to him. He put his arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder. He could not have been any happier. Amtrak train 303 arrived and left, and that was the signal for everyone to go do their errands.

Soon it was just John and Kelsy. They were enjoying the weather, people watching. They saw several other couples walking up and down Kirkwood road, not giving a care in the world about anything else except their significant other. John thought to himself that Kelsy and himself are like that as well when they were alone.

"John, I am hungry' She said. "So am I, lets grab some Pizza" he suggested She quickly agreed and they got up to walk down to the Imos Pizza down the street. They arrived 5 minutes later, and ordered a medium St. Louis Style Pepperoni. They talked about something they had not talked about before. Their future together. "John, can you see yourself growing old with me?" She asked "Of course I can sweetie, I want to grow old with you, I want to make you the happiest girl in the world" He responded "What would happen if I ended up getting cancer like Danielle?" "I would be there by your side every step of the way.

I will never abandon you, sweetie." He replied "Can I tell you something?" "Anything sweetie, you can tell me anything you want." He told her "I want us to be together forever. I love you and someday, I want us to get married and start a family of our own, I have been thinking about that for a while now" "I would like that as well, baby, but lets take it one step at a time, lets just enjoy each others company for a while." He replied Kelsy smiled.

The waiter came out with their pizza and they dug in. The two of them loved Imos. It was much different then Domino's or Pizza Hut, mainly because they used Provolone instead of mozzarella cheese. It gave Imos the distinct flavor that only St. Louisan's could enjoy. They finished off the pizza and walked back towards the station.

Kelsy grabbed his hand and together they walked hand in hand back to the station. The platform was deserted, and when they saw that no one else was there they decided that he should take her home since she had not been home since the previous day before graduation.

They first stopped at his house so she could grab her things before heading home. When they got there, the first thing they noticed was that his dad's new Avenger was sitting in the driveway. John walked into the kitchen and the first thing his dad did was toss him the keys to the Charger. "The car is yours now, son, take good care of it, and please, do not wreck it!" His dad exclaimed with a worried look on his face.

Kelsy came back down the stairs and saw the keys in Johns hand. "So, he was telling you the truth about giving you the Charger, huh." She said "Its all mine now, baby, now we can ride in style!" He said proudly "I would still rather walk home than you drive me, so I can spend more time with you." She said, giving him a kiss. They walked out the door and admired his dads new car.

It was a Navy blue with silver racing stripes. It was a beautiful car, but to him, his Charger was even better. They walked hand in hand to her house. Just taking in the weather and enjoying each others company. When they got to her place, she turned to speak to him.

"John, I love you so much. You make me very happy." She said "I love you too sweetie, being with you has really turned my life around." He said as he kissed her. "I want you to know that I will be staying the night at your place Friday and Saturday nights so we can go to the Train Show with William and Danielle." "I can't wait baby, I love waking up with you." He told her "You only love it because of the wake up call I gave you this morning" She said, winking "Well, that too, but mainly Its because I have the girl of my dreams sleeping next to me." "You are such a sweet guy, baby, I am so glad that I am your first girlfriend, all the other girls have missed out." She said, giving him one more kiss.

"You have a good evening baby, I will talk to you later tonight." He said. Kelsy smiled and went inside. John walked back home. He was going to go to the store when he got home to get her her birthday gifts. He knew that she would love them. John walked home to get his car.

Before he left though, he went inside to let his dad know that he was going to go pick up Kelsy's birthday gift. His dad told him to be careful and he went outside. He drove over to Creve Coeur Camera in Creve Coeur, Missouri. He went inside and looked at the cameras. He knew what he wanted. After a few minutes of looking he found the Nikon D40 and a lens to go with it. The cashier rang him up and the total came to just over $600. With the camera and lens in hand, he drove out to Chesterfield, MO along I-64 to Chestefield Mall.

As he walked in, he went straight towards the Zales store. He was welcomed right away by the lone attendant. He asked to show him the promise rings. He had a wide selection to pick from. He found a white gold band with an Emerald Green Sapphire that reminded him of her eyes.

He looked at the price and was actually pleasantly surprised that it was less than $200, and what was even better was that Zales was having one of their sales, so it was an additional 25% off, so he only payed $140 for the ring.

He knew that she would be happy with the gifts he got her. The heat was starting to get really bad outside during the rest of the week. It was the end of June, the time of year where the humidity really started to hit. With St. Louis being a river town, with 4 Major rivers in the area, the Mississippi, the Missouri, The Maremac and the Illinois Rivers, the Humidity was usually unbearable during this time of year, at least to someone who was not from the area.

John had spent most of his life in St. Louis, and was used to it by now. Kelsy and himself usually spent time together at his place, either upstairs and watching a movie, or Kelsy giving him a blow job, or they would spend time with his parents. They were starting to get to that point where they basically lived together, even though she slept in her own bed at her house with her parents. Friday came, and Kelsy came over around 7.

She had her things with her because she had promised John that she would be staying two nights. He was looking forward to having her in his bed next to him as they slept. The two of them chatted for a while with his parents, his mom served some Ice Cream to help them cool off after the heat they had that day.

It was still humid outside, but with the sun going down, it was starting to become more bearable. They enjoyed the Ice Cream and then excused themselves to his room so they could watch a movie. He helped take her things and brought them up the stairs so she did not have to carry anything. He placed them on the floor next to his dresser. It was not a-lot, mainly a couple changes of clothes, her pills, makeup and tooth brush. Once they had entered the room and closed the door, he walked up to her, and gently put his arms around her waist as he looked into her eyes.

He could get lost in them, they were so beautiful. "Kelsy, I love you." She said, looking into her eyes "I love you too, John" She replied and she gave him a kiss.

After they broke the kiss, he placed his head on her shoulder and she did the same to him. He just held her as close but as gently as possible. He never wanted this moment to end. She lifted her head up off her shoulder and gave him a passionate kiss. He returned the kiss and moved his arms up her back. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she started to suck on it. It was an odd sensation, but he did not fight it. He broke off the kiss and started to kiss down her neck.

When he reached the base of her neck, he started to gently suck. This caused her to moan and she placed her hand on the back of his head as he continued to suck on her neck. He backed away and removed his shirt. He then helped her out her shirt and removed her bra.

He pulled her close to him and started to kiss her again. This time she slid her tongue into his mouth and he did the same thing to her. He could feel her nipples getting hard and they were starting to poke him in the chest.

He broke of the kiss and started to kiss down her chest. He kissed around her right nipple, before taking it into her mouth. This caused her to moan even more. She loved it when he sucked on her tits. It drove her crazy. Kelsy realized that at this point, there was no turning back. She loved John with all her heart, and she knew that he was going to be the one that she would spend the rest of her life with. She decided that tonight was the night that she would give him her virginity, and let him cum in her pussy.

As John sucked on her nipples, she could feel an orgasm approaching her fast. He never had gotten her off by sucking her nipples before, but this time, they were really into each other. A second later, she stiffened her back and gave a drawn out moan as she came. She did not want to bring any unwanted attention from his parents that were down stairs.

She lifted his head off her of her nipples and kissed her way down his chest. She got on her knees and undid the belt of his pants. She could see the bulge in his jeans and she knew that he was already rock hard. She removed the button from its hole at the top of his jeans and pulled down the zipper.

She then hooked her fingers around both his pants and boxers and pulled them both down at the same time. His cock sprang free and she just stared at it. She loved how big it was, and she loved it even more, know that she made up her mind to let him take her and make her his woman. She looked up at him and he stared down at her. He smiled and she went back to staring at his cock.

She gently grabbed it and started to rub the head all over her face. She loved how hard he was, but how soft the head was. After about 30 seconds, she took his cock into her mouth. She heard him groan in pleasure as she took his cock into her mouth.

She started to suck on it with abandon. Every time she took him into her mouth, it kept surprising her how good he tasted.

This is what made her addicted to his cock in the first place. She massaged his balls as she continued to suck on him. This caused him to moan even more. "God Kelsy, keep doing that" He moaned She didn't remove his cock to answer, but responded by sucking on just the head of his cock and stroking him fast. She wanted his cum badly.

He moaned louder and louder as she kept sucking. She could tell he was getting close to cumming. "Oh god, Kelsy, I am going to cum, baby" With her mouth full of his cock, she said okay.

The vibrations of her speaking that one word with his cock in her mouth drove him over the edge. His cum raced up his cock and shot out into her mouth. He pumped a good 5 to 6 large loads into her mouth, and she swallowed most of it. She wanted to show him how good of a girlfriend she was. He looked down after she pulled her mouth off his cock and saw that she still had a-lot of cum in her mouth.

He found it very erotic. She then closed her mouth and took a big gulp and opened her mouth again and saw that she had swallowed it all. This turned him on even more. She stood up and kissed him again. She then walked over to the bed. She was nervous about what she had decided, and that she knew it was going to hurt the first time, but she knew what she wanted, and she wanted him. As she was thinking this, she had a brief image in her mind of the two of them pushing a stroller down a sidewalk with an infant inside.

This made her smile. As he started to walk towards her. She undid her belt and unsnapped her pants and pushed them down, leaving her only in her pink panties. John came over and gave her another passionate kiss before they both fell on the bed. "John, I want you to eat my pussy.

I always suck on your cock, but I never let you eat my pussy, so please, let me feel your tongue, baby" She told him John looked into her eyes and saw that they were filled with passion.

"Baby, I want to make you cum, and I am willing to do anything to make you cum sweetie" He said. John crawled between her legs and through her panties, he could smell how sweet she was. She smelled like Pineapples. He started to kiss the crotch of her panties, and she could feel his kisses and she reached down and pulled them aside. John, for the very first time was up close and personal with her delicious looking, wet pussy. He started to do the same thing he did with Brenda, and started giving her butterfly kisses up and down the opening to her pussy.

He heard her moan out with pure pleasure. He took his hands and spread her pussy open. He was able to see her hymen, and he knew that one day, he would be the one to take break it open and make her a woman.

Young girl and throbbing pecker

He started licking the sides of her pussy and then he attacked her clit. This brought more moans from her as she felt a shock wave of pleasure erupt through out her body has he sucked her clit for the very first time.

It did not take long, a mere minute of him sucking on her clit to reach her orgasm. She came hard, but not hard enough to squirt. As she came down from her high, she felt John crawling up alongside her. "Oh baby, that felt wonderful," She told him, "will you do that to me more often?" "If I can make you cum like that over and over again, I would love to." He replied, bringing her in for a kiss.

As the two of them kissed, she thought to herself "Its now, or never, Kelsy, you can do it." She was nervous, but she also knew that she loved him and that he would be gentle with her. She got off the bed and pulled her panties down.

John thought that he was going to be able to fuck her ass again and started to reach over for the lube. "Not tonight, honey, I have other plans for you." Kelsy said with a very sexy voice. Confused as to what she meant, she crawled on top of him. She started to kiss him as she lowered herself to where she could now rub his cock with the folds of her wet pussy.

He felt the heat of her pussy on his cock, and it drove him wild. Kelsy broke off the kiss and with a sexy tone in her voice said "John, my love, tonight I give myself to you, my virginity, my heart, my soul, my body, it is yours, baby. Make love to me." She said all this and then went back to kissing him. He replied by rolling her over onto her back. He loved her and with what she just told him, he feel even deeper in love with her. She was giving herself to him, and he wanted to make it special just for her.

He got between her legs and, and placed them on either side of his body. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet pussy, getting the head wet enough for when he penetrated her. He looked down at her face and saw that she had those loving eyes focused on his. "Ready?" He asked She nodded her head yes, and he slowly pushed the head of his cock into her pussy.

She moaned as the he entered her. She looked into his dark teal eyes and was able to see into his soul and she could see how much he loved, cared and respected her. His cock bumped into her hymen and she let out a small grunt in pain.

"Are you okay?" He asked "Yes, I am fine, I am ready, make me yours John, I love you." She replied John started to push his cock against her hymen, and when he looked at her face, she had her eyes closed tight shut from the pain. He knew what she wanted and she did not want him to stop.

He pushed against her hymen a bit harder and then, he could feel her hymen tear as his cock pushed past her barrier. She let out a yelp as she felt her hymen tear and his cock go deeper into her pussy.

He stopped before he pushed any further into her, making she was okay. "Are you okay, sweetie?" He asked "Yes baby, just give me a minute" She replied and pulled his head down to kiss him. The two of them kissed passionately for a couple of minutes while the pain receded. After the pain was completely gone, she looked at him "Go ahead baby, you can continue, the pain has gone away." She told him He responded by slowly pushing his cock the rest of the way into her pussy.

The tip of his cock touched her cervix and she let out a moan of pleasure. She could feel his cock go past her cervix as he continued to push deeper into her. A few seconds later, he had his groin against hers as he bottomed out inside her.

She reached up and gave him another passionate kiss. "Go ahead, baby, make love to me." She told him He responded to her request by gently starting to thrust in and out of her pussy. She could feel every ridge of his cock with her pussy. He stretched her now deflowered pussy like she would not believe and she felt so full of him when he was all the way inside of her. John continued to gently stroke his cock in and out of her.

She was incredibly tight, and she was also very wet. He had finally made her his woman. He looked down at her and could tell from her face she loved having his cock buried in her.

The girl of his dreams, the one he had longed for for so very long was now enjoying the feeling of his cock in her. Kelsy wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down for another kiss. She kissed him with a new found of passion that only came when two lovers make love. "Go faster, baby." She told him He started to pump faster into her, and this caused her to moan. She tried to keep her moans down so that his parents downstairs would not hear her.

The feeling of his cock pushing past her pussy and into her cervix was to much for her as he started to go faster. She tightened her legs around Johns waist as she came on his cock for the first time.

John could feel her pussy muscles clamp down on his cock and it made her pussy even tighter than it was before. He looked down and saw the look of pure passion and pleasure on her face as she came. This prompted him to go even faster. This time he started to grind against her clit every time he thusted into her.

This had the desired effect he was after as she launched into yet another orgasm, more powerful the the first one. "Baby, don't stop! Please! Go faster!" She begged him John decided with that, that he would give it his all.

He started pounding into her, and she had to grab one of his pillows to muffle her screams as she had came yet again. Every time she came, he thought, she kept getting tighter and tighter. He was enjoying the feeling of her tightness every time she came. "You like this, sweetie? You like my cock buried in your pussy?" He asked her "God, yes! I love it! Keep going!" She panted He kept up his pace, pounding into her hard and fast. She was constantly cumming now. Her pussy kept the pressure on his cock, squeezing it for all it was worth.

He knew that he would not last much longer. "I am not going to last much longer, baby, where do you want me to cum?" He asked her "Cum in me baby, give me your cum, cum for me!" She replied John kept pounding into her, causing her to scream even more.

The pillow did a decent job of muffling the sound, but he was sure that his parents could still here something. He could feel his orgasm building up fast. A minute later, he shoved his cock as far he as could deep into her pussy and started to shoot his cum deep inside her womb.

Kelsy could feel his cum splash inside her and she let out another scream. This time she forgot to put the pillow over her mouth. "YES! YES! GIVE ME YOUR CUM BABY!" She cried out John kept his cock buried deep in her until he finished cumming. The two of them were kissing each other like no tomorrow as they came down from their orgasmic highs.

"That was amazing, baby" she finally said "Yes it was, I loved it, I love you, and I want to keep making love to you for as long as we live." he replied "I love you too, baby" John kept his cock buried in her until his cock went limp and came out of her pussy.

He looked down after he got up, and sure enough, there was a massive load of cum leaking out of her pussy. "Do you want to go clean up, sweetie?" He asked "No, I like the feeling of your cum in me," She replied, "Just give me a pair of panties so I can be sure not all of it leaks out." John reached over and grabbed her panties.

She promptly put them back on. As John laid down, she cuddle up against him. They both knew they had to be up early so William and Daniel could pick them up to go to the train show the next day. "I love you, Kelsy Rogers" He said. "I love you too, John Walker" She replied. Soon the two of them fell asleep. The next morning, the two of them woke up to William calling letting them know that he and Danielle were on the way. They had not time to fool around and they decided to take a shower together to save time and get dressed.

Kelsy had just finished putting her makeup on when William rang the doorbell. Kelsy grabbed her purse and the two of them walked down to the front door. John opened the door and greeted William. "You two ready to go?" William asked "Yeah, we literally just got finished getting ready." Kelsy said. The three of them walked to his car, a 2004 Chevy Malibu. When they got in, Kelsy saw Danielle. She looked very pretty. "I guess that you are Danielle?" Kelsy asked "Yeah, you must be Kelsy, I heard John talk about you a-lot at the station" She replied "John, is everyone I am going to meet going to say the same thing?" She asked him "Uh.maybe" He replied as she rolled her eyes.

The four of them made small talk as William made his way to I-270 North. The short hop on Northbound 270 was a breeze, as there was little traffic this early on a Saturday Morning. During the rush hour on weekdays, this part of 270 becomes a choke point. As they turned onto Interstate 64 to head west to Wentzville, the two girls continued to talk.

As they rounded the broad corner to cross the Missouri River into St. Charles County, it seemed like the two were already really good friends.

They both had the same interests and of course, they talked about their boyfriends obsession with trains. Both William and John groaned when they started talking about giving John a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party.

Pretty Soon, they were getting off the interstate and they made their way to the dead Wentzville Crossing Shopping mall, the venue for the show. They got out of the car and made towards the vendors entrance.

John had brought some of his old trains to try and sell, and when they got to William's table's, he started to set them out for the public to view. Their table's were right next to the main entrance, the prime spot because they would be the first ones visitors would see, and also the last ones as well. John and William asked the girls if they could watch over the tables for a little bit while they went to walk around the show before it opened, in hopes of snagging some deals for themselves.

Once the boys where around the corner, Danielle turned to Kelsy. "So, how was it!?" She asked enthusiastically. "How was what?" Kelsy replied "The sex! I can smell it on you, I can tell that the two of you had sex last night or this morning." Danielle said Kelsy blushed, she didn't think it would be so obvious, considering she had showered that morning.

Maybe it was because she still had John's cum in her. "It was last night," Kelsy told her, "It was our first time, I gave him my virginity last night." "Was he gentle with you?" Danielle asked "Yes, very much so, he made it enjoyable.

I lost count of how many times I came, but in the end, I let him shoot his cum in me, and I think he had never came so much before, even when I gave him him blow jobs." "Lucky you for him being gentle with you." Danielle sighed "What, William was not gentle with you?" "It was our first time, we were both virgins and it was the Forth of July.

We had decided to stay home instead of going with his mom to see fireworks. He thought he was in me, but he was not, he was grinding his cock against my clit. When he asked if he was in me, I told him not yet because it would have hurt when he entered me.

No sooner then I said that, his cock found its mark and he accidentally shoved his cock all the way into me in a single thrust." Danielle said. "Oh wow. I guess he was in too much of a hurry then." Danielle commented "He was, but since then, he has become a fantastic lover. We make love every chance we get, and that is almost every other day." Danielle said.

The two girls continued to talk about their relationships with the boys, and pretty soon both William and John returned. They of course had purchased some models, but it was for their own collections, William could not find anything cheap enough that was worth re-selling.

The show opened at 10 AM sharp. Business was brisk, in the first hour alone, William had made over $500 in selling model locomotives. John was not expecting to sell anything he had, but in the 2nd hour of the show, a guy who had driven all the way from Paducah, KY actually came up and bought everything that John had, and he did not bat an eye as counted out the $600 for all his stuff.

John was amazed. Around 1, the show started to die down. Around 3, the sales had become farther and farther apart, and when the show ended for the day, John and William together cleared over $2,600. As the William drove the two of them back home, Kelsy and Danielle kept talking. They were really good friends by the time they pulled into Johns Driveway.

They ended up exchanging phone numbers before they drove off. Kelsy and John went inside. It was about 5 in the afternoon and his mom was getting dinner ready. She was making his favorite dish, Baked Chicken with a Cream of Mushroom sauce. He loved it, and and the way she seasoned the chicken, it was just to die for. Kelsy never cared for mushrooms, but when she walked into the kitchen, the aroma of the chicken in the oven made her mouth water. "That smells wonderful, Mrs.

Walker," she said, "I hope its as delicious as it smells." "Just ask John, he hates mushrooms, but when I make this, he just can not get enough." She replied "That's funny, I am the same way about Onions, I hate them on my burgers and sandwiches, but I can eat Onion Rings by the pound!" She exclaimed. Mr. Walker walked in at this point. He had been outside mowing the lawn. He walked up to his wife and gave her a big bear hug.

"Get off me!" she yelled. "You are covered in sweat!" "Just sharing my sweat with you, dear!" he replied. John and Kelsy laughed. After 25 years of Marriage, they could both see how much they still loved each other. "Mrs. Walker, do you need any help setting the table?" Kelsy asked "I think that would be lovely, Kelsy, and please, as long as you are dating John, call me April." She responded. His dad chimed in and said "And you don't have to call me Mr. Walker Kelsy. Call me Dad, or Gary." "Thanks, ummm, Dad.

April, where are your dishes kept?" She asked "John, can you show her where the dishes are?" April asked her son John showed Kelsy where all the dishes were kept and pretty soon, they had the table set up for dinner. His mom took the chicken out of the oven. Once all the food was on the table, they sat down to enjoy his mom's cooking.

His dad made the sides, with corn, home made mashed potato's and a salad. John dug right in to his plate food. Kelsy had never before heard him moan when eating, but when he took his first bite of his mom's chicken, he let out a slight moan with how good it was.

She laughed, and took a bite of her chicken. She was delighted when it hit her tongue. It was delicious! She could now see why he loved it so much. The four of them discussed the show over dinner, and when his parents found out that he sold everything to one person for $600 dollars, they had a look of surprise on their faces. They talked about how their relationship was going, and they both said they could not be happier. When they finished their meal, Kelsy complimented April on how great the food was.

She then asked her if she could teach her to cook like that. When April claimed that her cooking was the reason Gary married her, they both laughed. After all, the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Kelsy helped April in the Kitchen as John and his dad went out into the back yard.

"Are things really okay between you and Kelsy?" He asked "I already told you that we were very happy, dad. I know she is the one." "How do you know, John?" "Its a feeling I have. I can not explain it, but we have just really connected so well with each other." He replied "From the sounds I heard last night coming from your room, I guess you are right about connecting really well with her!" His dad said John just stared at his dad, shook his head and laughed.

"And to think, we were trying to be quiet!" "Maybe we should sound proof your room." his dad jokingly said. "Or maybe you should just ignore us!" "Where would all the fun be if I could not hear you two, I think it would make for some great meal time conversations." said his dad. John again shook his head and rolled his eyes. "In all seriousness, though, I really think she is the one. She is beautiful, not cute, well, she is that as well, I love her eyes, her smile, her laugh and we even share the same hobby with the trains." John explained to his dad "Well I know that there are not many girls who enjoy trains, so maybe she is the perfect girl for you." "I already bought her Birthday gifts.

I got her a camera like mine and then I also bought her a promise ring." He told his dad "A promise ring already? Its been what, 2 months since you two started dating?" "You know how it goes dad, how long where you with mom before you two got engaged?" Gary sighed. "We got engaged a month after we met. I proposed mainly because we found out that I got her pregnant during our first date.

That was with your sister, Amanda." "See, and you think I am rushing things!" He told her April and Kelsy walked out just as he finished saying that.

"What are you rushing?" Kelsy asked and she sat down on his lap "Nothing sweetie, just man talk." He told her as he gave her a kiss. "Look at them, They are such a cute couple." April said.

The two of them laughed at her comment and said the same thing about them. They picked up a conversation about the Cardinals. They were playing mediocre this year. It was a drastic turn around from the previous year when they made it to the World Series, only to be swept in four games to the Boston Red Sox. They talked for several hours about various things, and before they knew it, it was almost 9 PM.

"I think Kelsy and I will head upstairs now, we need to be up early again when William picks us up for the show again tomorrow morning" John explained "Okay, you two have a good night and don't keep each other up all night." His dad said. April sighed and slapped him up-side the head.

"Give them a break, remember who knocked me up on our first date, Gary!" She scolded "I know, honey, I know, but I still love you more and more every day" Gary said, as he gave her a kiss. Kelsy and John both laughed and went inside. He let her walk up the stairs in front of him. He let her believe that is was in case she somehow lost her balance and fell backwards, but the main reason was so he could watch her sexy ass as she walked up the stairs.


When they reached his bedroom, John closed the door, and Kelsy jumped on to him, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in for a kiss. "Can't wait to get me into bed, can you sexy girl?" He asked Kelsy gave him a sexy smile and said "I have been thinking about your cock all day, baby, last night was just magical" John started kissing on her neck and carried her to the bed.

"Baby, my pussy is too sore from last night still, but I still want your cock in me, I want it in my ass." She told him "Anything that you want, baby girl" he responded. "Can you get me my bag?" She asked. John got up and grabbed her bag and handed it to her. She dug around for a few seconds and produced a bottle of lube. He knew it was for lubing up her tight little ass hole so he can shove his cock into her.

John stipped off his shirt and got back into bed. Kelsy rolled on top of him, puling him in for another kiss. She could feel his cock becoming hard in his pants.

She knew the effect that she had on him. She kissed her way down his body. When she reached the top of his pants, she undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper.

Before long, she was able to fish his cock out from his boxers. She smiled when she looked up at him. He could see in her eyes that she wanted his permission to take his cock in her mouth, something that she loved doing.

When he smile and laid his head back onto the pillow, she knew that is exactly what he wanted. Kelsy kissed the head of his cock. She hear him sigh. When she kissed down the sensitive underside of his cock, he moaned. When she reached his balls, she decided that she would do something she had not done before. She took both of his balls into her mouth and started gently sucking on them.

He heard him let out a deep moan of pleasure when she did this. She knew that he was enjoying the new feeling. She sucked on his balls for another 30 seconds, and then kissed her way back up to the head of his cock. When she reached the top, she rubbed her face with it, feeling the texture of his cock head on her cheeks.

She could not resist any more and took his cock into her mouth. She was able to finally get his full length into her mouth, the head of his cock was buried n throat. For the first time, she was finally able to truely deep throat him, something that she had always wanted to do for him. She looked up as she slowly fucked her throat with his cock and saw his eyes squeezed shut and moaning.

She knew that he was really enjoying it. She took his balls into one of her hands and started to play with them. This caused him to moan even louder. She loved it when he moaned, she knew that she was giving him the pleasure that he deserved for being the single most important guy in her life.

She felt him grab her hair and she was surprised. When he grabbed her, it usually meant that he was really close, and she had not been going down on him for more than 5 minutes. She thought that sucking on his balls might of had something to do with it.

"I am going to cum, baby!" He told her She pulled his cock out of her mouth until only the head was still in and felt him tighten his grip on her hair. She could feel his cock swell in her hand as she pumped his cock. All of a sudden, she could feel his cock pulse in her hand and he let out a loud grunt as he shot his cum into her mouth.

He came a-lot more than usual, shooting 8 or 9 big loads of his cum into her mouth. For the 2nd time, she was unable to keep it all in her mouth and some of it leaked out.

He had cum more than usual this time around. "God, baby, that was amazing." John said as he handed her his shirt so she could wipe the cum off of her face.

"You came a-lot more than you usually do, baby" "Sucking on my balls really did it for me" he replied. Kelsy smiled and then got off the bed and started to stripped her clothes off. She did not want to have to wait for him to strip her because he usually took his time. She crawled back into the bad, and got on her hands and knees. "Lube me up, sexy." She told him John grabbed the lube off of the the night stand.

He opened the bottle and squirted a little bit onto his finger, then squirted more onto her ass hole. He took his index finger and started to work it in and out of her tight ass. She moaned when she felt his finger slide into her. She was so tight that John had to use a-lot more lube then he expected to get her all slippery for his cock. After about 5 minutes of fingering her ass, she let out a slight scream as she came.

It was not a powerful orgasm, but it was enough to signal to him that she was ready for his cock in her ass. "Go ahead baby, fill my ass with that cock of yours" She demanded He leaned over her and kissed the base of her neck.

He got up and moved behind her. He loved looking at her bent over like this. He lined up the head of his cock with her ass, and started to push it into her.

The lube did the trick and this time when the head of his cock entered her pussy, she did not flinch in pain, but let out a moan of delight. He pushed his way in further, and she could feel his huge cock fill her ass up nicely. He soon bottomed out as he had pushed his cock deep into her ass. Kelsy moaned as she felt this, she loved it when his cock was buried deep into her ass. Baby, you feel so good in me, please, fuck my little ass, it needs your cock bad!" She said John took this opportunity and started to thrust into her at a steady pace.

In no time at all, Kelsy was moaning. She could feel his cock sliding in and out of her, and before long, she erupted into another orgasm. John could feel her ass tighten up on his cock as she came, and felt her squirt onto his balls. He loved it when she squirted onto his balls, because it was warm and caused a sensation that he absolutely loved.

He started pumping into her faster harder. Kelsy was constantly moaning, and started to thrust her hips back to match each one of his thrusts.

She was constantly cumming now. She never grew tired of his cock and how good it felt when it made her cum like she did. John grabbed her hips and started to fuck his cock into her ass harder and faster. This caused her to scream out in both surprise and pleasure. The sensation of his cock pounding into her was driving her crazy.

"I am going to cum real soon, babe!" He announced "Do it! Fill my ass with your cum! Cum for me baby!" She cried out With a final deep push, he grabbed her hips and tried to get as deep as he could into her ass. He let loose his second load of cum that night deep into her ass.

Kelsy felt his cum squirt into her ass and this caused her to launch into her most powerful orgasm of the night. It was so powerful that she not only saw stars, but squirted her pussy juice all over the place. It soaked his sheets. John was panting as he shot his load into her. This was only the second time he fucked her in the ass, and he already loved the feeling of it. He wanted to make sure he got all the cum he could into her ass, and kept his cock deep into her.

Every time it twitched, she let out a little gasp. A few minutes later, he pulled his cock out of her and rolled onto his back. He could feel the wet spot that she left when she came. She rolled over and cuddled up next to him and kissed him. "I really do love you John, you make me the happiest woman in the world." She told him "I love you too Kelsy. I can not imagine my life without you." he replied as he kissed her back.

The two of them cuddled for a little bit. They fell asleep together, exhausted from a full day at the train show and then the amazing sex they just had. The two of them slept through the alarm John has set. It was not until William called saying that he would be there in 15 minutes that the two of them shot out of bed and hurried up to get ready.

They weren't fully ready when William and Danielle pulled up. They had to wait for John and Kelsy for about 5 minutes. At last, the two of them walked out to Williams car and got in. This time, John sat shotgun because Danielle wanted to talk more to Kelsy. The four of them talked about the previous night.

It got a bit much for everyone when Danielle told them that the two of them had spent most of the night having sex. She told them that they ended up having sex at least 7 or 8 times. William told her enough and that she should only talk about their sex life with only her closest friends.

Kelsy and Danielle laughed when he said this. About 45 minutes later, they were walking back into the show venue. They walked to the tables they had and took the covers off. The boys again announced that they were going to go bargain hunting again. "So, I take it the two of you fucked like rabbits last night." Kelsy said "You can say that. For some reason, I was very horny last night.

I could not get enough of him!" She exclaimed "I know what you mean, I can not get enough of John's cock either. He has only had it in me a few times, but I have sucked him off countless times." "Did you give him any last night, Kelsy?" she asked "Yeah, I did.

My pussy was still sore from the night before when I gave him my virginity, so I let him fuck me in the ass." "Doesn't that hurt?" Danielle asked "Not if you use a-lot of lube, why, have you not let William shove his cock into your ass?" Kelsy asked.

Danielle shook her head no. "I am too scared. I have only let him cum in my pussy. I have never let him put his cock in my ass, and I don't really like giving blow jobs.

I keep him satisfied though." She replied "Maybe you should let him, even if it is only once. I am sure that he would enjoy it." Kelsy explained "You really think so?" She inquired "Yeah, I mean, your ass is tighter than your pussy, so I am sure he will cum faster than he would when he makes love to your pussy." "I hope you are right, you said plenty of lube, right?" "Yeah, last night we used about a quarter of a bottle of lube before I was ready." She told her friend "I will pick some up then when I go to Walgreen's tonight then." The two of them continued to talk about how great their boyfriends were.

Unlike Kelsy, Danielle only put up with his trains. She wished that he had another interest instead of trains.

Kelsy explained that to them, trains are their escape from their day to day lives. She enjoyed the trains as much as John did. Danielle still could not grasp it though, and Kelsy gave up.

At least she put up with them because it made William happy. John and William returned shortly before the show opened. They each had a large box of model trains. John had used half of the money he earned yesterday and bought half of a dealers N scale inventory. It was all used stuff, but it was good quality and he jumped at the price when he asked how much for it.

William had bought more inventory to add, since he had sold about a third of his stock the day before. He managed to talk a guy down and purchased 30 model locomotives and 150 model freight cars for $900. This nearly doubled what he had currently on the table. If nothing sold today, then he would be leaving the show with more than than he brought with him. The show opened just as John was getting the last of the new inventory out on the tables.

Unlike the day before, the show was slower, it was more of the stroller and after church crowd, families walking around looking at the trains. Several little kids even grabbed some of Williams trains, and one kid even threw a car down on the ground when his dad told him to put it down. It was a cheap TYCo car, and with the damage, he was only out $3.00.

John decided that it was time to walk around the show with Kelsy. He took her hand and they started down the hall, both walls had vendors selling trains.

Everything from the smallest Z scale to the biggest, G scale. They ran into Jason and Scott. Emily and Shelby had not come with them because they needed to get stuff down for their parents. After they had a brief conversation, they went their separate ways.

Jason had seen a HO locomotive that he wanted, and was trying to get back to that vendors table before it was gone. Kelsy managed to find a couple of things that she wanted, but before she could pull her wallet of of her purse, John was paying for them. She had a great time walking around the show with him. John made it more enjoyable and he managed to explain a-lot of things that she did not really understand before. He bought himself a couple of freight cars to add to his roster, and that was about all he found that he wanted.

After about an hour they went back to Williams table. He was talking to someone and looked like the guy was trying to start trouble. "Give me my fucking money back!" The guy said, angry with William. "I'm sorry sir, can't you read the sign? No Refunds, all sales are final" he said "You only put that fucking sign up after I bought this piece of shit, ass hole!" he retorted "No sir, it has been there since the show opened yesterday morning." "Fucking lair!" He yelled.

The guy was starting to get red in the face, and Danielle tried to get as far away as she could in case he tried anything stupid. He started to walk away, and William gave a sigh of relief, but it was premature. As soon as he went passed the opening for vendor access, he ran in and then came after William.

He tackled him and then started to punch him in the face. A couple of other vendors saw what was happening and ran over to try to pull him off of William. John joined in and they all managed to get the guy off of William. "You fucking con-artist fag!" He bellowed. At this point, the show manager arrived at Williams table with show security, who happened to be a couple of Wentzville Police Officers. They took one look at William and one of them immediately took out his hand cuffs and placed them on the belligerent man.

The officer wanted to get the man away from John as fast as possible, and as soon as he was cuffed, he was lead away to the show office to await a unit to arrive and take him to the city jail. "What happened to cause him to attack you?" The other officer asked "He kept saying that I sold him a defective model locomotive.

He kept trying to demand his money back. But if you look at my sign right there, it says all sales are final, and there would be no refunds given." "Has the sign always been there?" the officer asked "Yes it has, just ask Cory, he is the vendor right next to me." John replied Cory came over and explained to the officer that the sign had indeed been there since the show opened the previous day. The attack was un-provoked. "Would you like to press charges?" "Yes, I would.

That guy should not even be involved with trains, he gives us a bad name" William replied. The officer soon left after he had taken a full report. Satisfied that he had enough information to book him. Before he left, he took some pictures of Williams face as evidence. Several of the vendors made sure he was okay, and one of them brought over a bag of ice to put on his face. His eye was blackened and he had a large bruise on his left cheek.

He thanked everyone for their help. John and Kelsy were pissed that someone had attacked their friend. They wanted to see the idiot hung from the neck, but they knew he would probably only get community service or have to take an anger management class.

John told William that he had better get a restraining order against him. William quickly agreed. The show ended around 4, and the vendors started packing up.

William was feeling the effects of the guys tackle. When he was tackled, he had landed on one of the plastic containers he used to transport his inventory.

He flinched every time he picked up a box. John saw this and offered to help him. William said thanks and the two of them set about to pack everything up. Another vendor who had witnessed the attack came over to the table. He had already finished packing up and was loaded up already came over and offered to help.

He said he felt sorry for him, and that the news about the attack spread very fast among the vendors. It was pretty sure that he would be kicked out of every train show for the rest of his life.

They finished packing up, and since he only had an Impala, and had 3 passengers, his friend Matt, loaded Williams merchandise into the back of his trailer. He would take to trailer to Williams place and would drop it there, since that is where he kept his inventory.

William drove Kelsy and John back to Kirkwood. They talked about the attack that had happened, and John compared it to when he was attacked by Jeremy right before he and Kelsy started dating.

Both Danielle and Kelsy were shaken up by what happened. At least he was going to spend the night in the city jail where he could not hurt anyone else. The 45 minute drive back seemed to go faster this time, and they were soon back at Johns place. The girls gave each other a hug and John thanked William for letting them go to the show with them.

The two of them as they watched them drive away. "Want to go inside and get your stuff?" John asked "Yeah, I really need to get home, baby" She replied "I wish you lived here with me, babe" he told her "The only way I am moving in with you mister is if and when you put a wedding band on my finger." She said playfully "Well, it was worth a try I guess" he replied.

He pulled her in for a hug and gave her a kiss before they went to get her stuff. When they go to his room, he walked up behind and and gave her another hug and started to kiss and nibble on her neck "No, baby, not right now, I am tired and I want to get home" She said He was a little disappointed, but he knew that they had a busy weekend.

He respected her too much to do anything to force her into sex. He just kissed the back of her head and grabbed one of her bags. The two of them walked to her house. They had discussed what had transpired over the weekend. Kelsy giving him her virginity, the train show, Kelsy meeting Danielle, The attack on William and the dinner his mom had made last night. They laughed about how corny his dad was, how his mom accepted her into the family already, and how everything had been so perfect, well, other than what had happened earlier that day at the show.

They walked up the steps to her front door. She opened the door and took her bag from him and sat it down just inside the door. She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thanks, John, I had a wonderful weekend" she told him as she gave him a loving kiss.

"I am happy you enjoyed it, Kelsy. Go on inside, I bet your parents want to ask you how it went as well." He replied, before giving her another kiss. "Okay, baby, I love you, call me when you get home." She commented "You know I always do, sweetie, I love you too." he responded Kelsy turned to go inside and he stood at her door until she closed the door.

He turned and started walking back to his place. What had happened over the weekend was something out of a soap opera, with violence, love, sex and gossip, the only thing that had not happened, thankfully, was murder. John Smiled as he reached his place. Before he opened the door, he turned around and looked at the sky. Right now, he was loving life. Chapter 5 - Brenda's Story A few days after the Train Show with William, John got out the Birthday gifts that he bought for Kelsy.

He decided that he would try to be funny, and put the camera and the lens he bought her in 4 other boxes so she had to work to get them. As for the promise ring, that he would give her when he took her to dinner the next night for her Birthday, he decided that he would not wrap it and just present it to her during their meal.

Kelsy was turning 18 the next day. Her mom decided that since she was coming of age, that she did not need a big party like she always had since she was 4 or 5. She was allowed to have John, his two friends, Shelby and Emily over since they were all good friends, and they were all dating each other. None of them knew what John had bought her, and he never even gave them a clue about what it was. Every time one of the girls asked, or guessed what it was, he would just say no with a straight face.

They even guessed correctly on the promise ring a few times, but no one ever thought about a camera. John had just finished wrapping the camera in its four boxes when his phone rang.

He looked down and was surprised to see that it was not Kelsy, but Brenda. Brenda was the girl he fucked on their graduation night while Kelsy and their friends recorded the act in order to black mail her so she would stop harrasing John.

"Hello?" John answered "Hey, John, whats up?" she asked "Just finished wrapping Kelsy's birthday gift." He told her "I was wondering, can I come over? I need to talk to you about something." She said.

"Yeah, come on over, I have nothing planned, Kelsy is out with both Shelby and Emily, so I am home alone today." "Thanks, I really need to talk to someone about this." John took the gifts out to his car then waited for Brenda to show up. After about 15 minutes, she walked up to the house. It looked like she had been crying. "Whats wrong, Brenda?" He asked with concern.

She ran over and gave him a big hug, and started to bawl her eyes out. John held her as she cried. He did not know her as well as Kelsy, but he could tell something was seriously wrong.

He let her cry on his shoulder until she was just sniffling back the tears. "Do you want to tell me whats wrong?" John asked. "I don't think you or Kelsy will like the news I am about to give you," she said, scared that it might result in the video being released on the internet when she told him, "I am pregnant." John was stunned. He thought that she had been on birth control the night that he fucked her. He was speechless. After a few moments, he was able to speak.

"I hope you are not expecting me to leave Kelsy for you because you are carrying my child." "No, I don't expect that. I am scared.

I don't know what to do, and I don't want to be a single mom." She said with a scared tone in her voice. "I think Kelsy and everyone else should hear this." John said.

He grabbed his phone and called Kelsy. She answered on the 3rd or 4th ring. "Hey baby, what's up?" She asked "Are you still with Emily and Shelby?" he asked "Yeah, we just left Target. Whats wrong?" "Just get over here now, its about Brenda" he told her "Why, whats wrong?" "Just get over her now, I will explain when you get here, I am going to have Jason and Scott come over as well, I know they are at the station" he said.

"Okay, baby, we are on the way, see you in a few minutes" Kelsy said as they hung up the phone. The next person he called was Jason. He too told them to get over to his place as soon as possible. Within 15 minutes, everyone was there, and they could see how upset Brenda was. The three girls went over to her and tried to comfort her as much as they can, but they could tell that she was scared out of her mind. "Brenda, tell everyone what you told me, then we can figure out what we should do." John told her.

"The night I had sex with John and then you guys blackmailed me so I would stop hitting and stalking John, happened to be on the day that I was most fertile. Guys, I am sorry, I am pregnant with John's child, and I am scared, I don't want to be a single mom" she sobbed Everyone but John was stunned. Brenda started to cry again. But to her surprise, no one got angry with her.

Kelsy and the girls all hugged her tightly. "It's going to be alright Brenda." Kelsy said. "Yeah, you didn't know that you were fertile that day, you didn't bother to tell John that you were not on the pill, and he never asked if he should use a condom." Jason said. "Basically, everyone is at fault here. We didn't even think about the possibility of you becoming pregnant." "He is right, Brenda, no matter what, you should not blame yourself.

We should have been smarter than we were, but we were all focused on other things, You were focused on getting John here to have sex with you, and we were all to busy on blackmailing you." Emily went on "Listen, Brenda, it's going to be alright. We are all here for you. We know what happened the day after, and even though you never apologized to us, we are still accepting you as our friend." Shelby continued, trying to comfort Brenda more "Listen, if you are truly scared about being a single mom, then maybe we should try to find you a real man, not a boy, but a man who will actually accept you for who you are, just like John." Scott said.

"I agree with Scott. If we can not find someone for her by the time she delivers the baby, then the 6 of us will will pool our resources and help you raise the child." John said.

Deep down inside, John was actually happy to learn that he was going to be a father, but also upset that the mother of his first child was the result of a blackmail, and that Kelsy was not going to be the mother. "You guy's really mean that?" Brenda asked "Of course we do honey, unlike your old self, we know how to let go of grudges." Kelsy said.

"You are one of us now, if you need help, all you need to do is ask any of us." Brenda smiled. She thought that everyone would be pissed. She never expected for them to be so open with her and accept her after what she had done to John. This put her mind at ease. Emily and Shelby hugged Brenda again. "Well, baby, it looks like your going to be father!" Kelsy said as she pulled him in for a kiss.

"I know, I am happy and a bit excited, but I am also disappointed that you are not going to be mother, sweetie" He replied "Don't worry about that, babe, I know that some day that we will have our own little bundle of joy" She said with a smile on her face. John saw her smile and kissed her on the lips. He loved her, and he was surprised that she did not flip out over the news of Brenda being pregnant. Emily and Shelby agreed to go with Brenda.

Everyone convinced her that she needed to tell her dad. They went with her for moral support. Jason and Scott went back down to the station as John and Kelsy stayed behind at his place. "How would you like one of your birthday gifts now?" John asked. "Are you serious? Don't you want to wait until my birthday tomorrow?" she replied "Babe, I feel guilty about knocking up Brenda, and I think the gift I am about to give you will make you happy." He said "If it helps you get your mind off things, then yes, I would be more than happy to recieve one of my gifts now." She told him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

John walked to the car and grabbed the ring he had bought her. As he walked over, he had it behind his back. "So, where is it? Is it a puppy?" She asked "No, its not a puppy." he replied John sat down, and told Kelsy to close her eyes.

Once her eyes were closed, he took on of her ands and had it so where she had her hand opened as if he was about to give her something. As she was expecting John to be corny, she expected to feel he weight of a Model Locomotive.

But instead, she felt something small enter her hand. "Okay, baby, you can open yours eyes know." John said Kelsy opened her eyes and looked into her hand. Her eyes widened with pure joy when her brain finally comprehended what was in her hand. It was the ring John had bought her the previous week. She knew it was a promise ring and was about to scream with joy, but thought better of it, instead, she placed the ring on the porch and lunged towards John, giving him a big hug.

"Do you like it, baby?" He asked "Oh my god! I love it! It is so beautiful!" She cried. She had a small tear running down her face.

He could tell that he just made her very happy. "I choose that ring because of the emerald. It reminded me of your eyes that I love so much." He told her She was all smiles, but then she remembered that she had not yet put the ring on.

"Put the ring on my finger, sweetie." She said John picked up the ring and took her hand into his. "My sweet, beautiful Kelsy. I love you so much, you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you accept this ring as my promise to you to marry you?" he asked her Kelsy gave him the biggest smile that she had ever given him. "Yes, sweetie, of course!" she replied. He slide the ring on to her finger. The moment the ring was on the finger, she pulled him in for a passionate kiss, and she held him close to her.

She was beaming with delight. The cuddled there on the porch when Emily and Shelby arrived, and to their surprise, Brenda was also with them, It looked like she had beeing crying more. "What happened when she told her parents?" Kelsy asked with concern "It was not good. Her dad blew up. He went into an all out rage and started throwing shit around. He told her to get out of his house, and to never come back.

He basically disowned her. She is homeless now, Kelsy. Things have just gone from bad to worse." Emily said. John looked very concerned. He looked over at Kelsy and she had the same expression. The three girls sat down on the porch with them. No one said a word for a good 15 minutes. It was John who spoke first. "Let me talk to my parents." He said Kelsy looked over at him with surprise.

"What, you think they would let her live here with you?" He could tell that she still did not fully trust her, but considering the situation, it was their best chance to prevent her from becoming homeless. The rest of them simply did not have the space for an additional person. "Yeah, lets go talk to them now." He said, getting up. The five of them walked into the house, and found his parents sitting in the living room.

His dad was watching the news and his mom working on a needle point when they came in. "Mom, Dad, can we talk to you?" He said as they walked in "Yeah, son, you can talk to us about anything." His father said They all sat down. "Dad, I want you to meet our good friend Brenda." He started His parents looked over at the her, and they introduced themselves as April and Gary.

They could tell this was going to be a serious conversation. They then looked at John, and by the expression on his face, it was on of deep concern. "Mom, Dad, the reason why we wanted to talk to you is because we are worried about Brenda." "Okay, what is the problem, and how can we help?" His mom asked "The thing is, Mrs. Walker," Emily started, "Is that her boyfriend got her pregnant. She came to us all upset and crying. It took us awhile to calm her down, and we told her that we would be there for her." "Is this true, Brenda?" Johns dad asked She looked down at her feet and said "Yes, Mr.

Walker, its true." "That is not the worst part of the story, Mr. Walker. We convinced her that she needed to tell her dad. So we went with her for moral support," Emily said, "Her father did not take it well, and basically went into a rage and kicked her out of the house.

That's why we are all concerned for her." Gary looked over at his wife. They too also became very concerned. They knew John would never ask anything of them unless it really did matter. But this time, it was a huge favor he was asking, taking in one of his friends who was expecting a baby. "John, let me talk it over with your mom." His dad finally said.

"I don't want to see anyone get kicked out on streets, especially if they are pregnant." "That's fine dad, we will go out into the back yard and think of how we are going to deal with this." He replied They walked out to the back yard and started to discuss what they should do if his parents did not agree.

They thought about putting her into a hotel, but that would become very expensive for them, and they could not afford it. Brenda did not want to go to a homeless shelter because she was scared of some of the people in there. John thought about William and Danielle, maybe they would take her in, but then he remember that Danielle was recently diagnosed with Cancer and William was working a-lot these days.

Darrel lived with his dad, and he had no interest in helping a pregnant girl. They knew Dan wouldn't, he lived in a small apartment and would have no space. Things were looking dim if his parents did not let her stay here. Her only option was contacting her grandmother who lived in Maine. She knew that she would take her in, but that would involve moving, and leaving her life long home and her friends.

She started to get very depressed. She was now deeply sorry for what she had done to John. As the four of them tried to cheer her up again, Johns parents came out into the back yard. They could see how depressed Brenda had become since the 5 of them came outside.

"John, your mom and I talked it over." He started. "I want you to know that we are very concerned about her, and we don't want her out on the street. If she really does not have anywhere else to go, she can stay here." Brenda's eyes lit up with joy as she heard this. Everyone else sighed a breath of relief that she would not have to move to Maine. "However," his dad continued, "There are going to be some ground rules for her staying here.

First, you will need to help with the chores around the house. We know that you are pregnant, but you are in the early stages, so you should be able to pull your weight around here.

Once you are in the middle of you 2nd trimester, then we will lighten the load, and when you are in your ninth month, we expect you to rest as much as possible" "Yes, Mr. Walker, I will be glad to help around here!" Brenda exclaimed "Also, you need to realize that John has a life, and that he won't be able to help you every single time that you need something.

Both John and Kelsy want their private time as well, so be respectful of that. You also need to know that after you recover from giving birth, we expect you to get a job to help pay the bills. I know it may seem to be asking you that since it looks like John does not have a job, but he does have a steady income from that video sharing site, getting monthly checks of about $1,200." He continued "Yes, I will do my part to help, thank you, I really do appreciate it!

But dad has banned me from ever stepping foot in the house again, and the only things I have are the clothes on my back." She explained "Who is your dad?" April asked. "His name is Tim Wacha." She said "Tim Wacha, I think I might know him, does he work at Wells Fargo?" Gary asked.

"Yeah, he does." She said "Well, I think I might be able to get you your things back. I happen to be his boss." He told her They all smiled when they heard this. As it so happened, Her dad happened to be a brown nose at work, and did every little thing that Mr. Walker asked him to do. He thought that he could use this to his advantage. He pulled out his cell phone and everyone watched him. He went through the contacts in his phone and found Tim's phone number. He pressed send and put the phone on speaker so everyone could hear the conversation.

"Hello?" Tim answered "Hello, Tim, its Mr. Walker" He replied "Yes, Mr. Walker, what can I do for you." "It involves your so called disowned daughter, Brenda." He continued "What about her." He replied, he sounded a bit angry when Gary mentioned her name. "She is over here at my place. She happens to be good friends with my son, John. She will be staying with us now, and if you really do value your job, then you will let us bring her over there so she can get her things." "Sir, as much as I respect you, I don't want to see her face right now, she has insulted the family by getting herself pregnant." He explained "Then leave the house before we come over, no matter what, we will be coming over there so she can get her things.

Either you be peaceful and leave the house, or we will come over there with a police officer, and you will be out of a Job" Gary told him, his voice had become stern, and intimidating. "Fine, I will leave, but she had better be gone by the time I get back." He said. "We will be over there in an hour, I will call you when we leave, but you better not show up before, or I will fire your ass." He scolded, then hung up the phone "Thanks Mr.

Walker, I really appreciate that!" Brenda said. Gary just smiled. The girls also had big smiles on their faces. Emily and Shelby left to go find their boyfriends to tell them the news, and his parents went back inside.

They would be taking all three cars they had to get all her stuff. Kelsy hugged John and Brenda smiled. She was not going to be homeless at all. "Thank you, John," she said, "Kelsy, may I give him a thank you kiss?" "As long as it is on the cheek, missy" She replied Brenda smile and walked over to them, and kissed John on the cheek. She then went back inside so she could use the bathroom.

"Baby, thank you for talking to your parents, this just show's me how much you care about others, no matter how bad they have treated you in the past." Kelsy said as she gave him a kiss. "I helped you and your friends get away from your prom dates, didn't I? The three of us are just like that. " he replied, returning her kiss Kelsy cuddled up close to him and just smile.

She sure did have a winner with John. About an hour later, Gary called Tim again and told him that they were on their way and he had better be gone when he got there. It was a short drive and John led the way with his parents following in their own cars. When they arrived, Tim was gone. Brenda led them into the house, and they became disgusted with the living situation there. The house a mess, Beer cans and papers from work were scattered all over the place, and food was rotting on both the stove and on the table.

They opened the windows to let the smell out so they could start getting Brenda's stuff. After about half an hour, the smell had dissipated enough that they could all go in to start gathering her things.

She decided that she would not bring everything, and that the things that were most important would be the stuff she moved to her new home. They gathered about half of the clothes, the ones that she wore the most and abandoned the ones that she had either outgrown, hated or her dad gave her. She gathered her computer, TV, VCR, DVD player and her stereo as well has all 5 of her stuffed animals, along with her pillows.

She did not want the sheets that were on the bed since it was her father who got them for her.


They brought back bad memories that she had not yet told her friends. After about an hour and half, they had everything she wanted from the house and Gary called Tim saying that he was safe to come home as they left. On the way, they passed Tim as he drove back to his house. Brenda was happy to get away from him.

She was going to tell her friends the real reason why he kicked her out because she became pregnant. They arrived back at Johns house, Their friends were waiting for them so they could help move Brenda's things into her new room. She was going to be moving into one of the the spare bed room's, this one was across the hall from John's room. They manged to have everything moved into her new room and John hooked up all her electronic devices. After all was said and done, the 7 of them went out to the back yard to relax.

"Thanks for everything guys, I don't know how I can ever repay you, especially you John, if it was not for your parents, I would really be homeless." She said "Like I said, we don't hold grudges, you are one of us now." John said "Can I tell you guys a secret, the real reason why he went into a rage when I told him I was pregnant?" She asked They all wanted to hear the reason, and they quickly agreed.

"Please, do not tell anyone else this," she started, "When I was 11, my mom abandoned us. She left while I was at school and dad was at work.

All she left was a note saying that she hated her life, hated him and hated me, and that she was through with us. It really hurt me that my own mother said that she hated me and no longer wanted me in her life. I cried for days. My dad took it bad as well, and quickly turned to drinking to try to get rid of the pain." "Oh Brenda, I am so sorry, we had no idea." Emily said, coming over to give her a hug.

"That is not the worst part of the story," she continued, "a few months after she left us, my dad came home drunk from the bar.

I was asleep in my own bed since I had school the next morning. I did not hear him come into my room, and I was woken up when he shoved a sock into my mouth. I woke up right away and saw him in front of my face. He told me that what he was about to do I should never tell anyone, and if I did, he would kill me. Being scared, I shook my head in agreement. He ripped my panties off and stripped himself. I was scared, I couldn't scream and I had no where to hid, because I was scared that he would kill me if I did.

He got on top of me, pulled my legs apart, and shoved his cock into me. He raped me. He did not stop, even though he saw me crying. He was not gentle with me and I was in extreme pain. I do however remember that he did not last long, but he did not pull out and he came inside of me." The 6 of them looked are in disbelief.

It was starting to dawn on them why she had became so attached to John. She saw how well he treated Kelsy and it made her jealous, For the past 8 years, she was abused by her own father and wanted someone to love her. Her father did not love her, he did not see her as his daughter, he just saw her as his sex slave and when he found out some other guy knocked her up, he thought the she had betrayed him and was defiled by another guy.

"He started coming into my room every night. It was the same thing all the time, he forced me not to wear any underwear when I went to bed, even when I started my periods. He would come in, fuck me, always against my will, and shot his cum in me. He forced me onto the pill so I would not become pregnant, because he did not want anyone to know what he was doing to me." She continued.

By this time, everyone was in total disgust with her father. They did not know, but the window to the kitchen was open Johns parents were listening in as well. Gary was starting to see red.

His best employee had a secret life that involved incest, no, it was not incest, it was just plain rape. Brenda continued with her story. "This went on for the next 6 years, every night, he came in and fucked me. After the first few months, he told me I had better enjoy it or he would lock me in the basement, and make me disappear. He told me would not kill me, but that I would be locked in there and the only time I would have been able to see anyone would be him when he came in fuck me.

I started to fake it. I never enjoyed it. But I did not want to be locked into a dungeon for the rest of my life." At this point, Gary could not take anymore, and he went outside, with his wife following him.

They all saw him come outside and they could tell he was on the verge of an all out rage. "Brenda, do you mean to tell you that your father repeatedly raped you these past 8 years?" He asked Brenda shook her head yes. "The last time was a couple of nights ago. But it was not just him, he brought another guy from the bar, and made me suck his cock while my dad forced his cock into me.

I later found out that the guy paid him a $2,000 for me to suck his cock." She said. "That fuckin piece of shit!" Gary shouted. April, call the Police, they need to hear this. "Dad, if he found out, he will kill her!" John Shouted. "Please, Don't call them!" "John, calm down, sweetie, everything will be okay, he will not be able to hurt her when is in jail." Kelsy said "She is right, John, calm yourself down.

We are not going to let anything happen to her." Emily added "John, if you need to, go to the station and watch some trains, I will go with you, but you need to take it easy man, we got her out of that situation and nothing will happen to her" Scott added.

"Come on John, lets go watch some trains." Jason said. He hated to see his friend like this "Hold on, guys, he needs to be here so he can help explain to the police how she ended up here." Shelby said. "Please stay, John, I would appreciate it if you did." Brenda begged. "I don't plan on going anywhere." He replied. April called the police and about 5 minutes later, two cruisers pulled up to the house. April led them to the back yard where everyone one was. Just as they walked out to the yard, one of the officers told her that a detective was also on his way.

They were the first to arrive to check out the situation. Sure enough, a detective arrived a few minutes later. When he got to the back yard, he introduced himself as Detective Groat.

"Ok, when I got the call, I was told that one of you was repeatedly raped, which one of you is the victim?" He asked "It was me, sir" She replied to his question. "Can you tell me what happened?" He asked. Brenda again repeated her story, word for word as she told her friends. They all got even more angrier at her dad then they did the first time around. The officers sensed that, and even as they heard the story, they wanted to go to him, and not arrest him, but execute the bastard.

They knew better then that, but they could not help themselves from feeling that way. "Do you want the state of Missouri to press charges against him for rape and sodomy. You were a minor for most of the time he did this to you, and if you said it was everyday for 6 years, then only a few dozen times the past couple of years, he is looking at 1,900 counts of rape. In the state of Missouri, that equals to about 7 life sentences that he is looking at.

However, once the prison population finds out what he did, I am sure he won't last more than a couple of days at most, as they will most likely kill him." He explained "Yes, please, detective. I want that bastard to pay for what he did to me." She said "Where are you living now?" He asked "I am living here, with John and his parents, he kicked me out because my boyfriend got me pregnant and he kicked me out of the house.

I just moved in this afternoon." She replied "Okay, so I won't need to get in touch with a women's shelter then." He said. We will go ahead and bring him in. With what you said is true, the state has a solid case against him, and he won't stand a chance. Where do you think he is right now?" "More than likely either at the house downing another twelve pack, or at Malone's Bar on Taylor." She replied.

"I think we have enough evidence, do you happen to have a picture of him?" He asked. She pulled out her wallet and produced a recent picture of the two of them. He was smiling and hold up a large mouth bass. She however, was not looking too happy in the picture. "Thanks Miss Wacha, thanks to you, we can take another sexual predator off the streets." He told her. The then turned and spoke to the two officer's. "Lets go get this bastard." He told them.

He then turned back to to the group. "If that will be all, we will go ahead and go bring him in." "Would you mind giving me a call when you have him in custody?" John asked. "Of course, what is your number?" He asked. John gave the detective his number and they left. "Its getting late guys, I think Emily and I will head over to my house. She is staying the night with me since we are going to Springfield tomorrow so she can meet my grandparents." Jason said as the both got up.

"Same for the two of us, Shelby said, I want to get home because my favorite Uncle is coming into town in a couple of hours. I want Scott there to meet him so I can show him off." They to got up and left. That left only the three of them.

They talked more about her situation with the baby. John agreed that he would decorate the other spare room and make it into a Nursery for when she brings home the baby. She was grateful for everything that John, his family and their friends had done for her. She never felt so much love in her life. She wished that John was single, but she remembered her promise that she would not do anything that would jeopardize his relationship with Kelsy.

However, she was happy that she could call him her friend. "Are you going to be fine tonight, Brenda?" Kelsy asked. "I am sure I will be." She replied. "If you need anything, just ask." John added. "Thanks, I will be fine. I feel safe here." She told them The three of them went inside. They sat down to watch some movies.

Around 10, his parents went to bed. Brenda was growing tired herself and decided that she would go to bed as well.

It was her first night her new home. John turned off the TV and followed the girls up the stairs. Kelsy was going to stay the night again because her mom went out of town to visit some friends in Moberly, Missouri.

She would be back the next day for Kelsy's Birthday. The two of them said good night to Brenda and went into Johns bedroom. They got ready for bed. It had been a long day. John had found out he had knocked up Brenda, she got kicked out of her house, his family took her, moved her stuff in, and then found out that her dad had sexually abused her.

The two of them crawled into bed and Kelsy quickly cuddled up to him. "Thanks John, you are an amazing person." She said as she kissed him. "You are even more amazing, Kelsy" he replied as he kissed her back. The two of them started to to get into it, and pretty soon, Kelsy crawled on top of him as she continued to kiss him with unbridled passion. She could feel his cock start to harden under here. She felt this and she knew that he wanted her. She wanted him bad as well.

She had not had any kind of sex with John since the weekend of the train show. She broke of the kiss and sat up. She lifted her shirt over her head and reached behind her to unfasten her bra. John watch as she removed her clothes. She bent back over and let him take one of her nipples into his mouth. He started sucking on her right nipple, and while sucking on it, he flicked it with his tongue as well.

This caused her to emit a moan of pleasure. She never felt him do this before. It was different, and she liked it. She decided that it was not fair that she was topless and he was not. She pulled him up and removed his shirt. Once removed, she pushed him back down and started to suck on his neck. It was his turn to moan because she knew that when she did that, it made his cock even harder. He rolled her over so that she was now on her back.

He went back to sucking her nipples, cause her to moan even more. She was really getting into it. She was just about to cum from him sucking on her nipples when he started to kiss his way down her body. When he reached top of her skirt, he hooked his fingers and pulled both her skirt and panties off. She assisted him by lifting her hips so he could easily strip them off her.

Once he got them off, he could see that she was already soaking wet. He stripped off his pants and boxers and got between her legs. He wanted to taste her pussy again. He went straight into licking her, and sure enough, she still tasted like sweet Pineapples. He could not get enough of how good her pussy tasted. He soon had her squirming. She grabbed his head and pulled him back up her body. She pulled him in for a kiss.

She looked at him with her emerald eyes. "Make love to me, baby. Please, I need you." She told him. He gave her another kiss and started to rub the head of his cock on her wet pussy, teasing her a little, but was actually get the head of his cock wet enough so he could easily enter her. She moaned as she felt his cock rubbing up and down her pussy.

She knew what he was doing, getting his cock wet enough. She enjoyed it when his cock was rubbing on her pussy, it turned her on even more. Before long, he pushed the head of his cock into her pussy. She gasped at the penetration. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to push him deeper into her. She loved the way his cock filled her pussy. He was so big, that when he was fully in her, the head of his cock was actually in her womb.

He did just that and bottomed out in her. She wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him with passion as he started to pump his cock into her. She moaned with pleasure as he pumped into her, She kept her legs wrapped around him, giving him good access to her pussy. She loved how deep he managed to get. John had built up a steady tempo, grinding into her clit every time he bottomed out in her.

She was starting to moan, and she had to remember that she had to keep it down. She could feel her orgasm coming on and it peaked fast. She let out a silent scream as her pussy clamped down hard on his cock.

John could feel her get tighter, and then felt the familiar sensation of her squirting on to his balls. He started to pick up the pace, thrusting into her faster and harder then before. She was enjoying his cock fucking her pussy.

The pleasure was starting to get too much for her as she kept cumming on his cock. Unlike last time, every time she came, she squirted on his balls. This drove John nuts. He loved it when she squirted. She grabbed a hold of the sheets, gripping them tightly every time her orgasm's peaked. "Baby, I am going to cum soon" He told her "Cum for me baby, fill my womb with your cum." She replied, trying to be as quiet as possible. John started to picked up the pace and he was now pounding into her.

She had to cover her mouth with a pillow because she could no longer keep the screams of passion silent. She came hard again and John could feel her squirting onto his balls again. This drove him over the edge and he shoved his cock as deep as he could into her womb and he unleashed a week's worth of cum deep into her. Kelsy felt his cum splashing into her and she reached up and pulled him down to kiss him.

This was the second time she felt him cum deep into her pussy, and the feeling was unbelievable. She was in heaven every time she felt him fire another shot of his seed into her. John kept his cock buried in her, making sure he got every last bit of his cum into her. Every few seconds, his cock twitched inside her.

After a few minutes, he finally pulled his cock out of her pussy and he rolled over next to her. He looked at her and admired how beautiful she really was and how lucky he was to have her in his life. She looked back at him and smiled.

She cuddled up to him and laid her head on his chest. She loved listening to his heart beat. They knew they would have another busy day when they woke up, since it would be her birthday. The two of them drifted off into dreamland after about 20 minutes of cuddling.

They were both satisfied with the amazing sex they had, and they knew that it would not be the last time either. Chapter 6 - Kelsy's Birthday John woke up about 10 till 8 in the morning. He looked over and he saw Kelsy still asleep.

He watcher he as she slept. Even though they had been a couple for over two months, his mind still had not fully comprehended the fact the she was now his girlfriend. He had loved her ever since the 6th grade, but he had a fear that she would reject him, and he would loose his best friend. He leaned over her and gave her a light kiss on the forehead. She stirred when she felt his lips on her head.

She opened her eyes and saw John looking at her with a smile on his face. "Hmmmm, Good morning, baby." She said softly, still half asleep "Good morning, beautiful," he replied, "Did you sleep well?" he asked? "Very much so. I sleep much better when I am with you." She told him. "I am the same way, I constantly think about you when we are apart, and there have been some nights I got very little sleep." "I am not that bad," she said, "I still get plenty of sleep, but I have been dreaming about us a-lot lately." "What kind of dreams?" He asked, he was curious to know.

"Mostly involving us being married and having a family." She said, kissing him again "We don't have to wait to get married to start a family, my love." He told her. "I know, baby. I think I would really like to wait until we are married to start a family, but what happens, happens" She responded "I would to, but you know what? If you end up pregnant before then, I would be so very happy and excited." He told her "I would be too, baby.

I know you would make an excellent father" She replied "And you would be a great mother!" he told her as he kissed her again. He was a bit worried, he had never asked if she had been on birth control, after all, the two times they made love, he had cum not only in her pussy, but in her womb. "Like I said, what happens, happens, and I could take it either way." She said with a smile.

The two of them started to cuddle, enjoying the warmth of their bodies pressed against each other. They were still completely naked after their love making the previous night. "Oh, Baby?" He said with a playful tone in his voice "What sweetie?" She asked "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He yelled as he flipped her over and gave her ass 18 spankings and one to grow on.

She screeched in surprise, and she felt his hand spanking her. It did not hurt, but it actually made her very horny. She liked being submissive. She had not told him yet, but she had a secret fantasy that he would tie her up, blindfold and gag her. She wanted to call him 'Master.' She was working out a way to tell him. She had not figured it out, but when she did, she knew that they would have a-lot of fun.

Another thing that he did not know was that she was almost ready to have a baby. She never told him that she was on birth control. He never asked. She really wanted to give herself to him the night he took her and made her his woman.

She had been afraid if she had said something, that he would have wanted to her to go on the pill before anything happened. The one thing that she did have going for her was that her periods were regular, and when they came, she was prepared for it. She knew when it would be safe to have sex, and when not to. She knew when she really was ready, that all they had to do was make love during one of her fertile days. After John had given her spankings, he heard he emit a low moan, not one from the pain, but the one he know from when they were fooling around.

Before he could inquire about the moan, the phone rang. The caller ID said "Private". John went ahead and answered the phone. "Hello?" He asked "Hi, yes, is this John Walker?" The voice said on the other side "Yes it is, may I ask who is calling?" "Hello, Mr. Walker, this is Detective Groat with the Kirkwood Police Department, how are you today?" He asked "I am doing fine, what can I do for you Detective?" "I was calling to inform you that Brenda will no longer have to worry about her father.

When officers approached his residence, he came outside with a rifle. He fired a shot in the air and warned them to stay back, and that they had no business at his home. The officers repeatedly demanded him to put the gun down, but he refused. When he lifted the gun and pointed at it at the officers, they opened fire. He was struck 3 times in the chest, and he was pronounced dead at the scene." He explained "A suiting end to such a low life scum." John replied. "We need you to bring Brenda to the morgue so she can identify the body." The detective told him.

"When do you need us down there?" "Now, if that would be possible, the coroner has just finished the autopsy. The sooner she can ID him, the sooner his remains can be disposed of." "Okay, I will wake Brenda up and we will be over there as soon as we can." John told the Detective.

The two said goodbye and he hung up the phone. "What was that all about, babe?" Kelsy asked "Brenda's dad was stupid and pointed a loaded gun at the officers who were trying to arrest him.

Needless to say, he is resting some cold stainless steel in a cooler at the morgue." He told her. "I guess he had a death wish, loosing his sex slave and his extra source of income, I guess you getting her pregnant was a good thing since it got her out of the hands of that monster, who claimed to be her father." Kelsy said. She hid her feelings when she found out that John knocked her up on graduation night, but now that she saw what her dad did to her, and the nasty living conditions she lived in, she was more approving of the pregnancy.

It helped save their friend. "Come on, we need to get up and get Brenda so we can head to the morgue. We can take a shower when we get back, the sooner we get this done, the sooner they can destroy his remains. I hope his soul is in Hell's hell." He said. "Hell's hell, huh? That's a new one!" Kelsy chuckled a little as she said that. Even in a situation like this, he could still make her laugh. The two of them were soon dressed, and they walked across the hall to Brenda's room.

They peaked in and saw she was not there. The went downstairs to start looking for her, but they found her right away sitting on the couch watching a sitcom. She noticed them come into the room and she got up. She went straight to Kelsy and gave her a big hug. "Happy Birthday, Kelsy!" She exclaimed "Thank you, Brenda." She replied.

She was not expecting a hug. "Brenda, we got a call from Detective Grout a few minutes ago." John told her. "Do they have them at the station?" She asked. "Well, you could say that, but he is not in a cell, he is in the morgue." John explained "Did he kill himself?" There was no remorse, no sudden breakdown, no emotion when she asked this. To her, he was just a monster who had used her like a fuck doll. "No, when the officers went out to the house, he came outside with his gun, after a few minutes, he pointed it towards the officers and they took action taking him out." he explained.

"Brenda, I am so sorry." Kelsy said, thinking that she would be upset with hearing the news. "Why the hell should I be happy that old bastard is dead! He deserved it! I hope is burning in hell with Hitler sitting next to him!" she exclaimed.

"I am happy he is dead, mainly because he will never get to know his grandchild! The two of them look at her with surprise. Even though he had tortured her for the past 8 years, they both figured that she would still have some sort of emotional attachment to him. After all, he was her father. "Brenda, we need to go down to the station so you can ID his body." John told her.

"The sooner you ID him, the sooner they can dispose of his body." "Good, let me get dressed, I hope they toss him into a meat grinder and feed the him to lions at the Zoo." She said as she got up. It became apparent to them after she said this, that she hated him with a passion. I guess he never did show her anything other than his cock the past 8 years, and not even an once of compassion or love for his own daughter.

She may have been after him, was a bitch to them and even broke into his bedroom, but the life she had lived was despicable. How she managed to live like that and then put on a face in school like she was living on top of the world, and become Cheer-leading captain was beyond them. Kelsy knew that if it was her, she would not have survived the first month.

She was now starting to see her as one tough girl who would not let anything get in her way, even if it was being raped and pimped out by her dad on an almost daily basis. Before long, Brenda came back down the stairs. She has been wearing a loose fighting T-shirt and shorts, but when she came back down, she was wearing a pink sun dress. "I love your dress, Brenda." Kelsy complimented "Thanks, It was one of the few things of my mothers that I saved after she left.

I hid it because dad took everything that she had left and tossed it into the Mississippi River." Brenda explained "So, I guess by wearing that would be a slap to his face then?" John asked? "You can say that." The three of them walked out the door. It was a beautiful July day, the humidity was low for once, and they took advantage of that.

The station was only a few blocks away and was actually across the tracks from the Amtrak station. They didn't really speak as they walked. They had too much on their minds. Kelsy was thinking about how she wanted to let John know about her fantasy where he was her master, and that after this mornings talk, she was considering starting a family with him sooner than later. She loved him a-lot, and having a baby, she thought, would make them closer together.

She already knew John was ready to have a family. John was thinking more about the future. It had only been a couple of months, but he knew that he would marry her someday. He kept thinking about when it would be the right time to actually ask her. As for Brenda, she could not wait to get the ID over with and move on with her life. She had more important things to worry about, with the most important being the baby she was carrying. When they reached the Amtrak Station, no one was there but Darrel.

He never really spoke much, but spent everyday at the station. Scott and Jason usually where there as well, but the girls must have dragged them off to buy something nice to wear to Kelsy's birthday get together. John could here a train climbing the grade up to the station from the west.

He knew it was not a coal train, for once in his life, he was hoping they would not be stopped by the train. He wanted Brenda to be done with her past so she can look forward to her future. As they neared the road crossing to cross the tracks, the crossing activated.

This train was moving faster then what he could here. He knew that it would not be long for the train to pass if it was moving at the track speed of 35MPH. He was right, the train was moving at track speed and wile he was disappointed that they had to wait for it to pass, he was happy to see it was just the local train that runs from St. Louis out to Jefferson City, Missouri and back to work the railroads customers. The train consisted of 3 older 1970's built locomotives that came from the Southern Pacific and the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway.

Even though they were now wearing the colors of Union Pacific, he knew by the numbers on the side of the cab of what railroad originally bought them. Behind the locomotives were 16 or 17 freight cars, and much to his surprise and delight, an old Missouri Pacific Caboose bringing up the rear. "God Damn, of all the days I did not bring my camera!" He explained. Brenda laughed and Kelsy shook her head.

"Know you know, baby, never leave home without it!" She said "Know you are sounding like that old commercial, Kelsy" Brenda laughed. After the train had cleared, they strolled past the City Hall and over to the station. They walked inside and Detective Groat was standing just inside the door talking to another officer about a case that involved a missing boy by the name of Shawn Hornbeck. John knew Shawn from a mutual friend, but other than that, he never really said anything more than hi.

Shawn had been kidnapped a couple of years before, and the case had grown cold. (Authors note: Shawn was found safe in Kirkwood, he had been forced to live with his kidnapper at his apartment near City Hall after he went missing) Detective Groat saw them walk in and excused himself from the other officer. He walked over to them and greeted them. "Thanks for coming over so fast, I didn't think you would be here so soon, though.

Brenda, I give you my condolences for your loss, I assume that John told you everything, right?" He asked her "I don't want to sound rude, but you can keep your condolences.

If it really is him, then I will be glad that rapist is dead. I will be able to live in peace with my child." She said "And with the father,right?" "He left me when he found out I was pregnant. He was one of those jocks from High School. I think he was just using me for my body, but he treated me so well until he found out I was pregnant." She did not want to tell him that it was John's baby, and that the child was conceived when she was being black mailed by Kelsy, John and their friends.

She did not want to get them in trouble. "Damn Jocks," he replied, "they can never take responsibility when it is handed to them. I am glad I was one jock with common sense though. Come on, I will take you downstairs." he said The three of them followed Detective Groat down the stairs, past the holding cells as they walked towards the autopsy room.

Only one was occupied, and from what they could see, it was one of their ex-classmates who dropped out of school after he became addicted to heroin. They walked through the door and they were greeted by the coroner, Dr. Dasho. "I assume that you three are here to Identify our friend here?" He asked "Yeah, I want to make sure the bastard really is dead." Brenda said nonchalantly. The doctor seem surprised by this. He had never heard anyone call a deceased body a terrible name.

But she had his reasons, he reasoned. He may have done something very bad to the girl. Dr. Dasho walked over to the cooler where bodies where kept before their autopsy's and before they go to the funeral homes. He opened door #2 and pulled out a long metal drawer. On it was apparently the body of her father, the entire body was covered by a sheet. "Can I see?" Brenda asked "Of course, My dear." he replied. He pulled back the sheet. By the look in Brenda's eyes, both John and Kelsy knew that the body on the table was indeed her fathers.

"That's him," she said, "Do you mind if I ask where he was shot at? Dr. Dasho pulled the sheet even farther back to expose the chest. "He was tapped three times in the chest. It was this one," he said, pointing to a wound close to where the heart would be, "that I assume was the fatal shot. It reminds me of a story from when I was in Vietnam.

I had just rescued a small family from the Vietcong when the we were attacked and the father." "Thats enough, Doctor." Groat said. "I don't think they need to hear any of your war stories." They thank the doctor and the three of them left the room and went back upstairs.

"I am sorry about that, he has a special fondness of Dr. Mallard in that TV show. NSIC, CISN, SICN." "You mean NCIS?" John asked. "Yeah, that's the one. He met the person who plays the doctor a few months ago, Rick McCallum, I think that's his name, and ever since then, he has been acting like that." Groat explained. They reached his office, and he had them come in.

"Now, Miss Wacha, would you like to contact some funeral homes to make proper arrangements?" Without thinking, Brenda blurted out "NO!" This caught everyone off guard. John was sort of expecting it considering how she was treated by him. "That bastard does not deserve to be buried, cremated or whatever. If I had the choice, I would either put his body through a meat grinder and feed him to the lions at the zoo, or throw his body body into the river so the fish can devour him" She was angry.

She had so much built up anger from the way her dad treated her, and she never had a chance to release it before. "So, you do not care what we do with his body then, do you Miss Wacha?" Groat asked. "No, but please do me this.

I do not want him to have a tomb, a grave, or anything with his name on it. Cremate his body, and throw the ashes in the garbage where they belong." For a girl with 7 or 8 years worth of anger in her system, even Detective Groat was shocked to hear these things coming from a teenager who had just lost her dad.

"If you want that to be his final resting place, in the the garbage, you will have to fill out these papers. Basically, they give you the power of attorny, so you can instruct on us on ow we dispose of his remains." He explained to her.

Brenda quickly signed them, and Groat gave her another form. This one was to instruct on what to do with the body. She basically put "Cremate and throw away in the garbage." They walked out of the station and started to head back to his place. Brenda seemed so much more relieved now that he dad was going out with the next day's trash, and that she can now speak her mind without fear. Instead of going straight to his place, they decided that Kelsy needed to get home. It was her birthday after all, and she needed to get ready.

She kissed John good bye and gave Brenda a hug. After they watcher her go inside, Brenda and John started to walk back to what was now, their house. They did not say a word for most of the 10 minute walk, but he could tell that she was much happier than she was when they had left the house. As they got closer to the house, Brenda spoke at last. "John, I really want to thank you." She said "What do you mean, you have already thanked me enough." he replied "No, what I mean is, thank you for getting me pregnant.

If it would not have been for you blackmailing me, then I would still be there, being raped by that bastard and the men who paid him to fuck me. So, basically, I want to say thank you for the blackmail." She told him "It was meant to be a revenge for the way you were treating Kelsy and I, we never expected the results to be this, with your dad dead and you moving in with us." "I never expected that as well.

You really are a good friend, even to some one who was such a bitch to you very recently." She smiled and looked at him. John looked back and saw how pretty her smile was. He was tempted to give her a kiss, but he thought better of it. He did not want to ruin anything with Kelsy. He loved her. Instead, he just pulled her in and gave her a friendly hug. They reached his house and Brenda went to use the bathroom while John went to his computer.

He had some pictures that he wanted to edit, and a new photo editing software that his mom picked up for him at Best Buy. He started to edit a picture of a Gateway Western Locomotive that he shot when he went with William and Darrel to Granite City, IL the a day before this whole Brenda being pregnant issue popped up. He had heard that it was working the Wann Local and wanted to go catch it. They ended up going with William to catch it, even though he was still Black and Blue.

He forgot that he was signed into his instant messenger an IM popped it. It was Kelsy. They used to talk all the time on IM, but since they became a couple, the phone became their preferred choice. Luv2luv : "Hey Big Boy ;)" Conrail8098: "Hey there Pinapple Girl :). Why are you on here and not calling me?" Luv2luv: "I left my phone over there, can you bring it over when you guys come, and tell Brenda she can come as well" Conrail8090: "Yeah, I can baby." Luv2luv: "I also wanted to tell you something, but I did not wany anyone to here me say this." Conrail8098: "Oh, is it naughty :D" Luv2luv: "Maaaaybe :P" Conrail8098: "Then tell me." Luv2luv: "Okay, but promise me that you wont say anything" Conrail8098: "I promise." John had no idea what she was about to say, but he had a good feeling that it would be about their sex life.

They only had sex twice, and it was more than he could imagine. Luv2luv: "I would love it if I could be your sex slave, and you be my master, it is something I have always wanted to try, even before we got together, baby" John's eyes widened with surprise when he read this. He didn't expect that coming at all! He had read some Slave and Master stories before, and some where quite violent.

Conrail8098: "What kind of slave are you talking about, you mean like the torture kind or what?" Luv2luv: "Oh hell no!

I want you to tie me to the bed posts, blindfold me, and make me beg to cum. I want you to force me to call you master. But I don't want you to hurt me or anything that will cause me pain." Conrail8098: "." Luv2luv: "What?" Conrail8098: "Nothing baby, are you sure that is something you want to do? I know how many times you cum when we have sex.

You know as a master, I would have to punish you if you disobeyed me." Luv2luv: "I know that baby, and as long as its nothing that will harm me, I am okay with it." Conrail8098: "I would get to decide what punishment you would get, though" Luv2luv: " ;) You think I didn't know that, sexy?" Conrail8098: "You have thought this out, haven't you?" Luv2luv: "More than you realize, baby" Conrail8098: "Then be ready, my love, you are to be my slave, doing whatever I please to you so long as I don't cause you any harm, but I get to decide when and where.

;) " Luv2luv: "YAY! I love you baby! I am getting off now so I can shower." Conrail8098: "Ok sexy girl, see you tonight :* " John was looking forward to it now. He never did realize that she wanted to be a sex slave. He guessed that they could try it once, and if they didn't like it, they would not have to do it again. He wondered about her, sometimes. She can be so secretive. He went back to editing his photo, but just as the program came back up there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" he said to the person behind the door. It was Brenda. She must have just taken a shower because her hair was wet and she was only wearing a towel. He had to look away from her because most of her cleavage was showing. "John?" She asked "Yes, Brenda, whats up?" He replied. He looked up and saw that the fear had returned to her eyes, but not like before.

"Do you think any guy will want me know that I am pregnant, or even want to be with a single mom?" she asked him. She had a worried expression on her face. "Brenda, I know that there is someone out there for you. I know that there are men out there who are only attracted to and date single mothers. I know it's not me, because I love Kelsy and I plan on making her my wife and start a family with her someday.

But you and your baby will find someone special. I just know it." he replied "Don't you mean our baby? You are the father, remember?" "I know its my baby, but I don't know if Kelsy would approve if we called it 'our' baby since you are not my girlfriend." he explained.

She got a sad look on her face and she sat down on his bed. John could tell she was hurting. He got up out of his computer chair and sat down next to her.

She put her head on her shoulder and hugged him. He could tell that she wanted to cry. "Brenda, everything will be just fine, trust me on this." "John, you are the sweetest guy I know, and I am still very jealous that Kelsy has you. I am not jealous that you are with her, I am jealous because I really wished I had a loving boyfriend like she does." "Brenda, here is one piece of advice I can tell you that my friend Dan told me.

'Don't go looking for love because it will hurt in the end, let love find you and you will be happy for the rest of your life.'" "Do you really think that is the way I should let it happen?" She asked "Of course." He replied.

"I am scared, though, I am scared that love will never find me." The look of fear was gone and a scared look appeared in her eyes. "Brenda, everyone has had love find them in some way, shape or form, so just let it happen, unless you want me too hook you up with one of my train buddies." Brenda looked shocked that he have mentioned this, but the fear that she would have to spend the rest of life being alone and a single mom quickly overpowered that feeling of shock.

"Why don't you?" She said. She really was scared to be alone, and was actually desperate to have a nice guy in her life. "Are you sure?" John asked, he did not expect her to answer with a yes right away. "I am positive. I mean look at Shelby and Emily, they are also with guys who love trains, and Kelsy has you, so I guess I should try dating a person who loves trains." She replied "Brenda, not all of us railfans are like Jason, Scott and myself.

There are some real perverts as well. One of the station volunteers is like that, and look at him, he is 69 and still a bachelor. But let me ask around, I think there might be one or two guys that could use a girlfriend." He responded "Thanks," Brenda smiled, "I am just too scared to be alone." "It's fine to be scared and alone, its a natural fear that everyone has." "I never have seen you to be scared before." She said.

"Trust me, I am scared right now, I mean just yesterday I found out I was going to be a father." He said. Then he started to think. She had revealed everyone yesterday that she had been raped repeatedly by her father. If she had not been on birth control when he got her pregnant, and if her dad had raped her the day or night before, then he might not be the father. "Brenda, may I ask you something?" He asked her "I guess that would be alright." she replied "I have been thinking about this, but are you 100% that the child you are carrying is mine?

Did your dad rape you anything during the week that we black mailed you?" He asked This got Brenda thinking. She had completely forgotten about that. The raping had been a constant thing in her life, like waking up and going to school, that when it happened, she just let it happen because she was so used to and not even think about what she was doing. "I am pretty sure, but with the many times that my dad raped me, It might also be his, oh god, NO! I am against abortion, but if this child is his, then I am going abort the child.

I don't want his child!" She started to get angry again. "Now calm down, Brenda! No child is going to be aborted! If you want a DNA test of the fetus, then we can get one. If the child is his, then you can just simply put the child up for adoption. And if it is mine, then all of us will help you raise the kid." John explained "Adoption?" She asked "Yes, Adoption. You know, you let someone else, like a couple who can not have children, be the parents.

The child will grow up thinking the adopting parents are their real parents, and they will never remember you." "That sure does sound better then having an abortion." She stated "Sure does!" John exclaimed, then he looked at the time. "Oh shit Brenda, we have to get ready for Kelsy's birthday. We can discuss this more later." "I thought I was not invited." Brenda said "Kelsy sent me a message that you are invited to come along if you want, but if you are, you need to hurry up and get ready!" Brenda looked happy when she said this, but instead of leaving, she walked up to John and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

Not a kiss of a lover, but a kiss of happiness. He was caught of guard by this, and his eyes widened. "Thanks John, you have made me feel a-lot better!" Brenda said, as she turned to walk out the door. She stopped, and turned around before saying "Oh, and before you tell Kelsy that I kissed you, I already told her that I was going to if you made me feel better!" He was still put off guard by the kiss.

John got ready, and within 5 minutes he was done and walked downstairs to wait for Brenda. She did not take long and within 10 minutes, she was downstairs and ready to go. They were not going to Kelsy's house, instead, they were going to be going to a nice restaurant in Old Town St. Charles called Tony's on Main. It was going to be a half-hour drive, and Jason and Emily were going to be riding with them, as Scott and Shelby would be meeting them there, along with Kelsy and her parents.

As they walked out to the car, they saw Jason and Emily walking up. He had thought they were going to be picking them up at Emily's house. They had decided to walk over to save them some time so they can go straight there. None of them, except Kelsy and her parents, had ever been to Tony's on Main. John looked them up, and saw that they were some-what of a fancy restaurant that had an executive chef, and hired their employee's straight of Le Cordon Bleu Collage of Culinary Arts in St.

Peters. MO. He was surprised that instead of getting just a salad and 1 side with each meal, you got 2 sides, a salad plus a Pasta with either red or white sauce.

He could hardly wait to get there, because the food sounded so good from the online menu. The drive went took a little longer then expected because of a wreck on the ramp from I-270 North to I-70 West. They ended up having to go a mile north to Missouri Highway 370 into St. Charles then get off on Highway 94 south to get to the restaurant.

When they got there, everyone else was waiting for them. The four of them got out and John grabbed his gift for Kelsy out of the trunk of the car, along with a paper bag as well. When they walked up, Kelsy basically jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss. He laughed and mentioned that he had just seen her a couple of hours before.

They had to enter from the rear of the restaurant and walk to the front in order to be seated. The 10 of them didn't have to wait long to be seated. When they had placed their drink orders, the girls were amazed at the atmosphere of the places, and then they saw the menus. They did not expect to see the prices so high. John, however expect it, since he had looked over the menu before. "Compared to Mike's place, these prices are a bargain." "Who is Mike?" Kelsy asked "Oh, Mike Lang, he owns Dreamland Palace in Waterloo, IL.

Its a German restaurant, and a simple dish costs about $19.00." "How do you know him?" Kelsy's dad ask. "He is also a railfan and he sells at area train shows." "You and your trains." Kelsy sighed. Everyone laughed.

Everyone ordered their food. Kelsy's parent's told everyone to order whatever they wanted. John ordered a Rib eye with Baked Potato, Corn, and a white sauce pasta. He did not care for the tomato based red sauce when it came to pasta's, Kelsy ordered a New York Strip, with the same sides, except the got the red sauce pasta.

Everyone ordered some sort of steak except Brenda. Instead, she went for a half rack of ribs. She claims that she had been craving them recently. After they ordered, John spoke up. "Mr. Carter, would you mind if I gave Kelsy her present now?" he asked "John, How many times have I told you, do not call me Mr. Carter. Its Frank. And yes, I would love to see what you got my daughter." He said.

Then he spotted something on her finger that he did not notice before. "What is that on your finger, Kelsy? When did you get that.wait.never mind.did John propose to you!?" He was surprised. No one else had even noticed the ring that John had given her yesterday. Everyone was so focused on Brenda, and never even took notice until Frank told her something.

"No, dad, he did not propose. It is a promise ring, he has promised to ask me to marry him." She replied. "Let me see that!" Her mom insisted.

She took Kelsy's hand into her's and examined the ring. "Oh, my, that is a pretty stone. It matches your eyes, honey." She said. "Oh, and John?" "Yes Mrs. Carter?" "Its Morgan, John, please, stop calling me Mrs. Walker," she started, "but, I do expect you to follow through on your promise, or you will have to witness my wrath!" "You do NOT want to see her on a war path!" Emily said Jason looked over at his girlfriend.

"I take it that you have seen it?" "We both have," Shelby butted in, "We were there when the last guy gave her a promise ring, then broke up with her a few days later." Everyone starred at John, and it made him very nervous, with 9 sets of eyes peering at him. "What? You don't expect me to dump her, do you? I have no intentions to." He said "You better not be, for everyone's sake!" Kelsy said as she gave him a kiss.

"Come on, Bro, lets see what you got her." Scott said "You know, I am quite interested in seeing what you got her too." Her dad said. "I know! Its baby clothes!" Brenda said All of a sudden, all eyes were on her, and then stared right back at John.

"Oh, Shit." He sighed. "I might have to do some explaining on that one, Brenda." He told her. "HAHA!" Brenda laughed, "I was only kidding, I only wanted to break the tension! Besides, if it is anyone who needs baby clothes, it will be me!" Everyone except Kelsy's dad started to laugh, he just gave John a mistrusting look.

John got the gift out and set in front of her. Only he knew that there were four layers of boxes, each one wrapped as well, to frustrate her to no end until she got to the gift.

She started to open the gift. She was a little disappointed when it was a plain brown cardboard box. She used the knife that came with her utensils and cut the tape. She looked inside to see the the next box. "Oh, Funny guy, are you? Placing my gift inside this box?" She said out loud. She pulled out the 2nd layer of the gifts and unwrapped it as well. She repeated the same steps as she had before. Again, when she looked in, there was the 3rd box.

"Seriously, John!" She complained, "I swear, I am dating a prankster!" Everyone started to chuckle when she said this. She went ahead and opened unwrapped the 3rd layer, and when she saw what was inside, she gave him a dirty look, There was the forth, and final box that needed to be unwrapped.

"What the hell, John! I am going to get you back for this!" She said with a mixed voice of anger, yet she was trying not to laugh. This time, she would see what her gift was.

She unwrapped it, and when she saw what was inside, she gasped. Everyone at the table thought there was yet another box to be opened. She let out a squeal of delight and gave John a big hug. Everyone started to tell her to take it out. She pulled out the final box, and they were all surprised to see what it was. It was the Nikon D40 that John had bought her. "Thank You! Oh John, I love it!" She cried out. Frank looked over at John and gave him a smile.

"I thought you would, that is the same camera that I have. I have seen you use your phone to take pictures of trains, so I thought I would give you a better camera" He explained. "I am going to be taking so many pictures of you, baby!" She said as she leaned over to kiss him. "You know, I have more for you, you never asked what was in the bag I brought in." He told her. "I was figuring that it was a model for Scott." She said.

John lifted the bag from the floor and handed it to her. When she opened it up and saw that inside was the other lens, she smiled even bigger. He had gone all out. Inside was the 55-200 Nikon lens to go with the camera, and also a 2 GB memory card. "I told you not to spend so much on me, baby." She told him.

"You are worth every cent of what I spent. I wanted to get them for you, because I know how much you love my camera." He replied "Not as much as I love you, baby" She beamed. The food arrived and everyone dug in. It was a good meal and everyone laughed and had a good time. Brenda and Morgan talked to each other the most, mainly about pregnancy and what to expect when the baby is born. She told Brenda that she would love to Babysit for her if she ever needed a sitter.

Jason and Scott talked on and off, they kept getting distracted by their girlfriends. They did not seem to mind though, as they loved their girls. Frank didn't really say much, except that he was very happy that John is making his daughter very happy.

He approved of the relationship and he knew that John would not do anything stupid to hurt her. John and Kelsy were busy talking about her new camera. She was excited and could not wait to try it out. John promised that he would take her track side in Illinois that weekend so she could. Kelsy could not wait that long, and soon had the camera ready to go. It only had a 50% charge on the battery, but that still let her take some pictures.

She ended up taking a-lot of pictures of everyone during the dinner, and her favorite subject was John. Morgan told her to put the camera away and told her to wait until they at least got back. After dinner, Jason and Emily elected to ride back with Scott and Shelby, and her parents went back home since they knew Kelsy wanted to spend some time with John.

They knew that she would not be home that night. After about a half an hour walking up and down 2nd street, John asked Kelsy and Brenda if they would like to take a small walk. They both agreed and they walked towards the Missouri River. The crossed the street and started to walk down the abandoned railroad right-of-way of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad that was now part of the Katy Trail that ran from here in St.

Charles out to Sedalia, Missouri. After they had passed the poorly restored MKT Wide Vision caboose, the old Katy St. Charles Station and the old Decatur, IL built Wabash caboose, which of course Kelsy photographed, they made their wait down to the river. It was about 1/10th of a mile but with the girls, it seemed like forever. Once they reached the river, Brenda spoke up.

"Hey Kelsy, can I talk to you for a second?" "Yeah, whats up?" she replied "Can we talk alone for a second? This is private and I don't want anyone else to hear." "No problem, John, could you wait here for a little bit, okay?" She told him John gave her a kiss and told her to hurry back. The two of them walked a little ways so he was ot of earshot. When they were sure that he could not hear, Brenda turned to Kelsy and gave he an odd look "Whats up with that look, Brenda?" Kelsy asked "I don't really know how to ask, and I expect you to say no, but I really wanted to ask this." She said "Ask me what?" "Well, a couple of weeks ago, before I found out I was pregnant, I realized that I was becoming more and more horny.

I could not figure out why. I masturbated every chance I got when my dad was not home, but that was not enough, and I could never get off when either himself or one of the men he brought home fucked me.

Now that I think about it, I realize it was because I am pregnant. I guess I am one of those girls who get much more horny when pregnant" "Okay, but what are you asking?" Kelsy asked.

"Well, I was wonder.that maybe, I don't know, I don't know if I can ask this." "I think I know what you are going to ask. You would like to have sex with John again, am I right?" She asked Brenda looked down, She did not want to hurt their relationship, but there was no other guy right now that she trusted more than John. "Yeah, that's what I was going to ask, but if you say no, then I will drop the subject." "I mean, I don't really approve of it. I know he would be hesitant about it." She continued "Like I said, Kelsy, if you don't want me to, then just say it." "Would it help you out?

I mean, would having sex with scratch that itch you need?" Kelsy asked "Yeah, it would. I mean, he is the only guy that I can trust right now, and I don't know how much longer I can last without someone being in me." Kelsy though about this for a moment. She wanted to help her friend, but she did not want to risk loosing John to her. After a couple of minutes, he replied. "If it really does help you out, then I guess it is okay, but you know, I don't want you to take advantage of that.

I don't want to loose him, he means the world to me, and I would never forgive you if you stole him from me." "I won't, and I don't want to ruin your relationship with him. I know he means a-lot, and I don't want to steal him away or have him fall in love with me." Brenda said. "He does, he is the one who really makes me happy." Kelsy commented with a smile. "I know, and I want to find someone that will make me as happy as he makes you." "Listen, you will find that someone.

I will agree to let you have sex with John, as much as you want when I am not there. However once you do find someone you know you will marry, you can no longer have sex with John, he will once again be off limits.

Please do not wear him out, I want him too, you know." Kelsy said with a bit of concern. She was not really approving, but she hated to see her friend in such misery. She knew that if she was in the same boat as Brenda, either Emily or Shelby would let her borrow one of their boyfriends to satisfy herself. They had talked about it before, and since then Emily has borrowed Shelby's boyfriends a few times, and Shelby has borrowed one of Emily's.

They knew it was only to scratch an itch, and they both knew that it would not be all the time. They had extended the same off to Kelsy, but since she had been a virgin until recently, she had no need to borrow one of their boyfriends. "Thanks, Kelsy. I will make sure that I will not hurt either of you, and I will make sure he pleases you more then me. Would you mind if I had him tonight?" Brenda asked.

"Go ahead, I know you need that scratch itched, but please, just do me one favor, then Brenda." "Anything." "Let me have him first tonight, then you can have him. I will be there to explain why you are naked in his room." Kelsy said. "That would be so much better then me having to explain, otherwise, he would be putting that video of me on the internet." Brenda replied.

"True, so very true!" Kelsy commented. The two of them finished their conversation and had a little laugh.

They knew that John was in for one hell of a surprise that night. They walked back over to John. He was sitting on the ground watching the river flow by.

He was relaxed, he never thought that watching the river flow by during the evening would be so relaxing. When the girls came back over, he got up off the ground, bushed himself off and took Kelsy's hand in his. They walked for a while down the river for a while when he suggested that they head for home.

They both agreed and walked back towards the Katy trail to head back to the car. Kelsy had her hand in his as they walked, and it seemed like Brenda was smiling more then she had been all day. "I wonder what those two were talking about." He thought to himself, he never knew that he would have such a surprise when he found out later what they had been talking about They got in the car and they started to head back to Kirkwood.

The drive went smoother this time. They made good time. There was no traffic heading south. The entire trip back, the two girls were talking about babies and what she should name hers. They got a laugh when they mentioned "John Kelso Wacha" after both John and Ashton Kutcher's character in "That 70's Show", Micheal Kelso. John rolled his eyes at that comment, but smiled at the same time. About half an hour later, they reached his place.

As the three got out of the car, the two girls started to giggle. He didn't know why. Just a girl talk he thought. As they walked in, Kelsy gave John a dirty smile and a wink. "Baby, can you go upstairs and wait for me, I won't be long." She said in sexy voice. John knew what she meant and smile.

He knew that she was in the mood and really wanted to him. He wanted her too and could not wait to ravage that petite body of hers. He went into the kitchen, grabbed a Mellow Yellow and then headed up to his room to wait for her.

Once he was upstairs, Kelsy turned to Brenda. "Okay, if you really are serious about me loaning you to John, then I want you to wait by his door. I will keep it open so you can hear us.

Yes, we will be having sex, and that should get you worked up by listening to us. When I scream that I can feel him cumming in me, that will be your cue. Come in 5 minutes after I scream that." "I can do that. Do you think he will enjoy the surprised?" She asked "If he is like any guy, then yes, I think he will enjoy having two girls in the same bed, even though I won't do anything except watch the two of you.

I will have had my fill of him already." She explained. The two girls laughed and they started to head up the stairs. When they got to John's door, she gave Brenda a wink. She opened the door to his room and went inside, She did not close the door all the way so Brenda can listen for her cue. When Kelsy walked into his room, she saw that he had already removed his shirt. She walked over to him and gave him a hug from behind. "Hey there, beautiful." He said as he turned around. He could see in her emerald eyes how much she wanted him.

Even though they had amazing sex the night before, he knew that they would again be doing the same thing that night, and probably every night that she came over.

John moved in and kissed her full on the lips. She responded to the kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck and sliding her tongue into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her waist and they started to kiss with even more passion. Within a couple of minutes, they both were really into each other and getting very turned on.

John separated from the kiss and moved back. He lifted her shirt over her head and then went back for more. He started to suck on her neck and this caused her to emit a low moan.

He knew that she really enjoyed it when he sucked on her neck because that was one of the things that really turned her on. She put a hand on the back of his head to encourage him to keep doing what he was doing. He reached around her and unfastened her bra, while at the same time, she reached down between them and started to rub on his crotch. She could feel that he was starting to get hard in his pants, even semi erect, he still felt huge in her small hand.

She pushed him back for a second so she could fully take off her bra. She loved the look on John's face every time her breasts came into view. He pulled her in for a hug and he could feel her perky little tits against his bare chest. The nipples were already hard and he could not resist any more and kissed his way down the her neck and the top of her chest on his way down to her nipples. He kissed around her nipples and this started to get her going even more.

She loved it when he sucked on her nipples. When he finally took one into his mouth, she let out a moan. It felt great when he did that. Every time he did, it made her even wetter, even if she was already soaking. As he sucked, he took the nipple between his teeth and gently bit down while playing with it at the same time with his tongue. She never felt him do this before, and it caused her to moan.

She placed a hand on the back of his head again so he would not stop, while at the same time, moving one of his hands onto her other tit so he could pinch and play with it. John could tell she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He alternated his mouth from one tit to the other, always playing with the other one as he sucked. Pretty soon, her breathing was getting heavy and he knew that if he continued, she would make cum. He loved making her cum while playing with he breasts. He had only done it once other time, but since that time, he had always wanted to do that to her again.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, he could feel her tense up as her orgasm hit and she let out a little scream of pleasure as it hit. It was not a powerful one like she had when he went down on her or when his cock was buried in her, but it was an orgasm never the less.

After her orgasm passed, he reached down and hooked his fingers into the waist of her skirt. He pushed it down so that she was just in her panties.

He knew he wanted to go down on her pussy, and he could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy. He picked her up and laid her down on the bed, where she immediately spread her legs open to give him access. John did not hesitate as he crawled in between her legs, he kissed up her right thigh on his way to her love hole. This caused her to let out a little laugh because his lips were brushing against her in between kisses, and it tickled her a little bit.

He reached her panty covered pussy and gave it a kiss right where her pussy lips were. "Baby, make me cum with that mouth of yours. I can't stand it anymore!" She almost begged. He could not resist the love of his life begging him to make her cum. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and started to give her pussy butterfly kisses. She really loved it when he did this to her, because even though he was teasing her a little bit, she could feel the warmth of his lips and the tickling it caused every time he kissed her.

John could see her pussy lips opening for him from how wet she was. He gave her pussy a lick from top to bottom, then took her exposed clit in between his lips. She grabbed his hair as he sucked, and within seconds, she had a powerful orgasm, this time she squirted a tiny bit and john immediately licked it up, tasting her pineapple flavor that he loved so much. John was surprised at how fast she came. She had never come that fast before when he went down on her, but he still loved it when she came on his mouth.

He wanted her to return the favor, but when he looked up into her eyes, he knew that she wanted something else. "Come here baby, I need that cock of yours in my pussy." She told him with a very sexy, low voice. John got up and took his pants and boxers off. As crawled back between her legs and up her body, he decided that he did not want to take her panties off because for some reason, he wanted her to keep them on while he was pounding into her.

For some reason, he thought that was very sexy since the crotch would prevent his cum from leaking out of her. She pulled him in for a kiss and she could feel his cock through her soaked panties and she let out a slight moan when she felt his cock against her. "Don't you want to take my panties off, baby?" She asked "No, I want to make love to you with them on." He said as he kissed her again.

"I want you from behind." He got up so she could get on her hands and knees. When her ass was sticking up in the air, he could see that they were a new pair from Victoria's Secret. He moved behind her and started to hump his cock against her panty covered pussy. She let off a moan and reached down between her legs and moved the crotch to one side so he could have easy access to her.

John took this opportunity to rub his cock along her now exposed pussy and he could feel on his cock how wet and turned on she was. He was just as horny as she was, he felt like he was harder then he had ever been before. Before long, he couldn't wait any longer as he lined his cock up with the opening to her womanhood. He slid into her in one movement, and when she felt him penetrate her, she gave a load moan.

She could feel his entire length once his cock had bottomed out into her womb. She could feel every ridge of his cock as her pussy squeezed onto him to give him maximum pleasure. "Oh god baby, I love how big you are and how you fill me up. I wish you could stay in me forever, love" She moaned. "I love being in your pussy baby, I love how wet and tight you are.

I love how my cock goes deep into your womb." He replied as he started to pump into her. He started at a steady pace and and soon, she was constantly moaning his name.

He grabbed her hips as he thrusted into her. She felt this and she responded by thrusting her hips back to meet each of his thrusts as she was trying to get his cock deeper into her. "Faster baby, give it to me! Give me your cock!" She begged him. He gripped her hips harder and and started to go faster. This really got her going and she started to cum hard.

He could feel her cum as she squirted onto his balls. John moaned as he felt this as he loved it when she squirted. To him, it was the best feeling of all, well, the second best. He loved cumming in her even more. She was moaning even loader, and every time she came, she let out a silent scream as her body tensed up. She did not care if anyone heard. She was starting to see stars as she was enjoying his cock buried deep in her.

She could feel his cock pounding into her womb and this had her cumming over and over again. A few minutes later, she got to that point where she was in a constant state of orgasm. She screamed his name each time she peaked, begging him not to stop.

"Don't stop baby, don't stop, come on baby, cum for me, cum in my pussy baby, I need it in me!" She begged John did not want to make her wait, and started to pound faster and harder into her. She was at the point where she was cumming so much that her pussy never stopped squeezing him. It was constantly gripping tighter and tighter his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. "Baby, I am going to cum soon." John announced "Yes, cum for me, cum in my pussy, let me feel it, oh god, baby, I wish this would never end!" She cried out in passion.

John started to go as fast as he could to give her what she wanted. After a few minutes of hard fucking, he could feel his cum starting to boil in his balls. He knew was very close, and within seconds, he could feel his cum race up his shaft.

With one more deep thrust, he buried his cock to the hilt, as far as it would go into her, and fired his load of cum deep into her womb. "OH GOD YES! BABY, CUM IN ME! GIVE MY PUSSY YOUR CUM! YES! I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING IN ME!

OH JOHN! YES!" She cried out. John held his cock as deep as he could until he finished cumming, his cock twitched every few seconds, making her jump, but a minute later he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back.

He wished that this time, his cum would give them a child of their own, but he could only wish. She laid down on her belly and smiled.

She could feel his cum deep in her and leaking out of her pussy and into the crotch of her panties as well. She knew that the way that he came, that they could start a family almost right away, because he always came a-lot, and knew that since he was healthy, his cum would be very fertile.

She really did want to have a family with him, but she also wanted to get married fist. She had a hard choice to make. After about 5 minutes, she finally spoke. "Baby, I love it when you fuck me like that. I really do love you" she said. As she said this, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye, she knew it was Brenda.

"I love you too baby, I will do anything to make you happy." he replied "Oh, you would, would you?" Said a voice coming from the door. John looked around and saw a naked Brenda standing before him. He was very surprised that she was standing there, naked, in front of both Kelsy and himself. "Brenda, what are you doing in here, and why are you naked?" He asked.

"I think Kelsy can explain that more, John." Brenda replied as she sat down on the bad and looked at him. John looked over at his girlfriend and she gave him one of her cutest smiles that he loved so much. "Remember that talk she wanted to have when were in St.

Charles?" She asked him "Yeah, what was it about?" he replied "She asked if I wouldn't mind sharing you, at least until she found someone of her own." She said, giving him a kiss. "What do you mean sharing me, do you mean a threesome?" He asked.

"No, not a threesome, I will just watch, but I said I was okay with it. She has been very horny since she found out she was pregnant. However, I won't object to a threesome down the road." She responded. "And after hearing the two of you, I am soaking wet, John." Brenda told him as she crawled up to him. She smiled at thim and took his cock into her hand started to stroke him, She could feel the dry cum on his cock and Kelsy's cum as well on his balls.

"Are you really sure you want to share me, baby?" He said as he looked over at Kelsy. "Don't I get a say in this?" He was not sure if he wanted to have sex with Brenda again. All Kelsy did was give him a kiss as he could feel Brenda straddle his waist, and in a matter of seconds, she had his cock lined up with her soaking wet pussy and sat down, with his cock penetrating her deep inside her.

"It's alright baby. I gave her permission to use that huge cock of yours to help her out. She can have you whenever I am not here, and sometimes, I will either just watch your cock pound her, and I know I will join you two sometime." She told him as she gave him a passionate kiss.

John was flabbergasted. He never thought that Kelsy would be so open about sharing him with their friend. But before he could think about it more, Brenda started rocking back and forth, grinding her clit against his cock. "Oh god, He is so deep in me, Kelsy" Brenda moaned when he bottomed out. "I love how big he is!

He buries himself deep in me as well, I love the feeling when he is deep inside me." She replied. She looked back over at John. "Honey, this is just for the sex, no romance, no strings attached, nothing but pure sex, just make me cum with this huge cock of yours and I will be happy.

As long as I get off, that's all that really matters." Brenda told him as she ground her clit against his crotch.

He surprised her when her grabbed her hips and tried to push his cock deeper. She let out a yelp as he did so, and she could feel hi as he thrusted his cock upwards into her body as rocked back. This caused him to reach even deeper into her. Kelsy watched as her boyfriend let Brenda ride his cock.

She could still feel his massive load deep with in her. She knew that she was safe this night, so she could feel better about letting him shoot his cum in her, but she decided that after her next period, that she would give him one of the two things he wanted, a family.

As she watched him fuck Brenda, she remembered that he was already going to be a father, since he already got Brenda pregnant. She wanted to share his cock and cum with her as much as Brenda wanted him.

"God John, you are so huge! If I could, I would never stop fucking your cock!" Brenda moaned. "Brenda, you are so fucking wet. I don't know if I can last much longer!" John exclaimed. He knew that he had just cum, but being inside another pussy while Kelsy watched made it even hotter for him and he was even more turned on. He had never been in this kind of situation, and it was having a big effect on him. He was starting to like this idea more and more about having two lovers. "Go ahead, baby, cum in her pussy, I want to watch your face when you do." Kelsy whispered in his ear.

She then kissed him on the lips. She then turned her attention over to Brenda, and she watched her boyfriends cock slip in and out of their friends dripping pussy. "Cum in me! Please! Cum in my pregnant pussy! Spray our baby with your cum!" She cried out. She loved having his cock in her, and she knew what Kelsy got to enjoy on a more personal level. She knew she would be able to use his cock to help her get off, but that was about it.

The words "Cum in my pregnant pussy" drove him over the edge and he grabbed her hips and held her onto his cock. He felt his cum shooting through the shaft his cock and rocket into her. She felt his cum splash into her, and this made her launch into a massive orgasm, and she screamed as loud as she could when it hit her hard as they both came together.

Kelsy saw the look on Johns face he he shot his load deep into Brenda's pussy. It was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed.

She had seen him cum in her one other time, when they black mailed her, but she did not get a good look on his face as he shot his load into her, the load that got her pregnant with his child. Once he finished cumming, Brenda rolled off to the other side opposite of Kelsy. He was satisfied. He never thought that he would fuck Brenda again, but he just had, with Kelsy's permission, and while she was pregnant to boot. Kelsy saw the look of pleasure on their faces and smiled.

She leaned over to give John a kiss and she looked into her lovers eyes. "I love you John, I really do. I hope you don't mind having sex with Brenda as well as me" She said.

" I love you too baby, and if it makes you happy, then I am happy." He replied with a kiss. He looked over at Brenda. "I love having sex with you, Brenda." He kissed he as well. "And I love it when you cum in me." Brenda said, she was exhausted from her powerful orgasm. She was in a blissful state as she could feel his cum leak out of her.

John looked over at Kelsy, then over to Brenda. He had two of these beautiful girls laying next to him. He knew that having sex with Kelsy was going to be a constant in his life, but he knew once that Brenda found herself a loving boyfriend, she would be off limits. He had no idea how long this would last, and he might as well enjoy it as long as it lasted. He thought about the night they just had, and pretty soon, they all had fallen asleep.

Chapter 7 - Chasing Trains The next morning, John woke up to every man's fantasy. On his right, he had the love of his life, Kelsy, and to his left, was a girl that his family rescued from her father after he got her pregnant when they black mailed her. Now she was living with him, and was 4 and a half weeks pregnant with his child.

The previous night, the girls conspired against him, and Kelsy gave him permission to have unlimited access to Brenda's pussy as much he wanted, until she found a loving boyfriend who loved her for who she was.

He wanted to cuddle with them more, but he really had to use the bathroom. He was in the middle of them, so he had to carefully pull himself out from under the blankets, and get to the foot of the bed in order to get to the toilet. It took him a few minutes, but he managed to extract himself. As he relieved himself, he thought about the events that occurred last night. He loved Kelsy with all his heart, and he knew that she did the same because she was trusting him to sexually please Brenda without falling in love with her.

He knew however, that when she found someone, he will no longer have access to her body, but he will still have Kelsy, and in reality, that's all he needed. We walked back into the room and saw that the girls were still under the sheets where he had left them. He decided that he would let them sleep in after last nights events and went to his computer to edit his pictures. He started to edit the one he started the day before when both Kelsy and Brenda interrupted him. As he tried to edit the picture, he could not concentrate.

His mind was constantly being distracted by Kelsy. He started to seriously think about asking her to marry him and become his wife. He got on the internet and started to search for engagement rings. He knew that it had been only 2 and half months since they had been together as an official couple, but they had known each other for so long, that he knew that they were meant to be together.

It already felt like they had been a couple for 6 years already. AS he searched, he became frustrated. He couldn't really find anything that he liked on eBay, it was mostly cheap stuff from Hong Kong, or pre-owned rings from relationships that went bad, and he did not want to give her a ring from someone else's failed relationship.

None of the rings he saw suited her at all anyway. He heard the girls start to move about behind him, and he closed Internet Explorer as fast as he could so Kelsy would not see what he was looking at. He decided that he would make it a total surprise to her, and he was not even going to tell any of his friends, or their girlfriends about proposing to her. He did not want them being nosy while he shopped for the perfect wedding band set.

He went back to editing the picture when Kelsy came up behind him. She was still naked and she wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Watchya doing, baby?" She asked "Just editing some pictures from the other day.

Don't you want to get dressed, baby?" He asked. She turned him around in his computer chair and sat down on his lap. She pulled him in for a kiss and told him, "After watching you have sex Brenda, that was all I could dream about last night, baby.

I am so horny from watching you two, baby, I really need you in me." She told him, and pulled him for another kiss. She was already naked, and John was just in his boxers, and he could feel how wet she already was. He kissed her with passion as she reached down and fished his cock out from the slit in his boxers. Once it was out, she started to stroke and him with her soft hand as he let out a moan. "You like that, baby?" She asked, "Do you want your sexy little girlfriend to keep jerking you baby?" "Hmm, baby, I love it, I would love it if you kept Jerking me, but I would rather do something else to you." He replied "Oh, and what would that be, my love?" She asked.

John grabbed her by the hips and started to grind her pussy against his cock. She could feel how hard he already was, and this just made her hornier than she already was. She really needed his cock in her, however, she knew that she was getting very close to her fertile period.

It was either going to be today, or with in the next day or two. She knew it was risky, and that she did want to have a family with him, but she had wanted to wait at least another month before she conceived, but she was so horny that she just had to have him in her pussy. "Oh baby, your cock feels so good against my pussy, do you want to fuck your little girlfriends tight pussy, baby?" She asked in her sexy voice. "I do want to fuck my little girlfriends tight little pussy until I give her a gallon of my cum he replied as he ground her against him She was moaning even louder now.

He was hard as rock and the more he ground against her clit with his cock the wetter her pussy got. He could feel her wetness and his cock was soon wet from her fluids. "Fuck your girl baby, give her your cock, fuck me right here in this chair, baby." She begged.

She could no longer contain herself, and the high risk of getting pregnant was forgotten about. He lifted her up and she lined his cock up with her pussy, and she sank down on him. She felt him go deep and she thought that he was probably deeper then he had ever been before. He felt so good in her. She looked into his eyes with her emerald eyes and looked at him lovingly.

She knew that if today was indeed her fertile day, that she would soon be carrying his child. "Oh, god baby, do you like my tight little pussy on your huge, cock?" She asked him in her sexy voice. "Your so fucking tight, sweetie, I want to keep my cock buried in there forever." "Do you want to knock up your little girlfriend, and give you a child?" She asked "I really do want that, sweetie. I want nothing more than to have a family with you, even if we are not yet married." He said as he ground her hips against his.

"Fuck me baby, knock up, give me your baby, I want your cum in me, oh god, yes, fuck me!" She rambled. He was grinding her clit against his cock as they fucked, and the talk about knocking her up made him pick up the pace. He really did want a family, and he really did want her as his wife. He continued to grind her against him as took a nipple into her mouth and started to give it the attention it was begging for.

She let out a moan, feeling his mouth on her nipple and his cock grinding into her pussy. The pleasure was too much and she let out a scream that she had to cover with her mouth so she would not wake up his parents. She started to cum hard on his cock and pressed his head hard against her breast as she got off.

She felt herself get even wetter as she squirted onto his balls and onto the computer chair. She finally relaxed enough and he continued to grind into her pussy.

"Is this a two player game or can I join in?" Brenda asked. Their love making woke her up, and she was very horny after hearing them. "Come here, you." John said. Brenda walked over, and took one of his hands and put it between her legs. He started to finger her clit as he let Kelsy take over the grinding of his cock. Brenda then took on her sexy voice. "You like my pussy, you love how you shot your cum deep inside it and made me pregnant?

Do you want to give me more children as well and dump as many loads of cum as you want in me?" She kept asking. Kelsy just moaned at what Brenda was saying, the thought of her boyfriend knocking her up with more children, as long as giving her children as well made her even more horny as she started to grind faster.

"Cum in her pussy, John. I want you to make her a mom like I will be! I will have a boy and you will have a girl, they will fall in love and give us grandchildren." Brenda whispered in his ear.

John was loving this talk of getting Kelsy pregnant. It was making him harder then he ever felt before. He did not know what got into them, but he was loving the idea more and more about being a father. Kelsy ground her pussy harder. She had her eyes shut tight and her mouth open in a silent scream as another orgasm swept through her body.

The feeling of Johns cock buried deep in her and grinding on her clit, Brenda telling him to cum in her pussy and knock her up, and knowing that for the next three days, she would be fertile, was causing her to cum harder than normal. John could tell that she was cumming harder as well, because it seemed like ever 10 seconds or more, he could feel her squirting on his balls.

"Cum for me baby! Give it to me! Oh god, YES! JOHN! Fuck me! Give me your seed! Shoot it in my fertile pussy!" She screamed Brenda held Johns hand in between her legs and he fingered her pussy as Kelsy was cumming hard on his cock, and pretty soon, Brenda stiffened her body as she had her own orgasm.

John could feel his cum starting to boil in his balls. He pulled his hand away from Brenda and grabbed Kelsy's hips and started grinding her harder.

He looked at Kelsy in her emerald eyes and told her, "I am going to cum baby, I am going to shoot my baby makers deep into your womb and give you our first child, baby." He pulled her down for another passionate kiss. Hearing this, Kelsy had her most powerful orgasm to date, and John could feel it with how hard her pussy spasmed and clamped down on his cock.

This drove him over the edge, and he let out a groan and fired his cum deep into Kelsy's womb. "YES! OH GOD, BABY, I FEEL YOU CUMMING! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!" She cried out. John held her still as he pumped a massive load deep into her. He did not know if the two of them were talking about getting her pregnant to increase their pleasure or if she was serious about having a baby, but it had worked. It felt like he would never stop cumming.

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Eventually, after about 10 seconds, he did stop, and his cock was just twitching inside her. Kelsy looked into his teal eyes. She loved the way his eyes looked after they made love. She cuddled into him as she felt his cum and cock deep inside her as he held her. The love making they just had wore her out, and she started to fall asleep.

John picked her up, his cock still buried in her and carried her to the bed where he laid her down. He cock finally slipped out, and it was instantly followed by a torrent of cum. Brenda came up to him and wrapped her arms around him. He could feel her gentle breathing on his neck. "You really fucked her good this morning, John" she said.

"Yeah, I know, but I wonder what was with all the talk about getting her pregnant?" He asked her "No idea, I guess she wants to be a mother, if she does become pregnant, what would you do?" She asked him. "I would make her my wife, that's what I would do, we are both 18 now, and it just feels right with her." John replied.

"I think that would be the smartest, but I don't think her parents would be thrilled about her becoming pregnant." She commented "I don't know, they are getting older, they had her when her mom was 41, so I don't think they would mind having a Grandchild now, her mom is going to be 60 next year, and her father is already 61." "Well, I don't really know what to say about that, just that I hope it works out for the two of you." John could feel her tits against his back as he watched Kelsy sleep.

He knew that Kelsy gave her permission to have sex with Brenda, and the feeling of her breasts was making him want her. Even though he just had amazing sex with Kelsy, he was now wanting Brenda.

He turned around and gave her a passionate kiss. She did not expect him to kiss her, but she returned the kiss. "Oh? Does the father of my child need my pussy now as well?" She asked in a sexy voice. "I want it buried in you," John replied, "and give you more cum like you want." She wrapped her arms around him as he moved his mouth from hers and started sucking on her neck.

Unlike Brenda, this did not drive her crazy, but it did cause her to let out a moan of pleasure. "Do you need an itch scratched?" He asked her "Badly" as well that she said. He pushed her down on to the bed next to Kelsy, with her legs over the side of the bed. She let out a slight yelp when she felt him force her legs apart.

The next thing she knew, he had his head between her legs and was licking her wet pussy. As he licked, he could taste his own cum still in her from the night before. It gave her a different taste, not an unpleasant one, but different. Brenda put her hands in his hair as he stuck his tongue into her as she let out a satisfied moan. He was a talented lover, and knew that he would please her. She wish she did not have to find another guy to be with, because she loved the way he got her to cum.

John moved his tongue out of her, and started to attack her clit. The feeling of him sucking on her clit right after shoving his tongue into her caused her to shudder from the sudden attention on her sensitive nub. She grabbed his hair and felt a sudden wave of pleasure wash over her body as she had a series of mini-orgasms as he sucked and licked on her clit.

"Oh God, John, please, no more, I am to sensitive!" She begged. John removed his mouth and slid up her body. As he sucked and played on her nipples, she could feel his cock, still wet with cum from both Kelsy and himself, rubbing against her pussy. "John, let me suck your cock, I want to taste Kelsy on you." She told him.

John got up and pulled her up with him. She looked up at him as she took his cock in her hands and started to stroke it. "I love how big you are, sexy." She said with a smile. She looked down at the head of his cock and gave the head of his cock a lick, and right away, she could taste the two of them.

She liked the taste of her new lover and his girlfriend on his cock. To her, it tasted like a Pina Colada. She liked the taste and started to lick down his cock to his balls. She could see how big they were, and she knew that they were full of cum that will soon be shooting into her pussy. John let out a sigh as she felt her tongue running down his cock to his balls. He wished that she would take them into her mouth like Kelsy did whenever she gave him a blowjob.

She did not, but kept licking up and down his cock. He could tell that she was loving the taste of Kelsy and his cum on his cock. She looked up at him after a couple of minutes of licking him. He saw her brown eyes and noticed how pretty they were. Before he could say anything, she took his cock and sucked it into her mouth. He gasped when she felt how hard she was sucking on him, almost as strong as it was when Kelsy had her small mouth on his member.

He rested his hands on her shoulders as she did her best to give him a great blowjob. John looked over at Kelsy and noticed that she was now awake and watching them. She saw Brenda going down on him and she smiled. She knew that she was giving him pleasure, and that's what she wanted for him. John returned the smile and mouthed "I love you" to her. She could read his lips and blew him a kiss in response.

He looked down at Brenda and saw that she was really enjoying having his cock in her mouth, but he wanted to be in her pussy even more. He pulled her mouth off his cock and she looked up at him. She gave him a small frown when he pulled his delicious cock from her mouth.

Before she could say anything though, he pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, putting her legs on his shoulders.

"Oh, and what do you think you are going to do?" She asked, playfully "What do you think I am going to do, I am going to shove my cock into that soaking wet pussy of yours and fuck you until my cum explodes deep in your pussy." He replied "And why do you think I need that?" She retorted.

He knew that she was playing hard to get, but was not attempting to stop him. He answered her by lining his cock up with her pussy, and he started to push into her. She gasped as she felt him stretching her pussy again. She loved how big he was and how he filled her up perfectly. She looked up and smiled at him, then looked over to see if Kelsy was still asleep, and saw her watching them. "Are you enjoying my boyfriends cock?" She asked All Brenda could do to respond was moan what sounded like a "Yes." John looked over at his girlfriend, and she gave him an approving nod, giving him permission to fuck their friend until he came.

He started to thrust into her with long, steady strokes. Every time he pulled back, he only left the head of his cock in her, then he shoved it all the way back in her. The way he was fucking her was so much different than when they had blackmailed her.

"Oh god, please John, go faster" She begged. John, ignored her, and kept up his pace. He was enjoying her pussy. She may not have been as tight as his Kelsy, but she still felt good buried in her. He looked over at his girlfriend, and saw that she had started to rub her clit. The show that the two of them were giving her was really turning her on. "Please, go faster!" Brenda begged even more. "Why should I, I am enjoying myself." He replied She started to thrust her hips into his cock.

She really needed him to go faster so she could cum. He still kept up his pace. "Please, I need to cum!" She announced "What do you say if you want to cum?" He replied Brenda then remembered the night that the two of them had sex. She remembered that she was his sex slave, and that she needed to call him master and beg him to let her cum.

Remembering this made her even hornier, and was making want to cum even more. The thought of being his slave was really turning her on. "Please, master, let your slave cum, She really needs it, Please, master!" She finally begged "How do you want your master to make you cum?" He asked as he continued his strong thusts. "Fuck your slave faster, pound into her, make her squirt all over her masters cock!" She begged. "Are you going to be a good little slave then?" He asked "Yes, master! Please!

I need it hard and fast!" John looked over at Kelsy and and she shook her head yes. He knew that she wanted to hear her scream as he fucked her hard. John moved her legs off of his shoulder, and pushed them to where her knees where up against her breasts. She immediately felt that he was going deeper into her, and right away, she felt him start to pound harder and faster into her pussy. "Oh god, YES! FUCK YOUR SLAVE!

FUCK HER GOOD!" She cried out. John was pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could. What happened next, surprised him, as Kelsy reached her hand down to his cock to feel him pounding into Brenda. John could feel the additional pressure and this got him going even more. Brenda all of a sudden stiffened as she cried out in passion as her orgasm swept over her. Her pussy contracted onto his cock, and the feeling of her cumming ond Kelsy's fingers on his cock as he pumped into Brenda drove him over the edge.

He felt his cum racing up his shaft for the second time that morning, and he exploded into her. "YES! Cum in your slave! Cum in me, Master!" She cried out as she felt his cum splashing inside her, making her cum hard as well. She did not squirt like Kelsy did, but he could still feel her tighten her pussy on him as he continued to deliver his cum into her pussy. He did not cum as much as he did when Kelsy was riding his cock earlier, as he gave her most of it.

He ended up giving Brenda what he had left that was not delivered to Kelsy's pussy earlier that morning. John kept still, letting Brenda come down from her orgasm before he pulled out. Kelsy got up and gave him a passionate kiss. "I love you, baby, with all my heart." She said "I love you too, Kelsy." He replied as he returned the kiss.

They looked down to Brenda and saw the she had passed out. The both chuckled because they knew that he had made her pass out from when she rode his cock earlier. John finally pulled his cock out of Brenda's well fucked pussy. He had enjoyed himself, and he got really turned on by Kelsy telling him to cum in her and give her a baby.

He know started to think hard about what she meant when she said that. "Come on, baby, we need to shower." Kelsy said. She got up and wrapped herself in a towel before they walked down the hall to the bathroom. When they reached the bathroom, John got the water started as Kelsy stripped off the towel she had worn. She did not know why she did, after all, it was a weekday and his parents already had gone to work.

He took her into his arms and gave her a kiss. "Kelsy, my love, I really want you to know how much I love you. Even though you are letting Brenda and I have sex, I just want you to know how important you are to me." He told her "I love you, John, I never knew how much you loved me until the night you saved me from Derek.

I knew the morning after that I had been in love with you all this time, but did not realize it. You are the most wonderful man I have met, and I know that sharing you will not damage our relationship." She replied He gave her a kiss and led her into the shower. As they let the water run over them, he pulled her in for another passionate kiss.

Kelsy sensed where this was going, but stopped him. She was too sore from the previous night and that morning. "No more John, my pussy can't take anymore." she told him "What about your ass, then?" he replied "Not this morning, baby, but, if you are good today, then maybe I will let you have my ass tonight." She replied with a smile John was a little disappointed, but he loved her and he knew what "No" meant, unlike some other men that would have forced her, namely Derreck.

He helped her wash her back, and he took the shower head and held it over her when she was washing her hair. When she was done, they switched places. This was the first time they showered together, and to his surprise, she washed him, washing his hairs and his body. His girlfriend, it seemed, will never stop surprising him. When they were finished, he gave her a kiss and she got out of the shower to dry off. He let the water run over him as he took his razor to shave.

It did not take him long, and he was done in a couple of minutes. He turned off the water and got out as Brenda walked in. "Thanks, sexy, after last night and a few minutes ago, I will need a shower as well." She playfully said. "Be careful, or you might be taking showers more often." He winked as he dried off.

He walked out of the bathroom back to his room where Kelsy was already. "Baby, you know what I would like to do today?" She told him as he walked into the room. "Whats that, sweetie?" "I think I want to go take photos of trains today, and not at the station, I want to go to the other places you go with the boys." John knew that she had an interest in trains like he did, and that she had a couple of N scale (1:220 scale) models on his layout as well.

He knew that she enjoyed being at the station with him, but he thought that was about as much as she would want to do. But here she was, asking him to show her some of his other favorite places to watch trains.

"What about Brenda?" He asked "We can ask her if she wanted to go with us." She replied "Do you think that she would want to? You know she really does not understand why we both like trains. I know you grew to like them because I did." He responded "More of a reason to take her, she needs to understand why we do." John agreed, she did need to understand them more if she was really wanting to go out with a railfan.

The two of them started to get ready. They would be wearing casual clothes, So John put on a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt with a small Alton and Southern logo on it. They were almost finished when Brenda came back in after getting dressed after her shower. "Where are you two going?" She asked. "We are going over into Illinois so Kelsy can try out her new camera on trains." John replied "It was my idea, you want to go with us?" Kelsy asked Brenda thought about it for a moment.

She did not feel like going anywhere that day. "I will pass for today, I am still tired from last night and today. John took a-lot out of me." She responded. "Are you sure? You want to date a railfan, so we think that you should learn more about the hobby" John told her "I will, but I feel like just staying her today.

Besides, I can use your computer to learn more about the hobby as well." She really did not feel like going out as she had a very busy few days. Kelsy saw that she did look exhausted, even though she did have a refreshing shower.

She told him that it is okay, and the two of them could just go alone and make it a date. He quickly agreed. John grabbed his camera, he was not going to bother taking video, as he was going to concentrate on showing her how to properly use her new camera.

They walked down stairs so they could head out. Brenda was already down there and was in the kitchen when they walked in. "You two be safe, I don't want to loose my best friend and her lover." She told them "We will, I will keep her safe from all the idiots on the east side." He replied "I am sure that some will be looking at me." Kelsy said "And I will make sure they know that you are mine." He told her.

Brenda giggled at the cheesiness of his statement and told them to have fun as they walked out the door. After John had started the car, he plugged his scanner into the Auxiliary Jack so they could listen to the scanner through the cars radio. There was not much chatter, and it seemed like the UP line to Jefferson City was dead. He knew then that they would not be distracted by anything coming towards the station.

He pointed the car south on Kirkwood road and headed to Interstate 44. He was not going to bother with Dupo, as there was not much action there on a Monday. He was going to show her his 4 favorite places to watch trains. "So, baby, where are you taking me?" Kelsy asked "Well, we are going to start in Alorton, on the back side of the Alton and Southern, that's where most of the arriving and departing trains go into the yard at, then we will head north to Madison to the Terminal yard and try to get some shots from the overhead bridge.

I will take you by WR tower in Granite City then finish of in Mitchell, IL at the North end of the Alton and Southern mainline." "Sounds exciting baby. You think I will enjoy myself?" She asked "I think you will, you have an appreciation for trains, and I know you like to take pictures of them." Kelsy smiled and held his hand as they rolled up I-44.

As they came into Shrewsburry, they passed the BNSF Lindenwood Yard. There was not much there, but Kelsy had her camera ready and took some quick shots of the yard through the windshield as they passed.

John smiled because the first time he passed the yard with a camera, he did the same thing has his dad drove them to a Cardinals game. They were soon crossing the Poplar Street bridge into Illinois, the last time the two of them crossed this bridge, they were being chased by Derrick.

That seemed like ages ago. He got off the interstate and headed east on Illinois 15. All too soon, they had arrived at their first stop. He pulled up to one of the access roads and they could see the downtown St. Louis skyline, and had a good overview of the yard. There was not much happening at the moment, but that would pick up after about an hour. As they waited for the first movement to come past them, John started to think about what Kelsy had said when they were having sex.

"Sweetie, can I ask you something?" "Go ahead baby, you know you can ask me anything?" She replied "This morning, when you were riding my cock, you were telling me to cum in you and give you a baby, where you just telling me that to get me going more, or what?" Kelsy blushed.

She knew that she was more than likely in her fertile time, and that he most likely got her pregnant this morning. She could not lie to him as she loved him with all of her heart. "Baby, to be honest, I don't want to wait to start a family. I think you may have gotten me pregnant this morning though, because I know my periods come like clockwork, and I have figured out when my fertile times are." She responded "So you are not on any kind of birth control?" He asked Kelsy looked down at her camera.

She couldn't keep it from him anymore "I have never been on Birth Control. I never needed it to control my periods. I knew when I was safe and when I would not get pregnant, but this morning, I was so horny, I could not help myself. That's when I decided that I wanted a family with you now instead of waiting to he married." She told him John looked out the window at the expanse of the yard.

The only thing moving was the cut of freight cars being shoved over the hump to be sorted into the proper tracks by gravity. Nothing special. He thought for a moment. Should he be mad that she held back that she was never on birth control, or should he be happy that she wanted a family with him.

He decided that he should not be angry with her, because he knew that eventually, they would have children anyway. He decided to accept the fact that she was more than likely pregnant.

"Baby?" She asked. "Are you mad at me?" John looked at her and smiled. "Why should I be, baby? I mean, I should be because you never told me that you were not taking birth control, but the more I thought about it, I became happier because I know that we would have eventually had children. So, if you are pregnant, I will be very excited." He told her. This gave her a smile. She tried to get close to him so she could cuddle as they waited for the first train to come by them.

From what they heard on the scanner, the closest train was about 20 minutes away. This gave her an idea. "Baby, how busy is this road we are on?" "Hardly anyone comes out here. At this time of day, the only people out here would be the two men in the hump tower over there." he replied.

He looked at her and saw that she had an evil grin on her face. Before he knew what was happening, she took her hand and started to rub his cock through his pants. He was not hard, but she knew that would change really fast. John looked at her.

He never knew that she would risk being seen. "I thought you did not want anymore today?" He asked "My pussy does not want anymore," she replied, "but my mouth wants some of that cum of yours." She said with a sexy smile on her face. She used her one hand to pull the elastic band down below his balls, exposing his hardening cock.

She took it in her hand and started to stroke it. She could feel it getting bigger in her hand as she played with him. "Baby, this car will make it uncomfortable to be bent over while I blow you, and I don't want to get out of the car, I will just stroke you until you are about to cum, then I will bend over to take your cum in my mouth." She explained to him John laid his head back onto the head rest of the car.

Her soft hand was gripping his cock as she stroked him. She would vary her speed, teasing him and she knew what he liked and how to get him off, as this was not the first hand job she had given him. She watched him as she stroked his cock. His face was contorted as her soft, delicate hand stroked him. She didn't want anyone to catch them, so she gripped him tighter and started to stroke him faster.

She knew what to do to get him off fast, and it seemed to be working. Pretty soon she could feel his cock start to swell. From his heavy breathing, she knew that he was about to cum. She bent over to put the head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it while pumping his cock with her hand. She was right, because she felt him grab her hair. He bucked his hips up as a groaned as his cum shot into her mouth.

She swallowed after ever shot so none of it would leak out from her lips. Once John was finished cumming, she pulled the waist band back over his cock. She looked at him and saw that he was still in a daze. She laughed and leaned over to give him a kiss. He looked over at her and smiled, then he noticed something. Right behind her, and slowly coming up the closest track was a train. "TRAIN!" He yelled as he grabbed his camera and hopped out.

He was a bit fast because the train was not moving that fast as it was within the yard limits. The locomotive on the point was a CSX in the new Dark Blue and gold scheme that the railfans have started to call the "Dark Future" scheme, while the previous scheme of Yellow, Blue and Grey was called "Bright Future." Kelsy got out of the car, and she managed to get a couple of pictures with the camera set on Auto. John saw that she was taking pictures and forgot to teach her how to do the settings for the best picture.

He smiled though, because she had at least figured out how to use the Auto Mode. They got back into the car once the locomotives had passed and John started to explain more about the camera and what each function was for. She listened carefully to everything he had to say, and she learned very quickly. Over the next hour, she managed to get some spectacular, pictures of each train as it passed. They got bored with the A&S and decided it was time to move on to the next location.

He drove up to Venice, Illinois where the the Terminal Yard was located. John decided to drive over the bridge of the yard first to see if there was anything worth stopping for before they got out to walk up onto the bridge. Like he predicted, there was nothing really special there to photograph. He decided to go on to WR Tower. John pulled off to the side of the road in front of a vacant lot that was used to hold privately owned passenger cars.

He could tell there was a green signal for a northbound on one of the tracks. He tried to listen to the scanner to find out what was coming, but he did not hear a thing. He put the car into park and decided they would wait for it. Kelsy turned to John and asked him "Do you think you are ready to be a father, baby?" She asked him. "Lets find out if you are pregnant first before we even talk about that, I already told you I would not be angry if you were, weather it be now, or sometime in the future." he replied Kelsy smiled.

She knew that he would understand. She decided that the subject had taken its course and to keep talking about it would be like beating a dead horse. He really was okay with it. "What about Brenda?" She asked "What about her?" "Do you really think the baby she has is yours, what if it is her dad's?" She was worried about how her friend would react if the baby was actually her fathers.

"I asked her the same thing. She was really upset with that fact that there is a one in three chances that it was him who knocked her up." he replied "She started going on about having an abortion if it was his." "I hope she does not abort the baby." She sighed. She was against abortion, but every fetus deserved a chance at life.

"I talked her out of it. She is going to have a DNA test of the fetus at her first doctors visit in a couple of weeks. If it is indeed her fathers, then she will just give the child up for adoption." "That sounds like a much better idea than abortion." Kelsy said. "That was exactly the same thing she said." "But, are you comfortable with her living there?

I mean, I already gave you permission to have sex with her, whether or not I am there, but do you think you could stand helping her take care of a baby?" "I wouldn't mind.

But I am going to be trying to hook her up with a buddy of mine, Jack. He is similar to me, so, if they end up becoming a couple, I think he would rather help her care for the baby." "You really think that he would?" She was concerned. "Is he really like you?" "I would like to think that he is.

I have known him for a while, we met at the station. He seems like a very nice guy." "I hope you are right, when are you going to introduce him to her?" She asked "I was thinking about that. I don't really know when." He replied. "Do you have his number, baby?" She asked him "Yeah, I have all of my friends numbers in my phone." "Then call him, call him right now." She was getting a little bit excited that he may have the perfect guy for Brenda.

Even though she was okay with him having sex with her, she still was not comfortable about the whole idea, even though it lead to great sex earlier that morning.

John reached for his phone and started to scroll through his contacts. He thought that now would be the best time to introduce her to him. He finally found Jack's contact and he pressed send to call him and put the phone on speaker. Jack answered after the 4th ring. "Hey, John, whats cooking, man?" Jack answered "Hey Jack, nothing much, just doing some foaming in Granite" (Authors note: Foaming is a term that railroaders use to describe railfans) "See anything good?

I am actually north of you in Mitchel with a few other guys." "Really? Have not seen anything yet, its been a slow day. Hey, Kelsy and I are going to head your way, I need to ask you something as well, and I think you will like what I am going to ask." John explained "Well, better hurry up, there is a train on the A&S that is ready to leave." Jack said "We are on the way, dude, I don't care if I miss it, besides, I have something more important on my mind." "Like what?" He asked "You will find out when we get there, see you in a few, Jack" "Right, catch you in a few" he replied as the hung up the phone.

John started up his car, and Kelsy looked at him with a bit of confusion. "Are we not going to wait for this train?" She asked. "We are just heading north, we will see it, but not here. Jack and a few others are in Mitchel, so we are going to talk to him in person about Brenda." He replied. Kelsy wondered if Jack was really as nice as John made him out to be. If he was, then maybe she could have him all to herself again. After all, she might be pregnant with his child right now.

It took them about 10 minutes to get to Mitchel, and in no time, John found Jack's car. They also noticed that William was there as well, but they did not see Danielle with him.

They were standing against Jack's 1997 Buick talking. They both looked over to see John and Kelsy pull up. The two of them walked over to their car as they got out. "Damn, John, how did you manage to afford that!" Jack asked in amazement "Dad gave it to me when his new Avenger arrived." He responded. "Lucky bastard. Even more lucky now that I heard that you and Kelsy are now a couple. You would never shut up about her!" Kelsy rolled her eyes.

She knew that everyone one of his friends were going to say the exact same thing, because so far, everyone has said the exact same thing. She just sighed and let it pass. Jack noticed her roll her eyes and sigh, and thought it was something he said. John just laughed, because every time they ran into one of his friends and they found out they were now a couple, they would say the exact same thing.

"So, I guess you noticed the locomotive behind me, didn't you?" William said. He did not think that they noticed yet because Jack was admiring John's car. John looked behind him, and is eye's widened. He went to go grab is camera, and once it was in hand, he basically ran, well, more of a fast walk, to get his picture.

Right there on the point of a train getting ready to leave was the Union Pacific #3300, the Red, White and Blue with Stars all over the short, low hood. The 3300 was specially painted back in the mid 1990's to promote the United Way. It was one locomotive that he had never seen. Kelsy followed him over to see why he was all excited, and then she realized why when she saw the 3300 sitting there.

She too went back to the car to grab her camera, but she was not in such a rush like John was. They both got their pictures and were just turning around to go back to talk to Jack about Brenda when they heard the GM 16 cylinder, 3,000 Horsepower diesel engine rev up in order to get the train moving towards Chicago.

As the train was passing them, Jack turned to John. "So, what was so important that you needed to talk to me?" He asked "Well, Jack, are you still single?" John replied "Well, yeah, I mean, who would date a train loving geek like me?" He responded "Don't be so hard on yourself, Jack, besides, I believe we have the perfect girl for you then, if you are ready to be a father." Kelsy said Jack's eye's widened.

The words of him being a father was not what he really expect to hear that day when he woke up. "Um, excuse me? Are you talking about Rachel?" He asked.

Rachel had been his only girlfriend, and she left him for a stupid reason, he had gotten her pregnant after they agreed to start a family. He never found out what she had, as she moved to Michigan after she dumped him. "No, not Rachel. Her name is Brenda. She has been abused and broken, and she is currently living with John and his family after he father kicked her out when he found out she was pregnant, and then her boyfriend left her for the same reason." John Explained "What the fuck?" "Also, she is very similar to Kelsy here, but she really does not have an understanding of our hobby." John continued.

"And why exactly are you asking me if I want to go out with her or start a relationship." He asked "She is a very sweet girl who really needs a man, and not a boy, in her life. She has had a terrible past, and she managed to hide it very well from everyone, considering her popularity at school and also being the cheer leader captain." John told him "Jacks eyes lit up when he heard 'cheer leader captain' as he always wanted to go out with on, but he was always rejected." "When do you think I could meet her?" He asked "You can meet her tonight if you don't have anything else planned, or now if you just want to follow us back to my place." He told his friend "Okay, I can do that, but, I am just wondering, how far along in her pregnancy is she?" "About a month and a half or so, but we are thinking more like a month." Kelsy replied "So I will have 8 months to really get to know her then." He commented.

Both John and Kelsy tried to hold back a slight laugh when they heard this, because he did not seem to realize how horny she had become because of her condition. They knew that he would really get to know her on a personal level.

"What?" Jack asked "Nothing, come on, lets go." He said "You want to come too, William?" Kelsy asked "No, I need to get going as well, I need to go get some dinner started for Danielle." he replied "How is she doing?" Kelsy asked "She is doing fine, she starts her Chemo next week." "I am happy to hear that, tell her I said hi and to call me tomorrow" Kelsy said as she walked to John's car.

"I will, you guys have a great evening." William said as he walked back to his car. Jack decided he would just take I-270 from Mitchell down to Kirkwood. It was longer, but there would be less of a risk of loosing Jack as he had never been to his place before.

It took them about an hour to get back to his place. His parent were home when they arrived. John parked his Charger behind his mom's mini-van as Jack parked in the street. When they got out, John yelled over to Jack. "Welcome to my home, don't you dare burn it down!" Jack just laughed at this as he made his way up to them. "Sweet home, dude." was all that he managed to say. "Come on, lets go inside so you can meet my parents and Brenda." He told him as they started to walk towards the door.

Once inside, he called out that he was home and that they brought home a friend for dinner. His mom yelled out that they were in the kitchen and to come on in. They walked through the living room and into the kitchen and that's when Jack first saw Brenda, she was starting to set another setting of dishes for Jack and he could feel his face start to turn red as his heart started to pound when he saw how beautiful she was.

John noticed the look on his friends face and he pointed it out to Kelsy. She gave a slight chuckle, as it looked like his jaw was going to drop right off his face. John elbowed him and this brought him back to reality as he quickly closed his mouth. He still could not believe that his friend was going to try to hook him up with this girl that was standing in front of him. Brenda noticed Jack as well and she got a smile when she saw that he was turning red.

Maybe it was because of her, or that he had some sort of skin condition that caused him to turn red for no apparent reason, but she kind of figured it was because of her.

"Brenda, meet Jack, Jack, meet Brenda." Kelsy said. Brenda walked over to their friend, but instead of shaking his hand, she gave him a hug. Jack did not know what to do, he was only expecting to shake her hand, and not for her to give him a hug.

The only thing he managed to do was hug her back. He could smell the shampoo in her hair and the smell made him close his eyes as it reminded him of apples. Brenda broke off the hug and she said she was very happy to meet him. Then she looked over at John. "Do you mind if I talk to John in private for a minute?" She asked. "Yeah, go ahead Brenda." Kelsy replied.

Brenda walked outside and John followed her. He had hoped that he did not upset her in anyway by bringing his friend over for dinner. "So, did you bring him over to meet me?" She asked "You found me out. You had mentioned that you wanted someone like me to fall in love with, and he is the closest that there is" He replied "I did find it funny that he blushed when he saw me, I thought that was really cute.

Can I sit by him during dinner?" She asked "Feel free, I think he would like that." John said "Maybe I can get some fun out of him later." She said with a laugh. "You never know, from what I can tell, he has not had any kind of sex since his last girlfriend left him a few years ago." He said.

"Well, lets see how is he, and maybe I can leave you and Kelsy alone, but I am not going to rush things, I want to see how things go, and go on a date with him first. Does he know that I am going to be a mother?" "Yes, I told him everything, but left out that I am the father because of a blackmail, and that your dad had used you as a slave." He commented "Thanks, I will never tell him about the blackmail, but I will eventually tell him about my dad if I do get together with him." She said as she started to walk back inside.

Kelsy and Ann had just finished putting the food on the table, as John, his dad and Jack were already sitting down. Brenda went straight for the open seat next to Jack and sat down. She looked over at him and saw him start to blush again. Yup, it was definitely her that was causing this reaction. They enjoyed the grilled chicken that Gary had prepared for them, along with green bean casserole and broccoli with cheese. They shared a nice conversation about Kelsy's first railfan trip into Illinois and she explained what they saw.

She did leave out that she had given him a hand job when they were at the Alton and Southern. Brenda did catch Jack looking at her a few times, and she just smiled when he she did. She did not know much about him, but she got the feeling from being next to him that he was really a sweet guy. As they were finishing dinner, she knew that she wanted to get to know him more.

During the meal, they did talk to each other a little bit as the others were talking about Kelsy and her first railfan trip with John. She found out that he lived in Des Peres, about 10 minutes by car just on the other side of the interstate. After they had cleared the Table, she led him out to the patio so they could talk more.

She thought that he was actually handsome, and not just cute. They sat down on some chairs as they talked. John and Kelsy saw them talking and they smiled. They knew that it was likely they would get together. When they saw him take her hand in his, they knew that they had made the right choice for her. That is when the decided that they would go out and Join them.

Jack and Brenda looked over at them as they walked out. They brought them some drinks to enjoy in the cooling July air. Brenda was all smiles. "Are you two getting along?" John asked "Oh, I am enjoying myself, but I don't know about him" she replied. She laughed when she said this because it caused him to blush again. "So, what are you two talking about?" Kelsy asked "He just asked me to dinner on Saturday." She responded, "I did say yes." "Treat her right, Jack, and we will have no problems." John said, giving his friend a stern look.

"Remember, she has been abused and hurt a-lot, she does not need another let down." "Oh, I intend to, she is really beautiful and she seems to be glowing since she is pregnant." It was Brenda's turn to blush. No one had ever called her beautiful before. They continued to talk well into the evening. It was about 9 when Jack said he had to get home. Brenda gave him his phone number and told him to call her tomorrow and she got his as well. She could not wait to talk to him again as she was really starting to liking him.

Brenda walked him out to his car, and gave him a hug before he got in and left. When she got back into the house, Kelsy stopped her.

"I take it you really like him?" She asked. "Yes, I do. I hope it leads to something, he says that if we do become a couple, he will be there for me whenever I need him and he would even claim the child as his, putting his name on the Birth Certificate" She said "That is very sweet of him." Kelsy said "Yes, I gave him a huge smile when he told me that.

I never expected someone to be so nice to me the first night I meet them, it has always been the same thing, wanting un my pants. He is a real gentleman." She continued "John did say that he was just like him, and I can tell that he was right." "Speaking of John, I did not want to scare Jack off by taking him to bed, but I was thinking that maybe the two of us could seduce John tonight." She said "I think that would be fun.

Who knows, after this Saturday, he may be off limits again." She told her. "Better take advantage of this!" "I just hope Jack is a good lover like John is." She replied. The two girls laughed as they headed up stairs to John's bedroom. He was already in there and was getting ready to change into some night clothes when the girls walked in.

The saw that he was just in his boxers. "Oh baby, I don't think you need to change just yet." Kelsy said as they walked into the bedroom. "Oh, do you girls have something planned for me?" He asked. He knew that one of them wanted his cock. He walked over to Kelsy and gave her a hug. He felt Brenda behind him.

He started to Kiss his girlfriend passionately as he reached behind her to embrace her. He could fell Brenda start to kiss and nibble on his neck, and that's when he figured out that they were going to be having a threesome and he let out a moan at this thought. Kelsy broke off the kiss and lifted her shirt over her head, while Brenda started to gently suck on his neck. He pulled Kelsy back in for another kiss and reached behind her to unfasten her bra.

She felt the snap came apart and felt the bra become loose. Brenda helped her push the straps down her arms and removed her bra the rest of the way so she could continue to make out with John. He could immediately feel her breasts against his chest.

It was only a few seconds later that he realized that Brenda was not behind him anymore, but a second later, she was back against his him, and he could now feel her bare breasts against his back. John started to suck on Kelsy's neck and this caused her to moan, something he loved to hear her do. He started to kiss his way down to her breasts.

It was a little more difficult since Brenda was pressed against his back, but she realized what he was wanting to do, and backed off of him so he could attack Kelsy's nipples. Instead of taking a side seat, she moved over to Kelsy and started to kiss her as well. Kelsy was in heaven. Her boyfriend was sucking and playing on her nipples as Brenda was making out with her. She wrapped one of her arms around Brenda's neck and placed her other hand on the back of John's head.

Brenda meanwhile took one of her hands and slide it into Brenda's pants and started to rub her pussy. She could feel her getting wetter as she moved her hand against her.

John noticed what she was doing and he moved his hands up between Brenda's legs. She was only wearing a skirt and he easily managed to get his hand against her panty covered pussy. The three of them were really into each other. Kelsy had Brenda kissing her and rubbing her crotch while John was sucking on her nipples. All of this was too much for her and felt herself cum hard. Brenda could feel her friends panties get soaked as she ended up squirting into them.

John took his head away from her nipples. He wanted to get her out of her clothes. He immediately hooked his hands into her pants and shoved them down along with her panties. He did not wait for her to lay down when he got down on his knees and started to attack her pussy with his tongue.

The sudden shock of his tongue against her clit caused her to almost loose her balance, but Brenda was there to catch her. Brenda gave her another passionate kiss before she went down to her tits and started to suck on them as well, as John continued to eat her pussy.

Kelsy never thought being with John and Brenda would feel so good. She could feel herself approaching another orgasm from John licking her wet pussy when she felt him push two fingers into her. She gasped from the penetration and grabbed his head. She knew that she would not last much longer from this much attention. Sure enough, a few seconds later, another orgasm swept through her body. He wanted her, bad. His cock was rock hard.

As he stood up to kiss Kelsy so she could taste herself on his lips, he could feel Brenda slide his boxers down and take his cock into her hand.

She started to stroke him as he kissed his girlfriend. Instead of getting on the bed, she got down on her knees and took his cock in her hand as well. The feeling of two hands from two different girls stroking his cock really got him going.

"Brenda honey, why don't you join me and we can both suck on his cock together." she said. "I think John would really like that." "I think he would to, as she moved to his front on got on her knees next to Kelsy. Kelsy took his cock and started to suck on the head of his cock as Brenda took his balls into her hand and started to gently play with them.

She did not want to squeeze to hard because she started to think of the sex that morning, when she told him that she wanted to see him knock Kelsy up.

John moaned at the feeling of the two girls playing with his junk. He could feel Kelsy's tongue swirl around the head of his cock, then she took him all they way into her mouth. Brenda was amazed that she could get the whole thing in her.

She sucked on him for a a minute or so when she pulled his cock out of her mouth. "You try it, honey." She said, offering her boyfriends cock to her. Brenda responded and took his cock into her mouth without hesitation. She could not get as much as Kelsy could in her mouth, but John was not complaining. He loved the way that both girls went down on him.

Kelsy watched as Brenda bobbed her head up and down his cock, trying to get as much as she could, but her gag reflexes prevented her from getting more than 5 inches in. She knew she could not hog his cock to herself, so she pulled it out of her mouth and offered it to Kelsy again. The two girls shared his cock, each taking a couple of minutes sucking on him. The difference of their styles of going down on men were apparent, but this managed to get him going as he could feel his cum boiling in his balls.

"I am going to cum soon!" He announced. "Cum for us baby, spray your cum on our faces." Brenda replied as Kelsy kept his cock in their mouth. Kelsy heard him say that he was going to cum and pulled his cock out until only the head was still in her mouth. She continued to suck on the head as Brenda took her hand and stroked his cock as well. It took only a few seconds and he grunted as he could feel his cum racing up the shaft os his cock.

Kelsy pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time as he started to cum. He shot onto his girlfriends face, and then moved his cock over to Brenda's. He covered both of their faces with his cum. When he finished, they both laughed. The two of them started to lick his cum off each others faces and in a few minutes, they had all of his cum cleaned up.

"I think its time he fucks your pussy, sexy girl." Brenda said. Kelsy smiled when she said this, as she was ready for him. She wanted his cock deep in her. She got on her hands and knees, lifting her ass up into the air, offering her pussy to John's massive cock. She looked back at John and gave her that "Please fuck me." John did not want to make her wait, and he moved behind her. Before he lined his cock up, he spread her ass cheeks apart and gave her pussy and lick, causing his girlfriend to moan.

"You have eaten her out enough, big boy, give her that cock of yours" Brenda said. She wanted to watch him fuck Kelsy's pussy. He got up behind his girlfriend as Brenda moved her hand to his cock, lining it up with Kelsy's dripping wet pussy.

He pushed all the way into her with one thrust, causing her to moan as she felt him slide into her wet pussy. "Please fuck me, John, I am so fucking wet for you!" Kelsy begged.

"Fuck her, Big Boy, fuck her until you shoot your load into her." Brenda whispered in his ear. He did not make her wait as he started to pump into her with long, steady strokes. She started to moan as he filled her pussy up with his cock. She could feel him stretch her pussy wide.

She never got tired of how big he was and how much she filled him up. As John was pumping into his girlfriend, Brenda got up and removed her skirt and panties. She wanted some action too.

John had already came once and Kelsy had gotton off three or four times, and she had yet to cum. She moved around and laid down in front of Kelsy with her legs spread open.

Kelsy responded by grabbing her hips and pulling her closer to her so she could eat out her pussy. Kelsy shoved her tongue into Brenda's pussy so that every time John thrusted into her pussy, the momentum would cause her to basically tongue fuck her.

Both girls started to moan in pleasure as John fucked Kelsy's pussy and Kelsy tongue fucked Brenda. "Fuck her pussy harder, big boy, make her cum!" Brenda told him. "Fuck her fast!" Knowing that Kelsy was going down on her while he fucked her from behind, he grabbed her hips and started to pound into her. This caused Kelsy to scream out into Brenda's pussy. The vibrations of her screaming caused launched Brenda into a massive orgasm. She came hard and held Kelsy's head into her pussy.

John on the other hand, tried to fuck his girlfriend as hard and as fast as he possible could. This was giving her the maximum amount of pleasure as she kept rocketing into orgasms.

She did not squirt as much as this morning, but she was squirting onto his balls basically each time she came. "Cum in her, cum in her pussy and knock her up, give her your baby!" Brenda cried out as she was coming down from her own orgasm. "Yes baby! Cum for me! Give me your baby makers and make me a mother!" Kelsy begged. He did not have to be told twice as he had already felt his own orgasm fast approaching. Just as Kelsy finished begging him to cum, he buried his cock as deep as he could into her and shot a massive load into her.

Kelsy cried out in pleasure as she felt his sperm splash against her womb. She knew that she would most definitely be pregnant now. John finished cumming and pulled his cock out of her. He noticed this time there was no torrent of cum pouring out of her. He did not care though, because he knew that his cum was in her. He laid down to relax but he did not really have a chance to, because almost as soon as he laid down, Brenda came over and started to lick their combined fluids off of his cock.

"No time to rest, sexy, its my turn to have your cock in me." She told him. "I know it is, do you want it from behind so you can try to lick my cum from my little girlfriends tight little pussy?" He asked She did not have to answer because he was reading her mind.

She got onto her elbow's and knees, offering herself to him. Kelsy moved in front of Brenda, spreading her legs wide to give her full access to her pussy. Before John could slide his cock into her pussy, she was already lapping at his girlfriends pussy. He really liked what he saw and he did not hesitate to line his cock up with her wet fuck hole and slide it deep in her like he had done to Kelsy.

He knew he would last much longer, but he did not really want to. He had already cum 4 times that day, and he wanted to dump one more load of cum into Brenda before they went to bed. He didn't think it was fair that everyone got off so much already that evening and she did not, so he was going to fuck her hard and fast to get her off as much as possible.

He started to pound into hard and fast, and this launched Brenda into an immediate orgasm. John felt her pussy clamping down on him tight as it could when she came. It was not as tight as Kelsy, but it still felt wonderful feeling her spasm on his cock. He could see his girlfriends face as Brenda ate her pussy. It was contorted as she was experiencing a girl eat her out for the first time and he could see that she really enjoying it, since she was cumming a-lot as from Brenda's ministrations.

John felt Brenda start to thrust her hips backwards as he fucked her. She wanted his cum in her as much as he wanted to give it to her.

He reached around her and started to rub her clit as he pounded into her hard and fast. This caused her to launch into yet another massive orgasm, and while she tried to keep herself from screaming, she did a very poor job at it. "How do you like fucking her pussy while she eats my pussy, baby?" Kelsy asked "I love it baby, I love watching her go down on you and make you cum!" He replied "Give her your cum baby, I want you to cum deep in her!

Give your child a sperm bath!" She gasped as another orgasm washed over her body. He kept pounding into Brenda's pussy as he knew that's she wanted, and he wanted to give it to her. He felt the familiar sensation of his impending orgasm, and he tried to pound Brenda harder and faster. She was constantly cumming now, and the sensation of his cock slamming into her kept her pussy constantly contracting on his cock.

"I am going to cum in her pussy, baby!" He announced "Do it, baby, cum in her pussy, give it to her!" Kelsy moaned as Brenda kept eating her out. Brenda stopped eating Kelsy's pussy to cry out her response to his announcement "Yes! Fuck me! Yes! Oh God! Do it! Cum in my pussy! Give it to me! Oh god, I am cumming again!" He jammed himself as deep as he could into her pussy and let loose his torrent of cum. He let out a load moan as he felt like the pressure would cause his cock to come off in her pussy.

As Brenda felt his cum splash inside of her, she let out a moan into Kelsy's pussy. Feeling her moan as she sucked on her clit launched her into a powerful orgasm herself, squirting all over Brenda's face. With all their sexual energy spent, the three of them came down from their orgasm's and relaxed while they cuddled up against each other. Brenda fell asleep almost immediately but both Kelsy and John were still somewhat awake. "I hope you enjoyed that baby, I know I did" She finally said.

"I did, having the two of you at the same time was fantastic." He replied. "I love you Kelsy, and I always will." Kelsy smiled. "I love you too, John." She leaned over and gave him a kiss and laid her head on his chest. She felt safe when she was on his chest, and it felt like he could protect her from any danger that was thrown their way. She was able to comfortably fall asleep in his arms. Soon, all three of them were fast asleep, dreaming of their future's that they can look forward too, as both lovers, friends and family.

Meanwhile, in Kelsy's womb, unknown to either John or Kelsy, the sperm that John pumped into her pussy that evening had found its mark, and fertilized one of her eggs and was embedding itself into her womb. Chapter 8 - Pregnancy and Proposals Two months has elapsed since the night that John, Kelsy and Brenda had an amazing night of having sex with each other.

That night ended up being that final time John was allowed to have sex with Brenda, as She and Jack really it off. Kelsy finally had John all to herself again, and she could not be happier. John was relieved as well, even though he really enjoyed having sex with Brenda, he was not sure that he would be able to keep up with the two of them.

Brenda was now 3 and half months along in her pregnant and during the first appointment with the doctors, she had a DNA test on the fetus. She was very happy to find out the baby was not her fathers, and was John's child.

She kept this from Jack. She had told him about her past, how her mom had abandoned them, how her dad raped her basically every night, and that near the end, he had started to let men pay him to have sex with her. She told him to story of how she was kicked out when he told her that he was pregnant, and that she told the police about what had done, and that when officers arrived to question him, he pointed a gun at them and they took him out.

Jack was shocked to learn about her past. He could see why she wanted someone as caring as John, and he re-assured her that he would treat her like a women should be treated. The two of them have been together ever since, and she just recently told him that she loved him. She was happy when he agreed to take on the roll of being a father to her child, and Jack was excited about becoming a father. He went with her to her 3 month appointment at the end of her first trimester to find out the sex of the child.

They grew excited to see that they were going to have a little girl. Even though the little girl was not his, he was still going to try to be the best father as possible to 'his' little bundle of joy. At the same time, John started to notice Kelsy acting odd. She started to have cravings for food that she never even liked before, like hot wings and green beans.

He started to think something was up. "Kelsy, sweetie, are you okay?" John asked her one day "I am fine baby, why do you ask?" She replied "I don't know, you just seem a little off, you are eating foods that you never liked before, I mean, not just wanting, but craving." He told her "I have not really noticed," she responded.

Now that he had said something, she got a little worried, "but now that you mention it, I have eaten hot wings a-lot when I never liked them before." "Baby, do you think that you might be pregnant?" He finally asked "As far as I know, I am not." She was now concerned, she truthfully answered him when she said that she did not know to her knowledge.

"I want you to check, baby. It will make me feel better. I want to know the reason why you are having thes cravings." "I would too. I don't think that I am pregnant, but there is that possibility that I could be. Baby, would you go to the store for me and get me a test?" She asked him.

"I would be glad to, I mean, if you are pregnant, how do you think your parents will take the news? Remember when Brenda made that joke at your Birthday get together?

Your dad gave me a dirty look." He reminded her "I know, I saw him, but I know him, and he knows you would never let any harm come to me. I think he would be excited to be a grandfather" She said as she kissed him.

"Now be a gentleman and go pick me up a test." He kissed her back as he got up to go get his keys. He was just going to go to Walgreen's and pickup the most accurate test he could think of. When he got in the car and pulled out of the driveway, he started to get worried.

He would be beyond excited if she was expecting, but then again, he was worried about how her father would react towards him when they broke the news to them. It was a short drive to Walgreen's, and he found the most accurate test, at least that's what the package said. It was also the most expensive. He also picked up some soda's for that evening.

Kelsy had started staying with him almost every night. It was basically like she had moved in already, but she still went home for a few nights every week. Maybe she would move in if she really was. He was hoping that she was not, but at the same, he was hoping that she was. He pulled into the driveway and walked back into the house.

He handed the bag over to Kelsy. "I think I got the right one, it says it is the most accurate, but it was also the most expensive one." He explained to her "It should be, it was the test that Brenda used when she found out she was pregnant." she replied.

"Stay here for a minute while I go to the bathroom and do this test." She took the bag and went into the bathroom. It never seemed like that a minute would take forever, he could actually hear the seconds ticking by. In a few minutes, he would know whether his life would be changed forever, or if it was a false alarm.

He was starting to get very anxious waiting for her to come out with the results. After what seemed to be hours, he finally heard her flush the toilet. When she walked out of the Bathroom, she had a serious expression on her face. "So baby, what did the test say?" He asked, he was really nervous about the the answer she was going to give him.

"Take a look at the test, and you will see." She said in a serious voice. She handed him the test and he looked at it. He was beyond any expression he had ever felt before in his life when it showed a positive, indicating that she was indeed pregnant.

He looked back up at her and her serious expression had changed to one of pure excitement and joy. They were going to be parents! They both hugged each other and Kelsy started to tear up with joy. She loved him so much, and now that she was carrying his baby, she felt even closer to him than before.

John felt very much the same way about her, as he knew that she was going to be having his child. "We have to tell everyone!" John exclaimed. Her mood quickly changed when she realized that everyone also meant her parents. How would her parents react to the news? Would they be excited to be grandparents? Would they kick her out and she have to move in with John? Would they force her to move in with her grandparents in New Mexico?

She was scared that they would take the news in a bad way. "Baby, I think we need to tell my parents first." She said "Why?" he responded "Because, it might mean that they kick me out, like Brenda's father did to her." She told him "You don't think they will disown you, do you?" He asked her.

He was now concerned. "The only way we can tell is if we just go over there now and tell them. The sooner we tell them, the sooner we can move on and tell everyone else." She explained John thought about what she had just said and realized that she was right. "You are right, come on, lets go." He said. They started the 10 minute walk to her house, and they did not say much they were both scared of what her parents would say when they told them.

She was pregnant with John's child, and while she was excited for that, she was actually very scared that she would not have the support of her parents. They eventually reached her house and they walked into the door. Morgan was in the living room watching Law and Order, SVU and her dad was actually sitting next to her reading an Ian Flemming book.

"Hey you two," Frank said when he saw them come into the living room, "have you two decided to actually spend some time with us for a change?" "Not really, dad, I need to talk to you two." She said. Frank immediately saw the look in her face, and he knew that whenever she had this look, it was going to be very serious. He put down his book and Morgan actually turned off the TV. "Whats this about, Kelsy?" Morgan asked.

"Well, I don't know how to break this to you guys, but please, don't be get mad." She said. Frank and Morgan looked at each other. They had no idea what she was going to say. "You can tell us anything, sweetie, you are our only daughter, and we will love you no matter what you tell us." Frank said. "Do you promise, daddy?" She asked him "I swear by it, sweetie." "Please, don't be upset, because what I am about to tell you has the two of us really excited.

"Go ahead and spill it honey." Morgan told her "Mom, Dad, I am pregnant." Her parents were shocked when Kelsy told them. They did not know what to say. Frank looked at John with a very serious look, and he felt like his eyes where shooting daggers into his stomach.

Their little girl was growing up fast, it seemed like only yesterday when she was born and now she was going to be a mother. Kelsy was nervous, Her parents did not say anything for a good 5 minutes. It was her father who finally said something. "Are you absolutely sure that you are, honey?" He finally said. Kelsy reached into her pocket and pulled out the test and handed it him. He looked at it and saw that it was a positive, that she really was expecting. He looked back at her, then at John, and handed the test to her mother, who did the same thing.

They then looked at each other then back at John and Kelsy. They were both getting very scared about their impending reaction. It was Frank who finally responded to the news. "Well, It looks like I am going to be a grandfather!" He beamed. His serious look turned into one of pure joy and he got up and gave his daughter a big hug, actually, she was his step-daughter since he married her mom a couple of years after they moved from Denver.

"I am so happy, honey! I can't wait to spoil your child!" "Honey, I think its wonderful! I can't wait to tell my friends that I am going to be a grandmother!" She exclaimed The two of them were very relieved that they responded so well with her being pregnant.

They were scared beyond wits that they would take it bad and do something to separate them. "Honey, I am very excited for you. I know you will be a great mother to John's child!" Her mother went on. I have to tell everyone now!" She said. She got up and went to the phone and started calling her sisters and her brother that they were going to be aunts and an uncle. "Sweetie, Please, if there is anything your mother or I can do to help you, just let us know! I know John will be there for you as well, but he can only do so much!" Her dad told her.

"I know daddy, like getting up in the middle of the night to feed our baby." She said John forgot about the midnight feedings. He groaned when she said this and her dad and herself both laughed at him. "Does anyone else know?" Her dad asked "No, we just found out about half an hour ago when I took the test." She said. "We wanted to tell you guys first in case you kicked me out or forced me to move in with Grandma in New Mexico." "We would never do that! If you had been 17 when he got you pregnant, then we would have done everything in our power to make sure the two of you never saw each other again and that he would have no rights to the baby, but since you two are of age, we can't do anything except be excited for the two of you." He explained This put them both at ease.

"Go on, go tell everyone! We have to tell everyone in the family that we are expecting our first grandchild!" He went on, "Go on, go tell everyone!" The two of them got up to leave, but as they walked by her mom, she stopped them. She gave Kelsy the biggest hug that she could and she was all smiles. She could not believe that her baby girl was now going to be a mother herself. She turned to John, and gave him the same kind of hug.

"John, please take care of my Kelsy and our grandchild." She asked him "I have every intention to, Morgan, you know that." He replied. She smiled even more, knowing that the father of daughters child was this very nice young man who stood in front of her. The two of them left her parents house and walked back to his house. They were going to tell his parents and Brenda next.

They were both on cloud 9 because her parents took the news so well. They were both all smiles as they walked back. When they arrived back at his place and saw Jack's car was in the street, indicating that he was there as well. "Good, now Jack can hear the news as well!" John said. "Come on baby, lets go tell them news" She said. She was looking forward to telling his parents that they were going to be parents, and that his parents will be grandparents as well.

They walked in as everyone as everyone getting ready for dinner. Jack was going to be joining them that evening for a wonderful steak dinner that his dad grilled, along with some grilled corn on the cob that he had been wanting to try to do. They sat down to dinner and everyone was enjoying the meal making small talk, when April asked Kelsy how she was doing.

"Everything is going great." She replied. "I couldn't be happier." "That's nice to hear, is John treating you okay?" She asked "Yes! He has treated me like a queen, taking care of me and protecting me. He is the sweetest man I have ever known, and I am very happy to be considered his girlfriend." "I raised him well, and we were strict on how to treat everyone like he wanted to be treated." John decided it was that time that they break the news to everyone.

"Mom, Dad, Kelsy and I have a big announcement to make." He said. This got everyone's attention and all eyes where on them. "What's the big news, Son?" Gary asked. "Well," Kelsy started, "You guys will be the second to know, after my parents, that's were we went this afternoon." "We figured as much, you have not really seen them much since you have been over here a-lot more lately, is the news that you are going to be moving in with us now?" Her mom asked "Not exactly, but I think the two of you will be excited about this piece of news" John said "Well, don't keep us waiting!

You know we don't like that!" His dad exclaimed "Ok, well you see, earlier today, we found out that." Kelsy started, giving a slight pause to build up the tension, ".that John and I are going to be parents!" Everyone looked at them in shock. His parents were especially shocked to learn that they were going to be grandparents. However, unlike her parents, his dad immediately got a huge smile on face.

"You mean to tell us that we are going to be grandparents!" He beamed with excitement. "Yes, you will be grandparents!" John said with pride. "Oh my god! Sweetie! That's fantastic!" His mother said excitedly "Congratulations, son!

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I hope that you are ready to be a father!" He said "I have been ready for a while, dad, I know I will be a good one!" "You know we will be spoiling your child." Ann said. "That now makes four of you." Kelsy said. As all this excitement was happening, Brenda started to look depressed.

She was happy that she was going to have a baby as well, but she had no family to share the news with. Her mother had abandoned her when she was 11 and has not heard from her since, and when she told her dad with Shelby and Emily, her dad blew up and kicked her out.

Then he was gunned down by police when he pointed a gun at them when they went to question him about constantly raping her. She had no one and started to feel alone. Jack sensed that something was wrong and took her hand in his. She looked up at him and he gave her a loving smile. She returned the gesture a small smile in return.

His parents loved her, and they were supportive of Jack dating a girl who was pregnant with someone else's child, but they were proud of their son stepped up the plate when he told them that he was going to raise the child as his own, and that they could be considered grandparents. She was happy when they started to call her their daughter in-law, but she was still depressed that she did not have anyone on her side of the family.

She did not have any aunts and uncles because both of her parents where the only children. "Whats wrong, Brenda?" Gary asked "Nothing, really, just thinking that's all." She said "About what, baby?" Jack asked "I just watched John and Kelsy tell his parents that they were going to be grandparents and they became all excited." She stated. "But I don't have anyone on my side of our relationship to share the news with, my dad is dead, and my mom abandoned us, and I have no idea where she is." She continued The mood at the table quickly changed.

John and Kelsy forgot about that, and they both told her how sorry they were. Brenda told them that it was okay, and that they should be excited. She wanted them to be happy, considering what she had done to them early on in their relationship. "Brenda Baby, I know you are hurting because of that, but my family loves you, and they are happy that they are going to be grandparents." Jack told her.

"I really do love you from the bottom of my heart" "I love you too, Jack, I am so lucky to have you in my life." She replied. Her mood changed when he told her this. "I know I may be jumping the gun on this, but there is something I need to ask you, baby?" He continued. "What is it baby?" She asked him "It is the only way I know that it will help you out of your depression, and I just want to let everyone know I am not trying to steal the attention away from John and Kelsy, as I already had planned to do this tonight." He told everyone.

He got out of his chair and pulled a small box from his pocket. She knew right away what he was going to do. "Brenda, my love, I know that we have only been together for a couple of months, but it feels like I have known you my entire life.

You make me very happy, and I am excited, no, honored, that you are going to let me be the father of your unborn child. This is the one way I can really show you how much I love you." He opened the box and presented her the ring. It was a beautiful white gold band with a blue sapphire stone set on the inside with 4 small diamonds, 2 on each side of the stone. "Brenda Wacha, will you bestow upon me the greatest honor in the world and marry me and become my wife?" He asked her.

Brenda looked at him with all the joy in the world. She loved him so very much, as he had helped turn her life around. She had a tear of Joy running down her left cheek. "Oh my god, Jack, yes! I will be very happy marry you!" She replied, excited that she had finally found true happiness with a man that loved her for her, and not her body.

Everyone around the table were excited that Jack had proposed to Brenda. Kelsy was very excited and she tried to hold back her tears. She was so happy that the two of them were able to finally give Brenda the happiness she deserved. Sure, it may have been really early to propose, but they all could see how happy he made her, and they knew that they were meant to be together. Jack slipped the ring on her finger, and she pulled him in for a hug.

They both had a look of joy on their faces and they knew right away that her sadness of not having family to share her pregnancy with passed right away as she was all smiles. During the rest of the meal, she could not stop looking at the ring. It was beautiful and it was the most precious thing anyone had ever given her. After dinner, Brenda and Jack left to go to his place to announce their engagement. John and Kelsy decided that they should invite their friends over to tell them their big news as well.

John called Jason and of course, the two of them were at the station with the girls, hanging out and enjoying the rail action. He asked them to come over because they needed to talk to them about something. He told them that they would be over after the next train passed, as it was climbing the hill. John could confirm this as he was on the patio outback and could hear the throb of 3, 4,440 Horsepower diesel engines struggling to get a train over Kirkwood Hill.

The two of them were out on the back patio when they arrived. Shelby and Emily went over to Kelsy and gave her a hug. They had not seen her for a while, as they had been pre-occupied by their respective boyfriends. "So, what did you too need to talk to us about, John?" Jason asked "Yeah, we have not really talked for a while, then out of the blue, you called us over to talk, what gives?" Scott replied.

He felt that their friendship had drifted since Kelsy came into his life, but he couldn't really say anything either because he was too pre-occupied with Shelby as well. "Whatever it is, it has to be important." Emily said.

"Kelsy would not have us come over it it was not." "I know her, and Emily is right. It has to be something major." Shelby continued "You girls are right, this is something major, and all of you needed to hear this since we both consider the four of you as part of our family." John said. He loved Jason and Scott like brothers, and they considered him a brother as well.

The girls had known each other since Kelsy moved from Denver, and they had been best friends ever since. "It's true, but we really did not to talk to you guys about anything, it is just that we have some major news that we wanted to tell you. "Okay, what is it?" Shelby asked. She was no curious. "Actually, its two pieces." John said "Well, are you going to tell us?" Jason asked "Well, the first one is not about us, its about Brenda and Jack." He started "Did they break up?" Emily asked "Oh, no, they are very happy.

In fact, Jack proposed to Brenda this evening at dinner." The girls got excited with this news. They knew how hard she had it in life before John and them came into her life and rescued her. "But that is not the biggest piece of news," John told everyone, "Kelsy and I found out today that we are going to have a baby!" The girls immediately screamed with joy and ran over to Kelsy and gave her a a big hug and congratulated her. They were even more excited than ever because they knew that they would get to see the baby often and watch it grow into an adult.

Jason and Scott could not help but smile themselves. Their best friend, who finally got the girl he had longed for for the longest time, who he rescued from being raped at prom, and was now her loving boyfriend, and now she was going to be the mother of his child. They could not believe it.

Scott actually came over and gave him a pat on the back and Jason walked over and shook his hand to congratulate him on becoming a father. The girls started to talk about what she was going to name the baby, and Kelsy admitted that she had not really thought that far ahead. However, she did mention that the baby's last name was going to be Walker, because she was going to end up getting married to John. Scott ran to the local smoke shop and picked up 3 cigars to celebrate.

John was not a smoker, but Jason insisted on them, since that was what everyone did in his family when a new baby was announced in his family. He lit up the cigar, but he was not really a fan of it after he took the first puff. He got a sour look on his face and his two friends just laughed at his look.

They spent the next four hours talking about everything. Everyone was so happy that Kelsy was pregnant. John could not keep the smile off of his face and the girls kept talking about babies. It was starting to get late, they were have so much fun that the did not realize what time it was. They eventually realized and that is when everyone decided it was time to leave.

Kelsy and John walked their friends to the door said their goodbyes and wished them good luck and they again congratulated the both of them. Once out the door, Kelsy grabbed his right arm and placed her head on his shoulder as they watched their friends leave.

"Do you want to go up stairs, sweetie?" He asked her "Yeah, I am getting tired baby. Besides, I want to have some fun." She said as she gave him a wink. The two of them had not had sex for about a week because they had been busy setting up his design firm. It had been exhausting for both of them trying to get everything set up with the state and getting a tax ID number.

They had completed the necessary paperwork the other day, and he was going to get started on a website for the firm the next week. He knew that it would be a good business to get into, and the contracts for design would be a major source of income for the two of them.

That would greatly help them now that they were expecting a baby. The two of them walked up stairs, with him walking behind her. He could see that she was glowing, now that they knew she was expecting.

As he walked up the stairs, he could not believe how incredible his luck was, finally getting the girl he longed for, and now they were going to have a baby together. He decided as they were walking to his room that he was going to propose to her very soon.

He wanted to make it official and make her his wife. They got into his room and he locked his bedroom door. They got ready to bed, because they knew they had all night to make love. John usually slept only in his boxers, while Kelsy usually wore a silk nightgown. After they brushed their teeth they climbed into bed together. She cuddled up against him right away and rested her head on his chest.

She absolutely loved it when she had her head on his chest. It was so warm and comforting when she could hear his beating heart. "Baby, we should make an appointment first thing in the morning to see how far along you are." He told her as they laid there. "I was thinking the same thing, love. We have made love so many times that right now, it is hard to tell when it actually happened." she replied "Are you excited to be the mother of my child?" He asked her "Of course baby, I love you so much, and I think this only makes our love for each other stronger than it has ever been." "I know I feel more closer to you, sweetie." He said as he kissed the top of her head She laid there with her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

She started to rub a finger across his stomach and his chest. She loved the feeling of his body. He was not to muscular, but he also did not have much fat as well. To her, he had the perfect body. She kept rubbing her finger across his upper body when she lifted her head and looked at him. He looked back at her and drew her in for a kiss. "I love you, Kelsy." He told her "I love you too, John." She replied. She traced his nipples with her finger gave one of them a little pinch.

He let out a little moan as he felt her play with his nipples. She traced her fingers down his body, lower and lower, until she reached the top of his boxers. She gave him another kiss and laid her head back down on his chest as she continued to rub her finger along the edge of his boxers around his waist.

She could see the outline of his cock through his boxers, even though he was not yet hard. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted him to make love to her. John spoke up as she was about to put her hand into his boxers. "Baby, do you want me to tie you up tonight?" he asked "Not tonight baby, I don't think I want to try that until after the baby is born." She replied He accepted that answer, because he did not want to harm her, or their baby, because he realized that one wrong move when he punished her could lead to her having a miscarriage.

She sighed when he kissed the top of her head again. She went back to tracing the top of his boxers, and then she slid her hand into them, taking his cock into her hand. He heard him let out a little moan when she felt his cock in her hand. She wrapped her hand around his cock and instantly felt a reaction from him as he started to get hard. She gently stroked up and down his cock as it hardened in her hand.

It took her a minute of stroking his cock, but she managed to get him rock hard. Once he was hard, she looked up at him while she moved down his body to his crotch. He was enjoying her hand on his cock, and wanted her to continue giving him a hand job, but she had another idea in mind, She pulled his boxers down below his balls to expose his cock. She admired that this tool of his put a baby in her belly, and she loved it even more.

"Baby, I love your cock as much as I love you, and I am very happy that it put a baby inside me." She told him as she kissed the tip of his cock.

"I am happy you like it, sweetie, I know it really likes you too." He replied She giggled when he said this. He always knew how to make her laugh and that was one thing she loved about him. She lowered her head down and kissed the head of his cock again, then kissed her way down the sensitive underside of his member down to his balls. He let out a moan of pleasure as she worked her way down.

When she reached his balls, she took them into her mouth and started to gently suck on them. He started to squirm from the feeling of them being sucked on, and he loved it whenever she did this to him. She felt him squirm in pleasure and knew that he was enjoying her mouth on him. She did not want to hurt him, mainly because she knew that even lightly sucking on a mans genitals would eventually start to hurt them.

So she plopped them out of her mouth and started to kiss her way back up his cock. She could see the pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock and she licked it up. She opened her small mouth as wide as she could and wrapped her lips around the head of his large cock. She swirled her head around his cock and heard him moan. She loved his moans, as it indicated that she was doing a good job at pleasing her man. She started to take more of his cock into her mouth, sucking it in as it went further into her.

She felt the head of his cock bump into her throat and relaxed herself so she could get the rest of his cock into her mouth. Once she had him all the way in, she started to suck as hard as she could. John was enjoying what she was doing to his member with her mouth. The feeling of being in her throat was almost as good as being buried in her pussy. He remembered the first time she gave him a blowjob, it was the night she became his girlfriend and it was down in the basement in the train room.

She was only able to get the first 5 inches of his 8 inch cock into her mouth, but as time went on, she was able learn how to control her gag reflexes and she was now able to take his full length into her mouth. Kelsy started to bob her head up and down on his shaft.

Each time she pulled it out, she sucked as hard as she could, and this caused John to moan even more. She reached up with one of her hands and cupped his balls while she went down on him.

She knew this drove him crazy and usually resulted in him shooting a massive load of cum down her throat. However, tonight, she was not going to let that happen tonight. She wanted his cum in her pussy. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and John gave her a look of disappointment.

She smiled at him as she crawled back up his body and straddled his waist. She could feel his cock rubbing against her clit as she gave him a passionate kiss. She was already soaking wet from giving him a blowjob, and now she wanted to feel his cock buried in her pussy.

She sat up and raised her hips so she could guide his cock into her now pregnant pussy. As she lowered herself onto his cock, and she moaned as she felt him stretch her wide as he penetrated deep into her.

Once he was fully embedded in her, she leaned over gave him a kiss as she started rub her clit against his cock. He made her feel so full and loved whenever he was in her, but tonight, it felt different, she felt a stronger love for him because of the baby in her.

She sat back up and started to rock her hips back and forth on his cock, grinding against him while enjoying his cock deep inside her.

John reached up and grabbed and grabbed her small breasts. He squeezed and pinched her nipples as she rocked on his cock, giving her more pleasure than ever before. It did not take long before her first orgasm hit her. She started to breath heavily as her body stiffened and she let out a moan of pleasure as it swept over her body.

Once it had passed, she started to rock on him again. This time she leaned forward onto his hands and he took this as an opportunity to raise his head and take a nipple into his mouth. The attention her breasts were getting that night was really driving her crazy and she did not want him to stop.

She was launched into another orgasm as she felt him suck on her nipples while she was grinding herself against him. After her orgasm passed, she leaned forward to lay on top of him. All she could do when she was on top of him was grind her pussy back and forth on his cock, but she wanted to feel him sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Go ahead baby, fuck your little girlfriends pregnant pussy." She said as she gave him another kiss. "I love it when you say that." He replied as he started to thrust his cock up into her pussy.

She started to moan as his cock moved inside her, and he was hitting all the right spots. She was soon cumming again and her orgasm was stronger than the first one she had. She felt her self squirt onto his balls as she let out a silent scream. The feeling of her fluids on his cock drove him wild, and he started to thrust into her harder than before. "Oh baby, fuck your pregnant girlfriend! Give me your cum, baby, cum for me! Oh god, I'm cumming again!" She cried out She had another strong orgasm and squirted more heavily onto his cock.

He felt her squirt again and he responde by grabbing her hips so he could thrust into her with all his might. He was really into it now, and she was constantly screaming out his name as he fucked her. She finally got up and started to grind her clit on his cock again, as she started squeezing it as hard as she could with her pussy, trying to get him to cum. John felt his orgasm fast approaching and he grabbed her hips again, pulling her down and grinding himself against her clit.

She could feel his cock swell inside her pussy and she knew that he was going to cum soon. "Cum for me baby, please!" She begged him. He lifted his hips so he could get as deep as he could and he felt his cum race up the shaft of his cock and fire deep inside her, coating the inside of her pussy and womb with his cum.

She felt him shoot his load into her, and this drove her over the edge again and had anther powerful orgasm. She squeezed his cock so hard, that every time he shot into her, she could feel the cum racing up his shaft and into her pussy. When they finished cumming together, she laid back down on his chest to enjoy the post orgasmic bliss while listening to his heart beat. She still had his cock buried in her and every few seconds, felt it twitch inside her, making sure that every once of cum that he had was sent into her pussy.

She looked up at him with those teal eyes of hers and looked at his handsome face. She was so lucky to have such a wonderful man in her life. When he looked down at her, she looked into his teal eyes and they could see the love they shared for each other. "Baby, I love you. I want to grow old with you, have all of your children, and watch them grow up and become parents themselves." She said as she kissed him "I love you too, Kelsy. I hope that we have all healthy kids" He responded "I know they will be, and they will also be the cutest babies in the nursery at the hospital too" she said with a smile.

She rolled off of him and she could feel his cum leak out of her pussy when his cock slid out of her. She rolled onto her side so she could get some sleep, and she felt John snuggle up close to her and put his arm around her as she fell asleep. The next morning, Kelsy called her doctor to make an appointment. As it turned out, they were able to go that day since they had a cancellation. John wanted to go with her so he could see the ultrasound of his child growing in her belly.

The appointment was at 1 PM, and they decided to kill time to go look at baby things that they may need. They went to Target, and looked at the array of car seats, strollers, cribs, playpens and everything else they may need for their baby. She found a stroller that she really liked that also had space underneath for everything that they might need when taking their baby places. Soon, it was time for them to go to the appointment.

They arrived 5 minutes early and she completed the necessary insurance forms. She finished them in about 15 minutes and took them up to the receptionist who then told her that they would call them back when they were ready for her.

No sooner did she sit down, when an old friend of hers came into the waiting area. She recognized her as Amy. She had been friends with her in Middle school, but drifted apart when her family moved to the other side of town and she started to attend another school. Amy saw Kelsy and she ran over to her.

They hugged and could not believe that they were running into each at a family planning office. As they talked, they learned that she was a month along with her second child. She was married, and her husband would have come along as well, but he was out of town on business. She explained how he got her pregnant when she was 15, and that her parents made her marry him.

It was the best thing for them, because they were so much in love, and still are. After about 15 minutes, the medical assistant called for Kelsy and John to come back.

They said goodbye to Amy and and went with the M.A. to one of the rooms. She did all the necessary things, took her blood pressure, her pulse and the normal questions about her health.

After she was satisfied with Kelsy's answers, she got up and told them the doctor would be right in. They were nervous, even though they were both excited, because they did not know how long Kelsy had been pregnant. Finally the doctor came in.

He was an older gentleman, not creepy at all and he explained to them fully what their options where. He could tell that they loved each other, so he did not go into the options for abortion or adoption. "Now, lets get an ultrasound and see this little baby that's growing inside of you." He finally said. He powered up the ultrasound machine as Kelsy lifted her shirt to expose her belly. John could tell there was a slight baby bump, and he figured that she had been pregnant for longer then he expected.

The doctor rubbed some gel on her belly and warned her that the device that took the ultrasound would be cold. Sure enough, she let out a yelp when it touched her skin.

She soon forgot about the coldness when she looked at the screen and was able to see the baby in her for the very first time. "Well, Miss Ferguson, from the looks of how far along the fetus is, I would say that you are about 12 weeks along. You are far enough along now that we can tell the sex of the baby now if you wish to find out." He explained "Of course, I would love to find out." She said.

Then she looked over at John, and could tell that he was trying to hold back tears of joy as he saw his child on the monitor. Kelsy smiled, knowing that she has giving him the best gift in the world. The doctor searched for a few minutes as he tried to determine the sex of their child.

He finally announced the findings and told them they they could be expecting a baby boy. They were both happy with the news and as they both had huge grins on their faces. They asked if they could have a photo of the ultrasound so they could show their parents, and he made two copies, one for Kelsy to give to her parents, and one for John to give to his. They walked out of the office with a huge grin on their faces. They were having a boy, and that made them even more happier.

Happier then when they found out she was pregnant. One the drive home, Kelsy announced that she wanted to spend the night at her house so she could spend some quality time with her parents. John quickly agreed, because this gave him a chance to go to a local jewelry store and buy her an engagement ring.

He was going to propose, and he thought it would be better for them to be engaged when she gave birth than simply be his girlfriend. The arrived at her place, and he walked her to the front door. "Thanks baby, thank you for everything you have done for me. I don't know what I can do to make it up to you." She said "Just deliver a healthy baby for us to raise, sweetie, that's all I want from you." He said as he kissed her.

"You are so sweet, baby, I love you so much." she replied as she returned the kiss. "I love you too, Kelsy." He replied as he returned the kiss and gave her a hug before she went inside.

He decided that instead of going home, he would go to the store first instead. He had been shopping online for a ring that would suit her perfectly, and he found one that was already her size at Shane Co. It took him about 15 minutes to get there, and he was growing more and more excited that she was going to be in his life forever. When he got there, he quickly got out of the car and locked it and went inside.

He was greeted right away by a sales associate. "What can I do for you today?" He asked him "Well, I am here to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend." He told her. He thought that he probably heard this many times everyday.

"Whats her name?" He asked "Her name is Kelsy, and she is the love of my life. We just found yesterday that she is pregnant." He told him "Congratulations!

I see you want to take it to the next level in your relationship." "Very much so, I don't know what I would do without her." "Did you have anything in mind?" He asked "Actually, yes, its already her size and the stone is already mounted." He explained as he pulled out a sheet of paper with the product number. The associate looked up and and found that they still had it. We went to one of the cases and produced the ring. It looked even more beautiful than the picture on the internet.

"I will take it!" He exclaimed, "How much is it?" The associate looked at the price tag. "Its $1,250 with tax, I assume you want to make payments?" "No, I will be paying for it now.

I have the money. I may look young, but I make decent money from my online videos." "I know she will be surprised when you pop the question." He told him "I know, I can't wait." He said. He was led to the counter and the teller told him the price. He handed over his debit card and told her to run it for the full price.

She was surprised whe the machine said that the sale was approve, and she placed the ring in a maroon Shane Co. box and put it in the bag. "I hope you two have a wonderful life together!" She exclaimed before he left.

John looked back and gave her a thumbs up and a smile. He could tell that made her laugh. As he left the store, he thought about how he could propose to her. He did not want to make a big production of it, and he wanted to to do it someplace that was special to both of them.

Right away, he thought of the Kirkwood station, mainly because that's when he realized that he loved her, and that's where they became a couple, it was the perfect place! That night, he called Kelsy. She had shown her parents the ultrasound and they were very excited that they would be having a grandson.

Her dad told her that he will make a fine young man, and that he would take after him. They were both very happy and they already started to look into getting things that they would need for the baby. "Sweetie, lets go to the station tomorrow, It is supposed to be a very nice day, and I would like to spend it with you." He told her "I would like that, but lets leave the camera's at home and just enjoy the trains passing, Baby.

I am sure it would be relaxing without having to get our camera's ready for each train." She responded "That sound good to me, I am looking forward to it, I miss you baby." She said "I miss you too, Kelsy." He replied "I am going to bed now, baby, I am exhausted after today. I love you." She told him "I love you too, sweetie, good night and sleep well." He responded "Good night, baby. Mwah!" "Mwah!" He kissed her back, and they hung up.

As John got ready for bed, he kept thinking about his Kelsy. He thought about the events that led them to where they were now. How he had met her and how she thought his hobby was stupid, how they became fast friends and he started to love her from afar.

The night that she called him worried that Derrick would try something on prom, and the high speed chase when he rescued her from him. The fight with Jeremy the next Monday, and how she wanted to be his girlfriend. The black mail of Brenda and how she became pregnant as a result. He remembered when the three of them were lovers, and how one of his friends became her fiance the other night when they found out Kelsy was expecting their first child, and now, here he was, about to ask Kelsy to marry him.

He had trouble sleeping that night. He knew what her answer would be, but he was still very nervous about it. He was thinking about how he would word his proposal to her and it kept him up. He decided that he would just wing it and tried to go to sleep. He ended up tossing and turning as he was trying to get comfortable, and he finally managed to fall asleep around 2 in the morning. The next morning dawned and he woke up around 9. When he woke up, he saw that he had two text messages. One was from Brenda.

She said that she would not be home that day because Jack's parents insisted that she go with them to visit his Aunt in Fort Madison, Iowa, a 3 hour drive each way. The other was from Kelsy. She said that she would be ready by 10 and would meet him at the station at 10:30 He took a shower and shaved. He was thinking about how her reaction would be when she saw the ring he was going to propose to her with.

He quickly finished his shower, dried off and went into his room to get dressed. He put on his favorite pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He put the ring in his pocket and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. He enjoyed a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. He was anxious for the time to come to leave for the station. It was about 10:15 when he decided it was time to head down to the station. It was a beautiful day outside as he walked down to the station and he knew the train action would be hot that day and they would actually be able to enjoy the enjoy the passing trains since they agreed to leave their camera's at home.

He arrived about 5 minutes before their meeting time, but he saw that Kelsy was already there. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. This caused her to jump as she was not expecting him to come up on her like that. "John Walker! Never do that again!" She exclaimed "I am sorry sweetie, I thought you might have found it romantic!" He replied "You scared me that I was being attacked!" She cried out. "I am so sorry baby, I will never do that again, I promise." He told her, comforting her with a hug.

"How can I stay mad at you, baby, I forgive you." She told him as she gave him a kiss and then rested her head on his shoulder. The two of them relaxed and talked about the baby she was expecting. They talked about what they would name him. They narrowed down the names to Anthony John or Alex Preston. They watched several freights go by, and people watched as the Amtrak train from Kansas City arrived and then departed. Eventually, a couple of hours later, he decided that was the perfect time to propose, after the next eastbound train of course, as they could hear it climbing the hill.

They started to make a bet with each other on what it would be. Kelsy thought it would be a coal train heading to an eastern power plant, and John thought it would be the daily Kansas City to Alton and Southern mixed freight.

A few minutes later, the train came into view and they were both wrong. It was a detouring BNSF mixed freight that was bypassing its own route from Pacific, MO to St. Louis since the line was shut down to repair a bridge in Valley Park, Missouri. The two of them watched as the endless variety of cars passed. There were some old Frisco hopper cars, a Maine Central Boxcar, some Chessie System covered hoppers and a few brand spanking new BNSF flat cars. After the train had passed and he turned to Kelsy.

She looked back at him, and she could tell that he was up to something, but she could not place he finger on it. "Kelsy, there is something that I have been wanting to ask you for sometime." He started "Whats that baby?" She asked "You know, you have made me the happiest man on the face of the planet, you have put up with my trains, with Brenda, and also my awkwardness.

I love you from the bottom of my heart." "Aww, I love you too baby." Kelsy, You really do not understand how much I love you. You are carrying my child, and that may seem more than enough, I don't want to sound selfish, but that is just not enough." He continued. "Then what would make it more than enough?" She asked.

He reached into his pocket and produced the ring. It was another White Gold band, this time it had a peach sapphire, a rare stone for a rare girl. When she saw the ring and she immediately knew where this was going.

"Kelsy Ann Ferguson, the mother of my child, the love of my life. Will you be as so kind and do me the honor of becoming my wife and share our love for all of eternity?" He asked her as he got down on one knee.

She could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. She never saw it coming, and that she thought they were just coming down here to relax and watch some trains.

She never expected that he would propose to her. "Oh my god, baby, yes! YES! Of course I will marry you!" She exclaimed. She had a tear of joy running down her cheek as well. John slipped the ring onto her finger and she pulled him in for a passionate kiss and a hug. She loved him with all of her heart. "Baby, I love you so much. I am so happy to be your, I said that wrong, I meant to say that I am so happy to be your fiancee!" She said. She was very excited and could not believe that she was going to be getting married to this very handsome and sweet man.

"I love you too baby, you mean the world to me." He replied as he gave her a kiss. "Hey, you two! Get a room!" A voice said from behind them. They both knew it was Dan. He always said that when they were at the station and were being lovey dove on each other.

"Hey Dan!" John exclaimed. "And what makes you two lovebirds so excited this afternoon?" He asked That very instant, Dan looked over at Kelsy and saw the ring that John had just put on her finger.

He right away figured out what it was, and he smiled. "Did you just propose to the girl you would never shut up about, John?" He asked. Kelsy just rolled her eyes because she heard the same phrase about her again. "Yes, I did, Dan, and she said yes, she is going to become my wife!" He beamed "Congratulations!" He said. "I know that you two will be very happy for the rest of your lives." John looked at Kelsy, and she looked back at him.

"Dan, I know you are right, she is the love of my life." He said as he stared deep into her emerald eyes. "She will most certainly be the perfect wife for me." Chapter 9 - William's Sorrow It was October, the fall colors were at their peak colors, and the weather was usually now in the high 60's. Brenda and Jack where very happy together. She was now 4 months along, and the bump in her belly was now very noticeable.

She never did experience morning sickness, which she thought was unusual for a pregnant woman. Jack was doing everything in his power to make sure she was as comfortable as she possible could be, and also made sure that she was satisfied sexually as well, considering that she was constantly horny. They ended up having sex every morning and night to the point where he would spend every night with her.

It was about two weeks after he proposed to her that John's parents decided to just let him move in. This made Brenda very happy because she was at the point in their relationship where she could not sleep at all when he was not there with her.

She had become very emotional as well, and even the slightest romance movie that she watched made her well up with tears.

Jack could not stand the sight of his fiancee in tear's, so the both decided that it would be a good idea that she not watch anything other than comedies.

The day after John proposed to Kelsy, her parents decided that it would be best for her to move in with him as well, so that the two of them could be there for the baby when it was born. His parents had no objection, and they were delighted to help her move her stuff in.

Gary made sure that she had everything the she needed. Even though his grandson was still another 6 months away, he started to prepare for his arrival by buying him toy's and even started to get back into a hobby that he had not enjoyed since before John was born, working with wood and hand carving furniture. He managed to get all the supplies needed and started to carve an intricate crib for him within days of finding out that he would be a grandpa.

Kelsy was surprised when she went into the garage one day, looking for John, and to see his dad working on the crib, which at the time was only about half way done. She was brought to the point of tears of joy when she it. April also made sure she was comfortable and helped her get into a parenting and birthing class that John was going to attend with her.

She also made sure that she had the proper nutrition to support herself and the baby. Kelsy never thought in her wildest imagination that her future in-law's would go out of their way to make sure that she had everything she would need plus some for when she gave birth to her son. They had decided on a name for the baby, and they were going to name him Alex John Walker. His mom thought it was a great name, and his father wished that they would name him "Gary John" after the two of them.

Kelsy rolled her eyes when he made this comment. He tried to bribe them buy offering to buy them a house but it did not work, as they had their hearts set on Alex John. Gary seemed disappointed, but he grew to accept the name they had their heart set on the name they picked out. April felt a little sorry for him, so as a gag gift, she bought him a toy doll and made a shirt for it that said "Hi, I am Gary John!" He laughed when he saw the gift on sitting on their bed, and April thought it was hilarious.

It was the 11th of October when they decided to have everyone over for a small cook out. Their friends would be there, and while they all still hung out together, it was usually at his place, since Kelsy would get sick from the diesel exhaust of the passing trains.

She was disappointed that she could not enjoy the hobby with John, so to make up for the lost train watching time, he bought her a couple of movies. He ended up ordering "Across the Heartland" and "Countdown to Merger" from the railroad video producer Pentrex. They were about the last two weeks of the Santa Fe Railway before its merger with Burlington Northern on September 22, 1995 that created today's BNSF Railway.

She was thrilled with the programs, and she ended up ordering a few more programs from them to help pass the time. They were all about the Santa Fe, but her favorite ones where still the ones that John had bought for her. On the day of the cook out, John had gone to the store with Kelsy to grab some steaks and other supplies. "I think we should have New York Strips, babe." Kelsy told him. "Yeah, I guess we should! Let me call the bank so I can take out a loan to buy the!" He replied Kelsy smirked and gave a little laugh at his smart ass remark.

"Anything will be fine, baby, but can we please pick up some Ice Cream? I am craving some Dulce De Leche." "Dulce De What?" He asked, He had never heard of this flavor.

"Dulce De Leche, its a Mexican flavor." She responded "If we can find some, I will get you some." "Thanks baby, Alex thanks you as well as he is the one craving it." Kelsy said with a smile. "Are you sure its not just you that is craving it, sweetie?" He responded "Nope, its the two of us." She commented as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. What happened next would change everyone's life forever. John's phone rang as they were making they're way to the Ice Cream section of the grocery store.

He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was William. "Hey dude, whats up?" He asked "Nothing is good right now, Danielle is in the hospital, and it is not looking good.

Not good at all." William said in a depressed mood. "What!? How bad is it?" "Well, we the doctors thought they could help get rid of the cancer faster by giving her a bone marrow transplant. She was doing great until last night. She was at the point in her treat men when her body has no defense against any kind of infections or illness's. They think that she has contracted pneumonia." Kelsy could tell from John's face that something was very wrong with William.

"Are you sure? Will she make it?" He asked Kelsy gasped, as soon as he said this, she knew something was very wrong with Danielle. The two of them had become really good friends and they even went shopping together as their men watched trains. Danielle was so excited about Kelsy's baby and the upcoming wedding as she was going to be one of Kelsy's bridesmaids.

"We are not sure, the doctors right now are giving her a 5% chance to survive. I know in my heart we are going to loose her." He responded. "Listen, Kelsy and I are at the grocery store, we will finish here and get over there ASAP, what hospital are you at?" He asked, he had a very concerned look on his face. "We are at Barnes-Jewish in the Siteman Cancer Center, 6th floor, room 612. Please hurry, she might not last too much longer." "Right, we will be there as soon as we can." He said.

"Hang in there, William, we are with you. See you in a bit." He hung up the phone and looked at Kelsy. "Whats wrong with Danielle, is she okay, what did you mean by 'will she make it?'" She asked, with a very worried face. "The doctors were giving her a bone marrow transplant to help her body get rid of the cancer faster, and they think she has contracted pneumonia.

Her body has no self defense against any infections or illness's right now, Kelsy. They have given her a 5% chance to survive. We need to get your ice cream, take this stuff back to the house, and get up to the hospital ASAP." He told her. Kelsy had a tear running down her cheek as he told her this. She started to have a gut feeling that she as going to loose one of here really good friends, and she was heart broken.

She sucked it up as best she could and grabbed the Ice Cream from the freezer before they went to the checkout. They were back at the house in less then 10 minutes. He told his parents and Brenda that they were going to the hospital, as Williams Fiancee was more than likely on her death bed.

They were very shocked and saddened by the news and they told him to tell William that they are in their prayers.

They left the house again in less than 5 Minutes and he drove 15 miles over the speed limit to get to the hospital. They did not say a word the entire trip, they birth had Danielle on their minds.

She was their good friend, one of Kelsy's bridesmaids, and they both knew that she meant the world to William. Kelsy started to worry about how William will take it when she does pass away. They got to hospital about 25 minutes later and managed to find a close parking spot in the parking garage.

They didn't care if anyone saw them run, however, they managed to restrain themselves as they kept up a brisk pace to Danielle's room. When they got there, the Chaplin was coming out of the room. They knew right away that he had given Danielle her final rights. Upon seeing him come out of the room, she almost made started bawling, and she clinched the roll of toilet paper that she brought to use as tissues.

William came out of the room, and saw them. He thanked them for coming in such a time of need and apologized for taking up their time. They told him not to worry about it as they were mor concerned for him and Danielle.

"How is she?" Kelsy asked. "She is in a comatose state right now, to make her as comfortable as possible. The pneumonia has ravaged her body to the point where it is now basically incurable.

The doctor has now given her chance of survival 1%. We are going to loose her, John." William said as he tried to hold back his tears. He had been with her for over 8 years, and he loved her dearly. "You two had better go in there and say your goodbye's." he continued Kelsy was choking back tears now, however she did want to say goodbye to her friend. The three of them walked into the room and saw that Danielle looked really bad. Her limbs have lost color and felt cold to the touch.

Her heart was barely beating on the monitor, and she had almost no pulse. John and Kelsy walked to the bed, as William's mom and Danielle's parents stood by her. Kelsy was the first to speak "Danielle, I want you to know, you will always be in my heart. You are one of my best friends, and I really wanted you to meet Alex when he was born. I am going to miss you, Danielle. You were always so good to William. John and I will make sure that he is happy, and that he will find someone to love.

You won't be replaced, and we will make sure of that. I promise. Please, please, when you get to heaven, you will watch down over us and smile when William again finds someone to love." She told her, not sure if she could even hear her.

She had tears running down her eyes in a constant stream as she said her farewell. She turned around and hugged John, she could not bare to see her in this state.

"I will make sure he is happy, Danielle. We are all going to miss you, William, his mom and your parents, everyone down at the Station, and all of your family and friends.

You have really showed us how to live, love and laugh, not to mention live life to its fullest." John said as he held Kelsy. He too was trying to hold back tears, as he never before had to say goodbye to one of his friends on their deathbed. "I will always love you Danielle, forever.

I promise you, I will be happy again, but life will never be the same without you." He said as he bent over to give Danielle a kiss. "Please, my love, watch over me as I continue to live. One day, I will join you in the afterlife, but until then, watch over me and make sure I do become happy again one day." William said. He looked very depressed because she was going to pass on at any minute.

They watched over Danielle for the next half hour. She was barely holding on to life. It was 1:02 PM on October 11th, 2005 when the vital signs on the monitor went flat. Danielle had passed away at the age of 23.

William immediately started to bawl his eyes out when he realized that she was gone. His first, and only true love in his life was now gone, moving on to the great beyond. Kelsy started to cry uncontrollably when she heard William. John even started to cry as well from the deep emotions running through the room. They had all lost a friend, William had lost his fiancee and her family had lost a daughter, niece, grand daughter and aunt.

The nurses ushered them out of the room so they could disconnect the machines, so everyone could view her one last time. 10 Minutes later, they were allowed to go back into the room.

When they walked in, John saw that she looked at peace, almost as she was sleeping, but he knew otherwise. The three of them looked at Danielle's corpse, and the sudden realization that they would never again hear her sweat voice, her laugh, or enjoy her company set in. A very somber mood swept over everyone at this realization.

About 1:45, Kelsy said she could no longer look at her deceased friend, and told John that she wanted to leave. John agreed since there was nothing more that they could do. William couldn't take it as well and he decided that he would drive home. He was in a bad shape and one of Danielle's closest friends offered to ride with him to make sure he was okay on the drive home.

"William, I am so sorry for your loss. I know she meant the world to you." John told his friend as they of them walked into the parking garage.

"William, if you ever need anything, whether it be someone to talk to, someone to keep you company, or someone to hold your hand while you cry, you know that we will be there for you." Kelsy said. "Thanks you two, I really appreciate it. I don't know what I will do, I feel so lost right now." He told them.

"I don't think I will be at the station for a very long time." "Take your time to heal, I will let everyone know about what happened. Just tell us when her funeral is and you can count on us being there." John replied. "Thanks. Go on, I will be okay, I just need to be alone for a while." They had reached John's car and they said goodbye to him as William and Danielle's friend walked towards his own car. The drive home was somber. Kelsy was quietly crying as she mourned the loss of one of her best friends.

John was constantly thinking about William as he became worried that he might try something stupid, like go join Danielle in the afterlife, but he knew that he had to keep living for her, as that is what she would have wanted.

Everyone was going to miss her, that was for sure. When they got home, their friends where already there, and they were sitting on the porch waiting for them. Brenda had told them where they went and why. When they heard the new's that Danielle was more than likely on her deathbed, they could not believe their ears. They walked over to the car to meet them and to ask them how she was doing, and they could tell from the way Kesly looked, that it was not good.

"How is she?" Scott asked. "Please tell me she is alright." Jason said. Their girlfriends didn't know Danielle that well, but they knew that both Scott and Jason were good friends with her. They were worried about their reactions if they found out that she had died.

"She passed away, guys. Her time of death was 1:02 PM." John somberly told his friends. Jason just collapsed to the ground when he heard the news and Scott got a blank look on his face. Emily knelt down and took Jason in her arms as she could tell that he was trying to hold back his tears. She knew that he was going to be deeply affected by the loss of his friend, but didn't know how hard he would take it.

After 5 minutes, Scott spoke up. "How is William doing?" "He is taking it pretty hard. He told us that he will not be at the station for a while, he needs time to heal." Kelsy responded. "I understand. I hope he will be alright." Scott replied. Shelby came over and hugged jim. She could tell that he was now trying not to cry.

Danielle had made a big impact on their lives, as she always tried to support them with whatever they did. She managed to help Jason get over his fear of talking in public when he had to address the school a few years ago, and she had helped Scott by giving him advice early on in his relationship with Shelby.

John finally said. "Come on guys, lets have some steaks and try to cheer ourselves up. We can't go around forever moping about over her death. We need to move forward, that is what she would have wanted." "He is right," Emily commented, "she would have wanted us to remember her in a positive way." "Let our time together tonight be in her honor." Brenda said.

She had came outside when she heard the news of Danielle's death, and she looked depressed as well, and tried to look cheerful, but was failing badly. "I need to call Jack," she continued, "I really need to tell him because I know he was also a friend of hers." As John and Scott prepared the stakes, Jason lit up the grill.

The girls started on the side dishes as Brenda called Jack. When Jack heard the news, he came over right away. He was visiting his parents and helping his dad with removing the old floor in the basement when she called. He arrived at the house looking very distraught.

Brenda managed to explain what happened and did her best to comfort him and cheer him up. She ended up holding him for a good hour before he told her that he was going to move forward for her. Once the steaks and side dishes where done, they all enjoyed the meal.

After the finished, John gave a toast to Danielle and how happy she made everyone that knew her. They had just finished the toast when they heard someone speak up behind him. "Is there any room for one more person in this group?" William asked. They girls saw him and right away, they got up and went to him to hug him.

He looked miserable, and when he saw them toasting his late fiancee, he shed a tear, and tried to keep from crying even more. The girls gave him a group hug and tried to comfort him.

He never knew how much of a friend he was to everyone and how they all cared for him, especially in his time of need. "John, are you okay with being here? I know you said that you wanted to be alone." John asked. "I tried to be alone, however, I could not stop thinking about her no matter what, I couldn't stop crying." He replied "What made you decide to come here?" Jack asked, as he put his arm around him "Mom told me to get out of the house for a while clear my thoughts, distract my mind and that I needed to be around friends.

I called Darrel to see if could hang out with him, but he said that he couldn't, so I came over here to see John and Kelsy. I never expected everyone to be here, though." "Come, have a seat, William." April said as she came out the back door. She had heard of Danielle's passing and she knew that he was going through a dark period in his life right now.

"Do you want something to drink?" "Something strong, please." He replied as he sat down. The girls sat down by him, and like mothers watching over their kids at a playground, they kept a constant eye on him to make sure that he did not start crying again.

They all knew that he had a long road of mental recovery ahead of him and he could break down again at any second. April went back inside and everything got quiet. John walked up to his friend, and actually gave him a hug in support. "William, we are here for you. You know that. We all know how important she was to you.

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Please, let us help you." He said "Yes, let us help you. I have an idea, why not talk to someone who went through the same thing you did today. I actually do know someone else who went through the same thing. Her name is Jennifer and she lost her fiancee when they were still Juniors in High School. They were both very much in love and he had proposed to her the week before he was killed in a car wreck after an 18 wheeler T-boned him." Shelby said "I don't think he is ready for another relationship." Brenda replied "I don't think he is either, but they both lost someone really important to them, and it would probably be a good idea if they spoke to each other about it.

They can comfort each other and use each other for support. Jennifer is still having a very difficult time moving on without Steven." she commented "Do you think that might work?" Emily asked.

"We should give it try, would you be willing to talk to Jennifer, William?" Kelsy asked "I guess, I mean, it won't hurt to have another friend." he commented "Girls, don't you think this could also have the reverse effect, and that it drives both of them into a deeper state of depression?" Scott asked "It is a risk we have to take.

If it does not work, then he still has all of us to count on, right?" said Shelby. "I don't know, I am a little wary of the idea." Jason spoke. He wanted the best for William, and he did not want to see him any worse than he already was. April had come out with his drink, a Jack Danial's straight up. She had heard the conversation that they were having, and she wanted to speak her mind about the subject.

"William, I do think it would be a good idea to talk to this Jennifer girl. You need to express your feelings, and talking to someone who went through the same thing you did today, will help you a great deal.

I know it helped my friend Sara when she lost her husband. She started talking to guy who lost his wife a few months before George died, and they became fast friends, and they are now engaged. You should really give it a shot, who knows, she might be able to help you move on and find love again." April said. "I don't think he want's to fall in love again, Mrs.

Walker." Jack said. "He was with Danielle for over 8 years." "I know that, Jack, but Sara was with George for 11 and a half years when he died. It will really help, what do you say William, will you give it a shot?" April asked.

"It would be nice to talk to someone who went through the same thing, yes, I want to give it a shot." William replied. "Okay, William, let me call Jennifer, maybe she can come over tonight." Shelby told him. She got up from where she was sitting and grabbed her phone from her purse. She went through her contacts and found Jennifer, and called her.

After a brief conversation, she had hung up the phone. "William, Jennifer is on her way over. I told her about you and that you just lost your fiancee and needed to talk to someone who went through the same thing." She told him. "Thanks, Shelby. I appreciate it." William replied The boys started to try to get his mind off of Danielle for a while and started to talk shop about the Railroads.

This cheered him up somewhat and it helped clear his mind for a while. The girls still kept an eye on him, because they had a feeling that he might relapse at any second. "Do you really think this is a good Idea?" Brenda asked "Yes, I really do, it will be good for him." April replied "But what if it goes badly?" Emily asked "It is worth a shot, its a 50/50 chance, but would you rather take that risk and him be happy again, or see him fall into a deeper state than what he is in now because he is not talking to anyone." "He could talk to a Shrink." Brenda commented "Not in this situation, Shrinks are paid to listen to your problems and give advice, but talking to someone who actually did experience the same thing is more beneficial." April told them "You are right, April, and I do think it should be tried, I hate seeing him like that, I mean, I don't know him as well as the guys do, but I hate seeing anyone like that." Shelby said.

"Besides, I know Jennifer, she is a sweet girl who also needs to talk about her loss." "Lets hope you are right," Emily commented, "I know what you mean about how he looks, he looks plain miserable." It was at that moment, Jennifer arrived. The girls greeted her as she came through the back door and joined them on the patio. She had taken her time to get ready and was in a nice evening dress.

"Why so dressed up, Jenn?" Shelby asked "Because I want this William guy to get his mind off of his loss." She replied. They did not know that she was going to help him do this by seducing him. "Come on, girl, let me introduce you to him." Kelsy said as the girls led her over to where the boys where sitting.

When William looked up, he had a look of shock on his face. There was this girl, about 3 years younger than him, looking magnificent. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and even though she was heavier then what he was used to, she had nice curves in her body giving her an hourglass shape, she was not just some overstuffed blob. He guessed that she weighed about 220 or 230, but she looked stunning as she stood there.

"William, this is Jennifer Stewart, Jennifer, this is William Trujillo." Kelsy said, introducing them to each other. William held out his hand to shake hers, but she came over and gave him a hug in which he gladly returned.

He did not care he had only known her for 30 seconds, but the hug made him feel better. When she broke the hug, she looked at him and said "I am really sorry for your loss, William. I went through the exact same thing you are going through.

I may have moved on with my life, but I still have a hard time being happy without my Steven." "Thanks, Jennifer, I am sorry they dragged you into this." He replied "Non-sense. I am here to talk, and comfort you. We can share our emotions about our losses." She commented.

"Come on, lets go talk for a while." She said. They knew that they had made the right decision by having him talk to her. They all could tell by the reaction on Williams face that he was already feeling better, even if it was only slightly better.

They watched as the two of them walked to the far end of the yard and sat down in a swinging bench and started to talk. The could hear William break down and saw that Jennifer wrapped her arms around him and tried to comfort him. "You see, I told everyone that this was a good idea." April commented.

"Like they say, mother is always right." John said with a grin "Speaking of mothers, how is my little Grandson doing, Kelsy?" April inquired "As far as I know, he is very healthy. I go for another appointment and ultra-sound at the end of the month. It is hard to believe I am already 3 months along" Kelsy replied as she rubbed her belly that contained Johns child. "And what about you Brenda?" "She is doing alright, I had an appointment the other day, and she is starting to get big.

The doctor said she is going to be a big girl in when she is born." Brenda responded. She had a big smile on her face and was very excited that be having a baby girl. It was starting to get late and everyone started to leave.

First was Jason and Emily, followed a half-hour later by Scott and Shelby. Brenda was starting to get 'tired' and she and Jack went to bed.

They all knew that she was not and that Jack would be the one making her sleepy. When the two of them looked over to the swing bench, they saw that William and Jennifer were still talking. He looked like he was feeling much better, but it would still take time to accept that Danielle was gone and for the heals to completely heal. It was nearing midnight, and John and Kelsy were both growing tired, they had been up all day and had a rough experience saying goodbye to Danielle.

John decided that it would be a good idea for William to stay the night as he had seen him down several glasses of Jack Daniels. He was worried that he might be too buzzed to drive and did not want him to get into an accident or get arrested for a DWI. He walked over to them and saw that they were both smiling. John thought it would have been a long time before he saw him smile again, but here he was with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks, John. Tell your mom she was right. We have been talking about what I am going through and what she had gone through." William said as John came up to them. "That's great! I am glad to see that you two are connecting well. I hope you two can overcome what your are going through!" John exclaimed "I hope so, he has already helped me in a way." Jennifer replied "Listen, William, you have had a bit to much to drink, you will be staying her with us tonight, and Jennifer is welcome to stay as well." John went on.

"Are you sure? I mean, I appreciate that and all, but I would be too much of a burden on you guys." he commented "Nonsense, we insist that you do, and pissed if you didn't." John told him. "Come on William, stay here and I will stay with you tonight. I am sure you are going to have a rough night trying to sleep, and I want to be there to comfort you if needed." Jennifer told him "You don't have to stay, Jennifer, I mean, I do appreciate it, but still, we have only known each other for a few hours." William told her.

"Listen, I am staying here with you and that is final!" She exclaimed. "Wow! It looks like you are being told what to do, Will!" John said. "Now, lets go pull the bed out of the couch." The four of them went into the video game room that was next to John's and Kelsy's room, where the two of them pulled out the bed. John made it so that they could have some sheets and pillows for the night.

"Um, John? Do you have anything to wear? I don't want to make Jennifer uncomfortable." He told him Before John could answer, Jennifer piped up. "William, no need to be so modest. Sleep how you are comfortable, that's what I am going to do, and I usually sleep in a bra and panties." William was speechless. He had just lost his fiancee that day and now, that evening, here was this stunning girl telling him that she was staying with him that night, and she was only going to be in her under garments.

"Are you sure? I mean, I will wear something if you need me too." William commented "If you prefer underwear only, then let it be. I am not shy about my body, William, and I think feeling the soft skin of a women will help you relax." She told him John watched them as they continued to go back and forth on the subject. He laughed a little when William finally conceded to sleep only in his boxers.

When he left the room, he told them to behave themselves and went back into his own room where Kelsy was already in bed. John slipped under the sheets next to his 3 month pregnant fiancee and cuddled up to her. She was more accepting of Danielle's death, and was now happy that she was no longer suffering and was in a better place. She scooted herself as close as she could so he spooned her.

"Thanks, Baby. Thanks for taking me to see her one last time." She told him as she turned over and gave him a kiss. "Sweetie, I wanted to see her one last time as well, she meant a-lot to everyone, so I just had to see her." He replied.

She cuddled up into his shoulder and placed her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. She was just dozing off when the two of them started to hear something from the room that William and Jennifer were sharing.

They could hear slight moans and the springs of the pull out bed squeaking a little bit. It was obvious that the two of them were having sex. "Well, I did not see that coming." Kelsy said as she smiled. "If it helps him feel better, then let them have their fun." He replied as he kissed the top of her head. The sounds continued from William's and Jennifer's room and it started to get louder.

They could hear her every time she reached her orgasm as she let out a shriek. It was starting to turn them on. The sounds they were making must have traveled into Brenda and Jack's room, because they could start to faintly hear those to start to have sex as well. Kelsy could see that John was getting turned on. They were the only young couple that were not having sex, and the sounds they were hearing were really getting them aroused.

Kelsy decided to make the first move and reached her hand into John's boxers. When she took his cock into her hand, she could feel that he was already hard as a rock, and started to stroke him with her soft hands. This caused him to emit a low moan as she gently stroked up and down his shaft. The sound from the room next door was getting more and more intense as they could hear Jennifer scream and beg William to cum in her pussy.

A few seconds later, it got quite, and they figured that William had indeed poured his seed into her. Kelsy looked at her fiance as she continued to stroke him. "Are you enjoying your pregnant little wife's hand giving you a hand job?" She asked him. Ever since he proposed and she moved in, she started calling herself his wife, as it was much easier to say during sex instead of Fiancee or Girlfriend. "Mmm, baby, you have no idea." He replied "Do you want your cock in your wife's throat?" She said with a sexy smile.

"I love being in your throat, what do you think my answer is, honey." He responded. Kelsy started to kiss her way down his body, paying close attention to his nipples and bellybutton as she lowered herself towards his cock. She took her hand pulled his cock out of his boxers as she neared his crotch.

She continued to kiss her way down past his waist, and up the top of his cock. John was really enjoying this, and let out a gasp when she kissed the tip of his huge cock and started to work her way down the underside. He loved the feeling of her lips on him, and wish she could do that to him all day, everyday. Kelsy did not take his balls into her mouth this time, but gave them a couple of licks before she kissed her way back up.

As soon as she reached the tip again, she took him into her mouth right away, taking his full length into her mouth and down her throat. She really needed him bad and didn't want to waste anytime with foreplay. She sucked his cock harder then he could ever remember, and this time, he could feel her tongue working itself on the underside. The feeling of her taking his cock all the way into her mouth all at once surprised him.

She was really horny, and it most likely stemmed from hearing William and Jennifer, as well as Brenda and Jack having sex. The sounds started coming again from the next room again, but the sounds from Brenda and Jack's room had stopped. "Hungry for my cock, tonight, huh sweetie?" John asked her She plopped his cock out of her mouth and replied. "Like you would not believe, baby, do you want to cum in my mouth, or your wife's pregnant pussy?" "I want to cum in both, sweetie, will you let me?" he responded Kelsy gave him a sexy smile and winked at him as she took his cock back into her mouth.

She looked up at him as she swalled his member and cupped his balls. He laid his head back into the pillow and rolled his eyes at how much sexual pleasure she was giving him. Kelsy wanted to give him a strong orgasm, and she was sucking on his cock so hard, it started to hurt her jaw and was hoping that he would cum soon. She started to feel his cock swell up in her mouth, and figured that he was going to cum soon.

His cock always swelled up right before he came. John grabbed his Fiancee's hair and gave a load moan, as his cum shot up the shaft of his cock, and into Kelsy's throat. He came a-lot this time around. Maybe it was because that they had not had sex for almost 2 weeks because he was trying to get financed for another car, this time for Kelsy.

She had a license, but no car to call her own. Kelsy swallowed every last bit of his cum that he shot into her, except the last of them cum. She raised her head over his cock and started to let the cum flow out of her mouth and onto his cock. It was very sexy to watch her do that, and after she let the last of it flow out, she looked up at him. "Did your little pregnant wife satisfy your huge, sexy cock, baby?" She said in a very sexy and seducing voice. "I thought I was going to see stars with how hard I came, my love." He replied.

Turn over so I can shove my cock into your tight, velvety, soaking wet pregnant pussy of yours." Kelsy smile really big when she heard this and promptly got on her elbows and knees, sticking her ass out into the air, inviting Johns cock to slip inside her and coat her pussy with his cum. John did not hesitate to move behind her, and once he was in position, he reached between her legs and started to massage her exposed clit. They heard Jennifer yell out Williams name in passion and this caused Kelsy to get even more soaking wet as John could feel her fluids leak out onto his hand.

He decided that he was going to finger her before he slid his cock in.

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When he slid his right index finger into her, she let out a little yelp, and when he started to press down onto her G-spot, she let out a satisfying moan. He finger fucked her pussy with a single finger for a few seconds before he slide two more into her. This caused her to rocket into a powerful orgasm and scream out John's name as her pussy clamped down on her fingers. Once she came down from her high, John slide his fingers our of her now drenched pussy and lined his cock up with her pussy.

"Are you ready for my cock, sweetie?" He asked "Oh, please, don't make me wait anymore, baby, put that cock of yours into your wife's pussy, coat my womb with more of your cum, I need you really bad, baby!" She begged. He teased her by rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips, letting his cock hit her clit a few times making her whimper as she was desperately needing him in her. When he finally penetrated her, she gasped in pleasure as she felt him once again filling her tight pussy.

"Baby, I love it when you are in my pussy, I feel complete." she told him. He responded to her comment by leaning over and kissing the back of her neck as he bottomed out in her. He straitened up, grabbed her hips and started to gently pump his cock in and out of her pussy. Everytime he pulled his cock out to pump back into her, she felt an emptiness, but moaned when he pushed back into her.

"I love you, Kelsy" He said as he gently made love to her pussy. "I love you too, John." She replied. "Please, go faster." John started to pump into her a little bit faster as she felt another orgasm sweep over her body.

She moaned out his name as she felt her pussy squirt her fluids onto his balls. She loved how he could make her squirt, it was an unbelievable sensation. She knew that he loved it too, because it felt warm on his balls and this made him start to fuck her faster every time she did.

This time was no different and she could feel him pump harder and faster into her. "Give it to me, baby, give me your cock, pound your wife's pregnant pussy, please, baby, oh god!

I am going to cum again!" She announced Her body stiffened as she experienced her most powerful orgasm so far that night as her pussy squirted out even more fluids onto his cock. This was enough to drive him crazy as he started to pound into her with abandon, fucking her hard and fast as she came hard on his cock. He could feel her pussy muscles clamp down hard on his cock and could feel his own orgasm building in his balls as her pussy grew tighter and tighter on him each time she came.

"Sweetie, I am going to cum soon, where do you want it, baby?" "In my pussy, baby! Cum deep in my pussy! Please! I want to feel it splashing in me!" She begged him. He continued his rhythm, making her cum every few seconds, each time, squirting more of her fluids onto his balls. He could not last too much longer and before long, he could feel his cum start to race up his cock. He buried himself to the hilt, trying to get as deep into her as humanly possible.

He held his cock there as he pumped her full of his sperm. He was cumming so hard that he was seeing stars and his legs grew week from the energy he used up. "YES! CUM IN ME! OH GOD! YES! I feel it splashing in me!" She cried out in pleasure. John held his cock still until he finished cumming and his cock was twitching in her every few seconds. After about a minute and a half, he pulled his cock out of her and it was followed right away but a slow moving river of cum.

Kelsy rolled over onto her back and reached down with one of her fingers to scoop some of the leaking cum from her pussy. She put it to her mouth and sucked it clean. She smiled when she tasted their combined fluids. "We taste good baby." She said as she pulled the finger out of her mouth "I know we do baby." He told her as he leaned over to give her kiss. They heard Jennifer give out one last scream of passion before it became quite in their room.

"Sounds like they had a really good night trying to comfort each other." Kelsy said with a smile. "We need to find out who seduced who, but I have a feeling it was Jennifer." John replied He laid back down and Kelsy immediately cuddled up against him in her favorite position so the she could hear his heart beat.

"Baby, thank you. You made me feel a whole lot better." She told him "I am happy I was able too." He responded. "Can I tell you something?" She asked him? "Anything, sweetie, you don't even have to ask." "When we have a little girl, I want to name her after Danielle." She told him "I always liked that name, so I think that would be a fantastic idea!" he replied as he kissed the top of her head again.

Kelsy smiled when he agreed to the name. The two of them ended up laying there in bed for a good 2 hours. They were not saying anything, and they both knew what was on each others mind. They were both thinking about Danielle, and how she passed away at such a young age, and leaving behind the only man to ever love her and want to marry her.

She will be missed by all of them. Chapter 10 - Moving On The next day, John and Kelsy woke to the sounds of sobbing from the next room. They knew right away that William was upset, and they wondered if Jennifer was having any luck in comforting him. The sobbing continued for another 10 minutes when they got up and put some clothes on to see if he was okay. They walked out at the same time as Brenda and Jack were, and his parents were coming down the hallway.

Every one had all heard Williams crying and they all were going to check on him. Gary knocked on the door. "William, are you okay in there? Can we come in?" "One second!" They heard Jennifer call out. They heard her climb out of bed and walk to the door. When she opened the door, they could tell that she had a look of despair on her face. "Is he okay?" Brenda asked. "He is really upset right now. This was the first time in 4 years he did not wake up next to her.

He is taking it very hard right now." She replied "Can we come in and see him? Jack asked "Yeah, that's fine, William, everyone wants to see you." She told him as everyone walked in the room. He looked up and saw that they all had looks of concern on their faces April went to the bed and sat down next to him as everyone gathered around him.

She put her arms around him and drew him in for a hug. "I know it's rough, William, and I guarantee that it will be for the next few months." She told him in a loving voice. This brought Williams sobs down to just a sniffle every once in a while. Kelsy and Brenda felt sorry for him. Here was this grown man, sitting on the bed crying like a little baby. They knew why, and the two of them felt helpless.

Jack, John and Gary were feeling the same way. They had to find away to try and have him cope with Danielle's death, but they did not know how to. Gary was the first to speak. "William, how would you like to learn a new hobby today?" William looked up at him with a look of sad confusion. "What kind of hobby?" He replied "You can help me with some woodworking for Kelsy and Brenda's baby furniture.

I am sure it will put your mind to work long enough to keep you from crying your eyes out." He said. "Go for it, William!" John exclaimed. "It will be good for you. My dad can teach you everything you need to know." "William, you really need to remember, no matter how hard you cry, Danielle can not come back. She is still alive though, in your heart and memories. You need to move on and try to be happy. Be happy that she is no longer suffering, that she is now at peace watching over you as your guardian angel." Jennifer said.

"I know that its calling the kettle black because I still feel very depressed about loosing Steven, but I have grown to accept the fact that no matter what I do, he is not coming back, and I have tried my best at moving on." William looked up at everyone.

He didn't think that anyone really cared for him this much, except for his mom. His only realy friend, he thought, was Danielle, and never took into consideration how important he was to everyone standing in this room.

"You guys are right. Danielle would want me to be happy, and I know it will take time to heal, but with all the support you guys have shown me since last night, I know I can eventually move on." Jennifer moved over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Everyone except Kelsy and John looked in shock. They did not expect her to kiss him, so soon after his fiancee passed over into the spirit world. It took them a few moments, and Jennifer was wondering why they were all looking at her. April decided that it was time to break the silence "Come on, everyone, I have breakfast cooking down stairs, William, you need to eat and keep your energy levels up, we don'y want you to become malnourished while you are healing." April said as she got up.

William nodded in agreement. Everyone left except Kelsy and John. They wanted to know exactly what happened last night. "Okay, you two, what happened between the two of you last night?" John asked them "Nothing happened. We talked for a little bit about what had happened to us and ended up going to bed shortly there after." William said. He had a slight blush to his face, either from his crying or his friends knew what happened.

"Come on William, we are not stupid," Kelsy said, "the walls in this house are basically paper thin, we heard the two of you screwing each other's brains out." The two of them looked at each and then back to them. She started to blush when she decided to speak up first. "Okay, yes, we had sex last night, and it was great sex, and before you ask, no, William did not seduce me, I figured that after the argument we had about sleeping arrangements and that he should wear something, that he would not try anything.

It was me who seduced him." She explained "Why, you know he is mourning, his fiancee died yesterday." Kelsy said, she had a bit of anger in her voice. "I wanted him to feel better.

Know that I look at it, I know it was not the right way to handle the situation. Earlier in the evening, he explained to me that Danielle had become too sick from the cancer that she could not have sex for the final two months of her life. I felt like he needed a release, and one thing lead to another and we had sex two or three times last night." "William, are you okay with what happened last night?" John asked "Yes, I am okay with it.

I did need a release, and the sex helped ease my mind. I am not mad at her, I know she was just trying to get my mind off of things." He told them "But why so soon after her death?" Kelsy asked. "I was not expecting anything to happen. I just wanted someone to hold me, but when she started to kiss on me and rub her hand on my chest, I got a little carried away. I feel a little guilty, but I don't have any regrets. One thing you two did not know about Danielle and I is that we had an open relationship, we were able to sleep with other people with no strings attached, and I know she would not be angry at me for sleeping with Jennifer." "You had an open relationship with Danielle?

Was it her idea or yours?" John asked "It was a mutual agreement. We were at a party one night, shortly after we had taken each others virginity, and we both found ourselves looking at other people. She asked if I would not mind if she slept with the guy she was eyeing, and I told her it was okay as long as I was able to bed the girl I had my eye on.

Needless to say, we did get the people we were after, and after that, we agreed that we had so much fun, that we should keep doing that. It really brought us closer together, and when we told each other about our exploits, it made our sex even hotter than it had been." He explained "Still, I think it is too early." Kelsy said. "Listen baby, if its true that John had this kind of relationship with Danielle, then I think she would have wanted him to have a little fun to get his mind off things.

I would not stress over it too much." He explained to her "I guess you are right, but I am still not comfortable with it. Maybe we should soundproof that room, sweetie." Everyone chuckled, then heard a low rumble. They looked over at Jennifer and realized that they were all getting very hungry and walked down stairs for some breakfast.

During breakfast, everyone tried to get William's mind off of things so he would feel better. They were having some luck, and he actually laughed at some of the corny jokes that Gary told them. As they were finishing their breakfast, April spoke to William. "William, I spoke to your mother this morning." She told him "Why, what did you tell her?" "I told her that it might be a good idea if you stayed here with us for a while.

It is just the two of you in that large house of yours now, and there is plenty of us around here to keep you busy. She agreed that it would help with your grieving, seeing you talking with Jennifer last night, I think it would be good for her to stay with him." April said "Mom, I think if we have any more people move in, we will need to move into a larger house!" John said.

Everyone laughed, even William. "Are you sure, Mrs. Walker? I mean, I would love to stay here with you guys, but what about my mom? She will be all alone." "Don't worry about it, John. She told me that she is going to be visiting some of her Family in Germany in a few days and will be gone for 6 months, at least." April explained "That's right, I forgot she was leaving for a while. But who will take care of the house?" "You would, of course. I promised her that every weekend, all of you would head to your house to clean, do yard work and maintain it while no one was there.

Of course, I am sure you could let Jason or Scott stay there with their girlfriends for a while as well." "So I can stay here and they can stay at my place while my mom is gone?" He asked "Now, now, William, don't question my wife and her decisions," Gary spoke up, "Trust me, I have tried that way to many times and have lost each time. I suggest that you should go gather your things, and collect your two dogs and come back here." "I will go with you to help, William." Jennifer told him.

"It will be much easier with the two of us than if it was just you." "I appreciate the help, Jennifer, we will head up there when after we clean up our dishes." William told April.

"Don't be foolish, John and Kelsy have dish duty this morning." She said. "Ugh, I hate doing the dishes!" John moaned Kelsy gave a slight chuckle at his remark.

"April, I can do the dishes myself, John can go let Jason and Scott know they can stay at Willian's place for the next 6 months." "Thanks, baby, I owe you one." He said as he leaned over to kiss her "Yeah, you will owe me big, Mister, tomorrow night you are rubbing my feet and scratching my back!" She winked Jennifer and William left for his place as John called Scott first.

"Hello?" He answered "Hey Scott, how you doing?" John asked "I am feeling better, how is William?" he replied "He is still deeply hurt, but he is feeling better after last night. He ended up having sex with Jennifer last night, and that seemed to really help him a-lot." "Already having sex after his girl died yesterday. He moves fast!" "It's not what you think, Scott, it is a long story, but that is not the reason why I am calling you." "Okay, then what?" "William is going to be moving in with us for the next six months while his mom goes to Germany to visit family, and his house will be empty.

His mom agreed to let Jason, yourself and the girls to stay there while the house is empty." "Are you serious?" He asked, he was bewildered about what was being offered to him. "We can really stay there and live as a couple for the next 6 months?" "Yeah, I think it would be good for the four of you. It has a finished basement and two kitchens, so basically, the two of you will have your own full living areas without having to share anything." "Tell him that I say thank you, I will talk to Shelby about it when I see her later, I am sure she is going to want to come over to check on William." "I don't know when they will be back.

Jennifer and him went up to his place to collect his things and his two dogs. They will be back later though." John explained. "Thanks, John, we will see you guys later tonight, and I will talk to Shelby." Scott replied "I am going to call Jason now, so I will catch you later." "Later" Scott said as the hung up the phone.

After calling Jason and explaining everything, John and Kelsy decided that they would take this time and go for a walk. They needed some fresh air, since everything that had happened the past 24 hours. As they were walking up to the door, they noticed a well dressed woman walking up to the door. "I am sorry, ma'am, but whatever you are selling, we are not interested." He told her "I am not selling anything, but I do need to ask, is there a Brenda Wacha living here?" She asked him "Maybe, who is asking?" Kelsy asked her "Excuse me, I am sorry, I have not introduced myself.

My name is Julie Davidson, I am with Wilbert, Harris and Dunlap, the attorny firm." She explained "And why do you need to see her?" John asked, he did not seem to trust her. "It's about the estate that was left to her after her father passed on. He had willed everything to her." "Good luck, she more than likely will not want it, but come on in, and I will get her." John told her as he invited her inside.

Kelsy showed her to the kitchen table while John went to get Brenda. "Brenda, there is a lawyer downstairs wanting to talk you, apparently, your dad willed everything to you." "I don't want or need his shit!" Brenda said, her voice becoming very angry with just that statement. "Brenda, she is from a very respected law firm. I know they cost thousands of dollars for retainer fee's. I think you might want to hear what she might have to say." He told her "Oh really? I am sure that I am just getting a penny, or something like that!" She huffed as she walked out of the room and towards the kitchen with Jack and John following behind her.

When they entered the kitchen, Brenda had a look of disgust on her face. She sat down and looked at the lawyer. Julie got the impression that Brenda did not want he ad left her in his will, and she knew that what she was about to tell her will make her quickly change her mind. "Miss Wacha. I know about your history with your father, but I read the news about what had happened to him. I don't know the whole story behind everything, but I want to assure you, what I am about to tell you is going to change your life." "Oh, and what did that bastard leave for me?" "Well, according to signed and notarized last will and testament, he has willed you his entire fortune, the sum of $198,756,345.94 cents, plus the house he was in when he was gunned down.

Everyone's eyes widened when they heard how much was willed to Brenda. They had no idea that he had been so wealthy. Brenda almost fell out of her chair, but Jack managed to catch her in time. " much did you say?" She asked, not believing what she had just heard.

"I will repeat it one more time, Miss Wacha, He has willed you $198,756,345.94. He was a big player in the stock market and invested his money wisely. That money is all yours, but there will be taxes, so you are looking at clearing just over $125,000,000." Julie repeated.

"I.I never knew that about him." She gasped. "Most people do not know that they have a very wealthy family member until he dies" Julie went on. "All toy have to do is sign this paper here stating that you accept the property and money that was left to you. You need to go to the bank and open an account if you do not have one, so the money can be transfered to you. It will take 2 to 3 days for it show up in your account. If you do not have one, I will go with you to make sure that everything is taken care of properly." Brenda quickly signed the paper.

She still hated him for what he had done to her, but know that she found out that he had left her a vast fortune, she knew that he did still care enough about her to leave her everything he had. She had no idea. "Brenda, looks like you are a Multi-millionaire now!" John exclaimed, excited about her. "I know! But I don't think I should keep it all to myself, John." she replied "What do you mean?" Kelsy asked. "I mean, I want to share it. With you and John, his parents and William and Jennifer." It is the only thing to do." "What about Scott, Jason and their girlfriends?" Jack asked "Don't worry about them, Jack.

They are already well off. Scott's dad is the owner of one of the largest Construction Companies in town, the Samstork Company, and Jason, his dad owns 51% interest in an international shipping company. Those two alone are worth about $19 million each." John told him "Do the girls know?" Kelsy asked "I do not think so, but lets not tell them until they decide to share this information with them." "That is a good idea." Brenda agreed "So if you are going to divide it with the 6 of this, all of us would get a little over $20 million each." Gary said as he walked in.

He had been listening to the entire conversation from the living room, and his inters peaked when he heard that Brenda was going to split it with everyone in the house. "That is right, Mr. Walker, I am more than happy to share it with everyone." "Miss Wacha, I think we should head to the Bank to open your account.

If you really do intend to split it with everyone, you should have them open accounts as well." "I already have an account with my name on it, and I can put Kelsy's name on it as well since the two of us are engaged. You can put our two shares of the money into that account, and I am sure you can do the same with Mom and Dad's. I am not sure about William, but I think those two would need seperate accounts since they are only just friends at this point." John explained to Julie.

"Well, talk to him when he gets back, but now, we need to get going so we can take care of the bank account." She explained Julie, Brenda and Jack got up to head to the the local American Bank.

As they were leaving, they heard William and Jennifer arrive back at the house. When they walked in, they were wondering where they were going with that women.

John and Kelsy explained to them about the fortune that her dad had left her, and that she was going to share it with everyone. Their eyes became wide when they found out that were each going to get a little over $20 million. "Are you serious!" William said, he had become very excited. "Dead serious, I am sure that she is sharing her money with the two of you because you can use it to go on a trip to help yourself heal, and Jennifer can go with you as well." Kelsy said "I don't need a trip to help me heal, John.

I know that being around everyone here is good enough for me. I can use the money, but that is still more than I need. I mean, its nice, but it is not going to change who I am." "It won't change me either, sure I will buy nicer clothes, and maybe a new car to replace my junk heap right now, but it will be nice to know that I have money in case something major happens." Jennifer explained They all started to talk about what they wanted to do, and laughed as each one made up something more lavish and unbelievable, like John stating he was going to buy an Aircraft carrier so he can fly his fighter jet and bomb everyone who had teased him in school.

That got everyone, including William, cracking up. They all could tell that William's healing was beginning. A couple of months later, it was Christmas time. Snow had fallen and the temperature's were now constantly in the single digits. Kelsy was now 5 months along, and Brenda was 6. William was now more comfortable with living with John and his family, and Jennifer was always by his side. Scott and Jason, along with Shelby and Emily had settled in to John's home.

A month into her Trip, Williams mom called and told him that she was going to be moving to Germany effective right away because she had been offered a job at a Multi-billion dollar international toy company called Marklin, and that her salary would be in the seven digit figure area per year.

He was sad that she was moving so far away, but he knew that the job was everything she had wanted, and they both promised each other that they would visit each other as often as possible, and talk on the phone every week. Since he was now living in the Walker residence, he decided that he would sell the house and give the money to his mom so she could start her new life in Germany. Jason and Scott loved the house, so they made him an offer right away in which John accepted immediately.

After all, it did come with a nearly completed HO scale model railroad that William had built. The 4 of them moved the rest of their stuff in and since the house was already furnished, they did not have to buy any furniture.

William had almost fully healed from the emotional wounds from when Danielle passed away. It was still rough on him from time to time, but things were getting better. Jennifer had helped him in so many ways to cope with his loss, that he started to like her more and more, even though he was still not ready to enter into a relationship.

However, the more time he spent with her, the more he knew that she would be there for him no matter what happens to them in the future. After Danielle had died, he had left his Job as a sales rep for John Henry Foster to heal, and his employer accepted his request for leave to cope.

He went back to work right after Thanksgiving, his boss was very happy to have him back, since he was their best salesman, and he knew that he still would not be the same William as before.

He did take a day off every week because he still had his bad days, but the emotional attacks on him were becoming fewer and fewer as time went on. Brenda kept her promise and split the money willed to her with everyone in the household.

They each got a little over $21 million since the taxes were not as high as everyone expected. She and Jack were both looking forward to their first Christmas together and they actually bought each other very expensive gifts, even though they made a promise to each other that they would only spend $50 on each other, but it was more like $500.

John and Kelsy started to make their wedding plans during the first week of December. They had initially thought about having the wedding at the Kirkwood Amtrak Station, since that is where they became a couple.

When they realized there was going to be a risk of a constant parade of Coal, Intermodal and Mixed freight trains rolling by and interrupting the wedding, that idea was quickly thrown out. The two of them decided instead that they would get married at the St.

Louis Botanical Garden in St. Louis, with a wedding reception at The Hilton Hotel in Downtown St. Louis. They were both very excited and looking forward to the day they would become Husband and Wife. She was now 5 months along, and her baby bump was now the source of John's love. He loved the fact that she was going to be the mother of his child, but he also didn't forget that he fathered the child that Brenda was carrying as well, but his parents or anyone else did not need to know that.

April and Gary loved having a full house, and they also loved the fact that they were going to be grandparents for the first time. They started getting together with Kelsy's parents, Morgan and Frank and were becoming good friends. Frank would come over and halp Gary as he did his woodworking, while April and Morgan want shopping together for baby things, or just to window shop at one of the area malls. They had completed their Christmas Shopping, and while they got Kelsy and John plenty of gifts for them and the Baby, they did not forget everyone else.

The biggest gift was going to be for Brenda. Even though she was legally an adult, they decided that they were going to adopt her, and so she could officially become part of the Walker Family, and once again have loving parents. The paperwork had been completed in late November, and even though she was officially part of the Family, they were not going to tell her until they presented the papers to her on Christmas Day.

Scott and Shelby were also looking forward to Christmas. It was going to be a busy one for them. Their plans included going to her families house for Breakfast and Gifts in the morning, and in the evening they would spend it with Scott's family. They would stay in his old room that night so that on Christmas Day, they could spend it with the Walkers. They were very happy together, Scott started to think about proposing to her, but he didn't want to on an obvious day, like Christmas or Valentines Day, and he really did not like the idea of doing it on New Years Eve.

He decided that he would wait until Mid January to pop the question. He had been thinking for a while know, and had already bought the ring, and he had hidden it, still in the box, inside one of the model buildings on the Layout that was in his home that he shared with Jason and Emily, he was just figuring out when the best time to propose to her would be.

Even though they were living with Scott and Shelby, Jason and Emily did not see much of them, mainly because the house was a 2 in 1, with two master bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 full kitchens and 2 full living areas.

The only shared areas in the house were the laundry room and the basement. The two of them were basically glued together and very time one of them did something that they liked, the other did with them, no matter how much they disliked the idea.

Jason thought it was his way of showing her that he loved her. Unlike Scott, Jason was going to propose to Emily, on Christmas Day at the Walkers house. The two of them were also going to have a busy two days, since they had Christmas Eve with his Family, Christmas morning at the Walkers, the finishing up on Christmas night at her parents place.

Jason was getting excited and nervous, but he knew she would say yes. He could not wait to see the ring he bought her twinkling on her finger. The only thing that made Christmas depressing for everyone, including April and Gary, was that Danielle was not going to be there with them. Even though they did not know her, and never met her, they felt like they knew her on a personal level because of all the stories they heard from everyone, mostly from William.

It was going to be tough for him, they realized, but with Jennifer around, they knew that she was going to try and make it much easier for him. Christmas morning arrived, and the first to wake up was Kelsy. She was feeling horny, and she was wanting some loving from John. It was 5 AM when she woke up. The first thing she noticed was how wet her pussy was. When she looked over at John, he was sleeping peacefully, lightly snoring as he dreamt.

She did not know what he was dreaming about, but it must have been a good one since he had a smile on his face. "I wonder if he would enjoy a wake up call." She thought to herself as she looked at him. They still had sex on a regular basis, every other day. Not as often as Brenda, with her heightened sex drive, but when ever they did make love, it was always earth shattering. She had been cumming harder and harder as her pregnancy advanced. She gently moved the covers off his body so she would not wake him just yet as she wanted him to wake up with his cock in her mouth.

She moved down to his crotch and pulled his loose fighting boxers down and tucked them under his balls. Even when soft, he was still very big and beautiful in her eyes. She took his soft cock into her hand, and bent down to take it into her mouth. She started to suck on him, and while it did not seem the same when he was soft, she managed to get his cock to full size in about 5 minutes.

She stroked his member with her soft hand as she sucked and tongued the head. She could hear him moan as he started to stir from his slumber. "Hmmm, Good Morning, sweetie." He said as he looked down to see her bobbing her head up and down on his cock. She plopped his cock out of her mouth, and looked at him with her emerald eyes. "Good morning to you, Sexy." She replied She went back to going down on him, and she felt his hands on the back of her head.

He was not grabbing her hair, so she knew that he was not yet close to cumming. He kept moaning and his breath became rapid as she continued to suck his cock. A few minutes later, she could feel his hands grab her hair and felt his cock swelling in her mouth. She knew he was going to cum for her, and this caused her to redoubled the strokes on his cock and the sucking on the head of his cock, and her efforts were soon rewarded as he let out a loud grunt when filled her mouth with his cum.

She swallowed every bit of it, and even kept sucking on him to make sure he had fed her every last ounce that he pumped into her mouth. She moved up his body and gave him a passionate kiss. He loved tasting himself in her mouth, as he knew that she enjoyed swallowing his seed. "That was great, baby." He told her as he kissed her back. "I am not done with you yet, my sexy man. I am going to make sure you give me your cum in my pussy, then my ass." She said in a sexy voice as she reached down to stroke his cock again.

They had not had anal sex since they found out she was pregnant, and for some reason, that morning, she was in the mood for it. "Hmmm, I would love to dump my cum in your ass again, baby." He responded. She moved on top of him, straddling him and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. She was so horny and needing his cock in her, she decided that she would just leave them on. "You have to fuck my pussy first, baby." She told him, giving him another passionate kiss. He did not complain when he heard this, but gave her a smile as she reached between them She grabbed his cock, lined it up with her love hole and proceeded to lower herself onto his 8 inch cock.

She moaned as she felt his cock fill her up. She never got tired of the feeling when he first penetrates her pussy each time they have sex. Once he was completely buried inside her, she leaned over and offered her one of her breasts. They were starting to get larger as her body prepared for motherhood, and her nipples had become very sensitive.

She let out a gasp as he took her right nipple into her mouth, and the feeling of him sucking on her sensitive breast made her cum almost right away without even rocking on his cock.

John could feel her pussy contract on his cock as he sucked on her nipple. It was not powerful enough to make her squirt, but enough to make her her pussy tighten on his cock. He grabbed a hold of her hips and started to rock her back and forth, making her clit grind against him.

She threw her head back at the sensation of his cock moving around in her as he held her down on him. A few minutes later, she placed her hands on his and put them on her breasts for him to play with as she ground harder on him. She was tighter than usual because of the baby John put into her belly. This turned both of them on even more as she started to grind even harder against him, causing her the let out a deep moan as she came hard in his cock.

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This time, she did squirt on his balls, soaking them in her fluids. "Did you like that baby? Did you like that your pregnant wife squirted all over your sperm filled ball's?" she asked him "Oh baby, I loved it, I love it when you squirt all over me!" He responded as he pulled her down to kiss her passionately.

He put his arms around her so she laid on top of him so he could thrust his cock up into her pussy. She moaned as she felt his cock start to fuck her pussy. He was thrusting into her hard and fast, making her cum over and over again.

"Oh god, baby! Cum for me! Give your wife your cum! Fill her pregnant pussy! God, don't stop! Please baby, Cum for me!" She begged as he fucked her. He loved it when she was laying on top of him, the feeling of his cock thrusting up into her made was so much different than when he was on top of her or behind her. He would miss doing this when she reached the 6 month mark and enter her 3rd and final trimester. He could feel his orgasm approaching as he kept up his pace.

She kept cumming on him, but she was not squirting as much since he was not touching all the right places in her pussy. That was the only down side of this position, but she was still cumming every 10 to 15 seconds it seemed, her pussy constantly contracting hard on his cock, milking him for his cum.

She let out a scream of passion when she felt her body get swept up into an orgasm so powerful, she could not move on her own. The muscles of her pussy tightened so hard on his cock, it pushed him over the edge. John shoved his cock as deep into her pussy and squirted his seed into her pussy, filling both her womb and pussy full of his cum. She felt his cum splashing into her, and it managed to prolonge the intense orgasm she was experiencing to a point where she almost passed out.

When she managed to gain enough energy, she rolled off of him. Once she had removed her self from his cock, She started to get concerned about this position, which she knew was John's favorite. "Baby, I think we really need to put a hold on the sex with me laying on top of you.

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I know it is your favorite position, but I don't want to put a-lot of pressure on the Baby and risk any health issues." She said with a worried face. John responded to the comment with a kiss. "I don't either, and I am willing to give that position up for you until you have recovered enough from giving birth." He loved her and respected her wishes, but he also did not want to hurt his son that was still growing inside of her.

She smiled, as she knew that he meant every word of it, and she always knew that he would agree with whatever she said, well, most of the time anyway. That was a major reason why she fell in love with him so hard after prom, other than saving her from being raped almost a year before hand.

"Do you still want me to fuck you in the ass, sweetie?" He asked, he was hoping for a positive answer, but did not expect one since he tired her out. "Not right now baby, That last orgasm I had has me wiped me out, I am going to go back to sleep for a while." She responded with a yawn.

Even though John was disappointed that he could not have her ass, he understood her point of view. He wanted her to enjoy his cock in her ass, and not just fuck her while she was almost asleep and hurt her. He instead cuddled up against her, rested his hand on her belly where his son was growing, and both of them soon fell back asleep.

They slept for 3 more hours when Brenda knocked loudly on their door. "Wake up you two! Everyone is going to be here soon!" She shouted through the door. The two of them groaned and he manage to yell back that they were up and will start getting ready.

That must have satisfied her, because she moved to the next room and heard her pounding on William and Jennifer's door. "You know, come to think of it baby, Those two have not had sex since the day Danielle died. I guess it was just that they needed a release and that they knew it would make them feel better" Kelsy told him "You are right, sweetie, but I can tell that he does have a major crush on her, and that when he is ready, he is going to ask her out, but I know that he will not do anything right now that will remind him of her, even if it means having sex, since the two of them were very active." John replied "He seems to be getting better," she observed as she put on her bra, "I have not seem him break down in over two weeks now." "I have a feeling he is going to have a hard time today, babe, but I am glad everyone is here, or will be here, because we all can support him if he breaks down." He responded, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he pulled up his pants.

They could hear movement in the room next door, and they could tell the two of them were waking up. "Well, here is the start to one of Williams longest day's." John said, Kelsy agreed with his comment. The two of them finished getting dressed and headed downstairs and whey were passing the front door when the doorbell ring. Kelsy answered the door and there were her parents, with a plate of Christmas Cookies and a tin of Hot Chocolate.

"Good Morning, Honey! How is my beautiful daughter and her baby doing this morning?" Her mom asked as she hugged her. "We are both doing fine, mom, You can both meet him in 4 months." She responded. "I will be the first one to hold him, cutie." Frank told her. "You might have to fight John over that, after all, he is the father." They all laughed as they walked in, but before they could close the door, they could see Jason, Scott and the girls walking up the sidewalk. They had met the McDonalds for some coffee before coming over.

Shelby and Emily both gave Kelsy a huge hug, and commented on how beautiful she looked being pregnant. They laughed as they went inside, leaving John and the boys at the door. "Well guys, Merry Christmas!" He wished them. They both wished him the same as they walked in. It was a very lively breakfast and they were all laughing and talking, enjoying themselves.

The main focus was on Brenda and Kelsy. They all wanted to know what name Jack and Brenda had picked out for their little girl. Brenda told them that they had picked out Maria Fay Hampton, as she was going to be taking Jacks last name once they got married. They explained they were just going to get married at the court house, even though they could afford a fancy wedding, they didn't want to, since they will have a 4 month old when they do wed. The focus was turned to Kelsy, and they were trying to interrogate her about the wedding plans, but she would not budge.

The only thing she would mention is that her Bridesmaids would be Shelby as the Maid of Honor, Emily, Brenda, a friend of hers named Susan, and then, even though she was deceased, Danielle.

They asked her why and how she could manage that, "Since William is going to be one of Johns groomsman, I figured that we could do something different. Instead of him walking down the aisle with someone he does not know, we will have him walk down by himself, hold a picture of her.

He will hand off the picture to Emily, who will hold it during the Ceremony. That way, she can still be part of the wedding, even though she is no longer with us." Kelsy explained William had a tear in his eye.

Not one of Sadness, but one of happiness, because his friends had managed to find a way for him to walk down the aisle with Danielle, even if it was only a picture of her. They finished their breakfast and as the girls went to go do the dishes, Jason pulled the men into the next room so Emily could not hear him. "Okay guys, I want to show this to you." He told them as he pulled out the ring he bought for her. "Are you proposing to her today?" Gary asked.

"I think he is, Gary." Said Frank "I do have to admit, that is a a beautiful ring, Jason." John told his friend "Looks expensive, where did you get it?" Scott asked "Yeah, but please, don't tell us how much you paid, we know you like to go overboard." "I got it at the same place John went to when he proposed Kelsy.

ShaneCo." Jason replied. After they finished looking at the ring, the guys all wished Jason good luck with the proposal. A few minutes later, the girls announced they were done with the dishes, and that it was time to open gifts. They all gathared around the tree as Gary started to hand out the gifts. He told them that they could not open them until all of them were passed out.

It took him a good 15 minutes to get everyone their gifts, but finally, there were no more presents under the tree. "Before we open our gifts, I want Brenda to open this special gift from April and I." He told everyone, as he handed her thin present, wrapped in red and green wrapping paper. It was not stiff like a book, but felt more like a magazine. "I hope its not a wedding magazine, Mr. Walker." She sighed "Just open it!" He exclaimed. "He could not wait to see her face when she see's that had adopted her.

Brenda opened the package, and saw a manilla envelope inside. She was confused, why had they given her an envelope for Christmas, but she saw that it was also sealed.

She carefully tore the seal open and took out the contents. There were only a few sheets of paper, and she read them very carefully. Each word that she read, her eyes grew in excitement, and when she finished, she had tears of Joy running down her face as she ran over to Gary and April and gave them both a big hug. "What is that?" Kelsy asked "Please tell us? Why are you crying baby?" Jack asked "These papers are official documents from the State of Missouri.

Gary and April here have offically adopted me as their daughter!" She beamed with Joy. Everyone was surprised by the news, but then they all became very excited. She now had a family that really loved her, and knew that they would not abuse or abandon her.

"We both saw how depressed you became when Kelsy announced she was pregnant, when you did not have anyone on your side of the relationship to share the news with, other than your dad who kicked you out.

You have been like a daughter we never even had, honey. Welcome to the Family, Brenda Walker, you are officially one of us." Gary Welcomed her.

"Brenda Walker? That is my name now? I no longer have to bare my fathers last name?" She asked "That is correct, honey, you are no longer a Wacha." April responded. "There is one thing that we ask of you though, you are no longer to call us by our names, you are now to call us Mom and Dad." Gary said with a smile. Brenda was very happy and excited that she now had two loving parents, although adoptive parents, they were hers, and she could not be any happier.

The continued to open gifts, and everyone was getting things they had asked for. Some of the things that they got was a new Tripod for John's video camera from his parents, a stroller for Kelsy and the baby from her parents, Jack got Brenda a diamond necklace to match the engagement ring, while she got him a new Railroad Frequency scanner.

Jason got Emily a popcorn maker since she was addicted to popcorn, and she got him a new sweatshirt with an Illinois Terminal locomotive on the front. Scott had purchased Shelby a new big screen TV, and she gave him a DVD player. Everyone was happy with their gifts, and after Jack and Gary had picked up all the scrap wrapping paper, Jason made an announcement. "I believe I have one more gift to give out," he started, "and it goes to my beautiful girlfriend, Emily." She looked up at him as he stood in front of everyone.

"Baby, I want you to know, I put a-lot of thought into this gift, so I am just going to give it to you and not make you way." He told her. He pulled the box out of the pocket and got onto one knee.

When he opened the box, Emily immediately gasped and covered her mouth with both her hands in surprise to what she saw. "Emily Joanne Peterson, Will you marry me?" He asked her. Emily looked up at him and away from the ring. She was speechless, and literally could not say anything. All she could do was nod her yes vigerously in approval and shot up and grabbed him into a hug. It was only after she pulled away from the hug that she was able to finally speak. "Jason, yes, I will marry you!

Oh baby, I love you so much!" She finally replied. The two of them hugged as everyone clapped as she said yes. That was three couples that were now engaged to be married. Everyone was settling down after the big proposal that Jason did, and they were all chatting about the upcoming year. It was going to be a big one, with two babies coming into the family and Two weddings as well.

It was for sure going to be a very busy year for all of them, but they also knew it was going to be a satisfying year as well. William had started to tear up during the proposal and had to step out of the room.

Jennifer saw him leave the room and followed him to make sure he was okay. "Are you okay, William?" She asked "Yeah, I will be fine." He responded. "I miss her, Jennifer, I really do." Jennifer walked up to him and pulled him into a hug. "I know, your first Christmas without the girl you loved with all your heart.

I remember how bad I was during my first Christmas without Steven. I never got out of bed until after New Years." She explained to him "I knew this was going to be hard, but when Jason proposed to Emily, it flooded me with memories of when I proposed to Danielle, and all of the Holiday's we had spent together." He continued "William, I assure you, its going to be okay.

This was the biggest step so far, it will all be easier from here on out, I promise you." She told him "If you say so." He responded. Jennifer took his face into her hands and looked him square in the eye. "I know so!" She told him, and then to his surprise, she gave him a kiss right on the lips.

"What was that for?" William asked in surprise when she broke the kiss. "What do you think silly, look what you are standing under!" She replied as she looked up. William looked at the ceiling and sure enough, they were standing directly under a Mistletoe. He knew that she had planned this, but he did not say a word. "Come on, lets go back in there before the think we went off somewhere." He told her. She agreed and they walked back into the room. It was around 2 PM when Jason and Emily told everyone that they had to get to her parents house.

John and Kelsy walked them to the door and congratulated them once again on their engagement and they left, hold hands like lovers towards his car.

They were just driving off when a women, in casual clothes came walking up the sidewalk to the front door. She did not look like she was homeless, but actually looked like a decent person. "Hello, can I help you?" John asked her. "I think so, I am looking for someone, and a person I talked to said I could find them here at this address." The woman replied.

"And who would that be?" Kelsy asked. She was not Julie who notified them of their wealth, but someone completely different. "I am looking for Brenda Wacha." She replied. "Oh, Brenda?" John responded. "It seems like she is popular these days, you are the second person in two months to come up to our door looking for her, hold on, let me get her." John told the woman. Kelsy did not say anything, she looked familiar, but she could not place her finger one it.

She knew that she had seen her somewhere before. A couple of minutes later, John came back to the door with Brenda.

The look she made on her face when she saw the woman turned to disgust.

"This is the woman who told us she was looking for you." John told her. "Do you know this woman?" Kelsy asked. "Yeah, I do, she is my mother." She replied That is all for now, folks! Chapters 11-20 are in the works right now!